it starts off good then

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Can you recommend some good fics that start off with 5x11? Like maybe Caroline goes to New Orleans or she stays in school and tries a long distance relationship? Just basically anything tbh! (: tysm

The Klaroline Kiss: Before, During and After by Kjsama

Changes by wearentheroes

Forget About The Sunshine by LoveIsATemple

A Beautiful Nightmare by ProphecyGirlxoxo

Last Love by IszadeLeon

500 Years of Solitude by mzfeistyx3

Long Distance Call by LaLainaJ

The Path Forward by havingsomethingtosay

Their Nightly Ritual by bellamywinchester


the boy mayor of second life

what’s happened to my kingdom?  what’s happened to my fiefdom?  this used to be a beautiful place - a safe place for children to come play and grow up and get old and work and get older and now my kingdom -

i leave it for a few months and it’s all gone rotten - it’s all gone fallow.


kookmin during christmas and new year’s~~❄️🎄❄️🎄❄️🎄

[my original tweets]

“I know the winter’s getting colder
But why, just ‘cause we’re a little older do
I relive it, I relive it
I’m peddling backwards
Even if I’m peddling alone
Can’t help it
I relive it, I relive it, oh”

Winter of Our Youth - Bastille [x]



Dolores solves the maze with William the first time around, and they escape. Now free and on the run, William shows a newly sentient Dolores the outside world.


so if you guys wanted to know what I did over winter break

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How'd you learn Japanese??? Did you teach yourself? If so, hOw On EaRtH dId YoU dO tHaT?!?!

Oh oh! Good question! :D 

First off, I started by learning hiragana and basic words with this serie of videos on youtube:

Then, I made a whole book where I wrote the stuff I learned:

And now, I am learning more with those videos:

If you want a good way to practice, You can try to read fairy tail’s chapters without translations!

‘’ Arega boku tachi no chichi to haha dayo ‘’

Once you learned all the hiragana’s characters, you’ll be able to translate it easily. It’ okay if you don’t understand right away what it means, but just being able to read it is a real big step!!

I’m not very far advanced yet, but by doing this, I learned all of those things in less than 2 months! :) 

Hope it helps you! <3

Percy Weasley