it starts with a ziam whisper and a cute larry moment



Prompt- One where your in Ireland to visit Nialls Family and one of the Family members Walk in on you and Niall having sex 🙈 

~ 954 word


“Come on love, i promise they wont hear, it’s only me dad and Deo and they’re watching the telly.” Niall begged pulling (Y/N) away from where she was standing, at Niall’s old dresser looking at all of his old little football awards, and sat her on his lap. 

“Ni, they will hear us. You can’t keep your mouth shut, always moaning and cursing.” She teased watching as his cheeks turned a light shade of pink. “And its a small house, baby, it will be obvious.” 

“No they won’t. Please. We’ll be quiet.” Before she could answer he kissed the sweet spot behind (Y/N) ear making a light moan leave her lips. “Come on we haven’t did it in four days.” He whispered against her skin making her shiver as his hot breath traveled down her neck. 

“Just please be quiet.” She warned giving her consent to let Niall go further. 

With that Niall maneuvered so that (Y/N) was lying on her back and Niall climbed on top of her touching her in her favorite places while she let her hands rest on his jaw line feeling his stubble. 

As their kissed deepened (Y/N) slowly started to unbutton Niall’s dark blue button down reveling his tanned chest that was littered with his chest hair, that he was oh so proud of. Without taking his lips off of hers he pulled the shirt the rest of the way off tossing it on the floor of his childhood room. 

It was pretty odd for him to be having sex on the bed he had when he was a kid, but right now he couldn’t bring himself to care. He had the girl he loves underneath of him  and he was in desperate need to have his relief that he didn’t care. 

He did however pull away so the both of them sat up to remove their pants and for (Y/N) to remove her shit revealing her black lace bra that was Niall’s favorite. She was too bashful to take that off and be completely nude. 

(Y/N) giggled as Niall pulled the sheets over their heads and started to kiss her once more tangling his right hand into her hair and using his left hand working his fingers in small circles on her most sensitive area. 

“Enough with the fingers Ni.”She moaned running her finger nails up his back, love scratches will probably be visible by morning. 

“Mmm okay love.” He said sucking her lip in between his teeth and biting it gently. 

He positioned himself in the correct position before looking up into (Y/N) eyes, “Ready princess?” Niall smirked.

“Yes, just be quiet,” She reminded but gasped rather loudly when Niall entered her. 

“Shh.” He teased holding still to allow (Y/N) to get used to his size. He started slowly moving a little and closing his eyes at the waves of pleasure he was experiencing. 

“Fuck (Y.N), you feel so good.” He said starting to move faster causing his old wooden headboard to lightly bang against the blue painted wall. With the great feeling the couple was experiencing they didn’t realize that were in fact making noise that they promised not to make. Curses spilled out of both their mouths. 

The pair also failed to hear footsteps making their way up the steps. “Hey your dad and i- holy fuck!” Deo said as he opened the door and saw, well his cousin having sex in his childhood bed. 

Niall pulled the sheets off his head and looked at his cousin who stood in the doorway with his face facing the hallway, stunned by what he just waked into. (Y/N) was too embarrassed to do anything but hide her blushed face into Niall’s chest and hope that somehow she would disappear. “Can we help you?” Niall cleared his throat. 

“Your dad and i were going to head out to the store and i was coming up to see if you two wanted to go but it seems your preoccupied at the moment.” He answered still too embarrassed to look at his cousin. 

“Do you want to go, love?” Niall said looking down at (Y/N) with a small cheeky smile as if the situation they have found themselves in was completely normal. “No thanks.” She whispered still hiding her face. 

“I think we’ll pass, Deo.” Niall said back at his cousin. 

“Great.” Deo said before shutting the door. 

After the door was shut and Niall heard footsteps walking away from the room he looked down at his girlfriend who’s face was beet red from embarrassment. “Would you like to finish?” 

“I think we’re done here.” She answered, now completely turned off by the whole situation. “I told you this would happen .” (Y/N) sighed getting up from the bed and pulling her panties and jeans back on followed by the top that was thrown across the room. 

Niall sighed as he got up as well and put his basketball shorts back on, but not bothering with his tshirt. “Don’t be like that babe, its not that big of a deal.” He laughed as she sat down in his old desk chair with her arms crossed. 

“Yes it is, Ni. Your cousin just walked in on us fucking. How are you not embarrassed?” 

“Eh, we’re close. I mean I heard him having sex before. Not that big of a deal.” 

“Well i’m embarrassed, dinner tonight should be fun.” (Y/N) said sarcastically. Looking at her boyfriend in annoyance as he just smiled cheekily.


This was terrible but i hope you liked it,  I’m now officially on summer break so hopefully i can write more, send me requests. 

fics released so far

Hi! These are the fics that have been posted on or before July 11th! Sorry I’m a bit late but hey, at least I got them all in! Arranged according to pairing.


tell the nights apart (by the state of the heart and the shape of the moon) by niallszayn (T, 26k)

“We should go UFO hunting,” Niall says, and that’s how it all starts.

AU where Zayn and Niall go on a road trip and discover something they didn’t expect.

Looking for Astronauts by flares (T, 7k)

He doesn’t have a crush on Zayn. Like, Niall really doesn’t. It would be stupid. They’re in space. They’re the crew of the first human mission to Mars, for fuck’s sake. Niall doesn’t have time for crushes.

Or he shouldn’t, at least. Logically.

The Little MerZayn by PigSlay (T, 25k, side lilo)

The Little Mermaid AU where Zayn is Ariel and Niall is Prince Eric.

i should be over all the butterflies by hickeyziall (scentedziall) (G, 5k)

Niall would say he knows his own face pretty well. He’s seen himself grow from the crooked-toothed, ruddy-cheeked youngster he once was to his slimmer, more masculine face of the present.

But Zayn’s face was a whole other story, because back in Uni he was already ridiculously attractive, and it was unfair and rude and honestly, who looks that good all the time? Apparently his ex does, because he’s here, and Niall graduated 6 years ago and hasn’t seen that beautiful face of his since.

My Love Reveals Objects by eiqhties (G, 21k)

In which Niall and Zayn are both poetry fanatics, and Niall definitely doesn’t hate Zayn just because he wants to fuck him. No, really.

Shut up, Louis.

Mal Tourné by Neurtsy (M, 6k)

A facility of scientists perform an estranged experiment: injecting an alien strain of DNA into live human subjects. When one subject goes rogue, all scientists, surgeons, and other test subjects working on the secret project are attacked and killed by the hybrid creature they created. All but one - the sole scientist who showed the creature any kindness and mercy. What happens after the slaughter? An interesting development.


I Know Where I Want to Be (By Your Side) by walking_travesty (M, 14k, side ziall)

“You’re gorgeous,” Harry says before he can stop himself. His eyes grow wide in horror when he realizes what he just had just done. Louis is just as surprised as Harry is, his mouth slightly open and his eyebrows raised. He looks away from Harry, looking down at his lap. He starts to shake his leg, and Harry is waiting for the moment when Louis calls him a freak and tells him to get out of his car, but that moment never comes.

Louis looks back up at him, his eyelashes fanning so beautifully against the apple’s of his cheeks that Harry feels close to tears.

“Thank you,” Louis whispers, his eyes full of tenderness. He looks at Harry’s lips, eyes drifting to them and then back up in an instant. Harry can feel his mouth go dry, his heart beating against his chest.

A story in which Louis and Harry are neighbors and chaos ensues.

I’ll show you my heart. by arrowtomyheart (M, 30k)

“You fookin prick! Look where you are going!” He shouts, cold tea soaking through his clothing, sticking to his skin.
“Watch where you’re going pal, I have work to do,” the person says back.
Louis notices the professional camera hanging around his neck, and some keys dangling by his pocket. Along with his obnoxious demeanor, it more than enough for Louis to figure out that he is a paparazzi. Those assholes have no emotion, all they care about is to get a picture.
“Yeah sure, you call stalking people and invading their privacy a job?” Louis spits back. His day had been going great up until he was harassed by this asshole, and now he is going to be even later running back home and changing his t-shirt.

Or as requested by dukelouis
an AU where Harry is a famous celebrity and Louis is minding his own business in the streets when he gets knocked over by paparazzi trying to get photos of Harry.

escape from the city and follow the sun by annanotesxo (T, 24k)

“Niall - what the fuck do you mean, you’re *not* coming until Monday?”

“Listen, Lou…” He could hear Liam laughing in the background. “Li and I missed the connecting flight and there isn’t another one until Monday. Shit happens. You and Harry are just going to have to start the lads holiday without us.”

OR - the one where Niall and Liam ‘miss’ their flight to meet up with Louis and Harry on their lads’ holiday, leaving the two boys who don’t seem to speak to one another to try and not kill each other for three whole days.

call me maybe by swallowsmateforlife (T, 5k)

A middle-of-the-night walk home, a possible mugging, and a wrongly dialed phone number are the recipe for something beautiful.

Better Late Than Never by niallsdancer (NR, 6k)

Louis runs into Harry one day and they pretty much become instant best friends. Throughout their years of friendship, things happen and things are realized. One night, they make a pact to get married if they’re both still single at age 30. All seems to be going dandy until Harry shows up to a welcome home/30th birthday party with a new beau.

what will survive of us is love by shoulderbladesarewings  (G, 3k)

Blind AU


Start It All Over Again by Narryornarry (NR,  6k)

Niall didn’t know he was in love with Liam, until he did.

Then it was too late.

Collaborations by Niallspecs (G, 10k)

Niall starts a YouTube channel to teach people how to play guitar, Liam’s going through personal struggles… and Harry, well he just likes to bake but he’s really bad at it.


Something Happens When I Hold Him by winglesswarrior (M, 24k, side lilo)

The night Niall is activated as a slayer is a fateful one, full of rain and blood.

That was two years ago and now all he wants to do is be a normal uni student in London. He wants to flirt with the cute teaching assistant that teaches his Intro to Programming class. He wants to do anything but kill vampires.

But people don’t retire from being slayers. And the monsters are still out there.


Hollywood Love Affair by jwdish98 (T, 9k, side larry)

Liam really just needs a date for the annual New Year’s Eve party he attends. And, well, if something more happens to come from it then it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, would it?

Now, if only he could stop constantly embarrassing himself, things might be going better.

Or, Liam is desperate, Louis is a concerned friend, Harry is just trying to be hip, Niall is entirely unhelpful, and Zayn is (according to Louis) Liam’s possibly axe-wielding murderer fake-boyfriend. That Liam may or may not have a massive crush on.

(Yeah. Yikes.)


come back into the good life by arcticsound (T, 15k)

“We’ll have everything we’ve ever dreamed of. Just you wait.”

Louis smiles a little, “isn’t that what we always say?”

“But this time, we’ll actually have the money.”

That’s all folks! I will be making another one of these when the second half of fics are posted in August!

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One Direction TMH tour, 24.02 Arena 02 - Twitter Questions + Last First Kiss

“Zayn come on. I’m nervous this is the first show I attend for him, I need someone with me, please please please”
Louis was in this state for the last hour.
Going after Zayn from room to room. Begging him to attend his boyfriend’s fashion show. Who is one of the greatest designers of the year.
“Zayn!! Are you even listening?”

Zayn sighed “you know I’m not one to go to small parties and now you want me to attend a fashion show where there’ll be a lot of people not just that but cameras! So yeah, no thank you”
Zayn turns back to start painting.

Louis covers his face, shoulders shaking and a muffled “I’ll call him and apologize then”
Zayn turns back at that “No! That’ll break his heart Louis! you saw how excited he was for this!”

Louis is still Zayn thinks crying.
“Fuck I’ll go okay!”

“Really?” Louis lifts his head grinning.

Zayn throws a brush at him. Louis runs away chanting “thank you”’s


“You so owe me for this” Zayn said looking around.
“Everyone is staring at me”
Louis chuckled “Zayn? Did you see yourself? Of course they’re going to stare. Probably they’re thinking ‘who’s that model’”
Flashes were everywhere. And he hates this.

“Gonna go to Harry now, I’ll join you later”


The show started, Louis still didn’t comeback.

Zayn was feeling so bored till he saw a literal ball of sunshine.
Harry had the best relationship with his models, ‘do your thing, act like whatever you’re wearing makes you feel’ he tells them.
And that model is the only one who till now was smiling and didn’t take the pouty or sexy model mode.
His smile is contagious and out of nowhere Zayn has the itch to paint him. He never drew people. But now he wants to start.

Before the man turned back he gave this cute -not even close to a wink- wink and bit his lips.
Zayn’s mouth was in an O shape.
“Zayn.. Zayn dude”
“What” he turned to Louis who was laughing at him “thought I lost you”
“D-d'ya know that model’s name?”
“Sorry didn’t catch him babe”


15 minutes later

“This model” Zayn said a bit loud which he noticed a bit late.
“Oh that’s Liam Payne he’s so hot”
“Leeyum” Zayn whispered trying the name on his tongue..


Zayn excused himself from the after party..
And as soon as he got home he picked his laptop and went to his art room.
He spent half of that night looking at pics of him, videos and there was just one interview and Zayn thinks he’s in love. He tried to draw him and once he finishes it it’s not like he wants - they’re amazing but still doesn’t match what he wants -.

The next morning

Louis enters their shared apartment looking for Zayn who he is sure still asleep.
But he finds the bed still made.
“Zayn?” He yells.
And goes to the art room.
And his eyes nearly pop from what he sees.
Paints everywhere and they are of someone who’s a bit a familiar.
Zayn is asleep literally on the floor brush in hands.
“Zayn, babe wake up”
Zayn pulls himself up every bone aches.
“What’s all of this” Louis smirks.
Zayn groans “we’ll talk after I have my coffee please”

Zayn starts after “I was so bored yesterday. He caught my eyes And I had this need? To paint him so I looked at pictures. Video’s just everything. I painted like four or five non of them is like what I wanted to capture. They weren’t as alive?”

Louis kept looking at him till he finished then smirked.
“What?” Zayn asked afraid of that look in Louis’ eyes.
“You’ll know soon” he waggles his eyebrows.


After a week he gets to know what Louis meant with you’ll know soon, it isn’t soon enough because Zayn forgot about it. But didn’t forget about Liam.

He opened the door and saw Harry and Louis and behind them was Liam.
And he wanted the earth to just open up and swallow him.
“Uh, Hi!” Zayn says voice a bit loud cause he’s nervous.
Louis barges in “we were planning on going to dinner but I thought we needed somewhere to just chill in so here we are” lifting the Chinese take out.
Harry looks at Zayn with raised eyebrows shrugging.
“Liam this is Zayn, Zayn you know who it is”
Zayn hates him.
In the middle of them eating dinner he dropped the bomb “Zayn is an art student he’s amazing! You should let him paint you sometime” Zayn choked on his food.
“I’d love that” Liam said smiling shyly at Zayn.
And this is the first that he had eye contact with Liam the whole night and since this moment he couldn’t not meet his eyes.
Liam kept smiling softly at him and after dinner when he went to wash after he went back and sat next to Zayn.
Zayn was nervous at first but Liam was so easy to talk to and he was interested in what Zayn was saying.

When they were heading out Liam kissed Zayn’s cheek. And gave him his number.
“I’ll be here for a month before Paris fashion week, call me whenever you’re free. I want you to paint me” and before he goes out he turned back “plus I’ll need the ones you’ve already done” winking in his adorable way.

Zayn’s eyes went wide and his cheeks crimson.

And after two weeks he’s invited to Liam’s beach house and they ended up doing more than painting canvases.