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Powers Combined (Final Rose)

Diana looked at Taren. “For too long have we suffered under our sister’s tyranny! Today… today, we take back our freedom!”

“Yeah!” Taren punched the air. “Freedom!”

Averia raised one eyebrow. “And how exactly do you two plan to defeat me?”

“By combining our powers.” Diana lifted Taren up onto her shoulders. “Behold… no longer are we Diana or Taren. We are… Tiana… or Daren… or… whatever. We’re awesome.”

“I think we should go with Daren,” Taren said. “It sounds cooler than Tiana.”

“Ah, whatever you want.” Diana nodded sagely. “The point is that we are now taller and mightier than you.” She took a step forward. “Prepare to be defeated!”

Diana lunged toward Averia. It was a credit to her brother’s sense of balance that he maintained his position on her shoulders as she did her level best to punch Averia. The older girl caught both of her hands.

“Now what?” Averia taunted.

“Now… you learn why our powers combined are too much for you! Get her, Taren!”

Averia had caught Diana’s hands in hers… which left her unable to do much as Taren took a flying leap off Diana’s shoulders and tackled her.


Averia staggered and then went down as Diana tackled her too.

“For victory!” Diana cheered.

“For freedom!” Taren cried.

X     X     X

Fang walked past the living room and then stopped. For some reason or another both Taren and Diana had been tied up by what appeared to be one of the curtains. She was about to ask Averia what had happened before realising that it was better not to ask.

Her kids were weird that way.


build god then we’ll talk // panic! at the disco

  • burr: after the war i went back to new york
  • hamilton: damn thats what i did too, how can i make it sound cooler???
  • hamilton: A-AFTER the war i went bACK to nEW York
Why You Shouldn’t Use imprecise Language When Talking To Entities

[updated] This is extremely important, and I don’t see this point expanded upon enough. So here it goes;

imprecise language is an all around bad idea. You should always speak as plainly as possible when talking to entities. People often bring the symbolism of our society and use it to sound cooler, smarter, and all around better when doing witchery. The people who hear your statements are usually not from our society, and have no grasp on the meaning you’re trying to get across. It causes misunderstandings that can have disastrous results. 

Heres an example of what i’m talking about:
Lets say im a new witch looking for a deity to worship. Having a deity is something I really want and I’m extremely passionate about it. I send out a calling for a good deity to come and give me a sign that they want me to worship them. “good” is just a too plain word for me to use, I mean, i’m calling upon a god(or goddess) afterall! “I wish for a god of the light to come and give me a sign!” I say. WAIT, queue record scratch and freeze frame! I used phrasing that me and my peers would understand(”a god of the light”), but “the light” does not nessecarily mean “benevolence”. Guess who would qualify as a god of the light? Lucifer is who. Having lucifer try to contact you could be extremely upsetting for someone who doesn’t want to associate with lucifer.

Another example would be if I was banishing evil spirits from my home. If I used the phrasing “Spirits of the shadows, leave this household!” instead of “Spirits who wish me harm, leave this household!” I would have, you guessed it, my house almost just as it was before. Spirits of the shadows could mean any nocturnal creature, and wouldn’t necessarily cover malicious spirits at all. See where i’m going with this?

TL;DR: Speak plainly when talking to deities, spirits, and other non-human entities

- Mod Faye

  • Otabek: oh your cat is cute
  • Yurio: yeah, she is. I wouldn't pick him up though. He doesn't like anyone but m-
  • Otabek: *cat cuddles him* he seems to really like me
  • Yurio: yeah, he's usually not this nice-
  • Otabek: well I gotta go
  • Yurio: okay yeah bye *slams the door*
  • Yurio: *turns toward cat*
  • Yurio: alright wtf was that? I thought we had something special

One of my favourite flavour NPCs in suramar is this guy who presumably caters to the local hipsters.

His wares, which are exotic to Nightborne, are just familiar items from different expansions, rebranded to sound cooler or healthier.

They’re not even of any use at 100+, they’re just more expensive versions of food items you can get in lower level areas.

Imagine some snooty Nightborne trying to impress their friends with pickled eggs à la Grim Guzzler.

Bragging Rights
  • Daichi: I'm the captain of the team. I think that's all I have to say
  • Asahi: Well, I mean, Ace kinda sounds cooler than captain...
  • Nishinoya: You know what's even cooler than that?! Guardian Deity!
  • Tanaka: I have to admit that's pretty cool but I once got smacked by Kiyoko-Senpai!
  • Nishinoya: B r o
  • Kageyama: I'm only a first year and got starting position as a setter
  • Tsukishima: So did I. As middle blocker
  • Kageyama: That's only because you're a fucking tree!
  • Tsukishima: To add to that, I blocked Ushijima
  • Hinata: I can drink orange juice after brushing my teeth!
  • Everyone: *stares at Hinata*
  • Tsukishima: Are you the fucking devil

MEGA PRINCESS #1 by Kelly Thompson, Brianne Drouhard, and M. Victoria Robado

The ultimate princess is here from writer Kelly Thompson (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink, Jem and the Holograms) and Disney artist Brianne Drouhard! During Princess Maxine’s 10th birthday, her fairy godmother grants her the gifts of EVERY fairy tale princess, which…sounds a lot cooler than it actually is, in Max’s opinion. She doesn’t want to sing on key or feel a pea under 20 mattresses—she wants to be a detective! At least the power to talk to animals is cool, but her pony Justine is downright saucy. They don’t get along. When her little brother, Prince Robert VI (better known as Baby Bobs), goes missing, Max and Justine are on the case, and her new Mega Princess powers just might come in handy after all!


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I’m Not Sharing | | G-Eazy


‘Okay maybe long but bare with me. Could you do one with Gerald based on i mean it more specifically the part where he says they pass girls around. But he hasn’t because hes falling for her? And all the guys are like bothering him about it?’

“We pass pussy ‘round, that’s G shit.”  


You had been ‘seeing’ Gerald for a bout two weeks now, and by seeing I mean the two of you had been sleeping together just about every night. Gerald wasn’t one to keep a girl for long, but you were different. 

G sat around the lounge with a group of his friends talking absolute nonsense. Most of the things coming out of his drunken friends mouths was utter bullshit, making up stories to sound cooler and what not. 

“So G?” One of his friends spoke up, taking a sip of his beer. 

“Wad up?” Gerald answered leaning back on the couch.

“Y/N.” He said with a smile.

“What about her?” Gerald questioned.

“When you gonna let us hit it?” 

“Never.” Never Gerald laughed raising his eyebrows. 

“The hell you mean ’never’?” His friend said leaning forwards.  Everyone’s attention was on the two at this point. 

“I mean never.”

“Okay but you get so much pussy, you always share tho.” 

“We’ll I’m not sharin’ this one.” Gerald said setting his beer down and getting up from the couch. He walked over to the kitchen and started fiddling with something. 

“But you’ve had her for two weeks bro, Its time to pass it.” One of the other guys said.

“Can we just drop it? There are plenty of other girls in the world, what’s so special about this one that makes you all think you need her?”

“Yo G, we could ask you the same thing.” The room fell quite as everyone started doing their own thing. Gerald started thinking about the real reason he wasn’t willing to give you up, It was because he had fallen for you. 

Those late nights after the deed had been done, when you were wrapped in one of his shirts with you hair all messy from  previous activities. The way you stuck around instead of leaving after getting what you wanted. When you wrap your arms around him from behind and rest your head on his back. How soft you skin was against his.  The way you’d throw you head back and laugh when he said something funny or the way you’d scrunch your nose when he said something stupid. 

It was the little things you’d done that had made it so hard for Gerald to let you go. Whether he knew it or not you were the first thing that crossed his mind in the morning and last thing at night. It had only been two weeks but G was 100% sure he was in love with you. 

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Things that sound cooler than 'veterinarian'

Let’s be honest, getting to say “I’m a veterinarian,” is pretty cool as is, but there are a couple of phrases that we could use to make our profession sound even cooler. Here are a handful.

“I remove testicles from unwilling carnivores for a living.”

“I’m perpetually in training for a zombie apocalypse survival scenario. My bite percentage this week is 0%.”

“I uninstall kitten factories.”

“I’m supposed to make sure your meat wont infect you. It’s a tough job.”

“My job is to not kill people, with the challenges gradually increasing through the week.”

“I treat patients who aren’t ashamed of their body hair.”

“I do everything except human. Unless it’s an emergency.”

“I save lives… And then clip their toenails.”

And my personal favourite…

“I’m a physician for non-human lifeforms. No, the company I work for is not nearly as well known as NASA or the FBI.”