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As of November 1, We Will No Longer Be Living As Immigrants Did In 1925

So much has changed in my life in the past 10 days that I was afraid of writing about it in case I jinxed it. The first thing that happened was that Cleo began taking two crib naps for a total of 3 hours of rest a day. Up until last Monday, Cleo had only ever taken a nap twice in her crib, and I am suspicious that on those days, perhaps she was deadly ill. You may ask where Cleo napped before she began napping in the crib, and the answer is sweating profusely while sucking on my poor, sore nipples. When I whipped out my nipples this past weekend, Caleb shouted, “Go get them Slim Jims, Cleo.” Because truly, they look like pieces of meat you would buy at a gas station.

I put Cleo in the crib for a nap for the first time because I had to get shit done. One night two Thursdays ago, Caleb showed me an apartment on Streeteasy. “Isn’t this apartment beautiful?” he asked. And it was. It was on street, two blocks closer to the water. It was full of light, and well proportioned. We weren’t looking for an apartment; two years ago, when my book got rejected for the final time, I had resigned myself that my current life was as good as it was going to get, and that I better get used to things as they were. Even if that meant that occasionally, I would almost step on a dead mouse our elderly cat left as a gift on my path to my iPhone charger. And that I would have a mini refrigerator. And a one bedroom. And no light. And neighbors who leave passive aggressive notes taped to the front door. And cockroaches. And a stove from 1972. And a bath full of the remnants dog piss. And no savings, and no hope for a better reality. I adjusted to life as it was.

“I can’t stop thinking about that apartment,” Caleb said the next day on his lunch break.

“Set up an appointment, and go look at it,” I suggested. “No harm in looking.”

So he set up an appointment for 7pm, and when he got home at 6:45pm, I complained that I was tired, I didn’t want to go anywhere to look at anything, I just wanted to put on my pajamas and get some work done. But we bundled Cleo up anyway, because it was chilly that night. And we looked at the apartment, which is in a complex that has a gigantic shared garden. I have often admired it while walking past, and wondered who was lucky enough to live there.

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hi just curious but how big is your wallpaper file? Because it won't download and when it does it says it'll take 3 hours ??

i’m guessing that you’re referring to my latest wallpaper release, the solid splendor walls? it’s 45.7MB, so it really shouldn’t take three hours to download. i’ll try uploading it to simfileshare again for you! if anyone else has any issues, please let me know, okay?

Cambodian artist Visoth Kakvei masterfully brings together symbolism and style, and no sketchbook has enough pages for his creativity.

The 27-year-old graphic designer usually draws his works freehand and the pieces take 3-6 hours to finish, but sometimes Kakvei feels it’s not enough. So, to make his incredibly intricate maze-like illustrations even more stunning, the artist digitally enhances them, making the doodles appear as if they’re popping out from the pages.


Today, Home turns two years old ♥

(And I thought I’d wrap it up in three months… Whoops)! Thank you for your constant support, patience, and kudos (all 12,700 of them?)!! This project has really gotten me through some tough anxiety (and lupus, apparently) whilst introducing me to the wonderful, talented, empathetic, and creative sterek fandom. I’m honored to be friends with so many of you *hugs*

The final chapter is still in progress, as is book!Home! I’m eager to share both with you soon. ♥



black magic [m]

credit: x.

❛❛im one of the brightest witches at this prestigious magic academy and ur a human who somehow got admitted and everyone knows u dont ACTUALLY have magic but cant prove it so they hate u for it but i actually like you??? and have a crush on u??????? our paths have just never crossed until ur class blew up n somehow we became class partners and– hold on what do you mean we fucked up this spell so we wanna fuck each other’s brains out??❜❜ AU

COUNT → 18.430

GENRE → smut 

PAIRING → taehyung | reader

WARNINGS → dom and sub tones | mild cum play | explicit language | female masturbation (male if you squint) | oral sex | penetration | graphic dirty talk

NOTE → this was requested and inspired by @blueagust!!!!!! the idea went thru several stages and yelling over kkt but this is the final product :-D im sorry mom

You hated everyone at this fucking academy.

It wasn’t just that they always smelled like unicorn turds—and that wasn’t a compliment because unicorns had the nastiest smelling shit in the entire universe—but they were so arrogant and had this fucking superiority complex when it came to humans. You were sure if they actually lived with them and in human society instead of hidden away at some prestigious academy they wouldn’t pull this bullshit in the first place, but they still despised them.

Or maybe it was just one human they despised in particular.

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me being (very) brutally honest with the signs

Aries- You’re such a goddamn hothead all the goddamn time. Not everyone likes to be constantly doing something every second of every day. You get angry with people for the smallest and most trivial reasons but god forbid someone take a dig at you. You’re such a hypocrite and it’s annoying as fuck. You act like an edgy teenager that’s constantly throwing a tantrum. You also boss people around and expect everyone to just follow your lead and if they don’t, you get pissed at them for having a mind of their own. You seriously need to take a look at your life and stop seeing everything as a fucking challenge that’s rigged against you. My god, I get tired just being in your presence. 

Taurus- You’re a lazy fuck and way too materialistic and possessive. You literally have no desire to do anything because you love to sit on your ass. You take “treat yourself” to a whole new level and not in a healthy way whatsoever. It seems like every chance you get you cause arguments and then you contradict whatever the other person is saying just because you can’t look at anything from a different point of view. Even if you get to the point where you realize you’re in the wrong and the other person is right, you’ll just continue to argue for the sake of arguing and god forbid your ego take even the slightest blow. It’s irritating as shit like you really think you know best when in reality you’re just a stubborn bitch. What a bore.

Gemini- Look, I know you guys get a lot of flak. But take this into consideration…… it’s because most if not all of it is FUCKING TRUE. You have so many different personalities I don’t know which one is even real. You gossip 24/7 and flip-flop between who you talk to and who you talk about. You’re completely unreliable and unpredictable and also clingy as fuck. Seriously, I feel like I can’t get away from you. I just want to go to the bathroom, I don’t need to hear the story right now about how Sarah said that Dylan said that Kimberly found a sock in the dryer that wasn’t hers. Literally no one cares. Another thing that you do is once you get tired of someone, you just throw them away like garbage. (Also Trump is a gemini, and I know you guys can’t control that but like come on. Of course he’s a gemini.)

Cancer- You really need to stop being so whiny or I’m actually going to lose it. Everyone has problems so stop acting like such a victim all the goddamn time. You’re so moody all the time and you act like a small child that needs to have their diaper changed. You also cling onto people as soon as you meet them and cry if someone doesn’t answer your text within 5 fucking minutes. Don’t you have your own life to live? Oh wait, I forgot you spend every second in a dark room and refuse to come outside unless it’s to answer the door because you ordered shitty takeout. You consider changing your clothes adventurous and honestly it’s so boring. Introverted doesn’t even describe you, you’re more like a complete hermit (CRAB. HA!)

Leo- Hey leo, wow, are you actually reading this? I’m kind of shocked because I never thought you’d ever stop looking at yourself in the mirror. Seriously, you’re probably the most vain sign out of all of us. So much so that if someone criticizes you in even the smallest way, you get so offended and act like you’ve been shot in the chest. You think so highly of yourself, and while it’s great to have confidence, you take it to the next level, which is extreme arrogance. You love to have the conversation focused around you. You’re the type of friend that if someone is telling you about their problem or just their day in general, you’ll interrupt them and start talking about yourself and it’s DAMN ANNOYING. How do you still have friends?

Virgo- I’m gonna tell you right now, you’re not as perfect as you think you are. You’re so quick to critique other people that you write them off as not good enough before even getting to know them. You’re the type of person that would tell their friend that they were breathing too loudly. For fucks sake, you’re such an over analyzing pedant it makes me want to slap you in the face with my fucking asymmetrical hand. Your pessimism is damn near blinding, I probably wouldn’t want to hang around you for more than 10 minutes or you’d make me feel self conscious about how I fucking walk or some shit. You can’t take or make a joke. You’re skeptical about everything and you’re completely inflexible. You like to think of yourself as an intellectual but really you’re stuck up, narrow minded and someone I constantly find myself rolling my eyes at.

Libra- You are manipulative as shit. You’ll tell someone they look good without even looking up from your phone. You lie all the time and don’t really give a fuck if you hurt other people’s feelings because you really only look out for yourself. You’re also a huge fucking coward. When your friends need you to have their back and actually be there for them, you run and hide and say, “Oh sorry I just didn’t want to get involved!”. What a lame fucking excuse for ditching your friend in their time of need. You’re also extremely indecisive to the point where it’ll take you 3 hours just to choose where you want to go eat. It’s tiring as fuck. Just MAKE A CHOICE FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE. Have your own fucking opinion. You’re like a goddamn sheep.

Scorpio- Why the FUCK are you so aggressive for no fucking reason? You manipulate people just for the fun of it. You get jealous so easily and usually you don’t even have a reason to be jealous. You just are. It’s pathetic. You like to think that you’re so cool and mysterious but in reality people just see you as a moody and brooding asshole that no one really wants to bother getting to know. I mean, why would they? What’s the point? Every time someone even tries to get close to you, you completely brush them off and act like you don’t care about them because keeping your “mystifying” aura is soo important to you. And if you do let someone in, you treat them like they’re your possession and it’s creepy as hell. You obsess over them and you want to control them. God forbid they hang out with someone that isn’t you and then you resent them for no goddamn reason other than having a life of their own. Do me a favor scorpio and don’t talk to me.

Sagittarius- Honestly if a sag is reading this, you’re just straight up getting a taste of your own medicine. You’re tactless as shit and it makes me not want to be around you, ever. You’re inconsiderate of others and impatient with everyone. If someone isn’t moving up to your standards you will become agitated and aggressive and then you take it out on the person. You constantly need to be doing something else because your attention span lasts about 2 fucking seconds. You act like an 8 year old. You’re also really superficial. You don’t bother getting to know the deeper layers of a person because, like I said, you’re impatient and also just plain lazy. You take people for granted and are careless when handling the feelings of people closest to you. You’re also a really self-obsessed know-it-all. Go climb a fucking tree, sag.

Capricorn- Four words. Lighten. The fuck. Up. You are by far the most power-hungry of all the signs. You take everything so completely seriously that I don’t even know if you understand what “fun” even is. You always have to have two feet on the ground at all times and you can never ever be spontaneous and it’s so fucking dull. You’re conservative and disdainful nature can be so overbearing at times that even your friends need to get away from you. That is, if you have friends. You’re a complete pessimist so who knows if anyone can actually tolerate that. You constantly have to be the most successful person in a room, and you make sure you reach this level of success through abusive and controlling behavior towards the people around you. Your selfishness grosses me out.

Aquarius- I asked you what time it was. I didn’t ask you if I was afraid of time passing or the fact that it’s a manmade construct. For fucks sake, just shut the fuck up about this deep shit for once. I don’t want to contemplate how large the universe really is at fuckin 8:30 am on a Monday. You’re rebellious even when it doesn’t matter and honestly all it does is piss people off. You’re constantly trying to deviate from the norm that you make the same fucking mistakes that other people already made, but you don’t fucking learn from other people’s mistakes because you always have to go your own way. Maybe listen to other people for once? You’re the most detached sign out of all of them and you hurt people by acting aloof all the fucking time but you don’t care because you chalk it up to “this is who I am!!! I need my freedom!!!!”. You need to actually think about how your actions affect people you care about because if you don’t, you’re REALLY gonna end up alone and you won’t be able to do a damn thing about it. 

Pisces- You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself all the time and get it through your head that you’re not always the damn victim. You don’t take responsibility for your actions and you always find a way to blame it on someone else because you’re NEVER in the wrong, are you? Poor little pisces. You’re not as innocent as you want everyone to believe. You’re constantly daydreaming and it becomes really annoying when I’m trying to talk to you and you just completely zone out because you love living in your little imaginary world. You’re the WORST at solving your own problems and conflicts because instead of dealing with them you just avoid it all together and end up leaving the mess for someone else to clean up. You’re really nosy- you love to get in other people’s business. But you don’t go to the person directly, you have to be sneaky about it and gather rumors from other people. You’re also very over-sensitive. Out of all the signs, you’re by far the most likely to respond to this post saying how this isn’t true and that I’m just a “big fat meany!!!” and then add a bunch of angry/crying emojis.

(disclaimer: Don’t worry, I don’t really hate your sign (unless you’re a  * * * * * * … lmao). This was just for fun and I know it’s harsh. Don’t take it too personally. You’re an individual and ultimately you determine who you really are. Except for you, * * * * * * . Fuck you.) 

School can be exhausting so these are my ways of dealing with stress and I’m, obviously, not an expert, but it helped me.

Take a bath

Get a bath bomb, shave your legs, and just relax in the warm water

Get an adult coloring book

I can’t tell you how much getting a coloring book helped me with stress. When I have free time, or a free class, or I just feel like coloring, I get my coloring book and just start.

Draw / doodle

Have a sketchbook where you can draw little things, or even big things. Draw random stuff that comes to your mind to free your thoughts. If you are bad at drawing, don’t worry cause it’s your private thing and you don’t have to show this to anyone.


Same as drawing but this time instead of just a pencil, use watercolors or ink or markers, whatever you want and have. Create a masterpiece and if you like it pin it on your wall to remind you that you can do great things!

Do some origami

You have a ton of YouTube videos of how to do some basic origami. Fold your paper and enjoy your finished work.


After a study session, stretch from head to toe. You will feel better because blood will easily come to your brain and you won’t have any back pain for sitting too long.


Every day, at morning or at night (or both if you are available) do some exercises for 20-30 minutes. If you are not that into exercising, you could dance with some up-beat music like nobody is watching.

Go for a quick run or ride a bike for 5 minutes

It will boost your energy and you will go outside and see the actual sun, or even clouds. Fresh air is really important for your health, so are little things that boost your energy. 

Listen to music

Maybe you are listening to music while studying, but listening to music while doing nothing else is also great. On the ride on the bus/train or whatever you’re taking, get some headphones and jam to your favourite music.

Take a nap

You come from school exhausted and you know you need to study, but it’s really hard for you to focus, just take a nap. Or if you are studying for 3-4 hours straight for that test tomorrow or writing a extra long essay - take a nap. 15-20 minutes is enough.

Get a diary or journal and write it down

Recently I started again writing into a diary (I haven’t done that since I was 12-13) and I can’t tell you how much better I feel after writing my thoughts down on paper. For me, writing with a pen/pencil instead of typing had me more focused on actually freeing my thoughts, but if you want to type you can. Also, it is funny to read some of your daily entries after a couple of years.


Lay on your back, or sit on a comfortable chair, close your eyes and just breathe. Try not to think of your work, or problems and just breathe. If you are religious, you can also pray.

Clean your room

Clear room = clear mind. Having a nice and tidy room helps me more to focus and not to think of the mess surrounding me. Also, cleaning can be calming and stress relieving, if you focus on cleaning instead of your thoughts.

Drink a glass of water

You will be more hydrated and feel much better. So just drink your water.

Eat a fruit

It’s healthy and sweet, what else is there to say about?

I hope some of those help you. Keep in mind that you, obviously, don’t have to everything everyday. Doing a few of these will really be beneficial for your mental health and your body.

Sending much love to you all, V. ❤

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