it soothes the brain


The goal of trauma therapy is to stay in the resilient zone while processing the past trauma, so today Alexa and I teach you some techniques to do just that! Since fight, flight or freeze are ways our body responds when our sympathetic nervous system is maxed out, we have to find ways to calm it back down.

We have talked in the past about grounding techniques, and how those can help when we are dissociating or in the “freeze” state, but what do we do if we are in the fight/flight state? Alexa talks about how we are soothed as children and how our brains are actually wired for connection. With that in mind she gives us some ideas of ways to recreate that soothing feeling and how to build a resiliency box, so you have these tools with you when you need them.

When we are babies we connect with our mother through feeding. We make eye contact, we suck and swallow. We can be upset, crying and even throwing a tantrum, but a few moments being fed and we become calm. Alexa uses this image to offer up some soothing techniques. We can suck on candies, make eye contact and hear the voice of someone we love and who is safe, and do some slow deep breathing. She recommends asking that safe and loving person to leave a voicemail or send us a video saying something nice. Then keep that in your resiliency box so you can hear it and see it when you need it most.

I hope you found this video helpful and keep it in a playlist so you can re-watch it as you create your own resiliency box! Huge thank you to Alexa for sharing her knowledge, and thank you to my Patreon Patrons for their support! It’s because of them that this collaboration (and all of my videos really) are possible. xx

too big bed

They start on distinct sides of the bed every night. Adam places his glasses on the nightstand on top of whatever book he’s reading that day, flicks off the lamp, and turns to face Rans on his side of the bed. Most nights Rans is still up reading or working when Adam goes to sleep, the quiet clicks of his fingers on his laptop soothing Adam’s noisy brain.

Eventually Rans shuts his computer or puts down his book, kisses a sleeping Holster on the cheek or the forehead or the nose, turns off his own lamp and cocoons himself in blankets to sleep.

They’re officially grown ups now–with jobs and responsibilities, an apartment with a guest room, and a yellow betta fish named Liz Lemon (they’re not that grown up), and a king-size bed.

The first month they lived in the apartment together they slept on the floor or took turns on the couch. Rans was not prepared to sink serious money on a new bed without equally serious research. There were dozens of data points which turned into the most beautiful pivot table Rans has ever created, even Adam agreed.

The bed was a thing. It was the first grown up thing they’d bought together. It felt like a milestone, like a Real Adult Thing, and the fact that they did it together was meaningful in a way neither of them could quite articulate. They’d been sure of each other for years. But most of those years were college years, that weird time of life where you’re half an adult but still half a kid, where you have real world responsibilities, but it’s still okay to have your mom do your laundry over break.

So they ended up with an extra long king size bed with an adjustable base and a pillow top. It was stupid expensive, but it was an investment in each other and their future. Mattresses last a long time, bruh.

And after all that, after the weeks of research, the weeks of sleeping on the floor or the too-short couch, the money they sunk into a big, sprawling bed… after all that, every single day they wake up entwined in each other in the center of the bed. Half the time Adam’s pillow ends up on the floor and he’s unwittingly sharing Ransom’s pillow. The other half, Ransom’s pillow is Adam’s bicep.

They spent so many years curling and cuddling up in a too small single bed and even though they have space enough for four now, they can’t sleep without squishing into each other. Personal space doesn’t exist on an individual level anymore. It’s just another thing they share without thinking about it, without noticing.

“Hey Holtzy,” Rans breathes into Adam’s neck.

“Mmm, morning,” Adam says as he rolls over in Ransom’s arms to kiss him good morning.

They could move away from each other now, stretch out and wake their bodies up. But they just stay, knees knocking, fingers intertwined, sharing quiet words and soft kisses, enjoying this closeness they’ve chosen.

Tips for Better Morning Energy
  1. Drink a tall glass of water before you have your morning coffee
  2. Do simple yoga stretches before you take your morning shower or get dressed
  3. Take a cold morning shower - alerts your brain to wake up as well as soothes achy muscles
  4. Eat a breakfast with mostly veggies, berries, and protein (avoid having carbohydrates - specifically refined grain - in the morning to conserve the energy). Balance is key so you can have more carbs as the day progresses!
  5. Put coconut oil in your coffee and less milk (or simply just avoid coffee)
  6. Trade in your regular dairy milk for almond milk
  7. Wake up before 9am - If you wake up too late, often your day becomes wasted.

- xoxo M

we are brave souls,
born of the earth,
born of the stars,
born of the flesh of the gods that we love.

mighty aries,
the ram with fierce horns,
quick temper,
and loving hands.

regal taurus,
the bull with broad shoulders,
quiet whispers,
and harsh strength.

wild gemini,
the twins with reckless behaviors,
happy eyes,
and inspiration for others.

solid cancer,
the crab with caressing claws,
safe atmosphere,
and capable mind.

lively leo,
the lion with loud roars,
radiant laughs,
and bright personality.

graceful virgo,
the virgin with pale skin,
ardent thoughts,
and dangerous beauty.

honorable libra,
the scales with equal righteousness,
keen eyes,
and devoted attention.

durable scorpio,
the scorpion with sharp stings,
fickle love,
and dependable support.

idealistic sagittarius,
the centaur with sure arrows,
poetic mouth,
and stable faith.

selfless capricorn,
the goat with fleeting hooves,
tender soothing,
and overwhelmed brain.

philosophical aquarius,
the water-bearer with earnest eyes,
elegant fingers,
and foolish forgiveness.

star-shooter pisces,
the fish with entwined tails,
high expectations,
and big heart.

we are the world oldest poets,
we are the bravery in shadows,
we are the new zodiacs.

—  zodiac identities; l.m. 
i hate being sick
  • my body: im cold
  • my body: now im hot
  • my throat: give me something to drink
  • my throat: wait no, i have to puke
  • my brain: youre a space pilot trying to save an alien planet from destruction
  • my throat: soothe me
  • my body: now im cold again
  • my brain: you failed, try again
  • my body: feed me
  • my throat: soothe me!!
  • my throat: wait no
  • my brain: grant saved your life as a child
  • my body: wait no don't feed me
  • my throat: nope, take me to the bathroom
  • my brain: he isn't real but you remember him perfectly
  • my body: now im hot again
  • my throat: soothe me
  • my brain: grant........
  • me: guess ill die

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I've been in alot of pain lately, and I think it has caught on to my little boi. He's been refusing to be left behind, and even snuck into my purse one day when I went to school. And when I try to get him to do things with my other pets, he refuses to leave from his napping spot on my shoulder. Any reason why?

He wants to soothe you like you soothe him. In his brain he’s thinking: Friend soothes me when I sad. GASP! MUST SOOTHE FRIEND WHEN FRIEND SAD!!!!!!! 

So, he is trying to comfort you to the level he feels you comfort him.


I’m making this post not only to soothe mine and everyone’s brain but also because it’s the only possible thing that makes sense…

Everyone is talking about that damn pill bottle that rolls across the floor in ep 9 of the Future Arc (right there at the bottom right). Also her neck isn’t colored purple btw so she obviously wasn’t poisoned. While her face is only slightly.

Now it flashes across the screen in 2 seconds so it’s understandable if no one saw it. But I have a more pressing concern to pose, nothing happens in Danganronpa for NO REASON. There is a reason that pill bottle was there and rolled away.  The animators didn’t just do that for kicks. Now if we all remember Seiko Kimura had a very similar pill bottle which leads an explanation of why Kirigiri is alive made by another Tumblr user which aligns almost exactly with my own theory that Kirigiri faked her own death to lure out the attacker. The evidence is piled up in that camp that Kirigiri faked her death to the point where it’s almost exactly like the Ruruka killed Izayoi theory (which also turned out to be true). But there is another reason why this SHOULD happen.

Seiko Kimura herself. If we all remember Seiko Kimura tried to save Bandai with the cure but he had died already and tried to heal Asahina’s wounds before being chased away. Why did she do this? She wanted to save people.

So it would not only complete Seiko’s story arc that she was indeed able to save a life like she wanted to before she died. But that Seiko’s drug lead to the capture of the mastermind whoever they may be (I think it’s Chisa but that’s irrelevant). Because of this however, Kirigiri might play dead for part of next episode or until ep 11 because we will find out the mastermind within the next 2 episodes since it would be silly to wait until the 12th ep which is the finale. So don’t be alarmed right now, nothing is ever as it seems in Danganronpa and Kirigiri’s death is quite fishy. Plus this series is about HOPE so have some!

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Blossomed roses with blood filled thorns,
Beautiful angels with shiny red horns.
Infinite galaxies with destructive stars,
Flying from bridges into speeding cars.
Lonely dark tunnels with light in the end,
Feelings of betrayal from friend after friend.
Warm sea of happiness with a drowning soul,
A forgiving heart with a big empty hole.
A harsh stormy night with cold soothing rain,
Welcome to the ballad of me and my brain.
—  shakespearette, The ballad of me and my brain

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Hi! It's the positive asking nonnie Actually, I always write, and mostly reylo got to help because it gets to boost my creativity in plots. My Anxiety just needs to take a break and I got a lot of issues so that's why. And oh, thanks for the advice!

Anytime sweetheart, anxiety is no fun. I hope you are able to find something to help you cope with it, even if writing isn’t helping. Sometimes anxiety can overwhelm you to the point that you can’t even concentrate on anything. I understand how that can be.

Maybe you could buy one of those adult coloring books. It may sound silly, but it will give you something to do without exerting your brain. It’s very soothing.

May the Force be with you!

“Oh, wow, that sun is really something, huh? Can you believe that’s one big chemical reaction?”

“How about you stop worrying for thirty seconds?”

A humorless little laugh is the only reply she gets for a long time, until his hand relaxes and opens, turning to cradle her fingers in his palm.


based on an AU Apritello from theherocomplexHigh as the Moon ch.1

Had to do this very quickly–I didn’t even do the shading!–because my brain just won’t shut up since the first chapter. I couldn’t count how many times I‘d read it, closed my browser, and re-opened my browser again to read it again and again and again. It’s getting worse since the last chapter was posted, because it’s literally a fox of fluffiness covered in sheepskin, and I need to do something to soothe the screaming brain.

  • Me: I'm super nervous about the debate tonight.
  • My brain: Bernie just has to surpass expectations, right?
  • Me: But he's already done that! He's drawing all these crowds, and now people are expecting a lot.
  • My brain: He'll be fine.
  • Me: But she's got so much more experience at these big debates.
  • My brain: The higher you rise, the further you fall.
  • Me: Cliches are not going to soothe my nerves!
  • My brain: . . .
  • Me: Gah! I'm so nervous!!