it smells tasty

>You’re at a Halloween party and some of the people attending have some pretty nice costumes– some that look a bit too good…

>You realize monsters are attending and one that is much too tipsy manages to stumble and bump into you, pinning you against a wall with a full, sloshy, gurgly, soft tummy.

>They groggily apologize and– oh… notice how tasty you smell, how cute you are.. cute enough to eat.

>You’ll have that tummy smushed against you a tad bit more, rubbed at you before you’re hoisted up and presented with open jaws and hot, boozy breath.

>No one else seems to notice that you’re being tasted, slathered with a gooey, velvety tongue.  You may even receive some tender kisses…

>Soon, you’re taken into that eager mouth, squeezed into a greedy, tight gullet to be swallowed down.

>It won’t be long until you drop into that slimy, grumbling belly full of booze and candy.  Your feeble pleas, cries and wriggling only entice your captor and you’ll be smushed by fleshy walls when they release a lengthy belch
>You hear the murmurs and quiet moans of the predator enjoying your resurfacing flavors, the wonderful weight you put in their gut.

>Seems every time you do try to squirm they try to shake up their stomach to get you to hush… or giggle… or stifle a groan of delight.  

>ohh, you’re done for, aren’t you?? There’s no getting out of this…

the con’s been great so far
  • made some pretty sweet bank for my first day
  • got tons of nice, delicious compliments
  • talked to a lady about dolphins for several minutes and the senselessness of hunting them for meat (theyre literally toxic btw)
  • negotiated a badge commission with a silent, in-character fursuiter
  • bought furry hot sauce from a furry hot sauce dealer
  • got hugged out of the blue by another silent fursuiter who’s suit smelled EXTREMELY STRONGLY of tasty cotton candy
  • a nice person came by with a bag of little plastic snakes with little name tags on them and was giving them out, the one I picked was named marzipan
  • filled my badge commission slots for 1 day (but nadia got an even crazier amount of takers on her badges!!)
  • on my way out I used the bathroom (which was extremely beautiful, clean, and smelled like tums) and I found a mysterious shining stone on the toilet paper dispenser, which of COURSE I took home because there’s no way this shit isn’t rich with blessed/cursed furry energies
SHINee Reacting to waking up the morning after their wedding night.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Onew - He might be a bit awkward when he wakes up before you after the wedding night as he wouldn’t know what exactly to do. He’d think of all the dramas and ways he could make you happy and not so long after would get dressed and head out somewhere, leaving you asleep in the bed. When you wake up you can expect a whole series of small events Onew has carefully prepared for you.

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Jonghyun - Jonghyun would be the first one to wake up and would be a bit surprised when he finds you lying next to him as he’s not used to spending the whole night with you. He’d first take some time to observe your sleeping features before getting up and going to the kitchen. He’d make sure to make you the best breakfast he can and its tasty smell would wake you up from you sleep, only to see Jonghyun’s loving face.

Key - He’d wake up up first and wouldn’t bother to do much, but would only lie in the bed motionless. He’d then look at you and chuckle at how cute and beautiful your face looks at that moment. He’d stroke your cheek and move your hair behind your ear and generally just observe you and think how lucky he actually is. When you wake up and tell him he’s creepy, though, he’d just sass you and act like he wasn’t giggling inside like a 10-year-old.

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Minho - Let’s be honest, Minho would probably oversleep. And this is not just because he loves sleeping, but because he’d just be too tired from all the work he has to do. You’d wake up first, look at him sleeping peacefully and not want to disturb his sleep, but once he feels you moving in the bed, he’d throw his arm over you and cuddle in your chest, mumbling sweet things that he’d probably be embarrassed of afterwards.

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Taemin - Even though it’d be after your wedding night, when Taemin wakes up, he’d be a bit awkward, not knowing what exactly to do. He’d fidget in your bed and constantly one second look at you, the other at the ceiling. Only when you move a bit and mumble something would the moment he realises he’ll wake you up if he moves too much, so he’d settle in one place and wait for you to wake up, a shy, yet sincere smile on his face.

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not sure if it’s my new extra-strong period pain meds or the possible fever I can’t figure out if I have or not but I am definitely loopy on something because dad just came home with a roast chicken but I didn’t notice and thought the ‘chicken casserole’ pet food I was feeding my cat suddenly smelled super tasty


Constantine smiled slyly to himself. He had been walking the streets, looking for his next meal. He hadn’t had much luck yet. Mostly druggies and prostitutes, people he stayed away from for feeding.

But suddenly he smelled someone /delicious/ and he turned towards the human.

“Hello~” he said to himself. The man was both tantalizingly tasty smelling and beautiful. Maybe this was the vampire’s lucky night.

cdrshiphard replied to your post “Celene killed the elves because justinia forced her hand wtf are you…”

My condolences for all these Celene stans making your inbox unpleasant *hugs* <3

I’m just having the worst night. New Vegas is giving me so many problems, and now celene stans trying to JUSTIFY GENOCIDE in my damn ask box.

And my bread has all gone bad. 

And my roommate is cooking tasty-smelling meat and I can’t eat it.

I’m just having a shitty night.


*Nick and Judy taking a walk in the Rainforest District, when Nick spots a red and white spotted mushroom, licking his lips and leaning in towards it*

Nick: Hmm, smells tasty as always-

*Judy notices Nick with the shroom and rushes to stop him*


*Judy trips over a tree root, falls forward, and lands face first into the shroom, sitting up and swallowing out of instinct before realizing what she just ate*

Judy: Oh God… I’M GONNA DIE-

Nick: Relax Carrots… you aren’t going to die… but based on the huge chunk you just ate, you are going to be tripping out soon.

*Judy becomes confused and tilts her head slightly*

Judy: What are you talking about- *pupils dilate before she lets out a giggle* -Whoa… has anyone ever told you how fluffy your fur looks?

*Nick chuckles and rolls his eyes*

Nick: Other than you… no-

*Judy’s eyes then widen and she starts shivering*

Judy: Nick… I can see a ghost behind you- *eyes widen more and ears drop*- and now it’s stabbing you- NICK!

Nick: Relax Carrots, it’s just a hallucination, what you’re seeing isn’t real-

*Judy starts swiping at the empty air and growling*

Judy: NO! You are NOT having my blood you fucker!

Nick: Hey, Language young lady.


Nick: *Pulls out camera phone*

“Judy, what do you see?”

Judy: *Swishes her arms at a broken branch and keeps missing*


Nick: *Chuckles as he shakes the phone”

“Judy! Behind you! Its the ancient abominable *raspberry*!”

Judy: “Where?! Where is it?! I’ll kill it for touching me pies!”

*Judy begins to start spinning in a circle, trying to look behind her*

Nick: *Falls on the ground, camera still on Judy, as he began to laugh uncontrollably*

Judy: *Hear laughing and notices Nick on the ground, and gasps”

“Nick has been possessified! Don’t worry buddy, i’ll beat the shit out of you and get the demon out!”

Nick: “Wait what?”

*Judy launches herself at  Nick in a bloodrage”

Nick: Judy wait, nononononONONONONO-”

*Camera cuts out*


*Later, at the hospital*

Judy: *Wakes up in a fully body straight jacket*

“What the Heck?!”

*Starts stuggling*

*A sexy leopard doctor walks in*

Doctor: “AH, Officer Hopps, you’re awake! Sorry for the restraints, but you kept attacking personal as you shouted, “I shall avenge Uranus from the invasion of Myanus”.” *Chuckles in delight*

Judy:*Blushes in embarrassment and disbelief*

“W- where’s Nick? I- is he alright?”

*Stutters as she tries to change the subject*

Doctor: “He’s.. been in better condition. Let me bring him in.”

*walks to the door and opens it*


*Male otter nurse brings in Nick in a wheel chair*

Judy: “Jesus what happened to you Nick?!”

Nick: *Slowly looks up at Judy*

“The demons possessified my lasagna as the invasion from Myanus started to drill hole in my porcelain bugaburger of blahlalalalalaa.”

*Judy’s ears drop as the doctor and nurse began to laugh.*

Nurse: *Whipes away tiers as he explains in voice that sounded like a violin being played out of tune by a thousand monkeys on a sugar high, whom happens to also be dead*

“Evidence shows that he was in the middle of an unorthodox exorcism by a certain bunny cop.”

Judy: *has virtually turned into a tomato*

Doctor: “Don’t worry, we had to put him on some anesthetic.”

Nick: *Looks at the doctor*

“Your pretty, big boob lady!”

Doctor: “Thank you officer Wilde.”

Nick: “But not as pretty as my buck-tooth buddy!”

*Grabs Judy and a death hug*

*Doctor and nurse left*

Doctor: “I’ll leave him for you two to catch on!”

Judy: *unable to breath*

“D-doc! W-a-it!”

Nick: “Lavern, we need to have a serious conversation about Myanus!”

*For miles around, a scream can be heard*


*Later, Bogo walks into the room to fill out the report*

Bogo: Alright Hopps, Wilde, I-

*Bogo’s words fall silent and he drops the clipboard and pen he was holding; in the bed nearby, Nick is curled up around Judy, whom has since freed herself of the straight jacket, and is simply sitting there with Nick petting him*

Bogo: *Sighs and face-palms* Dare I even ask?

Judy: Not much to explain, I accidentally ate a shroom, got high, beat up Nick, we got taken to hospital, he got medically high, and now seems to think I’m his mate-

Bogo: did he rub his muzzle against you by chance? foxes mark their mates that way, so he might have actually done it.

*Bogo then starts to approach, Nick’s ear flicking a bit before he looks up at the chief and growls*


Judy: *Blushes* Nick… we can discuss your mark later… Bogo needs to take a report down, okay… hon?

*Bogo chuckles softly and shakes his head, retrieving his clipboard and pen to start filling the report*


This is a wrap-up of little story @thecommrade and @timberwolfalpha made in form from 4 reblogs, and because it was incredibly fitting to each-another’s parts, i took the time to get the little story together in one post!

-T resembles @timberwolfalpha part of the story, and -C reffers to @thecommrade ‘s part.

NOTE: This whole story was completely made by @timberwolfalpha and @thecommrade , give them credit for doing something like this.

The original reblog-version of this can be searched up -HERE-

Impressed! Unfortunately... (CA Closed)


Megumi wasn’t starving anymore.

The benefit of wandering aimlessly, it seemed, was stumbling across hidden areas where unsavory people tend to hang out.  The benefit of going to places where unsavory people tend to hang out… Is the potential corpses!  Victims of murder, muggings, or gang violence who were just… left there on the pavement!  It wasn’t like anybody else was going to do anything with them, and though it made her feel a bit like a vulture…

They just smelled so tasty. 

It was a little while after she’d finished eating, full and content and not even shambling that she came across him.  Lelouch.  Not that she knew his name of course; All she knew was that when she passed him on the street, she was hit by a scent.  A similar scent.  A scent which lingered in her tonsils…

“Hey, you…” She mumbled, turning around after passing him to speak and get his attention, “You smell like dead people.  Uh.  Not dead people in general… Some specific dead people.  I think… Uh… I just realized just how weird… It was for me to say that.”

peak trans: men who hate women

I was harassed for a week and a half on Facebook, in a group for alumni of my college, by young men telling me the word “female” (as opposed to “woman”) is inherently harmful and “literally kills trans people.” They were defending Richard Masbruch’s placement in the women’s prison in CA. They escalated the harassment by making a thread titled, “Burn all transphobes: discuss” in which they riffed on the tasty smell of burning flesh and how TERFs were done when they were crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside- while continuously tagging my name. I was told there was a voicemail message circulating campus asking for my personal info and threatening my life.

Before it escalated, one confused young man tried to shame me for referring to pregnancy as a hardship or risk that women face. How dare I, when all he wants is to have a baby.