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hc's for the paladins with a touch-starved s/o who needs a lot of long hugs and physical affection? (my mom doesn't hug me enough lol)


  • He loves this about his s/o, but he won’t admit it. He likes to give them lots and lots of hugs! He loves the warmth they give off when they hug/cuddle.
  • He prefers to do the cuddling in private courters but he doesn’t mind hugging/hand holding, ya know the small things, in public. He has to show off that his s/o is his in one way or another.
  • Every night before bed, they have a mandatory cuddle session to satisfy his s/o’s needs. Let me just say the requirements are met.
  • He likes to have his s/o sit on his lap while he’s reading. It’s super comforting to both of them!


  • This takes his a second to get used too, being him and all, but when he gets past the awkward stage he enjoys it! Just like Shiro, he’ll never tell his s/o that.
  • He always has an arm on/around his s/o if they’re near by and if it’s not bothering anyone. He doesn’t mind PDA all the much if it doesn’t bother anyone else. Of course he doesn’t go crazy, just a peck on the cheek or a  chaste kiss that lingers for a moment. Nothing more than that.
  • They have cuddle sessions in the morning and night if they can. At night they, take their showers and relax in each others arms just talking about whatever they like, then they slowly fall asleep.
  • Footsie is a reoccurring thing with these two. It’s a simple and somewhat secretive way to show appreciation for each other until Lance calls them out on it and embarrassing the shit out of Keith.


  • He’s told his s/o on multiple occasions that he loves the fact they crave psychical attention. He feels like he’s needed and he likes that a lot.
  • Constant PDA with these two! Everyone takes turns at telling them to get a room, but alas, that’s never going to happen.
  • Constant snuggle parties! No matter the time of day, if there’s some free time, you can guarantee that they’re cuddling somewhere in the castle.
  • He gets a little jealous when he see’s his s/o hugging someone else. ‘That’s my job!’ is what he thinks and he doesn’t hide it all that well. You can see him turn green with jealously, his s/o has to remind him that they’re allowed to hug their friends but he’s the person they only enjoy cuddling with. Such a child this one.


  • She’s doesn’t have an opinion on her s/o’s craving for psychical attention. She of course complies with their wishes and doesn’t mind the hugging and cuddling. 
  • These guys prefer to cuddle the morning just when they wake up and are all sleepy. Pidge loves her s/o’s sleepy face and thinks it’s adorable. She wouldn’t say anything about it though, maybe one day.
  • She doesn’t care for PDA too much, she does allow somethings, but not too often. She feels that the intimate things should be kept private.


  • He, along with Shiro and Keith, like this part about this s/o. He’s literally a giant teddy bear, how could he not like it! It’s also great for his s/o!
  • He’s constantly hugging his s/o, if you need him to do something, you’re gonna need to literally rip they apart.
  • They only cuddle in public, but they keep the more intimate things private. They also kiss each other on the cheek and hold hands a lot as well.
  • His favorite thing is to cuddle with his s/o, it just makes him so happy. He gets to hold the person he loves most, of course he’s happy!

miles congratulating michael on the pregnancy!!! i’m crying!!!


Take it, take it, take it! Mark is ready to stab you with some fresh sharp rap

Purple Jewels (M) | 04

Word Count: 6242
Member: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook
Genre: Smut, Supernatural, Fluff & Angst

Genie!Jimin ⇢ Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Ongoing

When you fall in love with Jungkook and he isn’t there to catch you, a sudden surprise shows up to give you a little bit of help.


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I’m really liking the latest update!


Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disc | 05/?? Random Gifs.

It’s… it’s beautiful. Twice x BTS dank collab. 


Brazil’s players Neymar (L) and Philippe Coutinho joke during a training session of the national football team at the Atletico Mineiro Training Centre in Vespasiano, Minas Gerais, Brazil, on November 13, 2016 ahead of their 2018 World Cup qualifier match against Peru.

gold like glitter

shoutout to @ladriened​​ for bouncing this with me for literally half an hour. because of that this is literally the longest™ but hey. glitter.  

very important before reading viewing material

  • adrien is a bathbomb guy, a surprise to no one
  • of course the one time he forgets to rinse out the bathtub after using a bathbomb, plagg finds his way into the tub and rolls around in the glitter 
    • “what are you doing in here?!”
      “it’s warmer than your room is!” 
  • adrien doesn’t have time to give the gold glitter covered plagg a desperately needed bath because there’s an akuma attack because hawk moth is the worst
  • ladybug gives chat the weirdest look when he gets to the scene
  • “what the hell happened to you???”
    • he looks down and realizes he is covered in gold glitter
      • he did not realize this was a possible outcome
    • “i just…uh….rolled around in glitter?” 
  • once they purify the akuma she gives him the lightest fist bump ever 
  • it takes chat .5 seconds to realize what’s wrong. he opens his arms and offers ladybug a hug
    • she shrieks and runs away because if he hugs her the glitter will never go away
    • he runs after her across rooftops until one of their miraculous beep and then ladybug sticks her tongue out at him and swings away laughing
  • when he gets back home adrien gives plagg a bath 
  • and then he takes a really long shower because he is literally covered in glitter and he doesn’t understand how this happened

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concept: red hood!jason accidentally calling bruce dad. they’re at the manor, bruce is lecturing jason for something or another, seemingly endlessly before jason finally interrupts with something like “alright already, i get it! jeez, dad.” 

he says it sarcastically, like you would say it to a friend, but it takes him all of .00025 seconds to realize his mistake. “no wait shit that isn’t what i-” but it’s too late. the damage is done. bruce is rendered speechless. his mouth may or may not be hanging open. alfred and dick are getting teary-eyed in the background. cackling laughter is coming from somewhere above them; god only knows whose. jason doesn’t know what would be worse: letting bruce have the satisfaction of acknowledging him as his father, or admitting that he literally just called his adoptive father ‘dad’ sarcastically

(word spreads like wildfire. he receives frequent “welcome back to the family” texts from the rest of the batfam for the next week or so)

“Don’t you think it’s a bit early for Christmas decorations?” Albus asks dubiously, surveying the golden swirls of light Scorpius is trailing all over their bit of the dorm. 

“It’s the beginning of December,” Scorpius says without looking round from his work. “Christmas is in December. If we don’t get our acts together, Christmas will have come and gone without any festive cheer. Here, come and hold these baubles.” 

With a sigh, Albus drops his bag on the ground and walks across to help him. It only takes about thirty seconds for him to be swept up by Scorpius’s enthusiasm, and soon the pair of them are trailing tinsel and holly and lights and baubles all around the dorm. They make the whole place glitter and sparkle, and by the time they’re done, Albus thinks Christmas can’t possibly come soon enough. 

Art by @plati-arts, words by @torestoreamends

  • keith: i would literally die for-
  • everyone at the same time: yes, you would die for hunk, we know, you would die for hunk so fast, he's the light of your life, you would die for him without a second thought, we KNOW, you would take a bullet for hunk you'd fucking die for hunk ok we know, we get it, YOU wOULD DIE FOR HUNK. WE GET IT.