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Curiosity Killed the Cat - Luhan Angst

Pairing - Luhan x Reader

Summary - The famous idiom warned you about the dangers of prying, but exactly how much peril could curiosity bring?

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You poured yourself a cup of wine, growing impatient at your boyfriend’s inability to keep track of time. You’ve been planning this dinner for weeks, and this is how he reciprocates your feelings. You understood his job meant a busy schedule, but he just had to have the audacity to show up late or even ditch every date. The clock read 8:30, half an hour past the time Luhan was supposed to show up.

Any ordinary girl would’ve left, figuring that they’ve just been stood up. You however, stayed waiting patiently, hanging onto that last thread of hope. You stared at your front door, urging it to open to reveal Luhan dressed in a nice suit, hopefully with a bouquet of flowers. Dates with Luhan were usually set in your shared apartment, considering that there would be a massive uproar if you were seen with China’s rising star.

You pulled out your phone to see if you had missed a message from him, yet your notifications were clear of his name. You tried calling and texting him yourself but to no avail. You continued to distract yourself with your phone, checking social media, and playing multiple games. Every few minutes, you’d still glance towards your door, longing for the familiar sound of the handle turning.

Food laid in platters before you, mocking your hungriness. Your stomach’s whale like noises didn’t make it any better. It was now an hour past eight, and your annoyance grew at Luhan’s tardiness. He better have a damn good reason to be this late. Staring at the food, you realized it was growing cold, and didn’t look so appetizing anymore.

Giving up, you wrapped the dinner, and shoved it into the fridge, and trudged back into your room. You lay on your pillow, disappointed that Luhan would forget. Both of you haven’t been able to meet up because of scheduling conflicts, and decided tonight would be a great time to reconnect, and spend quality time with each other. It was starting to feel as if you were more of mere acquaintances with Luhan, instead of being his girlfriend. You moved restlessly in bed, trying to find a comfortable position. But it seemed like the only comfort you’d find was in the arms of Luhan.

You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t suspected him of cheating before. Luhan reassured you countless times, always providing evidence to prove his faithfulness. You weren’t considered as a clingy or insecure girlfriend, and you made sure there was an acceptable balance of alone time between the both of you. However, his seclusive habits sometimes got the best of your curiosity, and it would spark unwanted thoughts.

You couldn’t tell if it was just because of tonight’s unsuccessful dinner that these thoughts were brewing again, but his distance definitely contributed to your distasteful theories. Luhan’s newest album was developing, taking up a great quantity of his time, even at hours late into dusk. Due to your own job, you haven’t been able to visit him often, and most of the communication between the both of you these days have been through texts and calls.

Within an hour of trying to sleep, you realized you wouldn’t be getting any with insomnia attacking you. The internet wasn’t enjoyable at this time which left you bored as hell, and everything that came to your mind contained the means of Luhan. You tried to remember his facial structures; the way his eyes crinkled when he smiled, the small edge of his chin, and his small, delicate lips that gave the most tender kisses.

Luhan hardly got any sleep these days, as he felt obliged to work through endless amounts of time. Whenever you visited his studio, you could almost feel the passion running through him as he created music. You were in no shape to fall asleep, and staying at home seemed less than preferable to where you were about to go. If Luhan couldn’t come to you, it’s up to you to go find him yourself.

You hadn’t changed out of your outfit, and your makeup was still applied acceptably. Grabbing the food out of the refrigerator, you quickly reheat it, and packed it into a container. You rush out of the apartment, almost forgetting to lock the door due to your excitement. You haven’t seen Luhan in weeks, and you could already imagine the smile on his face.

As soon as you got to his studio, you quickly fumbled for the spare keys he gave you, and carefully unlocked the door. Luhan’s studio was like his second home, if he wasn’t staying at your shared apartment, he was almost undoubtedly at his studio. You quietly tiptoed through the halls, trying your utmost to keep your visitation a surprise. Nearing his workroom, you debated your method of surprise.

First you had to check the environment, so you looked through his window as discreetly as possible, showing only a glimpse of yourself. Instead of seeing the usual hard-working Luhan at his computer composing, you see a scene that made your heart drop. Your lips curve in disgust, whilst your eyes fill with tears from his betrayal.

Luhan’s hands were placed in inappropriate places on another woman’s body, and hers were draped over him with fingers raking his back. He was shirtless exposing his whole chest, and the woman was wearing close to nothing, almost like lingerie itself. Your hand flew to your mouth as you see Luhan tilt the woman’s chin upwards exposing an exchange of lust between them. It was when the woman leaned in for a kiss that you couldn’t take anymore. You dropped the packaged dinner, and bolted out the studio, quickly driving away.

Who was she? How long had this been going on? Why did he do it? Those and countless other questions encircled your head, clouding all of your thoughts. As if your mind wasn’t distracting enough, tears were streaming quickly, causing you to have to take your hands off the wheel and wipe them away repeatedly. Having a mental breakdown wasn’t exactly safe while driving, so you decided to pull over before you could get into an accident. Little did you know however, pulling over on a highway wasn’t your best decision.

Luhan POV

As soon as Melissa’s lips touched yours, you pushed her off baring a horrified expression.

“What the hell was that?! This was not part of the choreography.” you wiped your hands across your lips, trying to get off the lipstick stain.

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know what came over me.” Melissa, your dance partner stammers, trying to explain herself.

“Melissa I don’t want excuses. Why did you kiss me?” Your next album featured some sexy-themed songs, and the dance crew decided it’d be best to feature a girl dancer, so they hired Melissa. As you were presented with the routine, you immediately felt uncomfortable with it, seeing as how it’d almost look like sex on stage.

“I like you okay? Ever since we started working together, I wanted to be yours! I couldn’t help myself so I made the first move.” you could tell Melissa was struggling, so you didn’t go off on her.

“Listen, I don’t like you in that way, okay? I’m really sorry.” With those words, it signaled the end of practice. Both you and Melissa silently packed up to go home.

“Hey, Luhan? I think someone left something out here for you.” Melissa calls from outside the room. Confused, you go outside to see a neatly packed box lying on the floor. You tenderly picked it up, and to your surprise, it was still warm. After closer inspections, you found it was a nice dinner wrapped around delicately in a nice silk cloth. Y/n.

At that thought, you suddenly remembered the dinner that was scheduled for today. Pulling out your phone, you were dismayed to see the missed messages from y/n. She had put so much trust in you, and you had let her down. Regardless of your behavior, y/n still found the motivation to actually bring you dinner. You absolutely needed to make up for this as soon as possible.

You tried dialing her number multiple times, but you came to the conclusion that she probably already fell asleep. You rushed out of the studio, trying to get back to the apartment as soon as possible. The more time you waste, the more y/n’s love drifted away from you. You didn’t even bother pulling on a jacket to protect you from the frigid cold air, as there wasn’t a single second to spare.

Unfortunately the traffic was not in your favor, since there was an apparent accident ahead on the highway. You resisted the urge to cause road rage, and sat furiously in the everlasting stream of cars. As you neared the site of the accident, you were beaming with anticipation to see y/n. You were now in view of the accident, and it was now obvious why it held up so much traffic.

A huge truck managed to crash right into a smaller car, causing devastating effects to the area around it. Debris was everywhere, and you were almost positive that this was a fatal car accident. Police cars surrounded it, and and ambulance could also be seen with the crowd. Squinting your eyes, you see that the truck had run into a blue toyota civic, the same car Y/n drove. No it couldn’t be. You shook off the irrational thoughts, but some doubt still remained.

It was not until paramedics placed your girlfriend’s body onto a cot that your thoughts were dispersed. Almost unconsciously, you rushed out of the car, and ran up to Y/n’s body. The immense amount of blood triggered you, and that was when you started to get vocal.

“Y/N! WAKE UP! NO, YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME LIKE THIS!” you continued to shout, trying to get through to her mangled self.

“Sir, we’re going to have to ask you to-”

“SHE’S MY FUCKING GIRLFRIEND!” you cut off an officer, not caring about any profanities in this crisis. You gripped her hand tightly, trying to search for any life that could be left in her. You were sure someone was probably catching this all on camera, but you could care less as of now. An endless amount of tears streamed down your cheeks as you realized the reality of how you could be losing your whole life as of now.

The whole world seemed to be in silence, as she stirred ever so slightly, her hand giving a slight twitch in your own.

“Why did you kiss her?” y/n croaks out, choosing that question out of the many she had earlier. Her hand goes limp again, and so did yours. This time, you didn’t have any energy left in you as the police officers push you away from her body. You stood there in silence, completely ignoring the environment around you, as it seemed your world had already left you.

Hello everyone! Glad to be back from hiatus, and this is the first piece I am presenting y’all. I am personally pretty happy with it, although it’s angsty as hell. Part two anyone? - Kiwi

We belong together [Wolf AU]

Don’t ever let me go. 
Hold me close.
Don’t leave my side.
I need you.

We belong together. 

It was hard enough seeing her everyday without being able to talk to her, because ‘I shouldn’t get involved with humans’, but it became worse the day I learned she was my soulmate. A wolf in love with a human. It’s not like we couldn’t get along, but it was hard. How are you supposed to introduce yourself? “Hey I’m Luhan, a werewolf and we are soulmates. We belong together and you need to marry me” Of course not. She would run away and never get close to me again. 

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when you say “i love you” first (OT12)


*blushes and starts giggling like crazy*



“I LOVE YOU TOO!!!” *smothers in kisses*


*shy jongini*


*wiggles eyebrows* 



“i love you more than you’ll ever know Y/N”




*clearly heard what you said but decides to troll you*

“i love you chen”


“i love you”

“what’d you say?”

“i love you!”

“can’t hear you say it louder”


“hehehe i love you too from the moon and back <3″


"everyone does”


“das my style”




Exo reaction to you cooking in your undergarments


“You know if you want me, you could just ask”


*that sexy smirk (ffs)*
“look who we have here”


*excited af*
“i’m gonna get some toooonighttt”


*starts blushing like there’s no tomorrow”


*precious child covers his eyes*
“(y/n)… why aren’t you wearing cloths… go get changed”


*acts like it’s a normal thing*
“hey (y/n)… I’m home”


“well well well… looks who’s being a naughty girl?”


“(y/n).. why aren’t you wearing cloths..?”


*foever will be a mother*


*having a mental break down*
“omg omg omg… she’s almost naked… what am I supposed to do… Should I mention it.. but she might tease me?!?!”


*actually finds it cute*


“so you wanna Netflix and chill?”

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EXO Reaction To Their Seemingly Dominant Girlfriend Being Submissive In Bed

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Hii, Could I get an EXO reaction to their extremely tomboyish/outgoing (seems more dominant than submissive) girlfriend being extremely submissive in bed? Requests are open right? :P Btw i’ve just been scrolling through your entire blog and ah I think it’s my favorite rn. ^_^

Xiumin: I had no idea she was like that, no idea at all ;) *and by that he means, he knew she could’ve leaned that way and he may have had some hand in her realizing how much she liked being submissive*

Luhan: Am I supposed to be surprised? I’m the man in this relationship I couldn’t resist but he’d definitely love that about her so he can show the dominant side of him that’s hidden under his pretty face. 

Kris: *he’d be more surprised by the development than the previous two, but he’d definitely love (maybe too much) getting to explore that side of her with her* Oh well, just make sure to do what I ask, and I’ll give you something in return.

Suho: *he’d probably really like it since I get the feeling that, while he’s compromising in most situations, he’s not really all that compromising in the bedroom.* Baby, I’m going to be home early, wait for me in the bedroom.

Lay: *Personally, I think Yixing is more submissive himself, so he and his girlfriend would probably take turns being the dominant and submissive ones.* So Baobei, who’s going to dominate tonight?

Baekhyun: *He’s probably really into experimenting in the bedroom, so he’d really take to exploring his girlfriend’s submissive side until he discovered everything she liked in the bedroom.* So love, what shall we try tonight?

Chen: *He’s gonna get her wrapped around his finger - it’s only fair, he’s already wrapped around hers. He’d get to the point where she’d cravehim* Ok baby, I’ll be home soon. Get yourself ready for tonight.

Chanyeol: *he’d be really satisfied with their sex life, and very much like Chen, but he’d probably be even more of a tease in the bedroom than Chen. Also not afraid to suggest they try almost anything.* Should I bring a tie when I come over later?

DO: *If DO as a secret dominant side, his girlfriend would be just about the only person to know about it. He’d be more subtle when dominating than the others would be.* Shall we try something new tonight then?

Tao: *Ultimately I don’t imagine that he’d before to be submissive but he’d still be very good at being the dominant one, especially if his girlfriend really enjoyed it. He’d really like knowing that he was one of the few who knew about her secret dominant side.* Don’t try that with me, I know you’re really submissive.

Kai: *He would really like knowing that his girlfriend’s submissive nature was something only he knew about like Tao but I think he’d be more awkward with being dominant.* You like it when I do…what?

Sehun: *Sehun would definitely be willing to be dominant if his girlfriend was more submissive. He’s used to being able to get what he wants so he’d be good at it.* Just wait until I come home tonight. I know just what I want to do to you.*

but why is nobody talking about the fact that sm still includes the previous members in the mvs??

in a 2015 comeback teaser there was this maze where 10 marbles were out of the maze and 2 marbles were stuck in the maze. the 2 marbles could represent Kris and Luhan, the 2 members who are seperated from the other 10. also, in the teaser you could see a rubik’s cube and pencils. Luhan’s known for being able to solve a rubik’s cube within seconds, and Kris enjoys drawing.

in pathcode the 2 kids in Sehun’s teaser were supposed to be Kris and Luhan, we saw the toys floating in the air (Luhan’s telekinesis) and the airplane Sehun touched (Kris’s flight).

in lucky one, nearing the end, there’s a maze that shows 3 stripes in the middle of the maze and 9 stripes that are moving around in the maze, indicating that the 3 stripes in the middle won’t ever escape/are not trying to escape.

in monster we see a watch floating/flying in the air, which, again, shows 3 powers: time control, telekinesis and flight.

Exo’s reaction to discovering you singing really well alone

How would exo react, when they’re find their girlfriend singing softly(while cooking or doing other things) because she thinks, she is alone. And she can sing really good :)

Sehun: holy shit she’s amazing

Kai: Don’t mind me, I’ll just sit here and listen

Tao: *just sits there and listens till you notice*

Kyungsoo: No way, that wasn’t her, was it?! When did she become so good?

Chanyeol: ohhhh

Chen: *speechless*

Baekhyun: Babe! You didn’t tell me you could do that? I think we should have a duet now :)

Lay: Is that who I think it is?.. No, she never sings like that..*reevaluates whole life* 

Suho: She’s so perfect!

Kris: What is this?! You’re not supposed to be that good!


Xiumin: well baby, I guess you have a lot to tell me about what you’re amazing at too…