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The Tiny Anthropologist's Advice for College:
  • 8 AM classes really aren't that bad: It may take some willpower (and coffee) to get there, but really, 8AMs aren't that bad. Get a decent amount of sleep the night before and you will be okay. If I can get myself and my 4 year old out of bed, get ready, drop her off at preschool and arrive on time for an 8am, you can too!
  • Taking classes that meet once a week for long blocks: If your learning style is such that sitting in a long lecture once a week is something you can handle, then these are the best classes to take. Personally, I have done 3 semesters of these and they have been my favorite and the ones I have gotten the best grades in.
  • Scheduling back-to-back class periods: These can be beneficial if you're the type of person that just likes to get everything out of the way at once. However, the downside is that you will not have time to eat between classes, and you may have to grab something and eat during lecture. If the buildings for your classes are far apart, this may not even be an option. Having breaks between classes is important to allow yourself mental relaxation and to eat, or catch up on work.
  • Don't be afraid to change your major: I've changed my major a lot, like maybe 8-10 times. The downside is that I am graduating a year late, but I took A LOT of fascinating classes and became a much better rounded student. Colleges know that student change their minds. If you switch majors 2-3 times, you won't end up behind. I'm a special case.
  • Take long-hand notes: You may feel strange taking long-hand notes while everyone else is typing away at their MacBooks, but long-hand notes are MUCH more beneficial as far as long-term memory goes, and you don't run the risk of being distracted by Facebook.
  • Dress appropriately for class: The college stereotype of everyone attending class in their pajamas isn't true. At least make the effort to throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Your professors will notice if you look like a slacker in class, and dressing nicely (or at least not in your pajamas) shows them that you value your education and respect their lectures. People wear anything from casual clothes to ties to class, and everything inbetween. Don't be afraid you'll be overdressed, being underdressed is much worse (in my opinion).
  • Cultivate relationships with professors: ATTEND OFFICE HOURS. Close relationships with professors are massively helpful! Professors are much more willing to write letters of recommendation, look over rough drafts, or help you out via email at 10pm for students that they know than ones that they don't. Additionally, professors can be some of the most interesting people you will ever meet.
  • Attend class: Along the same lines as above, attending class is very important. You (or your parents) are paying for you to be there. You should try to get the most out of that by attending lectures that you have signed up for. Additionally, when it comes finals time and you need to boost your grade, no professor is going to help you if you haven't attended their lectures.
  • Invest in a water bottle: Nothing is worse than sitting in a lecture dying of thirst.
  • Invest in a messenger bag, tote bag, or backpack: You don't have a locker in college and chances are your dorm will be far away from your classes. Make sure you have something to carry anything you'll need, from books, to pens and pencils, to a laptop, or even snacks like granola bars.
  • Take notes: Do it. Your professor knows more than you, that's why they are at the front of the room. Listen to them, and write down what they say. Then study it. This is how you learn.
  • Utilize the library: Other than during finals week, the library is pretty much a guaranteed quiet place to study. Additionally, college libraries have databases for research papers, printing services, and a whole lot more for students.
  • Eat alone if you want/have to: No one will judge you. I promise.
  • Annotate your books: Especially if you are an English/literature major! It is a lot easier to simply take all of your notes in the novel than to copy down page numbers and quotes into a notebook. Textbooks (like science ones) can be annotated too!
  • Don't let anyone shame you about your major: Each major is difficult in its own way. Don't let anyone make you feel like you're taking an "easy" major or that they are more intelligent than you because they are in a "hard" major. STEM majors are not better than Liberal Arts majors, and Liberal Arts majors are not better than STEM majors. Ignore anyone who says otherwise. Ignore anyone who says your major is pointless. This does not only apply to fellow students, but family, friends, and the world in general.
  • Prepare for advising periods: Class offerings are usually posted before registration is open. Take an hour to become familiar with the requirements of your department and the individual college it is in (if applicable), as well as University/institutional requirements (IE at UMass, my "college" is the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, while my department is Anthropology. The university itself, SBS, and Anthro all have different specific requirements I must meet to graduate) and make a list of classes you would like to take that satisfy these requirements. Advisors will appreciate it.
  • Take advantage of campus resources: Many colleges and universities have numerous extremely helpful resources, such as employment services which will help with resumes, or counselors for when you're having a hard time. Use these. They are there for you.
  • Keep yourself organized: Notebooks, highlighters, a planner, flashcards, an expandable file, binders, folders, literally whatever you need to keep track of all your papers, assignments, due dates, and what you need to help you study is important for you to have. If you don't know what helps you study or what keeps you organized, try some different systems or do some research.
  • Keep your syllabi: Every semester I buy a different notebook for each class I am taking, and I always keep my syllabus folded in half in the back of each notebook. It has saved my ass numerous times.
  • Check your email or the course website before class: Nothing sucks more than being the only kid who didn't know class was cancelled, especially if you're a commuter and you drove in/took the bus to a class that isn't happening.
  • Give yourself plenty of time: Whether its getting to class, doing homework, or writing a paper, make sure you give yourself enough time. This is especially important for commuters. I can promise you that you will need more time to drive to class than you think. I live less than 40 minutes away from UMass and I still leave 75-90 minutes before class starts.
  • Understand your learning style: Do flashcards work best? What about mindmaps? Answering questions at the end of the chapter? Understand what allows things to sink into your mind the best, and utilize that method of learning.
  • Honestly, you can get by with SparkNotes: I was an English major. We had to read, a lot and I didn't always read the novels. I used SparkNotes and skimmed chapters. While I wouldn't recommend relying on this entirely to graduate, it can help in a pinch.
  • Skipping class: I know I just told you to go, and I do mean that. But sometimes you need to skip class and be lazy or frivolous, and that's fine. Don't make it a habit. I usually allow myself 1-2 "mental health" days per semester. HOWEVER you should be VERY clear on the absence policy of your professors. Some don't take attendance, and others will kick you out if you miss 3 classes. It's always in the syllabus.
  • It's okay to withdraw from a class: Getting a W is better than getting an F. If a class is too much for you, then it's best to step out of it. Most professors will understand, and most grad schools and jobs will too.
  • Be kind to yourself: It's easy to only value yourself through school, as in what grade you got on a test, or how your GPA stacks up against others but we are all human and sometimes we fuck up and sometimes we do poorly and thats alright. Learn from it and move on.
  • Take care of yourself: !!!!! This is very important. Eat as well as you can/enough, sleep enough, don't become addicted to or dependent on drugs/alcohol, exercise (even if its just walking to class), take showers, etc. Sometimes taking care of yourself takes a back seat to taking care of your grades OR to having too much fun, and neither is a good strategy. Yes, college is a time to assert your independence and have fun and party, but if you do too much it will begin to affect your grades and your health.
  • Try to get internships or research assistantships/independent studies: These will look great on your resume and a lot of them are quite interesting/enjoyable. It shows initiative, drive, and motivation! Professors usually have independent studies and career/employment services (if your campus has that) can help with internship placement.
  • These are basic things that I have learned during my college career. I'm sure I could come up with more, but I hope this is helpful!
Writing is Hard, pt 9: Sexting

Summary: You send Dean some dirty pictures.

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Warning: Smut, taking pictures during sex

Word Count: 2600ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

You hold up the phone, then almost instantly put it down.

This is stupid.

No. This isn’t stupid. This will be hot. Just do it.

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Who said marriage was easy? When i first got married it definitely was anything but easy. I always saw him as the most abnormal & complicated man ever known to mankind. When my friends got married before me i remember them always sharing pictures of gifts their spouses spoil them with, exciting holidays & date nights at extravagant restaurants. 

Mine on the other hand was the complete opposite! Firstly he would never buy flowers, instead he would pick it from bushes & hand it to me as we were walking by #totallyunromantic we never went on a honeymoon, instead we’d go for walks by the river, that was his idea of a day out & lastly he’d never take me out for romantic meals like all other couples do! So I’m sure you can all imagine how embarrassed I’d feel when my friends asked me what I’d been up to with my husband 😒

As time went by & his strange ways became ordinary for me, I slowly began to realise the beauty behind his intentions & how he’d never care of what people would say or think.. as his main focus was always building his hereafter with me 💞 Wallahi now I look back and realise that what we had was truly special.

Love was him taking the time & effort to pluck flowers with his own hands instead of walking into a shop & having them readily picked for him. He didn’t need to spend thousands to whisk me away abroad, instead walking by the river side & showing me that we can enjoy each others company no matter where we were, whilst admiring Allah’s creation together became love for me 🌺 Love was him telling me to sacrifice those 3 scoops of frozen yogurt & to give the money to charity instead as it could easily feed a poor family for a week & as a result Allah will gift me something much greater.

I no longer restricted the definition of love to going out for dinner or drowning in endless gifts from my husband. Love is pure when you don’t depend on anything other than each other’s presence to make you happy.

Its funny how we perceive happiness to be what the norm is & how we can easily make our marriages miserable by comparing our life to others. If only we realised that happiness lies in knowing the value of intentions, not the norm or the price.

-taken from ummxabdullah’s instagram

Confession rehearsal

A/n: in which Marinette lies to Adrien, daily

The sounds of the city have become a muted thing, all she can hear is the rushing of her heartbeat, a crazy lub dub that fills her sight with stars.

Or maybe that’s just because she’s forgetting to breathe again.

Even the buffeting wind that encircles them is oddly quiet, a blessedly cold caress against her flushed cheeks.

But he’s here. His eyes are wide and curious and the prettiest shade of green. Almost exactly the color of sunlight drifting through leaves.

And she’ll lose her focus if she thinks anymore, because in stark contrast to his eyes, his smile is comforting. It’s a soft, little thing of warmth and encouragement.

Her reality cements itself again when Chat Noir gives her the most earnest thumbs up, the material of his suit is so blatantly loud as he shifts awkwardly.

She gathers up all the courage settled into her dots, the thing that’s decidedly a part of Ladybug and not Marinette.

Her cheeks burn and the words fall out with a vague rush of relief. She shuts her eyes, lets her dry lips stretch and contort to shape what she needs to say.

“Sorry, I know it’s really sudden and all…but I…I really, really like you. For a long time…a-actually…oh god.”

Her eyes are still screwed shut, and this time the stars she sees are from that rather than lack of air. She wonders if she can make a wish on these ones, considering Paris is too bright to ever see real ones.

His soft laughter causes that same familiar pain to lance through her, she wrings her hands in agitation and irritation mixed with all her affection tinges her words.

“You promised you wouldn’t laugh.” She chides, closing the distance between them, and with a strangely Herculean effort, punches him casually on the shoulder.

He chuckles a bit more, rubbing at his arm.

“I’m not…not at you…not exactly, Ladybug. It’s just you always close your eyes. It looks really painful. But at least you didn’t call him ‘beautiful boy’ this time around.”

He seems to notice her underlying discomfort and thinks she’s genuinely still worried about this night’s rehearsal. He takes it in the way she wants him to.

(And in the way she really doesn’t.)

And like always, he makes her confidence a priority. His encouragement is the farthest thing from false.

(Even if it hurts…oh so much…that she’s practicing these confessions for some other person.)

He places his hands on her small shoulders, his smile is that a little more mellow, a whole lot more sweet as he looks down at her.

He thinks that she should really keep her eyes open during her confession. Because they’re such a starkly bluebell blue, that he thinks, no matter who she confesses to with those shining bright eyes, they’ll say yes.

He would in a heartbeat. Or less.

But her feelings aren’t for him. There for some mystery person. Someone who makes her stutter and devolve back into the adorable politeness that was his classmate…

“Marinette…you should really have more faith in yourself. Honestly, you’re ready. You’ve been ready to make that confession for a while now. I don’t think we need to practice every day now.”

She vehemently shakes her head, and her eyes are narrowed in dogged refusal to listen to him.

“I need more time. Maybe on…Christmas of next year.”

“You really…really need to see that you’re already there, Marinette…and that’s like,” He takes a moment to tally up the time, before humming in frustration. “That’s twenty months away. You can’t keep putting this off.”

But there’s this sick twisted part of him that wants her to feel just a little unsure. That wants her to keep fake confessing to him…just so he can pretend for a few more nights that the girl he loves, loves him too.

Still, her uncertainty runs deep. It seems to be a part of her own bones, lacing through her just as surely as her kindness does.

He can’t promise that the object of her affections will return her feelings…but he can promise her that she’ll be fine if they don’t. After all, he’s currently an expert on an unrequited love. Except she’s got a lot more gumption that he does and she’s been practicing.

She’s still shaking her head, although a bit dizzy by now and he sees the edge of mischief curling her lips.

He moves his hands to cradle her cheeks, thumbs laid just over the edge of her mask. It takes effort not to move his fingers, not to trace the planes of her precious face.

But he does it, and she’s still trying to shake her head in jest, straining gently against his careful hold.

“You’re the worst bobble head ever.” He snorts, and tries to catch her gaze with earnest joy. “But no matter what you want to do, you’ll be great. You can mess up. It’s totally fine. Whatever happens, it wasn’t you. That person just wasn’t…the right one at that time.”

She stops shaking her head long enough to catch the seriousness of his tone, and he has to look away before those pretty blues drown him in curiosity.

Because under no circumstances will he allow their friendship to be ruined because he couldn’t control his emotions.

His hands fall away quickly from her, fiddling with the trailing end of his tail as he finishes his point.

“You’ve…you got this, Marinette.” He says gently, and even beyond her Ladybug suit, he sees the way his encouragement helps. The way she stands a little bit taller. The way the energy of her hope seems to make even her ribbons perk up a bit.

“Thanks…Adrien. It really…it really means a lot. I’m so happy.” She answers back…and somehow she doesn’t sound entirely truthful.

She doesn’t sound happy, but Chat decides to attribute that to lingering uncertainty.

(And for once, she wishes her cat was more observant.)

But the night devolves into a gentle, easy conversation. Ending with him scribbling down the answers to the physics homework for her with a half hearted complaint.

“These only cover your butt for the homework. You’re actually going to have to learn the concepts for the test.”

She rolls her eyes good-naturedly.

“So what if I take the path of least resistance?” She remarks, picking her away from around the chimney stack and beginning to swing her yoyo to begin her journey home.

“Did you just make a joke about circuits? Ohm my god….” He deadpans, his grin turning into one that is absolutely shit-eating.

She laughs sweetly, and waves at him over her shoulder…eager to leave before he catches the harsh beating of her heart.

(And he watches her arc through the sky, a streak of red luck breaking through the winter haze with his heart in his throat. His fingers still tremble, regretting everything.)

She knows she’s being entirely selfish.

She knows she’s being entirely stupid.

But there was a culmination of circumstances that had lead to her current conundrum

And that word happened to start with a C too. Chat Noir..who was Adrien Agreste…who as Chat Noir..

The reveal is inconsequential. How it happened is anticlimactic at best and underwhelming at worst.

She had pieced it together before him. It had been an amalgamation of overly specific puns and a shared reference that only the two of them could have known.

He’d found her out after they’d both gone into the same broom closet to transform…the strangest of liminal spaces encasing two confused heroes and two giggling kwamis.

Another story for another time.

For now, what matters is that the reveals had lead to a better friendship. A relationship the spans both sides of their coins. A person with whom they could share everything.

Well, almost everything. She can’t very well tell Adrien that she’s loved him since day two. She can’t tell him that now her first love and her almost love have coalesced into one wonderfully flawed and dorky boy.

So she lies. Sort of.

She tells him that she likes someone in school.

He asks if he knows them.

She shrugs and says she thinks so.

He asks about their hobbies and what they look like.

She resorts to nauseating poetry to throw him off.

Eyes the color of la Seine in winter. Hair that is woven from ambrosia. A smile made of sunbeams.

He laughs it all off, in a way that’s too easy…to casual for her to even fathom that he feels anything other than amusement.

She’s noticed…a miniscule change…but after the reveal, he’s less flirtatious as Chat. A lot more laid back and maybe just the tiniest bit more sarcastic.

A mark of friendship…something blessed and cursed at the same time.

So when she confesses, she’s not lying. She tells him everyday in various iterations how much she loves him…and he still has no idea she’s confessing to him.

It’s painful, but it’s a hurt of her own making.

Except for now…today is the day. She won’t lie anymore, because unfortunately she’s noticed the growing numbers of Valentine’s he’d received last month.

Because she’s noticed how much more at ease he is with girls that fawn over him and how much more familiar he is with everyone in class.

Because one day they’ll graduate and one day Hawkmoth will be defeated and her pride is stubborn enough not to let her confession happen because a man with a butterfly obsession threatens to throw her life into chaos.

It’s the same scene. The same cloudy haze and the same bright city.

The same stars she sees in her sight because she’s not breathing right, but she’s got no more time.

She’s silent for a bit, and it’s enough to prompt the usual encouragement.

“Hey…I’m really cheering for you.” Tumbles from his mouth when she feels it break.

Despite her months of practice, she still screws her eyes shut and practically shoves out her confession.

“Sorry I know I lie all the time, but I’ve lo..liked you for a long time…and I don’t want to hide anymore. I know I’ve messed up everything…I know you might not like me back, but I really…I really needed to tell that to you, Adrien.”

It’s only now that the volume has returned. The loud rushing sounds of traffic float up from below, the wailing of a boat horn in the distance…the brief, choked laughing that comes from him.

Beyond her vulnerability, anger and hurt make her eyes fly open. Make her fingers curl into fists and make her open her mouth to tell him to please realize that she’s being serious, but…

He stands there with a giant smile, a boy made a little bit of laughter and a little bit of tears, as he says-

“I love you too.”

anonymous asked:

why do you like aaron gross

okay w o w this is such a loaded question I’m going to ignore the use of the word gross here unless you literally want to fight me. The short answer to that question is that I started loving Aaron the most when I realized literally no one else did, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Let’s take a little journey together:

  • Aaron Minyard is the most underappreciated character in the whole of the TFC fandom
    • literally Jean, Jeremy, and Bee get more love than him and all of them just have the briefest scattering of scenes like???
    • the only person ya’ll talk about less is Seth, and he literally died after one book, whereas Aaron is a major player in all three
  • I feel like in general the fandom despises Aaron because Neil despises Aaron, which is natural and all because the book is in Neil’s POV so we’re literally trained to think the way he thinks, but I can’t stand that mentality tbh
  • Also, typically I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t dive in enough to understand that Aaron and Andrew are a lot more similar than everyone seems to think
    • you hear over and over again how Andrew would burn the world for Aaron, that Aaron’s well being is far more important than anyone else’s
    • but how often do we consider the fact that Aaron would burn the world for Andrew, too?
  • We spend a lot of time devoting ourselves to Neil, Andrew, and Kevin (and even Jean, for crying out loud) because they have these uniquely horrible pasts that they have to overcome through the series
    • Okay. Cool. Awesome. I love me so damn character development and redemption and revenge as much as the next reader
    • But are we forgetting Aaron’s past? Aaron’s present even? And how much all that has happened to Aaron and to Andrew has literally ruined Aaron’s life and how hard he’s had to work to come to terms with it?
  • let’s take a trip back in time, to a young Aaron living alone with Tilda

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Super Date

It’s finished, edited, and ready to be read. Enjoy, guys!

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Supergirl (TV 2015)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor
Characters: Kara Danvers, Lena Luthor, Maggie Sawyer, Alex Danvers
Additional Tags: lots of flustered kara, First Date, realizing sexuality, Fluff, the fluffiest bitch, lena doesn’t know that supergirl is kara

Lena Luthor finally gets the courage to ask Supergirl out on a date. Kara Danvers is determined to give her the most amazing date of all time.

Rooftop dates and candlelit dinners.

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Next Time (Solangelo)

This is a smut fic filling the request of @bailci hope you like it!

Between 2,000 and 4,000 words. Rated M

Dark. Dark dark inky dark all around. Shadows hug my aching sides. The blackness tenderly touches my bleeding skin. God, even my eyes hurt, which makes no sense.

Well, I mean I guess it kind of does, when you consider that I’m traveling through basically a wormhole of darkness and trying not to pass out from exhaustion. I focus hard, squeezing my aching eyes closed.

‘You’re almost back, Nico.’ I think hard, trying to keep myself conscious. ‘Don’t you fucking quit now when you’re so close’ I scream in my head.

Now, I bet you’re wondering what in Hades happened to me. Well, let’s just say one teenager against a horde of monsters is not an easy fight, no matter how many undead soldiers you can conjure up.

My head is pounding, and my heart is beating so fast that I can feel it vibrating in my chest. I’m almost there…

With one final burst of energy, I pop (there really is no better word to describe my entrance) out of the deep shadow of the big house. I remain standing for a holy half second, before crumpling to the ground in a bloody heap.

My breathing is labored and shallow, and the agonizingly deep and long cuts in my skin throb angrily. If I’m completely honest, I’m not sure how I’m even still alive, let alone conscious.

I drop my head to the ground and close my eyes, trying to block out as much of the pain as I can. Gods, I don’t even have the energy to call for help!

I can hear the other campers walking around; the laughter of friend groups, the clash of swords in a tight spar, and the unmistakeable splash of Percy entertaining the younger campers with his water powers. But they’re too far.

And I’m bleeding out.

I almost summon an ironic laugh. After all I’ve been through in my 16 (normal) years of life, is this seriously how I’m going out? A solo battle and being too far away to call for help? I let out a breath, and I utter a small sound. Pretty much a pained moan. It’s all I can do.

“Did anyone else hear that?” A voice says. My eyes snap open. Someone is close by.

“I think so…” Another voice exclaims. Both are female and sound young… maybe twelve or thirteen.

I can hear their footsteps crunching softly on the gravel, being cautious, as every demigod should be.

I’m focusing on them. I’m focusing so hard on their nearing footsteps that I almost miss the taste of metal filling my mouth. But then, it starts building.

My mouth is filling with blood, and I’m panicking. I can’t breathe. I can’t fucking breathe. I try to bring my hands up to claw at my throat, and find myself unable to move them.

‘Oh Gods. Oh Gods-’ I think frantically as the red liquid spills over my lips and dribbles down my chin. ‘is this it?’ The thought has barely crossed my mind when a shrill scream permeates my ears.

I’m nearly choking on my own blood by the time I hear one of the girls yell-

“Get Chiron, now.” She says, before I slip into a complete daze, almost like my death trance. It’s cloudy and misted in my mind when I feel the vibrations in the ground of Chiron’s hooves galloping over to the back of the big house where I lay. My vision swims from hazy to clear as he lifts me gently into his arms.

“Get Will. Now. Hurry!” I hear him say, but it sounds far away, as if he’s speaking to me through a phone…

I can taste the savory flavor of ambrosia when we enter the infirmary. The familiar taste of a pomegranate tart is dulled by my senses.

After about ten minutes and a dangerous amount of ambrosia, my vision clears finally, and my mouth has stopped spilling blood. My wounds are still shedding crimson onto the sterile white sheets without holding back. I can’t move, but out of what is in my field of vision, I can make out the bustle of healers around me.

I look desperately for Will, but he’s nowhere in sight.

An IV is put into my arm once I reach my ambrosia and nectar limit to keep me alive, but I don’t know how much it’s going to help. I feel pretty beyond saving at this point.

“Where is he?” I hear a shout come from outside of the room, probably in the hallway. Everyone in the room stops moving, until the door is thrown open.

In the open doorway stands Will, his blonde hair messy, and his blue eyes sparkling with determination and fear. He looks around for just a moment, before his eyes lock on me and widen. “Nico-” he whispers, sprinting to my bedside and taking my hand. Just his presence is enough to help me through the pain. He looks at me with eyes full of seriousness and worry. “what the fuck did you do to yourself” he asks me, dead serious. I’m a surprised by his use of language; Will doesn’t curse much.

“A-a m-m-missio-n” I croak out in a jumble of stuttered syllables. His eyes harden.

“And you went without telling anyone…” He looks at me hard in my brown eyes, and I melt, right then and there, into his heartbreaking smolder. “not even me…” He grips my hand tighter, and I wince from not his grip, but from collective pain.

He sits straight up when I do so, startling me. He stands up, and over me.

“Guys, clear out for a few hours. Let me take care of him.” Will says to the other medics in the room. They all nod and head out, trusting Will completely with me, knowing that with him in charge, I will do more than just pull through.

As soon as the other people leave the room, and the door is shut, Will walks straight over to it. For a terrifying second, I think he’s going to leave me, before I notice that he’s just locked the door and is walking back to me.

Strange, but I’m in absolutely no place to question him seeing as I’m literally dying.

“W-why did you lock the d-door?” I ask him, some strength returning to my voice from the efforts of the ambrosia and nectar. He just walks over to me, and pushes my black hair out of my eyes.

“Because I don’t want anyone walking in-” he says, staring at me with a look so powerful it makes me almost have to look away. He takes some more steps towards me, and hovers over my bedside, a gentle, caring smile on his beautiful face. “Healing is personal. Especially with someone you love.” He says it casually, but my eyes widen at the words. He… loves me?

Before I have time to contemplate though, a sharp stab of pain rips through my body, and I reflexively arch my back, gritting my teeth and letting out a strangled gasp.

“F-fuck!” I stutter, and Will gets right to work.

I can see why he locked the door when he starts peeling off my bloodstained and slashed shirt, showing him the bone-deep gashes all over my chest, stomach, arms, and even… below my navel.

My face heats up for no reason when his eyes travel over my pale, exposed bloody skin.

‘He’s just doing his job-’ I find myself thinking.

“Okay. I’m going to put my hands on you, and heal you. You may have some scars or minor scabbing over left from the deepest wounds-” he cuts off taking a deep breath and looking at me, yet again, straight in the eye. “but I’ll do my best.” I nod to show that I understand, but my voice isn’t working.

He places his warm, steady hands on my chest and stomach; one over my heart, and the other over my belly-button. He presses down lightly, though I feel no pain from his touch. Suddenly, a soft golden light starts to emit from his hands, warming my whole body and numbing all pain.

I find myself having to hold back moans because of how amazing it feels to be healed by Will; I can feel my strength returning, and my skin regrowing. My wounds are scabbing, and some are even completely disappearing.

Way too soon, Will has taken his hands off my torso, panting and sweaty from the effort it took to heal me. He wipes his brow on the back of his hand, and looks upon me with a smile; I blush when his eyes seem to darken as they rake up and down my body.

“How ‘ya feeling?” He asks in his adorable Will-voice. I move my arms, testing them out, and cracking the joints.

“Good as new.” I say, looking up at him with a smile as I sit up in the red-stained sheets. He sighs in relief, before biting his lip.

“Uhh. I-I have to ask…” He looks down, suddenly nervous. Scratching the back of his neck, he continues the thought. “Aren’t those pants uncomfortable? All… you know… covered in blood?” He asks me sheepishly. A blush creeps its way onto my face.

“Uhh… yeah.” I say. He looks to me with a nervous smile.

“How would you like a different pair?” He asks cheekily, and despite my blush I giggle. Even after me nearly dying, this guy can bring out laughter from the deep depths of who-knows-where-my-sense-of-humor-is. Anyway, I shrug.

“Yeah, actually…” I say quietly, feeling self conscious about Will seeing… well, me. He smiles and reaches into a drawer, producing a pair of black sweats.

“They should fit-” he says, throwing the pants to me.

“Thanks.” I say, before absent-mindedly stripping off my bloody pants and leaving me just my ripped boxers. I look up to see Will staring at me, a bright blush covering his cheeks. He looks up when he notices that I caught him staring, and his blush darkens even more.

“S-sorry…” He stutters. I look him over. He’s still looking at me as if he’s under a trance, and it’s honestly pretty strange. Until I notice something.

His pants are… uh… tightening. A noticeable bulge has started to grow in his jeans, and I can’t believe it. Will Solace is getting turned on my me changing my pants. I throw the sweatpants away, the need to get dressed forgotten. I nervously twist the skull ring on my finger at I look at him.

And now I’m getting turned on my him biting his lip.

And him trying to discreetly crack his knuckles.

And his crazily messed up hair that I just want to run my finger through as he fucks me-

And now I’m walking towards him. And now we’re kissing. Gods, this is not just a kiss. It has to be some magic gift or something from Aphrodite.

His lips are so soft and warm, it’s like pressing my mouth to a cloud of steam. My tongue pushes tentatively into his mouth, not quite sure what to do, but apparently doing it right because Will sighs and pushes his hand into my black wavy hair. He pulls back just for a second, his eyes clouded with a list that makes my already impressive boner that much harder. His swollen lips may also be a contributing factor.

“You’re supposed to be healing-” he says as I start kissing his neck. I follow my instincts on what to do; biting softly and then harder at some places; eliciting animalistic moans from him that make me want to come right then and there. “Nico, you just almost died…” He protests weakly between moans.

“But I’m fine now, thanks to you.” I reply between kisses, my hands under his shirt and sliding it over his head.

His own are running over my already bare chest; they trace the indentations of my pecs and my light abs, (the beginnings of what I hope will turn into a fabulous six-pack.) down to my prominent 'V’ line.

I keep kissing his neck and collar bone, at one point biting and sucking so hard I’m sure it will leave a sizable hickey; not that I care. It just shows everyone that this man is mine.

“Fuck, Solace…” I breathe the words as he palms my erection through my boxers, the thin fabric not leaving much to the imagination.

“Okay, just wait a sec.” He says back sassily as I begin to undo his belt, eventually slipping it out of its’ loops and pulling off his jeans. My cock twitches when I see him almost completely bare.

Gods, he is perfect.

“Nico Di fucking Angelo.” He breathes. “How did I end up here?” He laughs, and I smile, his tented underwear calling me to pull it off and take what’s inside.

“Dunno, but I’m glad it happened.” I say, throwing all control out the window and pushing him up against the wall, pressing our hips together and a sharp moan escaping my lips. I recapture his swollen lips and use one hand to pin Will’s hands over his head on the wall, and use the other to pull off his underwear.

I look down for just a moment to admire the fucking gorgeous cock of Will Solace. It has to be at least eight inches…

eight inches of Apollo-bore heaven.

“You’re so beautiful” I say to him as I start touching him, electing little gasps and grunts from him with each flick of my wrist. I run my thumb slowly over the slit, catching beads of precum on it as it glides over. He breathes heavily and smirks, looking me in the eyes.

“You have no- ah! Fuck!-” he moans in the middle of his sentence, to my satisfaction, when I give him a hard pump. “i-idea how much I want to bend you over a table and fuck you until you can’t walk for days-” he says breathily, pushing my hand off his cock and flipping us so that my back is now against the wall, and I can feel his hot, aroused breath on my face.

Just the words coming out of his mouth make me want to moan, so when he licks and kisses all the way down to the tip of my dick, you can guess how I felt. He looks up at me for a moment, silently asking permission. I nod, and he puts my head in his mouth.

Just the feeling of it makes me moan his name.

“W-Will!” I pant, my hands buried in his hair as he bobs his head, and I thrust along with him. He takes all eight and a half inches at some points, and I have to resist thrusting my whole length down his throat. “fuck…” I moan again as he swirls his tongue around the shaft, before leaving me right on the edge when he lets me go with a string of spit connecting my cock with his lips.

“I want to finish with you.” He says, and I nod, hard as it is… then, I smile.

“Sorry, what do you want me to do?” I ask him, feigning ignorance. He raises an eyebrow.

“I think you know.” He says, running his hands down my body, causing me to shiver.

I shake my head.

“No, I think you need to tell me.” I say to him, and he smiles, catching on. He shoots me a dirty look that has precum leaking out of me, and a moan leaving my lips.

“I want to come together. I want to see you moan my name when you come because of me. I want to feel your body under me as you jack me off. I want to fuck you, but not yet. Next time, when we aren’t in a hospital-” he winks. “You are fucking mine.” He says, before taking my hand, trailing it down to his cock, before taking mine in his own hand.

Soon, both Will and I are balanced on the edge. I’m panting from the buildup, and then-

“Fuck… FUCK! WILL! Gods-” I say as I come all over Will’s fist, him doing the same soon after.

We collapse on the bed, both panting and in a euphoric post-orgasm bliss.

“So… next time we won’t be in a hospital, right?” Will asks me, and I can hear the smile in his voice.

“Nope.” I say. Oh man… I can’t wait for next time…

FP Jones | Teasing has consequenses.

Count of words: 1238

Warnings: huge age gap (tho reader is leagal), smut, cursing a bit


Hope you like it… ok bye ♥ I’ll go drown in holy water now




anonymous asked:

Plus size reader x fp Jones fluffy smut if you have the time? (Reader over 18) thank you c:

People thought it was curious how a twenty five year-old-girl could fall in love with a man on his forties. Really, it was not something the girl could explain either. It was just this feeling he gave her, this safety she craved for, this love that she seeked. He gave that to her with no questions asked, not many words, just actions. The man was quite confused himself. He didn’t know how he got so lucky. It was strange how the girl would take care of him when he needed it the most, despite his protests, despite all his effort to scare her away in hopes she’d stop before she got hurt, but she didn’t mind. She would help him clean the trailer, help him get back on the right track, for the sake of his beloved son. He found comfort in her and he gave it back as well. It was really a realationship where both were just mending wounds, and even though for most people it doesn’t quite work, the two made it look easy.

Once again the two were visiting the Whyte Wyrm. FP insisted that she didn’t tag along, mostly because her slightly revealing clothing was enough to send a man over his edge. It was a tight black mini dress, enhancing her beautiful curves, her thick thighs making their appearence, driving FP crazy, as his jacket wrapped around her shoulders wasn’t so sure to keep the inappropriate looks away from the girl. A pair of black high heels completed the look, making her height match with his, as the two walked into the bar.

It wasn’t unusual for the girl to recieve hungry looks, but this time; this time it was different. FP could see all the desperate Serpents aching to surround his girl, but the protective arm around her, palm resting or her ass and his jacket around her indicated that no one should mess with her. And if they did, consequenses would be rated deadly. The girl couldn’t help but chuckle at how the man beside her seemed to be so jealous, not wanting anyone to even breath close to her. She made a mental note to show him that no one could have her but him.

The night had reached it’s peak, people were having fun in the South Side bar, but FP wasn’t enjoying it as much. Soflty he pulled the girl away from the Whyte Wyrm, leading her into his car and driving to the trailer, they now shared, quickly. The man’s face was quite tense, his jaw clenched, while all he wanted to do was wipe that teasing smirk off of the girls face. “Is everything ok, darling?” She questioned suggestively. She only earned a growl from him and she giggled. “Come on baby, what’s wrong?” She asked, her palm dangerously close his already hard member as she bit her lip. “Don’t bite that lip!” He ordered, the action turning him on even more. “Why are you doing this to me? We haven’t had sex in a while, and you think you can tease me like that without any consequenses?” He growled, his free hand now dangerously close to her core. “Well, I was kinda hoping for that.” She confessed, moaning slightly and the closeness of his big palm. “So, you put this on for me?” He suggested, a smirk tugging at his lips. The two hurriedly jumped out of the truck and into the house before she even had time to answer. After he opened the door to the trailer, FP, slammed the girl’s back on it, kissing her neck forcefully. “You know I did,” she replied to his previous question, already out of breath. “Then, watch me rip it off of you,” he mumbled on her neck, doing as promised and ripping the dress away from her body.

The moment FP saw her half naked body his breath hitched. Somehow her heels and his clothes had found their way somewhere on the floor, none of the two paying attention to that. For a moment he stared at her body, not moving, not doing anything, just admiring the beauty. The girl felt uncomfortable, trying with everything she could to hide her body. “What are you doing?” The man questioned after the girl tried to hide the piece of art in front of him. She didn’t reply, simply looking away, but FP knew what the problem was. He chuckled slightly, removing her hands from her squishy stomach, smiling at her afterwards. He kissed her jaw and moved down to her neck, her collar bone followed and then her breasts. Skillfully, FP removed the undergarment, allowing them to be free, before attacking them both, leaving purple marks while doing so. “You. Are. Beautiful.” he breathed between kisses as the girl moaned under his touch. “I love your body and I’ll show you just how much, tonight.” He informed the girl, kissing down her stomach. His hands roamed her curvy body, memorising every part of it. His delicate fingers traveled down to her clothed core, removing the fabric between them with a swift move. One of his fingers found it’s way inside of her, pumping in and out, the pleasure enough to send the girl over the edge. Her moans were loud, the sound encouraging FP to pump a seconf finger in as well, doubling the pleasure. The girl was sure as hell enjoying it, moaning loudly, making a mental note to tell FP to this more often. “Why are you moaning so loud? Haven’t you been fingered before?” The man asked suggestively, keeping up with his actions. “No,” she managed to get out before moaning once again. “Then allow me to keep enlightening you,” the man said bringing his head btween her parted legs. He begun sucking and blowing on her clit, his mouth working perfectly with his fingers as the pleasure was now unbearable. “Come on, baby girl. Scream my name. Let everyone know who makes you feel so good,” the man said, never stoping his actions. The girl did as told, screaming his name while riding off her high.

FP delicated inserted his two fingers in his mouth, tasting the girls juices,  and then cleaning her juices from her core with his masterly tongue. From there he begun trailing kisses over her body, until he reached her lips, kissing her passionately and allowing her to taste herself. Without stopping the kiss, FP, discarded his boxers, his member finally making it’s appearence. Still keeping up with the kiss, he took a condom out of his drawer, covering his hard lentgh after ripping it open with his teeth. With a quick move his was inside of her, thrusting in and out. Her legs were wrapped around her waist but he moved them a little higher, giving him a different angle in which he hit her g-spot with every thrust. It didn’t take long for the girl to reach her second orgasm, since she was still sensitive from the extreme fingering that occured previously. The man was quick to follow, her facial expression sending him over his own high. Carefully, he got out of her, removing the condom and throwing it in the trash can next to the bed. He simply pulled the girl close to her body, kissing her temple and letting her fall asleep. “I love you,” he whispered in her ear earning a simple smile from the now sleeping girl.

Ice Cream Smiles || Peter Parker [[request]]

[[request prompt: Peter Parker x reader where her friends are super popular and nice but she’s introverted and shy and they’re all at a party but she’s outside by herself because it’s too much and Peter walks by and sucks it up and realizes this is his chance to talk to you and he realizes your sad and takes you out to get ice cream then a walk in the park and it’s all fluff and he asks you out on a real date. ]]

All of you readers make me so happy 


I was not expecting such a positive response to ||Smile Like You Mean It|| 

I promise I’ll reopen requests soon ♡ I’ve just got two more requests to write after this one. 

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{{request status: closed}}

word count: 4,500+

don’t repost/plagiarize this story! reblogs are fine!

“It’s really not fair how gorgeous Liz is.” Ned Leeds sighs, admiring the popular girl with her group of friends from afar. The smitten teen stares at the way she throws her long strands of hair back as her eyes sparkled from beneath the hallway light.

“Uh-huh.” Peter Parker hears his best friend and tries to act cool, placing his textbooks back inside his locker while sneaking glances at Liz Allan. He gulps and slowly begins trailing his eyes away from Liz, landing on the girl that stood awkwardly to the side next to Liz.

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A little bit of help incense

When you need a bit of help getting what needs to be done done.

When things are hard and you need to make ends met or you must face something in life and need a bit of help

Patchouli for prosperity and fertility (Now by fertility I do not mean babies. What I mean is the things you put out in the world will grow. your efforts will be rewarded) 

Sage brings some wisdom (To look at the world around you and see it clearly. To know what path you need to take.) It also will give you some protection, so what you have is safe and so are you as you do what you need to in life. 

Lemon Verbena is something I add when ever I can. It brings strength to spells but here it will also bring strange to you. The strange come from you, this herb helps you shine a bit brighter. 

I had some fresh herbs come in form my garden today so I made some new bundles. But you loose leaves work fine too. 

Burn this as you get ready for the day. Let the energy of “you got this!” fill you up. Mean while let this little spell pull in some good things your way. 

Scribble-Doodle: Scabbard

I don’t know, I don’t know *hands* Blame it on too much anime during my impressionable youth. And it still doesn’t sound right *shakes the thing*

They recover the Soul Sword. Now they have to hide it somewhere.

“I don’t like this plan, at all,” Magnus mutters, leafing through his spell book.

“Need I remind you that it was your plan?” Jace points out, voice dripping with sarcasm, as he hefts the Soul Sword in his hands.

Magnus glares at him. “It was just a thought, not a plan! I didn’t think that Alec - that anyone! - would actually consider it!”

Jace glares back. “As if you didn’t know Alec!”

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Preference "How they react to seeing you in lingerie"

(So I hope I got this request right and you all like it :D Yay four favs being horny well…except Enid cause I don’t know I feel like she’d be weird out, sorry XD PS. Father Gabriel’s Gif is perfect XD gifs not mine/found them on google/Credits to the original owners.)

Negan- His eyes would be filled with lust and he’d smirk to himself. He’d walk over to you and grab a hold of your hips to turn you over to get a good look. He’d pulled you closer so you could feel how he felt for you and say “Fuck, Y/N…I must’ve done the greatest fucking deed today, to get a reward like this…”

Daryl- He’d walk in the room and initially be startled to see you that way. However, the more he looked at you the more, he’d just want to grab you and do you. He’d compose himself for a moment and walk over to you to grab a hold of your hands and with some confidence say “Y/N…you’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”

Rick- His eyes would widened in surprise and slowly a smile in satisfaction. Biting his lips, he’d eye you up and down and walk over to give you a hungry kiss. Everything would happen fast and the next instant, he had pressed you onto the bed and was on top of you saying “Y/N…you’re really not making this any easy for me…especially dressed like this…”

Merle- He’d whistle loudly and wouldn’t be able to stop staring at you. He’d go make himself comfortable by sitting on the couch and then signal to you to come over to sit on his lap. The moment you approached him, he’d grab you and say “Come here, Y/N! Who told you, you could dress this way…and make me feel like this…”

Glenn- He wouldn’t have ever expect to ever see you dressed that way and would be totally surprised. His jaw dropped and he’d be busy staring at you from head to toe. You’d call out to him and he’d finally wake from his daydream and walk over to you to kiss you. He’d then say “Y/N, everyday I think you’re beautiful…but tonight…it’s definitely more than that…”

Carl- He’d be startled and stare at you with wide eyes. The moment, you looked back at him, he instantly covered his eyes and thought of walking out of the room but instead was walking over to you. He’d bump into you and open his eyes and finally say “Euh…You’re really pretty Y/N! That’s it…that’s all I can think of…”

The Governor- He’d be overwhelmed with lust for you and wouldn’t know where to start. Finally, He’d quickly close the door behind him and walk over to you. He’d grab you tightly to him and cup your face to roughly kiss you. He’d then push you onto the bed and say “You really know how to get me all worked up…now don’t you Y/N!”

Abraham- He’d eye you up and down and chuckle to himself. He’d get closer and walk around you to get a better look. Crossing his arms, he’d finally come to a stop in front of you and smirk. He’d pull you closer and whisper “I love the way it looks on you, Y/N…but in a few moments you’re gonna regret wearing it…”

Eugene- He couldn’t deny he was turned on by seeing you that way but would be too awkward to look you in the eyes. However, he’d catch a few glances of you here and there but wouldn’t be able to just blatantly stare at you. As you’d walk over to him, he’d finally say “I can’t believe this is happening…You’re seriously really hot Y/N, you know that!”

Jesus- He’d be pleased to see you dressed that way but would pretend to act like he didn’t know what was happening. As he’d walk closer to you, his eyes would never leave sight of your body. He’d finally be close enough to you and say “Cute outfit, Y/N…I’m guessing you have some plans for tonight…with me, right?”

Ron- He’d stare at you in amazement and stay still just to admire you. He wouldn’t know what to do or say but suddenly find himself drawn over to you. He’d then grab your hand and say “Y/N…you’re beautiful no matter what…it’s not necessary for you to wear this…Let me help you out…”

Dwight- He’d be pleasantly surprised and smirk while eyeing you up and down. He’d walk over to you and grab you closely to him. He’d kiss you deeply and suddenly turn you around to bend you over the bed. He’d then lean closer to your ear and whisper “You distract me enough everyday as it is…But this time you really outdid yourself Y/N…”

Morgan- He’d be speechless and stand still just looking at you from head to toe. He’d enjoy looking at you but at that moment, wouldn’t be too sure of what he should be doing to you. The moment you walked over to him, he’d smirk and say “Is there some kind of celebration going on…for you to present yourself to me this way, Y/N…”

Shane- He’d be more than happy to see you dressed that way and wouldn’t hide his excitement over you. He’d look at you with hungry eyes and come up behind you to start trailing kisses from your ear down to your neck and finally say “You’re so beautiful, Y/N…You did all this for me, didn’t you…and now you want you reward for it, don’t you…”

Milton- He’d be taken completely by surprise and would be shocked to see you. He liked what he saw but couldn’t find the right words to say to you. As you’d approach him, he’d get a little more nervous and stutter “Y-You look lovely, as always, Y/N..but tonight…it’s a different kind…I-I like it…”

Aaron- He’d be surprised but would then suddenly start to smile. He’d get closer and go sit by the bed as just admire the way you looked and say “I hope you know how beautiful you are, Y/N…Who am I kidding, you’re perfect no matter what…”

Gabriel- His jaw would drop and he’d stare at you in admiration for a moment. However, he’d start to feel guilty and shake his head and close his eyes shut. He’d hear you get closer to him and put a hand up as if to stop you and say “Y/N, this can’t go on, it’s really not right…But tonight you’re making it hard for me to just deny you…”

Michonne- She’d look at you from head to toe and be amazed by the way you looked. She’d walk closer to you and smirk saying “Is there something about to go on, for you to dress this distractedly, Y/N?”

Maggie- Looking at you, she’d feel special and wouldn’t be able to hide her smile from you. She’d wait for you to walk over and look you in the eyes and say “You’re really stunning, Y/N…If only you could wear it more often…or better everyday…”

Andrea- She’d be impressed to see you dressed that way but try to conceal her pleasure as much as she could. In the end, she’d smirk and admit “Looking good, Y/N… Care to tell me the reason behind all this…”

Jessie- The sight of you dressed that way would startle her but she’d try to brush it off by acting casual. Nonetheless, she’d let you know what she thought and said “Wow, never expected to see you this way, Y/N…it’s not a bad thing! You look great! I like it…”

Beth- She’d be speechless and wouldn’t be too sure of what was about to happen. She’d stare at you with wide eyes and as you’d approach her, she’d say “W-what are you doing? This is really different from usually…But I really don’t dislike it, Y/N…you’re beautiful…”

Sasha- She’d chuckle and get a closer look at what you were wearing. She’d think you’d look more adorable than anything else and say “Well, someone’s all grown up…What else do you plan to do Y/N…”

Rosita- She’d smile and shake her head to see you. The sight made her happy but as she’d approach she’d jokingly be in disbelief and say “So like that you’re the one seducing me now…Well, Y/N…it’s actually working, good job…”

Enid- She’d be shocked and would find it strange of you to suddenly just change into something like that. She’d stare from afar and say “What’s with the outfit? I don’t get it…I mean you look good but…why?”

Tara- She’d do a double take and wouldn’t be able to find the right words to describe how she felt. She’d get closer to you and just grab you in for a deep kiss and then say “Y/N, you’re so beautiful…you know that…even without all of this…but I love the effort!”

Have A Little Faith: Chapter Three

“If you’re not careful,
you’ll end up believing this is the world.”

- Antonio Cisneros

Day one of Monaco had been an absolute dream. 

Once I’d agreed to Harry’s proposition he let me go, although I could tell it was taking everything inside of him to stand and watch me leave. His face reminded me of a puppy dog’s as he stood there on the steps, flashing me a smile as I glanced at him over my shoulder. He really wanted to prove his point.

Fate, or whatever.

After leaving him I walked about twenty minutes to the small building where an elderly man and his daughter greeted me at the door. Upon entering the building there was a charming little lobby—the hardwood floor covered in a soft white rug—and the couches were expertly arranged to lead one’s eye towards the large bay windows that overlooked the ocean. Above the fireplace there was a picture of what I assumed was the family that owned the property: the man and young girl who had welcomed me, along with a middle-aged woman holding a small child in her arms.

Once I’d gotten settled into my hotel room I decided to call my mother. My parents had been less than thrilled about my decision to come to Europe on my own, and one of their “conditions” was that I phone home often to let them know where I was and what I was getting up to. 

Five minutes into the phone call, I was already being grilled.

“Mum, I’m fine, I don’t need anybody to come travel with me. It’s already been two weeks, I’ve gotten used to it…No, mum, I don’t need to talk to Dr. King. Yes, I have her phone number.”

I allowed my petite frame to fall backwards onto the soft mattress of the bed, the smell of fresh linens causing me to twist to the side and curl up against the pillows. I twirled the phone cord around my finger as I listened to my mom’s voice, eyes falling shut comfortably. 

My room was small, but just the right size for me—there was a twin sized bed and a desk at the other side of the room that I’d set my small collection of bags on, a mini fridge which had a bag of apricots and peaches that I’d purchased from a local seller. It was decorated with a series of framed pictures of different locations in the city, and I made a mental note to see every one of them.

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Pairing: Lucifer x Female Reader

Word Count: 3,179

Summary:  After a particularly trying hunt you find yourself trapped in an bearably hot warehouse. Lucifer shows up and he decides to help cool you down.

Warnings: I mean… there’s smut… And Lucifer can be persuasive in more ways than one.

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Good Stuff(?) - The Emoji Movie

WARNING: Flax seeds can be a great absorbent. Thank you, take care out there, prey for me, and enjoy.

The Emoji Movie? More like… the No See Movie! HA HA HA HA HA HA

Whew, best one yet. Okay, (*Cracks open a cold one*) so. I know this movie looks cheap. It’s from Sony Animation, so you know the effort put into making this a good animated film is Fyre Festival levels of fucked. And I know it’s a millennial satirizing knock off of the following:

  • Sausage Party
  • The Lego Movie
  • Wreck-It Ralph
  • Harry Potter
  • Toy Story
  • A majority of Pixar’s movies
  • Life is Strange (unfortunate)
  • Foodfight! (also unfortunate)
  • Barnyard
  • Smurfs: The Lost Village
  • Rubik: The Amazing Rubix Cube
  • Rachet and Clank: The Movie
  • Fairy Odd Parents: Channel Chasers
  • Fairy Odd Parents: Internet Stupor Highway
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • The Mr. Men & Little Misses
  • The Brave Little Toaster
  • Spongebob 2: Sponge Out of Water
  • Tinker Bell 
  • Most Shonen animes

and so on, but you all know this. However, I see to share a bit of optimism towards this film as good as shamelessly possible. Because after that serviceable disappointment that was Smurfs: The Lost Village and the fact that 2017 has not much better in store this summer, in terms of animation, I just want to give Sony just one. Just a SINGLE glimmer of belief that they can pull something off better than previously. Or maybe, they’re a lost cause; who knows. Now, it’s time to defend this, for the sake of animated movies of all caliber.


For once, the movie doesn’t look that bad. It looks colorful, the human designs look pretty good, and the gimmicks in the phone world look pretty creative. It doesn’t look as spastic as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs or unnecessarily cartoony like Hotel Transylvania. It’s on par with their latest Smurfs movie, and I say that’s a good thing. The only setback are the emojis themselves. Most of them looks inhuman and this is what I consider the “hand effect”, where it’s like trying to animate your own hands to move like a human except you keep the muscle and bone structure of a typical human hand. When it comes to animating living characters, you should always either give the characters a humanoid stature with limbs or make them limbless shapes like with Angry Birds or Veggietales. And with this having the “hand effect”, this limits creativity in movement and it looks weird, jarring, or creepy to try making them act human with 3D animation. Then again, if a no neck design worked well with Crash Bandicoot, it can do well here too.

And on this day, I will forever feel guilty for making such a comparison

Secondly, and this is a small note: what competition does it have? I mean… Atomic Blonde? War for the Planet of the Apes? The Dark Tower? Another Al Gore movie? Jessica Williams? The movies surrounding this ranges from pretty risque for kids to who’s checking this. This flic is known more to a familial audience, so if it actually does good, the adult reviewers can feel more comfortable in recommending this to kids, giving it some merit towards a demographic, like most family films. And then any adult can enjoy it ironically because we’ll feel better knowing it was basically never for us. I’m not saying the hopes for success are high, but like the previous Sony asspulls, it’ll be passable to a particular group. And if not this, then what? Nut Job 2?

Originally posted by giantmonster

I’m serious. Nut Job 2? Anybody want to see that?
Does anybody know about that?

Other than those things, I got nothing. Except for the 107 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THE EGOJI MOVIE! That’s right. Thanks to a man named Jack Douglass, I have more than enough evidence to convince YOU why it can be a film that can titillate your sense of entertainment and leave you well pleased. And with the help of King Crimson, this list will be most accurate and foolproof plan I have come up with on this site in forever, so here it is:


NUMBER ONE: T.J. Miller and Sir Patrick Stewart are pretty great actors and comedians, and to support their acting in the film can keep their streak of surprising choices for their craft solid.

and THAT was 107 reasons why you should see the Emoji Movie.

I admit, that is a lot to read, but it’s worth it. Trust me In any case, beyond all those reasons, I can’t say this movie is truly a must-see of the year, like Cars 3 or Captain Underpants, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth seeing at all. I mean, it could’ve been Ice Age 6, which I am certain will come out not long after 2021 or ‘22. I say it’s worth checking out to see what the fuss is about. It’s not controversial like the Ghostbusters reboot or surprisingly good like Baby Driver and 21 and 22 Jump Street, I can assure you, but it could be entertaining in some way nonetheless. I’ll say buy $5 cheap seats at least, don’t want the industry earning that money too easily. And it’s safe to say this movie was gonna be made eventually, so why not give a full look before putting it up on the fridge with all the other drawings? I mean, we already got Emoji merch, pillows, World Emoji Day, Emoji reviews, an Emojipedia, an Emoji Store, and this movie was the Buzzfeed effect that tipped the scale to say “Ya know. This has gone too far”? All in all, Sony may have done itself in with its marketing, but I find the Emoji Movie to possibly be a simple, nonsensical, time wasting film for the summer and a flic you and your buddies can get high to, like most other toy based productions that isn’t the Lego Movie.

I give Wreck-It Ralph a 4 out of 5

A couple big hiccups here and there, but it’s an otherwise solid video game movie

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Nishinoya, Kageyama, Hinata, and Tanaka trying to improve their English so they can impress their American crush (who is a new foreign exchange student)

My first request! Thanks so much, anon. And I hope you enjoy


Embarrassment wasn’t something that clearly registered to him. When he first saw you, he thought you were a new color on the color wheel. You were grand and irresistible at first glance. Ignoring the students that surrounded you with questions and offering companionship, he slithered through the bundle of people and reached for your hand (he thinks you’re used to this sort of thing and looks at you with too-wide eyes.)

“Hello. I am Nishinoya!” He nearly yells and his sudden outburst made you wince but the strength in his grasp keeps you from moving. It’s the way his eyes are lit up with admiration that makes you blush.

“H-hi,” You stutter; aware that you’re now being watched by a crowd of students.

His English vocabulary is limited, “Hi!” He repeats with more enthusiasm. A fellow student tugs you along explaining that class was about to start. You look back to see Nishinoya with his shoulder slumped and watching you leave. You lift your hand to wave and his face lights up once more with a grin.

Your first meeting inspires him to study more (though it was far from his forte.) Nishinoya would stuff flashcards in his pockets, narrowing the words to start and have a simple conversation, and quickly fill out a workbook when he had free time from practice. When he’d spot you in class, he’d wave in your direction and say the one phrase he had first perfected: “You look nice.”

Though, most of the class would burst into giggles, he’s maintain his composure and wait for a response. “Thank you,” you say feeling your face heat up. You watch as he turns on his heel and lifts his fist high into the air.


This guy is stubborn at first. Thinking that you should learn Japanese first and approach him if you wanted to. But as the days pass, he finds himself often looking for you in the crowd of students and watching you from his seat near the back. At first, he thinks it’s your hair color or the way you sometimes have to pause when talking to someone. You often catch him watching you, his eyes always narrowed and focused, and you think that he might hate you.

Kageyama starts spending more time lingering over his English homework. The letters never seem neat enough and when he practices saying them out loud he thinks it’s wrong. But there’ something about you that makes him want to be confident in his words so he doesn’t think twice about spending more time perfecting this skill.

You spot him standing in front of a vending machine, his shoulders stiff and his gaze again narrowed and hard. You briefly think that it’d be good idea to just walk away but you hear him clear his throat. You look up at meet the cool blue of his eyes, only there’s a sprinkle of red on his cheeks that makes him look softer somehow and you find yourself relaxing.

“Good morning, Kage-”

“__________!” Kageyama calls out your name before you finish. He takes a few steps forward and you shift your gaze to his hand where he held a crumpled milk box and on his wrist were words that looked hastily smudged.

“I-” You had never seen such a bright shade of red on a human before, “I like .  .  . juice.”

You tilt your head, a little confused and watch as he open his mouth in a gasp as he realizes his mistake. He had rehearsed his line plenty of times but when he saw you he had forgotten all his practice.

“I like you,” You say beaming.

“I like you,” He repeats.


It’s hard not to be friends with someone who can embody a ray of sunshine. He conquers his shyness when he knew that your other classmates would flock to you and create a barrier that would shake this volleyball player’s confidence. He makes it a point to sit beside you in every class and try to impress you with his poor English since it was one of those classes that he barely passed.

You smile at his cute attempts and laugh when he can’t find the words and Hinata resorts to making ridiculous motions with his hands and make strange sounds to get his point across.

Eventually, Hinata comes up with a grand idea but knows that it would take up a large amount of time and effort but as his eyes follow you moving down the hall he makes up his mind. After a long and loud session of begging his upperclassmen, they agree to tutor him. It was the only way to keep him focused at the task at hand. His progress became clearer as your conversations got better and better. Though, you sometimes missed his flailing arms.

“_______.” He whispers to you during class. You look over carefully not drawing attention from the teacher but this was not something that Hinata cared about.

He pulled out a flier of a local Creperie. And pointed at it frantically, his smile reaching to his eyes.

You don’t quite get it and lift an eyebrow.

“Let’s go eat,” Hinata mouths, “Really great food.”

You find yourself smiling and give him a thumb-ups.


“Woah!” is the first thing that slips from his mouth as you make your introduction in front of the class. You were already nervous about being in this class and clenched and unclenched your fists when the teacher called on you. Tanaka’s outburst made you turn into a shocking shade of red and you forget most your words. The class is too busy laughing at him and you feel some of the tension leave your shoulders.

Tanaka looks in your direction with an apologetic grimace but quickly averts his gaze finding it too much for his heart to handle.

After class, he finds you alone in the classroom and passes you a can of warm coffee. You stare blankly at him, a little surprised and pleased at his offer. Tanaka frantically flips open a book in his arms (You see ‘English I’ written on the cover.) He clears his throat and meets your gaze.

“You-” His cheeks get flushed and he returns his gaze to the words in the book, “I am sorry.”

You let out a small laugh, “Sorry? Why?”

His eyes widened at your question, his lips forming a small ‘o,’ and he slips through the pages once more. A few colorful sticky notes land on the desk and you quietly collect them for him.

He grunts again, “Before,” his coming out deep and a bit slurred, his hands point to the front of the class, “I … rude.”

You shake your hand dismissively in the space between the two of you, “That’s okay, Tanaka.”

You dare a glance up to his tall frame, his eyes are fixated on you despite the scarlet staining his cheeks, you smile at him and offer a seat beside you. You explain to him that you happen to be brushing up on your Japanese and that you could exchange help with his English homework.

His nods fiercely and straightens his shoulders as you recite what’s on your paper.

“Let’s get along,” You say easily in Japanese.

He grins.


‘What would they play?’ Life is Strange Ver.

Wowzers im actually capable of continuing a series. Here’s a lil extra:

edit: ^^^^dw thats not jefferson guys sorry if samuel looks like him :’D he’d play a much more fucked up game ofc…

More from this stupid idea: 

-Gintama ver

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Hurt/Comfort with happy ending tarkrennic for the writing prompt Please?

A Near Miss (1k words)

Krennic should have been in the med bay, but instead Tarkin found him slumped between the couch and the wall in the director’s quarters.

Krennic’s face was ghastly, the blood drained from it that could have been from the blaster wound in his shoulder or the very fact Tarkin was looming over him now.

Krennic’s eyes, a pair of blue infernos, bore into Tarkin, his teeth were bared and practically frothing.

“You missed me,” he hissed.

“I was not aiming for you, Krennic,” Tarkin replied, knowing it was not the truth…not entirely. “In any case, you forced my hand.”

“Have you come here to finish the job, then? 

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This was just something warm and fuzzy I had in mind for nothing else than to add some warmth to our shipper feels. Thanks for the motivation @rainyrhymm !

Imagine a cute modern AU where Lance is the 5-year old younger cousin of Allura (21) and Keith is the 5-years old younger brother of Shiro (25). Allura and Shiro have been talking to each other for awhile on an online community for astronomy enthusiasts, and both decide to meet after they find out they live only an hour away from each other. Shiro has just moved to said town few months after their parents passed away and he took full guardianship of Keith (their grandparents provide financial help too). He doesn’t know the town very well so Allura agrees to show him around on their first date. Right before meeting, however, Allura admits that she has to bring her little cousin, Lance, with her because she ended up babysitting him for the day. Shiro says that it’s fine, and proposes to bring his brother, Keith, who he thinks would benefit befriending someone his age in such a new place. 

Allura and Shiro meet in the park, and their first encounter feels like everything had frozen in time because they just can’t stop finding the other one so beautiful/handsome. Meanwhile, little Lance watches from behind Allura’s legs at the small shy boy behind Shiro, peeping at him as if he’s half-scared to death. The more Lance leans over to take a better look, the more Keith hides behind Shiro.

Lance then switches to catch him from the other side, and Keith switches position to hide from him again. This becomes like a silent game between them. Everytime Lance leans over from one side, Keith moves away to Shiro’s other leg. When he switches suddenly to catch him, Keith gives a quick yelp and hides again. Lance snickers and teases Keith by catching him more by surprise. Soon Keith is in a fit of giggles and swinging back and forth behind Shiro from one leg to another in an effort to hide from this strange boy. Lance starts to bellow in laughter. 

Finally Allura and Shiro notice the funny commotion below them and respectively ask the boys what is it that they’re playing. Lance yells out, “Hide and Seek!” and gibbers something else in Spanish at Allura, pointing at Keith. He freezes, but Allura chuckles and clarifies that Lance admits to “liking that weird but cute boy (Keith) very much.” Without hesitation, Lance approaches Keith and extends out his hand. “Be my friend?” He says in a key higher than necessary. Keith looks up at Shiro, who nods, then at this oddly eager Cuban boy, and takes his hand shakily. “O-ok.” He squeaks. “P-play again?”

“YAH!” Lance responds. Allura advices her little cousin to be responsible for Keith’s safety from now on, and Lance complies right away with a salute. She then takes out a list of places for them to visit in town, and they all head out together. Shiro never leaves her side, of course, and neither does Lance with Keith, who holds his new friend’s hand for the rest of the day. 

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