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Absolutely, pick-your-teeth-up-off-the-floor, mouth-gaped, didn’t-see-that-coming scene happens in the first episode of 7B. It’s right up top. It happens pretty fresh in the first episode… and it is an exciting ride.

Andrea Parker

(Pretty sure she’s talking about the girls receiving a model board game of Rosewood - what else could possibly happen in episode 1?)

black female models who are not naomi campbell or tyra banks

Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid 

Beverly Johnson

Grace Jones

Naomi Sims

Akuol de Mabior

Veronica Webb

Pat Cleveland

Grace Bol

Ajak Deng

Ataui Deng

Alek Wek

Yasmin Warsame

Aya Jones

Leomie Anderson

Chrishell Stubs

Ellen Rosa

Diandra Forrest

Mambu Bayoh

Cora Emmanuel

Eva Marcille

Yaya DaCosta

Ajuma Nasenyana

Senait Gidey

Yasmin Wijnaldum

Jasmine Sanders

Ysaunny Brito

Riley Montana

Sessilee Lopez

Selena Johnson

Joan Smalls Rodríguez

Jourdan Dunn

Fatima Siad

Chanel Iman

Stephanie Bertram Rose

Herieth Paul

Winnie Harlow

Liya Kebede

Melodie Monrose

Imaan Hammam

Monica Adeng

Aluad Deng

Katoucha Niane

Lineisy Montero

Karly Loyce Celine

Devyn Abdullah

Kara Young

Alécia Morais

Kiara Kabukuru

Afrodita Dorado Dominguéz

Jasmine Tookes

Marihenny Pasible 

Waris Dirie

Samantha Archibald

Sarah Marie

Oluchi Onweagba

Bijon Hill

Amilna Estevao

Damaris Goddrie

Donyale Luna

Caroline Bwonobo

Nyasha Matonhodze

Malaika Firth

Anais Mali

Grace Wales Bonner

Awa Lo

Nyasha Matonhodze

Mari Agory

Laura Ruth Harrier

Maria Borges

Cassandra Ventura

Vickie Sorensen

Carola Katy Da Rosa

Larissa Barros

Ashlee Desire

Leila Nda

Iesha Hodges

Mame Camara

Samira Carvalho

Olive Estephani

Lana Ogilvie

Aminata Sanogo

Tami Williams

Djenice Duarte

Crystal Noriega

Nykhor Paul

Aamito Lagum

Aleece Wilson


i’m gonna hire jimin as my main model for my future brand, expect it around 2018

it’s really weird that barely anyone is willing to deviate from the big glossy realistic eye w/ irises formula for 3d eyes, even w/ designs that gain nothing from realistic elements. “what will get kids into this smurfs 3d/live action hybrid? i know, let’s make sure we can see every single pore and eyelash. better yet, let’s model a complete circulatory system under the mesh. i wanna see blood pulsing through papa smurf’s withered arms”


└ All the member-愛~~

Cr: Kouhaku 31.12.2016

This is a shout out to self diagnosed autistic people

To those who can’t get a diagnosis because of the cost, or because they’re a part of one or more marginalised identities

To those who don’t trust the medical system, to mentally ill autistic people who have had bad experiences with mental health institutions and don’t want to subject themselves to that trauma again

To those who get dismissed by allistic “experts” or don’t have a supportive family

To those who could have an official diagnosis but don’t want it at all because of how it could impact their lives, or because they believe we should move towards a less medicalised autism model

To those who are 100℅ sure they’re autistic no matter what anyone else says, but also to those who are still questioning and unsure about claiming the label for themselves.

You’ve all got your reasons. You’re all valid, and you all belong in the Autistic community just as much as everyone with an official diagnosis ❤

Things Saitama Has to Deal With
  • Having a cyborg as an alarm clock
  • Random bursts of loud shouting by Genos
  • The inability to ever tell his disciple “No”
  • Sometimes being stuck underneath a blazing furnace when he wakes up in the morning
  • A weakness for golden eyes
  • Keeping Genos from killing a bitch whenever someone insults Caped Baldy 
  • The constant smell of sardines in the fridge
  • The sexualization of a pink apron
  • Having to continually remind Genos to tone it down by like a thousand
  • Being stared at. Like all the time. 
  • The oddity that is teenage angst
  • The ridiculous and near constant desire to kiss the cyborg senseless
  • Having someone tagging along everywhere he goes and secretly liking it
  • People being genuinely frightened by Demon Cyborg but not being able to understand why because all Saitama sees is a 19 year old that hates wet socks
  • Making sure Genos doesn’t die on a daily basis
  • Having a fucking gorgeous model as a roommate and disciple and boyfriend 
  • Having to manage damage control whenever Genos roasts someone’s entire existence 
  • Oil stains. Everywhere.
  • Low key freaking out whenever he finds Genos in pieces after a battle
  • His heart doing a stupid thing whenever Genos smiles at him
  • Having to endure the fact that Genos often takes jokes at face value
  • His shirts being stolen and subsequently ripped of their sleeves 
  • The occasional need to cheer up a disheartened and broken orphan 
  • Waking up next to the most beautiful thing in the world every single day   

𝕊𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕨𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕟𝕖𝕒𝕣 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝔸𝕣𝕚𝕫𝕠𝕟𝕒/ℕ𝕖𝕨 𝕄𝕖𝕩𝕚𝕔𝕠 𝕓𝕠𝕣𝕕𝕖𝕣…

A father instructs. He raises a child to be good, to be honest, to tell the truth, to be humble, to be fair, not to be petty, to respect women, to accept fair criticism, to protect the weak and not to injure the injured, such as the bereaved parents of a son who died heroically in Iraq and a reporter with a physical disability. Trump teaches otherwise. He shows a boy that the manly virtues are for suckers, that the narcissism of youth should be cherished and that angry impulses have to be honored. Lots of men have failed as presidents, as Trump surely will, but few fail so dismally as role models. He’s a boy’s idea of a man. He’s a man’s idea of a boy.


So once again my creative juices went wild and now I have another dark skinned male sim…Someone take my game away from me.


Iain De Caestecker On How LMD’s Will Effect Agents Of SHIELD.

“A love triangle? I don’t see there being a love triangle. I hope not. I think Fitz and Simmons have been through enough. For Fitz to go and have relations with a mechanical instrument would probably be a bit of a waste of time, in the long term.”

Like My Dad || Bangtan Reaction

Jin / Seokjin

His heart would swell. He would think it was the cutest thing he had ever seen and the first thing he would do was take his child into the kitchen and start teaching them simple recipes. I think it would mean a lot to Jin to hear words like that come out of his child’s mouth, after all, we do know how much he loves his own parents.

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Suga / Yoongi

Yoongi would pat his child on the head and brush it off as nothing, maybe giving his kid a small smile. But after he had but him/her to bed and he was alone with you he would be telling you all about it. He would let you know exactly how much it meant to hear your child say that. Sure he was already a role model, but to be one to his kids was an entirely different feeling.

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J-Hope / Hoseok

This boy would get so excited. He would probably jump around excitedly and hug your child as tight as possible. Hoseok would get so worked up about this, I’m sure at one point he would have tears in his eyes. Of course he would be excited because it meant the entire world to him to hear something like that.

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Rap Monster / Namjoon

Namjoon would be incredibly happy about this. There would be a point later that day, where you would walk in and you’d see Namjoon sitting with your child, telling them something heartfelt and deep about how much he loved them. It would be such a cute sight and you would probably stand and watch for a while before going over and joining the two.

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The moment Jimin heard the words leave your child’s mouth he would probably have the biggest smile on his face. He would say something cheesy like “when I grow up I want to be like you,” and they probably wouldn’t get but you would think it was the sweetest thing ever. Jimin would probably end up spending the rest of his day playing around with your child while you watched.

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V / Taehyung

Taehyung loves kids, and he would love his own more than anything else in the world. The moment those words had left your child’s mouth Taehyung would be running and pulling them in for the biggest hug he could manage without crushing them. He would probably get really sappy and have to wipe away tears from his eyes, pulling you in for a hug as well.


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Jungkook would end up being cocky about it. Your child would utter the words and Jungkook would say something like “of course you do”. You’d probably smack him and he would laugh but he would give your child a hug. Later that night after they had been put down for bed Jungkook would talk with you, wondering if he really deserved that title and you would convince him he did. 

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