it suites her so much she looks gorgeous


Okay, so this is the new (and improved!) Angela San Antonio!


I think she looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the EA/Maxis Match style hairs so I gave her a base game one, I fixed her makeup to be more natural as well. I also gave her new eyebrows, I was tired of the old ones and I think these suit her face shape better.


Angela is getting older (she ages into an adult in one day!) so I gave her a casual look and casual makeup. I think she looks much better than before :)

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I haven't caught up with The Musketeers (I'll miss Richelieu) but what the hell is going on with the ladies and the hair?

oh good GOD I know I hate it so much. I’m just about making my peace with Anne’s new blondeness - even though I thought she looked gorgeous with her darker hair last season and less like she spends all her time tanning at the beach. I still don’t understand why they dyed it unless it was Alexandra Dowling’s decision… maybe they’re trying to emphasise she’s Spanish by making her look more tan? Idk it’s fine compared to Constance. Constance’s hair in every episode is unforgivable; those extensions make my eyes bleed and the fringe isn’t much better. She looked so pretty last season with the simple swept back styles they had her in and now they’ve decided to stick this overwrought mess on her head :( 

Even Milady’s hair is wavering between acceptable and horrible - I’m not sure what that crimped mess at the start of this week’s episode was all about but it looked better tied back later on. It all looks so overdone and it distracts me from the action tbh.

That’s one thing you can say in Marguerite’s favour - her hair is always pretty and simple and natural-looking.

My winning Academy Awards looks

Tonight has been an incredible night for fashion! The Oscars ended the amazing award show season and all red carpet looks didn’t disappoint.

We could see a lot of colour today on the red carpet, such as Anna Kendrick and Behati Prisloo, interesting cuts or classics such as blacks and reds.

The following were the outfits that I loved the most, either because the dresses were simply stunning or worn so perfectly by their owners.

Anna Kendrick

I love her so much and she really impressed me with this dress this year. Anna usually opts for black or white dresses, but that colour looks incredible on her and I am glad she took the risk. 

America Ferrera

One of my favourite actresses since I discovered her back in middle school! The colour of the dress compliments her skin tone and hair colour so well!

Josh Hutcherson

You might not be very impressed by men in suits, but I needed to include this gorgeous man on my list. 

Sienna Miller

I know a lot of people have been commenting that this is not an Oscar dress and that it is too simple, but I think it’s suits her so well. Definitely not something that I would choose, but she is wearing it with elegance and confidence and that is why this dress is one of my favourites this year.

Chrissy Teigen

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Chrissy Teigen in an outfit that is less that wow! Plus, it is made by Zuhair Murad, one of my favourite designers, so the choice was a no brainer.

Rosamund Pike

A lot of red dresses this year, but this is definitely the best in my opinion. From the details, to that cut, everything is perfect!

Photos: Jason Meritt/Getty Images and Kevin Mazur/WireImage

My opinion on the Best Dressed at the Oscars:

I really loved Anna Kendrick’s dress and hair. I mean, that shade of pink looked SO gorgeous on her! Ugh, some people are just naturally pretty. And Anna Kendrick looked so cute. >w<

And Felicity Jones! The grey color suited her so much, and her hair was super cute, too. She looked adorable.

…yeah, that’s it for me. xD


Such a JOY seeing my gorgeous client @KamillaAlnes1 yesterday for her #BALAYAGE session. I absolutely ADORE Kamilla and we have SO MUCH #FUN every time she comes in to see me. I use #Solaris Balayage Lightener with 40volume (for a 30volume effect) with @OLAPLEX N°1. I then paint bright #BabyBlonde pieces around her face and pay close attention to creating soft depth. Kamilla loves a very natural look so placement is #everything in creating the proper dimension.
I finished w/ #Olaplex N°2 & gave Kamilla OLAPLEX N°3 to take home.
#Repost @dailylook
Dress to suit your personal style. For our Femme Nouveau girl, a red fit & flare is the quintessential dress for romance. #DAILYLOOK #onthedaily #WhatsYourDAILYLOOK
Me encanta ver a mi clienta la guapísima #Actriz #Modelo #KamillaAlnes. Nos lo pasamos bomba cada vez que viene a verme para nuestra sesión de Balayage (#mechascalifornianas). Yo uso decolorante Solaris con peróxido 40 para un efecto “30”) con Olaplex N°1. Pinto hilitos de #rubio “bebe” alrededor de la cara. Kamilla quiere un resultado muy natural y #boho. La ubicación de cada hilo de Balayage es fundamental para crear la profundidad precisa.
Acabo la sesión con Olaplex N°2 y Kamilla llevó Olaplex N°3 a casa. (at Salon Benjamin)


San Diego Wedding ~ Nicolle + Mike ~ Twin Oaks Garden Estates ~

A little more from this charming wedding. First, look at that amazing mirror in the bridal suite! …and, the bar outside…it’s like a scene out of an old movie.

Oh, and the bride is a real life Cinderella…check out her prince, making sure she doesn’t lose her shoe :)  

There is even a tree swing. How adorable is it seeing a bride push her groom, on that swing?! They were having so much fun! 

This post ends with the beginning of the wedding ceremony. The flower girl and ring bearer really set the scene, here! Stay tuned for more, from this gorgeous ceremony…

Vendor Credits:

Location, Cake, & Caterer ~ Twin Oaks Garden Estates

DJ ~ Musically Yours (aka MY DJs), DJ Earl Henry

Flowers ~ Wholesale Flowers in Linda Vista

Hair and makeup ~ Brides Amore

Officiant ~ Elizabeth Bukey of First Unitarian Universalists of San Diego

Shuttles ~ Wess Transportation

Dress, Shoes, Accessories ~ Alfred Angelo

Tuxes ~ Friar Tux Shop