it sux but i tried

The real Bayek - Abubakar Salim - the performance actor of Bayek :)

( I always fascinated by to see the performance actors in their assassin/templar role and outfit. Just look at his wonderful smile, no wonder Bayek has a gorgeous smile too. Thank you Abu :) )


[ it’s crazy how fast the seasons change.
days before november even began andrew
spotted tinsel and christmas lights showing
up around the city, and now that halloween’s
over they’re practically everywhere. though
andrew’s past christmases were not always
great, he’s gained a new appreciation for the
holiday since coming to this universe, and the
sight of the decorations has him thinking about
what he’ll be getting his friends for christmas. he
decides to go downtown and scope out the shops
on one of his days off, but finds himself stopping
outside julius’ door as he goes to leave. if anyone’s
going to be excited about new york’s christmas
decorations, he thinks, it’d be someone who’s
never seen them before. what is it that lucien says
about first times? he gives the door a knock and calls:

Uh, Julius? Do you want
to go shopping with me?

[ julius hasn’t been out much thanks to
his healing injuries, but andrew hopes
he’ll be well enough to accompany him
on this little outing. he thinks they could
both use a little happiness after all the
heaviness they’ve been through together.


For ocslayviablake (Happy Birthday, Allie m’dear! <3)

the reason it hurts
so much to separate
is because our souls
are connected

About ‘Say Uncle’

In an amazing turn of events, a sect of Tumblr’s Steven Universe fan community has turned its sights on Uncle Grandpa, in response to the crossover episode between the two series that is set to air this Thursday. And as you can probably guess, the reactions have been aggressive and all over the place. Comments have ranged from “UG is transphobic/fatphobic!” to “UG sux I tried watching it it’s not even funny!”

I have no doubt that the crossover episode is going to be enjoyable. After all, it was an idea proposed by Rebecca Sugar herself and she’s never been one to disappoint before.

What has disappointed me, however, is some of the SU fandom’s responses to what is a rather benign series. UG doesn’t have to be anyone’s cup of tea, but I think using this crossover as an opportunity to attack the series is just ridiculous. 

And let’s set something straight here: SU’s writers wouldn’t associate their show with a series if they found that series to be harmful in any way, that’d just be counterintuitive. So these people complaining that this crossover is a “bad idea” or that “UG is below doing any kind of crossover with SU” are simply another example of fans assuming to know what’s good for a series better than the creators themselves. Let content creators create, has always been my philosophy, and it’s one that I wish more people would consider adopting. Not every decision an artist makes has to please the entire lot, but I’d hope that self-proclaimed fans of a series would at least give its creators the courtesy of an open mind.

So I implore you, watch the episode this Thursday. Withhold your judgement, and maybe try and consider what Rebecca Sugar saw in UG that inspired her desire for this crossover in the first place.