it still involves skill

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Oh, I’m curious about the Cyberpunk Anders one! Is there an analog for him being a healer? What does he do in this universe? What is his manifesto about?

Thank you for asking! 

Anders is still a healer, but here that also involves skill with robotics/cybernetics, using tech to supplement flesh. He’s still running a clinic in Kirkwall’s slums

As for the last question… Why don’t I give you a piece of his “manifesto” blog? 

The Templars might have started out well, back when the Fadezone was new, when mages had no idea what we were capable of or what risks we faced. Maybe it made sense, back then, to have someone who could stop the chaos that happened when a naive mage found a virus that corrupted them into an abomination. Maybe it made sense to have someone who could wake the Dreamers who get so entranced by the code they forget they have a body that needs to eat. Maybe the Templars were a solution once.

But now they make the disasters they were supposed to prevent.

For every mage who becomes an abomination out of careless curiosity, ten are driven to it by fear of the Templars. By anger at the phylactery chips that seep control through your blood until they can close the gaps only mages should see, jamming your port and locking you into the flat reality of bodies and pain. By threats of having your port ripped out and being stuck forever in the bleak dimness with half of your brain burned out. Abominations die, but they take Templars with them. They fight back.

The Dreamers aren’t getting lost by accident any more; deep code is a refuge from the prying eyes and mouths and hands that take apart your very self. Who knows what happens to a Dreamer when their body dies? Maybe they blink out into nothing, but maybe they become part of the code, stay in that refuge forever. It’s not such a bad dream to cling to. Not so much of a risk to take, an easier escape route than the deep red lines up your arms, a tea made from the right-wrong herbs, leaping where you know you can’t fly.

Mages will always find a way out, whatever tiny freedom they’re left with. I’m going to change that. No more desperate clawing for freedom of the self, no more seconds of relief bought with everything you have. Freedom. Real freedom. For all of us. Forever. 

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“…Huh?” Was that… some sort of monster? She couldn’t believe her eyes. Wasn’t she in the real world? There was no way she was in Erinn. Yet here there was, Beings unfamiliar to her in any world. 

She doesn’t have a weapon. Yui doesn’t even know if she could go Paladin or Demigod. As she was contemplating this, it seems the Saiark took a notice to the Milletian.

“Dang it. This ain’t good.” She tried to prepare a defensive stance. Even skills that didn’t involve magic should still be able to be used. Before she was hit, another person punched the being out of the way. “Huh?”

I always love the idea of Feuilly as an architect. 

He pushes himself really hard, working 3 different jobs to put himself through college; filling every spare moment he has sketching, and reading, and photographing the city for inspiration. 

Growing up home was always something temporary. He passed through so many foster families and care centres that his life felt fleeting and unstable. He admired the old buildings in the city, the ones with plaques that proudly stated they’d been standing there for more than one hundred years. He yearned for that kind of permanence, and couldn’t help but admire the ingenuity it took to build them.

He still marvels at the skill involved; walking around the city with his neck craned to the sky, stunned by the sky scrapers and the cathedrals, the apartment buildings nestling their rooftops amongst the clouds. His portfolio is crammed full, just overflowing with so much creativity and passion that he secures himself a scholarship to stay on for a Masters Degree.

He wins an award for his final year project and lands himself a job at a prestigious architecture firm. He can’t stand how corporate it all is, but for the first time in his life he has disposable income. He’s working 60 hours a week as a low level designer for the firm, which is killing his junior colleagues, but it’s no skin off Feuilly’s back. 

He sticks it out for a few years whilst he works towards his chartership, thrilled that he can donate more money to local shelters and the care homes that supported him in his youth. He spends more time with Enjolras planning their meetings and organising rallies because he’s no longer as dirt tired as he used to be. 

Eventually the bureaucratic, classist, frat-bro nature of the firm grinds him down and he leaves; using the saving’s he’s hoarded for the past five years to start his own company. It’s a small venture to start with, but it soon grows. He takes on small, meaningful projects; designing new youth centres and transforming run down apartment complexes into something liveable but affordable. 

He invites kids from orphanages and foster homes around the city for work experience placements and encourages them to develop their education. Once he’s more financially stable he sets up a scholarship scheme which helps to fund places at college, because no one should have to work 3 jobs just to get an education. 

I just love the idea of Feuilly as an architect. Using his skills and intelligence to build homes and futures for others. 

Spy's Personality

Okay, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Myers Briggs types of the Mercs, and I just couldn’t seem to think of one for Spy. That is, until I watched Expiration Date and it all kind of fell into place. So, I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but bear with me, okay?

I think Spy’s an INFP. 

Notice he has all of these charecteristics of INFPs:

  • the ability to deeply study a person and completely understand them.
  • Brilliant acting. 
  • Alarming knowledge about everyone and everything around him.
  • Calm in terrifying situations, but overreacts to things that woul barely faze most people.
  • Very private, but very open at the same time. (There is literaly nothing known about Spy, he ven hides his face, and yet he’ll randomly tell people about bodies he’s disposed of in the middle of the night.)
  • Retreating into themselves when they get their feelings hurt. 
  • Needing considerable amounts of alone time, but still being social. 
  • Perfect lying skills. 
  • Getting emotionally involved with everything they do. 
  • Caring a lot about aesthetics and appearance. 
  • INFPs are naturally very intelligent and intellectual, without even trying. They have a fondness for manners, books, and traveling that all make them seem very ‘gentlemanly’, even if they’re not. 
  • INFPs are loquacious as frick. Spy can’t say, “Scout drew me banging the eiffel tower”, no, he says “Here you have drawn me having sexual congress with the Eiffel Tower.”

And quite a few other things that I can’t think of now. Also, did you notice how much he obviously

And I know, you probably have your doubts, but I think I have answers to them. 

But Spy’s too mean to be an INFP!

Have you ever been on the badside of an INFP? For your own sake, I hope not. Although INFPs are the most caring and arguably kindest type, if you violate their beliefs, friends, or themselves to some extent, they will tear you down with a few words. INFPs know everything about everyone, and if they think you’re a bad person, they can be downright terrifying. An INFP can tell what you’re most sensitive about in a second and they’ll either use it to make you the best person you can be, or they’ll kill you with it. 

Most INFPs are awkward in a nice way, Spy carries himself like an ENTJ or some more confident type.

When INFPs get “the zone”, they are unbeatable, and they know it. So don’t think for one second that because Spy’s an INFP, he’s any less suave or confident. No, it probably makes him more so. 

INFPs hate fighting, why would Spy participate in battles?

What. INFPs love violence. Yeah, we don’t like unfair killing and if we think someone is being bullied we’ll be the first ones to step in, but INFPs aren’t afraid of fighting. Honestly, most INFPs are slightly bloodthirsty, but want everyone to be happy, anyway. 

INFPs are really innocent, that's something Spy’s obviously not. 

Most INFPs are the least innocent people you’ll ever know. They’re just usually sweet, and enthusiastic, and aren’t vulgar enough to discuss most things out loud. There’s a quote about INFPs that I think really applies here, “INFPs are born from and drawn to light and purity, but they have a fascination with the dark, and they’ll always have an arm outstretched to the twisted.”

Another thing I noticed is how much Spy actually cares about his team. For example, he spent two hours putting together a literal bucketlist for them, just so they’d feel accomplished before they died. He spent his last few hours helping a boy who hates his guts get his final wish. And the fact that he went out to fight the bread monster with a fricking revolver just so Scout could get so more time with Mrs. Pauling, when he could have easily taken a safer route and helped her, himself. INFPs out of all the types, are the ones who will start to care for a group of people they spend a lot of time with the fastest, and deepest. Even though he has a cold shell, Spy cares more about his team than himself. He knows everything about them, and yet he still cares for them all in their own separate ways. 

So, think what you want on the matter, but that’s my opinon and I’m sticking with it.