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A Guide To: Graveyard Snow

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I had a thought the other day speculating the concept of graveyard snow, and after thinking about it for a few days, I’ve finally come up with a proper post on it !

What is graveyard snow?

Graveyard snow is, well, snow that’s gathered from a graveyard.

What makes graveyard snow different from graveyard dirt?

While graveyard dirt holds the essence of the dead, graveyard snow also holds the properties of snow water.

Graveyard dirt is used for cursing, luck, and protection. Snow is used for transformative magic, cleansing, purification, and protection.

So essentially, graveyard snow is a mix of that.

So what’s more powerful?

Here’s is a list from least to greatest gaging the power of graveyard dirt and graveyard snow.

- Graveyard snow (gathered from the ground or from nearby stones/trees).

- Graveyard dirt (not gathered from a gravesite).

- Graveyard snow (gathered from a headstone or gravesite); is just a bit more powerful than regular graveyard dirt.

- Graveyard dirt (gathered from a gravesite).

The reason that dirt is generally more powerful than snow is because dirt has been sitting there longer. It has gathered up more of the energy and essence of the dead than graveyard snow.

Think of it like this, if you pour water into snow, it melts away and doesn’t hold that well, but if you pour water into dirt it holds the water a lot better. The same can be applied with energy!

How to gather graveyard snow:

Graveyard snow can be gathered from the ground, or from nearby trees and rocks. Snow that has been sitting longer will hold more power, so try to gather older snow if possible.

If gathering graveyard snow from headstones or gravesites, you should provide an offering to the spirit like flowers, coins, etc. Please be considerate and respectful to the spirits there!

Theres tons of these floating around the witchy side of tumblr, but I felt I could add some things to the table. Here is my personal master list of witch types!

Ceremonial Witch: Usually the old style of witchcraft is long gone, but these witches live by it. They wear robes, and keep altars and lengthy rituals close to heart.

Draconic Witch: A witch who is often associated with dragons, and is a very fearsome person to come across. This type of witch is almost going extinct, and much of the teaching are passed down personally between teacher and pupil.

Divination Witch: Yes, divination is more of something you can do, but to me, its a type of witch. This witch uses tools and other materials to communicate with spirits, deitys, or their own intuition to get answers or stories they may or may not have known.

Desert Witch: For the witches who live in the desert, they often find ways to make the little materials around them work. Sand, bones, and the herbs that grow around are often the things they use in their magick.

Eclectic Witch: Someone who is not set in there path, but has found many types of witchcraft that suit their craft. Often are associated with many titles, ranging from Storm to Green. Many witches are this.

Energy Witch: These witches use magic visually and internally. They cast circles, and make magic happen using the energy the gain and harvest.

Faery/Nymph Witch: Often an eclectic witch who looks to speak and work with the Fae and other nature spirits (such as Nymphs). This practice is often different for every witch.

Green/Kitchen Witch: Most people consider these two seperate crafts, but usually where one is, the other one is close behind. Witches who are Green enjoy nature, herbs, and anything to do with plants. Kitchen witches (and many, many, MANY, green witches) find uses for plants and incorporate them into food and potions.

Hedge Witch: Sort of a time traveler, but in realm form. These witches live between the astral world, real world, and spirit world.

Heriditary Witch: You were born into a witch family. These witches are often the owners of many hidden gifts, and always have a magical touch. Many also have traditions many other witches do not have.

Moon Witch: Most witches do work with the moon yes, but this type of witch specifically works with it in ways others dont. They revolve certain spells around it, sometimes their days, and often talk to it when they have free time in the night.

Pop Culture Witch: This doesnt just include pop music, but these witches intertwine with magick with music and other forms of entertainment (movies, books, etc.).

Spirit Workers: Witches of this sort tend to be able to speak to the dead, or if not, are definitly not afraid to. Magic to them is revolved around spirits and people of another realm.

Storm Witch: Anyone with a love of storms (and is a witch) has probably done some storm magick. This is someone fearless enough to call lighting, and move the winds.

Sea Witch: The smell of the ocean is this witches best friend. They use the oceans divine sand, seashells, and water to create the magick they so desire. Most also work with mermaids.

Swamp Witch: Often live near rivers, lakes, and of course, swamps. They love the bugs and insects, and devote most of their time walking in the mud, or collecting it for healing.

Sun Witch: Gets most of their energy from the sun other than the moon. Their magic is full of energy, and candles are these witches best friends.

Techno Witch: These witches manage to put magic into text messages, and lace their posts with protection. A curse is just a phonecall away.

Vampric Witch: A vampire, or one who works closely with one, is usually the only one who considers this magick. They use other peoples energy and relay it into their own spells.

Wiccan Witch: This is a witch who has took Wicca as their religion. They use rituals and the power of their gods and goddesses to complete their magick.

Crystal/Rock Witch: Witches of this type use natural occurring rocks and crystals in their craft, absorbing the energy and attributes each one has.

Blood Witch: Blood witches are witches that use blood in their magic, and it’s super powerful. Often takes a lot of practice, and if done wrong, the consequences are unimaginable.

Shadow Witch: A witch who often works with his/her/their own shadow, or in the shadows just as a general statement.

Chaos Witch: This witch is talented in chaos magick, and is often very talented in other types of destructive magick.

Sex Witch: Uses sexual activites in there magick, and uses them to conjure and control energy.

Fabric Witch: A witch that uses fabric and sewing materials to create magick. Can include poppets/voodoo dolls, stichery, or clothing.

Space Witches:Witches that use astrology and anything spacey in their practice.

Music Witches:Music flows through them, provides them energy, and lyrics are often their spells.

Thats it for now! Ill add more as I become familiar to them. If you have any suggestions, please message me.


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anonymous asked:

Excuse me, since when is belief in spirits a requirement for a permission (who's? Your?) to call oneself a witch? I don't know what to even say to this except witchcraft is a practice, not a belief system. I thought it's an obvious fact. And in case you haven't noticed weather magic is a massive subject among 'modern' witches. The main weather witching blogs on tumblr are run by 'modern' witches.

Okay, I want to unpack this one by one in order to address everything properly and give it the attention it deserves, anon. Please bear with me. 

1. Here is where a big difference comes in between traditional and modern witchcraft. It’s an obvious fact in modern witchcraft, and modern witchcraft only.

2. Traditional witchcraft is both a practise and a belief system. In traditional witchcraft, as it is a spirit or spirits who light’s a witch’s fire and initiates The Death, so yes a belief in spirits is absolutely a requirement for a traditional witch. It is from the spirits that a witch gets her power. 

3. The idea of witchcraft being any magic is quite modern – historically and anthropologically, ‘witch,’ meant a very specific thing. Others might practise magic but they would call themselves any number of titles: spaewives, fairy doctors, white women, wisemen and wise women, pellars, wizards, magicians, etc. To call any of these a witch would be incredibly insulting, because of the differences between magical practitioners. 

4. Now, modern witchcraft has every right to exist, and modern witches can choose any title they like. I am not trying to police their ability to self-identify. I am merely speaking on how it was strange for me, someone who hadn’t heard anything about modern witchcraft before I was in middle school, to here things like the Wiccan Rede, or witches talking about the “Threefold Law” or how curses, hexes, jinxes and abjurations were wrong, because, again, historically, the witch was reviled among all magical practitioners because of malefic and baneful magic. 

5. I have seen multiple modern witches on tumblr state that witches cannot create storms. It’s been such a bone of contention that PSAs like this exist, on the very first page rated by popularity of the popular “storm witch” tag. I never said that it was universally panned by modern witches, and yes, there are many modern witches that practice weather witching – but there are quite a few who insist that it doesn’t exist. 

I hope this has been helpful.

Connecting to the element of spirit

There plenty of post on the other elements but I noticed there’s little to none for spirit so here’s some information on the 5th element.

The spirit element is the most transcendent of the elements: It in encompasses, animates, interweaves, and invisibly underlies all things including the other elements. It includes things like storms, deities, outer space, and energy. You may have expected ghosts or human spirits but the element of spirit is much more. It’s inside of us all things.

Additionally, it includes what lies outside our atmosphere: space, planets, stars, galaxies, and the unknown.


lightning bolts, spirals, circles, planets, spider webs, stars and sacred geometry

Altar items:

Symbols of deities you believe in, symbols of birds, symbols of our galaxy or solar system, spiral symbolism, sacred geometry symbolsim

Ways to connect:

🌟gaze at the sky, contemplate it’s size and what is beyond it

🌟examine and contemplate the placement of the planet’s and constellations

🌟use an app like Skyveiw

🌟study astrology and current aspects

🌟look at satalite photos of other planets and celestial objects

🌟be conscious of the weather and weather patterns

🌟stay quiet for at least 5 minutes, connect with the silence and open space

🌟meditating or gazing at sacred geometry patterns

🌟make/color mandalas

🌟go star gazing

Source- Holistic Energy Magic by Tess Whitehurst


X men Fancast
Nick Robinson as Cyclops
Elle Fanning as Jean Grey
Ryan Destiny as Storm