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when fire meets ice ep 9 [final]

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-October 6

streets have been littered with puddles, the air is cold. wonder if it’ll snow this year, i hope so. freddie is still cute and tall. so is jenima. and kade. everyone else is cute and small. i stubbed my toe and it might be broken but i haven’t gone to the clinic. i garden now - sort of. i don’t think papa would like it here. everything changes and so does nothing. i wonder when the wheel will stop spinning.

soon. soon.

Jorah warned Dany about undercover lover

And here’s why:

1. In the books, Barristan was undercover when he first met Dany, so he’s seen this trick before.
2. Jorah warned Dany she is being too trusting of people that flock to her. They may look “loyal” but are actually using lies and deceit. 

At this point in time, when Jorah is still in her good graces, she resists his advice and doesn’t take his warning seriously.

Dany starts out the scene (in Book 3) daydreaming of Westeros, like Sansa from Season 1, Episode 1:

I am still half a world from Westeros, Dany reminded herself, but every hour brings me closer. She tried to imagine what it would feel like, when she first caught sight of the land she was born to rule. It will be as fair a shore as I have ever seen, I know it. How could it be otherwise?

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EXO’s scenarios: saying first “I love you” (ot9)

I’m a sucker for fluff

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  • Kim Minseok/Xiumin

 It was late at night when the two of you found yourself walking down the street. His hand held strongly to yours, fingers laced. Winter was mild that year, so you were worried that snow wouldn’t fall. That’s why you and Minseok went out every night. You didn’t want to miss it.

 Finally it started to snow one evening. Minseok was so excited that he started to dance in the middle of the street. One of his hands pulled you to join him as the other one was pointing at the sky.

“Look (y/n)! It’s finally snowing! Can you see it?”

“Yeah, I can. You’re going to tear off my arm Minseok!” you laughed at his cuteness while struggling to keep your balance.

“Sorry!” he stopped moving his hand but kept yours in it. “But it’s the first snow! I hope it stays for longer with us!”

 You agreed and pulled him close to you so you two could hug while watching snowflakes fall.

“You know why I’m so excited?”

“Because it’s the first snow?”

“No, it’s the first snow we get to experience together.” a soft aww left your lips at his cheesiness . “You know that if you say I love you during the first fall of snow your love will become ethereal?”

“You just made that up!” you laughed, punching him lightly.

“Yeah, but you never know! Maybe nobody found out about it yet!”

“Okay then.” you turned to face him fully. “I love you Minseok.”

 His smile went even wider (if it’s possible) and he placed his hands on your cheeks to squeeze them.

“I love you too (y/n)!”

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  • Kim Junmyeon/Suho

“What are you doing?” he asked averting his gaze shyly when he noticed you filming him.

 His hands rested on the pages that he was reading a few seconds before. Fingers held gracefully red pen to write additional notes. He looked adorable in his glasses.

“It’s for the future generations. The documentary about species known as actors. Here we have specimen Kim Junmyeon in his natural habitat.” you giggled and continued recording the close-up on his face.

 Young man smiled at that and returned to memorizing his script. But then one thing hit him. Your words meant that you were thinking about him as part of your future. You were putting him in your plans. That meant much more to him than he could imagine. He looked up at you with sweet smile. Words were never so important in your relationship, but he felt the need to tell you.

“I love you.”

 Your eyes went wide at that, looking up from the small screen of your phone. His gaze was so full of love and warmth that it could probably melt an iceberg. He pulled you closer by your hand to kiss your shoulder and returned to his work, not really waiting for you to say it back.

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Husband Reads Throne of Glass Update: QoS

[lying in bed reading, me next to him almost asleep, while he gets to the part when Aelin is back in Rifthold and gets a whiff of snow & pine]

Him [yelling]: Oh, gods dammit, Rowan, you fae bastard! You just couldn’t stay away!

Me: WTF?!

Him: Rowan showed up in Rifthold even though he’s fae and doesn’t have his powers, but sticks out like a sore thumb.

Me: Uh yeah, I gathered.

Him: [mumbling] It’s just not safe for him, I swear these people don’t have any sense…

The Road to Winterfell (Part I)

Here’s two-part series of the events that take place on the road to Winterfell between Jon, Dany and the characters, and some scenes at Winterfell between Sansa and Arya. Enjoy :)

There was snow everywhere, the lands were covered with white coat. Dany hadn’t seen this much snow in her lifetime. The only time she had encountered snow was when she went to rescue the crew from beyond the wall. She had fury cloak on with a head cover as her ears and face were red from the cold. She had decided to be on the road by mounting a white horse even though they had made a carriage for The Queen. She wanted to feel equal to everyone else. She looked at Jon on his horse, riding. He didn’t seem to be bothered by the snow. This is his home. He is familiar. Her crotch was hurting from the saddle of the horse, as it was moving up and down. All her nights with Jon had soured her body with small bruises on her thighs that the memories made her smile. She thought of Drogon. She looked for Drogon on the skies. Where is he? Where is Rhaegal?But she knew they should be on their way or somewhere near her. 

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Vaderkin and Gardener Kenobi - On the River

@forcearama i can’t believe i wrote this.

The boat glided gently over the river, carried away away by the languish current and the slow, warm wind that wove through Obi-Wan Kenobi’s hair, mussing it in a way that made Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, want to run his hand into the luscious copper blond locks.

More than usually that is.

“What is it Anakin?” the gardener asked, distracted from his flora watching by the sigh his companion had involuntary let out.

The Sith looked down shyly.

“No… Nothing,” he stammered, the assurance that had always been his, be it in battle or when dealing with the Galaxy’s most influent gone like snow in the sun as soon as Obi-Wan was concerned.

“I must be a tad weary after my morning training,” he added, picking idly at the hem of his black cape.

It had been Sidious’ condition when Anakin had implored him to not execute his love after he’d discovered some poem that implicated strongly that the young Sith would be ready to abandon the Dark Side on one word from the gardener: that he’d keep in shape and would do his duty in case of major crisis.

“You shouldn’t exert yourself to much,” Obi-Wan said. “I wish your father could see how much effort you put into pleasing him and that he would be more lenient with you. Force knows such a gentle soul as you deserve more peace and happiness.”

Anakin’s heart swelled at those words and he had the sudden - well, not so sudden, he’d wanted this for a while - urge to bow down and catch Obi-Wan’s lips in a passionate kiss

But it was too soon, wasn’t it? They’d known each other for only a few months. The Captain didn’t count - he and Obi-Wan, this Obi-Wan - were so different! Kenobi was brash and promiscuous and…

Anakin blushed as he remembered the one and only kiss they’d shared, just before the worlds had collided and he’d met his soulmate, the gentle and pure gardener who, to Anakin’s relief was now slowing down the boat to a halt with his oar and jumping swiftly onto the bank. He hadn’t noticed anything of the young man embarrassment as the thought of his doppelganger. 

Anakin watched his love pick up flowers from the river bank, averting his gaze when he caught himself staring at the man - really, really nice - backside. Blast his lustful thoughts! Obi-Wan wasn’t some meat piece, even thought he made Anakin hunger like no bantha steak ever could.

He was to be treated with respect, with the reverence that deserve the most delicate pieces of art or the most gracious flower. 

So even though his soul yearned for him, he would be patient. He would be chivalrous. If Obi-Wan and him were to become one it would be done by the book, following the universal rules of courtship!

Or maybe… Maybe he should be more assertive? He’d taken Obi-Wan from a world in which Anakin had been a shameless flirt - much like the Pirate Lord from Anakin’s own universe - and with a sudden anguish, he wondered if they ever had… but no! That couldn’t possibly be! Not his sweet, innocent Obi-Wan…

Interrupting his thought, Obi-Wan plopped down back into the boat and with the most charming smile, produced a flower crown that he’d apparently made while Anakin was tormenting himself.

“For you, my dear.”

No, surely not, Anakin thought with a little smile as he let his love crown him.

Fic rec Friday:

Let Them Lay Swords at Your Feet (I Just Want to Put My Sword in Your Sheath) by: @vivilove-jonsa

Read it on ao3

Summary: A completely satiric look at Jealous!Jon at Winterfell when he returns from his mission to gain a powerful ally and dragons.

Jon Snow didn’t expect things to go swimmingly with the Northern lords or his family when he returned North after having bent the knee. He was prepared for that. He’d do anything to keep them safe even if it had meant a thousand walks of shame through the streets of Kings Landing. However, what he wasn’t prepared for was facing his feelings of extreme jealously when he returns to his fair sister again…and finds a lot of guys lining up to swear themselves to her service.

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Ladies--- I'd like to give my interpretation of what Blake means when he sings "I want to thank the storm that brought the snow." For the simple minded RanFans, it's Blake's version of Crazy Ex (Shelby Shelton; "I got the hell out of Oklahoma." Sing it Blake and sing it loud Son! Love the horns and the choir! Talk about a Sweet Escape, Blake had his too! Thank God for Gwen and Blake and unconditional love! God Bless them always and protect them! Stay fabulous ladies! Now, buy and stream! Enjoy.

I love you and this!


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slow sleepy mornings in bed with the nordics and their s/o?


-A very long lie-in talking about nothing in particular, lots of cuddling and just being warm together. After a while he’ll probably beg his s/o to make them coffee or breakfast, but he’ll end up having to do it himself and they’ll just fall straight back asleep afterwards.


-Silent but affectionate, holding his s/o close and watching the sunrise, when it gets too late he’ll get dressed, but then he’ll come back with breakfast in bed and will probably get back in bed afterwards.


-Never a morning person, so he’d want to try and go back to sleep, or just get some coffee and cuddle together (I keep imagining snow for some reason?) he might read a book after his coffee but would still be too sleepy to get out of bed, some days he and his s/o don’t get up until noon


-Lots of cuddling and kissing, he’s often in a good mood in the mornings so he’d probably plan the day with his s/o, both of them eventually coming up with crazy suggestions and just falling asleep again (sorry this one was a bit rubbish)


-Like Norway, he’s not a morning person, so his s/o might spend a while trying to wake him up. If they succeed, then there’ll be lazy morning cuddles but no getting out of bed until after noon, they’ll take it in turns to fetch coffee and food.

-Mod Eleanor

theaceofwands  asked:

Hello PQ! Another question after learning of Vermax's brood of eggs... seems like that would explain the "thing" that came out of the ground after the burning of Winterfell. It also follows the mother of dragons pattern; that you should have to sacrifice something dear, in Dany's case her husband, and in Bran's case his home to hatch the eggs. Do you think a dragon could've already hatched, and maybe that one will be Jon's or maybe even Bran's to warg into?

If there was a dragon roaming the Winterfell area, we’d have heard about it by now, especially when the snow started falling and the Boltons occupied the castle. I think what Bran saw was a vision pointing to the eggs’ existence (and their symbolic significance for Jon), rather than them hatching then and there. 

Okay guys I am now on my laptop so I’m gonna give you some background on me, your new blogrunner.

My name is Snow. I don’t give out my real name. The nickname goes back to my grandpa, who always called me Snow White. He was a super cool dude, he worked for NASA and had ties to organized crime in the city. I come from a… Not good home. My parents aren’t the greatest. Eventually, a few months back, I ran away. Selina Kyle took me in and now, Catwoman is my roommate. I became friends with Eddie Nygma by challenging him to a fight (he stole my cab I was pissed OFF). I met Red Hood through Selina when he broke in to steal my leftovers one day. He was infuriating, cocky, a foot and a half taller than me, and really fucking cute. He caught me singing in the shower and never let me live it down. After a while I got frustrated and punched him in the arm and asked him when we were gonna go out. Now we’re kinda in love, we vandalized a state official’s house, lit his car on fire, killed my father, and ended the night at a punk rock concert/anarchist rally, it was so romantic guys, okay

I am twenty and I have black hair and I’m super pale and petite (Red keeps saying I should change that to “tiny” and his opinion is noted and I taped his mouth shut), I have hazel eyes, but I’m much stronger than I look. I spent a lot of years doing backbreaking housework. Now I’m being formally trained in fighting by Red and Selina (who is kinda my new mom) and Eddie is teaching me more about coding and “the art of coffee”. If you see a girl in an underground fight club, yeah, that’s me. If you see me out on a date with Jason Todd, that’s my twin sister, Rose. I hope to bring more of a Gotham Underworld perspective to this blog. As for most of the things in the ask box, those were directed at the OG blogrunner, so I’m just gonna keep them on file. Feel free to ask me anything! I know the batfam and quite a few of our Rogues, not to mention family ties in the Italian mobs, seeing as I’m Italian and my family goes way back. I’ll be here much more often as frequenting a fight club isn’t exactly a 9 to 5 job. Don’t worry about my “explosive temper” (Harley Quinn’s professional diagnosis) because I like you guys and I don’t mind teasing, I’ve never really had friends before. I won’t bite (unless you’re Red Hood but that’s another discussion). 

((My main blog is @soft-jason-todd and Catwoman’s blog is @diamondkittycat . I’m really worried you guys won’t like me to be honest so please prove you do by interacting with the blog))

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Rules: answer these 85 statements and tag 20 people


1. drink: white tea with honey
2. phone call: my esthetician lmao
3. text message: my mom or one of my mutual friends
4. song you listened to: Snow Cats - AFI
5. time you cried: two days ago when I thought about Damen and Laurent
6. dated someone twice: no
7. kissed someone and regretted it: nope
8. been cheated on: I fucking hope not
9. lost someone special: yeah
10. been depressed: not clinically no
11. gotten drunk and thrown up: yeah last time was exactly one year ago but before that it only happened one time

12. violet
13. blue
14. orange

15. made new friends: only online ones
16. fallen out of love: no
17. laughed until you cried: yeah
18. found out someone was talking about you: I’m not sure OH WAIT yes I think so, more like I’m 99% sure someone already knew something I went to tell them because they weren’t surprised so I know they knew it from other sources

19. met someone who changed you: yes some of my mutuals
20. found out who your friends are: I mean idk but I definitely found out who wasn’t my friend
21. kissed someone on your facebook list: no

22. how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: idk anymore, haven’t used facebook in ages tbh
23. do you have any pets: kinda but no
24. do you want to change your name: no
25. what did you do for your last birthday: had cake with my family
26. what time did you wake up: 9:20 am
27. what were you doing at midnight last night: reading a book
28. name something you can’t wait for: having a kitten
29. when was the last time you saw your mom: tonight
31. what are you listening to right now: Sweet Things - The Pretty Reckless
32. have you ever talked to a person named tom: Tommaso, yes, Tom, no. <— leaving my mutual’s reply because same
33. something that is getting on your nerves: sucking at managing my time
34. most visited website: on the browser I guess tumblr :/ poor life choices I know
35. hair colour: brown (natural)
36. long or short hair: long
37. do you have a crush on someone: is it a crush if I’ve been with this person for a long time

38. what do you like about yourself: mmh I’m……adaptable? I don’t fucking know
39. want any piercings: I’ve been complaining for about 7 years that I want another earlobe piercing other than the standard one but have I ever actually gone and get it? Nooooo
40. blood type: A+
41. nickname: none
42. relationship status: taken
43. zodiac: Leo
44. pronouns: she/her
45. favourite tv show: I really don’t know anymore, I used to like so many but I’m not comfortable saying any of those are my favs anymore because watching them now I would probably hate them
46. tattoos: no and never
47. right or left handed: right handed but for certain things ambidextrous I think
48. surgery: only wisdom teeth so far
49. piercing: just the standard earlobe ones
50. sport: I used to do volleyball and then taekwondo briefly. Not doing anything rn
51. vacation: art cities or natural stuff like,,,, national parks and stuff like that
52. pair of trainers: new balance

53. eating: as healthily as I can but often failing
54. drinking: you’re gonna have to be more specific than that honey, I’m drinking water rn but if you mean like if I drink alcohol I do it rarely
55. im about to: go pee because I’m peeing myself tbh brb

56. waiting for: inspiration for a fic because idk how to start it, I mean I know what needs to happen but HOW is the question and I can’t start writing bc the thing I need to happen needs to happen at the beginning
57. want: you’re not ready for this conversation
58. get married: no tbh I don’t believe in marriage like it’s literally just a contract and the only benefit is stuff that is unrelated to love like taxes and some privileges which are the only reasons I would consider getting married tbh

59. career: just,,, let’s skip this

60. hugs or kisses: depends I don’t want to choose

61. lips or eyes: again don’t make me choose
62. shorter or taller: idc
63. older or younger: idc (wow I’m boring)
64. nice arms or nice stomach: the answer is still idc
65. hook up or relationship: relationship 
66. troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant 

67. kissed a stranger: no I mean kinda but no
68. drank hard liquor: yes
69. lost glasses/contact lenses: no
70. turned someone down: yes
71. sex on the first date: no
72. broken someone’s heart: not that I know
73. had your heart broken: I guess
74. been arrested: no
75. cried when someone died: yes
76. fallen for a friend: too many years ago

77. yourself: sometimes
78. miracles: no
79. love at first sight: no just lust at first sight
80. santa claus: do I look like I’m 7
81. kiss on the first date: ??? if it happens there’s nothing to believe in 
82. angels: no I’m an atheist so idk how there would be angels

83. current best friends name:  I don’t wanna say sorry
84. eye colour: brown
85. favorite movie: idk don’t ask me these things please

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