it started with vanille

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7, 16, 30 for your FFXIII f/f OTP!

Okay! (It’s the crystal lesbians. ;))

7. What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?

I wholeheartedly accept all the headcanons described in this post, so I don’t think there was necessarily any specific moment when they fell in love since it was more of a slow evolution of a lifelong friendship. However, there was probably a brief and awkward preteen/adolescent interlude when Vanille started to get really blushy and giggly around Fang and thought that everything she did was just the coolest while Fang was probably wondering what her problem was.

16. Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?

Probably Vanille haha.

30. One headcanon about this OTP that mends it. (My heart, that is.)

Even though the game is annoyingly skittish about admitting that their relationship is romantic, I really appreciate that theirs is the great lovestory of FFXIII (sorry, Serah and Snow) and that it’s the love between two women that almost dooms and then ultimately saves the world.


Prince is very popular apparently. Vanille is like: black cat! I must become friends with to be a true witch. Cute…. meanwhile Florent ends up serious talking Prince way more than High does.

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Vanille was minding her own business walking along picking up trash and throwing it away, being a good little girl not really bugging anyone. Well it was until she bumped into someone, “Oops I’m sorry!” She apologized right away looking up.

initial sketches for fullbody designs? I know the feel i want to give off for each individual character but I’m gonna see what ill do hehe;; i want their appearances to reflect not only their kind of aesthetic but also their relationships and personality all whilst making sense TOGETHER so we’ll see how that goes.
edit: Also portrait of chère is sketches out; same with florent; started on both vanille and celestin hehe. Dunno if I can make stacey fit with her style? I’ll see tho. Also thinking of ditching flo cause continuity also his mask look terrible from front