it takes a city of thousands to hold us back

Ghost of You

Bucky x Reader

Summary: He’s haunted by the ghost of her. Based off of the song The Night We Met by Lord Huron.

Warnings: pure angst, like this is really sad.

Word Count: 3.8k (wowza)

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I am not the only traveler
Who has not repaid his debt
I’ve been searching for a trail to follow again
Take me back to the night we met
And then I can tell myself
What the hell I’m supposed to do
And then I can tell myself
Not to ride along with you

I sat at the foot of her bed nursing the two bottles of whiskey in my hands. My throat burned as the scotch coated my insides. I hated this. I hated that I couldn’t get drunk. I hated that I couldn’t forget, even if it was just for a moment. I hated that even though I hadn’t been in her room in so long, it still felt like she was still here with me.

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