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playing zenyatta has given me such a newfound appreciation for zenyatta mains??? yesterday i protected our zen from a symmetra that jumped him and he pocketed me and he hopped off his perch and on the point to use his transcendence to solo save me from an ulting dva over that one little thing im 😭😭😭


[#I.M] Handsome person, the sleepy person who also appears to be cool, the person with a good personality, a person who is great in many ways, just a cool person, today a lot of people are gonna greet you hyung, but I’ll also greet you. I love you. #0115HyungwonDay

[#HYUNGWON] My dongsaeng who I love, adore, am sorry towards and am thankful towards Changkyun-ah. My expression is clumsy and I’m not good with words but I’m always thankful. I’m thankful that you’re our team’s maknae. Happy birthday and you’ve worked well today. I like you #TheOneWhoActsLikeHeIsNotCuteButIsCuteDuringTimesLikeThese #YourCharm #0126IM데이 


Your Daily Killian Pick-Me-Up ⚓ [Day 362]

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So did you see how Taehyung reacted to Namjoon's joke in the first episode of BV? What did you think of it? Taetae looked so mad

Mad? He looked pissed af. I watched it 3 or 4 times to be sure that I wasn’t overthinking it but no, he was clearly quite uncomfortable and holding himself back not to stand up and leave or throw a tantrum. He looked scary af, to me, ‘cause like… He looked like he was about to react in a not so nice way.

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(not the exact part but let’s appreciate this look)

Now, ~astrologically~ speaking, Namjoon has Moon in Sagittarius conjunct his Jupiter - so said sign’s characteristics are increased in his life. That’s why he’s so good with languages, philosophy… But also why his jokes can get out of hand sometimes. Not because he’s wanting to piss off people, he just really has no control over it. But Taehyung is full of Capricorn placements, a sign that is the total opposite of Sagittarius. I’ve explained this before but I guess it’s worth mentioning again: every zodiac sign will work the opposite way of the one that comes before it. Like, Libra is diplomatic and tries to solve things from afar with logic while Scorpio, the next after it, actually gets involved in everything with passion. Taurus is quiet and likes to do things in their own pace by trusting that their instincts and ways are enough for things to work out while Gemini loves to talk and learn new information and try new things all the time.

So. When someone that is full of Capricorn has a close friend that has strong Sagittarius placements (which is quite common, there’s a theory about this but I’ll elaborate in the next ask), while they’ll get along in deep ways… They’ll also annoy each other exactly about the things that they’re opposites in. Capricorn is more serious and polite while Sagittarius can be all over the place. Obviously this will not apply to every single situation in their lives, but when situations like this happen… One will get annoyed. lol And it’s important to remember that Taehyung’s Moon is in Aries, that’s why he also couldn’t hold back from showing his anger even though there were cameras. Capricorns can be moody but only when provoked because their pride is huge and the kind of joke that Namjoon made attacked Taehyung’s ego directly (as if what he had to say didn’t matter). Meaning that if Taehyung’s Moon weren’t in Aries but in a calmer sign he would be annoyed but would not look so pissed. But Aries can’t control anger properly, specially when ruling one’s Moon. Makes sense? I have absolutely no doubt that they talked after it and Namjoon apologised again (God bless his Mercury in Libra, making him all diplomatic and stuff) and everything is fine now. But it was intense, anon, very intense. lol A whole 3 seconds of intense, but still. This has happened before, though, Taehyung shows his temper now and then - as the other guys do as well, it’s a bunch of grown men living together 24/7 and certain misunderstandings are bound to happen. But I’ll probably never watch it again ‘cause it made me uncomfortable af

A Walk With a Friend

Hey @markiplier! Hopefully I’m not late to the party, but happy birthday! I know lots of people say it, but thank you for all you do! To me, you’re like a good friend I can always come and hang out with, and I always feel like you talk to the individual, not the audience, which I always appreciate!

I can’t wait to see how you improve in the future, and I promise to improve in my own endeavors!

Happy birthday Mark!

(P.S.: my favorite video of yours is ‘Respect’)

(It deals with a lot of serious issues, but you said a lot of things in it that helped me with my own problems [nothing serious, but still] and honestly, this video clicked with me and made me respect you even more!)