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I was just wondering if I could get help because I've never seen anything to help me as ftm when it comes to gym clothes like what type of clothes to wear because I'm not quite out but I want to sorta pass. Help me please

Your best bet may very well be loose clothing and a good sports bra. NEVER wear a binder or more than one sports bra when exercising, as it compresses your chest and doesn’t allow your chest to fully expand. A big t-shirt and basketball shorts, maybe?

-Mod Fen

Wyverns, witches and rock ‘n’ roll!


Kimberly Hart is a Big Bi Disaster  //  Songs that Kimberly Hart would listen to and are also about her (pre-, during, and post-movie)


When Wash is feeling anxious/paranoid (which happens often and for various reasons), and they’re not actually in any danger yet, Tucker kinda casually holds the back of his neck, conveniently right over the mess of the implant site, just keeps his hand there. It sorta helps Wash feel a little safer.

Cards on the Table (Taron Egerton)

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Summary: They dealt the cards in their hands when it came to their relationship, but there was always one that they kept hidden in their sleeves.

Author’s Note: I don’t normally write imagines for real actors, but my thirst levels are off the chart and I couldn’t help myself when I got this idea. I wrote it mainly for myself so I just want to publish it here for fun. Enjoy!

Their relationship always seemed a bit simple once they laid their cards out on the table.

Being cast as one of the main bodyguards for the villain in the new Kingsman movie meant spending quite a bit of time with the main cast. Even more so when her role involved seducing Taron Egerton’s Eggsy Unwin in the script. They got along quickly, and it didn’t take her long to know that she was attracted to him.

Who wouldn’t be? He was very cute and sweet and made her laugh. She had almost let it develop into a crush. Almost.

After a long day of shooting on the set, Taron, herself, and a few of the cast went out to a nearby bar for drinks. A few rounds in, the conversation had turned in the direction of relationships and types. She had no type, she said. If she was attracted to a guy, she was attracted to him; it didn’t matter what his hair color, eye color, or race was. Simple.

Taron’s was simple as well. “I like older women,” he answered. That was his card, and that was when she knew she didn’t stand a chance; she was two years younger than him. One of their co-stars said that people always end up dating beyond their types. She (almost) wanted to believe that was true and keep that glimmer of hope, but her thoughts quickly shut it down. Why wouldn’t it work between Taron and an older, more mature woman?

She was most definitely not that.

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Hidden Enemies in the 12th house

Please Note: I don’t want this post to scare anyone. This is just a method I am trying out. Astrology shows us potentials, but it doesn’t have to be the end all truth.

A “dispositor” is the planet that rules the sign that another planet is in. For example, Venus would be the dispositor for Mars in Taurus. Jupiter and Neptune would both be dispositors of Saturn in Pisces.

Mars traditionally ruled Scorpio before Pluto was discovered by Percival Lowell.

Saturn traditionally ruled Aquarius before Uranus was discovered by William Herschel.

Jupiter traditionally ruled Pisces before Neptune was discovered (I’ve heard it is debatable who truly discovered Neptune first.)

Sun’s dispositor is in the 12th house: Your father isn’t always thinking about what’s best for you. Your father might have been selfish in ways that were hurtful to you. You learn to be a better person and not fall into his behavioral patterns.

Moon’s dispositor is in the 12th house: Your mother didn’t always raise you with your best interests in mind. Your mother might have been selfish and made you feel victimized. As you do your “shadow work”, you transcend any awful experiences, instead of allowing them to affect how you treat other people.

Mercury’s dispositor is in the 12th house: Your siblings made you feel like you didn’t measure up. Watch our for young people who may try to manipulate you. Your mind can tap into the collective to gain inspiration if you ease your mind to be open to the universe.

Venus’s dispositor is in the 12th house: Women may try to manipulate you. Lovers make you feel victimized, and you’re meant to have relationships that bring out deep emotions. You gain appreciation for the beauty of the universe as you allow yourself to grow from tough relationships, releasing pettiness, grudges, and old heartbreaks.

Mars’s dispositor is in the 12th house: Men may make you feel victimized and it is up to you to find your own power. Something always seems to hold you back from feeling motivated and following thru with tasks, but as you do your “shadow work” and heal your inner world, you sabotage yourself less and you become more powerful. You are learning to move forward and fight for what is right in the most effective way, after you identify what drains your energy and the way of life that is best for you.

Jupiter’s dispositor is in the 12th house: Teachers, gurus, leaders, and healers might not be as grand as they seem. There are many psychics who con people out of their money, by making the client feel scared, so that they come back to them for more “healing” or advice. There is a huge grey area between genuine psychics/healers/gurus/teachers that truly help people, and the ones who kinda sorta help, but make the person/client feel invalidated, all the way down to “snake oil salesmen” who cold read people, and catch onto their desires. There are “gurus” and people claiming to be on a spiritual path who influence women to get in bed with them. Just watch out for leaders who don’t have your best interest in mind. Find your own truth, you are your own guru!

Saturn’s dispositor in the 12th house: Authority figures, people much older than you, bosses, your father, elderly family members, etc. may not have your best interest in mind. It may be tempting to ask for advice from someone you admire, but you might be inviting them to criticize you.  I had it happen to me where I had someone blame me for my “mistakes” without even listening to my whole story and how things came to happen. Remember that elderly people can be full of wisdom, but they can also be stuck to principles/ideas that do not work for everyone. Sometimes people who are older could be so stuck to their opinions that they refuse to be receptive to a young person. Find the wise crone within you and be very careful about revealing parts of your life to authority figures and elders.

Uranus’s dispositor in the 12th house: Rebels, badasses, geniuses, etc. might not be the best influences in your life, they could be manipulative, or lead to your own self undoing. Find the wildness within you and embrace it! Accept the parts of you that stray from the norm, as they lead you to your brilliance.

Neptune’s dispositor in the 12th house: Your desire for escapism can become a self-undoing. This is another case where a person could be prone to snake oil salesmen, as well as gurus, and psychics who cause damage to a client/student/follower without owning up to it. When a healer or psychic gives a session and says something inappropriate or damaging, and the client calls them out/stands up for themselves, the healer might say something like, “Ask yourself why that hurt so that your healing process can start”, instead of holding themselves accountable for saying something inaccurate/uncalled for. Over the course of my life, I’ve had over a dozen psychic readings, (maybe a lot more than that) some left me feeling invalidated, and some were wonderful. Choose wisely who you allow to read for you ;). Neptune is full of deception… Psychics are ruled by Neptune, perhaps therapists could be as well. Clients come to these people in their weakest hour, and sometimes they get taken advantage of.

Side note: if a psychic, astrologer, teacher, guru, healer, etc. actually cares about whether you are satisfied with your reading/session, that’s a good sign. Many healers will mirror any dissatisfaction back to the client, making the client feel like it is their fault, I’ve heard of this happening. Some psychics will insist they are correct about what they perceive about someone’s life, instead of accepting it when the client tells them they’re wrong. I absolutely love the metaphysical community, but it comes with just as much deception as it does wisdom.

Pluto’s dispositor in the 12th house: Someone who you perceive as magnetic, seductive, and influential might actually be self serving, or just not that great of a person for you to associate with. For example, maybe you have Pluto in Sagittarius, the dispositor would be Jupiter, then maybe you have Jupiter in the 12th. Another example, you have Pluto in Libra, and you have Venus in the 12th.

21/04/2017 Speculations and Experiments: Character Heights in Strange Magic (2015)

This is perhaps my first post since first creating my Tumblr account that’s something other than a reblog or like, so I hope I’m doing this more or less all right.

Okay, so due to some posts I’ve seen around here that piqued my interest, I decided to watch the film Strange Magic (2015) a few days ago. Overall, while I can understand some of the reasons why some people don’t like the film (though really, 16% on Rotten Tomatoes? That seems a little harsh), I personally really enjoyed the film. In fact, I’ve got quite a few of the songs on loop in my head since then and have even sung bits of “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again” enough that I got the tune stuck in my mom’s head :P !

But this isn’t about whether the film is good or not. I’m certainly open to hearing people’s praises for or criticisms of the film, but that’s not the reason for me writing now.

No, my reason for writing now is due to a random thought that popped in my head about a day or two after watching it. That thought being simply the following:

Exactly how tall are the characters in this film?

Now, if someone in the fandom (as small and awesome as it is :D ) has already figured this out, I’d love to hear your conclusions! I’ve tried quick Google searches, of course, but I’ve yet to see even an attempt at speculation or a proposed process of figuring it out.

Or maybe the approximate real-world height of fictional fairy/goblin/elf characters is just not something people are curious about? Even if that were true before, I bet (hope?) there’s at least one other person that might be curious now.

Anyway, I was going to write out a whole thing about my reasoning for thinking the question and a bit of my logic in figuring out how to determine the character heights, but I feel that this post may already be going a bit long and I want a chance to see if my current self-proposed method (which I’ve recorded separately for now) will work. I’ve only watched the film twice now, so I might later come across a better method in my subsequent viewings.

Even so, while I still plan on going through the film to answer my question, if anyone has already done so (or can point me to someone who has), it’ll be greatly appreciated for the quick satiation of my curiosity ^_^

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Hey do you have advice on how to draw noses? I heard that seeing them as sorta like triangles help but all in all I get really confused by them, especially when drawing them forward. Any advice helps, thank you! (P. S. Love your art!)

im certainly no expert on drawing noses, at least not realistic ones anyways, but here’s sort of how i do it! This is uh… not really the greatest thing ever but I hope it gets the point across! so like… triangles…. but i tend to make everything rounded. Also noses come in all shapes and sizes, so this is super basic

and heres another walkthrough thing i did on noses facing other ways ;D

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Hello there! :) I have a question, if it's not much trouble. What size of canvas do you usually use? I know it depends on the artwork, but I've always had problems choosing the size of my canvas so I thought you could give some advice? Please? *sends love and strawberries* <3

Hi Anononon! I typically use a square format for anything posted online that’s not a comic or tutorial. Mostly to save the quality from stupid resizing. My usual size is 8x8 at 300 Resolution. 

Soooo, if you view the image at 100%, it looks kind of like this: 

Annd you can see all mistakes and scribbles. :V But it’s great when you zoom back out. It looks crisp and such. 


i meant to do this a few days ago but ive been a bit busy! Hope this sorta helps??? I tend to be loose with my hands and keep them more on the in-between side of cartoonish and somewhat realistic… i also tend to round or square out fingers depending on the character or mood/emotion of the drawing… Just play around and make it your own!!

Jell-O and Bears

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader
Word count: 1,062
Warnings: None
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @milady-tevinter. Prompt: Stuffed Animal / Quote: “How long have you been standing there?”

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Rant abt me and my sexuality + compulsory heterosexuality

Listen, I’m not expecting anyone to read or respond to this. It’s long as fuck but I needed to write out my feelings. 

Ever since I was a lil kid I think I’ve always known there was something gay about me. But at the same time, I didn’t know? If that makes sense. It’s like, it was there, but I didn’t realise it was gay until I realised I was gay. 

I came out as bisexual to my family/friends in 2015 and since then I’ve had a gf (who is now an ex) which sorta helped people just… find out I wasn’t straight (which funnily enough still didn’t help some people realise). But now, in 2017 and the months of 2016 leading up to it, I’ve started questioning my sexuality again. And this time feels a lot more difficult. When I came out as bi I  was pretty solidly sure about it for a while. But now I’m thinking I could be a lesbian and it’s so difficult to work out. And it sounds silly because it really doesn’t sound like it should be so difficult, but it is?! 

I began questioning it when I realised that my relationships with men have never worked out. I’ve always felt uncomfortable and out of place in them and I’ve cut off the relationship. But when I was with my girlfriend, it all seemed so much better. I was comfortable with her. I talked to her, I was okay with affection; I really wasn’t with guys. It felt so wrong to me. 

A few months ago in my drama class, I was having some ‘banter’ with a guy friend who likes throwing me around and picking me up because I’m so small. A few girls in the class immediately came over to me once he left and started asking me questions like ‘What’s going on with you two?’ ‘He likes you!’ and I assured them we were just friends. Later I told my friends about this encounter and they told me that they were shocked I hadn’t seen it myself. However, I stayed confident he didn’t like me like that. But it led me into thinking of what it would be like in a relationship with him. Just thinking about it made me feel weird and strange. So then, I thought about a relationship with any guy. And it just didn’t give me a warm, excited feeling like being with a woman does. 

Then, an ex approached me after school. He was nice, funny. I’d split up with him after a week. He got the bus home with me and it was nice to catch up. And when I got home he’d messaged me. He started saying how he’s missed us speaking and how we should go out sometime. And then I felt it. The uncomfortable feeling I feel whenever a guy shows interest in me. He keeps texting me and without sounding narcissistic, it’s clear he’s into me. But I always feel this dread when his name pops up on my notifications. 

I know compulsory heterosexuality exists. Maybe that explains my crushes on unattainable celebrity males in the past that I’ve never actually felt the desire to date or have sex with. I don’t think I’ve ever had the desire to have sex with a man. 

I’ve had crushes on guys before. But the thought of it actually working out does not appeal to me. But whenever I think about my future I know I want to be married to a woman. I want a huge gay ass wedding with a wife. 

For now, I’m identifying as a lesbian. Just to myself. And once I’ve really figured it out I’ll come out again if I need to. But having this blog has been a really helpful way of projecting all of my feelings into what I post and reblog so thank you for putting up with my posts because it honestly helps me so much.