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Winner take All - Romione - [One-shot]

I choose you, by chashirskiy (source: X)

A/N: this was inspired by this afternoon’s Quidditch World Cup final between Brasil and Bulgaria. I had so much fun reading the commentary – and play-by-play – and was inspired to write this. But the inspiration was the sweet canon kiss, between Ron and Hermione, that I had to write something smutty, (and since I was requested by quite a few, too.) I do enjoy when the English reserve is broken by public displays of affection.

Rated M for Ron’s dirty mouth, plenty of lemons, and some fluff as well. So if lemon infused smut isn’t your taste, you can read the other stuff I’ve posted this week.

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A/N2: Thanks to JK Rowling for writing out fanfiction for the rest of us, gratis, and letting all of us draw in her world, and write in it too. Suffice to say, I’m not her. And I’m not Rita Skeeter or Ginny Potter, either. - DG


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