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Even the smallest spark of positivity can spread like wild fire to everyone else you come across. It’s amazing what impact even the smallest acts of kindness can have on the quality of someone else’s day.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

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Can you explain to me the just friends episode thing? Who was supposed to kiss? I'm sorry I'm so lost 😢

“Just Friends” was the first episode in cartoon history to feature mouth to mouth kisses between gay and lesbian couples.

there are at least 5 presented within the audience for the show.

And despite this lasting literally 15 seconds and not being very noticeable unless you were paying close attention…..people (As in, homophobic parents ) got angry about it.

It’s literally the most on the nose any disney cartoon has been with LGBT content and was immensely praised as it made cartoon history and put Disney on the map for possible future LGBT content within their shows.

However, as of recently, this episode has vanished off two of the most promenant sources of Disney in which to find them: Their TV Channel, and Their Official Site.

And the fandom believes this might be due to Disney finally cracking under pressure, and withdrawing this episode due to angry parents complaining about the kiss scene.

These episodes take months to make, Disney let this happen a long time ago, they knew controversy would happen, and suddenly months after it premiered and spread like wild-fire that disney made history, they seem like they might be either withdrawing this episode entirely…or pulling it out to censor it cause ppl are dicks.

You're just a Cargo Pilot

“You only became a Fighter Pilot because I dropped out.”
Keith might as well have slapped him in the face.
Allura has spent the past few weeks, testing their strength, physically, emotionally, and as a team for Voltron. This however, was a result of pushing limits.
“Keith…” Hunk doesn’t know what more he can say to ease the tension.
“We are supposed to open up, and be able to trust each other. We can’t form Voltron if we are at each other’s throat.” Shiro mentions.
“He started it!” Lance throws a finger in Keith’s direction.
Lance tenses up when Shiro raises his voice. Keith isn’t lying. If it hadn’t been for his leave at the Garrison, Lance would still be a Cargo Pilot if anything, but just like Keith has his own reasons for leaving, Lance has special circumstances too.
“Maybe we should call it a day… I’m exhausted anyhow.” Hunk says, as he watches Lance tremble with hands in a fist.
“I agree. Paladins, we will have dinner then head to our rooms to rest before training again early in the morning.” Allura commands as she and Coran leave to prepare dinner.
“Not hungry.” Lance grits between closed teeth as he storms off to his room.
“He has never been much of a team player, I would know.” Pidge says, recalling the simulation training at the academy.
“Pidge, that not true…” Hunk tries to defend.
“What’s his problem anyways… we’re all busting our ass to form Voltron…”
“Why did you have to bring up the Garrisons?” Hunk interrupts.
“It’s true.” Keith Chides.
“It’s not.” Hunk challenges.
Hunk, doesn’t normally challenge head on, He doesn’t have trouble in taking commands and keeping his 2 cents to himself, so Shiro assumes that Hunk is only trying to protect Lance.
“He was sick.”
Pidge and and Shiro perk up at the information.
“What?” Pidge says, hoping Hunk will elaborate.
He looks to the floors, as if they have the answer…
“Lance is from a really big family, and it’s not like tuition for the Academy is cheap. He’s on.. Well he was on a scholarship…”
“Your telling me Lance is smart?” Pidge jokes.
Nobody is laughing.
“It was a Full ride as a Fighter Pilot, he just had to take the test and guarantee his spot by his second term. He studied a lot, kept asking me to help him in the library… and I dont know if I should keep talking?Can we just forget what I said?”
“Wait, I’m not following… what does a scholarship have to do with Being a Fighter Pilot or Keith?” Shiro says.
“Fighter pilots need to put in a certain amount of hours before graduating and there are only 24 seats in that class. Only one Pilot put in enough hours to graduate that term…. and that was you, Takeshi Shirogane.” Hunk and Shiro share looks.
“There was only one seat open. If Lance didn’t get in, they were going to strip him of his scholarship.
The only other person who was testing in that year was…” they both looked to Keith. “well you get the picture.
So we spent every night for 2 weeks training and studying, until he made himself sick. Right before the Physical Test, Lance collapsed. He was in the hospital for 2 days due to dehydration and what they said was a stress cold.
When he woke up, Lance said he was sure he was going to have to start packing his backs, but instead Sergent Iverson, came to congratulate him. He mentioned that Keith dropped out and even though Lance didn’t pass the physical, his test scores were almost perfect.”
There is a long pause, but Hunk continued.
“Rumors spread like a wild fire. As far as the academy knew, Lance only got in because Keith left, and yeah Lance knows that’s the case, but if he had a chance to do all over again…”
“Is this why he constantly feels like he need to compete with me?”
“I don’t know. It’s nothing against you Keith, but this whole rivalry thing he has with you, it doesn’t really make sense to any of us, but for him….he needs to know that he earned his seat in that class, Lance… at the garrison, he would never know if he could compete with you fairly.
Then all this happened.”
Hunk spread is arms wide and high.
“So… maybe what I’m trying to says is,
Are you sure that the only reason Lance became a Fighter Pilot, is because you left?

Just a Thought that has been lingering.
Please send me prompt and Asks… :)

Jerome Valeska Imagine- Life’s A Joke (Part One?)

I know I usually write Teen Wolf fic, but I love Gotham so much. Are Imagines like this something you would be into? Warning this is quite long.

Y/N Gordon, what a name to live up to. You moved in with your uncle, after the death of you parents. You loved your him of course, but by no means were you anything alike. You had no interest in being the ‘hero’ of Gotham, if anything you were waiting for the city to crumble into non-existence. You weren’t always like this. But being forced to watch the murder of your parents, changed you. You cared about nothing- you were bored with life completely.

It was Wednesday, you and Uncle J had a tradition of eating takeout burgers in the police car during his lunch break. You had grown bored of it a long time ago, but you knew he needed it. Even if you both sat in silence, you were still together. But today stood out like no other. You were parked In an alleyway somewhere, when the police radio flicked on with urgency. “Jim, Jim are you there?” a voice spoke with panic. You looked at each other, before he responded. “Yeah, what’s the problem Harvey?” he asked. You slurped on your milkshake, awaiting the response. “The Maniax have been spotted downtown, you need to get here now!” he reported. “I’ll be there, I just need to drop off my niece” he told. “There’s no time Jim-” he began to say, followed by the faint sound of gun shots in the background. “Shit” your uncle muttered, before beginning to reverse out of the alleyway.

“Stay in the car!” Uncle J said firmly, knowing you had a problem with following authority. “Sure” you shrugged, looking at him with eyes that said otherwise. He huffed, before slamming the door shut behind him. He looked at you through the window and showed you his car keys, before putting child lock on, to prevent you from getting out. He smiled as you rolled your eyes at him, before following the sound of gun shots and shouting officers. You were sitting for no longer than 10 seconds, before you climbed into the driver’s seat and took out one of your earrings, before beginning to tamper with the mechanics of the vehicle. You then shoved the door open and slammed it shut behind you. Like hell, were you waiting in a police car for your uncle to return hours later. You walked along the sidewalk, away from the sound of shooting and screams. You found yourself in an empty street, as the breeze hit your skin. You took a second to spin around and embrace the feeling. When you opened your eyes, you found yourself looking up at the roof of a building. You could see someone with bright hair and an Arkham Asylum uniform on. They appeared to be fixated on you and you couldn’t seem to look away either. He began pointing a gun towards you, but you couldn’t move. Not out of fear, but curiosity. That’s when you heard more gunshots and shouting coming closer towards you. “They went this way” you heard Harvey shout. You looked away from the rooftop when you felt someone grab your shoulder. “What did I tell you Y/n!” your Uncle shouted, pulling you away. “I was bored” you shrugged, with no emotion. “Did you see where they went?” Harvey asked, joining the pair of you. “Where who went?” you asked with false naivety. “Jerome Valeska and the other whackjobs” he added. You thought for a second, before giving your response. “No” you replied laconically. He sighed before nodding and heading off down the street. Jim guided you back to the car, you climbed in willingly, sensing the annoyance radiating from. “Stay” he ordered, and this time you complied. He then slammed the door shut and also headed off. “Jerome Valeska” you repeated.

Your uncle returned to the car, after about an hour or so. You were on the verge of falling asleep, but you soon brightened up as he sat in the drivers seat. The car journey was silent for about ten minutes, before you reluctantly broke the silence. “I’m sorry” you mumbled, looking down at your nails. He simply raised his eyebrows, as a sign for you to continue. “I shouldn’t have left the car, it was irrational and stupid” you added. “Apology accepted” he returned, smug of you admitting defeat. “Did you find him- and the others” you quickly added the last part. “No” he said with clear disappointment. “What did they do?” you asked. “They made a statement, using seven innocent lives to do it” he didn’t want to tell you, but he knew you wouldn’t drop it until he did. “Why?” you pried. “Insanity Y/n, it makes a person do the craziest things” he spoke. You took that as an indication for you to stop asking questions, but by no means did you stop thinking about the insane criminals, about the boy with the bright hair.

It had been a week since you saw him, and the news of the terror group was spreading around Gotham like wild fire. You were the only person at your school who didn’t seem to be petrified by the thought. You were sitting on the school bus, due to your uncle taking away your own car keys as punishment. You prepared yourself for a long and boring journey, but the events that followed were anything but that.

You were surrounded by all the preppy losers, who were meeting up for their traditional meal, before a big game. You sat down on a seat on your own and rolled your eyes, after having no other choice but to hear them practice their cheers and chants. You hadn’t taken the bus since Freshman year and even you knew the bus was taking an abnormally long time to drive off. You opened the window and lit up a cigarette, ignoring the fake coughs from the annoyed cheerleaders, who were certainly convinced you were going to give them blood poisoning. Screams and cries soon began to erupt, from the front of the bus, making its way along. You glanced to the front, seeing a familiar figure. It was him. Before he began to speak, an accomplice of his began to cuff you all to the chairs. You were cuffed by a half-wit, still holding the burning cigarette in your hand. “Give me an O” Jerome shouted with amusement, beginning to pace down the bus. The students around you immediately complied, with shaky voices. “Give me a H” he continued. You simply lifted your hands to your mouth, having another puff on the toxic paper. “Give me a N” he added, reaching you. You looked at him, with no sign of fear or obedience. “Give me a N” he leant down and breathed on your neck. You simply turned to face him and blew your smoke into his face. He quickly jolted up, causing the other students to flinch and whimper. “I know who you are” he worked out. Before giving that unforgettable laugh of his. You watched in complete amassment. “You’re Officer Jim Gordon’s daughter” he claimed dramatically, as if he was giving a performance. “Niece” you corrected. He titled his head, surprised by your disobedience, as opposed to your bravery. “Why didn’t you tell them where I was? You could have saved your own life, as well of all of your peers” he once again grew closer to you. “You could have shot me then, and saved yourself if I did tell them where you were” you equally retort. He grabbed your chin and titled your head, staring into your eyes. He searched them, looking for any sign of emotion and found none. He smirked, before letting go and making his way back to the front of the bus.

Meanwhile, your Uncle and Harvey worked at the station, stuck in an endless pile of new leads and paperwork. That’s when they got the phone call. “Y/n’s on that bus” his eyes widened, as he slammed down the phone and grabbed his keys from his desk. Jerome grabbed the hose, filled with gasoline. “Give me a H” he finished. Your classmates once again complied. “What’s that spell?” he asked mockingly. “Oh No” they all answered. Shit. You threw your lit cigarette out of the window, as he began to spray gasoline all over the bus. He moved up and down all of the seats, spraying each person individually. That was until he reached you. “Anything to say?” he asked you casually, while holding the hose over the person behind you, drowning them in the liquid. “I’ve never been one for cliché last words” you retaliated sarcastically, looking away from him. “How about now?” he asked, now holding a gun to your head. “Shoot me” you said fearlessly, still refusing to pay him attention. You were the only person not coated in gasoline. 

Jerome stood outside, holding a lighter. He then gave a speech to his accomplices, as Uncle J and the other officers began to arrive. He threw the lighter on the ground, after realising it wasn’t working. “Anyone got a light?” he teased, as if he had all the time In the world. He then smirked, after seeing the lit cigarette on the ground. “She can finish this one” he grinned, throwing it onto the trail of gasoline, heading towards the bus, before making a quick escape. Jim entered the bus, getting into the drivers seat. He then proceeded to move the bus to safety, narrowly avoiding the flames. He sighed and the screams come to a halt, being replaced with cries of relief. “Everybody okay?” he asked, before turning around to the terrified students. They muttered their responses, still in complete shock. Uncle J then stood up in adrenaline and made his way over to your seat. The only empty seat. “Where’s Y/n?” he practically whispered, scared to hear the answer. “Where is Y/N!? He repeated, shouting this time. There was almost silence on the bus, before someone spoke up. “They took her- he took her” a voice answered in distain.

Part Two? Let me know if you want this to continue as a Jerome Valeska series x

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I'm all the more happy to take down those tweets as it will stop many fans from misunderstanding what it means. I took the time to read the posts on Tumblr , the nervousness spread around like wild fire. Fans should honestly take a deep breath think rationally. HOW ON EARTH CAN NALU NOT BE CANON HUH?! XD

Exactly, NaLu became canon when the stone age omake was released (as far as I’m concerned). Mashima wouldn’t draw that unless he sees them romantically, it’s practically him drawing his own NaLu fanart/fanfic 😂😂

“You’re mine” 😏😏😏

Mashima’s probably thinking I drew an entire nalu omake, what more do they want from me 🤣

Here is why Doyle’s death meant so much to me,

The man was never meant to lead, he even fainted at the sight of authority and guns, he was terrified of Locus to a degree. Yet, over the course of the trilogy we see him become assertive, we see him taking chances he knows are dangerous, we see him grow by leaps and bounds.

He isn’t like Kimball. His strength is different from hers. She is a flash flood, taking everything with her, her power coming in strong and fiercely after a sudden storm - no one able to stop her until she runs out. He is like a wild fire spreading through the forest, slowly at first, needing oxygen and fuel to grow - yet, if someone had put out his fire in the beginning he would have gone out before he was able to grow, but now he is unstoppable.

Donald Doyle there in the end was simply unstoppable. He was going to do whatever it took to save his people and Kimball’s people.

And in the end. With enemy soldiers threatening him. Donald Doyle did not faint, nor did he try to talk them out of harming him. No, he stood firm, even calmly misquoting Shakespeare.

His fire was put out, but his embers left behind were still burning in the end. He was just that unstoppable. 

cheerleader | jughead jones x reader

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written by: yours truly

edited by: @jugheadxreaderinyourhead

anonymous said: if you write smut, could you do a jugheadxreader where like in ‘hypnotized’ he’s got “cheerleader kink” or something but like he’s dating the reader and he goes to pick her up after cheerleading practice but he gets there early and he walks in the gym to see her dancing to the routine and gets flustered and they have sex in the locker rooms? if you don’t write smut could you just hint towards it at the end?? thanks so much

chapter song: focus // ariana grande

warnings: mild smut

jughead’s pov

i walk toward the gym, helmet in hand as i stroll through the halls of riverdale high. my girlfriend had asked me to pick her up from practice so i decided to surprise her and turn up early.

i was hoping to catch a glimpse of her in her river vixen facade. something about her in her uniform and cheering made me feel some type of way.

i just couldn’t get enough of it.

the loud speakers rang through the school as i neared the door, the music growing louder with every step. pushing on the door the music fills your eyes clearer than before.

♫"i can tell you’re curious, it’s written on your lips. ain’t no need to hold it back, go head and talk your shit"♫

i sneak toward the back trying to stay out of sight as i searched the crowd for y/n until my eyes land on her, in the middle of the formation, that’s my, girl i smirked to myself, leaning against the gym wall.

i watched her dance her best, flicking her hair behind her shoulder as she moved along with the beat. her hips grinding in an agonising manner.

her uniform, or therefore the lack of, drove me crazy. watching as she flips and dances, her skirt seems to spin showing off a little of what i seemed to yearn for.

♫"let’s find a light inside our universe now, where ain’t nobody keep on holding us down. just come and get it, let them say what they say.“♫

♫” ‘cause im about to put them all away, woooo"♫

a smirk creeps on my face as i watch her totally outshine the HBIC also known as miss cheryl blossom. i had seen y/n cheer on many occasions and i always saw that she possessed more talent than the red head.

the only thing holding her back from captain spot was the lack of blossom for a last name. everyone knew it- even cheryl-

she made her work harder than any of the oyhrt girls and took every opportunity she could to discredit her. that made her feel anything less than amazing.

unfortunately i always seemed to be the root of all of cheryl’s hideous jealously. dating a southside serpent was frowned upon for anyone living on the northside.

let alone a socialite river vixen as beautiful as y/n. some would say it was a crime that she could do better that. she deserved better.

out of all the things i knew - call me selfish but i was in love with her and i didn’t want anyone to have the chance to treat her anything above what i was.

♫"focus on me, fuh, fuh, focus on me, wooooo. focus on me, fuh, fuh, focus on me wooooo.“♫

♫"focus on me, fuh, fuh, focus on me, wooooo. focus on me, fuh, fuh, focus on me wooooo.“♫

♫"focus on me, ooooh yeah"♫

a smile spreads like wild fire on my face as they finish their number. all the girls seeming to bend over in defeat and exhaustion, my girlfriend on the other hand…

she continued to practice. i push myself off the wall walking toward the group clapping my hands, gaining the attention of the whole squad.

a hot headed cheryl turns to y/n a scowl on her face “this is a closed practice” she spits.

not even that can steal the grin on her face as she rushes toward me throwing her arms around my neck as mine dart to her waist wrapping around tightly as her feet leave the floor.

we join our lips in a long heated kiss, the whole gym staring at the two of us.

i pull back, grinning, placing y/n back on the ground. we turn and watch the blossoms face turn as red as her hair. she giggles into my chest fiddling with the ends of my leather jacket.

“practice is over!” cheryl yells flicking her hair off her tall shoudlers and storming out of the gym, minions at her hip.

“thanks for coming to get me” she purs pecking my lips. i kissed back. my arm slung around her waist. “wait is that your helmet? oh my you bought your bike?!” she squeals.

i rolled my eyes bring my lip between her teeth “sure is- you wanna go for a ride?”. she smirks nodding her head furiously.

“lets go”.

she laces her soft hands with mine and pulls me out of the gym and toward the front of the school. her small skirt swishing in the light wind.

she releases my hand as she rushes toward my bike, circling around it with a wild smirk on her face as she runs her hand along the seat to the handles.

“do i get to wear the jacket?” she teased and i roll my eyes crossing my leather clad arms over my chest. i retort with a cute shake of the head.

“fine- you always looked better with it anyway” she flirts swinging her leg over the bike straddling the seat, her tiny skirt rising to show of her long legs.

i lick my lips heading toward the motorbike jumping on, feeling her shift on the bike, shuffling toward me as she pulls herself flush against my back.

“you good babe?” i ask the girl, trying to distract myself from the warm body pressed against my own.

“let’s go baby” she teases fiddling with my collar before wrapping her soft arms around my waist, securing herself.

i speed off and out of the school parking lot. planning on taking the long way home, i wanted to show y/n the scenic view of riverdale. there was something so different about the view from a motorbike.

the absence of y/n’s hands from my waist is noticed in an instant, i furrow my brows getting ready to turn to make sure the cheerleader was still on the back of my bike when she places her hand on my thigh.

almost swerving off the road at the sudden contact, her warm hands massaging my inner thigh, enough for me to imagine the growing heat between her two long legs.

i tense under her touch cussing out loud as i crave her touch. “y/n baby” i groan as she works her way over my crotch.

i can hear her giggle as she brushes over my bulge bucking her hips against my back.

gripping the handles, my knuckles turning white as i try to focus on the open road, cussing i miss the turn off and speed toward the southside.

i need to get the hell off this bike.

her hands work their way over my bulge, every stroke sending me closer and closer to the edge.

i can feel her laughter vibrate through my chest as she brings her legs up over my own.

the engine hums underneath us as we rapidly approach the trailer, her legs wrapping around me as her hips rock into me pulling my focus from the road.

i moan as her hands move faster, removing one hand and gripping onto her thigh, trying to release some of the built up sexual frustration.

the trailer comes into sight and i skid infront. y/n’s grip tightens her hands shooting from my lap to my chest clinging to me as the bike comes to a screeching halt.

i move swiftly off the bike turning to see a blush creeping up on y/n’s face. taking one look at the gorgeous river vixen on the back of my bike i lick my lips.

she turns on the seat, dangling her legs in front of me, parting them ever so slightly.

charging forward i crash my lips onto hers, my hands gripping at her thighs and tugging the beautiful girl into me. her legs wrapping around my waist.

i pull her onto my hips, off the bike and into the house throwing her down on the bed.

my eyes scan her body as she fiddles with the tiny blue skirt “so are you going to help me out of this uniform or am i going to have to do it myself?”

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Change Of Heart - Reggie Mantle

Can you make a story wherein Jughead and Reggie is fighting over the reader which is a new girl in Riverdale High. You decide who she ends up with.

Originally posted by fakesonia

I write Jughead allllll the time, so I thought I might change it up a little by writing this with Reggie in mind. Sorry if it’s not the way you wanted it, it’s just what came into my mind.

You had heard about the activity in small towns; while they were quiet from the outside, gossip spread like wild-fire from within. Your family’s arrival to the tiny town of Riverdale sparked the same reaction. On your first day of school, you received the undivided attention of a cheery blonde named Betty Cooper. From there, you merged into her friend circle and found that there was hope for a happy life in the rinky-dink town. You grew close with Veronica, Archie, and Kevin, all thanks to Betty. It was when you were introduced to Jughead Jones, when things started to take a turn. The situation became very apparent to after lunch period, only a month after you started attending Riverdale High School.

“Alright, ready for this English quiz, Jug?” You teased him and a soft smile grew on his features. After hanging around Betty, you found that you and Jughead shared a nearly identical schedule; and a shared passion for sarcasm.

“Yeah, gonna ace it,” he answered dryly. You let out a laugh at his answer. You fell back in step beside your new friends, quietly joking about the quiz.

“Hey! Jones!” Jughead stopped in his tracks. You keep walking until you realized he was no longer beside you. You turned around and saw him, face to face with a towering boy. His broad chest and shoulders lead to a smooth face. Dark hair was pushed back slightly, out of the way of his deep brown eyes. You locked eyes with him from over Jughead’s shoulder and his jaw went slack. His gaze traveled down your face, as if he was seeing you for the first time; which indeed it was. You had never ran into the boy before you, if you had you would’ve remembered.

“What do you want Reggie?” Your thoughts derailed when you heard the tone of hostility in Jughead’s voice. The boy, Reggie, moved his eyes from you back to Jughead.

“I-I,” Reggie glanced back at you, “nothing. See ya around.” With that, Reggie turned his back to the two of you and sauntered off. You watched as he walked away, but after he left your line of sight, you looked back at Jughead.

“Who was that,” you asked. Jughead rolled his eyes and turned around to walk to class. You followed close behind him, still wanting an answer.

“That’s Reggie Mantle,” he said angrily, “he’s nothing but trouble Y/N. Do yourself a favor and stay away from him.” You bit your lip at Jughead’s harsh words. Your mind still working over Reggie’s appearance, you turned you head to look back in the direction he walked off in; as if he were still there. You smiled unexpectedly when you saw him leaning against the corner of the wall, watching you walk away.

After your encounter with Reggie, Jughead started to act differently around you. Whenever one of the jocks, especially Reggie, walked by, Jughead would touch you in someway. At first it started with the brushing of hands, but now he went as far to have an arm around your shoulders. Jughead also made it a point to tell you every horrible thing Reggie had done to him in past years. Reggie was foil to Jughead’s character; the antagonist of Mr. Jones personal memoir. It didn’t take you long to understand that Jughead wanted you to have nothing to do with the rude jock.

His stories, no matter how mean, didn’t deter you from thinking about Reggie. You saw him in the hallways and sometimes you’d even catch his eye; however, a mere word was yet to be spoken to him. But Jughead didn’t want that to happen.

“So who’s going to the homecoming dance?” Veronica beamed as she asked. Betty smiled and asked Kevin if he was going with Joaquin. He nodded of course, a pink blush on his cheeks. Archie shrugged at Veronica’s question and Betty rolled her eyes.

“You wanna go as friends, Ronnie?” Archie asked nonchalantly, but his voice pitched a little higher. Veronica’s eyes widened but she nodded.

“Sure, why not?” You saw Betty stiffen from the corner of your eye. Her blue eyes were sad suddenly, and you remembered the drama that ensued when you first met the group.

“Hey Jughead,” you said, getting the boys attention. His eyes met yours for a moment before looking away nervously. “You and Betty should go together,” Betty turned to look at you.

“Huh?” You slapped Jughead’s shoulder at his dumb response. “Yeah, okay. Are you down, Betts?” You mentally slapped yourself at your friend’s naivety. The blonde nodded slowly before answering.

“That sounds cool, but what about you, Y/N?” You shrugged simply and Jughead shook his head. You raised an eyebrow at your friend’s movement.

“You should go with someone,” he said, “maybe Betty and I could-”

“Hey, Y/N?” You turned your head around, your gaze resting on Reggie Mantle. His dark brown eyes skirted nervously around your table of friends.

“Hi, Reggie, what’s up?” You offered him a small, slightly awkward, smile. You had never spoken to each other before, but the you both knew the other’s name.

“Can I talk to you for a sec?” You nodded and stood up from the lunch table. Before you turned to walk off with Reggie, Jughead shot you a worried look. As did Archie, who had also shared his less than favorable encounters with Reggie, with you. But you ignored their looks, giving Reggie a chance to prove himself otherwise. You walked a few paces away from your table and you almost started to giggle. Reggie’s imposing frame seem crunched together, curled up with nerves. Maybe you would have a date to homecoming after all.

“I know we don’t really know each other, but I would really like to get to know you, Y/N.” You smiled at him, meeting his gaze once more. “You seem really cool,” he added, making you laugh lightly.

“You seem pretty cool too, Reggie,” he smiled at your words and you felt a tickle in your stomach. “Do you maybe want to go to homecoming with-”

“Yes,” he answered quickly, causing both of your to chuckle. The two of you exchanged numbers and made plans for homecoming. You and Reggie would meet up at the school and after the dance, you’d go out to eat. Your heart started to beat wildly at the idea of dancing with him.

“I’ll see you then,” he said, smiling brightly. He turned around and started to walk off. You stood there for a moment longer, still buzzing from the conversation. When your legs were steady enough to move, you headed back to the table. Everyone was silent as you sat down, except Kevin.

“What did he want? Did he ask you to the dance?” You turned and smiled at him.

“No Kev, I asked him.” Kevin’s eyes widened and he clapped his hands together. Jughead huffed as Veronica and Archie exchanged a worried glance; but you were too happy to see the inner conflict wearing on your friends.

You swayed gently to the slow music which had just started to play. Reggie still wasn’t at the dance, leaving you dateless for the first twenty minutes. You tried to focus on the way Archie and Veronica were smiling at eachother and how Kevin and Joaquin slow-danced. It was nice seeing all of your new friends happy, but you wished you could be happy with them.

Still lost in thought, a tap on your shoulder made you jump. You turned your head, hoping to look up at Reggie, but found yourself staring into Jughead’s blue eyes.

“He’s still not here?” You shook you head slightly, mentally preparing yourself for Jughead’s expected rant. “What a dick,” he hissed, “you should be with someone who’s there for you, Y/N. Reggie won’t ever be that person.”

“How do you know that, Jughead?” You snapped, catching the boy off guard. “You don’t know what goes on in his life, how he feels. I know he’s done things, but hasn’t everyone?” Jughead stared at you in shock before regaining his composure.

“Someone like Reggie Mantle just doesn’t have a change of heart, Y/N.” You were about to snap at him again, defend Reggie once more, when someone else spoke up.

“Your date looks lonely, Jones. Why don’t you go talk to her instead?” You turned your head and saw Reggie standing behind you. It looked like he rushed here, as his cheeks were slightly flushed and his tie was lopsided. Jughead scoffed at his words.

“I know what you’re like, Reggie. I’ll be there when Y/N finds out who you are for herself.” With that, Jughead marched off, heading over to Betty who looked distraught and hurt.

“Hey, sorry I’m late I just was-” you reached up to straighten out his tie, which silenced his speech. You leaned back to admire your work and looked up at Reggie with a smile.

“It’s alright,” you said, “you’re here now, aren’t you?” Reggie gave you a dopey smile and extended his hand.

“May I have what’s left of this dance?’ You let out a giggle at his offer. You held his gaze and left an edge of doubt. If all the stories Archie and jughead told you were true, maybe this was a mistake. Before you could think any harder about it, you rested your hand in his; and with it, you planted your seed of hope. Hope that Reggie Mantle could, in fact, have a change of heart.

“You may,” you whispered and Reggie grinned as he pulled you to the dance floor.

Metahuman Makeout - E2 Wells xreader

Harrison Wells had been slaving over his messy desk for weeks now. He was trying to perfect his meta human alert software. There were times when you had to literally pull him away from his work so he wouldn’t over work himself. -lets be honest. he would work himself past over worked, then you’d come to his rescue and save him from his drive for perfection- You were Harrison Wells assistant/ his daughters best friend. You lived a complicated life on your Earth. You lived a perfectly abnormal life, being a meta human, an assistant and a teenage girls bff. You managed to keep you meta human powers a secret from everyone. You were a technopath. You could alter with any kind of technology. Only down side was, your emotions go in the way some times. There were times at your job, as Wells assistant,where you nearly lost all control of your emotions. That was before you learned to keep your emotions in check and how to handle your boss’s outbursts.  . You figured out that anger caused things to blow up, sadness caused things to drain battery power, and happiness causes things to spark to life. Being a technopath was never easy.

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Characters: Jimin x You

Genre: ceo!jimin || arranged marriage (I have no idea at this point)


next part 

It is tiring to be standing in front of all these people. All of them looking up at him expectantly, waiting upon his next words like hungry wolves. He is the bait that is dangled in front of them, and once he is dropped, they will pounce and devour until nothing is left.

The cameras flash again in his face, and the white spots swarm in his vision. Loud chatter fills his ears from his spot on the stage and he resists all temptation to turn on his heels to walk away. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

Amongst all the chaos, he is slightly calmed down by the sight of one person who remains unmoving. You stand – stoic and without expression – hands folded in front of you in a manner that is the same if not more serious than him.

“Jimin,” he hears you say the two syllables.

They fall flat, a name that over the years has accumulated many emotion but now, contain nothing.

He looks at you, standing beside him with your face towards the crowd in front. With a deep breath, he walks up towards all the reporters and opens his mouth. They all drop silent and wait.

“Yes, we are divorced.”

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now this just disgusts me and shows who callie is as a person. for all her stupid stans that say, “callie is so nice” “she’s such a sweet girl” etc, etc. fucking explain this!

you may not have to like arzaylea but you do not, i repeat, you do not go around and compare her family to a bunch of zoo animals, this is very low and disgusting and shows who callie really is. not a sweet girl or nice girl. a fucking disgusting person who needs to rethink her whole entire life after this fucking tweet. and i do hope that callie and her little stans see this and know who she actually is after seeing this. 

Adore You (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Request: None! Lot’s of FLUFF

Words: 1,642

Warnings: None

Tags: @annadier @happelu970 @shamvictoria11 @pabegay1

Your whole body hurt and all you wanted to do was lay down and do nothing. You had just gotten back from a particularly hard mission with Wanda and Natasha, you three had been gone for over a week and although most missions ranged from a couple days to a couple months, you felt like it had lasted years.

You were like Natasha, although not as skilled, you were really flexible and that was about it. You knew how to grab different objects and use them as a weapon, you knew how to use your enemy’s body as a shield from flying bullets. You knew how to break and enter into the most high security places, and you taught yourself how to fly a helicopter in a day.

Your flexibility was not something you were born with, in fact you weren’t flexible up until the day you were recruited to be an Avenger. Maybe it was your fast reflexes, maybe it was how fast and sly you were, maybe it was how you knew how to hide in plain sight, or maybe it was your father; Tony Stark. You didn’t know why they wanted you as an Avenger but the hardcore training they put you under to become as flexible as you are now was intense.

You weren’t as smart as your dad, as charming as your dad, as funny as your dad. You were just you, you took after your mother in quite a few ways but your dad loved you endlessly. You were his everything and he never got mad at you when you messed something up in his lab or wrecked one of his cars or when you hid out during a party in the bathroom eating cake.

You stumbled out of your bedroom and dragged yourself towards one of the living rooms where you knew your dad was. You didn’t feel good, you hadn’t felt good since the day before. Maybe it was exhaustion, but all you knew was that you felt like you were dying.

You were wearing a hoodie and a pair of leggings, your hair was thrown up on top of your head and you didn’t care about what you looked like, you were too tired to care. You were too tired to care about how your six month long crush was sitting in the same room talking to your dad, you didn’t care about how the conversation went silent when you collapsed next to Tony.

You scooted closer to Tony and lifted up his right arm, Tony didn’t bat an eye and only started talking to Bucky again. Bucky was a little distant at first, he was solely focused on you. He watched your every move as you rested Tony’s arm over your shoulders and leaned against his chest. Your legs laid lengthwise along the rest of the couch lazily, and you moved a sweatshirt covered hand to hid your face as you closed your eyes. You hair was tickling Tony’s jaw but he didn’t care, he was used to it. It was natural that you would lay against him when you were tired, sad, or felt like crap. You were a daddy’s girl and everybody knew it.

You looked so adorable to Bucky. You were sleepy and cute, you reminded him of Sam’s new kitten. Bucky couldn’t tear his eyes away from your figure, even though your face was being covered by your hand. He tore his eyes away from you when Tony went quiet and was glaring daggers at him.

Steve walked back into the room, he left minutes ago to deal with a phone call, he looked slightly surprised to see you on the couch, he didn’t even know you three were back from the mission yet. By the look Tony gave him, he understood that you weren’t feeling good and nodded his head before having a seat next to Bucky.

“Training tomorrow morning?” Steve looked at Bucky and rose an eyebrow. Bucky’s eyes lingered on you before turning to meet Steve’s.

“Sure.” He nodded slowly, his mind still mainly focused on you and if you were feeling okay.

“Sam’s gonna join us.”

“Really?” Bucky’s eyes moved back to you and he watched as Tony leaned down and whispered something that only you could hear. You wiggled around a little and mumbled something that Bucky only heard because he was eavesdropping heavily.

“I don’t feel good.” Your words were slurred and sleepy, and Tony only nodded his head before moving his arm from your shoulder to under your arms. He lifted you up to where both of you were standing, your face still hidden by your sleeve and now Tony’s arm.

“Be back.” Tony called out over his shoulder as he walked both of you towards the elevators. “Don’t miss us too much.”

Steve rolled his eyes and mumbled something under his breath, to which Tony only snickered. Bucky watched as you finally moved your hand away from your face when you entered the elevator. Tony’s arm was wrapped around your shoulders and your head was still leaning on his chest, your eyes met with his and a surge of electricity passed throughout both yours and Bucky’s bodies.

The doors shut and you disappeared, a piece of Bucky felt missing when you left his sight. He wished it was him with you and not Tony. Even though Tony was your dad and you were really close to him, he still wished that Tony wasn’t around every time you needed something. Maybe then you would come to him, and he could help you.

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Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook Reaction to Fans Chanting Your Name

Part of Fans chant your name

Part I, Part II


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A/N: Ok so i got a request from @myhopeisinfinite asking for a Bellamy Blake imagine, I didn’t get a specific request so i got to take the reins, i hope you enjoy it..oxo

Warnings: Swearing, Making out..i think that’s it

I stumbled out of my tent squinting as the bright sun shone in my eyes, my heart swelled at the sight around me. The nature that surrounded the camp was breathtaking and the fresh air that filled my lungs was enough to make me cry with joy, after being stuck in the ark for 18 years waking up to this was still strange and exciting…

But like most good things it had to come to an end. I let out a sigh as i watched a very shirtless Bellamy exit his tent followed by a half dressed girl i didn’t recognize, my face scrunched up in disgust as i watched him kiss her goodbye his eyes focused on her ass as she skipped away. My thoughts clouded my mind as i continued to stare in his direction.“You jealous Princess, or is your face just like that” the deep voice cut through my thoughts like a knife through butter, i blinked slowly confused at the comment before my eyes met Bellamy’s his signature smirk graced his features. I felt my face contort into a scowl as i felt my blood boil “And what would i be jealous of your highness, the fact that she got to sleep with an egotistical asshole or the fact that there are people on the other side of the camp who didn’t have to wake up to this shit show” i snapped back, crossing my arms over my chest and popping my hip to add that extra bit of sass. His expression was unreadable as hushed whispers surrounded us, i may have been a bit jealous but he doesn’t have to know that. I watched carefully as he took a few steps towards me, his fists clenched as he breathed deeply though his nose. My heart was hammering in my chest, what if he hit’s me, i’m sure he could kill me with a punch, as much as i wanted to run and hide i stood my ground. i was in to deep to run now anyway…He finally made it towards me grabbing me roughly by the shoulders before bringing his mouth to my ear, “My tent tonight, just after it gets it?” I nodded quickly fear still coursing through my veins, he growled lowly squeezing my shoulders before pushing me gently back and roaring for everyone to get back to work.

~Later that night, just after it got dark~

It was time for me to see Bellamy, I had managed to avoid him all day by keeping busy with small tasks around the camp making sure each one was as far away from him as possible. The gossip of what happened this morning had spread like wild fire, every one in the camp knew about my outburst some calling me a brave soul and some a stupid bitch. They weren’t wrong i was brave for what i said this morning but i was just as equally stupid, Bellamy was some how the leader and i didn’t respect that and now i have to face his wrath(A/n:you could say you were going to rue the, ok). I slowly stumbled towards the entrance of his tent which had been securely zipped up, but from the shadow on the material i could tell he was in there waiting for me. I cleared my throat before whispering his name, my eyes followed the zip as it rounded the opening a now fully clothed Bellamy stood before me. He stepped to the side motioning for me to come in, i did as i was told not wanting to cause more trouble. My eyes widened as he zipped the tent back up, “Don’t worry i’m not gonna hurt you, i just wanna talk” he stated his voice laced with authority, if we were in a different situation i would have admired his strict tone and the way he took charge but since i am on the receiving end, it’s kind of lost its charm. i nodded my head stiffly my throat dry from the nerves, “so talk” i finally managed to cough out only sounding a quarter pathetic. He let out a low chuckle before pulling me up and pressing me into his chest, he brought his mouth up to my ear much like this morning but this time it felt different, “ You made me look like an idiot out there princess, i’m meant to be a leader and here you are making me look weak..I hate what you do to me, You infuriate me but i can’t stay you know why you do that to me princess?” his voice was like silk as his hot breath fanned against the soft skin on my neck, i shuddered before shaking my head unable to form any words. He moved his head so his eyes were level with mine our noses brushing gently against each other his eyes were dark as i felt his breath on my lips “Because you are irresistible” and with that his lip’s were on mine. I froze for a second before slowly giving in moving my lips against his as he pulled me towards the bed, he pushed me back till i felt the back of my knees hit the rickety surface. I landed on my back with a soft thud as Bellamy landed above me pressing his lips against mine roughly, his hands travelling my body lifting my top in the process as his lips moved from my mouth to my neck sucking and biting on the sensitive skin extracting quiet moans from my mouth. “OK..maybe i was jealous” i mumbled before rolling us over and pressing my lips back against his roughly.

Ayyyy..That was long af, i don’t know why but Bellamy always manages to get the longest imagines..I hope you like it. Don’t forget to request oxo

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Perfect Life

Peter Pevensie x reader

Anon request

Word Count: 3883

Warnings: ANGST (You really have to understand the story to get the end)

A/N: Would you look at that? I actually got something ready to post! I do have a second part in the works for this, but don’t expect it to make the angst better. Hope you like it! Let me know what you think!

Originally posted by writingissatansworstnightmare

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