it so cute tho idk why

1 out of 4
  • Ronan: so 1 in every group of 4 guys is gay...?
  • Blue: from what i heard.. Yeah...
  • Ronan: well damn.. Then one of us is gay..
  • Blue: possibly
  • Ronan: i hope its Adam. Adam's fucking cute
  • Blue: ...
  • Gansey: ...
  • Noah: ...
  • Adam: ...
  • Ronan: what's up with your faces
💕Happy Valentine’s Day~ 💕

Happy Valentine’s Day~ I’m idol Kou JK LOL

So many good friends ask me to do a special skit for diaplushies, so as you wish I made 3 individual skits for each Shu, Subaru and Ruki plushies! (So you can imagine how you and your guy celebrate) The skits are cute, sweet and Salty tho~ No salt means no diabolik ya know!

And Bonus! I made 6 Diaplushies valentines cards! Send to the one you love~ or you can just tag them in this post~ maybe you want to print them out IDK do as you Like!!!!!! Why 6? Because 2 versions! Come And Check Them Out!


You Hoe.

I spent sometime use cocoa powder to form “I LOVE U” OMG LOL

How about play pocky game~?

Sorry I don’t know anymore (maybe I don’t have other idea)…. Sorry Ruki…

By the way I finished Ruki’s outfit~ He finally has his own outfit!!!!!

Now Prepare For the V-Day Cards:

I actually made these cards before Rejet’s new chibis with tux and blowing kisses….Well we got each other Rejet~!

Love You Guys~~~*SNUGGLE*

why do people think fat people (like all people not just girls or boys) are unattractive?? HAVE YPU SEEN THAT CUTE TUMMY? kiss it. free Lightning TAttoos and THIGHS THAT ARE SO SOFT? They quiver real nice as you pleasure them? (or cuddle/footsie, etc. if ur ace) OR THEM ROLLS THO so soft and warm and nice??b unattractive does not compute?? I Do Not Know,,, IDK,,, SO CUTE AND SOFT AND WARM FUXK OFF FAT SHAMERS


givin’ ‘em the ol’ razzle dazzle 

the signs about their bias
  • aries: they must be protected i will beat anyone's ass that dare say shit about them i swear rn
  • taurus: EVERYONE!!! LOOK AT MY CHILD!!! i love them they are my baby omg
  • gemini: OMG I HATE THEMMM THEY ARE THE UGLIESTTTT send me more pics i love them kms
  • cancer: I AM SCREAMINGGGGGG i love them so much i am shedding tears agjhcjobjkhbj
  • leo: how cute would we look together tho like... we'd be so cute i need them in my life asap
  • virgo: why yes ik their birthday their real name their hometown their blood type their debut date and time their friends from high school their home address their mothers maiden name
  • libra: *bias does something* AHHHHHHHHHHH *posts on social media* *calls up every person they know* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • scorpio: why are they so HOT why are they so PERFECT they make me wanna SIIIINNNNN
  • aquarius: *has hella merch and always wants more. probably writes or reads lots of fanfic too*
ToppDogg Reaction

It says on ur blog reaction requests are closed but u made a post about them being open so I hope this is ok Could you please do a topp dogg reaction/scenario with what kissing them would be like (including jenissi) because I love them so much!!!!

I’m sorry about the confusion but here you go! Thanks for requesting this btw cus I love topp dogg sm too^^

P-goon: Idk why but I could see kisses being really fun and cute. Like he might just suddenly kiss you while you’re talking just cus he can.

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Jenissi: I think Jenissi would kiss you very sweetly. I may be the only one that thinks this tho But like you two would be on the couch and he’d just stare at you for a sec and then kiss you.

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Hojoon: I can see this being shy and sweet. Like several quick pecks one after the other or maybe just one really meaningful kiss.

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Sangdo: I think they’d be passionate but shy/nervous kisses from Sangdo. Like, it might be kinda awkward at first but once you two actually kiss, every bit of love would come out.

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Nakta: Short and sweet. Maybe you two would be out on a date and you’re looking at something cute and you look up at him. Then he leans down and kisses you quickly before telling you how cute you are.

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Hansol: I think Hansol is the type to kiss you when you aren’t paying attention to him. Like maybe you’re studying or cooking and you’re so focused that he resorts to kissing you to bring your attention back to him.

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B-joo: I see B-joo being cute when kissing you but the kiss itself would be kinda long and passionate. but idk anyone that would care lol

Originally posted by kidohgangdol

Xero: I can see this being kinda sweet but teasing at the same time. idk if that makes sense. He might kiss you sweetly but pull away suddenly and walk off just kinda leaving you there in shock.

Originally posted by sehyuk

A-tom: Soft and lingering. It may be just me but I think A-tom would be the type to pull you close and kiss you softly, letting his lips linger for a second.

Originally posted by jihoops

Yano: He’s the maknae but I don’t think that’d show in his kisses. In my mind at least 50% of kisses end up with you two making out. Idk why that’s just how I think of it But the other 50% would be cute and loving.

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Merry (Late) Xmas from me!

Look who’s up and uploading in Tumblr again

/it’s only a doodle tho, ; A ;

I was making some couple icons last week but I lost the file… (I’m still sad about this…)

I mean I don’t even have a friend who will use that icon tho but it’s kinda fun


How to Fix A Bad Day... // Jeon Jungkook

Summary: In which you’ve had a terrible day, and boyfriend bunny kook tries his very best to cheer you up :)

Genre: flufffffffff

Word Count: 1,800+

A/N: Well, this is super strange for me because it is my FIRST post, so I hope you enjoy and come back for more… PLEASE REQUEST!! :D Also, please give me some constructive criticism???? Too much context? Not enough action ;) ?? Let me know, and I’ll make improvements!! :D 
P.S. It’s like really long???? for a first story kinda maybe-ish idk why tho i think i have a problem with these kinds of things??? request AUs and stuff I wanna try to do those cute bullet pointed scenarios tooooooo!! :DDDDDDD

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Monday, 9:23 PM
You thought, as you jammed the key in the front door. Stepping inside, you let out a heavy sigh, not even bothering to take off your shoes before sinking into the cushions of your couch. 

Sure, Mondays were always the worst day of the week, but nothing could have prepared you for the nerve-racking, heart stopping, painstaking shit show that ensued that day. 

Monday, 6:38 AM
You groggily walked over to your desk, barely able to keep your eyes open. Mondays were already terrible, but this particular Monday, you had to get up early. Without any explanation at all, you were required to be present at a meeting with one of the Chairmen of the board… who happened to be halfway across the world at the moment. See, now that meant him dictating the exact time of the meeting that would be most convenient to him, and not taking into consideration that you had to get up at 5:15 AM in order to get ready and arrive to work on time. 

Placing your bag on the desk, you proceeded to shed off your huge coat before hanging it on the back of your chair. You powered up your computer and let out a deep sigh before logging into your email. You liked checking your email first thing in the morning, because there was often information within emails from colleagues and bosses that related to the events of the day. Surely enough, an email from her boss sat at the top of the list, curiously titled: “Proper Attire.”

Clicking on it, it opened to reveal:
Dear Y/N,
I apologize for having to send this email so late, but it is very important that you wear the proper attire for this meeting. This means that your attire should be of the utmost professionalism, and should not be sexual, revealing, or suggestive in any way. This meeting will be very important to both your career and mine.
Please come to Meeting Room 14 at 7:15.
Thank you. 

You couldn’t help but be somewhat offended by your boss’s choice of words. Sexual? Revealing? Suggestive? What kind of person did he think you were? 
Determined to carry on with the day, you decided to not linger on it. After checking a few more emails, you looked at the clock: 7:08. You decided that it was time to make your way to Meeting Room 14. 
When you arrived, you were met with 4 other people, all of which were large, middle age men, who you’ve never seen before. You stood a little further away from them, assuming they were there to meet with someone else, and checked your phone as you waited for your boss. You had received a message from your boyfriend, Jungkook:

Kookie: Hey love, sorry I couldn’t hang out yesterday… :(
You: Hey, don’t worry about it, another time :)
Kookie: Are you free tonight?? :DDDD I can come over and we can have pizza and watch Netflix?? heh Netflix and chill ;))
You: perv. But yes come!!!!! I’ll probs be home around 7?
Kookie: Sounds great! See ya laterrrr

You allowed a small smile to form on your face before putting your phone in your pocket. You could see your boss walk down the hallway, and went to go greet him. Before you could, the men from earlier cut in front of you, giving their own introductions. You gave your boss a questioning look, but he just shrugged and suggested that everyone go inside. 
He directed you to sit next to him, and allowed the others to sit wherever they wanted, but there seemed to be a distinct pattern already. You suddenly realized what you were standing in the middle of. You were brought here as a representative of the team progress, in as a result, your boss’s progress. 

Soon, the Chairman was online and video ‘meeting’ with you all. You guys started to do reports on what achievements that each of the teams have made, with you ending the circle. As soon as you began speaking, there were noises and words of disparagement. People did not want a woman to be in a position of power, and they were very clearly expressing it. When the chairman asked everyone to pitch ideas for an event that the company was having later, you pitched an awesome idea… which was ridiculed and brought down… until one of the men in the meeting brought it up again. Except they did not even acknowledge that it was your idea. Luckily, the Chairman took noticed, even commenting on it. That made you feel a bit better, but not enough.

When the meeting was over, your boss congratulated your efforts, and said that there would be more opportunities for you in the future to express your ideas. This piece of good news was completely ruined when the other men laughed at him, quickly making their own snarky comments towards your direction.
“A woman will never get the job.”
“They’re just keeping her around because of the pretty face.”
There they stood, mocking you, and you wanted nothing more than to walk over there and wipe those nasty smirks off their faces. But your boss, sensing your anger, grabbed your wrist and dragged you towards the elevator. 

As soon as the two of you stepped in, you let out a loud sigh. Your boss, understanding your frustration, told you to take the rest of the day off. 
“You did good work Y/N.”

Monday, 4:57 PM

After your boss had graciously allowed you to take the day off, you still found yourself working for a few more hours before finally allowing yourself to leave the office. As much as you wanted to ignore the words of those men from the meeting, you couldn’t help yourself from having the urge to prove that you deserved to have your position. It didn’t end there though. On your way home, a stranger had spilt their ice coffee on you, so you were a sticky mess with a very ruined blouse. Needless to say, you were in a pretty sour mood and wanted nothing more than to just go home, eat ice cream, take a shower, and sleep.
You just got into your apartment when your phone buzzed:

Kookie: What kind of pizza do you want?

It took a while before you realized what he was talking about.

You: Actually Kookie, I’m really tired. Work was kinda terrible… can we hang out tomorrow?
Kookie: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I MISS YOUU :(((((((((((
You: Sorry… love you!!

You sighed, feeling terrible that Jungkook missed you, but you really didn’t think your attitude would have really been much fun for him. You didn’t want to ruin the night with the repercussions of your bad day. You took out your ice cream and ate a couple of spoonfuls before dragging yourself into the shower. You rinsed off the ice coffee that coated your upper half, and decided to not wash your hair tonight, since you didn’t have to energy to go through the whole process of blowdrying it. It was early, but you happily crawled into bed after your shower, desperate to replenish your sleep. 

Just as you were finally drifting off to sleep, your doorbell rang, causing you to groan in displeasure. WhO CoULD PoSsIbLY BE AT YOUr DOoR RIghT NOWWWWW!?!?!? You stomped to your door, prepared to yell when….

Jeon Jungkook. 
Dressed in a
bunny costume.

All your anger dissipated the second you laid eyes on him. Wearing a bright smile, he held a pizza pie in his left hand, and a bouquet of fresh red roses in his right. 

“Jeon Jungkook… you dork.”
“Excuse me, I’m a cute dork.”
“Yes, you cute dork.”
“Thank you.. so are you going to let me in or..?”

You laughed before moving to the side to let him in. Watching him struggle to shove himself through your doorway was probably one of the funniest things you have ever witnessed, and when he finally made it through, he was sweating and heaving like a mad man. 

He was incredibly uncomfortable, but if his discomfort brought a smile to your face, he would stay this way forever. Jungkook absolutely adored you, and could not stand it when you were upset. He tried so hard to think of a way to cheer you up, and luckily all his hard work paid off. He was honestly half expecting you to be annoyed and slam the door on him, but what Jungkook didn’t know was that he was the light of your life. 

He was the best thing that ever happened to you, as cheesy as it sounds. Just seeing his face would have cheered you up, but you hated seeing him worried about you. You preferred it when he was smiling, because then you knew he was happy. You knew it was selfish, but a sad Jungkook would break your heart, and if it were you who made him sad, you would feel absolutely horrible. You stood there, wondering what in the world you would do without him when his voice broke your train of thought.

“So do you feel better now?” he questioned, tilting his head slightly.
“Much better,” you replied with a smile, “Now get that thing off will you?”
“What, is the bunny costume turning you off?” he teased, wiggling his eyebrows and doing a little dance for good measure. 
“Well actually, I was gonna give you a kiss, but if you’d rather just wear the bunny costume, that’s fine with me.”

You took the pizza and flowers and smirked, quickly turning around and running to the kitchen before he had time to object. He gaped at your retreating back before letting a wide grin spread across his face. He took off the bunny costume, glad to be able to let his body breathe again and ran after you. 

You had put the pizza on the table, put the flowers in a vase, and were leaning against the counter waiting for Jungkook to come in. When he did, he walked up to you, placing his hands beside you and successfully trapping you between him and the counter. He looked down at you, a gentle look of adoration in his eyes, and brought his face dangerously close. He glanced down at your lips and whispered, “You owe me a kiss.” 

Unable to take it anymore, you reached up and tangled your hands in his hair, bringing his soft lips to meet yours. The kiss was long and sweet, filled with love. One of his hands made its way to your waist while the other caressed your face, pulling you in to deepen the kiss. His teeth playfully grazed against your bottom lip before he finally pulled away. 

“Thank you,” you whispered, “for being such a great boyfriend tonight.”
“Tonight? I’m always a great boyfriend,” he smiled cheekily. 
You chuckled and gently smacked his arm. 
“Shush. Now, let’s eat?” 

You started walking towards the dining table when Jungkook latched onto your arm. You looked at him, raising an eyebrow curiously. He smile warmly before placing a gently kiss on the back of your hand. 

“I love you Y/N.”

“Love you too, Kookie.”

cr. + insp.

Ok so...

I was watching this series on Netflix. “Click My Heart”

And that dude right there in the pink column immediately got my attention.
I literally say “wtf he’s so cute what is this” every time the dude appears on screen.

Seriously. Look at how cute.


So I googled the cast.
And… idiot that I am, I had no idea that their names in the series were their actual names in real life. 

And that “dude” is actually SF9′s Lee Dawon

C U T E . 

So…I googled a bit more.

And I thought to myself… 

“He kinda reminds me of someone I love…”

And surely enough…these pop out of google search…

Istg everything I do just keeps tracing back to Park Jimin. o.o

Jason stared incredulously at Nico. “What?”

Nico stood triumphant and confident. His face unwavering. “I want to go flying.”

“You… want to fly?”

“If you want to, of course. I’m not going to force you t–”

“I’d love to!” Jason had to bite back his impatient urge after that. To play it cool, he added, “I mean – if that’s cool with you.”

“That’s why I asked, Sparky.”

When Piper or Leo called him ‘Sparky’, it was normal and affectionate. But Nico saying it was something so much more powerful. His voice held dominion over Jason and hearing Nico call him 'Sparky’ was giving Jason a hard time controlling his feelings. “But I can’t just – make you fly.”

“I know.”

“I have to… you know…”

“I know.”

“Are… are you okay with that?”

Nico’s face looked as if it had a faint red shade. “Of course. I thought this through already.”

“… Okay uhm… when?”

“When do you have time?”

“After dinner?”

“Yeah, I have to eat with Will tonight, I promised him. But after that, I’ll be free.” Jason’s heart always shivered when Nico talked about Will. They were broken up now, but Jason still felt a tinge of jealousy. Will was a good guy, just not good for Nico. Jason wasn’t the right guy for Nico either, but he couldn’t help his feelings.

”… Okay. Sounds good.“ Nico was about to turn around when Jason stopped him. "Wait, Nico?”


“Can I ask… why you want to go flying?”

“I… I had a dream. I just want to try it.” He was avoiding the reasoning.

“Do you need to talk about your dreams? We have bad dreams if you need someone to talk to –”

“I’m good, Jason. Thanks. I’ll see you after dinner?”

“Of course, see you Nico.”

anonymous asked:

this is such a cute interview (for the first 15 min) with carrie, debbie and todd in 87 youtube(.)com(/)watch?v=jxEzmQB5sNU idk if you've seen it. it gets real dark and sad (not related to any of them at all, though) from 15 minutes to 22. then it's just a few different people, the host and carrie.

omfg i have the most ridiculous smile on my face and i’m tearing up because they are so damn perfect, i can’t handle this AT ALL AT ALL