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Have I ever told you guys the story about the first and only detention I ever got in school? no? well today is your day

Back when I was 12 my family moved from Puerto Rico to Orlando, Florida so I had to start middle school in a completely different culture and because of that I was very social awkward/unaware. So one day in math class a girl I had a huge crush on told me that a better word for a strict person was dildo and I believed it because duh. The very next day me and the girl are talking and the teacher scolds us, the class goes silent just as I say out loud “why are you being such a dildo” the class erupts, I am confused and in the principals office before I figure out I probably said something I shouldn’t have. Long story short I ended up in detention and almost got a sexual harassment accusation thanks to a pretty girl and a lack of social skills.

The first time Damian had a nightmare in front of Dick they were still getting started as Batman and Robin. Dick didn’t hesitate a moment when he heard his little brother’s distress. He slid into bed next to Damian ignoring Tim’s voice in his head chanting how dangerous Damian was and pulled the boy close to him. Because that’s what Damian was. A little boy terrified in the night, and Dick knew exactly what to do. He sung quietly until Damian fell back into a deep restful sleep.

The first time Jason was around Damian during one of the kid’s nightmares was an odd time for them both. Jason had somehow ended up watching him when they both came down with a cold. Damian had fallen asleep on his couch watching some horror movie Bruce would never allow. Jason had no idea what to do at first when Damian started thrashing on the couch. But then the boy cried out for his mother and Jason’s instincts kicked in as he carefully lifted Damian into his arms whispering soothing words, his arms a tight comfort.

Damian’s first nightmare around Tim was completely different. They’d been out fighting together and it had somehow turned into a mid-patrol argument. Out of the blue Tim took a bullet for Damian. Damian who’d been crowing about being a blood son. Damian whose blood didn’t match Tim’s and had to watch as Bruce found someone else to donate. Damian who crawled up next to his brother because his nightmare was losing the family he’d worked so hard to gain. And when Tim woke up, half aware of himself half on painkillers he knew exactly what to do when he found Damian stubbornly pressed against his side. He wrapped an arm around his brother and whispered the words. “It’s ok”

Bruce hadn’t been back but a few weeks when Damian had a nightmare. Grayson had stopped living with them and Damian was at the Manor. Strange and foreign he’d never admit to jumping at shadows in the night. He stood outside his fathers room for a solid half hour before going in. He had no idea what to expect from the man. He’d known distance so far, the opposite of Grayson’s warmth, but there was no one else. So he climbed into Father’s huge bed and perched at the edge. Happy to be close at least. A minute later Father was getting up and Damian had squished his eyes closed against any anger. Instead strong arms picked him up then they were lying together, Damian pressed against his father’s chest, stiff as a board because Father had never done this before. A hand pressed to his hair and Damian realized that his father had done this before. With each of his children. So Damian let himself relax and curl closer to his father who knew exactly what to do to comfort him.

I stopped shaving my legs every other day
I stopped only eating citras and drinking a gallon of water a day
I started smoking weed with my friends
I stopped bringing my phone with me to Temple, to coffee houses, to record stores, to concerts
I stopped ignoring my family and started baking cookies and pancakes with bananas and nuts and apples
I’ve made 32 pancakes since Friday,
I’ve burnt 13 but I’m getting there
I won’t let you burn me anymore I’m so fucking sick of flames
Turns out I don’t get off on pain
I don’t get off on being treated like a toy
I do not enjoy having a collection of sticky notes covered in conversation topics because you never held up your end
It’s true that one person always loves more but the other side needs to give something
You knew this would happen I have to go for my own self respect
I should’ve known when you stopped sending good morning texts
Or when your texts didn’t come at all until
late at night
When your words were always about sex
Maybe I should have turned my phone off or blocked your number when you told me about the first girl
Or the second or the third
But I thought you were worth it that I’d never find a better guy
You always listened you respected my boundaries
It’s probably easy when you have six other girls who will give you what I protect
I’m not picking up this time
I’m not checking your timeline I’m not listening to your music
I’m not dying my hair your favorite color or getting a tattoo
You don’t deserve my kind of love
Not from me,
You deserve a quiet love that won’t take up too much time
You killed me over and over again
You wasted and
disrespected me without even noticing
My heart has been replaced with beetles and old peach pits but soon
You won’t live there anymore to poison my wood
Flowers will bloom in my brain once again
Watered by my own love and confidence
Planted by me for me
You will never see them
Lilacs and roses were my favorite before you
Fuck your daisies you’re the one who cut them down
—  I Always Grow Back
Growing Up Batty: Part 2

Prompt: really love your Damian Wayne series! I was wondering if you are willing to do another Damian series where he’s around 13 and Bruce forces Damian to go to school and he has to face what is it like being in middle school with the help of his brothers and he starts to develop feelings for the reader and they get really close and Damian tries to keep her safe and keep her from finding out that he is Robin??

AN: Sorry this took so long to get out. This particular chapter is dedicated to @maryry24

Words: 864

Part 1

“It’s about to expire.”

          You just roll your eyes; you don’t understand why Damian insists on coming shopping with your family. To be quite honest you wouldn’t be here if your mother didn’t mandate it. But in her eyes this was family time, and you suppose it isn’t all that bad. “It doesn’t really matter if we end up eating them tonight.”

          “Those ones will last longer.”

          “They’re also more expensive.”

          He just attempts to stare you down, attempt being the key word. You have four sisters, you aced staring contests a long time ago, when you had to fight for a drawer in the bathroom, for some of your stuff. Sure enough he looks away first, a scowl on his face. He isn’t used to losing, but you figure a little bit of humility might just help the Wayne heir.

          You smile as you load several clearance boxed items into your basket. You’re just about to drag him down the ice cream aisle when someone says, “Dami, is that you?”

          At the sound of the voice Damian stiffens, and pales slightly. You don’t even turn toward the approaching party, too entranced by your best friend’s reaction. You’ve never seen him like this.

          You hear the footsteps stop right beside you, and you watch as Damian turns towards three rather large men. They’re all grinning, and you have a feeling that Damian is in for just a tad bit more humility than you thought. One leans down slightly to throw his arm around Damian’s shoulder and says, “What a coincidence running into you baby bird, I didn’t know you like grocery stores.”

          Damian just scowls and says, “Remove your arm from my space, before I do it for you, Todd!”

          The man now labeled Todd just grins a bit more, and turns his attention to you. He extends his hand and says, “Hi, I’m Jason, these two lugs beside me are Dick, and Tim. We’re Dami’s older brothers and you are?”

          You choose not to shake his hand. There’s a power play going on, and you never take sides without knowing all the facts. You move your free hand to the handle on the basket, so that both hands are occupied and say, “I’m Y/N.”

          Jason retracts his hand and just grins, and you’re fairly certain that you hear the one introduced as Tim mutter something like “smart girl” under their breath. You give him a small smile in return, before turning your attention back to Damian.

          His face has turned red, and he’s gritting his teeth, and Jason’s arm is still wrapped around him. All signs point towards a very likely blow up, and all you can think about is that time he beat up those guys at school. You need to prevent that from happening again. After all, this is your mom’s favorite grocery store, and she’d be mad for days if she got some sort of lifetime ban.

          Without another thought you reach over, wrap you hand around Damian’s upper arm, and pull. He stumbles a bit, and you steady him in front of you. His face become a little less red, as the two of you hold eye contact for several moments, and then your hand sneaks out and pokes him in the side.

          Despite the fact that he’s fourteen, he has a lot of muscle. More than once you’ve moved to poke him, only to come back with a hurt finger and a trademarked Damian Wayne smirk. Then one marvelous day, you happened to hit this one little squishy part, and it was like the sun shone, and the birds sang. You’re not able to hit it often but when you do, it makes both of you smile.

          He grins a bit as he catches your hand on its way back, he holds it in the air for a minute and then his own hand, fast as lightning strikes you right in the side. You let out this little squeal, and start trying to pry your hand loose, all while swearing revenge. Damian just smiles and says, “I’d like to see you try.”

          You only calm down when you notice his brothers staring at you with shocked faces. You and Damian just kind of stare at them for a minute before you say, “I think we broke them.”

          Damian shrugs and says, “I’m okay with that, let’s go find your family and get out of here before they come to.”

          You smile as he leads you away by the hand, and can’t help but think that his brothers are a bit batty too. They are however good looking, which means, “It might be a good idea to keep them away from my sisters, the flirting would drive us both insane.”

          Damian just nods and says, “Agreed.”

          Damian goes home that night, and when you see him at school on Monday he looks like he’s just lost his best friend. And with you being his best friend, that’s not exactly a good thing. When you ask what’s he simply says, “My father wants you to come over for dinner tomorrow.”  You just sigh, your best friend is such a drama king.

i will literally never forget the watching the season four premiere of the office like we spent a whole summer agonizing over whether or not jim and pam were FINALLY dating and then in the beginning my brother actually threw a pillow at the tv when it looked like they weren’t together and then they kISSED and i swear to god my whole family started screaming and hugging like we woke up my three year old sister lmao and my friend called me during the commercial break so we could yell about it and then we stayed on the line so we could scream every time they did anything like when they held hands we hit decibels that weren’t audible to humans and to this day i have never seen my brother literally flail about something the way he did on that fateful night in 2007

fauxfires  asked:

Anders-related ask: do Carver and Anders get along after the end of DA2? Do they have a mutual respect, or do they mostly tolerate each other for their shared family member?

god, i love their relationship, it’s so prickly, there’s so much there, so much to work with

and i need to ramble about their starting point in canon a little (a lot. a lot, a lot) first, that background is everything, because anders spent the first act reaching out to carver and repeatedly getting shut down, and anders generally reacts to people who dislike or reject him as a potential threat - because historically, they have been. being funny and likable used to be his main defense mechanism, before Justice; it’s the way he’s stayed alive despite seven escape attempts.

but in carver’s case, even after carver started getting on his nerves, anders was still saying things like, “stroud, trust me when I say this one is worth your time,” and

  • Anders: Have you heard from Carver at all?
  • Hawke: Are they allowed to write? I thought the Grey Wardens had a thing against friends and family.
  • Anders: It’s not easy, being a Warden. Sometimes it’s better to cut all ties with your old life. When I joined, all I wanted was an escape from the Circle. But it’s more. It’s a calling, it really is. Carver’s the kind of man who can find fulfillment in battling the darkspawn. He’ll do fine.

the resentment in this relationship is pretty one-sided. because of course anders liked carver at the start. anders looks at carver and he’s seeing someone who grew up in a house full of mages, someone who is willing to risk his life in the deep roads (which are horrific! the deep roads which anders hates! and this is after carver’s survived the Blight, ostagar, the loss of bethany - carver knows exactly what he’s getting into with the darkspawn! and he’s still willing to take that risk!) just to get the funds needed to keep the templars away from hawke, to keep his mage sibling safe and free of the Circle.

hawke and carver, mage and non-mage living and working together and protecting each other, that’s everything anders has been fighting for. the hawke siblings - whether that’s mage hawke and carver, or non-mage hawke and bethany - must mean so much to him.

so naturally that’s the angle he approaches carver from, and that is the worst possible angle to approach carver from.

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Four linguistics facts you probably didn’t know
  1. The word “trump” actually comes from the family name “Trump”: one of The Donald’s ancestors was so successful in real estate that his name became a verb.
  2. The click languages of Africa were recently proven not to exist, when several of their alleged speakers admitted that their grandfathers made them up as pranks in the 1930s and said that they were tired of keeping up the joke. However, click languages do exist: Chinese actually has several dozen clicks. Its speakers just don’t use them where foreigners might hear, because they’re worried about sounding uncivilized.
  3. It’s a common misconception that English is descended from Latin. It’s actually Uralic! Compare ‘water’ to Finnish vete- ‘water’, ‘hack’ to hakea ‘retrieve’, ‘boy’ to poika ‘boy’, the archaic second-person singular verb ending -(e)th to the Finnish second-person singular verb ending -t, etc.
  4. It’s not a coincidence that “theology” starts with “the”. Before the Christianization of Europe, the English were pantheists, so naturally they called everything a god. The Christian missionaries didn’t stop them because they actually only spoke Old Gutnish, a closely related Germanic dialect that got its name from having ‘Gut’ (cf. German ‘Gott’) rather than ‘The’ as its word for ‘god’, and thought ‘the’ was just the definite article. This is also where the English word ‘god’ comes from.

i want to run away. it’s not that i hate this place, or that something particularly horrible has happened. i feel the never ending need to go and run and see new things and breathe different air. i feel the need to go somewhere where i know nothing and learn absolutely everything about it until it could be my hometown.

i want to go start over and find new friends and new family. maybe, sometime after all that, i’ll come back here. maybe i’ll apologize for leaving so abruptly without any goodbyes, and maybe i’ll find my old friends and we’ll catch up.

but, in all honesty, if i leave, that’s it. even the people that would miss me will slowly move on and will probably hate me for leaving without a word. this place wouldn’t be the same when or if i ever chose to come back. it would never feel like “home” again.

but maybe that’s okay.

Queen of the North

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Requested: By me, complete and utter Robb Stark Trash

Pairings: Robb Stark x Reader

Summary: Y/N was sent to live with The Stark family at a young age, and ever since then, she seemed to fit perfectly, maybe even more than she had ever noticed.

Warnings: Complete self-indulgence, honestly

Word Count: 1,057

A/N: Umm wow, okay. So this was a joke that @secretschuylersister and I had when I started watching Game of Thrones, and then I got carried away. There is so much more of this, and Taylor and I somehow ended up with enough material for like three sequels. Feedback is always appreciated, especially becuase I am a bit unser about this, tbh

“The boys are out hunting again,” You glanced up from the book in your lap to see Arya leaning against the door, arms crossed and eyebrows raised.

“And why would you be telling me this?” you laughed, closing the book that had been failing to hold your attention for the better part of an hour. “You know that I’m not allowed to go anymore.”

It was true. When you all were younger, you had been playing with the boys in the forest and managed to break your arm. Robb had had to carry you back to the castle, where he didn’t leave your side until the apothecary insisted that he would get sick if he didn’t warm up. Even after that, Robb grumbled about it for weeks after, all the while insisting that you couldn’t carry so much as a book.

“Because, you like to sit by the window and pretend to read until they get back.” You smiled to yourself, not bothering to deny what Arya was implying. She had been insisting that you were in love with her brother ever since you had come to live with them, and repeating yourself wasn’t going to do you any good. “Even though we both know that they are going to be fine, you insist on worrying.”

“Arya, I-”

“Don’t try denying it,” she laughed, backing away from you before turning on her heel and running out of the room.

You thought about staying in your quarters, after all, the window provided you a good enough view of the courtyard, but on the other hand, you did like sitting in your usual spot. So, as you made your way downstairs to your window seat you tried to convince yourself that it was for the fresh air and not because you were going to be closer when your boys got home.

You happily found your window seat unoccupied and spread your skirts out across the window seat. You knew that the boys loved going hunting, but you couldn’t find it in your heart not to worry. There were too many things that could go wrong.

Logically, you knew that nothing was going to happen to them. You had all spent years together, learning archery along with chess and reading. You busied yourself with pretending to read while simultaneously pretending not to be worried about your family.

but  once the sound of horse hooves pounding the ground echoed across the square, all of your pretenses fell away. Your book was abandoned on the bench as you made your way across the square. You sighed in relief when you saw everyone riding into site, all looking to be perfectly healthy.

It took everything in you not to abandon all pretenses and sprint to where they were riding in, but mercifully you managed to stay rooted to your bench, eyes moving over the words but failing to absorb anything.

Eventually, the sound of the horse’s hooves were gone, the sounds of the bustling people around you filled up the air, and you allowed yourself to look up from your book to see him standing there, waiting.

You both knew that you had been waiting for him since he left, but neither of you were going to admit it. Instead, you grinned and rushed to him, your book already forgotten on the bench. You reached him in a matter of seconds, your arms finding their way around his neck and his holding the small of your back.

You didn’t speak, not at first. You held each other in the square, silently thankful that he was back, and relatively unharmed. “I hate that you won’t let me go with you.” you muttered, reluctantly pulling away.

“If it was up to me, I wouldn’t go at all.” he laughed, leading his horse back to the stables.

“That’s a lie, you love hunting with your brothers.” You said, shoving him softly with your shoulder.

“I would love it more if you were there. Or, if they would just stop pestering me all of the time.” He grumbled, refusing to meet your eyes.

“You know that they mean well.” You offered, attempting to win the same argument that the two of you had been having for years.

Robb insisted that his family was plotting to set you up, and you were convinced that Robb was crazy. Well, you had always known that he was crazy, but now you had evidence to back it up. His family had more important things to do than speculate about the nature of your completely platonic relationship with the eldest Stark.

“I wish that they-”

“I know,” you laughed, cutting him off. You’d had the same conversation countless times before. “I wish that they would meddle less.” She lowered her voice, mimicking the low rumble of Robb’s tone. “I think that you are imagining things.”

Robb looked like he was going to respond, but Sansa’s voice was ringing out across the courtyard, sufficiently distracting the both of them. “Y/N!” she called again, somehow rushing across the cobblestones and still managing to look regal. Catelyn would have been so proud. “There you are! Arya said that the boys were back, so I figured that the two of you would be here.” She gave Robb a pointed glance that you somehow managed to miss. “Anyways, I need you.”

“What are you talking about?” you asked, glancing up at Robb. His smile had turned sour, and your mind was turning trying to figure out why.

“The dress that I told you about, I finished it! And I thought that you could wear it to the feast tonight!” Sansa’s smile was so bright that you didn’t have the heart to tell her no. “I need you to come and try it on, and then we need to style your hair for tonight.”

Your fingers found the end of your simple braid that you preferred to keep your hair in. Most of the time, it wasn’t worth the hassle. “I was, I mean I think that we were going to-” You floundered, attempting to find a reason to stay and talk to Robb, but you were coming up short, and Sansa was very persuasive.

“I’ll bring her back when I am done.” she said quickly, grabbing your hand and hurrying you away, not bothering to look back.

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Imagine ignoring Gabriel because he annoyed you with pranks

Word count: 454

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

A/N: Requests for imagines/one shots are open. Also, if you want me to ship you with a supernatural character send me a mini paragraph describing you and I’ll ship you with someone <3 x

Lately, Gabriel’s pranks have been getting on your nerves. It started off small, simply hiding valuable objects in random places such as your car keys in your shoes or your phone in the bread bin.

Gradually, the pranks became worse and worse. From getting drenched in water then flour causing you to be late to an important meet up with Sam and Dean, to waking up at early hours of the morning from random alarm clocks hidden in your room, Gabriel did everything he could to annoy you (and oh boy was it working, every second of your day was spent thinking about that cute, annoying angel). Each prank would end up with you getting angry and shouting causing Gabriel to laugh, call you cute when you’re mad and just poof away.

You put up with his shenanigans for months until eventually you decided enough was enough.

Calmly, you sat down at the kitchen counter, pouring yourself a bowl of cereal, when the familiar sound of wings filled your ears.

“What’s up sugar,” Gabriel’s voice filled the room as he sat down on the chair next to yours.

Peacefully, you grabbed your spoon and began to eat the cereal trying your best not to acknowledge the angel next to you.

“Are you ignoring me?” Gabriel’s question was once again met with silence.

“Well, two can play at that game,” he huffed crossing his arms and pouting.

The room became quiet as you ate and Gabriel sat, looking like a child who had just gotten his candy taken away from him.

“Uggh, why are you doing this?” Gabriel gave in throwing his head backwards jokingly.

“You want to know why I’m not talking Gabriel, it’s because I’m fed up with you constantly pranking me, it’s not even funny anymore and it’s just making my life a living hell so If you want to continue pranking me, don’t bother talking to me,” you almost shouted, months of rage released into a few sentences.

“Y/N I had no idea you felt like that, I’m sorry,” he apologised, “I promise I won’t do it again, ever.”

“It’s fine… I should have told you earlier. It’s just, why did you constantly pick on me and not Sam or Dean?”

“Look Y/N, I know it’s stupid, but I love you and I didn’t think you liked me so I played pranks on you to get your attention and-” you cut him off by connecting your lips with his sweet candy tasting ones.

“,” Gabriel stuttered his face flushed pink.

“Gabe, I’ve liked you too, for a while now, but next time you want my attention just ask,” You joked causing him to chuckle before pulling him into another sweet kiss.

Honestly, words can’t describe how happy I am that I found out about Skam a couple of weeks ago. How the show is dealing with Isak and his sexuality is something that we desperately need in today’s media. It’s not super dramatic, friendships aren’t being destroyed because he happens to have a thing with another guy, his best friend accepted it like it was no big deal, his friends have no problem with it and even started talking about pansexuality/bisexuality - when do we ever get this in tv-shows?

These scenes always seem to end up in some huge dramatic way, which for some it might be but for others it isn’t. What do you think it does to someone that’s just coming to terms with their own sexuality and getting ready to come out to friends and/or family when most of these coming-out scenes that we see in today’s media end up in some dramatic way with friendships or families being ripped apart? 

Thanks Skam, for finally showing us a different outcome.

Dreamer- Jasper Cullen x Reader

Request: Can you do one with jasper from twilight where your new to town and Edward can read your mind so he sees all the daydreaming you do and Alice draws what you see, they tell their family about you and you end up being Jaspers mate or something?!? The reader has the ability to think of any nature related element and project it for themselves or others to see. The reader is also an immortal human.

A/N: Basically I got this amazing request a while ago and I’m sorry I haven’t posted it sooner I just needed time to get it right :) The incredible Tumblr user @itssssxxlillian came up with this idea and this power and it’s just so creative I’m absolutely wowed by it!! If you want a sort of visual of the inspiration for the readers abilities, please check out this video! :) Enjoy!

Grab your popcorn and fuzzy socks my friends, this is a long one! 

Words: 1,913

Warnings: Minimal swearing 

You were starting over again. A new town, a new place, a new school. You felt like your whole life was you starting over. It was the same story too. You moved to a new school for your last year of high school because you loved the state and your parents were kind enough to send you there even though they lived a couple states away. Everyone reacted the same way too. Usually envious, wishing their family would let them go where they wanted for high school. You would smile and agree that you were lucky except you never felt that way because the story was a cover. There was no loving family waiting for you to return home when the school year ended, it was just you. You weren’t really even a senior, the truth was you’d been repeating 12th grade for years. The truth was you’d been using this story for as long as you could remember, the truth was you’d lost count of your age because you weren’t just any other teen. You were immortal, and here you were, starting over again.

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It’s hard not to notice Lukas Waldenbeck.

Or: the six weeks leading up to the cabin.


The hearing doesn’t go well. His mom broke parole; failed her drug test and then lied about it. The morning of, they’re late to court and Philip’s excuse about the trains works… until his mom’s scattered, slurred apology follows behind it, and then they’re screwed. The case worker’s eyes glaze over, and suddenly they’re just another junkie mom with her teenaged kid in tow, squeezed in between other unfit parents and messed up families.

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So I’m rewatching Supergirl, and I can’t stop thinking about the scene with Alex and her mom at the end of Livewire.

How Alex just immediately gets choked up when she asks Eliza “So why has it never been enough?” when Eliza says that she always helps others before she helps herself.

How Alex starts crying when Eliza tells her that she’s her Supergirl.

How many times do you think Alex has beat herself up over her mother treating her with so much tough love? Especially during her teenage years, how much do you think she would lie awake at night, repeating every word, beating herself up since she apparently never was good enough, while Kara was the little angel of the family?

And how Alex devoted her entire life to protect Kara, because that’s what her mom always wanted her to do, and that she still would get only negativity from her mother?

How much it hurt her, to always be the second best, to never feel like she was ever enough. To feel like she was the problem, and that she would never be able to compete with an alien from another planet.

And when Eliza says “Take care of yourself” and Alex looks down at the ground and smiles, before brokenly replying. How much do you think she longed to hear that? That her own mother would actually tell her that, instead of just leaving the conversation with “Take care of your sister”?

I think about this a lot, especially now with Alex developing feelings for Maggie. Because sure, her relationship with mother is better and much more lovingly, but Maggie has a girlfriend. So once again, Alex is second best, and she’s probably feeling a lot of things that she thought she had moved past.

I just need Alex to get loved and be put first like she deserves. She has been though enough already. Just let Alex Danvers be happy.


Simon learns who his mother was at some point in 2016-2017. An actual Mage. A witch. A real person with real magic. He learns that her whereabouts are unknown. He tries to find her but fails. He grows up to start the very First Magickal Orphanage. It’s less of a government facility and more of a home though. Like orphanage isn’t even the right word for it… Families that are unable to provide for children or need to give them away for whatever reason can. Simon raises them all as his own (with the help of Penelope and Baz and a few others). It’s not crowded. Six kids at the most at one time. The World of Mages treats it as a taboo or smth at first but everyone eventually realizes that Simon is doing something Good. And he cares for all of the kids So Much. The Magickal Community around the globe hears about it. Eventually there is something similar to it in every Magickal Country.


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Request:  I’m into the Rick’s daughter & Negan dynamic so can I make a one shot request? Negan comes to ASZ & flirts with “you” Ricks daughter just to rile him but comes back next week & ends up having sex with “you” because you’re so into him secretly

A/N: I love this idea and was very excited to write it! And I don’t know if you any of you have noticed… I have changed my theme to all around fandoms instead of purely just Walking Dead. That is because despite loving Walking Dead, part of me loves a lot of other things as well and I want to be able to write about it as well. As well, truthfully Walking Dead as been angering me slightly, and it all started with Glenn’s death which im not even gonna get started on.

But! I still will be taking Walking Dead requests do not worry!

Anyways, hope, anon, that this was what you wanted!

“Hello… Rick!” Negans words slurred as he grinned cockily at Rick. You stood slightly behind the crowd, hidden by Carl’s shoulder knowing that Rick would be mad if he knew you were here. Rick, your father, didn’t like when you were out and about while Negan was  here, seeing as Negan had taken some sort of interest in you.

It, at first, had made you uncomfortable but now, as time went on and the psycho continued to tease you, you found yourself liking it. He even was… attractive you found, whenever he bit his lip or licked his lips. When he would lean on the back of his heals and chuckle. You tell herself it’s a silly old crush and something that definitely no one should know about, but as time grew you wondered if maybe your attraction grew a little further.

“You’re early.” Rick said, very similar to the first day Negan had ever come.

“Really, Rick?” Negan asked, exasperated. “I thought you woulda fuckin’ learned by now, i come when I want. Not when you think I should.” Negan brushed past your father and you took a step back, you should leave now before your father caught your eye or worse, Negan.

It wasn’t that you didn’t want Negan to see you. It’s just… you didn’t want to betray your father any further.

So you turned around, dead set on making your way back to Tara and Judith until a voice caught you. “Y/N!” You mumbled a curse, knowing that when you turned your father’s judgemental eyes would be full force on you and there would be no escaping the warmth that would flood through you when you caught Negan’s eye.

Shaking your head, you turned around, a guilty smile coming over your features. Rick looked outraged and panicked, your heart broke at his disappointed look. But all guilt vanished when Negan walked to you, the biggest grin on his face as he reached out and caressed your cheek.

You tried your very best to hide the chills that climbed up your spine. Knowing that all of your family was watching and would be none too disturbed if they caught you. So you sucked down your true feelings, and glared up at Negan. “Negan.” You spoke, nodding your head.

“So good to see you darling.” Negan smiled.

You shook your head, a dry, cracked laugh coming out. “I’m sure.” You let your eyes fall to your father, before snapping them back to Negan. “Now, if you please I really need to be going.”

A hand caught your arm, “no, no, Y/N.” He shook his head, before turning to Rick. “I’ll be spending the extended time with your fucking sweetpea, Rick. Collect my fucking things.” You were dragged away without even a protest as you let your feet drag against the pavement.

He led you into a random house, kicking the random Alexandrian resident. You smiled apologetically at the man before you turned back to Negan. “Negan!” You yelled, slapping his arm slightly.

He grinned at you.

He knew of your feelings. He had figured it out the first time you’d ever been alone with him, because you had stupidly let all your defensive walls down and let the warmth, for once, consume you.

He teased you, relentlessly, but he couldn’t hide that he didn’t share the same, small sliver, of feelings for you.

“You can’t be doing that.” You lectured, panicked, “if my father was to ever find out. Carl! Oh, I would be in so much trouble.” You suddenly turned serious, staring at him with worry, “I wouldn’t have a family anymore.”

Negan said nothing but made his way over to you. Taking your head in his hands and leaning down to kiss you. “You’d have me.” and despite being in your own home, despite being surrounded by those who would hate you for your feelings, you let him take you.

You’d forgotten about the consequences if someone was to find you, until you were butt naked on the couch, Negan hovering over you. You panting in pleasure and him huffing in joy, while he climaxed along with you. You had been in such bliss, you noticed no figure in the window until a loud clashing sound was heard.

You had snapped your head over to the window, mortified to find your younger brother Carl standing there with pure horror. In bewilderment, you shoved Negan off you, grabbing your clothes and tanking them on. Carl had run off by now and you felt like crying as you rushed out of the house.

When you caught up to Carl, the whole group, again was surrounded. Your forehead was sweating and your eyes were wide, wild, Carl looked as if he could cry. You let your pleading eyes fall to your group as they stared on in confusion.

You didn’t know what to say. Or how to explain yourself. But all breath left you when an arm wrapped around your waist and Negan nestled himself against you. His shirt off and only his pants covering him. You stared up at him, shaking your head as tears slipped past your defensives.

“Heyya, Rick.” Negan smiled, the look in his eyes non-too-promising.

You allowed your eyes to fall to your father, only to see him staring at you with shame.

“Your daughter…” Negan began slowly.

“Please.” You pleaded, “Negan. Please.”

“No darling,” Negan interrupted you. “It’s time they outta know.”

“Know what?” Rick’s eyes darted from you, to Negan, to Carl.

“That your daughter’s one good lay.”

Family Secrets - Derek Hale Imagine (Feat. Stiles Stilinski and Cora Hale)

Prompt by @heyitssilverwolf : Hey! I was wondering if you could write a TW imagine where the reader is Stile’s older sister, Derek’s friend from high school, and Paige’s best friend. Where Stiles and Cora are figuring out Derek’s past and end up calling the reader and she ends up telling them (Stiles and Cora) about her past and starts to have a panic attack so Derek ends up helping her. Maybe some Derek then Pack fluff? Sorry if it’s long and gets confusing.

Word Count: 3,777

Pairings: Derek x Reader (Romantic), Stiles x Reader (Siblings)

Warnings: Dealing with an evil witch spirit inside your body. (I don’t know if that’s a warning, but just in case.)

Author’s Note: Okay, that was a lot and I didn’t get everything you asked for, but tried my best. Sorry it took so long to get to this prompt. It honestly took me a while to figure a storyline with everything you asked for. I hope you like what I came up with.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Originally posted by omg-kidrauhl-mendes-blog

“We don’t have much time,” Cora said as she opened Derek’s bedroom door. “He went to the store and I don’t know how long that’ll take." 

"Okay, so what exactly are we looking for?” Stiles walked over to the bookshelf and quickly skimmed through it to see if anything unusual stood out.

“Anything we can find out about Derek’s past in high school,” Cora rummaged through Derek’s drawers and tried to put it back as he left it. “Around this time of the year, Derek is always so mopey and depressed, and I have a feeling it has to do with something that happened in high school.”

“Do you think it has to do with why his eyes are blue?” Stiles asked as he made his way to the desk and began looking through the drawers.

“Most definitely,” Cora moved over to the closet and began searching for clues. “He never told me what happened. I honestly don’t think he’s told anyone.”

Stiles moved some stuff around the first drawer and found nothing but the basic office supplies, pens, paper clips, stapler, Post-It’s, etc. Stiles opened the bottom drawer, which was filled with folders organized and labeled for his bills. Stiles paused as he noticed the folders. He closed it and walked back to the bookshelf, where he noticed a similar folder slightly peeking out between two big books. He pulled it out and opened the folder. “I think I found something.”

Cora closed the closet doors and rushed towards Stiles. She noticed a picture of her brother from high school with a girl she had never seen or met before.

“Do you know who that is?” Stiles asked as he began to skim through the random papers Derek had in the folder. They were newspaper clippings and copies of the police reports when his house burnt down years ago.

Cora shook her head. She flipped the back of the photo and noticed Derek’s handwriting. “Paige…” She paused for a second, trying to remember if the name registered. “Derek never mentioned a Paige.”

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anonymous asked:

Imagine being a published author, and when you meet Jared/Jensen/Misha (your choice) at a signing they recognise your name and start gushing about how much they love your books and end up asking for your signature instead

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Imagine standing in line for autos for j2m. Your hands tremble with difficulty holding the first printed copy of your new book. Only a few people are ahead of you and your heart is beating out of your chest. You practice what you’d like to say in your mind over and over again in fear of looking like a complete idiot in front of them while stumbling over your words. 

You’re next in line and you watch in detail as Jared smiles up at the young girl in tears in front of him. He grabs her hand and tells her that she matters and to always keep fighting. Jared looks over to his handler, who smiles and nods in return with approval, so he walks around the table and embraces her in the tightest hug he could possibly give.

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Family (Part  2)

Part two of a suggestion by: @supernatural-stuff-of-course

Part 1

Paring: Crowley x reader

Warnings: I may or may not be mean at the end. Nothing I deem warning worthy in this part but the next part for sure will be a bit angsty. 

Word count: 752

Originally posted by eomerr

Crowley had decided to start looking for people who would help him get cured. A week into the search and there was no one willing to help, not even the Winchesters surprisingly. Sam and Dean claimed they were to too busy to help the demon and left Crowley to his search.

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Family Friend (Chato Santana)

word count: 2,993

request: Hi there! I wasn’t sure if you had an ask/request page, but whatever I’ll request something here if you don’t mind! Can you write a Diablo/Chato Santana x reader where the reader’s brother is close friends with Chato, so when the reader finds out that Chato is also in the Suicide Squad, for the whole mission she sticks by him and he sticks by her? And maybe they start having feelings towards each other? Also make the reader hispanic if that’s okay! ^w^ 

requested by: @nerdygirl1219

a/n: it’s really long and the beginning part is mainly about the reader, her brother and gabriel, which adds something to the story towards the end. also, digger‘s an asshole in this(like he is) but his actions do not go unpunished.

tagging: @aya-fay (if you want to be added to this very short list, message me.)

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