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Who Shattered Pink Diamond? My updated theories based on the events and revelations of “Wanted.”

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i wish so much that Jasper and Bismuth had been “redeemed” because they had so much potential as positive trauma representation.

Bismuth and Jasper are both beautiful, unique designs. They’re old soldiers. Jasper is a prime example of a young, drafted soldier with PTSD (“I’ve been fighting since the day i broke free of the earth’s crust,” -Jasper, Earthlings) and they could’ve shown her coping with her trauma from the horrible things she wen through, and realizing that Pink Diamond didnt treat her like a person / was a bad person.

Bismuth could’ve been Steven’s unbiased view on Rose. She could’ve shown him that yes, war is a terrible thing. Rose’s intentions were blurred and selfish. She may have saved the earth, but she hurt so many in the process.

Even if they still got bubbled, why don’t Pearl and Garnet show any signs of trauma? They’re both soldiers. Pearl is a former slave. Garnet was almost killed at her own “birth”. The only example of any anxieties is in Jailbreak, and that’s Ruby and Sapphire! Not Garnet!

They showed some good with Pearl coping against her “programming”, but i would’ve been really interested to see her… Act subservient? and then Garnet reminds her that she’s more than a slave? They comfort each other!

Theres so much potential with traumatized characters and its just wasted on this show. Even Steven has been through trauma with no after effects. Its unrealistic and upsetting.

Seriously if we just got rid of Bismuth and her episode this show wouldnt have gotten the heavy backlash that it did.

Like yeah Gem Harvest and The Zoo are still awful, but Bismuth really showed how fucked up and inconsistent the shows morals are. As well as making their characters as fucking unlikable as possible.

Rose was a hypocrite who unfairly punished Bismuth, but Bismuth is still trapped in that bubble. It’s wrong that Bismuth wanted to kill the diamonds, but Rose was in the right when she did it. Killing Pink Diamond ended the war and saved earth, but now Earth’s destruction is entirely on Rose. Steven agrees that killing PD was right but then angrily talks about her like she enjoys killing gems for fun.


Lois Lane: More worthy and more woman than anyone else

Is a woman unworthy of being a woman if she serves her guests, makes dinner for her family, takes out the trash, and is simply taking a break and not working 24/7? Does this mean that stay at home mums, and housewives are unworthy of being called a woman? Does this mean in this modern world only a business woman, or working woman, or a woman fighting and kicking ass is a real woman? Does this mean everyone who is raised by a mother was not raised by a real woman? Does this devalue a woman? Let me call bullshit right here and now on this nonsense.

Being a housewife is a Nobel duty and job. Being a working woman is a Nobel duty and job. No one job is better than the other, and all the respect in the world to women who do what is required by their families, be it working or staying at home, or both.

I’ve seen things said, about Lois, that she wouldn’t serve Batman. She wouldn’t take out the trash. She wouldn’t just be around the house.

Why wouldn’t Lois Lane help out around her house with chores, when her husband, Clark, is clearly busy tending to his farm work, and her son, Jon, is allowed some play time with a friend?

Is Lois Lane above such normal tasks around the house? Is she a Princess or a Queen to be waited on hand and foot by her son and husband? No. Lois Lane is not above such tasks, because we all do it. And Lois is the epitome of humanity, that’s what Clark loves about her.

Are you saying that because Lois Lane is serving coffee to a guest in her house, this makes her what? Less of a woman? There are literally hundreds of panels of Martha Kent serving food to Jonathan and Clark. Does this make Martha Kent less of a woman? Maybe it’s something in my culture and religion, but it’s not considered beneath a person to serve a guest in ones house.

You know it’s funny: if Lois was sitting down here and Clark serving the coffee, people would call Lois a ball busting bitch or Feminazi. Now because she’s serving coffee in her own home to a guest, she’s seen as a 1950s housewife. Lois is not either, or. No woman is either, or. Women are complex creatures that have many personalities.
My mother for example. She and my dad ran a business together, a local diner. My dad then joined the local council and my mum was left completely in charge of the diner. She did this with ease, and also took care of my sister and I, while running a home. And then she came home and made everyone dinner. And guess what, served or dished supper for everyone. Today she is a CEO of her own company, and still makes dinner and serves everyone. It’s not to say that we don’t serve ourselves, but she is the woman in charge and she can and has done it all. Wife. Mother. Businesswoman. Protector. Provider. Women can be defined by more than one label.
But also, lets look at my grandmother. She was a woman who was a housewife for many many years. But she was also a seamstress. So she hand a home-industry. But she also helped my grandfather run their clothing business. And you know what… She made supper for him, every single day of their 50 year marriage, and she served him. Does this take away from my mother and granny that they served their husbands supper? Does this make them less of a women? No. They are more woman than anyone I know. Again, serving someone in my household and religion is not seen as demeaning. What I see in these comic panels is a fully capable woman.

But getting back to the book at hand… You all completely miss the point. In the previous panels, Lois knows her husband and son are out of bed, in the dark barn. She not only reprimands her son for not listening and being in bed, but shines a light on Batman… Literally and figuratively. No one can keep up with the big bad Batman, because he’s Bat-God… But here we have Lois Lane not just keeping abreast of the situation, but one upping Batman. Lois then brings Batman into the light of a family kitchen. Lois says a very important line that shows her love as a mother: “We can talk indoors, like normal people”. Like normal people. Lois is trying to keep her sons life and her husbands life as normal as possible. By doing things like chores, or offering Batman a meal and a warm place. No one person is above the other, Lois serving Batman coffee and pie doesn’t demean her, in fact the very opposite, it makes her more human. Humanitarianism … That is what Lois and Clark stand for, and what they are teaching their son. No one person is better or greater than the other, we are all equal. And besides that, BATMAN IS A GUEST! YOU SERVE YOUR GUESTS IN YOUR HOUSE!

In this panel, in this equal relationship between Lois and Clark, Lois is in charge of this situation which is why Clark, being the gentleman he is, gives her the spotlight here. This is like the kids being scolded. The kid being Batman, and Clark is sitting down and admiring his wife’s tenacity. In this picture I don’t see any mere housewife, I see Lois Lane in charge of two of the biggest deals in DC Comics: Superman and Batman. Lois has given them an instruction, and Clark, Batman, Jon, and Damian (the RUDEST being in the DC Universe) all listen and pay attention to Lois Lane. It’s why Batman is helping the Kent Family, because he admires them. All I see in this panel is the utmost respect for this powerful force of nature woman.

As for Lois taking on the name Kent… It’s a small town, that’s how people roll in small towns. She’s still Lois Lane. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” It doesn’t matter what you call person. Peoples actions define them. And as far as I’m concerned, whenever Lois Lane shows up in any comic that I’ve read in the Rebirth era, she is Lois Lane!

Then there’s the issue of why is Batman investigating and not Lois? Well, Farmer Cobb did save Jon twice, and Lois and Clark as well. I don’t know about you but if someone helps me, I’m not going to be suspicious of them. Maybe it’s the old fashioned way, but I trust people. I’m not like Batman who has never had any friends. Clark and Lois would both not take it as suspicious that a friendly farmer is helping them, because Clark grew up on a farm, and Lois learnt the way of life of a farming community. Anyway, with Batman taken out of commission, I’m guessing Lois is going to step up again, as she has in Action and Superman, to help save the day. Peter Tomasi has promised this on his Twitter.

Lois Lane is a woman that can put away corrupt police officers and politicians, figure out Mr Mxyzptlk is posing as Clark Kent, make dinner for her family, teach her son, and serve guests. That’s not saying that Clark doesn’t do all this (shown just two books back, he made an anniversary dinner for his family, and served them), it’s just saying that in this particular scene, Lois is in charge and Clark knows it.

This was a great family story, about a great family, not bordered by boundaries as Clark is shown in previous books to have cooked and served food, there is no designated duty to one person. They all pitch in and help in the house, as a family.

The ending matter is that people should learn to enjoy more from life. If you sit around and complain about every little thing, and you can’t see the happiness and joy in moments, well, you’re missing out on life. Let the story play out. Don’t judge everything at face value, sometimes there’s more than just the surface, these stories have depth that go into the legacy of these characters. Respect the author and let the story play out first. But most importantly, if you are a true Superman fan, live in hope, not fear.

Steven Universe season 5 wishlist

Just watch the season 4 finale of Steven Universe, I won’t do art until the official date of the show.

My list what I want to see in Season 5

- Steven find that Lars is still on the ship

- Steven tell the HW gems that he corrupted Jasper and he’ll try to healing her by going back to earth to save her

-Jasper learn that Steven Isn’t Rose Quartz and knowing what happened to her

- Lapis learning about her mistakes and apologize to Jasper

- Peridot feeling bad what she done, and regrets that she really shouldn’t give the report to Aquamarine

- Jasper tell Steven about Pink Diamond

- Pearl and Amethyst’s flashback and past episodes

- Steven fusing with Pearl and Garnet

- More of Greg and Rose’s past

- Jasper being one of Steven’s family and will protect Steven for the rest of her life

- More new gems

- What the heck is inside on that Chest and WHERE’S THE KEY

- Lion’s Origins

- and Season 6 and 7 to be announced

Hope you like it

suzumicchi  asked:

Kuckuck! I hope your headaches are a bit better by now! Since I wasn't really able to provide anything Alistair/Mahariel for you last week, would you be up for writing some today?

(Second ask from her) “ Alistair nursing Mahariel back to health on a day she’s unwell“


Thanks for prompting me! <3 Alistair/Mahariel is the ship that I will go down with I think… Love it! @dadrunkwriting prompt!

So, here have some Alistair, taking care of Mahariel. This is a headcanon from me: Dalish elves eat mostly vegetarian, since they view animals as their friends and only hunt them if necessary.

Rating: E

Pairing: Alistair/Mahariel

Main Tag: Food poisoning, Alistair being a dork, and caring, King Alistair (later), did I mention that I love these two?!

“I am sorry…” Alistair mumbled forlorn, while awkwardly patting her back. His fellow grey warden was shivering, glancing only for a second at him before squeezing her eyes shut again. She tensed - and curled tighter into a ball. He tensed along with her, while subtly pushing the bowl with broth further away. Damn. She wasn’t accustomed to hearty meals, had told him so herself at their second night at Ostagar. Before… everything went to shit. But of course, he had forgotten. A typical Alistair-move.

His vision clouded, with sadness about his personal loss - and then the knowledge that he masterfully was decimating the rows of grey wardens even further. Lyna was shivering, her lithe body wracked with cramps as she fought against the torment he bestowed upon her. So much for giving her a moment of peace, by volunteering to cook. He should have known better than to dump the whole meat of three rabbits into the pot. His hand slid awkwardly up and down her back, as he crouched down behind her. Maker, even with the short distance between them still, he could hear the sounds of protest that her stomach made. Growling and gurgling, intensifying the guilt he felt.

Then he had the saving idea. Hurriedly he rose to his feet, ignoring the pained whimper she made as she curled further into herself. The witch - Morrigan - kept her distance, yellowish eyes watching the exchange with dark glee. Of course, she wouldn’t help them. Stupid bitch! Worry mixed with furry as Alistair showed her the finger, then scooped up a smaller pot to fill it with water. Placed on the grid secure over their campfire, he then returned to his fellow warden, noting the paleness of her cheeks. It contrasted greatly with the black lines of her vasallin, which made his fingers itch. She wasn’t, what he would have imagined a beautiful woman to look like in the past. Granted, his fantasies always involved a human woman, when he indulged himself. But Lyna? She was… something in her appearance drew him in, made him feel like… being at home. With his kin.

He shook his head at the foolish thought and heaved the pot with steaming water from the grit, to fill the water into a buckskin bottle. It was something that the cook back in Redcliffe castle had made, every time when young Alistair ate too much cheese. And so he prayed that it would help Lyna too.
Carefully corking the bottle and ensuring that it was secure, he returned to the young elf. She had turned on her back while he was busy, both hands pressed hard onto her stomach. A pained expression on her pale face, which made him aware of the thousands of freckles, littering her skin. It suited her, as did the flaming red hair and pale blue eyes. Yes. She was beautiful, more than any human woman could ever be. How very typical for him to notice this now, when he could do nothing about it. Flirting when she was in pain, was surely not a good idea. And would she even return the freshly bloomed interest? Alas, he pushed the thought away and crouched down above her head, placing the buckskin bottle for a moment on the ground.

“Can I… If you lean against my chest and sit a bit upright, we could put this warm water bottle on your stomach. It may help.” He hurriedly whispered, feeling the heat rising in his cheeks as those pale blue eyes flicked upwards to him. Scrutinizing, uncertain. Then another wave of cramps hit her, and she gave her consent with a muffled whimper. It broke his heart and as gently as he could, he put his hands under her armpits and pulled her towards him. His legs spread so she could sit comfortably between them, her head pillowed on his shoulder. She was breathing hard and buried her face in his neck on instinct, a tremor running through her. Alistair shivered as well at the closeness - so unfamiliar - and placed the bottle tenderly on her stomach. Her fingers curled around the leather and he placed his on top, then opted for deep even breaths to guide her along into relaxation.

Her scent of almond flowers invaded his senses, and in any other situation, he would question their position as being inappropriate, untoward. But his instinct to help, protect her won over insecurity. He mumbled reassuring and soothing words in her long pointed ear, which twitched at the sound of his voice.  

And, to his surprise and eternal gratefulness… she relaxed. A faint smile appeared on her lips, which he more felt than saw. His heart fluttered as she threaded their fingers together, while still keeping the warm bottle over her stomach. So trusting, not caring for the sweat and metal scent that clung to him.

“Remember that one time, when I nearly killed you with my cooking skills?” Alistair quipped while closing the door with his hip. Hazel eyes danced with amusement and love at her laying on the bed - and the glare she threw in his direction. “I’m just saying,” He continued and lifted one hand up in surrender while balancing the tray with the other. Another glare, icier this time - but the tiny smile on her lips betrayed her.
He pulled the heavy crown from his head and placed it on the table next to their lavish bed, then sat down on the edge of the bed. Pale blue eyes watched him keenly, the smirk he detected earlier now blooming fully on her lips.

“This is a cheese plate. It does not involve your cooking skills, so I think I am safe.” Lyna replied and shuffled closer to him while placing the book she was reading aside. A simple child’s book, but still he was proud of her learning to read and write. Now that the blight was over, they had all the time in the world. And even though he was king, he ensured to spend each and every free second with her.

“Who knows?” He said conspiratorially and tipped his head from the left to the right. She snorted and picked up a cheese cube, popping it into her mouth with satisfaction.
“Forget it, love. You can keep all the broth and meat in Ferelden - but you will share the cheese with me, till the end of our days.” Her eyes were twinkling with mirth and his heart soared at her words. The tray placed between them on the bed, he cupped her face in his hands, a loving smile on his face.

“With you? Always.”

Good things from tonight:

•JJ is back and she’s hungry•
•Sam Mewis is settling in and connecting long passes, which we need•
•Ali, the angel, Krieger played 90 minutes like a badass showing she still deserves that spot on the back line•
•Rose shook off the nerves and got Player of the Match on her first cap (THAT ‘MEG DOE)•
•Ashlyn Harris made some great saves and the goal was an unfortunate mishap•
•Mal plays like she’s been there for years•
•Tobin is continuing to get better and better•
•France is ours and we’ll come out on top•


Written for @timepetalsprompts, this is for the drabble prompt Lightning Bugs. I’m a little rusty and out of practice, but I hope you’ll enjoy this! 

Nine x Rose

Word Count: 495 (I’m the first to admit I’m terrible at limiting my word counts…)


With her head down and a tissue knotted between her fingers, Rose sniffled lightly.  They’d been able to help the people of Jyi’tia, but there had still been loss.  She wondered if they’d done enough.

The Doctor stood stiffly at the controls, the light from the console reflecting off the back of his jacket. “We did our best,” he said softly. “We can’t always save everyone, sweetheart.”

She sniffled.  “Yeah…yeah, I know.”  Rose dabbed at her eyes and stood up.  “’M takin’ a shower and gettin’ changed.”  

He licked his lips.  “Come back when you’re done.  I’ve got something I’d like to show you.”  He looked back at his companion as she walked down the corridor. Her quiet little sobs echoed back to the console and he felt his hearts squeeze.  She’d been through so much in the last few days.  Setting the dials carefully, he flipped a few switches and the ship began to dematerialize.  It landed with a soft thump and he opened the door and smiled.  

Rose stepped out of the shower and sighed, feeling a bit better.  After drying her hair and donning jeans, trainers, and a comfortable hoodie, she made her way back to the console room.  

The Doctor was waiting for her, a blanket tucked in his arm.  “Thought you might like to see something.”  

She gave a small smile. “Okay…what is it?”  

“Well, it’s the same planet- Jyi’tia, fifteen years in the future.  You know how there wasn’t a natural predator of the ulimi insect?  ‘S why there was famine, and then disease…why things were so bad when we came in.”  He smiled.  “These are the larvae we brought to them…this is why I thought it was safe to leave.  I know you questioned me, but this is the result.  I wanted you to see it.”   He held out his hand and grasped hers, leading her outside.  

Gone were brown and barren fields.  In their place, lush, rich acres of rippling grain swayed in the fading light.  It was twilight and a light breeze blew through the crops, their stems rustling gently. The Doctor spread out the blanket and sat down, patting the space next to him.  “C’mon, Rose.  Show’s just about to begin.”  

Puzzled, she looked up at him.  “The show?”

He smiled.  “You’ll see.”

In a few minutes, a soft golden light came from a nearby plant…then another, and another.  Soon the sky was filled with soft twinkling lights.

“Lightning bugs?” she questioned.  “That’s what we gave them?”

He grinned. “Not quite, but close enough.  They eat the eggs and larvae of the ulimi, leaving the crops intact.  No more famine…”  He smiled. “We gave them a wonderful thing, Rose. We gave them hope.”  

She nodded mutely, overcome with emotion, knowing that they’d helped- that it hadn’t all been for nothing. Slowly, the twin moons of Jyi’tia rose and she sighed softly.  Traveling with the Doctor wasn’t always easy…but moments like this made everything worthwhile.

Creation Week on @theconvergenceroleplay  
Day 2 - John Watson’s Loss

Beauty was too small a word for her. She was funny, sassy, and underneath it all as forged and strong as steel, yet as soft as a fresh rose. John had been drawn to everything about her. Because she, unlike everyone else, stayed for him.

At least until she’d leapt in front of a bullet to save the fucking show off named Sherlock Holmes.

John had to learn to accept it for what it was, even slow progress was still progress. What she’d done, she had done for him and for Sherlock. It was a sacrifice neither of them knew how to bear.

Bedtime Stories || Oneshot

Title: Bedtime Stories
Rating: K
Summary: The Doctor tells his and Rose’s daughter a story. Kind of. Sort of. It’s mostly babbling. But he tries.

Note: Kid!Fic, pure fluff, some serious

Dedicated to the lovely @lastbluetardis on the occasion of the anniversary of her birth. Happy birthday Ashley!

It wasn’t often Rose Tyler woke up alone.

Well, it wasn’t often Rose Tyler woke up anymore. The Doctor would say she was exaggerating when she said she hadn’t slept in six months – “Really, Rose, that’s impossible, no human can go six months without sleep. You would die.” – but it certainly felt like she hadn’t slept in six months. Certainly nothing substantial. It was hard to sleep when there was a baby demanding your attention every single second of the day.

Not that the Doctor didn’t help; he was more than happy to hop out of bed and tell Rose to stay while he ran to see what little Abby wanted. But Rose was anxious and paranoid and always ended up following him just in case. She had been trying to get better since the Doctor had confessed it made him feel slightly inadequate as a parent – it wasn’t that Rose didn’t trust him, but she could see why he felt that way. It was hard, but she was trying to ease up, to let him do the baby runs. She still ended up lying in bed listening, though.

But tonight, Rose was alone and all was quiet. Or not completely quiet, Rose realized with a frown as she properly woke up and raised her head. There was a low murmuring coming from the baby monitor. She reached for it and held it close to her ear.

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Top and Bottom 5 Kudoed Fics

I was tagged by both @countessselena and @whoinwhoville :)

Top 5

Dr. and Mrs. Tyler - Nine/Rose  NSFW

This tickles me because it was a Nine/Rose adventure taking place on Earth in Regency era.  It’s fun having Rose out of her time still on Earth but still having things be alien to her and especially with the Doctor unconscious.  This has hurt/comfort; share a bed; UST; protective Doctor; investigating in a dark house; proper regency manners and aliens!  Oh yes and they shag at the end LOL.

A Ghost Story - Ten/Rose AU  NSFW

One of my most favorites to write ;)  It’s a dip in the spooky horror genre and shows off Rose vs evil thing in the basement as well as Rose and Ghost James and how they fall in love and she saves him.

Midnight Reunion - Ten/Rose  NSFW

I’m surprised this is one of the top - it’s a quick one shot I wrote reuniting Rose with the Doctor in a spa on Midnight after the incident on the shuttle.  NSFW - a little smutty and a little fun ;)

The Lord of Gallifrey - Ten/Rose Regency AU  NSFW for one scene

This was my first real attempt at a historical and was inspired by some Jane Austen type dialog and I tried to craft the dialog a lot more formal.  I know some people have said it’s hard to read because I wrote it formally but I guess people like it :)  Ten plays the Lord of Gallifrey who is kind of a prat involved in an affair with Reinette.  Rose is a proper you lady from a good family in need of a husband.  An arrangement is made only their separate lives don’t remain separate.  Sparks fly and an old enemy of our prattish lord arrives to ruin them both!

A Dark Path to Redemption - Ten/Rose AU  NSFW

Ohhhh this was a fun one!  This AU is based on Time Lord things combined with Greek Mythology.  London exists in everlasting rain and cloud cover.  Rose, like many Londoners, makes due when she is swept into a world where mythology is real and the Doctor is a bitter, snarky overlord left over when his people ruled the universe.  Rose is not who she seems but doesn’t know it and she, of course, eventually falls for this Dark Doctor.

Bottom 5

Rudolph the Evil Reindeer - Ten/Rose

Nothing but crack here.  This is a silly twist on the Rankin/Bass holiday show.  There is much mischief and cuteness ;)

Smurftastic - TenII/Rose

OMG I was inspired by the Smurf movie.  Ducks and hides. Smurfs appear in Pete’s World Torchwood.  Special guest appearance by Gargamel who is played by….wait for it…The Master bwahahahaha!

A Not So Typical Valentines Day - TenII/Rose

Nothing but fluff and some crack here…on Valentine’s Day - Doctor style!

A Visit to Mos Eisley - Ten/Rose

What if the Doctor and Rose went to visit the inspiration for Star Wars…

Evil Elves and Cranky Reindeer - It Must Be A Torchwood Christmas - TenII/Rose

Crack, crack and more crack at a Torchwood Christmas party with all things Christmas coming to life and attaching everyone ;)

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Zircon didn’t care if Rose was Guilty or Innocent

I know someone has probably said this already, but I wanna bring it up now that the hype has died down over the awesome Blue Zircon defense.

Blue Zircon was assigned to defend Rose Quartz. Was clearly going to suffer some kind of penalty that might include shattering (”both our gems are on the line”), was clearly trying to shut him up about confessing guilty (yes it’s a hilarious courtroom joke, I actually like it, but he doesn’t have a chocie in the matter), and was stressed out and humiliated by the situation. She manhandled and yelled at Steven for claiming guilt and not being able to explain the crime.

She came up with a brilliant defense out of a need to win for her own safety, out of a situation that was the worst possible. She did the unthinkable, and in her passion and stress-fueled euphoria at winning despite all odds, she accused the diamonds of killing one of their own. She even admits she went too far and apologizes as she’s poofed. 

In the end, though, she was stressing out because she HAD to prove Rose’s innocence - that was what she was ordered to do. She couldn’t back out and she couldn’t fail, and it was implied she was to suffer something equal to Steven’s dire fate if she lost.

Yes, I want Steven to thank her for an amazing defense and praise her. But I also want it addressed in the show, preferably by him, that he wanted to turn himself in to save his friends, and she did everything she could to prevent him from doing that. She was not on his side - nobody in that room besides Lars was anything but hostile to him, including BD (who still wanted to punish ‘Rose’, just after getting an explanation as to how she could have done it).

It’s so much of a parody and reference to real-world courtroom drama and has such a serious tone amid the humour of a courtroom parody drama that I feel that just not saying it would be a great error. If they don’t do it, it’ll be disappointing. It won’t make the episode any less phenomenal because it’s already acknowledged all of this from the start, but I feel at the very least it needs to be brought up if Zircon is to ever return in any serious capacity.

I would very much like more Zircon in the future. If not well, that’s unfortunate, but it’s not a gamebreaker.

angexlos  asked:

Why did rose bubble bismuth if they're going after the same goal? Like bismuth wanted to shatter the diamond dictators but then later on she shatters pink diamond and it's so backwards. Also rose looking like a human is so wrong on many levels it's like race face. You can tell she made herself look human as in The Answer her skin was really pink but in Stevens tape she's like a pale peachy color.

Well in the answer before Ruby and Sapphire defected all gems were coloured in one colour and Rose was fully pink I think it was meant to represent the lack of individuality? I dont know but thats my take on it . Anyway when the colouring goes back to normal Rose still has the same skin tone she had in the tape

But one thing that does piss me off its Rose bubbled Bismuth because she wanted to shatter the diamonds yet she shatters a diamond and still keeps Bismuth bubbled? Wow. Also the show made Garnet say Rose had to shatter pink to save earth.. fair enough.. but now they’re saying Rose shattering Pink has lead to the destruction of earth?! MAKE UP YOUR MINDS.


Appreciation Post for Ultimate Cinnamon Roll, Nora Valkyrie

She’s once again being an optimist. It doesn’t even look like she’s straining it, and genuinely seeing what good there is to splitting up. She’s not faking for the team; she knows she’s not talking to anyone dull and that nobody’s fine, so she actually looks on the bright side. She’s comforting her best friend, team, and teammate’s uncle.

Nora and Ren have legit always looked out for each other. They’re very capable of protecting themselves as well as each other. Growing up alone with only your best friends and no family will do that to you. They pack a punch especially together, and know the area best. With strength and mobility, they’re basically bound to be safe. (That, and the area they’re heading to isn’t marked by kille-)

She still kept it realistic. “There’s no time for safe.”, that shows she knows exactly what she’s talking about and keeps the urgency of the situation intact. What she’s doing is having a positive outlook on splitting up. Of course sticking together as a team is important, they remember Pyrrha. This time though, it’s not just about comforting everyone and not taking risks, it’s the harsh reality that they’ll have to stick their necks out there for each other and still save everyone in the process. 

Theory for Steven Universe Season 4 Finale

okay so i have a theory for the season finale, bearing in mind what we learned from the latest stevenbomb, and that i am a supporter of the white pearl theory. i apologise in advance for the length, spoilers for latest stevenbomb are under the cut:

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This episode showed the true damage that Rose Quartz did to the Diamond Authority. It has been thousands of years since Pink Diamond has been shattered (presumably by Rose), and Blue Diamond continues to grieve the loss of her sister with each passing day. She even returned to Earth to visit where she was shattered and later goes to the Pink Zoo to visit the place Pink used to love so much.
This episode showed that the Diamonds are not necessarily evil, but instead they are working to save their reign over the cosmos. This also explains why Yellow Diamond seems so short tempered and evil; she has to be the new face of the Diamond Authority. Blue is clearly still mourning the loss of her sister to the point to where she cannot rule as well as she should. Yellow Diamond misses Pink Diamond but the way she deals with it is different. She becomes spiteful. She planted the cluster to destroy the planet where her sister was shattered. She planted it to destroy the home of the rebels and finally move on.
Blue wants to mourn the death of her sister, but Yellow wants to not feel anything because the pain is too much.

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Can you do a one shot where Reid is watching Doctor Who with his girlfriend and he proposes to her is a cute nerdy Doctor Who way? And make it super fluffy if you can!

I can do this!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Sniffing as you watch David Tennant meld in to Matt Smith, Spencer wraps his arm around you as he pulls you close.

“It’s alright, the Eleventh Doctor’s monologues are amazing.  I think you’ll really like him,” Spencer murmurs in your ear.

“It is so insane that I can be so emotional as such a crazy television show,” you say, wiping the tears from your cheeks as you hunker down in to your couch.

Hearing Spencer chuckle lightly, he leans in and kisses your cheek as you take your 3D glasses off of the side table and hold them in your hands.

“I suppose the Eleventh Doctor doesn’t wear these, does he?” you ask sadly, holding your floppy glasses up.

“No…” Spencer says lightly, shaking his head, “The Eleventh Doctor wear these.”

Feeling him set something on top of your head, you furrow your brow as you take the hat off of your head, placing it in your lap as a grin crosses your face.

“The Eleventh Doctor wears a fez?” you ask, your eyebrows in the air as you give him an incredulous look.

“Don’t knock it until you watch it!” he exclaims, putting his fingers to his lips as the first episode with the new doctor starts.

Watching closely, laughing at the little girl praying to Santa, an involuntary smile crosses your face as Spencer turns his head, staring at you with loving eyes as you watch the doctor try to figure out what he wants to eat.

“Fish fingers and custard!?” you exclaim, wrinkling your nose as you look over at Spencer.

“W-what…?” you stammer, realizing he is still staring at you.

“You’re incredible, you know that?” he asks, cocking his body towards you as he sits on his leg on the couch.

Feeling your cheeks flush, the Doctor Who episode fades in to the background as you stare at your hands, nervously playing with your pajama pants as you feel Spencer’s eyes boring a hole in to your face.

“You make me feel that way,” you murmur.

Feeling him shift on the couch, you look up at him holding his hands in his lap as he bites his lip nervously.

“So, sometimes it is arguable that, even though the Doctor takes on many companions, there is only one that he ever really loves.”

Furrowing your brow, you nod.

“Yeah, Rose…right?” you ask.

“Not quite.  Though we have met her.  Remember the Library episode?” Spencer asks, his eyebrows raised.

“You mean with the Vashna Nirada, or whatever they were called,” you say, Spencer chuckling at your pronunciation.

“Yeah, that episode,” he says, his cheeks flushing red.

“Yeah, she gave her life to save the Doctor, but not before she whispered something in his ear…I still don’t quite know what happened,” you say, sighing exasperatedly as you lean back into the couch.

“In the show,” Spencer starts, “It is pretty clear that she knows him very well, but he has no clue who he is.  We learn much more about her during the Eleventh Doctor’s tenure, but I can’t wait that long,” he says.

“Can’t wait for what?” you ask, raising your eyebrow.

“Remember when she leaned in and whispered in his ear?” Spencer asks.

“Yeah…?” you respond.

“She said that there was only one person in his lifetimes that he would ever entrust his deepest secret to.”

Feeling your eyes widen, your mouth gapes open.

“She knew his name!” you squeal, clapping your hands together, “She knew his name, and that’s what she whispered in his ear!!”

As he laughs at your excitement, a smile crossing his face, he nods broadly as he says, “Yes, that is the general consensus.”

“River is his wife,” Spencer says.

As you stop laughing, your eyes growing wide as your head slowly turns back to Spencer, you say, “That’s…his wife!?”

“You’ll learn their entire story during Matt Smith’s doctor,” he says as he pulls a little blue box from his lap.

As your eyes trail down, his fingers turning the box in mid-air, your face pales lightly as you slowly look back up at him.

“He has many companions…” Spencer trails off as he opens the box.

As your eyes fall on the beautiful white gold ring, a diamond sparkling in the middle with sapphires cascading down the side of the band, your eyes water as you look back up at him.

“But only one River,” he whispers, his eyes getting misty as he slowly reaches for your hand.

“Oh, Spencer…” you moan, your eyes quickly darting between him and the ring.

“I love you with every fiber of my being,” Spencer starts, “And the evenings that I can come home to you, and the mornings that I wake up to you…they are the best.  The way we fight, the way we make up, the way we make love…I don’t ever want to lose it.”

As Spencer works the ring out of the box, he takes your left hand lovingly, rubbing his thumb on the back of your hand before slowly sliding the ring on to your finger.

“Be my River,” he whispers, tears streaking his cheeks as you look up at him.

“Yes,” you choke out, nodding quickly as you throw your arms around him.

“Dear God, yes.“