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thoughts on trimberly?

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to one of my all-time favorite nintendo series, I would like to thank the Kirby games for always being entertaining, adorable, and epic! Kirby always puts a huge smile on my face <3

Happy 25th Anniversary, Kirby!

Lego Batjokes Prompt #108

*Joker gets down on one knee*

“You can’t be serious.”

“I know this sounds weird coming from me but I’ve never been more serious.”




“What’s funny? Oh god, am I being ridiculous? Of course I am. You’ve been a bachelor for how many years so if you’d have wanted it, you’d have been married by now. I knew this was a bad idea. I should have listened to Harley OMYGOD I - I’m sosoSO SORRY BRUCE PLEA-”

“No! No, stop right there. I’m so beyond touched. It’s just…the ring.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“J, it’s for women.”

“What? No it’s not.”

“The big pink diamond and thin band tells me otherwise.”

“I would totally wear it.”

“I know you would. You stole this, didn’t you?”


“Bet you did. C'mon babe, get up.”

“Thanks. Sooo? Your response?”

“Well, I never disliked pink.”


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Oh my God if I see one more tool bag post a picture or video of themselves doing any sort of weed related activity
Because they’re wearing a DSOTM tee shirt or have the fucking poster in the background


a e s t h e t i c  |  c h e r r y 

Since the other two trash cans have done character moodboards (and I have seen a lot of moodboard challenges around lately) I finally compiled aesthetics for Cherry!  


Some commissions I did recently!! I did some more but these turned out the best…. c: All of these are gijinka designs of flight rising dragons and belong to their respective owners.

One more and then I will be free!

The French Tutor AU

Written for @acegently

Featuring: Todd being able to speak french, Dirk not being able to speak french, several references to our beloved show, and a certain pink jacket.

  • so, todd is actually quite good at french, and he needs money
  • so he puts a notice up in the school hall offering to help people do their homework and study for exams etc
  • dirk doesn’t even take french but he feels like going to a tutoring session or two is a great idea
  • it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he saw the cute guy who sits a couple of seats away from him in his maths class at all whatsoever
  • he sends an email to the address on the poster and todd sends one back asking for a copy of dirk’s timetable so that he can see where there are any free periods that they can meet in
  • of course, todd notices the fact that dirk isn’t even a french student
  • but he really needs the money and he figures that dirk is probably learning french in his spare time or something
  • it is a useful skill after all
  • todd puts dirk into his timetable for an hour session each week and they agree to meet in the library at the end of lunch on a wednesday so that they can get a good place to work during their free
  • the first time they meet, todd can instantly tell that dirk knows absolutely nothing about the french language
  • and so he asks dirk where he wants to start
  • dirk replies with an uuhhhhh
  • so todd decides to just go back to basics
  • he spends the entire first hour they spend together trying to teach dirk how to say ‘bonjour’
  • 'bon jaw? kinda reminds me of bon jovi. do you like bon jovi? i don’t really but, to each his own right?' 
  • 'dirk… just, it’s bonjour, okay.’
  • at the end of the hour, dirk hands over a tenner and shoots todd a smile before leaving the library with a spring in his step
  • todd isn’t really sure what to make of it all
  • the next week, dirk is suddenly able to say hello and introduce himself with perfect accuracy
  • he’s been doing homework then
  • todd decides to focus on colours for their second session
  • 'blue is quite similar in french and english, the beginning is exactly the same and the ending is just a little different, so it’s bleu, okay?’
  • 'bleugh, okay, got it. i have a blue jacket, you know. and a green one. and yellow one too. how do you saw those? green and yellow?' 
  • 'um, green is vert and… yellow is jaune. if you wanna say jacket, that’s, uh… veste.’
  • 'so i have a john vest? awesome.’
  • again, dirk hands over a tenner and leaves todd sitting in the library, slightly dumbfounded
  • i mean, he wasn’t even asking for a tenner per session, but it wasn’t like dirk was asking him for change 
  • by the third week, todd was getting used to dirk’s often strange comments in the middle of their sessions
  • if he was being honest, he did find the interruptions cute sometimes
  • and of the three students that he was tutoring, dirk was definitely his favourite
  • he guessed it probably helped that dirk wasn’t freaking out about any upcoming tests or expecting todd to grammar check every sentence he’s ever written in french
  • for their third session he decided to focus on animals, and though it probably sounded a little weird, he was kind of hoping that dirk would have some sweet animal stories to tell
  • they started with pets, and dirk got through 'lapin’ and 'chien’ with no difficulties
  • once he got to 'chat’, things started to get weird
  • 'hey todd, how do you say shark?' 
  • 'shark?' 
  • 'yeah. or like, a cross between a shark and a kitten. a shitten? how would you say shitten in french?' 
  • 'a shitten isn’t real, but, shark is requin so… chatin, maybe?' 
  • 'chatin… shitten, chatin. i think you’re right todd. thanks!’
  • and so their third hour together passed, much the same as every other hour, but as dirk stood up to leave, todd tugged at his arm, pulling him back down into his chair
  • dirk stared for a couple of seconds, confused, while todd tried to pluck up the courage to say what he wanted to
  • 'i, uh, don’t suppose that you’d maybe want to meet up somewhere else, like, on a weekend or anything?’
  • 'you mean to do extra studying?’
  • 'no dirk, i mean like, do you maybe wanna go on a date?’
  • 'a.. date?’
  • 'you don’t have to if you don’t want to i just thought that you would maybe want to with the smiles and everything but it’s fine don’t worry we can just go back to-’
  • todd... i’d love to’
  • their first date was in a small coffee shop a few blocks from their school
  • dirk wore une veste rose
  • and when they kissed on dirk’s doorstep, todd could swear that he heard a whispered 'je t'aime’

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