it stays in vegas

Fancy dinner dates spent pocketing breadsticks and silverware. I give it twenty minutes tops before they either get kicked out or decide on skipping the tab.


This may have been the best night of my entire life. During Hometown Tyler showed up behind me. I screamed “you saved my life” as loud as I could. He heard and saw me. I think time actually slowed, the expression on his face I’ll never forget. It was understanding mixed with happiness and pride. The moment lasted only seconds but I will remember it for the rest of my life. Thank you Tyler, and thank you Josh, for inspiring me to create and to stay alive.


‘I wanted to give you something.’

‘Why? For what? Why are you giving me anything? What is it?’

‘Open it and see.’

It was a book—an archaic-looking hardcover book with a reddish-gold cover. The spine was elaborate despite the fact that most of the cover was faded with age. He could just make out the words ‘Paradise Lost’ on the spine.

‘You’re giving this to me? Why?’

‘I wanted to give it to you as a thank you.’

Sin had no idea what to say. A voice in the back of his head ordered him to give it back, but Sin’s fingers only dug harder into the cover. ‘Why do you keep thanking me?’

‘Because you’re nice to me. And you listened when I—You could have ignored me and you didn’t. And I… I appreciate that.’

‘Oh.’ Sin stared at the book. ‘I see.’

Evenfall, Santino & Ais
Hangover( Part II): Tom Holland x Black Reader

Part 2 of The Hangover

Haz and Tom come up missing after the bachelor party…

Y/F/N= Your friends name

This shit gets a bit wild, not nearly as wild as the movie itself but you’ve been warned😂😂😂

“I can’t believe them!” Your best friend screamed! “Honey calm down. I’m sure those idiots are somewhere.”

You tried not to panic because you figured that it wouldn’t be good for the baby. You tried to call Tom for the 5th time, “Hi this is Tom. Sorry-” You huffed and hung up.  

“They have only been in Vega for less than 15 hours and they already come up missing!”

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Rory in the revival

I watched A Year in the Life last week and, like many, have mixed opinions on storylines.  While I was mostly satisfied with Lorelai’s and Emily’s arcs, I found Rory’s more frustrating.

A Year in the Life finds Rory ‘rootless’ and losing her foundation.  Unable to find work, she stays with friends or flies to be with Logan in a ‘Vegas’ arrangement.  When Rory can’t even get a job about somewhere which wanted her specifically she gives up and moves home, takes over the Stars Hollow Gazette and pretends she’s fine with Logan being engaged to someone else.  For most of the episodes Rory flounders until she discovers she wants to do in Fall, which is tempered by the shock of the final four words - she is pregnant.

The catch-22 (pun intended) of this storyline is that it was initially intended for when Rory left college.  It makes more sense for a confused 22-year-old to be sleeping off and on with an ex-boyfriend and being unable to get started in work than it does for a 32-year-old.  It would, however, have been doubly as devastating for Rory to discover she is pregnant so young.  While abortion is acknowledged as an option by Amy Sherman-Palladino, it still leaves a pessimistic touch to Rory’s storyline.   

My main problem with the new episodes is that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of balance.  I like that Rory’s flawed.  I like that she makes stupid mistakes.  I certainly wouldn’t want the myth that at 32, you have it all figured out.  I’m somewhat close to Rory’s age and I definitely don’t.  Equally, however, Rory needs moments where she does make the right call, or has lightheartedness. Lorelai and Emily’s storylines are sad, but they also have humour and happiness and Rory’s happiness is mainly counting on Logan, who is presumably financing most of her flights for their affair.  I find it frustrating that ASP criticises fans for focusing on Rory’s boyfriends when the majority of her storylines and character development are reflected through them.  The bulk of Rory’s plot in the revival is being with Logan, which I’ll discuss below.

The ‘no strings’ sex is more believable for Rory and Logan when they are younger.  Logan is most likely in an arranged engagement, and while I don’t condone cheating on partners, it’s more sympathetic to imagine someone in their young twenties being talked into marrying someone they don’t love. Odette likely doesn’t return any feeling and besides, like Paul, she is largely a plot device to show Rory and Logan’s ill-advised affair.  It also disappointing as it seems that Rory hasn’t learnt anything from being with Dean.  Once more, it makes more sense for this to have taken place in the seventh season, which would have been a continuation of Rory losing her footing in life.  Here, it feels more that Rory has regressed and hasn’t used her experience to learn.

Rory also struggles with being a journalist.  ASP claims that this is due to the job market, but it comes across as Rory not knowing how to be one.  She’s very half-hearted and falls asleep and utterly fails the ‘easy job’ interview.  I don’t believe for a second that Rory Gilmore, who always needs to be prepared, would walk in without any thought.  We’re supposed to think she’s had a reasonable run before this but it doesn’t feel very real.

An argument put forward is that Rory’s decisions are fueled by her grandfather’s death, and that she feels lost.  I can see this, but would have liked it being acknowledged onscreen.  While I have always appreciated that Gilmore Girls generally shows choices and communications more through actions than syrupy conversation, this seems more that something the audience has to actively imagine.  Rory’s grief is mainly untouched and there is no moment where we see how sad she is, for losing someone who meant so much to her. I did enjoy the small moments of seeing Rory’s love for her grandparents, by kissing the portrait and checking on Emily, but there’s no scene where we see her own, raw grief.  Having said that, I was immensely moved by Rory writing in her grandfather’s study and seeing the ghosts of her past.

In Summer and Fall, Rory starts to turn things around.  She gets inspiration after a visit from Jess and knows what she really wants to do - write the story of her and her mother.  Jess’s scenes, while wonderful, were incredibly few which saddened me.  Another thing I disliked was that while Jess has grown up into a happy, mature adult, Rory seems so much younger.  Rory and Jess work as each other’s mirrors.  They both crash and burn but are able to grow up and learn.  With this storyline, intended for years ago, Rory seems more left behind.  I did, however, adore that it’s Jess who’s able to give her the push. He knows her perfectly and how Rory can orient herself when she’s totally lost.  A favourite moment, next to the scotch, was when Rory, having written the first three chapters, runs out to see Jess.  She jumps and down, squealing with joy and grabs his jacket.  There aren’t enough dorky, fun moments with Rory and I loved that Jess brought it out.  It’s also heavily implied that Rory and Jess will find each other again.  At the end of Fall, Jess stares through the window and sees Rory looking after Kirk and it’s clear feelings still linger.  With Logan so clearly framed as Christopher, Jess is shown as Luke in comparison. He is Rory’s true love.  They are different to Luke and Lorelai but are each other’s people - they have a whole history together and no matter how time has passed, are always there for each other.  I would have loved more scenes between them.

In Summer, Lorelai and Rory have a fight at Richard’s gravestone.  Rory excitedly spills out her plans for her book and Lorelai simply says no.  No, she knows how much it means but she won’t have her life put out like that.  It doesn’t matter how much Rory begs, she’s not giving her this one, and mother and daughter part ways for weeks.  It’s a great scene for showing the contrast with Lorelai and Rory, much like the funeral scene with Emily and Lorelai. Neither of them can make it better and they walk away. The scene shows Rory’s passion as well as her entitlement, and Lorelai’s love for her daughter but fears of being vulnerable.

Towards the end of Fall, things are picking up.  After one last night with the Life and Death Brigade, Rory essentially grows up.  She knows it’s time to say goodbye and, finally, she initiates a breakup.  She turns down Logan’s offer of a house and, presumably, a continuation of an affair, and tells him ‘all rides have to end.’  It is also the night she gets pregnant.  Rory goes home and puts pen to paper and starts the story Jess knows she can write.  Later, she goes to see Lorelai, and the two hug and make up.  Lorelai gives her blessing and the title of her book - Gilmore Girls, without the the.  It’s cleaner.  After an unexplained phonecall, Rory goes to see Christopher.  After insisting on why he wasn’t around, why he didn’t try harder to be her father, Christopher tells her it was always going to be her and Lorelai, and that’s the way it needed to be.  Rory nods, mulling things in her mind, and says goodbye.  It’s a beautiful scene.

In the very last scene, Lorelai and Rory sit on the gazebo.  Lorelai is ecstatic but Rory is quiet and when asked why, she says she wants to remember ‘every last detail’.  And then, suddenly, she tells her mother she is pregnant.  It is the end and we are left to imagine what happens next.  I veer towards disliking the ending for several reasons.  Firstly, I hate that pregnancy seems to be automatic for women in fiction.  One of the things I liked so much about the original series is that Rory never had a pregnancy scare.  She had a Planned Parenthood poster and she had safe sex.  Getting pregnant at the end seems to tie to the sex as punishment trope.  Rory can break up with Logan and learn from it, but she’s still pregnant.  ASP said that Rory may not necessarily carry on the pregnancy, which is slightly better than abortion never existing in fiction, or that she has to have the baby in order to become an entire adult, but it’s still an infuriating ending.  

I read Gilmore Girls as saying that you will always be involved with your family, but you don’t have to become them.  Jess has a terrible father but is able to move on and become his own person.  Lorelai leaves her parents’ world and, although forced to come back to it through Chilton, doesn’t give up her new life.  Rory has always balanced the worlds, and I hate the idea that she’s repeating Lorelai’s mistakes.  Of course, her new life with or without the baby will still be her own, but it gives the message that she’s essentially her mother. If she’d got pregnant at 22, what would have been the point of her working so hard and going to Yale? ASP has said that it’s more about the idea of life throwing you curveballs, and that life doesn’t really care about your plans.  I don’t dislike this concept, as it’s largely true, but it still feels unfair.  Rory deserves a reward and payoff.  Instead, she has to negotiate an unplanned pregnancy.

I don’t think Rory’s storyline is intended as tragic.  I’m positive that, whichever path she chooses, Rory will make it work.  I’m intrigued for new episodes so we can see what she does next and possibly become a mother.  The focus of these episodes for Rory is to see her be utterly lost and when she finds a map, there’s a detour.  I wish Rory had been given an easier way, but I know she can get there.  I’d like to see it.  She has always had strength.

Random thoughts:

I wish Rory had had at least one episode being completely single

I didn’t find the Wookie storyline that gross.  Maybe it’s because I have a dirty sense of humour but I found it funny

Rory’s wardrobe was incredible

Rory needed to read a book.  Where were the conversations about her boxes of books?

I could watch an entire episode of Rory and Paris at Chilton

Not Rory related, but I am so happy that Lorelai and Jess are on good terms.  I adored the family scene in the living room where Lorelai and Rory are teasing Luke and Jess, and Lorelai and Jess both joke about Luke being ‘Rande Gerber hot’.  And then Lorelai says Jess can stay and blows him a kiss! Jess looked so relaxed in their home, too.  He totally belonged there.  And now I’m getting on a Literati ramble so I’ll stop

Not Everything Stays In Vegas

This one-shot idea had been running around in my head for a while, but I think it maybe should have stayed there. I hope you enjoy it.

I look out the window of the airplane as be touch ground in Vegas. It was a Christmas gift from both of our parents. I just turned twenty-one a few weeks ago, and Maya manage to convinced both of our parents that this was something we needed.

As soon as we are off the plain, she pulls me to the baggage claim area to get our suitcases, and then we rush outside to get a taxi.

While we are outside waiting, I pull out my phone and log into my college portal but before the page can load my phone is snatched out of my hand.

“No school. We are Christmas break and in Vegas!”

“I just want to see if I passed my finals.”

Maya rolls her eyes and shakes her head, “No. I know you did great, and if you check and your grade is even half a point off where you want it, you will beat yourself up for it. So, no.”

I groan, “Fine. I won’t check.”

“You can check in four days when we are back in New York. For now, we are going to get crazy. Who knows, you might meet someone and get married.”

“HA HA, very funny.”

“Oh right, you’re in love with your tutor.”

“Whatever,” I laugh.

A taxi becomes available and we hurry to it. The drive is about fifteen minutes, and once we pull up front of the hotel both of our eyes widen. We’ve seen pictures of it, but to be here in front of the Bellagio it’s more beautiful in person.

Maya is the one who checks us in, I’m too memorized by the beauty.

“C’mon our room in on the fifth floor.” We excitedly rush our way to the elevator with our suitcases. Maya and I are bouncy on our toes as we move up.

When we get into the room, I am in awe. It’s beautiful. An orange and white pattern wallpaper. A single queen bed in the middle of the room with a white comforter with blue and orange throw pillows on the bed. Brown bedside tables on each side of the bed with a larger one by the door with a TV mounted on the wall above it.

Maya and I are instantly drawn to the baby blue sofa bench by the window. We drop our stuff on the floor and move to take a seat. The sun is just setting, and we watch as the lights slowly start to turn on around the city. It’s marvelous.

Maya starts to stand, “Okay get ready, we’re going out.”

“Out? But we just got here. Shouldn’t we rest?”

Maya throws her head back laughing, “We only have three nights here. We are going out.”

It’s ten o’clock when we are both finally ready. Maya has on a warm fitting red dress that goes to about her mid-thigh with black pumps. She has a smoking eye with a dramatic red lip color. Me, on the other hand, has on a little black dress that flares out with nude heels. My make-up is nothing like Maya’s, just a little eye-liner with a little mascara and a tint of red for my lips. The only thing that is similar on the both of us, is our hairstyle. We both have our hair cascading down our back in waves.

We get to the club, and I feel on edge. There is so many people. I never go out, only occasionally when Maya drags me out with her.

“Let’s get you a drink, so you can loosen up,” Maya grabs my hand and pulls me to the bar. She orders two gimlets. It takes a couple of minutes for the bartender to make our drinks and places them in front of us. I take little sips, but Maya downs its. She really is here to party. I guess I’ll be babysitting her tonight.

The night goes on and Maya continues to order a variety of drinks for the both of us. I cut myself off after four, but Maya keeps going. I drink enough, to relax a bit but I can still keep an eye on Maya. Throughout the night we move between the dance floor and the bar. We ignore the few guys that try to hit on us.

When midnight rolls around, I’m exhausted. I was tired when we first got to the hotel, but she insisted on coming out. I have to beg Maya to leave, and after ten minutes of doing so she reluctantly comes with me. We wait outside for the uber that I called.

When the driver finally gets here, we climb in. I open my mouth to tell him to take us to our hotel but Maya speaks first.

“Yeah, is there a tattoo parlor anywhere near here?” her words slur.

“Maya, no!” I say sternly.

She laughs, “We always talked about getting matching tattoos when you turned eighteen, and we never did. You’re my sister, and I want to share this with you,” it’s hard to understand her mumbled words.

I sigh in frustration, “Fine. The tattoo parlor it is,” I don’t know why I gave in to easily. It might have been the few drinks that are in my system.

The drive to the tattoo place was a fairly fast drive. I can feel the nervousness bubble in my stomach as we get out of the car and walk inside. I never liked needles; I nearly fainted the first time I had to get my blood drawn, and here I am getting a tattoo meaning a needle will be stabbing my skin. The thought makes me cringe.

I take a seat in of the chairs they have and wait as Maya goes to talk to someone. The longer I sit the more anxious I grow; this is a bad idea. I slowly rise from the chair and walk over the counter where Maya and a man are talking. He walks away just as I take my place next to Maya.

“Peaches this is a bad idea can we go, please!” I beg, and she shakes her head.

She snickers, “I already paid for our tattoos.”

I roll my eyes, “I’m not going to be able to get out of this am I?” again she shakes her head. “Can I at least know what is going to be on my body forever?” She holds out her phone and shows me a sun and a moon intertwined.

“It’s what we always talked about.”

I let out a deep breath, “I’m going to get it tiny and right here,” I touch my collar bone and Maya laughs. “What’s funny?”

“Pick a different stop honey. It’s going to hurt, you’re all bone there.”

I shake my head with the stubbornness I’ve been known for, “No, that’s where I want it.”

Maya throws her hand up in surrender, “Fine, but here,” she reaches into her purse and pulls out a black bedazzled flask, “take a swig of this. You’re going to need it.”

I take it from her hand and twist the cap off. I place it too my lips and take a big gulp. I instantly start coughing as the vodka slides down my throat. I feel the burning sensation, and Maya starts laughing at the face I make. She takes the flakes from me and take two drinks like it’s water.

We stand there by the counter waiting a few minutes, before they call Maya and I to two separate stations.

“Wait you are aren’t going to be with me?” I ask nervously which causing my voice to crack.

“You’ll be fine, and look,” she gestures to the two-tattoo artist setting up right across from each other, “we’ll be able to see each other. It’ll be fine.”

She starts to walk to her station, and I hesitantly walk to mine. I can hear my heart pounding in my chest as I take a seat in the tattoo chair. I shift around trying to get comfortable, mostly trying to shake my nervous off. I’m freaking out right now.

The guy laughs, “First tattoo?”

“Ye-yeah. Is it noticeable?”

He nods, “Just a little. I’m John,” he holds out his hand and I take it, “I’m Riley.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you,” he spins in his chair to grab something behind him and turns back around. He shows me the stencil of the tattoo, “Is this okay? Your friend over there said you wouldn’t want to go bigger than dollar size coin.”

“It’s perfect.”

He asks where I want it and I touch my collar bone. He tries to convince me into moving to a different area because it’s my first tattoo, and suggest placing it somewhere that I have more meat. I don’t move it; I want it where I want. I’m sure I’ll regret it as soon as he starts tattooing.

I pull the strap down of my black dress down my arm, so he can place the stencil to my skin. After he has everything all set up, he slips on a pair of black gloves over his hands. I watch him as he puts the needle into his tattoo gun, and I start to fidget with my hands; I can feel the sweat in my palms.

He tests the tattoo gun and the sound startles me. I take a few deep breaths to try to relax myself. What did I get myself into?

“Maya?” I call out. “Are you sure you can’t come here and hold my hand?” This make my both of our tattoo artists and Maya laugh.

“I can’t. Elizabeth here is just about to get started,” her words are even more slurred than before. “It’ll be fine, don’t be a baby.” I hear a tattoo gun turn on, and I look over at Maya just as the needle touches her sick.

She flitches slightly, but other than that she isn’t fazed by the fact that a needle is piercing her skin. She’s getting her tattoo on the back of her neck.

John starts his gun, and I close my eyes. “Okay I’m going to get started now. Are you ready?”


“Okay try really hard not to move.”

I open my eyes slightly, and I see him inching closer and closer to my skin. I snap my eyes close and grip onto the armrest. I feel the needle hit my skin and my grip tightens. The noise stops and I open my eyes. John pulls back slightly, “Are you okay?” I nod. “Want me to keep going?” I nod again.

The noise resumes and my eyes shut. I have to breath my way through the whole thing. After about ten minutes, I ask him if he can stop and sit up.

“I’m sorry,” I say in a hush tone.

John laughs, “Don’t be. Trust me, I’ve seen worse.”

I take one deep breath and let it out, “Okay I’m ready.” I hear the bell from the front door ring. I look and see a familiar green eyed man walk in with a friend. My heart starts racing, and I thought I was nervous before.

“Someone will be right with you,” John yells out. I lean back and the sound of the buzzing coming from the tattoo gun is drowned out by the sound of my pounding heart.

Lucas POV

As soon as my buddy Zay and I walk into the tattoo parlor a man shouts out to us. Why I let Zay drag me here at one in the morning is beyond me. I hear laughter coming from one of the tattoo stations, and I see a blonde getting a tattoo. I guess some people thinks it tickles.

“Oww!” I hear someone else yell who is hidden by a wall divider.

“Are you okay, honey?” the blonde yells out still with her face down. When she doesn’t get a response, she signals for her tattoo artists to stop and looks up. She looks around the room, her eyes are low, and I’m assuming she’s had a few drinks.

She looks around the room, and points to me. “You with the blue button up, can you go hold her hand? I would, but I’m kind of in the middle of something,” her words all run together. It’s almost hard to understand her.

“No pea, OWW!” the mysterious girl shouts.

“C’mon man, go help a distress lady out,” Zay teases me and shoves me in the direction of the girl.

I slowly walk in her direction, and my eyes widen as soon as I see her. Her eyes are shut tight, and I can tell she is in a lot of pain. Her tattoo artist nods his head in the direction of the chair next her. I slowly maneuver my way around everything.

I know this girl. She’s the same girl that I had tutored in human bio our freshmen year at Cornell. She seemed to excel at any other subject besides sciences because sophomore year I tutored her in chemistry. After she was done with sciences, I try to come up with any excuse to talk to her. I always wanted to ask her out, but I never thought someone as amazing as her would go for someone like me.

I watch as her grip tightens around the armrest. “Are you okay?” her eyes shoot open and look at me. Her brown eyes have always captured me. She smiles slightly, “Hey, Riley.”

“Hi,” she says softly and I smile.

“Hi,” I shake my head, “You doing okay?”

“Yeah I’m, OH MY GOD!” she squeezes her eyes shut. I naturally reach for her hand. She opens her eyes slightly as I interlock our fingers. She smiles at me, and I wonder if she can hear my heart racing because it is echoing in my ear. I can’t seem to pull my gaze from her. She is stunning.

When the tattoo artist starts to shade her hold on my hand tightens, and I don’t mind it one bit. Ten minutes go by when I hear someone clear their throat. I look up and see the blonde standing there.

She takes a few takes and stumbles a little bit. I quickly stand up, and help in the chair I was sitting in. Her blue eyes study my face and she starts to smile.

“You look really familiar,” I can smell the alcohol on her breath.

“Maya,” Riley’s voice raises slightly.

“I’m almost done here,” the man tattooing Riley chimes in. She looks at him and nods.

Her friend snatches her small purse out of her lap, and pulls out her phone. I slowly start to walk away back to Zay who is smiling at me.

“It’s Riley!” I whisper yell.

“Riley?” Zay say louder than I wanted him to. I shush him, and he laughs. “You’ve been obsessing over her since you started tutored her your freshmen year.”

I turn around and see Maya stumbling towards us. She’s snaps her fingers and laughs, “You’re Lucas Friar.”

I laugh, “I am.”

“Oh my god! Riles has been in love with the second she saw you! In your tutor sessions, she use to sneak pictures of you.”

Zay burst into laughter, “He did the same thing! I still listen to him gush over her!” I smack his arm with the back of my hand, and he rubs it. “Not nice!”

A few minutes later, Riley emerges from behind the wall divider and stands next to her friend Maya.

“So, your friend here tells us you love my boy Lucas,” he places his hand on my shoulder. I watch as a tint of red washes over her face.

She laughs nervously, and I think it is adorable. “Maya here is drunk I think it’s best if I get her back to the hotel.”

“Do you guys need a ride?” I ask a little too eagerly.

She shakes her head, “No I have an uber on its way. C’mon peaches.” I watch as she drapes her friend’s arm around my neck. I quickly move to open the door. “Thank you,” she smiles at me and my heart fastens.

“We are staying at the Bellagio. Come and surprise the girl of your dreams here,” Maya laughs and Riley shakes her head.

“Don’t listen to her. She speaks a lot of non-sense when she has too much to drink. You two have a goodnight.”

“Yeah, you, too.”

I watch as they disappear into a car, and it drives away.

“Man, you got it bad,” Zay pats my back.

“I really do, but she’s incredible,” I say still staring out the window smiling like a fool.

Third Person POV

The next day, Riley had hoped that Lucas would do what Maya said and surprise her at the hotel, but he never shows. And she now thinks that his friend was just joking around. Hoping they think the same with everything Maya said.  

However, Lucas shows up the next day at the hotel and goes to the front counter and asks if a Riley Matthews is staying here, but they answer no. He didn’t know that it was under Maya’s name. And now he thinks it was all a joke. He knew there was no way Riley would have feelings for him.

Even though they both think it was a joke, they spend the rest of their time trying to find each other instead of trying to enjoy Las Vegas. When Riley goes out with Maya during the day site seeing, she is lost in a Lucas filled daze; and when Lucas goes out with Zay, all his thoughts are of the beautiful brunette. Even during the night life, Riley’s eyes wondered about the club trying to find that man that holds her heart. Lucas does the same. Neither one of them knew that they were both in almost all the same places at the same time, just slightly missing each other.

It’s the morning that Riley and Maya go home, and it’s safe to say that both girls are exhausted.

“I shouldn’t have drunk so much last night,” Maya says as both girls walk to the front desk to check out. “It’s going to be a long flight.”

Riley laughs, “I told you to take it easy. Wait here, I’ll go check us out.” Riley walks over to the front desk and a brunette with hazel eyes greets her. It takes five minutes for him to get everything sorted out, and the girls checked out. Once everything is all set, the girls find their way into a taxi and to the airport.

All the way through security, Maya looks sick.

“Are you okay?” Riley asks concern.

She nods, “I think so.” Maya leans her head on Riley’s shoulder, “I’m sorry that I forced you into getting a tattoo.”

Riley sighs with a little laugh, “You didn’t force me, gave me a little nudge.”

“Well, then I’m sorry I told Lucas that you love him.”

“That I haven’t forgiven you just yet.” Riley takes a deep, “Maya he never came to the hotel. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little hurt.”

“Well it’s his lost. C’mon let’s go home.”

Once Maya and Riley take their seats, Maya grows nauseous. She tries to hold it all together. When the flight starts to take over, Maya waits until it’s safe to unbuckle her seat belt and dashes to the back of the plane to the bathroom. Riley almost feels bad, but she did warn her that they had an early flight.

Riley looks out the window, and the sound of rustling next to her grabs her attention. Riley laughs, “Do you feel better,” she says as she turns towards her, but instead she is faced with a pair of green eyes staring at her.

“Hi,” Lucas smiles.

“Hi,” Riley blushes.

“Is this awkward for you? Your friend said that this should make up for her big mouth.” Riley chuckles. “She’s sitting with my friend back there,” he gestures towards the end of the plane. “They can both be hung over together,” laughter pours out of both of their mouths.

Silence fills the air between the two of them as brown orbs meet green ones. “You never came to the hotel,” Riley says. She tries to stop herself, but she keeps going, “I mean I wasn’t sure if you were going to show up, but I was hopeful. I have these really intense feelings for you. I spent the rest of this trip hoping I would run into you, but I didn’t, well not until now. What Maya said in the tattoo parlor was true,” Riley instantly slaps her hand over her mouth and Lucas laughs. His laugh makes Riley melt. “I’ve said too much.”

Lucas shakes his hand laughing, “No,” a slight pause. “You ramble when you’re nervous. It’s cute, but Riley I feel the same way. It’s this instant connection I felt with you as soon as I seen you. I know it sounds like a line out of a movie, but I’ve had feelings for you from that very moment. I’ve wanted to ask you out from the very first day, but I always got tongue tied. I mean look at you. You’re smart, beautiful, funny, and kind.” A smile consumes Riley’s whole face. “When get back to New York, will you go out on a date with me?” Lucas asks nervously.

“I would love to,” joy washes over both of their faces. Riley rest her arm on the armrest, and Lucas does the same.

Their fingers brush, and every time Lucas feels like his fingers getting to close his moves his hand slightly. Riley giggles at his nervousness. “Lucas, do you want to hold my hand?” Riley teases.

“I would like to very much,” Lucas opens his hand and Riley places hers in his. This is what they both have dreamt of for the past four years, and they have their meddling best friends to thank for it.