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In the Master tag everyone’s going on about how Benedict Cumberbatch should play the Master if he comes back next season



You know what I would really like to see? A female Master. A well-written female Master played by an older actress, perhaps a Spanish actress as a callback to Delgado. Or a woman of colour.

But I’ll settle for an in-character Master played by someone who feels right for the role. I just want the Master to be done properly in NuWho, should he ever return.

I do not want John Simm.

I do not want Benedict Cumberbatch.

I do not want pretty much any of the suggestions I’ve seen thus far.

Sick - Sherlock x reader

Something, short and sweet to hold you guys out until later, WOLF chapter three will be posted sometime in the afternoon. Thanks guys for being awesome. Stay sweet.


“Y/n.” Even from the kitchen Y/n could here Sherlock’s grumble of her name from their shared bedroom. She stays still, staring at the open cabinet in front of her, “Yy/nnnn.” Sighing she walks to the bedroom, bottle of medicine in one hand, spoon in the other. “Yes Sherlock?”
If she can even call him that, what she’s staring at is a bundle of sheets that is supposedly her husband. The sheets move about and Sherlock’s head pops out, definitely not where I left him, she thinks. “I’m cold.” After two days of blatant denial, Sherlock had finally accepted the fact that he had caught a cold, there was a case that somehow required him to jump into a pond. And, here we are, “Well of course you’d feel cold, you’re running a fever.” Y/n says, walking over to place her hand against his forehead, and the fever seemed to have increased in the past hour. The detective groans and sits up, leaning against the headboard, “Well don’t worry, we’re gonna break that fever,” Y/n says, setting down the spoon so she could crack open the medicine bottle. As she pours the sweet pink liquid onto the spoon, Sherlock tightly closes his mouth and turns his head away, “No, don’t do that. Open.”
He shakes his head, keeping his mouth and the spoon at a considerable distance. Y/n sighs, here we go again, “Come on Sherlock, it’s not that bad.” she says, trying to encourage him to open his mouth, but to no avail. He had dome this before, the two times he had to take it, he was being an insufferable child. “Sherlock, would you just–” Y/n stops letting out an exasperated groan, staring at the ceiling before looking back at her baby for a husband. “Do you want to get out of this flat and go solve a case or not?”
Sherlock turns to her, and she raises her eyebrows, and he reluctantly opens his mouth, causing the girl to smile. She puts the spoon in his mouth, allowing the medicine to slide off it, and Sherlock pulls a face while swallowing. “There, see. Not that bad.” She smiles and he glares at her, “It’s strawberry.” he complains, “Yes, like you’ve complained the two times I had you take it. But it’s either that or you swallow pills, and we both know how that went last time.”
Sherlock groans, covering his head with his sheet, moving away from her, “Sherlock, come on, we have to break that fever.”
“Why can’t I just stay in bed?”
“Because you won’t get better, come on.” Y/n takes hold of the sheet that he had expertly wrap around his legs, tugging until he was free of it, leaving Sherlock sprawled out on the mattress, pouting at the ceiling. “Do I have to shower in cold water?”
“Yes.” Y/n laughs, taking his hand and gently pulling him up, immediately sensing the man’s reluctance to move. “I’ll go in with you if that makes you feel better.” Sherlock stands, smiling at her suggestion, and she laughs at him, “Of course you’d get up for that,”

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Benedict Cumberbatch, Variety’s Actor on Actor Photoshoot. Black Conté Pastel on Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel ( I used the white one, obv.)

As a reference, I used this edit by twoharts. It’s different from what I normally do. A bit of overexposition, with a medium and support that shows a lot of texture and there you are: out of your comfort zone! I loved every minute of it, though. I just wish it was easier to photograph or scan, as it looks so good in “person”, but somewhat fake in pictures. Oh well! 

as always, thank you so much for looking, and please feel free to visit my art tag! 

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onesherlockedwhovian-blog  asked:

Hi! Could you tell me what time Sherlock airs in London? And where I could find a live stream? I live in new York :/

Hello! Sherlock airs today at 9pm London time. For you, lovely New Yorker, that’s less 5 hours, so 4pm EST.

Livestreams: there are loads of links, but I’m going to suggest this site, go to ‘United Kingdom’ and you’ll have several choices of livestreams for BBC One. Just choose the one that works best for you. For exemple:

Enjoy the episode!