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Part 1 out of god knows how many. (Reads LEFT TO RIGHT! I made sure this time lol.) PART 2 NOW AVAILABLE

This is another story idea I wanted to turn into an animated movie but LMAO that’s not going to happen any time soon and since I can’t write fanfic worth shit, please enjoy this in comic form! :D (Don’t worry, this one will be a bit more lighthearted than my last one.)

So flowers, his FBI suit, and a random teen couple–why do these thing catch Dean’s attention exactly?? :0 Well, I’m pretty sure everybody knows but since Cas is a doof, it’ll take him slightly longer to figure it out.

Make-up artist Pt. 3

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You had just received a video of Peter freaking out over the new suit Tony Stark had sent him. It had been about a month since he had first told you and you two couldn’t be closer.

Y/N: That’s so freaking awesome! I told you you needed a makeover, clearly me and Stark are on the same brainwave ;)

Peter: Oh, so you’re a genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist (his words, not mine)? yeah, nobody is on the same level as him :0

Y/n: well, I am one of those things.

Peter: well if you’re a billionaire, that’s cruel not sharing your fortune with me :(

Y/N: fuck you, you know I’m broke.

Y/N: and I’m a genius, idiot.

Peter: yup you’re a genius idiot alright ^_^

Y/N: oh hush up bug boy *intensely rolls eyes*

Peter: *Rolls them back to you*

Y/N: nerd.

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Sage tattoo appreciation post!

you got green on your mind - Rated: T

Ginny Baker wears a dress with a thigh high slit on the red carpet. Mike Lawson forgets how to exist.

Inspired by this entire Tumblr conversation. But mostly inspired by the way Kylie Bunbury looked in this dress at the Critics’ Choice Awards:

Your move, @mikeginsanity. (Oh, and @baker151910, I know you wanted a tag when it was finished…)

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Mike wasn’t sure exactly what he’d done to deserve this.

He thought he’d lived a good life. Sure, he’d messed around with a few too many groupies, maybe over imbibed on cheap beer once or twice, driven too fast on the highway…but all in all, Mike was a good person. He gave to charity, helped his fellow man…

So what the fuck had he done to deserve this?

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