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I've seen your posts about it before, but have never fully understood. Why do you dislike Clinton Anderson so much? I dont ask to start anything, I really want to know b/c I dont want to teach something bad for my horses. I currently go to an equine college, and it's considered one of the best programs in our state, but the vast majority of what we are taught are Clinton Anderson methods. I just want to make sure im not being lead into believing things that are harmful.

Theres quite a few reasons as to why I dislike Clinton Anderson, but first id like to start off by mentioning what I do like about him.  CA posts hours footage on youtube, free for everyone to see.  You can very easily pick of the basics of his method by watching his videos.  For a salesman who’s trying to sell a product, thats pretty neat, especially for people like me who love trying to figure out different trainer’s philosophies without paying a dime for something that actually may not be worth it.  His videos get pretty detailed.  You don’t just see the good parts that make him look good.  You get the bad parts and the ugly parts, and its these situations that can really say a lot about a trainer.  Its easy to like a trainer that only shows footage of themselves in good moments or photos from the best angles.  But what about those bad moments where something goes wrong? How does the trainer behave?  Well, we know how Clinton Anderson behaves for sure.

Ive posted lots of gems highlighting why I dislike what he does.  In this video, a spooky horse is flooded with an anxiety inducing stimulus and tries to escape.  CA continues to flood the horse with pressure until the horse is exhausted realizes that he has no choice but to settle down and stay put.  He then mistakes the horses behavior for “calmness” when the horse is in a lather and his blowing very hard.  Perfect example of learned helplessness.  Also, take note of how dangerous it is to continue to put pressure on a very fearful horse.  Imagine if that horse decided to fight rather than run? 

In this video, a blind horse is having a hard time backing up.  Instead of standing beside the horse and gently asking for a back up using direct pressure on the halter, CA goes right into whipping the horse in the chest for not reacting to a stimulus he never got the chance to learn (rope wiggle).  Instead of learning to associate a rope wiggle with gentle pressure on the noseband, he learns to react to the wiggle in order to avoid getting whipped.    

Clinton Anderson’s method is very attractive to newbie horse owners or people who struggle with using negative reinforcement.  This is because he preaches a “black and white” style philosophy.  “The horse must listen to me and if he doesn’t, I’m going either add more pressure or punish him for it”.  Thats an authoritarian style of horse-human interaction and it creates robot horses who obey all orders simply because they what to avoid unpleasant stimuli.  If the horse doesn’t move, make him.  If the horse doesn’t give to the bit, make him.  If the horse doesn’t bend around my leg, make him.  I personally dislike that and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I trained in that manner.

If you watch his recent video of him riding his 2 year old Titan (theres also a full 40 min. video of him riding various other 2 year olds), you’ll notice that he’s already got the horse bent at the poll (more like hyperflexed at the poll), yielding the shoulders, yielding the hindquarters, bending in both directions, and even flying lead changes.  He goes on and on about wanting his horses to be flexible, supple, and soft.  If the horse doesn’t offer these feeling to him, the horse gets a kick in the ribs or a yank in the mouth.  Tell me, does that sound like art to you?  Its a two year old, a baby horse, and he’s asking for all these concepts that should be build over many YEARS with slow, gentle, systematic training.  Horsemanship to me is an art form, and it demands understanding, patience, and respect for the horse.  From the extensive footage I’ve seen, Clinton Anderson is NOT practicing an art.  Is he successful? yep.  Can he train horses really well? sure thing.  But because it works, is it right?

I Would Be So Pleased (Vacation)

I’m honored, that you would pick us over Rainbow Quartz.

Pearl felt her cheeks color deeply at Garnet’s words, and she ducked her head. Garnet, more than anyone else, understood how serious such a statement was, coming from her. Still, she had to avert her eyes, suddenly quite interested in a nearby rock formation. She found one of Garnet’s hands to cling to, idly rubbing her thumb over the other Gem’s knuckles, and Garnet let her.  

“It’s not just because she’s more fun,” Pearl said at length, “It’s… There was always something else, some barrier, something between us when Rose and I fused. Like she was holding something back. I couldn’t reach her.”

Garnet was quiet for a moment, then tightened her hold minimally on the other Gem. Pearl’s slim waist fit neatly with her arm around it, like nothing were more natural. “We definitely don’t have that problem, as Sardonyx,” Garnet agreed quietly, “I think we’re usually very open with each other when we’re fused.”

Barring the recent debacle, Pearl thought sourly. She sighed, pushing the guilt aside as best she could, and brought Garnet’s hand up to brush her lips across her fingers. “When we’re Sardonyx, it feels like… like we’re all together,” she murmured, “You, me, Ruby, and Sapphire, all at once. And I know it’s not possible outside of Fusion.”

“You miss them,” Garnet said; it wasn’t a question, but Pearl nodded just the same. “Do you ever—“

“I won’t ask you to unfuse for me,” Pearl insisted, turning again to meet Garnet’s eyes. “I know it’s… complicated for you, in particular. I don’t want you to be gone. But… Of course I miss them. We spent so much time together, how could I not? We were so close.”

Garnet hummed in agreement, tugging Pearl’s hand toward her chest, over her heart. “They miss you, too,” she assured the smaller Gem, “But we all appreciate that you don’t want me to unfuse. Especially after all this time.”

Thousands of years ago Pearl might have wished it; one day, Garnet’s existence had just become functionally permanent—Ruby and Sapphire settled into being Garnet in less than the span of a century, even going so far as to remain permanently fused toward the end of the war. They eased into their relationship, into existing as one, and that had left Pearl with one best friend instead of two.

It was strange to think that there had been a single day where Ruby and Sapphire had really stopped being a fixture in her life, where the two had been replaced by the Gem she loved so very differently now. One day, Garnet had really come into herself, and Ruby and Sapphire had been happy to let her exist without breaks—at least, without voluntary ones.

“Of course I don’t. It’s bad enough I made you—“

“Pearl,” Garnet cut her off, “Is it really worth bringing that up now? We should be enjoying ourselves.”

Garnet was right, of course, but Pearl’s guilt still gnawed at her weeks later. She sighed, pressing her face into Garnet’s chest briefly. “I’m sorry,” she said quietly, earning a warm hug for her apology.

“Do you want to answer more?” Garnet asked, “There’s still some battery life left.”

Pearl was quiet a moment, then shook her head. “Could we…” she paused to consider, then, garnering up her courage, asked in a rush; “Could we dance? Just for fun. Not to Fuse.”

The Fusion chuckled, rising from where she sat and pulling Pearl up with her slowly. Pale hands gripped her arms, and Garnet locked her hands briefly around her waist. “I have a condition,” Garnet said smoothly, and Pearl looked briefly startled, but her partner’s warm smile put her at ease—or at least as much at ease as she could be with dragonflies swarming in her stomach.

“You do?” Pearl asked uncertainly. Garnet nodded, spinning her neatly.

“You get to sing this time,” she said, “I haven’t heard you sing in a while.” Longer than that, save duets at Steven’s request. Pearl had been uncharacteristically non-musical of late, and Garnet knew it was a lingering effect of their fight. Still, that was in the past.

Pearl’s cheeks heated immediately, blooming a brilliant blue. “Garnet! I… I’m not half as good as you,” she insisted. Dancing with a limited audience was one thing; the camera was not forgotten, and singing…

“I can sing with you,” Garnet offered, “If you pick the song.”

The alabaster Gem swallowed hard. There weren’t many duets she could think of, but if Garnet were willing to join their voices…

Pearl’s voice started out small, but carried. It wasn’t a Homeworld song this time; something she had picked up on Earth some years ago, a song from one of Greg’s silly disks that featured music nothing like the screaming nonsense he so preferred. It was melodic and soothing, and even if Pearl didn’t fully understand some of its meaning, she’d always liked it.

Somewhere in a dream, perhaps another lifetime

I have seen your face, I have held you near,

Riding on a beam, the sun became your lifeline

Passing time and space, now you’re standing here

Her hands slid up Garnet’s arms hesitantly, and Garnet settled both hands at her hips. Pearl sang, softly at first, but with rising confidence and volume as Garnet maneuvered her in a slow, easy dance—not quite a waltz (neither of them preferred that style), but neither was it anything more structured. Garnet moved slowly, supplying a soft hum to keep their pace. Pearl sang on.

And born of heaven’s creation, your voice gently cries,

Saying, “I would be so pleased, I would take you by the hand

I would be so pleased, though I don’t know where I stand

I would take this chance, may I have this dance

I would be so pleased.”

To Pearl’s immense surprise, Garnet lifted her, pressing a light kiss to her crown before she took up the song.

Now at last it’s real, finally you’ve found me

Knowing all along, you would soon appear

Through the dark I feel

Stardust all around me

Whispering a song, there’s no need to fear

Their voices mingled, and Pearl was surprised that she and Garnet could harmonize easily, effortlessly, despite the great difference in Garnet’s low alto and her soprano.

And after some hesitation, my voice sweetly sighs

Singing, “I would be so pleased, to try and love again,

I would be so pleased, to love you now and then,

Formalities aside, no more love denied

I would be so pleased.”

To her surprise, Garnet took the next verse, guiding her in a familiar series of steps that took no thought at all to match. Garnet leaned in close, and Pearl stayed en pointe to meet her gaze, almost nose-to-nose.

Is what I’m worthy of, still I have my doubts

Could I live my life for love, after life so long without?

With so many ways to go, it makes it hard to see

I need so much more to know if it’s where I’m meant to be

Pearl paused then, words to the next verse completely forgotten. “Yes,” she said quietly, but with certainty that surprised even her. “I think it is.”