it still blows me away how much they look like real siblings


Kick-Ass Chicks: Julie Mooney & Emily Sims

If you see two girls dancing perfectly in synch to your favorite classic tunes, there’s a high chance it’s sisters and bloggers, Julie and Emily. As we walked up to the busy front gates before the park’s official opening, we wondered just how we would find the two dancing darlings in a sea of people. But to no surprise, we spotted them in their matching Vans Lifeguard Hats & Sk8-Hi’s in a matter of seconds— after all, Vans Girls always standout from the crowd. Their laid-back California style and carefree attitudes may have already drawn you in, but their epic tips, tricks, and rare finds will keep you glued to their Insta stories and coming back for more! We sat down with Julie and Emily to get a glimpse into their mega fun careers and to talk building a business as sisters, and having the happiest place on earth as their office. Find out how they turned their passion into a career after the jump…

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Your Hair is Stupid

Klance Fanfiction

2926 Words

Completed Oneshot 

Fluff! With a lil angst cause I couldn’t help myself. 

Summary: “After years of living alone in the desert, this is the most beautiful thing he’s seen. Then Lance is racing over the dark sand, grains of it flying up behind him. He turns around and waves, motioning for the others to join him. Never mind what he said earlier, this is the most beautiful thing Keith has ever seen.” (Alternatively a beach getting together fic with a lil bit of hurt/comfort)

[Note: whenever there is a ‘—’ the fic switches between what character it focuses on.]

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Things we cannot reveal ( Jace Wayland Imagine)

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Jace Wayland x Reader(Y/N = Your Name)

Request: could you do a jace imagine where you’ve been best friends since you found out you were a shadowhunter (like clary) but you developed feelings and he doesnt notice until izzy and alec (whom are like older brother and sister to you) tell him



Falling for your best friend is painful

Warnings: -

Words: 1.571


SURPRISE BITCHES I’M BACK. Wow , 10 months since my last story lol. Grown Up life is busy you know. But I miss writing so I will include a character list for whom you can send me requests ! ( Shadowhunter and Riverdale )

And now, enjoy!

Also sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language . Characters/Fandoms I currently write about (x), send me requests (x), my collection of stories (x) and

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It hadn’t always been like this. And still, many would claim otherwise. How could a girl not fall for Jace Wayland from the very beginning? But you hadn’t. When you first were found by those black hooded men, shivering and dumped behind a trashcan in some street corner, you had only been twelve years old. Memories? Lost.  There were no parents to bring you back to, at least none you knew about. And somehow you ended up at the New Yorker institute, striped off all memories and any sense of self. No, when you first met Jace Wayland you did not think about his two colored eyes or the wicked grin, but rather hid inside a closet. He was a lady’s boy back then already, but with you he was different. He sat outside your hiding space, bribing you out of the closet with a stuffed elephant and telling you how he also had no parents. Maybe it was the similarity of your both pasts that made you trust him. But from that moment on you followed him around like a duckling. No, not because of some silly crush but because of safety. Trust. Friendship.  

While Isabelle and Alec Lightwood became something close to siblings, Jace could not be categorized as your brother. Mind you, not because you were closer to Alec and Izzy, because you weren’t, but because he was your best friend. When you both were fourteen he was so torn between having to choose between you and Alec as parabatai that at some point you willingly declined. You figured that if Alec shared the bond with Jace, it was way more less likely for the idiot to die. Because let’s face it, 2 years of training could not compete with Alec’s skills. And that’s what you both did; you took care of each other. That included making sure no one noticed Jace sneaking off in the middle of the night to see some girl. You got each other, a deeper understanding more valuable than some shaky romance. So no, you didn’t fall for Jace.

Until you did.

You can still remember the day of clarity quite precisely. It wasn’t the way his eye crinkled when he told you a joke and couldn’t stop laughing himself, it wasn’t the quite sigh you were so used to hearing after he fell asleep. It wasn’t his body either.

It were his tears.

It were his tears after you asked him whether he missed not growing up with real parents.  You hadn’t expected him to answer at all, used to the silence surrounding this topic. But he surprised you when he laughed quietly and rubbed at his watering eyes before sighing: ‘’Everyday. Some days are easier than others though.’’

Now you couldn’t talk to him without getting lost in his eyes, swallowing every time he trained shirtless or you drew a rune on him. Sleeping in one bed together made the butterflies erupt in your stomach and while you had supported his nightly hook-ups before you now nearly died with jealousy. But you kept quiet , of course you did.  Jace was your rock, losing him wasn’t an option you’d ever willingly take. And since you were sure about his feelings for you, obviously platonic, you tried not to think about too many ‘what ifs’. So you had your fair share of distraction hook-ups and put all your energy into training and suppressing any unwanted feelings.

‘’Get your head in the game, Y/N! What the hell is up with you?’’

You were pinned beneath Jace on the training floor, panting.

‘’Think I’m coming down with something.’’, you murmured frustrated, which turned into irritation when you heard him snort.

‘’You’re a Shadowhunter, you don’t get sick.’’

You pushed him off you with a little too much force and snapped at him: ‘’Maybe I do.’’

‘’Hey-okay okay. ‘’

Jace had his hands up, a frown ceasing his forehead before his eyes lit up with concern.

‘’I just…you’ve been on edge for a while now, messing up missions, not talking to me.  When was the last time we had a sparring session that didn’t end up with you storming out?’’

You closed your eyes frustrated and rubbed your temples.

He was right. You’ve been screwing up missions and avoiding Jace all while feeling like you’re going to blow off any minute now. The problem was standing right in front of you, looking like he was about to pull you to his chest. So you did the only thing you could bear doing; you turned around and grabbed a bow and dagger.  It’s been a month since Jace regularly met up with that witch friend of Magnus’- Alec’s boyfriend. The problem was not him dating a witch, no, it was him dating anyone that wasn’t you. You had kept it together for a few years, but lately everything seemed to crumple. Every carefully constructed wall seemed no longer to be able to withhold the sheer force of your feelings. It was also a lot easier to cope with Jace jumping from one bed into the next one, but this time it seemed to be something more serious.  And maybe that was why you sounded like a real bitch when you said: ‘’Not talking to you? It’s not like I see you around much anymore. ‘’

You didn’t dare turn around but you could feel Jace stiffen.


‘’Oh don’t act so clueless. You’re with Patricia all the time.’’

That was partly true. He indeed spent a lot time with her. But he always tried to make sure to spend at least the same amount of time with you as well. But jealousy and rage wasn’t logical. And you felt like you were losing him to someone else and like your worst fear was about to come alive.

It wasn’t just about you being jealous- no you could feel him slipping away. And there was nothing greater you feared than him leaving you alone. He was, and always would be, the most important person in your life. Even without all the lovey-dovey feelings.

But that seemed to be threatened by a certain witch and not crying right now took all your willpower.  

‘’This is unfair and you know it. It’s not true and besides, I offered like a million times to introduce you both but you keep on declining. Why are you so bothered by her being a witch I thou-‘’

‘’Don’t you-don’t you dare finish that sentence Wayland.’’, you spit out, clenching your fists and finally facing him again.

‘’This is not about her being a witch. How on earth can you even think something like that?’’

You bit your lower lip before taking in a deep breath.

‘’I don’t…by the angels, Y/N! I’m just trying to figure out what’s wrong. You’re being a real shitty friend, forcing me to be a shitty friend but I honestly don’t know what to do other than get mad at you.’’

His voice echoed in the room, making you wince. He was angry.

‘’Why do you have to be so blind?’’, you screamed at him before breaking the bow in the process of storming out of the training room, passing Alec and Izzy on your way out.

Jace was about to trail after you but then he shook his head and sat down on the stairs. Burying his face in his hands.

He felt the presence of his parabatai, but didn’t look up.

‘’You really have no clue, do you?’’

Alec’s voice was soft but wary and when Jace did look up, something like hesitation crossed his features.

‘’No clue about what?’’

The tall shadowhunter sought validation in his sisters eyes before he sighed.

‘’Here I thought I was the awkward one when it comes to feelings and relationships. But turns out you’re even dumber than me. Y/N likes you, Jace.’’

‘’I know, I like her too.’’, Jace rolled his eyes at Alec and made a move to stand up but Izzy put a hand on his shoulder.

‘’Not like that, Jace. She likes you more than just a friend. ‘’

‘’Y/N is in love with you.’’, Alec plainly said and rubbed his forehead.

‘’Look, I feel like this is going to put me in a lot of misery because she trusts me but I can’t keep on seeing her that down. Y/N thinks you’re dating Patricia. And she kept her feelings closed-off from you for quite a while but I think she fears she’s going to lose you completely to someone else and that scares her. ‘’

Jace was dumbstruck.

Alec and Izzy could tell he’d never thought about you being jealous.

‘’But Patricia…she’s not-‘’

‘’We know that, Jace. But you never really clarified that with Y/N, did you?’’, Izzy smiled before picking up the broken bow.

‘’Besides, not the most urgent thing to think about, don’t you think?’’, Alec slowly said and tried to catch any evidence of feelings on Jace’ face.

Might he feel the same? Did Alec just ruin Y/N’s and Jace’ friendship?

The silence that stretched on until Jace cleared his throat was filled with unspoken words.

‘’You’re sure about all of that?’’, he quietly asked, rubbing his palms against his trousers.

‘’Yes.’’, Izzy simply said. ‘’She’s my little sister.’’

A small smile crossed Jace’s lips at that before he closed his eyes and sighed deeply.

The concern crawling back into his features.

‘’Nothing to think about then.’’


It’s totally legitimate to hate me for that ending, yes. What do you think Jace means with that last statement. Let me knooooow hihi ?

Robin’s Nest: Part 4

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 1517

AN: This was edited by my wonderful team of beta’s who continue to plow through my stories.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

You’ve never actually planned for a baby before, so you’re kind of surprised when it takes you around six months to get pregnant. It’s not a terribly long time when things are put into perspective, but you’re kind of just used to waking up and finding yourself pregnant.

          This pregnancy is a little bit different from the other two. You’re not sure if it’s just because it’s been three years since the last time, or if it truly is different. All you know is that you feel a lot more tired this time round. Bruce does his best to take over a lot of your duties at home. He starts taking care of bath time, and story time, and even play time, and you can’t help but feel a little bit like a bad mother; as though you’re abandoning the two children you already have. Bruce assures you that isn’t the case.

          Of course, you’re much more hormonal this time round, and you have a total melt down. He takes it all in calmly before just picking you up and holding you. He places a hand on your slight little bump, and jokingly tells you that this little girl is going to be a handful. He seems so certain that it’s going to be a girl, something tells you otherwise.

          Dick is excited about the prospect of another younger sibling. As far as he’s concerned Jason is a great playmate, and tons of fun, which means another brother means that much more fun. Jason is on the other end of the spectrum. Just like with Dick, you tote out the life like baby doll, he takes one look at it before taking it and throwing it down on the floor. Before you can correct him, Dick is there, showing Jason how to hold the baby and love it.

          At the sight of his big brother being loving towards the baby doll, Jason seems more interested. You and Bruce just shrug, and maybe, kind of, sort of leave the issue with your four-year-old son. Over the next several days you see Dick teaching Jason everything he knows about babies, and it just warms your heart so much, and then you’re crying again.

          One again Bruce sweeps in and gets you out of the room before the boys can see. Even in your very hormonal state you know that a mommy’s tears would worry her children.

          When the baby starts moving, you find out that it takes after Bruce and is indeed nocturnal. The only time he seems to move is during the night. It’s safe to say that you’re not getting much sleep and naps have to become a regular part of your routine. When your boys go down for a nap, so do you.

          The baby ends up coming two weeks late. By that time, you’ve tried almost every trick in the book to induce labor, including a lot of “alone time” with Bruce. Your water finally breaks during a Saturday morning breakfast. Bruce just simply grabs the go bag, and with kisses and hugs to your children, you’re off.

          Your labor only lasts six hours, a big time difference from Dick and Jason. Timothy Harrison Wayne comes into the world rather quiet. He doesn’t cry straight away like his brothers did, but he’s healthy. He’s longer than his brothers were, and kind of skinny, he has that trademark dark hair that all of your sons seem to have.

          The hospital keeps you overnight before sending you home. Because of this Alfred never brings the boys up, which is a good thing considering the paparazzi seem to get crazier with each baby. You know the reason behind it of course, they never get unplanned shots of your boys. The only photos released of your children are planned ones. Typically, there’s one following a birthday, or a major Wayne Foundation event.

          Either way, this craziness is the norm, and Bruce just holds you a bit tighter as he and the police escort you to the car. The boys are jumping when you get home, both excited to see their new brother. Because you’re still a bit sore, Bruce takes care of introductions. He sits the boys down and gives them each a chance to hold him.

          Tim seems fine in Dick’s arms, still fast asleep, but when he reaches Jason’s arms he wakes up and begins screaming. Jason winces before demanding you return him to the hospital. When you tell him that’s not an option, he runs off. You take Tim while Bruce goes after Jason. Dick just sits there and stares at his new brother before informing you “I like him mommy, he looks smart.”

          You just smile and kiss Dick’s head, before continuing your efforts of quieting Tim. The next several months are stressful to say the least. With three kids you’re very much outnumbered, and there’s the little fact that Tim not only has colic, but doesn’t want to sleep during the night.

          It’s while Alfred is gone that you and Bruce have your first real fight. Both you and Bruce are sleep deprived, and more than a little cranky. So it shouldn’t be a very big surprise when the blow up happens. He has to head out as the Batman and you want him to stay. You both need sleep, Tim is still crying, and Dick and Jason still aren’t in bed despite it being past their bedtime.

          “Y/N, the Joker escaped he’s causing havoc.”

          Your teeth grind together as you continue to bounce Tim “If you haven’t noticed Bruce our family is in the middle of havoc. Neither of us have slept in more than forty-eight hours.”

          “I have a duty …”

          You stop him before he can finish, “To your family, Bruce. Your duty is to me and your children. Gotham comes second.”

          He takes a deep breath “People are dying Y/N, please try to understand.”

          The anger finally explodes. “Understand what Bruce? Understand that you’re about to get yourself killed. You’re not at the top of your game, you’re tired and stressed, and I refuse to become a widow. If you go out tonight, the boys and I won’t be here when you get back.”

          He looks at you shocked for a moment, then you realize what you’ve said and the tears come. He moves forward to hold you and you let him, while blubbering out an apology. He’s been so great ever since you found out about the pregnancy. Bruce has stepped up taking on so many of your responsibilities, and doing his best to manage family, work, and after hours’ activities. He’s just as sleep deprived as you are, but he never lets it show. You tell him as much, and he just laughs.

          “Trust me, I am just as tired as you are but . . “

          You straighten up a bit and he wipes the tears from your eyes, as you finish his sentence “But people need the Batman. Gotham needs the Batman. I know. Go. And please be safe.”

          He stares at you with love in his eyes and asks, “Are you sure? Because if it’s between the suit and my family, I pick my family every time.”

          You smile “And that means the world to me Bruce now go put the crazy clown back in the asylum. I’ll figure something out.” He nods and turns to leave and you stop him with one more phrase “And Bruce, the boys and I will be here when you get back. Always. For better or for worse.”

          Bruce just smiles, gives you a wink and disappears out the bedroom door. It’s in that moment that you realize Tim has not only stopped crying, but has fallen asleep. Doing your very best to stay quiet you lie him in his bassinet and go put your other two monkeys to bed.

          You wait up for Bruce, despite being exhausted. He comes in a little bruised and battered, but other than that he’s okay. You move to him, pulling him into the shower. Together you wash off the gunk of the day before going to bed. Despite the exhaustion, or perhaps in spite of it, you feel the need to be intimately close to one another. It’s the first time since Tim’s been born that it’s happened, and when you’re done you feel a little sore but otherwise amazing.

          You and Bruce snuggle together, and you sleep through the night. That’s also the night Tim sleeps through the night for the first time in the eight months since you’ve brought him home. The next day things seem to fall into place. Tim’s colic seems to be gone, and he turns into one of the happiest babies you’ve ever seen. Dick and Jason seem to be happier as well, although Jason still wants to return him on occasion.

          Eventually, things fall back into a routine. You and Bruce make sure to spend more time together, going as far as to designate a date night. Your life is complete chaos, but you love it.  

Daddy Issues - Part Two

Description: Yeah like you got daddy issues.

A/U: This was an emotional rollercoaster to write, so I’m praying y’all feel the same. Also, there are a lot of the y/n y/l/n like things in this. I was under the impression I could change additional ones but it won’t work for me. If you know how I can fix it please message me!

Word Count: 4,893

<< Part One

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darkstreet-nostalgia  asked:

I love the PJO au! What are Pidge's and Hunk's backstories?

Me too! I’m surprised i got a lot of asks for it after that one tbh! XD I know you’re not asking for Lance, but I’m adding him anyway just because. There’s a Shiro backstory ask so he’ll be next soon. (Keith’s Backstory)

The Backstories: Pidge, Hunk and Lance Edition (PJO AU)

Pidge is the daughter of the famous Sam Holt, an engineer and the current Administrator of NASA. She has a brother named Matt who went missing for 10 years. Ever since her brother went missing, she became a lil obsessed finding him, thinking aliens got him and all that, she however had fascination with Greek mythology for some reason. 

She was on their rooftop when she spotted her first monster: one of the Furies and boy did she scream so loud when it clutched its claws to her shoulders, taking her off the ground. She tried her best not to panic because GODS DAMMIT WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON. Using all her strength, she swung her body forward until she was practically riding the monster. “Is this what Hiccup felt like when he rode Toothless because I swear to god this is goddamn awful and exhilarating at the same time.” It startled the monster and it shrieked, “What are you saying?! And what are you doing there?” “Oh! You could talk! Welp. Bye, bye. Sorry in advance.” Then Pidge stabbed the monster’s eyes with the pen from her tablet that she was holding and twisted its neck until she heard it crack. The monster shrieked louder in pain and suddenly it started to disintegrate. She was way up high in the sky, above their rooftop, then she started to fall. “Oh gods. This is how I die after I just killed one of the Furies. A heroic act at that and no one was even there to see it. Story of my life.” She accepted her fate and closed her eyes, doing a salute towards the moon. 

Next thing she knew, she was in the arms of her Dad, who caught her just in time because apparently he heard some noise from the rooftop and went to check. “I got you. And you just killed that monster.” Her Dad gasped. She had never hugged her Dad so tight in her life. “You have so much explaining to do, old man.” That was how she got to Camp Half Blood, she had the chillest arrival because her Dad simply drove her there because their car was protected with material that warded off monsters. Hunk was her first friend along with Lance and they formed a bond. She found out that her brother was in the Roman Camp: safe and sound.

Hunk is the son of a gourmet chef. His mom owned a famous restaurant and he always made sure to help her. He got all the skills from her and he was trained to be the next head chef until The Incident happened. Hunk was a nerd so the second he saw the thing, he knew it was the Khalkotauroi. He didn’t know how it appeared in the restaurant, he was just trying to prepare a dish when suddenly there were screams and he went out and saw the chaos the automaton caused. It breathed fire EVERYWHERE. Panic came over him when he saw his Mom being cornered by the bull and suddenly his feet started to move and he was in front of the bull, grabbing its horns, his body covering his mom.

“Get out of here, Ma!” Hunk screamed. Before his Mom could protest, the bull was preparing for another blow. The next thing Hunk heard was his Mom screaming out for him. He thought he was dead but he opened his eyes and he was still in one piece. He had no idea how that was even possible but he stared into the bull’s eyes and suddenly his hands were on fire. “Oh gods. No. It’s too early,” Hunk’s mom gasped. “I have no idea what’s happening so you better fill me up later, Ma. Fight fire with fire and—” Before he could finish his sentence, the bull stepped back and charged his mother and burned her.

Hunk screamed so loud and his whole body was covered with flames. “You did not just do that. Now, I’m really angry.” Hunk grabbed the nearest knives and charged, throwing knives into the bull’s mouth as it recharged for another blow. The bull burst into millions of pieces, leaving Hunk in tears holding his Mom’s dead body. Hephaestus came for him and informed him he needed to go to camp.

Lance is the son of a nurse. His family was big (mom remarried to his stepdad and now he had many siblings) and he wanted to make everyone proud of him. So he got into the swim team because if there was another thing he loved more than his family, it was swimming. He was in school and the swimming club was his second family, so during practice that was when he realized that he was probably more special than he thought he was.

The ceiling of the school’s indoor swimming pool got destroyed into pieces when a manticore decided to greet them. “Holy shit, what is that!?” Lance screamed. “MANTICORE!!” some geek screamed and the club members screamed as they got out of the pool. Lance was sorta hyponotized because there was no way a manticore could really exist—his thoughts got disrupted when the monster grabbed his leg by its mouth. “IT’S REAL OH GODS ITS REAL!!!” His friends started screaming at him and boy he screamed with them too because WHAT THE HELL THERE IS JUST NO WAY THIS WAS HAPPENING TO HIM. He wanted a chill swim NOT THIS! 


And that was when suddenly all the water in the pool went upwards and it appeared to be facing each of Lance’s balled up fist, waiting for his command. “Holy shit.” Lance was so shocked. The manticore roared and out of panic, Lance threw his hands up and then towards the manticore. The water obeyed and attacked the monster, temporarily drowning it. As soon as the monster can breathe, Lance shrieked because it looked so pissed, so he did the next best thing he could think of from all his gaming with Hunk: he froze the water into icicles and started stabbing the beast again and again until it disintegrated. His Mom told him later that day that his Dad was Poseidon and the next thing was, he was at camp with Hunk. When Lance arrived with Hunk, everyone bowed down to him when Poseidon claimed him and boy did he like to brag about being a Big Three kid.

The 102- Part 13: Anarchy (Part 2)

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Pairing: Bellamy x reader
Characters: Bellamy, Octavia, Clarke, Finn, Monty, Jasper, Wells, Murphy, Charlotte
Warnings: swearing, angst, major character death, violence
Summary: After Atom, the camp is struck with another tragedy- Wells is killed. With the grounder threat imminent, the 102 will be quick to point fingers. But after damning evidence that someone from camp is the murderer, who will be accused next?
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A/N: Comments are feedback are always appreciated! I don’t want to continue a series I don’t feel like you guys are enjoying:)  

“I say we float him!” A boy’s voice rang throughout the crowd, and was soon follow by murmurs and then shouts of agreement. 

The situation was quickly getting out of control, and everyone was turning on Murphy. He was yelling at the crowd at this point, shouting and raising his fists into the air claiming he was innocent, and all of this was “bullshit”. 

But the crowd gave him no remorse, they were viscous. And the first blow landed when Murphy tried to run away, and he was immediately tripped by a raven haired boy to his left. 

When he hit the ground it all happened so fast you weren’t sure what you were seeing, just a boy on the ground and a mob gone wild. Clarke screamed the entire time, yelling about how floating wasn’t what she meant and everyone needed to stop, but it was too late- the damage was already done. 

Throughout the chaos, someone managed to bind and gag Murphy with a red seatbelt from the dropship. He was still on the ground and the crowd had descended upon him, kicking and punching blindly until they hit their target. You tried to stop it, you yelled until your throat was hoarse, but nobody listened. 

The crowd had gone insane, and in the chaos people were being trampled onto the ground alongside Murphy- it was as if nobody cared who they were hitting, as long as they were hitting something. About thirty seconds into the riot, Murphy was kicked and pushed about 20 feet to the nearest tree- and that was when the same raven haired boy from before made a noose out of old cord-wire. 

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The Blake Siblings Revisited

I noticed two things about the Blake Sibling relationship in 401 that made me happy: Octavia worried about her brother’s safety and Bellamy put some deliberate distance between them.  (This is inspired by some stuff @mego42 talks about here, so check that out too.)

Let’s take Octavia first.  I have given up hoping that the show will address how incredibly awful and inexcusable it was for her to physically abuse him (much like the massacre and Murphy/Ontari, the show clearly doesn’t know just how bad it actually was) so I’m gonna just…leave that aside.  If you can’t, that’s fair– that was a dealbreaker moment for a lot of people and I don’t begrudge you drawing a line in the sand.

However, since the show still wants us to root for these siblings to find their way back to each other, I think it’s worth exploring how 401 set the table for that.  It was clearly a place-setting episode, undoing a lot of the mess of s3 (praise jesus) and indicating what the writers want us to know about relationships and characters as we move forward.  And in 401, Octavia had essentially three modes:

1) Murder

2) Sassmaster Blake

3) Worried About Bellamy Despite Everything

The first has been obvious in all the promos– the show clearly loves a Lady With a Sword action sequence, and Octavia is perfect for that.  She’s deadly, she’s grieving, and Marie has the moves.  The second is another consistent trait, because “kind of bratty comment while everyone else deals with shit” is Quintessential Octavia.

“Worried about Bellamy Despite Everything” is also Quintessential Octavia, and the show made a point to emphasize that.  We see her reaction when the parley with Echo goes south, we see her worried expression when he’s dragged into the throne room, and I suspect her “don’t fuck this up” quip was also her very guarded way of telling Bellamy to take care of himself.  (The Blakes tend to communicate their love through black humor and mild jackassness, and I love that about them.) This is important, because it indicates that no matter how upset Octavia is, she cannot turn off the “loving her brother” part of her heart.  That is also a quality we see in Bellamy, since no matter what Octavia does, he makes it clear he loves her no matter what.

But in 401, Bellamy does not behave towards Octavia the way we’re used to.  We see him watching her right at the start, and Clarke immediately hones in on his concern.  (Sidenote: real talk I was so confused that Clarke thought Bellamy was worried Octavia would be tried for her crimes because the Arkadia storyline in s3 was such a broken down mess of authoritarianism and lawlessness that I honest to god straight up forgot they even had laws).  But Bellamy pretty much blows Clarke off and does not approach Octavia, despite his clear concern.  Throughout the episode he exists in the same sphere as her and interacts with her as necessary, but those interactions are generally limited to rebukes and silent looks.  He’s worried, but he’s not about to try and parent her right now– not when she’s like this.

I think the only other time we’ve really seen Bellamy even consider rejecting Octavia is in Day Trip, when he intends to run away and leave her behind.  It’s borne of desperation because he’s scared of being executed when the Ark comes down, but it’s also driven by the fact that Octavia is furious with him.  I bang the “the Blake Sibling Relationship Is Profoundly Fucked Up” drum a lot, but that’s because it is profoundly fucked up.  He’s basically her father, but he’s also her brother and we forget that Bellamy’s existence on the Ark was almost as lonely as Octavia’s.  In s1, nearly everyone has someone: Monty has Jasper, Raven has Abby, Clarke has Wells (and sometimes her mother), and Octavia has Bellamy.  But Bellamy only sometimes has Octavia.  

She loves him fiercely, but she’s constantly furious with him, and in 108 he decides to just…give up.  He had been doing everything to protect her– which is how Bellamy shows his love– and all it got him was her scorn, first with Atom and then with Lincoln.  (Note: Bellamy’s “protection” was basically “controlling her” and incredibly Not Okay, but I do think the show meant for us to see that it came from a place of genuine love.)

So Bellamy putting some space between himself and Octavia in 401 is, in my opinion, a good sign.  It means he’s drawing a line (I will love you but I will not let you treat me like this) that is important for both Octavia and for himself.  For Octavia, it’s a continuation of their parent-child relationship: he’s recognizing that she’s a grown up who is going to make her own mistakes, and he will love her from afar but he won’t fix them for her.  (In fact, he explicitly said as much in 316).  Octavia has been fighting for that right pretty much since they landed, and while they managed it in s2 and early s3, the clusterfuck of s3 saw him reverting to s1 Bellamy in a lot of ways and that included his behavior towards Octavia.

That space is equally important for Bellamy, however (if not more so).  Because this is Bellamy letting himself be her brother, not her father.  He is taking a step out of the dad role and letting them exist as just siblings.  I suspect that we’re going to see this progress as Octavia learns to see Bellamy as a brother, not an authority figure against whom she can rebel.  Octavia loves him, but her feelings have always been complicated by the role he had to fill on the Ark–part brother, part father, part jailer.  They need to start over, and by Bellamy stepping back (a move that is incredibly important to his mental health, I think) Octavia is going to be forced to do the heavy lifting this time.

OSF AU - All the Little Children (1/?) points

Fū and certain other characters don’t get a whole lot of spotlight in OSF proper, so here’s an AU of an AU and at this point I almost feel like referencing Inception.


Part 1: In which a fairy saves a small child, bugs have families, and everyone is lost. (Takes place ten years prior to the start of One Piece.)

Fū sighed. “Chōmei? Chōmei, you can stop laughing any time now.”

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The Girl by City and Colour

This is part of a drabble a day for seven days challenge, where you out your playlist on shuffle and write a drabble inspired by each song. @japril12 encouraged me to do this because she believes in me more than I do lol Sorry, if I don’t stick to schedule. :D 

I wish I could do better by you

Cause that’s what you deserve

You sacrifice so much of your life

In order for this to work

“Janine, who approved this?” He asks, trying to keep his voice calm. It’s not her fault. She’s not the one to blame, so he’s not going to yell at her. But, he’s this close to yelling at somebody and he needs to know who it is.

“I’m sorry, Dr.Avery. But, Dr.Harper Avery thought it would be best if it was you who gave the key note at the conference, since you’re set to take over soon, anyway.” She say, sounding a little nervous.

“Don’t remind me,” He groans, “There’s no way I’m getting out of this, am I?”

She smiles regretfully, and shakes her head. She’s a good assistant, loyal, smart and has never once tried to make a move on him. He appreciates all that. So, he keeps to his promise and doesn’t take his anger out on her.

“Thank you. Tell John we’ll be taking off tomorrow morning to Tokyo.” He asks her, and she jots it down on her tablet before heading off.

He falls back on his chair, and runs a finger across his brow. It’s something April always does when he’s frustrated, smooth his brow. She always offers a kiss after that and he misses that now. He has to call her. He has to let her know. He’s already wearing too thin on the whole business trips allowance. He’s been gone for a almost a week now, and it looks like he’ll have to extend that trip to about a week and a half.  He’s not particularly looking forward to this conversation.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write a Bechloe fic in which Chloe and Beca start like a competition about how much random things they know about each other and Chloe is surprised bc she would never guess Beca knew her so much even in the little things?

Ahhh yes yes yes. Here ya go!

I Know More Than You Think Beale

They were the last two on campus, go figure. All of the other girls had gone home for Christmas break already. Of course the day they both planned on going home the roads were covered in ice and there was no leaving in site. They were stuck. Stuck in the cold, with barely enough food and the same 10 movies they’d both already seen far too many times than comfortable to count.

Georgia didn’t see very many ice storms, but every couple years a bad one would hit and the whole state would lose it’s shit. Odds are they’d be home barely in time for Christmas- 2 days from then.

While Beca wasn’t particularly looking forward to going home for the holidays, Chloe was heartbroken. She hadn’t seen her brothers in months and she missed her dog more than the rest of her family combined. Beca on the other hand just had Shelia and Roger waiting for her, but they’d be just fine without them. She didn’t even go home for

Thanksgiving. They survived that- surely they could survive Christmas without her.

They were sitting on the couch, Indian style facing each other, playing what felt like their 7th game of Go Fish. Chloe had already won 5 out of the 7, merely because Beca was letting her. Beca threw her cards down, “alright Beale. I can’t do this anymore. We need to try to get out of her. I’m losing my mind.”

“Becs we can’t. The roads are totes iced over. There’s no way I’m letting you drive in this. You can’t even drive in normal weather, what makes you think I’m letting you get behind the wheel in ice covered roads? Come on. Sit back down. I’ll make you some cocoa.”

“Chlo I’ve already had 4 cups of cocoa. That’s too much as it is!”

“Nope. No such thing as too much. Shut up and sit down.”

“Ok fine but give me more marshmallows this time!”

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[붐붐SERIES] FieldAgent!Wonwoo (PG)

Prompt: It’s your first mission after months, and you’re partnered up with your ex-mentor: the cold, aloof Wonwoo. What could go wrong?
Word Count: 3,074 (isweartojisoos, this will be the longest out of the entire series, I PROMISE!)
Genre: Angst-ish? Fluff-ish?
Warnings: Mild cursing

A/N: I thought I would have an easy time writing out my bias’ installment of the series, but I guess the creative juices aren’t flowing as well as they used to (I blame school). Major, MAJOR thanks to scooped for helping me out with this. COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!!

This is kind of a spinoff from my Jeonghan instalment, occurring just months after that incident. 

The next member will be DINO!

wooed <3

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Originally posted by kittykatkwon

“No, no no no this can’t be happening,” you groan, slumping against the metal walls.

It may be a defense mechanism of sorts,” Woozi’s voice crackles through your earpieces. “The shithead mob boss may be smarter than we thought.”  

“Is there any way to breach it?” your only other companion Wonwoo asks, his voice reverberating clandestinely around the enclosed space.

Of course.” You can hear the irritation in the hacker’s voice. “I just don’t know how long it’d take; I’d have to hack into the central control system at this rate, it could take hours for all I know. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t something I was expecting.”

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Anon Summary: In which the reader steals Leonard Snart’s heart.(Not literally.)

Anon Request: Reader is a really good pickpocket/thief, she and Lenny are rivals. One day she’s facing off against the Flash, Lenny steps in to help her. She joins the Rogues and they both admit their feelings for each other. They become a cute supervillain couple

Warning: Sad moments and fluff!!


4 7 8 6.

That’s the code you’ve been mumbling to yourself for the past month. 4 7 8 6. You’d think of that code in your sleep. 4 7 8 6. Even when you were planning many of your other heist, that code, 4 7 8 6, was always on your mind.

Ans now, here you are, standing in front of the heavy metal door and looking at the key pad. You reach out and press on the pad.

“4..7..8..6..” There’s a pause as it scan before a green approved sign flashes on the screen and the metal doors open. You smile to yourself, knowing that you’re just a few feet away from biggest heist of your career.

You look over your shoulder at the two guards laying unconscious before making your way in. You figured that the item you were stealing would be heavily guarded but it turns out it wasn’t.

“How unfortunate.” You say with a smirk as you lightly walk into the museum part of the building. Seeing many things that are worth stealing but they just aren’t as pretty and expensive as the one you want.

And the item you were looking for was right in the center of all the other jewels.

“Hello beautiful..” You smile widen while you look at the clear cut crystal diamond worth over 20 million dollars on the market. ‘I’ll be set for life!’

You reach for your tools and begin craving a circle on the glass, moving your hand in and grabbing the large diamond carefully before you stand up, ready to pack it away when you hear a familiar sound of a gun, but not just any gun.

“Well well, looks like I wasn’t the only one thinking about stealing a few things tonight.” That familiar voice says and know that they’re a smirk on his face.

You hold up your hands before turning around, seeing none other than you enemy, Leonard Snart a.k.a Captain Cold, wearing his famous blue parka. His cold gun pointed right at you.

‘Captain Cold..what a awesomely stupid name..’ You offend think to yourself.

“So, what brings you here tonight Lenny?” You ask. “I know it wasn’t just for me.” You say with a light wink.

Cold smirks a bit more. “Actually, I am here because of you.” He says, causing you to raise an eyebrow.


He nods his head. “Actually, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t of been able to get in here. You know, with you being able to hack into.” He says.

“Awe what’s wrong Lenny, are your skill finally losing it’s touch?” You ask with a fake pout.

He shoulders. “No necessarily, it just takes up to much time.” Cold states, titling his head to the side. “And what do you know, we’re both after the same thing. So why don’t you be a good little kitty and hand over the diamond.”

Your eyes glance over at the diamond in your right hand and you grip it tighter before turning your focus over to Cold. “Or, I’ve got a better idea.” You say. “How about we both get out of here, sell the diamond to the market and split the money half and half?” You say.

Cold titles his head back, knowing that he’s thinking about your offer but he soon aims his cold gun back at you. “Sorry kitty, but I don’t enjoy sharing.”

You form a fake pout on your lips again. “Really? That’s too bad, I could of made it worth your wild.” You say softly, seeing his smirk dropping a little his face and it makes you grin.

“Well Lenny, it was nice chit chatting with you but I gotta go cash this baby in.” Before you can reach for you bag, Cold fires off his gun to the space right beside you, catching you a bit off guard.

“Diamond. Had it over now.” He says, you narrow your eyes before toss it over to him. Cold catches it with a wide smirk on his face. “You know, I would of taken you up on your offer if you were being serious but we both know that neither of us are going to be riding off into the sunset.”

You only shrug your shoulders. “A girl could only hope.” You reply before you quickly turn around, smashing the glass to your left take held another jewel and soon the alarms go off.

“What the-!?”

“I hot wired the alarm system here. Instead of it going off from just touching it, I switched it around to only go off if the glass is damaged in anyway, expect for the one that held the diamond.” You say, grabbing your bag.

“It was nice catching up but I got about a minute left before this place is surrounded with cops.” You say before running quickly to your escape. Cold quickly tries to follow but he trips over a trap your set up, causing him to be tangled.

You turn around, watching him struggle before you call out his name, gaining his attention and once you do, you pull out the real diamond from your pocket. Cold eyes widen in surprise as you just stick your tongue out at him. “Good luck with all of this Lenny.” You blow a kiss before you make your escape.

Since you’ve been learning every single thing about the building, it didn’t take you long to find an easy way out from under the building and you did. Once you’re out, you spot the place surround by cop car and seeing Snart being handcuffed out and you can’t help but giggle.



Some people think that once you’re done with your heist and you’re giving your money, you’re suppose to leave out of town but that wasn’t the case for you.

You sit back in the hospital chair, watching your little brother sleep but he’s been like this for weeks. Before you started your life of crimes, it was just you and your younger brother growing up. You don’t remember much of you father but you remember you mother.

She used to be so loving, kind and the best cook you’ve ever known but that all changed when she started dating a very sketchy man. You don’t remember his name but you remembered how ugly he was, how yellow his teeth were and the fact that he smelled like cigarettes and liquor.

He was the one that changed your mother for the worst but she stayed with him, even after you told her about all the horrible things he’s been doing to you and your brother bur she didn’t care. All she cared about was keeping him happy so he can continue paying for everything.

It wasn’t until one day you were called to the principle office and told that your brother had passed out. When you arrived at the hospital with your mother and her lame boyfriend they were already drunk. When the doctor came and tried to explain to them what happen and why your brother fainted, all they manage to do was embarrass themselves in front of everyone to the point where they were removed from the hospital.

When you got home that night you found your home to be completely quiet, which is something you weren’t used to.

“Mom?” You called out but got nothing in return. Even though it made you sick, you still called out her boyfriends name but still got nothing but silence. It wasn’t until you got into the kitchen, you saw a note left on the table,

“Too my beautiful children,

I know I haven’t been myself a lot lately and I’m trying to get better but I can’t when I have to constantly look after the both of you. I know that’s not what you want to hear but it’s the truth. I’m going to be leaving for awhile to get my head clear, there’s enough food in there to last you both for awhile. Please don’t be upset, I need to do this for me so I can get better. 

                                                                Love you always, mamma.”

You read the note over a doze times before getting up from the table and throwing it away.

‘Who needs her anyways..!?’

From that point on, you started working part-time at jobs that would hire you. Between work, school, and looking after your sick brother, you felt like it was all going to crash down on you until a few years later, a man by the name of Lewis Snart gave you an offer you couldn’t refuse.

You started working along side the Snart family in your teens. Lewis used you for your hacking skills and for being quick on the job and for a moment, he even treated you like his own children, until you saw what kind of man he really was.

Your mother may not have been the best but she wasn’t as bad as Lewis Snart. The way he beaten and tortured his children would haunt you for years but what was really chilling to you was watch Lisa, a cute little girl with a bright future and big dreams quickly turn into nothing but a rag doll with nothing but crushed dreams.

And Lenny. Since the begin when you met Leonard, he was always quiet and very over protective of his sister. You understood that since you were over protective of your brother but he had a reason why he was quiet, or why he counted down to very second whenever you were forced to work with him. It was because he had something to lose and you didn’t understand that until the day you told Lewis Snart that you didn’t want to work for him anymore.

“If you leave out that door kid, I’ll make sure that little brother of yours doesn’t make it till his next birthday.”

Since then, you’ve been stuck. Leonard and Lisa got out and left you there to deal with Lewis. You couldn’t blame though, they’ve been through so much from their own father that is was time for them to find their own happiness, even if it meant your own. But you couldn’t help but feel like the Snart siblings were happy that you were in their place.

It wasn’t until you were on a job out of town a few years later when you found out that Lewis Snart was dead. At first you couldn’t believe it but then you saw who killed him and it was Leonard Snart himself.

You felt different emotions that day, confusion, happiness, relief at the fact that your brother was free from harm, even though he didn’t have much time left you were happy that he can go out a free man.

But since Lewis was dead, that left you without work for awhile and yeah, you tried the serving job or even a secretary but nothing beats the feeling, that rush you got whenever you went on a heist and the quick easy money that came with it.

So now here were, watching you younger brother rest, seeing that he looks weaker. You get up quickly, needing to do another job to pay for the best medical treatment for him.


A rare untreated oval cut ruby diamond ring, worth $375, 802. You thought you would of been set when you stole the first diamond but your brothers medical were worth more then you thought it would be.

You made it to the fortunate 500 bank where you take out the guards quickly and head to the safe. You make your way in and hack into it, being able to open the large fault and you step in, not knowing that you tripped the back up alarm and soon it goes off. Closing down the room that lead to the diamond and other goodies you were going to still.

You make a run for the vault exit before it closes and locks on you but once you’re out, you feel a gush of wind that knocks you off your feet. You look up in a groan to see The Flash there.

“Y/N. You’re days of stealing are over.” He says, ready to rush to you to handcuff you but he slips on the ground, landing into the wall across from you.

“Ice?” You look confused before you feel a hand pulling you up.

“Well now, isn’t this interesting.” The voice says and you see that it’s Leonard Snart.

“I feel like you’re stalking me Lenny.” You say softly as you see him smirk.

“Well, you did leave a good impression on me kitty.” He says, looking down at you. You were both to lost in your moment to notice The Flash getting up.

“Snart, what are you doing here?” He ask before Snart slowly turn his attention over to him.

“I’m just here to pick up my lady and I’ll be on my way.” Snart says, pulling you behind him gently before you aims his cold gun at the Flash and firing, stopping him in his tracks. “No hard feelings kid.” He says before grabbing your hand and pulling you away from the scene just as the police were showing up.

You both make it back to one of his hide outs a couple of miles away and it looked like any other safe house.

“Did you want anything to drink?” Leonard ask, taking off his parka. You shake your head before crossing your arms. “

“Why did you help be out back there?” You ask and Snart shrugs.

“Because we’re both criminals and plus if you’re in jail then who am I going to have challenge me?” He smirks but you keep a straight face.

“I’m serious Lenny, why did you help me?” You ask once again and he sighs.

“Because I wanted too.”

Now it was your turn to sigh. “Lenny.”

“I’m serious, Y/N. We get each other because we grew up together. You and I both know that you would continue this little game we got going on for so long until finally one of us either ends up in jail or dead.” He states, walking over towards you.

“And I know that Andrew wouldn’t want that for you.” Leonard cuffs your face. “And neither do I so from now on you’re stuck with me till the bitter end here kitty.”

You were caught off guard, not sure how to respond to him since this is the first time something like this has happen to you. But you soon nod you you head. “Okay.”

It feels like you were both holding onto each other for a while until Snart pulls back.

“I actually got something for you.” He says, digging in his pocket before pulling out the ruby color diamond. The same one you were planning on stealing that night.

“How did-?”

“You’re not the only one who’s got tricks kitty.”


Before I get started I would just like to say, *throws smoke bomb and runs away* Sorry, I know this isn’t that good of a story, I could do better I swear!! Side note, who else was dying last night from LoT scene with Leonard and little Leo because I know for a fact I was.❄❄❄❄

anime-trash-can-aye  asked:

How would naruto, Ino, and kiba react to finding out that their crush is deaf/hoh? For example, their crush prefers signing which could be a language barrier, but their crush can read lips decently.

I actually really like this ask, because I teach baby sign language (because that’s a real thing) so I do know a lot of basic signing and one of the older kids I watch is hard of hearing, so I know my way around this a bit (I am gonna use some hearing aides in this too, hope that’s okay) Plus I get ear infections a lot, so there’s  lot of fluid in my ears and sometimes I can’t hear for shit, so I feel this; though nothing to the extent of a person who is truly hoh or deaf, so please correct me if anything isn’t correct.

I’m going to switch these up a bit, some are more headcanons and others are like mini scenarios

Originally posted by honoredsage


  • Honestly, he didn’t even realize that he S/O was had any hearing loss until he met their family and he saw his S/O and their sibling signing back and forth. Even then he still didn’t think that they were hard of hearing until later in the night when he made some remark about it, just thinking that it was a sibling thing from back when they were kids, and his S/O is just staring at him like, “You know I’m nearly deaf in both ears, right…?”
    • Nope, Naruto had no idea at all…
  • It catches him so off guard, because he’s never had an issues talking to them and they’ve never had an issue talking to him, and he really did have that stereotypical outlook that everyone who has hearing loss literally only use sign language and can barely speak, so he’s just blow away by the fact at how well they have adapted and that they don’t follow that stereotype.  
  • He asks them a million and one questions, because he’s never been exposed to this before (knowingly) and there’s just so much he doesn’t know. How did they learn to speak so well? Do they wear their hearing aids all the time? Have all the hand motions they do when they talk been sign language and he just never knew? How have they exceeded so as a shinobi while being nearly deaf? There’s just so so so much he wants to know.
    • “Well, you’re kinda loud, so I’ve never really had a problem hearing you… Plus you really use your mouth and body when you talk for some odd reason, so it’s easy for me to understand what you’re saying.”
    • In all honesty it was a struggle for them to get this far, but they’re not going to tell Naruto, he’d feel so bad for them, and that’s something they don’t want. It’s not like it’s ever stopped them, it’s made it harder, but never stopped them.
  • Now it makes so much more sense that there are random periods of time where his S/O gets really quiet and relies mainly on physical contact. He was kinda worried that they were upset with him, but also very confused, because they’d be dead silent, but they’d be smiling or hugging him, and now it’s like this giant revelation.
  • His S/O will just listen to him for days, even if they really can’t understand whatever he’s saying, his tone is nice to hear, because it’s so upbeat most of the time and, it becomes a comforting thing.
  • Actually tries and researches cochlear implants just because he thinks that it’s crazy that his S/O has lived their entire life without being able to fully hear, but when his S/O tells him that even with those it doesn’t replace hearing, he decides on just trying to pick up on some signing here and there, make it easier on his S/O.

Originally posted by oceanboywriter


  • Before they got together or were really friends, Kiba use to think that his S/O was incredibly rude and stuck up, because his first couple encounters with them were not the best honestly. They went to the Academy together, and one time he tried to talk to them and they straight up ignored him and just kept staring out the window. On top of that, they never really talked that much to anyone around them, sometimes to some of the girls, but that was it, so Kiba just thought that they were stuck up. They always seemed to be getting special treatment in class too, because Iruka would give them already handwritten notes before the class even started, and he just didn’t think that was fair.
  • It was Akamaru who actually took a liking to them first, and that was how they first became truly acquainted. Kiba came out one day to find Akamaru sitting in her lap outside and she was making little hand gestures and just smiling at Akamaru. At first he was caught off guard because he always thought that she was stuck up, but this is so different than what he thought, and it’s really the first time that sees the girl inside that he eventually falls in love with.
  • Of course he went up to go and ask her what she was doing with his dog, and for a moment she just looked up at him before messing with her ears and actually turning on her hear aids. Almost immediately she apologizes, because she knows he said something but she couldn’t hear, because sometimes actually having her hearing aids on is a bit of a sensory overload, so she prefers them off if possible.
    • Ends up saying something like, “Sorry, I can’t hear well, can you say that again?”
  • It’s at that moment Kiba realizes that she isn’t rude or stuck up; she literally cannot hear half the time, and oh God, he feels like such an ass for thinking all of those things about her. All of a sudden he’s so jumpy, because she’s actually super sweet and likeable, but he’s thought so many bad things about her, and he just so nervous now. Still, they end up talking and playing with Akamaru for a while about that’s how their friendship got started.
  • As their friendship goes along, Kiba tries to learn signing, but sometimes he just frustrated because there’s just so many things to learn, but he still wants to communicate better with his S/O. Luckily, his S/O does a lot of reassuring with him, explaining that there are a lot of social cues that she follows and that his physical language is a lot more important than his verbal and as long as he can understand her, they’re good.
  • Kiba knows that when his S/O is about to hit her sensory overload for the day when she just flat out turns her hearing aids off or just takes them out altogether; usually she gets tired of them before they actually run out of power, because sometimes it’s taxing to hear and participate like a hearing person with her hearing aids. She’ll even do this in public when people aren’t looking and she’ll just give very generic answers like, “Yeah, I understand.” or “No, no; I getchu, don’t worry,” and  go over to Kiba and stay by him, just to make sure that if there is something important that he hears it.

Originally posted by lady-nounoum


  • You better believe that Ino knew that her S/O was hard of hearing since the very beginning. Something like that would not just fly under the radar with Ino, and she makes sure that she is able to communicate with her S/O as much as possible, because it’s one of the most important things in a relationship for Ino. With the assumption that Ino and her S/O grew up together, she would have already nearly mastered signing by the time that they were actually a couple. Or if she started dating them without knowing it, she would be constantly trying to become fluent at it; I don’t have a doubt about that.
  • OMG when they were kids and her S/O was insecure about her hearing aids, Ino used to fix her hair or make flower crowns for her in order to distract from them, but the whole time she would continuously tell her that there was no need to be insecure about it, because it just made her special. She was always trying to boost her S/O’s confidence, because she understood that it wasn’t always the easiest thing being deaf, but it shouldn’t be something that her S/O was ashamed for, if anything it makes them better than the average person- at least in her opinion, and that’s all that matters, right?
  • Ino also would always stand up for her S/O growing up if anyone dared make fun of her voice and all the little tics in it. She always thought that her S/O had a cute little voice and if anyone thought different then they should just go spread some lies somewhere else. Ino Yamanaka doesn’t have time for the pettiness of someone who’s making fun of someone else’s voice.
  • Ino and her S/O have this whole set of just glances and faces and small hand gestures they give each other while other people are talking. Like they can have an entire conversation just by giving each other various looks; it’s like a secret talent between the two. Honestly, it’s great, because they could be completely shit talking someone right in front of them and they wouldn’t even know.
  • All seriousness though, it’s not that big of a deal to Ino, because she can still very much communicate with her partner even if they cannot hear very well. There’s so much more to a relationship than just simple words, and Ino would be very capable of succeeding in a very fulfilling relationship with someone who is hard of hearing or deaf.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Stan pretending he hasn’t got his memories of Ford back for a while. He does it for a few reasons. He wants Ford to keep being nice to him and that doesn’t seem consistent with the relationship he remembers them having. The bad memories are some of the first to come back. Stan keeps being told he’s a hero but that doesn’t match up with the few memories he does have. Part 1

He remembers Ford yelling at him that he’d ruined his life and he remembers Ford falling though the portal. Stan thinks the person he used to be can’t have been that great. Finally, he remembers Ford saying he wanted the Shack back at the end of the summer and he’s scared he’ll be made homeless if Ford thinks he’s recovered. Part 2

Whelp, this turned into a thing. I had already wanted to write something with ‘Stan remembering the portal incident and being kicked out’ and these asks spurred me on. So here we go, some brotherly angst and fluff, blended in measure.

Morning arrived with the curtain call of a nightmare. He couldn’t exactly tell what this one had been about, the details already fading, the ghost of a cry unmade left clinging to his lips.

There had yet night so far where he hadn’t dreamed vividly, leading him to believe that his memories, while content to play hide-and-seek in the light of day, had no qualms jumping out from the shadows, shouting for his attention when he least suspected it.

Rubbing his eyes, Stan fumbled for his glasses; he was unfocused enough these days without the added blindness. As he searched for his spectacles, his fingers brushed something else, the soft fabric dragging against his skin.

Once he had his sight back, he saw what it was, and beamed softly as he recognized it.

The sash Mabel had made with her own two glitter-glue washed hands, and had recently re-given him, “To remember who you are and all you’ve done for everyone!”

Our Hero, the sash read. Stirring a feeling within his heart as it beat to the memory of the twins’ laughter, warm and dear as sunlight. 

Yes, that was what everyone had been saying, ever since he awoke at that clearing in the middle of the forest. And he recalled enough details at this point to realize why they regarded his deeds so highly.

Yet he couldn’t shake this nagging guilt, this sense of being some impostor, a fraud that was not owed their gratitude. At first it was because he could not relate to this Stanley Pines whatsoever, being a stranger to his own self. Later, as the memories returned, it was for exactly the opposite reason – he was beginning to get an idea of who Stanley Pines was.

And there was some debate inside his brain on whether or not he deserved all the praise he’d received.

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Better In Time 4

Since I haven’t written in a long time, here’s an extra long chapter to get you guys through until part 5. Please be patient while I go through my own stuff right now, and to be honest I had no clue where this story was going until now and was actually going to stop writing because it seems not many people were as into it as I thought. If you have ANY feedback please send it in. Even just to request part 5, it means so much you guys don’t even know. Ok enough blabbering let’s get into the story.

Part 1 2 3

Better In Time 4

The whole next day I had thought about who this girl could be. Calum before mentioned girls that came before me but briefly, never in full detail. They were either one time dates or people he had small crushes on but got over them, and they weren’t someone that he full on dating like me. As I laid on my bed with my arms across my face, I decided to ring Marissa to get the down low on this girl. Knowing her she’d have all the answers.

“Hey Y/N, you need something?” She answered after 2 rings.

“Uhm, well, sort of. If you can help me?”

“I’m all ears.” I sighed before answering her.

“Does Calum…does Calum have a uh, girlfriend?”

She slightly laughed but not in a comic sort of way, but more of an annoyed way.

“You know about Kiera huh?”


“She was his first real girlfriend for a good chunk of Calum’s life. I watched them spend every waking moment together for almost 4 years since they were young kids. Calum doesn’t talk about his relationships to anyone, he just builds up those harsh emotions and hurt from being rejected and dumped and stores it away. I keep telling him some day he’s going to find the perfect girl but will create assumptions about her based on what he’s experienced in the past, and blow up on her. He never listens.” She said in a monotoned voice. It seems like she’s stressed this idea hundreds of times and now talking about it doesn’t do any good.

“Do you know why they ended?”

“Well, like I said Calum never talks about his relationships to others, barely to the guys or me. So I had to observe and see what happened. About a month ago I found out she was playing him their entire relationship. Her friends, because they were all so wealthy, bet $50 every year she stayed with Calum. Girlfriend ruined him, but hey she got 200$.” She joked but her voice sounded hurt. I knew Marissa, and how much she cared for Calum like her own sibling. Anyone that hurts him, hurts her.

It all had finally hit me when she mentioned how she kept stressing him to not bottle up feelings and assumptions or else he’d snap on the wrong girl.

The wrong girl was me.

I never knew Calum had so much hurt and anger plastered into him, so whenever we fought I just shot back every nasty word and action I had in my body, not even thinking about how something like that could trigger the hurt some other girl caused. And I was too stubborn to even consider his own feelings after he hurt mine. I had just assumed because Calum never talked about Kiera that there never was a Kiera, and that I was his first real girlfriend. This could be a major key in fixing our relationship! I could finally understand him, and be more considerate of him and work out our problems better and teach him that bottling up emotions will only end in disaster.

“Y/N! Are you still there?” Marissa slightly yelled into my ear, snapping me out of my deep thoughts.

“Uh yeah! Sorry. T-thanks for telling me. It seems like I’m invading his privacy but…”

“Dude I get it. Plus, I know you’ve been getting closer to him, you at least deserve that much. Cal doesn’t open up to people as fast as he has with you, you’re something special.” I blushed at her compliment, thinking of the wondering feelings of being head over heels in love again with this boy.

“Hey, I gotta go. Mom’s bitching at me to eat dinner. Talk to you tomorrow!” And she hung up, leaving me with my clouded mind.

Through tonight another thought had come to my head. The first time Calum tried to kiss me, I backed up and left early to go home because I felt embarrassed and couldn’t stay around any longer. However, because I kissed him, I stayed longer than I should have, and heard the conversation between him and Kiera. If I had let Calum kiss me the first time, I would’ve known about Kiera before hand, and I could’ve known about Calum harboring feelings. A simple few minutes really makes a difference whether you believe that or not. It’s like when you miss your bus or train to work by 1 minute, but then you hear that train derailed and everybody in their was killed. If you would’ve made it there a minute earlier, you could’ve been killed, but something before that stopped it from happening. I had to talk to Calum about Kiera before it’s too late, and get him to open up and share his feelings instead of letting it crumble him down.

“Woah look at that huge fish!” Calum yelled entering the aquarium, looking at the large cylinder shaped tank in the center of the room filled with fish the size of your thumb nail to the size of a tire. He ran straight to it with a smile so big it made his dimples shine through from miles away, and he touched upon the glass in awe. I brought him here to hopefully learn more about Kiera, but I’d make sure he’d have a good time before asking so he’d be in a better mood. This was also my favorite place to come to, so it was a win win.

“I know, he’s been in that tank for years. I use to come here when I was 8 and I even gave him a name. Swimmy.” He scrunched his eyebrows and laughed again, keeping his eye on the fat fish.


“If I have to repeat it again I was 8!”

We watched around the aquarium some more looking inside at all the wonderful creatures sea life had to offer. Calum’s skin glowed even in the dim lighting, and his face shined whenever he pinned his nose against the glass to get a better look in the smaller tanks. He was like a kid again, enjoying the animals and being just as fascinated by them as me.

“So, why’d you bring me here?” I couldn’t just say I brought him here to talk about the girl that ruined love for him as he knew it. ‘Oh I just brought you here to get you in a good mood before ruining it by asking you about the girl who used you for money and then left you.’ Yeah, that’s smart.

“Well, I love this place. Being surrounded by the water and all the animals that inhabit it. I’ve always been interesting in marine life. And being near this much water, I don’t know…calms my mind I guess. I just wanted to bring you here to experience it.” I shrugged. I wasn’t necessarily lying. I did tell the truth; I loved this place and marine life, but it wasn’t the only reason why I wanted specifically him to come with me.

“I love it, I feel like a little kid again learning about the animals and watching them swim around and interact with one another. Thank you.” He said smiling his genuine smile, and slipped his fingers through mine seemlessly. I couldn’t even feel it, until he looked down waiting for approval, and I smiled gripping his hand in mine.

We eventually ended up outside near the tadpols, tiny sharks, and other animals with the guides to teach kids more about them. Beyond the railing that showed the end of the outside portion of the aquarium was the great wide ocean. Calum leaned against the railing and stared, letting the slight ocean breeze whip across his face and he closed his eyes with a smile. I figured now was good a time as any. Here goes something new.

“Calum…” I breathed heavily, “who’s Kiera.”

I brought my eyes to his face seeing his side profile, and instantly his jaw clenched and his nostrils flared. He turned on his side, leaning one arm against the rail and one arm shoved in his pocket. He huffed and cocked his head before answering.

“How do you know about her? Huh! Who told you!” His slight outburst scared me, and reminded me of how much worst his yelling could get. It took an army in me to stop the tears from even starting.

“N-nobody! I heard you on the phone that one night we kissed and I heard the conversation-“

“It was Marissa! I knew it! Can’t trust anyone these days!” He flung himself off the railing with his arms up in the arm before walking towards the stairs down to the ocean that was clearly marked ‘employees only’. I quickly followed after him.

“If you would just open up and explain to me who she is then this conversation would be over by now Calum!” He started quickly walked down the steps with me close behind him.

He quickly turned to me and said, “I don’t ever want to talk about that bitch ever again don’t bring her up.” and turned back walk down the steps again. I stopped in my tracks with all the anger and hurt from Calum and I’s fights that would soon come if I didn’t stop this. I was a ticking time bomb, and I just exploded.

“Well maybe if you’d just stop surpressing your feelings and holding them in you wouldn’t be such a depressed mess inside!” I screamed from the middle of the stairway, while Calum was just about to reach the bottom. He stopped, one foot in front of the other. His hand was gripping the rail, and I could see his shoulders bobbing up and down. After a few seconds I spoke up again, seeing as he wasn’t going to.

“You can’t keep doing this to yourself. You’re holding in every emotion from this girl and eventually those feelings are going to come out and scare away your soulmate if you don’t stop. She’ll end up being the one who got away Cal.” I slowly walked closer to him down the staircase, my voice softer but still audible. It felt like the world had stopped for us. The trees were blowing with the steady wind making slight crunching noises and the oceans mean waves had calmed to a simple crash on the shore. We didn’t hear anyone’s voices even though they were right above our heads. I got close enough to Calum to touch him, and placed my hands on his shoulders, feeling his tension drain away.

“I want to help you forget Cal. I want to help you remember what real love is again. I want to make sure you know you’re valued and actually mean something to me, not just dollar bills. But I can’t do that if you won’t open up to me, please…talk to me.” He turned to me with droppy eyes and a frown stretched out on his lips. I brought my hands to his cheeks and rubbed under his eye.

“She used me. For money Y/N…for money. I just…I felt so betrayed and felt like I was worthless and that I’d never truly be loved…” He began rambling, so I pulled him into my chest running my hands through his slight curls, just listening to him finally pouring his heart out in words.

“And you’re right. If I keep holding my anger and hurt inside I’ll someday blow up at someone who means a lot to me and scare them away. It’s just so much easier that way, to me I felt like I was making everyone’s lives safer that way.”

“But Cal you’re wrong. The next girl you’ll hurt because of the assumptions you’ve built up about love and girls is going to seriously break that person and their assumption on love. It’s going to be a domino affect.” I was finally telling him in a calm way all the feelings I had during our rough patch, the things I was always afraid saying because of how angry he’d get at me for feeling the way I did. He was understanding, and a flame grew in my heart knowing this was the start of fixing it all.

“I don’t know about you but…I’m falling for you every second I look in your eyes.” His dark brown ones couldn’t be looking any deeper than they were right now, and I leaned my forehead against his, hearing the waves behind us.

“Me too Cal, me too.”

Idolizing Gabriel

Request by @kokerret: Ok, hear me out! Reader is like 3 or 4 years old for an angel and is Gabriel’s little sister/charge and everything is fun and games when GASP the events of that Hotel with the pagan gods happen. Reader is used to get Gabriel to cooperate (OH NOES!). And even worse is when Lucifer shows up and sadly reader doesn’t know he’s bad now.

Word Count: 2113

Warnings: None

A/N: I’m really bad at writing characters for more than one scene if they aren’t Dean or Sam, so I’m sorry Gabe isn’t quite as… Gabe as usual. Also, I probably won’t do a second part to this just because writing a young reader is weird for me…

“Remember, Y/N. People are stupid, but gods are even more stupid,” Gabriel told you. You watched your favorite older brother with wide, adoring eyes, drinking in every word he said. “And when you put two of the stupidest humans in a hotel with a group of the stupidest gods, you’re gonna have some great entertainment.”

“Are we going on a field trip?” You asked excitedly.

“A field trip? What kind of angel do you think I am? We don’t go on field trips,” the older angel said and your face fell. Then that familiar twinkle in his eyes that promised something fun showed up and your excitement came back. “But we are going on an adventure.”

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