it still made me laugh really hard


Here it is, friends!  After JIBCon I bought the underwear with no real plans for it except to hear my own amused laughter.  Then I remembered I had Jensen’s auto for Phoenix.  I didn’t know if I should get them signed or not (I’m no good at judging the appropriateness of this particular idea) so I asked a few friends and they all told me to DO IT.   My friend gifted me her J2 autos which were on row C so I was one of the first people to get Jensen’s auto for this con.  I got in line, but also brought a back up item in case the whole thing went south. I was really hoping for the whole thing to just be funny so I was hoping for the best.  I had a photo saved on my phone from the con, photographed by the lovely and talented @monicad-photography ready to explain the whole thing to whoever I needed to so that no one thought I was too weird!  

The underwear was still in the pack (I didn’t want anyone to think I had worn it, because I hadn’t) so the handler asked if I wanted the pack signed or the underwear, to which I told her the latter.  Jensen was paying attention to the person in front of me so he had no idea what was next.  He was slid the underwear and was just quiet for a moment.  I held my breath and then opened my phone to Monica’s picture and zoomed in on the underwear section and told him some really clever people (not me!) were able to determine what the underwear was by this small swatch.  He was amazed but he still didn’t understand how they could do it off the picture.  I explained there were other picture angles and that he made it easy by growling at Misha for the rest of the panel.  I did a growl but since I never actually watch the JIBCon video I had no idea how he actually sounded.  He growl corrected me (I was laughing hard) and he started laughing himself and meanwhile his handler was just confused so Jensen explained to her that Misha at JIB didn’t believe he had on weird underwear so he flashed him (Jensen then slid back away from the table and mimicked sliding down his pants and flashing for extra dramatic storytelling effect). He was in such a GREAT MOOD remembering the whole thing.  The handler looked nervous tho.  Jensen said with a smile, “You should see the ones I have on now!”  And OMG y’all.  He started reaching for his pants again and I thought he was about to flash me whatever new ones he had.  The handler then freaked out and stretched an arm over the table telling him. “Oh!  No! No!” and I said, “If the man wants to show his underwear then let the man show his underwear.” It was in a playful banter way and Jensen was laughing the whole time!  I then said, “Thank you for that, by the way, Mr. Ackles.”  He laughed again and then started to sign the underwear while the handler stretched them out. They are stretchy and thin so he had to sign slow. He finished his name and then paused thoughtfully for a second and started writing something below his name.  “ROAR!”  i just started dying laughing again, took the underwear and thanked him again.  <3

Sound the Alarms: 03

Sound the Alarms: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Ship: Jungkook | Reader ~ Jungkook | Seulgi
Description: You were in love with Jeon Jungkook since you were 14, but made the mistake of introducing him to your best friend at 16. Now you’ve slept with him at 19, and it appears that fate isn’t done screwing you over when it comes to your two best friends.
Warning: Hella Angst, EXTREME Toxicness (don’t read if you can’t handle the abusive side, it gets bad), Intercourse, Oral, Face Riding
Word Count: 4,118

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so @aquaticnaho requested (AGES AGO, I am so sorry!!!!) emetophobic!Keith getting an awful space virus and being miserable, and helpful Lance swooping in to the rescue! I kinda ran with it and it got long, so I hope you can forgive me for letting this sit for so damn long! I hope you enjoy, and obvs, emeto warning! I myself am fairly emetophobic, and I based Keith’s reactions on my own, so I don’t think there’s anything TOO graphic in there, but proceed with caution!

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[TRANS] BTS Official Fanclub A.R.M.Y 1st Term - Interview (P3)

(the interview is from 2014)
scan © love_as_hobby
do not repost/screenshot without credit.

Q: It hasn’t been that long since BTS debuted but you have released 3 albums already. Is there any moment when you feel like “Ah! I’m going crazy!” while preparing for the albums? 

V: For me it’s hard and it leaves regret with every album. When I finished recording and listened to it, I would regret “I should have done better, I should have put more emotions in”. But once the recording is finished it can’t be redone… This part always makes me regret, so it was hard for me. 

Jin: There has never been an easy album for me but during ‘O!RUL8,2?’, from a few weeks before recording until the album’s finished, my cold wouldn’t go away. Especially my voice wouldn’t turn out the way I want it to be, so it was hard for me both mentally and physically. 

Jimin: It’s ‘N.O’ for me too. I don’t know why it was that hard. 

J-hope: Yeah, Jimin had it hard that time. 

Jimin: My parts got a little longer than the previous album. (laughs) I think I was pressured by that. 

Rap Monster: Really? Everyone chooses ‘O!RUL8,2?’. For me ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL’ was really hard. Because of one song… I talked about this in another interview, but we had to modify the same part of the lyrics more than 20 times. I think I sold my soul at that. Just thinking of it… (shakes head) They kept telling me to change it so one day I got so furious. I couldn’t shout out loud because I was at the studio, so I went to the park alone at dawn and plugged in my earphones and shouted loudly for about an hour? Afterwards the introduction was written and things went well. Wow really, that time I wrote the lyrics while hanging on the chin-up bar and shouting until I nearly cried. 

Suga: Well, writing the lyrics was hard that time. I looked through my mail box recently and I sent an email with the subject [No More Dream - lyrics modification - Suga 1] like this, and it advanced to 27. Looking back at it made me think “How did I do it.” 

Jimin: That time Hobi-hyung went there for a while too. (points up to the sky) 

All: (laugh) 

J-hope: (laughing) It was really hard in ‘No More Dream’ days. 

Rap Monster: Those days were scary. The psychological pressure and the anxiety of whether or not it would be okay coming out like this. 

V: Every time we do one choreography move, we had to match even the angles of the fingers. 

J-hope: We still focus on the performance now but back then when practicing the choreography, if someone didn’t match even just a little bit, we would sure be staying up all night that day.

Suga: The real hard thing at that time was that during trainee days, the members who had longer training period would lead the younger ones in everything, but then they said we were going to debut, none of us has ever debuted before. 

All: (laugh)

Rap Monster: We can talk about it now but it was very scary back then. 

Suga: It was really terrifying. (laughs) We scraped up all our worries and stayed up all night thinking about it, we even discussed what to do just among ourselves in whispers because we were afraid the younger kids would hear it. 

J-hope: We’re talking about it while laughing now but back then, just thinking of it brings in the fear. 

Suga: Now it became like “Let’s write even if just one more line of lyrics in the time we spend worrying!”. (laughs) The album that made me nearly scream “Argh!” is the most recent one. Even if I didn’t get hurt in the middle (of preparing the album), I wouldn’t think we would be this short of time. 

Jungkook: Me too. I have this regret like “If only I have some more time to prepare”. 

Suga: Right. Actually if I didn’t get hurt we wouldn’t be tight on time, but I was hospitalized so we lost 3 weeks. I finished the recording just right before mastering and we barely passed. I aged by 10 years. (laughs) 

Rap Monster: That’s right. As the time’s fixed, we had to follow the year-end award ceremonies schedule and went to the studio at dawn to work, we can’t throw away the quality factor with the excuse of not having enough time. 

J-hope: But I feel like it’ll slowly become harder as we release more and more albums, because of the lack of time. Actually rather than not having time, it’s because we’ll want just a little more, just a little more time to make better and cooler music. 

Rap Monster: We have to raise our standard. We have to gradually raise the quality. 

Suga: But if we say something that’s scary to say like “We didn’t have time” to the fans, it would disappoint them, so we should refrain from saying such things. 

Rap Monster: I think it’s the parts that we could have done better. Instead of letting them know that we have worked on it like this, I hope to tell them that “We have put in a lot of effort.” With each album there are more of those parts that we wished we had done better, but I think it shows that our view in terms of music is slowly broadening. 

Suga: I think what Rapmon said is true. Back then I thought I just need to rap well, but now I have learned to think of the details more. 

J-hope: You can say we’re really growing up. 

Q: How did you feel when you listened to the 3 released title songs for the first time? 

Suga: I listened to the song thousands of times while working on it so I thought I wouldn’t feel anything fun when the mastered song came out, but I got deeply touched like “I worked hard on it and it came out!”. 

J-hope: There was a time before when I wasn’t aware of it while practicing ‘No More Dream’, but one day it suddenly came to me “Ah! This is it! It’s good!”. 

Jimin: (laughs) 

J-hope: I got the same feeling with ‘Boy In Luv’ recently too. 

Suga: You have that feeling this time too? 

J-hope: Didn’t I say it? (points to Jimin)

Jimin: Out of nowhere! At the studio! (laughs) 

J-hope: I went to the studio and I suddenly had a feeling. Jimin was there at that time so I told him “Hey Jimin, hyung thought about it on the way here, I have a hunch about this!”. 

Jimin: Right. (laughs) 

Rap Monster: You can’t trust Hobi’s hunch. 

J-hope: I really had a feeling. (laughs) Trust me. 

Rap Monster: I’m the same as Suga-hyung. I didn’t feel anything while working on it but when it’s finished and I listened to it, I had this proud feeling “It finally came out!”. Especially when I listened to the mastered version of ‘N.O’ on speaker and the “good house, good car” part came, I thought “This is it!”. 

Jungkook: The “good house, good car” part was the best. 

V: It was really mindblowing. (dancing the choreography) 

Rap Monster: And I had a real feeling this time when listening to ‘Boy In Luv’. Not like “It’ll do really well!”, but I feel like this can become BTS’ second starting point. I think letting people know that “BTS is this kind of singers!” is the most important thing. Actually I want to show these kinds of things through this album too. 

Jin: When I first listened to ‘No More Dream’, I remembered being very excited “Ah, so this is our first song”. 

Jimin: I had a hard time recording for ‘No More Dream’. So, actually I don’t remember it very well. When I listened to the dance break part of ‘N.O’, I thought “Wow~ It would be fun performing this song!”. 

V: Right. I went “Wah~” listening to ‘N.O’’s dance break part.

P1 | P2 | P3 | P4 | P5 | P6 

Fresh Start - Part 2

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: none

Words: 1451

Warnings: none

Tags: none

Request: none

Notes: second part! If you want to be tagged just let me know and I’ll tag you in the next part!

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PART 1  /  PART 3  /  PART 4  /  PART 5  /  PART 6  /  PART 7  /  PART 8  /  PART 9

Oliver spent the rest of the day texting you, trying to make you stay but it just didn’t work. You had made up your mind and you weren’t going to change it. You needed this. Thea, on the other hand, was the one who helped you with the packing so it would be done faster and you could really leave Star City in the morning, on the first train to Central City.

“Is she still trying to make you stay?” She asked when you checked the phone and laughed.

“Yes” you sighed shaking your head. “I know it’s hard for him to let me go, but I need to do this”

“I know so don’t worry. I’ll take care of him” she smiled at you.

“And who will take care of you?” You said raising an eyebrow.

“Well… I think I can handle myself” she winked.

You smiled a little and kept on packing. You were going to miss them but you weren’t going far. Central City was just a couple of hours away so you could come and go if they needed you or otherwise.

“Look… I want to give you something” Thea said before she left.

You had been packing the whole afternoon and it was late so she had to leave if she wanted to get some work done before going to bed.

“What is it?” You asked curious.

“First of all…take care of it or I swear I will go to Central City and kick your ass, understood?” She asked handing something over to you.

“What are you talking…?” You looked at your hand and gasped. “Your car?” You asked in shock.

“You will need it. In Central City you won’t have anyone to drive you around so I bet you will give it a better use than I do” you smiled.

“Thea you’re the best!” You exclaimed hugging her tight. You had a car!

“I know, I know, just…be safe alright? And don’t tell Oliver. He would kill me and go to Central City to take it back from you” she laughed pulling away.

“Don’t worry, I won’t” you smiled happily. “Thank you so much” you thanked her.

“It’s nothing” she shrugged before heading to the door. “Tell us when you get there ok?” She said.

“I will” you smiled before she walked out.

You hadn’t sleep much that night. You were nervous about the new life you were about to start. You wanted everything to be perfect, not like it had been in Star City. Luckily, you had some money saved from the time you spent working at the Verdant and at a restaurant afterwards so you would be ok but you knew that eventually you would have to find a job to sustain yourself.

The drive to Central City was calmed. There wasn’t too much traffic so you got there even sooner than what you expected. Finding the apartment you had rented was a bit more complicated since you didn’t know the city. You had been there a couple of times but not enough to know your way around. Hopefully, you would get used to it soon.

The apartment you had chosen was even better than what it looked in the pictures. It was more like a studio but it was perfect for you. You didn’t need much. The moment you walked in you fell in love with the studio and its views. You still couldn’t believe how lucky you had been to find this place. Immediately, you texted both Oliver and Thea to let them know you had arrived safely to your new city. They didn’t reply right away but you just supposed they were busy so you didn’t even thought about it.

You opened the windows and started unpacking even when you knew it was going to take you a while to put everything in place. After a while, you got bored of it so you decided to go out and take a walk around the place to get to know it better. The place you had found was almost in the city center so it was kind of crowded but not too much. There were a couple of supermarkets, shops, the police department and even a coffee shop nearby. It was great and handy.

After having a coffee at Jitters, the coffee shop you had found, you decided to go back home and relax. The next day you had your first day of university and you wanted to be fresh for it. So you took all your things and walked out of the establishment as you took out the keys from your bag so you wouldn’t have to spend hours looking for them later. Suddenly, you saw a guy running towards you so you stepped aside immediately, but he grabbed your bag and with a strong pull, he broke the strap and kept on running with your bag.

“HEY!” You screamed. “You bastard, that’s mine!” You screamed before you started running behind him.

He turned a corner so you ran faster in order not to lose him but when you turned that same corner, he was nowhere to be seen. This had to be a joke. This couldn’t happen to you on your first day in town. Not during your first hours. You ran a hand over your hair and looked around. There was nothing you could do except canceling your credit cards. Just fantastic. The only good thing was that you had your phone and keys with you.

The first thing that came to your head was calling Oliver but soon you discarded that option. He would freak out and he would even show up there to make you come back. You had to deal with it all by yourself and what was the first thing people used to do when they were robbed? Go to the police.

You knew you had seen the police department when you had walked out of your apartment so you made your way back home, looking around, trying to spot the building again. After a while you admitted to yourself that you were a bit lost so you asked the first you where it was and just then, it was easily found.

Once in there you were told to go straight upstairs to the front desk where you could report what had happened to you. When you went out of the elevator, you looked around. It was a huge place, bigger than the one in Star City.

“Wow…” you mumbled to yourself when you saw the sign on the wall that said ‘Central City Police Department’. “I have to tell Ollie to get one of these for Star City” you mumbled. Then you heard a cough and turned around. There was a police officer looking straight at you. “Oh sorry!” Quickly, you approached the desk. “I’ve just been robbed and I’m here to report it” you informed.

The man nodded and started typing something in the computer before he got up and printed something for you. When you looked at it you raised an eyebrow, it looked like something you had to fill in with your data and what happened.

“Thank you?” You said unsure.

“You’re supposed to complete the sheet with your data” a voice said behind you. “Then someone will take your statement”

You turned around to face a young guy behind you. He had a nice smile on his face that reached up to his green eyes. He was tall and thin. He looked around your age, maybe a bit older but probably not too much. What was more important: he was nicer than the man behind the desk.

“Oh, thank you” you smiled at him. “Eh…do you have a pen?” You asked. He smiled and gave you the pen he was holding. “Thank you” you said with a smile.

“What happened?” He asked when you put the sheet down on the desk to start writing.

“I was robbed” you sighed.

“That sucks” he frowned. You chucked a little and nodded.

“Yeah, that would be the word for it” you replied.

“Allen! What are you doing? Go back to work, I want those reports before lunch time!” A man yelled from inside. You imagined he was yelling at the guy next to you since he looked up immediately.

“Sorry, Captain, you’ll have them sir” he said quickly. “I gotta go back to work now. Eh…nice to meet you. I’m Barry” he said offering his hand which you took.

“(Y/N), nice to meet you too and thank you” you told him.

“No problem” he smiled. “You can keep the pen” he added with a wink before going upstairs in a hurry.

Die for a Laugh - Dean Winchester x Reader - Part ???(Sneak Peek)

Read Part 1 here!

Originally posted by frozen-delight

You were not yourself, not entirely yourself, that much you were sure about. Part of you regretted the decision to meet him. Part of you hoped that you would have just listened to Dean and stayed put and not sneak out in the middle of the night to do something so reckless. But… another part of you just… craved more. It craved more of him and that was completely insane. Why?

Because he was the Joker.

He was the enemy, another monster that you were after and that by the end of this would be dead. He’d have to end up dead. And you needed to make sure of that. How? You didn’t know. But for the sake of your sanity you needed to stay away from him. How you would that was beyond you.

You blinked rapidly as Dean pushed a plate forward to you. You looked up and gave him a tight smile. One that would have anyone else convinced but not Dean. He knew you like the back of his hand. You shared a kind of connection that was beyond words and you knew that, at least from your side, it was because of how strong your feelings were for him.

“Come on, you need to eat. This case is working all of us out, can’t have you falling down.” he tried to give you a small smile and despite everything you smiled at the tenderness in his words.

“You’re such a softie, do you know that?” you asked, looking up at him and he scoffed at you with a roll of his eyes.

“Shut up.” he grumbled, although a smile was on his face. Before he could turn and leave, though, you took hold of his hand and stopped him.

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I couldn’t let them hurt you

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Words: 3176 (Part one of ?)

Summary: The reader knows too much about Hiram Lodge and his involvement in illegal activities so he has threatened her boyfriend, Archie Andrews. If she doesn’t stay quiet- in a very permanent way- he’ll go after the boy she loves. And she won’t let that happen.

Note: The images I used in the aesthetic don’t belong to me, nor do the characters in the story. Just as a reference, this is based on the scene in the last episode, except the reader is the one on the river instead. (those who have seen it will know what I’m talking about) Also, at a certain point, it kinda switches from second person to third, so hopefully that’s not confusing.  Don’t forget that requests are always open! Enjoy.

Warnings: Blood, suicide, (also, feels alert. I hope)

The phone shook in your hands. Hiram’s crumbled letter grew damp with snow on the ground beside you. It read a very simple and clear message. Your secrets die with you… or him. I imagine you’ll make the right choice. -HL. That’s why you stood in the snow, holding your cell phone in your hands that were red and dry from the cold. You closed your eyes, letting the burning hot tears stream down your face. Slowly, you dialed the number. The other line rang a few times before he picked up, his beautiful, calm voice making you cry even harder.

“Hey, Y/N what’s wrong?” Archie stood in the parking lot of Southside High after finding Jughead. Veronica watched at him curiously.

“I couldn’t let them hurt you Arch.” You sucked in a painful breath. “He made me keep it all from you and now he wants to make sure I won’t tell anybody. But I… I can’t let him get away with it Arch.”

“Slow down.” Archie said, worry filling in every inch of him. “Y/N what are you talking about? Who is he?”

“I-I can’t. He’ll hurt you if I say anything Arch. I can’t let him hurt you.” You walked between the trees, slowly but surely getting closer to your destination. By this time, Jughead and Betty had noticed Archie and Veronica’s distress and gathered around Archie. “Is everybody there? Jughead? Veronica? Betty?”

“Yeah. Yeah we’re all here.” Archie put the phone on speaker. You gulped down a sob, nodding to yourself, trying to be brave for your friends.

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This is an AU where Yuu basically lost a bet to Shinoa (and Kimizuki), so now they’re pressuring him to make a not-so-yuu-chan-move on this one hot waiter, Mika, who’s been ogling him for the past 2 weeks….So Shinoa gives him some really helpful tips!! :-)

Thank you so much for being so patient with my delayed art trade, @laffforever​!!! This was really fun to make, and your part of the trade still brings me to tears but I hope you like this!!

(shout out to @mika-yuu for giving me the gay/great scene idea…it made me laugh for days)

I Knew You Were A Git But This Is A New Low

Pairing: Draco x Potter!reader

Request: I would love it to start out as Draco And harry’s sister to not like each other and then theyll find themselves in a slightly compromising situation and they realise they are attracted to each other and sexy stuff happens. And then they become bf and gf and draco shows it off and Harry is absolutely livid

Requested by: @harrypizza-benecookiecumbercrumb

Warnings: Language, implied smut

A/N: I don’t write smut so I hope that’s not a problem. Also, why does Tumblr keep quitting on me while I’m in the middle of a story so I have to rewrite everything? The world may never know.

A/N 2: I didn’t have much time to edit this, so there’s probably a few typos in here

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An exhausted Evie was in such a hurry to just get back to her dorm and crash that she didn’t even notice the soft lamplight spilling out from the crack underneath the door, and as such, she was entirely surprised by Mal’s presence in the room when she unlocked the door and stepped inside.  Mal was on her bed, cozy in pajamas as she sat with her knees hugged to her chest.

“Hey,” she greeted.  The tv was on, and she absentmindedly watched.

Evie’s perfect eyebrows furrowed, very confused as to why she was seeing Mal here, already retired for the night.

“…Hi, M.  You’re back early,” she noted, shutting and locking the door behind her.  "What happened to your date?  Ben’s king stuff come up again?“

”…Not exactly.“

Evie lobbed her purse onto her bed, let the gears turn and whirl inside her head for a second, then turned back to Mal with folded arms.

"Why do you have Evasive Face?” she questioned.

“Okay, one, I don’t have a face specifically reserved for evading, and two—”

“Why do you have Evasive Face?”

A defeated smile glided into place on Mal’s expression accompanied by an equally defeated little laugh.  She couldn’t get anything over on that girl.

“…Ben and I broke up,” she announced.  "Or I broke up with Ben, whatever you want to call it.“

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how to fight voltron paladins

(inspired by this post)

pidge | who wins: you, for now
first, stop. take a drink. you probably spent your whole afternoon and then some just looking for her; like a wee spider, the moment you take your eyes off, she’s already gone - experimenting with poison crystals or building bombs in cupboards or - fuck, she’s gone again. try baiting her with state-of-the-art gadgets. it might cost you your retirement, but hey, if you do win, worth it…right? :3 fool. this is the nugget who spent four seasons single-mindedly tracking her bro. nowhere in the universe is safe. she hacks alien tech like cats hack hairballs - every time you close your eyes, you’ll hear her signature virus laugh as she makes it impossible…for you to save your documents. stuff of nightmares.

lance | who wins: you
why would you fight?? bitch, make it easy for yourself. observe this toll jellybean; he gets out-sassed by midgets and mullets, says shit like ‘what the cheese,’ wears fuzzy lion slippers, and defends galra pets who yup yup, he probably can’t tell if you’re a girl until (woah), you’re a girl, or a mermaid, he thinks they’re so cool! flirt, make him blush, and tie him up. then go home feeling terrible like you kicked puppies or something.

hunk | who wins: hunk
yeah, i get it. you think he’s dorothy’s lion mix gentle giant. shame. but unless you threaten his ‘girlfriend’s’ planet with a laser-spouting robeast, hunk actually…doesn’t want to fight you. you try your hardest tho - embarrass him in a stadium amidst thousand bi boh bihs, turn the food goo sentient - but this guy is all “no, friends don’t kick each other” and frankly, those blue shiny cookies look nice, he laughs at your bad puns, he hugs you after battles and calls you fam, it’s - losing never tasted so sweet.

allura | who wins: you
hear me out. it’s the pink armor, isn’t it? you wanna fight that. or it’s that gorgeous hair and charming smile, can’t be real. you get warmed up, start throwing a few punches, and then, she tells you you’re fighting her wrong - like fix your stance, try not to beat her in brute strength, she can crush metal doors like tissue paper yu know - what the fuck is this? oh wait, now you’re being led into a room and under the guise of diplomacy, you’ve just agreed to a hundred years of peace and happiness for you and your planet - but what about the fight? she pats your cheek - you won, don’t worry about it.

keith | who wins: keith
alarm bells should be going off in that peanut you call a brain. i hope you dug your grave ahead of time. for fuck’s sake he fights gladiators for fun and throws knives like coran throws shade and when he’s not hurtling off cliffs in hovercrafts, he’s an awkward mood kitty who probably wouldn’t understand your “fight me” hand gestures…he’s so confused. for even a tiny hope of a win, try. TRY to find him without 95% of his impulse control he calls shiro. it’s hard, i kno…u gotta shut that shit down before he dramatically searches across the universe and leaves you banging your head because really? shiro’s only been gone five seconds? until you knock yourself out.

shiro | who wins: please, no more…let him rest
if somewhere in your stone cold grinch heart you still wanna fight (see keith)

April Fools (2) FEDA DAY 1

For the first day of @snowbaz-feda and in honor of April Fools day I decided to do a part two of this fic. Hope y’all enjoy!


Simon was pissed. He’d stormed out after Baz had pulled the metaphorical rug out from beneath him. He should’ve remembered it was April Fools Day. Students had been pranking each other all day with spells that ranged from humorously harmless to downright cruel.  But Simon had never thought Baz would participate in something considered to be, well, Normal. Sure magicians played around with prank spells but nobody pulled pranks like a Normal. Nobody except Baz, apparently.

Simon knew he couldn’t get away with doing a prank spell on him, Baz would be expecting it. Still, this was the sort of prank that couldn’t go unpunished. Simon touched his lips briefly at the memory of Baz’s kiss. It had taken him completely unawares, something he’d never expected from Baz. For a moment he’d even thought Baz had been serious about the whole thing. A flood of embarrassment washed over him as he thought about his own reaction. He should have thrown Baz off of him right away. People don’t snog their enemies.

He wanted to get back at Baz, to really fuck with him. Suddenly he realized the perfect way to do it. Simon was going to give Baz a taste of his own medicine. Smirking as he went, Simon strolled back to their room. Baz might call him out on it but Simon was pretty confident he could play this one out. 

Simon paused outside of the door. He hunched his shoulders and let the anger from earlier get his magic agitated. He didn’t really need to act like he was mad, he was pretty much there already. After a deep breath he walked into the room. 

Baz was reading a book on his bed. He glanced up at Simon and winked.

“Come back for more?”

Simon opened his mouth and closed it, pretending to look frustrated. He pushed his hand through his hair and looked away.

“Can we just drop it?”

He hoped his voice sounded nervous. He would need to play this just right in order to trick Baz.

Baz studied him.

“C’mon Snow it’s just a prank.”

Simon didn’t have to pretend to be embarrassed this time. He was already feeling that way as he attempted to come off as flustered.

“M-maybe it isn’t for me.”

Baz’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

“Are you saying that you wanted me to be serious earlier?”

Simon was really hoping this prank would be worth it. His heart was beating wildly out of control and the blush in his cheeks was completely natural. He wasn’t sure why he felt this nervy about it but somehow pretending to be in love with Baz was proving to be overwhelming. 

“Whatever, forget I said anything.”

Simon turned without saying anything to escape to the bathroom. He had expected Baz to say something to stop him. Instead he found his path blocked as Baz pinned him to the bathroom door.

“No, I don’t think so. This conversation is just getting interesting.”

Simon felt strange. Suddenly all the weird feelings he’d had earlier when Baz kissed him came rushing back. He didn’t feel in control of the prank anymore. Was Baz serious? Was Simon? He wasn’t sure what was real and what was a joke anymore.

“Uh…” Simon trailed off.

“Yes?” Baz pressed.

“Um…April Fools…?” Simon’s voice was shaky.

Baz studied his face.

“You don’t sound very sure about that.”

Simon closed his eyes in an effort to concentrate.

“Of course I’m sure. There’s no way I could ever like you…”

Simon felt Baz’s breath on his neck. His eyes flew open in surprise. Baz had leaned in and was poised right below the sensitive spot behind Simon’s ear.

“I guess I should pull away then,” Baz breathed against him.

Simon bit his lip. He definitely wanted this. He wasn’t sure if Baz wanted it though. If Simon gave in and then Baz pulled away laughing it would be humiliating. Still, he wasn’t sure he could avoid the temptation of leaning his neck into Baz’s kiss. When had he lost control of all of this?

“If this is your idea of a joke, trust me it isn’t funny,” Simon said.

Baz laughed, the sensation sending shivers down Simon’s body.

“This? No. If you want this…just take it.”

Simon sighed. Then he pulled Baz’s chin up and kissed him hard. Baz made a small noise of surprise, as if he hadn’t really thought Simon would do it. Then he relaxed into it and was kissing Simon back. Simon murmured happily into Baz’s mouth as he realized this wasn’t a trap, Baz actually wanted this. 

“I think that April Fools is officially my favorite holiday,” Baz gasped as he broke off the kiss.

“Hm, I think it’s mine too,” Simon murmured.

The two of them glanced at each other, with smiles on their faces. Then they were kissing again without the threat of pranks above their heads.

The Marauders discovering that you're not virgin
  •  Sirius talking about how the 7th year girl was so damn good
  •  "I don’t want to hear that"
  •  "You don’t want to. But you will"
  •  Rolling your eyes
  •  Deciding to come back at him by talking about the last time you had sex
  •  "YOU WHAT"
  •  Peter tripping over his feet
  •  Remus shifting uncomfortably on his feet
  •  Sirius and James staring at you with wide eyes
  •  "You’re- you’re not a virgin?“
  •  "Me? A virgin?”
  •  Smirking
  •  Remus being so overprotective of you
  •  "I will murder him"
  •  "You don’t even know him"
  •  Peter gawking at all of you as all of you talk
  •  "Did he use protection?“
  •  James asking stupid questions "Are you pregnant?”
  •  Remus clenching his fists so hard that his fingertips turn white
  •  Sirius still can’t believe that his little sister made the deed!
  •  You teasing them! A lot!
  •  "Oh god, and the way he made me feel-“
  •  Sirius: "STOP”
  •  James *covering his ears*: “LALALALLALALALALALALA”
  •  Remus: “Okay, I think I’ve heard enough”
  •  "Stop being such babies. It doesn’t bother you when Sirius does it"
  •  A lot more teasing
  •  "Well, if you’d excuse me boys, I got someone that needs to have sex"
  •  You’re actually going to the library
  •  "You’re not going"
  •  Laughing at Sirius’ disgusted expression
  •  "I am joking boys"
  •  "Haha. Really funny"
  •  Flirting with guys in front of them on purpose
  •  The boys following you around everywhere
  •  Sirius still shell shocked after months
  •  "I thought you were innocent"
  •  "Sirius, get over it"
  •  Them just being so damn protective and not allowing any boy to be with you alone for a second



Hope you guys liked this! Let me know what you think and if I should do more of these :)

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I love all your quotes but I have a question. It's really weird and strange, but how does someone know when they love someone? And that love is a true one. xxx

Hello, thank you!

Well, I guess it’s different from person to person. From my own experiance I didn’t realise it before a friend told me it was obvious that I loved her and it made me think. I quickly did realise that I defintly loved her. It wasn’t as I expected it to be at all. I’d say she was the first one I’ve truely falled in love with (and still am).
I never realised the things I did for her before I gave it a thought. I would wear her favorite sweater of mine and send her photos, I’d makes jokes I know she’d find dumb but which would also make her laugh. Suddenly everything was about to make her smile. It was really hard as she live in another country, but we make the best out of a bad situation. 
I’m a pretty outgoing person when I’m with close friends, but I started to pull away. Sitting in a corner on my phone just to text her, and I was fine with it. Because I got to talk to someone who made me happier than I thought I could ever be. It was when my friends pointet out how big I smiled by just mentioning her name they asked if I really loved her, at the time I couldn’t answer. But the more I thought of her and the more I couldn’t imagine my life without her, I was sure that I was in love.
But I think I always knew in a way, like deep down, but I was just scared to realise. I had just had my heartbroken and I was scared to see that I yet again put my heart out for someone new to break. 

I think that if you love someone, in a way just know. It’s kinda like having a crush just stronger and of course a little different. It’s wanting to stay beside their side through the hardest days and the best days. It’s supporting them even when they don’t ask you too. Suddenly every love song is about them and you want to make them the best version of them as you can. It’s wanting to be the one to make them laugh through tears. 

Sometimes we fall in love, but it doesn’t mean it’s ‘the one’. Sometimes we fall in love with people who are toxic and cruel or someone who just weren’t as they seemed to be. And that’s okay. I think that we need to fall in love a few times and have our hearts broken before we get to meet our soulmate, our person and ‘the one’. I also do believe that everyone have one, or maybe more, out there for them. It just takes time and a little struggeling to find them. 

But if you picture your future, and they are there with you then at least they are someone you’d like to have in your life. But I’m sad to say that I can’t give you any right answers to tell you if you are in love and if it’s true love. It’s different to every person, but give it a thought and I’m sure you’ll figure it out! 

Good luck and I hope you figure it out! Hopefully it helped and it wasn’t just me babbling about falling in love! 

- R 

Ever Enough

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 1366

Warnings: Angsty support!?

Anon asked “Can you do a Bucky x reader fic with the song “ever enough” by a rocket to the moon? You are always so good at writing song fics”

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged HERE or HERE.

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The Colour of Love

Request: Hi! Could you do an imagine where Marauders are speending their first holidays after school and Lily and Reader say they would go ice skating but Sirius is terribe and she helps him and they spend the rest of the day together and she paints his tattoos with colouring pens please???? 💓💕

Since the nice and carefree Hogwarts years comes to an end, you couldn’t spend so much time with your friends than before. Of course it wasn’t so easy just split you apart; even if you all had jobs or further studies and trainings, you still found a way to devote time for each other. The boys shared an apartment and Lily practically lived with James anyway – but you knew it’s just a matter of time now before they will move together.

But even if you met almost every day, you still missed those little moments you had during school, things you could only have if you lived together. Like knowing every little thing about the other, if they had a problem and need a cheer up or a shoulder to cry on – you were there for each other immediately. Or randomly fall asleep at the marauders’ dormitory, knowing they were mocking at you but waking up and seeing there’s a blanket over you. Studying together which always turned into never ending talks, which talks were about everything but your studies. Or, in a lot of cases, them pulling you in one of their pranks.

It wasn’t even a question you’ll spend the holidays together. On Christmas Eve you just eat and drink and talk a lot; it was long past midnight when you finally fell asleep – all of you in the boys’ living room. The first thing you felt your aching neck, as you slept through the night in a half sitting, half lying position, leaning on Sirius’ chest. Your heart leapt when you looked up at the boy who was still sound asleep, with one of his hand lazily around you. Because you spent seven years together and you haven’t realized your feelings for him. You couldn’t tell when it started, you just noticed that incredible amount of happiness you felt when you first saw him after you haven’t seen each other for more than a week. You missed your other friends too, but it was something else, something more; something that made your chest burn and your mind racing, causing you smiling so much you could not stop, flushing and feeling everything’s hot around you, even Sirius’ cold hands as he touched you.

But several months passed and you still had no idea what you should do with these feelings. He was your best friend. One part of you wanted to tell him your feelings, hoping he’d feel the same, but the other part of you were scared to ruin your relationship forever. So you just wait, maybe these feelings will just go away. But in fact, they just became stronger.

It was Boxing Day and you exchanged presents – as always, the guys could surprise you with something that was also useful and funny. You spent the whole morning there, in your pajamas, still talking and eating way too much sweets.

Only after lunch you came up with the idea. – “We should go ice skating.”

“Yes!” – Lily yelled immediately, her eyes sparkled up. – “I haven’t done it in years.”

Both of you stood up quickly, discussing where would be the best place while you disappeared in the bathroom, changing your clothes at last. There was a nice outdoor rink nearby, so you went on foot; the weather wasn’t so cold and it was snowing so you wanted to walk a little. You went between Remus and Peter, Lily and James in front of you with Sirius, but you could tell something wasn’t right with him – he was too quiet. Taking two big steps you reached your hand out, grabbing Sirius’ arm and pulling him a little away from the others, walking behind them.

“What’s up with you?”

He shrugged and looked at you like he didn’t know what you were talking about. “Nothing.”

Closing your eyes, you let out a big sigh. “Listen, you can lie to me if you want, but I know something is bothering you. And you know I won’t stop asking until you tell me, so…”

But he didn’t want to tell you, no matter how nicely you asked or pleaded, until you reached the edge of the rink. The other were already take on their shoes, slowly slipping on the ice.

“Okay, I only ice skated once. I was seven, and the whole thing ended in blood. And tears.”

As he finished, you stopped dead with a pair of skates in your hands, looking at him with raised eyebrows, but then narrowed your eyes. “You’re a whiny baby.” – And before he could’ve respond anything, you continued. – “Take these on.”

Finding a smaller ones for yourself, you plopped down on a bench, and he followed, but just standing in front of you. “What do you mean I’m a whiny baby?” – He asked in a sulky voice.

“I mean you had a bad memory and you refuse to try it again. You’re not seven anymore.” – You stood up, clinging on him. – “Well, sometimes you are.”


“Take them on.” – You cut him off, speaking in a low voice and looking into his eyes. – “I’ll help you.”

He huffed but sat down on a bench, following you on the rink a minute later. Before you stepped on the ice, you grabbed his hand – you had no gloves on and you could feel the same heat again, even if both of your fingers were numbed with the cold. He was constantly looking at his feet, taking baby steps which made you smile.

“Don’t laugh.” – He warned, still staring down.

“I’m not.” – You said with an innocent voice before you turned face to face with him, grabbing his other hand too. Slowly, you started to going backwards, pulling him with yourself. You gave him instructions, how he should move his legs and hold his body until you fastened your pace, and he got some more self-confidence too.

“That’s really not so hard at all. Don’t let me go!” – He added quickly, right before James slipped next to you so hard you lost your balance and fell off to, pulling Sirius with yourself too.

“Sorry!” – Prongs said but jumped up and was in the middle of the rink before you could even move yourself.

Sirius sat up and leaned above you, his face concerned. “Are you okay?”

But you just laughed. “Sure, I had worse.”

He sighed and shook his head. “That’s terrible. Can’t we just use some magic?”

“Sirius, this place full of muggles.” – You stood up and reached out your hand, helping him.  – “See that kid over there?” – You pointed at a little boy who was no more than six, but acted on the ice like a professional. – “He’s pretty good.”

“I hate you.”

“Oh, do you?” – You turned to him again, but now you let go of his hands.

“No, Y/N, come back!” – He shouted but with a muffled voice, hands reached but you weren’t close enough to him. You suffered with him for another half an hour, until both of you fell off too many times and had enough bruises for the rest of the year. But the others still wanted to stay – or maybe just because they wanted you to stay alone for little while.

“At least tell me it wasn’t so bad.” – You grinned, walking throughout a park.

“It was.”

“You just saying that because first time there’s something you can’t do perfectly.”

“So you think I can do anything else perfectly? Thanks, Y/N.” – He said proudly, causing you to roll your eyes; and in the next moment, you found yourself on the ground, snow covering you everywhere with Sirius on top of you, smearing snow all over your face. It tickled and caused you to laugh too hard; your stomach started to hurt but he didn’t stop, until your laugh disappeared and he was scared, so he stopped. – “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

You covered your face with your hand, acting like you’d start to cry in any moment – before you pushed him down, so suddenly he was completely surprised.

“That wasn’t nice! That was NOT NICE!” – He tried to speak while you do the same with him, laughing even harder than before, until he grasped your wrists, and you collapsed next to him in the snowy ground, still laughing. You still tried to catch your breath when Sirius jumped up and helped you too. “Now come on, or you’ll get cold.”

And he was probably right – the weather was really cold now, wind was blowing, and the melted snow in your clothes and hair just made it worse. You decided to go to your apartment, since it was just around the corner.

Sirius immediately pointed his wand at your fireplace, making the room warmed up instantly. He took off his shirt while you disappeared in your bedroom, changing your wet clothes into dry ones.

“So how is that you could change your clothes and I can’t?” – He asked while you made hot chocolate in the kitchen.

“Well, I have clothes. You don’t. Sorry.” – You grinned but bit your lip, handing a mug to him and sitting down on the fluffy rug in front of the fireplace.

He raised an eyebrow. “I think you just really wanted to see me without shirt.”

You took another sip. “Sure, Sirius. Your naked chest is the center of my world.”

You spent a couple of hours with doing nothing, just talking, until it was completely dark outside and your living room was just dimly lit too. Both of you were tired and a little sleepy; he rested his back against the couch and you pressed your head on his shoulder.

Suddenly, your eyes found a little counter at the top of the desk near to you, full of colouring pencils that you all take out. His eyes were closed, but when you started to colouring the runes on his left arm, he looked down at you, starting to speak slowly “What the hell are you doing?”

“I was bored.” – You said, painting the moon on his skin. He got more tattoos in the last few months, though he already had some when you were still at Hogwarts. He was never thinking much about it; if he liked an idea he decided he needs that on his skin, like the tiny representation of the giant squid behind his left knee or the motorcycling dog on his lower back. But he also had some more meaningful images on him, each portraying his friends some way.

He watched you in silence for long minutes, until he had a really colourful deer on his side. - “You’re worse than a child.” – He mumbled, but you could hear the smile behind his words.

“Shut up.”

Leaning closer, you started to colour a symbol right under his collar bone, wondering what does it mean, but when you raised your head up to ask he was closer than you thought, and you froze, staring into his grey eyes before your gaze slipped down on his lips, and he closed the tiny gap between you.

It was so slow and deep and intense, the pink pencil fell out from your hand and he smiled onto the kiss as your hand lost in his hair at the back of his head. An almost trembling breath escaped your mouth after he pulled away, though there were still just inches between you.

“Good to know you’re a better kisser than an ice-skater.” – You whispered, causing him to growl and pulling you on himself for another kiss.


Table Games

At restaurants, our favorite game was to touch an object on the table, and casually offer a pun into the existing conversation. Touching the pepper grinder, I might say, “You crack me up”. Then you would graze your knife and declare, “That’s a sharp observation”. I would hold my water glass and caution, “Don’t get too full of yourself”. And you would nod seriously and apologize, “You’re right, I’m sorry”, as you took the pen to sign the check.

Back and forth we went. Eyes shifting from napkin to soup spoon. Considering the table top like a chess board. Giggling about our secrets from the waiters. The best, of course, was when a new object was introduced to the table. Something surprising, or difficult to maneuver into wordplay. Something that left both of us staring hard and silent, racing each others’ brains to the cleverest quip. You were always faster than I. I could not keep up with your lightning mind, and rejoiced instead in the satisfaction it gave you to beat me to the punch line. To see you beam at your own wit, and then at me, your favorite audience. Food always tastes more delicious when you feel victorious. Maybe this is why people like to hunt.

The day you broke up with me, you brought me to Whole Foods for lunch. This is a pain, because there are so many of them in New York City, and they each look the same, and so now each one looks like the scene of the crime. After you told me you’d forgotten my name, so many other mouths, I said “It’s okay”, and held your hand while you cried. If I had been just a little bit faster, I would have reached for the paper napkin holder and said “Thank you for dispensing this knowledge to me”. It would have not been one of my stronger puns, but it might have made you laugh; which is still what I wanted most of all in that moment. I could of said “Let’s table this for later”, and knocked on the counter between us, or “I guess I was more disposable than I thought” as I reached for a plastic spoon. Maybe “wow, you sure kept this information contained”, with a nob to the takeout box. “I can’t believe you kept a lid on this for so long” as I take a swig of water. “I bet it was really hard to keep bottled up!”. Maybe I could have shouted a line about every single product on the shelves as a threw them to the ground. Winding backwards through each aisle to the exit. Could you imagine the response I would have gotten? Employees wiping their hands on their green aprons, pausing from shelving the quinoa, turning to see the crazy pun lady go out with a bang. I could have delivered on finally zinger shouting, “I’ve never felt more Beat-rayed!” as I pushed over the entire display of violent roots, causing every  shopping cart wheeling mom to burst into sympathetic applause as I bow my way out.

Actually, I doubt anyone would have even noticed. I’m sure wilder things happen in Whole Foods all the time. Instead, I said “it’s okay”, which was the opposite of what I meant.

I meant, "it’s not okay”.

I meant, "why?”.

I meant, “please don’t leave me”.

I meant, "I have loved you for five years”.

I meant, "who will I play with when the waiters aren’t looking?”

“who will I race to impress with my banter?”

“who will smile at me when he reaches the punchline first, delighted that he has won?"

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Four word prompt: "S'gonna be okay darling"

The sun was peeking through the blinds as I blinked away the sleep, a slow smile stretching across my face as I felt the rise and fall of Harry’s breathing against my cheek, my arms twined around his waist. It was his day off today. I had just finished exams and tomorrow I was flying with him to LA while he did promo for his new album. I pressed kisses to his back, only waking him because we had both slept in much later than usual.

He groaned and I leaned over to lightly nibble on his earlobe, “Good morning.”

He started to blink slowly as I kissed over his shoulders. He groaned again as I pulled him so he was lying flat on his back and I crawled over him, straddling his waist and then pressing my body to his chest like a koala bear. He chuckled and put a hand to my back, lightly scratching my bare skin.

“Good morning.” His voice was low and raspy and I closed my eyes at the sound as he kissed my hair. “What do you want to do today?”

“A whole lot of nothing.” I said snuggling deeper into his arms.

He laughed, “Then why’d you wake me?”

I propped my head up so my chin rested on his chest, “I missed you.”

He rolled his eyes, “You’re pathetic.”

I rested my head back on his chest, “Maybe, but you still love me.”

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Top 10 Females from Winter 2017!

10. “Akko” Atsuko Kagari(Little Witch Academy) Akko is a pretty cool chick. It’s still not explained how or why she was allowed into this school of magic, but the fact that she strives to be a great witch like Chariot is actually inspiring. She tries really hard and never gives up because she believes she can accomplish her dream, and I give her mad respect for that.

9. Chiya (Urara Meichorou) Aww man Chiya made me laugh constantly in Urara. Just look at her in that picture and tell me that isn’t funny. Aside from being funny I felt Chiya was the voice of reason in a lit of episodes. Granted she wasn’t the most modern person but I felt her free spirit made things a lot better amongst the girls while learning to become Urara.

8. Raphiel Shiraha Ainsworth (Gabriel Dropout) Raphi…my lord what can I say about her. She constantly had me laughing. Her team up’s with Gab were pretty good but anytime she was around Satania, you knew something was about to go down.

7. Satania Kurumizawa McDowell (Gabriel Dropout) Honestly the funniest characters in this anime, and quite frankly made the show a lot better then what I thought it would have been. Satania’s airheadedness turned out to be pretty damn cute and lovable.

6. Yuki Kasukabe (Demi-Chan wa Kataritai) I honestly thought I was going to hate Yuki after her debut episode. After she opened up to Takahashi and became more active among the Demi’s and really everyone, she became more likable in my eyes. Her interactions with Saki we’re hilarious, especially that exchange of “goods” lol.

5. Hikari Takanashi (Demi-Chan wa Kataritai) What a trouble maker Hikari was, but her free spirit is what made her such an awesome character. I honestly fell in love with her when she suggested Machi getting an actual backpack. I thought that was really awesome and showed how much of a caring person she is….even though sometimes her antics got a little too personal. (Like poking Machi in the breasts!)

4. Tooru Miyamae (Seiren) In my opinion the best female in Seiren so far. Plain and simple Tooru is hot, she plays video games (and is good), and just doesn’t even mind hanging out with you and your boys whenever. She’s basically perfect wife material.

3. Vigne Tsukinose April (Gabriel Dropout) My Angel! Well Demon who was basically an Angel this entire series. Vigne went over the top in my eyes when she was counting the Gabs to try to get to sleep. I also thought she was really cute especially in her cute little Devil and With costumes!

2. Miss Kobayashi (Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon) I waited until Episode 13 aired so I can post this list, just because I always think “Well you never know who could rise or sink on the list.” While I had Kobayashi at number two this whole time…I really considered putting her number one after episode 13. Her stepping up for Tohru was fucking awesome! I liked her a lot already just because she was pretty funny, and her antics were great, but my god when she stepped up to Tohru’s dad, after getting the fear ut in her by him, I was like “Fuck yes Kobayashi!!!!”

1. Satou Sakie (Demi-Chan wa Kataritai) Sakie sensei…the fact that she is a succubus does make her more appealing, however her personality is pretty amazing as well. She genuinely cares about her students whether they are Demi’s or humans, but also has to watch out for herself as well. Her development with Takahashi was fantastic throughout the entire series, it’s just a shame nothing could happen at the end. The track suit, glasses and Pony tail made her so much hotter then I could imagine, but when the layers came off…Hello Nurse…er Succubus!