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what the fuck is a truffle

jughgnghnghgngnnn i want trufel ……

(they are literally the most amazing tasting thing on FUCKING earth and theyre harvested by hunters w trained animals bc they only grow under certain conditions and cant b farmed)

funny habits;

⇢ summary:  “You’re my new neighbour and wow man, you have some really weird habits.”  ⇢ this wasn’t what you were expecting to find out over an exchange of homemade cookies. for this request from this prompt list.

⇢ relationship: chae hyungwon/reader.

genre: cat hybrid!au, supernatural, fluff.

⇢ words: 3.9k

⇢ warnings: prehensile tails. cat hybrids.

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a/n: I really wanted to try my hand at a hybrid au at least once in my life, and this prompt screamed something cute so~ originally this was a drabble request but then i almost hit like 4k so!!!

You really liked living in the apartment at the end of the hall. Ever since you’d moved to the not-so-shabby complex in the middle of your college career, you had found it funny that not once had anyone occupied the only apartment next to yours. You had been living in that very building since you were nineteen years old, and here you were now at the ripe age of twenty-three, still enjoying that almost impossible luxury. Your rent wasn’t terrible, your neighbors across the hall were quiet, and you could be as loud as you wanted without fearing the tenant next door would hear. It came in handy some nights, when you lost yourself in a marathon of nostalgic music or “ooh”’d and “aw”’d watching Your Name for the hundredth time. You never got noise complaints from anyone else on the floor anyway.

Of course, all of this had to change sooner or later, and it seemed it would be the former when you awoke to something thudding against the wall adjacent to your bed, the thudding continuing long until you’d been roused out of your fitful sleep and into a grouchy mood. At first, you had wondered if the sound was misplaced and instead coming from the hallway, but there was no denying that there was someone in the room on the other side of your wall, and your grouchiness melted into a dramatic panic. Someone couldn’t possibly be moving in, could they?

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Since I’ve Been Loving You (Part 1)

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Summary: After Dean helps the reader out of a bad situation, they embark on a new part of their relationship. The only problem is Dean is nowhere to be found…

Since I’ve Been Loving You Masterlist

Pairing: cop!Dean x cop!reader

Word Count: 1,500ish

Warnings: language, implied past abusive relationship

A/N: Very special thank you to @emilywritesaboutdean for beta’ing and helping me think of doing a collab on this one…

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Hello! You recently reblogged a Hercules beetle pupa and I was wondering if you would be able / inclined to maybe explain why a part of it moves in circles like that?

Sure! I don’t know if you were a kid like me who enjoyed unearthing moth pupa and harassing them so that they wiggled (like this), but it’s the same principal. Basically, it’s a last-ditch defense mechanism to try and deter predators who may be startled when that tasty-smelling brown thing starts squirming.

One of the most extreme examples of this is the daring owl-butterfly (already a cool name), which not only squirms, but creates a pupa that looks remarkably like the head of a venomous snake.

A dream is a wish your heart makes - Bucky x Reader - ONESHOT (Alternative version)

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ Actually when writing this some days ago, I had mutiple ideas to this request and I couldn’t resist to write this alternative version. I hope you enjoy! ♥

Request - “Can you please write something where the reader didn’t sleep very well and she tells the avengers about a legend where if you can’t sleep that means someone is dreaming about you, and Bucky stops doing whatever he’s doing and realizes he was dreaming about the reader?“

Words - 1,314

Warnings - Fluff

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

After a nice shower, relaxing your lightly sore muscles from the early training and making you feel fresh and new, ready to start a new day, you decide that it’s finally time for some tasty breakfast.

By the time you were showering a good number of people have gathered around the dinning table, eating various dishes, but mainly Wanda’s breakfast muffins with some scrambled eggs. Steve meanwhile reading the newspaper, Tony checking the protocol of yesterday’s test run of a new programm he has added, the others sometimes whisper some things, not wanting to disturb the comfortable silence.

Though it always got interrupted shortly, whenever a person entered the room, getting their own breakfast by a sweet but also tired „Good morning“. Afterwards everything went back to what they were doing before.

Returning the „Good morning“, yet a little more enthusiatic than everyone else, you made your way to the open kitchen, getting Wanda’s delicious dish as well and an orange juice instead of a coffee.

Joining the others on the table, placing down your phone, your plate and your juice, you sit down next to the silent Steve, who’s completely sunken into the black ink-printed words.

„You look good“, Sam suddenly points out, leaning forward to look around Steve, over to you.

„Yeah, thought the same“, Scott chips in, nodding his head furiously with wide open eyes, like it’s a miracle for you not looking like the grumpy cat in the morning.

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>You’re at a Halloween party and some of the people attending have some pretty nice costumes– some that look a bit too good…

>You realize monsters are attending and one that is much too tipsy manages to stumble and bump into you, pinning you against a wall with a full, sloshy, gurgly, soft tummy.

>They groggily apologize and– oh… notice how tasty you smell, how cute you are.. cute enough to eat.

>You’ll have that tummy smushed against you a tad bit more, rubbed at you before you’re hoisted up and presented with open jaws and hot, boozy breath.

>No one else seems to notice that you’re being tasted, slathered with a gooey, velvety tongue.  You may even receive some tender kisses…

>Soon, you’re taken into that eager mouth, squeezed into a greedy, tight gullet to be swallowed down.

>It won’t be long until you drop into that slimy, grumbling belly full of booze and candy.  Your feeble pleas, cries and wriggling only entice your captor and you’ll be smushed by fleshy walls when they release a lengthy belch
>You hear the murmurs and quiet moans of the predator enjoying your resurfacing flavors, the wonderful weight you put in their gut.

>Seems every time you do try to squirm they try to shake up their stomach to get you to hush… or giggle… or stifle a groan of delight.  

>ohh, you’re done for, aren’t you?? There’s no getting out of this…

These Kids Have Issues

Prompt: Would you do a tangled au or a percy jackson au with jason ?

A/N: I’m thinking the reader is apart of the Next Generation, the one that Percy Jackson and those within his age range helps to train/mentor

Word Count: 1,844

General Tags: @nervouswastelandvoid, @marlenej1

Jason Todd Tag: @memento-scribet

This Story Tags: @tear-in-my-heart14

Pairing: Eventual Jason Todd X Reader

Chapter 1- Congrats, you’re a Demigod!

This wasn’t happening… this wasn’t happening… this wasn’t happening! You threw yourself behind a pillar as the monster roared and a plume of flame hit where you were once standing. At ten years old, you were lucky not to be pissing your pants. You were frozen as the monster lumbered over to you, it’s heavy footsteps echoing throughout the halls and vibrating up your legs. This was the end, you were going to die- this monster was going to eat you at the biggest museum in Y/H/T while you class visited the Traveling Greek History section. And all cause you had gotten a drink of water while the rest of the class had moved on!

The monster was only a few feet away, you could feel it;s hot breath and rotten eggs smell was heavy in the air. You gagged, but then the monster let out a furious scream. You peeked out to see it rear back on two legs, two of it’s heads bleeding from arrows. The other two were glaring behind it. There was the clopping of hooves and you squeaked as a half goat man picked you up, threw you over his shoulder and ran, “I got her,” He called to another person. You racked your brain, what was the right word… was this guy a Satyr?

You looked back at the half goat and saw that he had tan skin, blue eyes and two goat or ram like horns curling back into his raven hair. He wore a bright orange shirt, a quiver of arrows and a knife at his hip. He ducked behind a statue of Zeus and smiled down at you, “Hi! I’m Richard but you can call me Dick. Are you okay?”

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Imagine #8

YOU have a love/hate relationship with Penny, with friendly squabbles every time you “bump” into each other. Instead of devouring or kill you, Penny decides to keep you around because according to him you are an “entertaining human”.

One day, you are strolling back from the grocer’s, carrying a few items in a shopping bag in one hand, and biting on an apple in the other. You are passing close to a playground full of running children and their parents sitting on benches, the moms catching up on the latest gossip. The perimeter is all fenced up with a black metal fence, adorned with bushes on the outside.

You turn round a quiet corner of the ground and spot a familiar pair of long legs in a crawling/kneeling position among the bushes, their owner seemingly crawling through an opening in the fence.

Your heart skipped a beat, as you feared the worst for any of the unsuspecting carefree children running about on the multi-coloured slide nearby. You had to make a quick decision and distract Pennywise from his hunt, without however causing a scene or draw attention. The way his pantaloons hugged his perfectly round behind momentarily threw you off, tempting you to give a hard slap on that booty, even if it serves to annoy him and draw his attention away from his potential “snacks”. Yet you decided against such a brazen move, for fear of the likely dangerous repercussions it would bring, not just to you, but to any of the parents and children close-by. Instead, you decided to give a light pinch on his left buttock through the silky material, hoping to keep it playful enough and that your imminent punishment wouldn’t be that aggressive or violent or, worst of all, fatal.

Pennywise jolted up through the bushes like a flare and viciously turned toward the offender, a few leaves that came undone scattering around you both. You were prepared to meet his dangerous yellow orbs with a whimsical salute, “Hiya Penny! Long time no s-!!” Pennywise’s gloved hand shot around your neck, not enough to hurt but enough to take you off-guard, as he dragged you to a shady area with a few trees and away from onlookers.

“What on earth do you think you’re doing!? Messing up my meal time, and the audacity no less!”, he growled close to your face, while pressing you against a tree by the neck. You had trouble keeping eye contact; he was clearly seething and you could spot drool dripping from his bottom lip. For a moment you felt embarrassed but you thought about those innocent children. You pointed at his hand, hoping he would loosen his grip and give you some air, and surprisingly he let go of your neck, and you coughed about five times. He was still furious and towering over you, very much intruding into your personal space. Seeing this window of opportunity you tried to salvage the situation with your typical sass, “Nothing! This is exactly what it looks like! I’m preventing any child murders from happening, and instead inviting you to dinner, as I have a delicious all-meat buffet prepared for us tonight, you know, to keep your hungry ass going. Look, I even bought the final touches for some appetizers,” as you raised the bag.

Pennywise at this point was mulling between shredding you into oblivion or taking you as his next course. “I don’t care about your disgusting human food! Live prey, that tasty smell of fear, and hot running blood is what counts as an appetizing dish, so you either scurry away, my little darling, and let me finish my business here, or else take the place of those delicious angels over there!” At this point you’d had enough, “Oh, put a sock in it for once, will ya!”, you drawled as you shoved the rest of your bitten apple, all mushed and oxidised from holding it tight in your fist all this time, into his open jaw. “Why don’t you turn vegan every once in a while between your naps, huh? And mine was a one-time deal. Do you accept or not? Besides, if it ain’t to your liking you can always resort back to your hunting. It’s not like these kids are disappearing any time soon, unless you lay a hand on them!”

Pennywise’s eyes grew lighter in colour and somewhat relaxed, and he spit the offending apple, while keeping his eyes on you. You decided to start walking away, swaying your hips, and you made sure that his eyes kept following your movements. You then stopped abruptly and turned around. “By the way,” you interjected, your free hand on your hip, “did anyone ever tell you that you have a nice firm ass there, Penny? I don’t mind pinching you every so often”, you giggled as you winked at him with a toothy grin. Pennywise growled lightly, his lips slowly spreading into his characteristic pointed smile, “Tread with care, my dear.” “I know, I know”, you said while raising your free hand, “I’ll end up eaten otherwise. Sounds fair!” Pennywise stopped smiling and plainly stared at you. “Let’s make a deal then, Penny. You skip whatever you had in store for any of these kids, and instead come to my place tonight. And if my food tastes horrible to your refined palate, then by all means devour me!” You made a little wave, as you proceeded to strut seductively down the road, while calling out to him, hand still waving in the air. “See ya later, daddy-long-legs!”

Bite Me (Part 12)

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean (…a pairing is approaching…) Guest appearance by Castiel

Warnings: torture scene, mild language

Overview: You were raised in the hunter life. You fell out of it. It wasn’t your choice to get pulled back in.

Word Count: 1,522

A/N: This is the twelfth installment in my first ever fanfic. I was excited to bring Cas into this one :) He’ll make another appearance in a later chapter. Thanks to @wheresthekillswitch for letter checking and sidebar commenting - you make me a better author, love! These words, like everything else I write, are for me. Feel free to join me in the adventure.

Read (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8) (Part 9) (Part 10) (Part 11)

I was burning. Literally.

The metal table I’d been tied to had been steadily increasing in temperature for the past few minutes. What had started as a warm glow had passed “overly hot shower” a few seconds ago. The blood that had seeped from all of my wounds had pooled around me. I could see small bubbles start to rise from the red liquid.

“You know,” the demon drawled, “I should really take over a smart person’s body more often.” She traced a long, fake nail through the sweat on my forehead, “This engineer girl really knows her stuff.” She gestured to the table that had been rigged with hot coils.

I collected every last bit of liquid and blood in my mouth and used the strongest breath I could to shoot it in her direction, “Bite me, bitch.”

The demon wiped her cheek where a few speckles had landed, “Now, now, Y/N. Don’t tempt me to play with my food.” She sniffed, “But I must say, you do smell tasty.”

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Gosh this got away from me! I hope you enjoy it! I know nothing about cooking Japanese food so you’ll have to forgive me. This is slightly Kacchako. I was struck with inspiration from one of @saisai-chan’s posts and so Kaleidoscope was born. Not entirely sure why I called it that. I just like the word. Anyway I’m rambling! Here’s part one (?) of Kaleidoscope!

Dinner time became a routine of sorts while staying at the dorms. The dinners were prepared by a different floor each night. Mondays the second floor students made the food while the fifth floor students set the table and cleaned up afterwards. This continued as a rotation throughout the week save for Fridays. Those nights were reserved for dinner with the faculty. It was Wednesday which meant it was the third floor’s turn to make dinner. The kitchen was in a frenzy.

“Ugh whose idea was it to start doing this?” Jirou asked as she swatted at the smoke coming from Kaminari’s pan.

“I think it was the teachers idea?” replied Kaminari. He turned behind him to look at Iida. “Isn’t that right, Mr. President?”

Iida, who was chopping up vegetables, nodded. “Yes, if I recall correctly they said that it would be a great team building experience.” He turned, wiping his hands on a towel. “Will you watch what you’re doing?!”

“Ahh crap!” Kaminari gasped as a flame shot up.

“If anything this has become a competition to see which group of us doesn’t burn the food for once.” Jirou laughed. “Wouldn’t you say so guys?”

Ojiro was preparing the drinks with Hagakure. They both hummed in unison. “I didn’t think it was possible to burn ramen noodles, but somehow they managed it.” Ojiro snickered. Kouda nodded. He had his pet bunny with him. The group had named him as their mascot and even gave him a tiny chef hat. Kouda had to keep him from stealing carrots though.

“Hey, it wasn’t that bad!” Mineta said entering the kitchen.

“It was pretty bad.” Tokoyami agreed, crossing his arms.

“I knew I should’ve cooked the noodles.” Izuku sighed.

“Whose side are you on?” asked Mineta.

“My stomach’s.” Tokoyami replied earning a laugh out of everyone.

“If anything it isn’t fair. Everyone else has more people than we do and they have the girls!” Mineta groaned.

“What does having us have anything to do with it?!” Jirou and Hagakure shot him death glares.

“Well you’re good at cooking aren’t you?” Mineta tilted a brow.

“Pshh why do you think Kaminari’s cooking? I’m just supervising.” Jirou laughed.

“What are you four doing just standing around? You’re supposed to be setting the table.” Iida wrapped his knuckles on the counter. An ominous aura was coming from him.

Izuku hurried and grabbed some bowls. The others followed suit and fled to the dinning room. “I got distracted. I think the smell was getting to me.”

“It did smell quite tasty.” Aoyama nodded, placing a bowl neatly on the table.

“If someone doesn’t keep his mouth shut. He’s going to get in a lot of trouble.” Tokoyami glared at the purple hair sticking up from across the table.

“I wonder who that could be.” Mineta rolled his eyes.

“What happened this time?” Kirishima asked from the lounge. Sero and Mina were sitting beside him playing a video game.

“Typical Mineta if I had to guess.” Momo sat up.

Izuku hummed in reply. He was building a tower out of the extra chopsticks.

“It’s ready everyone!” Iida announced. Izuku’s chopstick tower collapsed. “Izuku could you group round everyone up?”

“Umm,” he glanced over to Mineta who was currently being attacked by Mina, Momo, and Tokoyami. “sure. C'mon Aoyama?”

Aoyama was cheering loudly, watching Sero and Kirishima. “Alright then.” Izuku laughed, making his way to the elevator. He tapped his foot along to the song playing. Finally it dinged. Izuku almost walked into Uraraka when he exited.

“Oh Deku, sorry!” She said startled.

“It’s alright!” Izuku smiled. “I just came to tell everyone it’s time for dinner. Could you let Kacchan and Shouji know for me? I still need to tell the guys on the floor above.”

“Sure! No problem!” Uraraka waved as Izuku entered the elevator again.

“Thanks Uraraka!”

Uraraka walked down the corridor and stopped at the first door. It sounded like Shouji was rearranging furniture or something. She raised her fist and knocked twice. Movement in the room stopped and the door swept open revealing a sweaty Shouji. “Oh Uraraka, what’s up?”

Uraraka smiled. “I came to tell you it’s time for dinner.”

“Oh thank goodness, I’m starving. Exercising sure can work up an appetite. Hopefully it’ll be better than last night’s.” Shouji exited, closing the door behind him. “Thanks for telling me.” He started toward the elevator. “You coming?”

“Ah not yet!” Uraraka answered. “I still need to tell Bakugou.”

“Alright then! See ya at dinner.” Shouji called.

Kirishima had left his door open and Uraraka was conflicted if she should close it or not as she passed. She stopped in front of the fourth door. It was closed, but she could hear shuffling and music playing from the other side. She took a breath and knocked on the door. There was a string of curses followed by a loud bang. It sounded like Bakugou had just stubbed his toe.

“FUCK!” The door flung open. Bakugou was dishelved and pinned her with an angry look. He nudged his toe on the floor. “What is it?” Something else was different. But she couldn’t figure out what. “Well?” Bakugou spat. “If this is about another damn bug in your room or something-”

“No! I just..” She trailed off, squinting her eyes. What was it? She gasped, covering her mouth.

“What?!” Bakugou fumed. “What is it?!” That’s when his askew frames fell to the floor. Everything seemed still and silent as they both stared at the glasses. Uraraka made to pick them up, but Bakugou snatched them away before she could. He quickly tossed them in his room and closed the door. “Not a word.” Was all he said. Uraraka nodded. “I - uh came to tell you it’s time for dinner.”

Bakugou huffed as they passed Kirishima’s door. He slammed it shut. Uraraka was sure she heard something fall. “Dumbass.” Bakugou muttered under his breath.

The elevator ride down was awkward. Bakugou was complaining about shitty music and Uraraka was clearing her throat every few seconds. Bakugou was the first to exit with Uraraka following close behind. The dinning room was as lively as ever with everyone chatting happily.

“Eyy there he is!” Kirishima grinned. “Bout time you got down here. I thought the food was going to get cold.” Bakugou grunted and siddled into the seat between Kirishima and Iida.

“Uraraka!” Izuku waved her over. “You gotta try the pork cutlet bowl. It’s delicious!”

Tsuyu passed her a napkin as she took a seat. “You sure did take a while. Did something happen?”

“No everything went just fine.” she replied, taking a bite of the food. Her gaze drifted down the table to where Bakugou was sitting. He was shooting an annoyed glance at Kaminari who was shoving chopsticks up his nose. She couldn’t shake the memory of him wearing glasses from her mind. Why did he wear them? Are they just for show? Does he need to wear them? Is he nearsighted or farsighted? Did he wear contacts?

“Earth to Uraraka.” Mina waved a hand in front of her face. “Are you there?”

She jumped, dropping her chopsticks. “Sorry!”

“You were really zoned out. Something on your mind?”

“Not really, I was just thinking about classes tomorrow!”

“Ah I hear ya! I still have to do that paper for Cementoss’s class.” Mina laughed.

Izuku nearly choked on a piece of pork. “You still haven’t done it?! But he assigned it a week ago!”

“I know, I know.” Mina shrugged. “Anyway what’d you think of the food Uraraka?”

“It’s delicious!”

“We’re gonna have to step our game up tomorrow night.” Mina laughed. “Although I’m not sure how we’re going to do that with Shouji and Bakugou on our team.” She pointed across the table where Bakugou was knocking Kaminari and Kirishima’s heads together.

Uraraka hummed in thought as she watched the display. “Maybe it’ll turn out alright.”

“We can only hope.” Mina twirled a chopstick between her fingers. “Anyway I better go get started on that paper.”

Aoyama came by and picked up Mina’s empty bowl. “And we have to start cleaning, Midoriya!”

“Yeah you’re right.” He said, taking both his and Uraraka’s bowls, grabbing even more on his way to the kitchen. Mineta was yelling at them for being slow pokes. Tokoyami yanked him back into the kitchen. Uraraka giggled at their antics.

Iida took the seat Izuku had vacated. “How did you enjoy our meal?” He flashed her a proud smile. “I like to think we did quite well.”

She smiled back at him. “I’d say you guys did a great job. It was very tasty.”

“I’m glad to hear it! Hopefully we’ll be this week’s winners.” Iida grinned. Dinner cooking had become a competition. The week’s dishes were voted on by the rest of the class and the winner’s for the best dish had the week off cleaning duty.

“I wouldn’t count my group out just yet.” Uraraka said. “ I’m sure we’ll make something fantastic.”

Iida laughed heartily. “I can’t wait to try it.”

“Say Iida? You wear your glasses all the time don’t you?”

“Hmm yes well aside from the times I’m sleeping or taking a shower. Why?” Iida quirked a brow.

“Just curious. Let’s say a person doesn’t wear their glasses all the time, why wouldn’t they?” Uraraka tapped her fingers on the table.

“Well they could wear contacts and wear glasses whenever they aren’t wearing them. Or they could just not like wearing them.” Iida tapped his chin. “Some people are embarassed by them and think it might give off a bookish vibe that they’ll be labeled a nerd or geek and be teased. I know I was when I was younger.” Iida smiled softly. “It’s stopped now thankfully.”

Uraraka smiled. “I’m glad it stopped.”

A loud clatter from the kitchen caught their attention. Iida sighed, “If you’ll excuse me, I have something to check on. It was nice talking with you.”

“See ya, Iida.” Uraraka waved.

She decided she should catch up on her homework too so she wandered back to her room. She pondered what Iida had said all the way.

Continuing Bee Adventures


I got off work at 6 pm, per usual. Looked at my phone to find 6 missed calls and 3 texts from my mom saying “CALL ME”

So I did, worrying that something was wrong with dad. NOPE HE’S FINE. 

Turns out that she’d been at work (she’s the Director of Tourism for Jackson County Iowa, and her office is at the visitor center, a refurbished 1 room schoolhouse outside of Sabula Iowa.) She heard a buzzing outside, and looked out to see BEEZ EVERYWHERE. 

Turns out it was a swarm! Now, standard polite protocol among beekeepers is to, if you find a swarm and think you know who it came from to contact the other beekeeper and see if they want to come get their bees. There’s an apple orchard a couple miles from the visitor center that keeps bees, so she called them. But NOPE, their hives hadn’t swarmed, they have no idea where they came from. SO SWARM IS ALL OURS :D

PROBLEM; They’re clustered 30 feet up in a walnut tree. Standard beekeeping solution; plonk an empty hive body loaded with frames of old wax (that smells nice and homey to bees) and a couple frames of honey (to smell nice and tasty to bees). MOM’S PROBLEM; she’s working late and can’t get home to get her beekeeping shit together, and also, crucially, she’s out of lemongrass oil. (Which mimics the scent of bee pheromones, and is used to make swarm lures. However, we’re both cheap bitches and won’t buy swarm lures, opting instead to buy pure lemongrass oil and just rub down the hive ware with it.)

So she’s out, but she knows me well enough to know I have some. So I get together an empty hive body, and go to pull some frames of honey out of one of her hives. 

Turned out her girls in the Celtic Green hive were salty as fuck. They’ve interbred with local ferals fairly often over the last five or so years so this does not surprise me too much. They’re also productive as all hell; Mom’s got three deeps and a medium super on there already and it’s PACKED solid with bees and honey and brood. 

Side tangent. Any beekeepers who say you can’t keep bees without medications and miticides? Need to come look at this fucking hive. There’s gotta be 120,000 bees in that thing. It’s massive. Didn’t have phone at the time but will go back and get pictures of the monster later after I get off work today. 

So, 15 stings to the arms and neck and ear later, I get over to the welcome center with bee equipment and lemongrass oil in hand. Set up the hive under the clustered swarm, doused everything in lemongrass, let mom pick the stingers out of the back of my neck. 

Now, we wait and hope the swarm smells it, finds the hive, and decides “Yes ok this looks nice we’ll move in immediately.”

If they do we’ll probably leave the hive there at the welcome center. We’ve both been thinking about putting some hives there for awhile anyway. 

Mom has promised to text me with any updates. 


Did I say Michael is a young guy? And also so thinner) and very, very happy! This is seen in the smiling eyes, in a cheerful voice, an energy that is felt all around.
Michael remembered me instantly and said Welcome back, nice to see you again. We had a few minuts but I couldnt say him how glad to see him on the stage and how he is beautiful in Wakey wakey.
This portrait is my thank him for all that Michael is doing.
He would be shocked and said It’s so big work. At first he thought it was drawn.
So I gave him a portrait Carrie. And had many thanks. He was really gentlman)
Finnaly we hugged and Michael with the words See you again left for a break between performances.
PS. He smells very tasty))))
Cant wait next performance time!
Well, oops we did it again, yes.

expectoanna  asked:

can you please do a penny imagine where he got a little girl into the sewers and when he tries to scare her she just laughs and he gets this wired happy feeling because he really loves this tiny little humans laugh??? So he ends up keeping her and she sorta becomes like his daughter and he takes really good care of her?? (Could she be 5 or 6??) That would be great // you don't have to buttt I'd be super happy :))))

((A/N: This is sooo late, but thanks to me getting rid of my writer’s block it’s finally here!! I hope it’s something like what you wanted, I tried >< Thanks for requesting, lovely!))

A sudden scent of anguish wafted to the beast below Derry, Maine from down one of the sprawling sewer tunnels beneath the city’s tired asphalt. A tinkling of bells echoed down rancid concrete corridors as the nightmare whose thumb pinned the city above at Its mercy made Its way toward the wet, heavy smell. He knew these tunnels well, having spent nearly a century hidden within them, so when he arrived at the sewer drain on the corner of Canal street and Costello avenue, he was almost certain what he would find, and felt a subtle rumble in his stomach at his impending dinner.

Blue eyes, falsely inviting and staked through by blazing red vertical lines, peaked over the plateau of Canal street, out to the familiar scene of Bassey Park. The scent that summoned the owner of the sky-blue eyes, now scanning silently, was thick like a cloud here. Yet all he could see were children screaming in glee on the playground in the distance, running around the feet of exasperated mothers, too tired to watch their little kiddies close enough that they didn’t wander off, perhaps too close to a dark entrance to the closest thing to hell there is, lorded over by the closest thing to satan that there is. The sound of sniffling to the right of the opening finally gave away the origin of the scent.

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BTS Imagines ~ You making the first move

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SeokJin: (You’re Namjoon) Jin and you have had at least 3 dates already and Jin still hasn’t made a move or hasn’t tried to kiss you yet and you tried your best to keep calm but it was hard when you would constantly have perfect moments to actually kiss him… Tonight Jin invited you back on a date to cook you a homemade meal and to spend some one on one time with each other. You accepted his offer but tonight was the night you were hoping to finally get a feel of how Jin lips could possibly feel like.. You arrived to the boys dorms and knew that the boys were going to be out for the night and Jin and you were going to be completely alone. Without knocking, you opened the door knowing it would be open for you and as you stepped in the boys dorm the smell of the food Jin was cooking for you filled up the house and smelled absolutely tasty. Without making any noise, you tipped toe your way in the kitchen and noticed Jin looking completely concentrated on the food, he didn’t even notice your present or your arrival. You tipped toed your way to Jin and as much as you didn’t know what was appropriate to do on your fourth date, you wrapped your arm around Jin waist and he completely froze. 


He grabbed a hold of your hand and removed it from his waist and spun around and looked at you. 

“When did you arrived?” Without saying another word, you got on your tippy toes and planted a kiss on Jin. He freezes and looks at you. You stared back at him and didn’t know whether what you did was appropriate but the next thing you know, Jin surprises you by kissing your cheek and walking off smiling so bright, at last you finally got to feel how Jin lips feels.

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Yoongi/Suga: Yoongi has been your best friend for two years now and you would be lying if you were to say you didn’t have any feelings for this boy. He practically did everything with you and was always there when you needed him the most. You had a crush on Yoongi for two years and you just haven’t thought of ever letting him know how you feel, only because you’re afraid at how things can possibly turn out. Yoongi can either a, not feel the same way and distance himself or b maybe feel the same way but B seem so unlikely.. 

Yoongi had a busy day at the studio making new tracks for their comeback. He didn’t have time to even seen you or hang out and he actually currently missed your presences, so he called you up and decided to inform you that he was coming over. Of course you didn’t mind, if anything you were beyond excited. By the time he arrived the two of you ordered food and sat on the couch and watched movies all day and acted like bums together. Eventually you were sitting on the couch as Yoongi rested his head on your thighs and has fallen asleep. You couldn’t help but gently rushed your fingers through Yoongi’s hair and smile at how peaceful he seems sound asleep.

As you continued to brush his hair with your fingers, you couldn’t help but to eye Yoongi’s lips and you couldn’t help but to wander how soft they could possibly be. Curiosity took over you and the next thing you know, you couldn’t help but to lean in just for a simple innocent kiss and As your lips touched his it was better than you could ever imagine. You pulled away and there you see Yoongi eyes open and just as you were expecting him to get mad or weirded out, a smile smile formed on Yoongi’s face.

“Now that’s a way I’m hoping to wake up to everyday.”


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Hoseok / Jhope: Hoseok was your best friend, he invited you down to the dance studio to show you his new dance he had made for their new comeback and wanted your opinion, you weren’t going to reject the offer and not go. As soon as you arrived you walked in and Hoseok and you were completely alone. You walked up to Hoseok and the two of you pulled each other into a hug and after that you walked over to a chair and in time you were watching Hoseok show off his dancing skills. As Hoseok continued to dance and hit every bit he possibly could, you couldn’t help but to feel more attracted to him more than you usual are. Watching Hoseok be so passionate how he dances just made your stomach flutter and your cheeks heat up. But again you had to remind yourself that Hoseok is only your best friend nothing else…

As the dance finished you automatically began to clap your hands in amazement and Hoseok smiled and walked over to you making your eyes widen. “Hoseok what are you doing?” He didn’t bother answering, instead he grabbed a hold of your hand and you were now up on your feet standing right in front of Hoseok. “Well I wanted you to come to get your opinion on my dance , but I also want to do a dance with you.” You were completely taken back at the words Hoseok was saying and with that being said you were now standing next to him learning the new dance Hoseok has been wanting to try out with you, but it was more like a couple dance. There was so many steps where his face would be inches away from yours and just by that, you were getting more and more tempted to kiss Hoseok but you didn’t want to risk your friendship.

Hoseok kept throwing you dance move after dance move and at first you were getting the hang of it and was point but eventually your body started to feel worn out. “Y/N come on,”Hoseok says as you glanced at him and you rolled your eyes. “I’m tired.” You mumbled and you tried to walk off but Hoseok grabs a hold of you and without realization, you lost your balance and Hoseok tried to hold you still but he fell back and you fell right on top of him and now the two of you were staring right at each other.. You couldn’t help but to look at his lips and how soft they looked and without even thinking, you were now leaning in and your lip touches his.

At the moment you were so caught up with the kiss till finally reality hits you and you pulled back and your eyes widen. Hoseok was knowing staring right at you but he had no facial expression. You had no idea whether he hated it or liked. You were going to get up and run off but he holds you down by wrapping his arms around your waist and pulls you back into another kiss..


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Namjoon (Rap Monster): Does he even like you? Yes he’s your brothers best friend and yes it’s wrong to even think about Namjoon … But the moment he ran up to you and kissed your cheek due to the good news you gave him… You seemed to never be able to get that feeling of Namjoon lips out of your head. Tonight was the night that your brother was planning to host a party out in the backyard with the concept of neon lights and you weren’t going to say no to his offer so instead of complaining you decided to help him. You knew if your brother hosted a party he was going to invite his best friend Namjoon and there wasn’t a thing you could possibly do. As the party started, the house was complete crowded. 

You were with your group of friends with a red cup in your hand and as your friends would talk to you, you seemed to be distracted. The whole time you were there you would glance at Namjoon talking to a girl and having his arm around her laughing and you felt completely jealous. You knew that you should ignore it but instead you grabbed your red cup and drank whatever was in there to give you liquor courage. At last as you were squinting your eyes cause of the burn from the liquor past your throat, you slowly began to walk over to Namjoon having no clue what you were planning to do.

Your mind was in all sort of direction so when you finally arrived you were now standing in front of Namjoon and he was staring right back at you. “Namjoon can we talk?” You blurted out without even having any clues on what you were planning to say to Namjoon and he nods and gets up and away from the girl. The two of you walked away from the party and stood at a part where the two of you are completely alone. Namjoon continues to stare you but smile. “What’s up?” Namjoon asks you and you had no idea what took over you but the next thing you know you got on your tippy toes and you planted a kiss on Namjoon’s lips.

Namjoon was completely frozen. You pulled away and realized you just messed up. “Oh my god! i’m so s-” before you could finish your sentence Namjoon crashes his lips against yours and the two of you were finally kissing! When he pulls away he laughs and touches his lips. “If you wanted to kiss me all you had to do was ask.”


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Jimin: You were completely comfortable. You had your hair in a messy bun, a huge hoodie and leggings. You were going to watch another episode of your kdrama till all of sudden you heard your doorbell ring. You instantly froze and stared at your bedroom door. Who could it possible be? You don’t remember inviting anyone over. Again the doorbell rang and you couldn’t help but to grab a near by umbrella and slowly walked over to the front door. Little by little you were now in the front door very hesitant who could possible be behind it. “Who is it?!” You shouted and you stood quiet. “It’s jimin now let me in.” You were surprised Jimin didn’t text you that he was at front door like he always does, so you threw your umbrella to the side and opened the door. 

“Jimin what are you doing here? Why didn’t you text me?” You asked as he rushed in and you closed the door behind him. “I have exciting news!” Jimin says sitting down on your couch and you followed behind him and continued to wait for him to continue on with the exciting news. Jimin pulled something out of his pocket and the next thing you know you seen two concert tickets to your favorite artist. Your eyes widen and your mouth dropped. “No freaking way! I could kiss you right now!” You shouted and as excitement took over you, you leaned in and planted a solid kiss on Jimin. You stopped and pull back and froze. Oh my god what did you just do? Jimin stares at you and huge smile is now plastered on his face and his cheeks slowly start heating up.

“Wow, I didn’t see that coming.”


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Taehyung (V) : You didn’t want to spend another Friday night bored at home alone like you always did, so the boys decide to invite you over and have a movie night. However when you arrived in the boys dorms everything seemed to go against the plan you all had originally. Jin was about to turn on the TV till all of a sudden all of the lights when out and you all were now sitting around the couches in the dark having no clue what to do now. “Do you guys have candles?” You asked Namjoon and he shakes his head. Then you heard someone shout “FOUND IT!”

You see a ray of light coming from a direction and you noticed Taehyung was now holding a flashlight. “Flashlight for everyone!” Luckily the boys had enough flashlights for all of you individually and you all sat in a circle and decided to play truth or dare and just waiting for the lights to come back on. The truths and dares the boys would come up with sounded like third graders possibly made them up. “I dare you to lick the table.” You couldn’t help but to roll your eyes at how childish these dares were and you looked at Jungkook. “Calm on we’re adults, shouldn’t these dares be more… intense?” The moment you said that Namjoon spoke up. 

“Fine I dare you to kiss Taehyung.” Jungkook blurts out and you quickly glanced at Taehyung and noticed how wide his eyes were and how surprised he seemed. The boys were all staring at you as if you didn’t have enough guts to actually do it, however you gotten up from your seat and approached Taehyung and cupped his face with your hands and pulled him into a kiss. The kiss was a lot better than you were expecting and you slowly melted into his kiss. Eventually the light of the dorms came back on and the two of you pulled away and stared at each other.

“Not bad.” Taehyung winks and he walks off.


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Jungkook : You were at a New Year's Party waiting for the count down to begin but you were completely alone. You decided to join your best friend to a new year's party and what you didn’t know was the only reason why you were invited was because she couldn’t come to the party alone. The moment you arrived that was the moment you were left completely alone. You were walking around the party knowing absolutely no one feeling used and bored. However you didn’t want to leave because where were you going to go? You didn’t want to spend new years alone did you? 

You pulled out your phone from your pocket and looked at the time 11:55pm. Well the countdown was about to begin. You promised yourself that you were going to do the countdown and just go home. You looked down at your red cup and noticed it was almost empty. Hmm maybe you should go refill it. You were going to walk to the table till you felt yourself bump into someone. You stopped and looked next to you and noticed a guy about your age with brown eyes staring at you. “I’m sorry.” You apologized and instead of him being mad he smiled and nodded his head. “Perfectly fine.” From that point on you walked off and reached the table with the alcohol.

That guy was the only interaction you have made the whole time you were at the party. You grabbed a bottle of alcohol and you were about to pour it in your red cup till. “Mind sharing some over here?” You stopped from pouring any on your cup and found the same stranger you bumped into. “Sure.” You poured some on his cup and instead of him thanking you and walking off he continued to speak to you. “Alone at the party?” Wow was it that obvious? “What gave it away?” You questioned the guy and he smiles. “I am too. I lost my friends somewhere here.” You nodded your head and before you could say anything else you heard someone scream “COUNT DOWN!” everyone got in a big circle and were ready to make the big count down. You and the cute stranger stood in your spot and watched everyone freak out. At last 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! You glanced over at the cute boy and he was looking at you. 4! 3! 2! 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR. 

Everyone began to hug one another and you noticed couples kissing one another. You didn’t know the stranger would made it more tempting to just give him a new year's kiss. You glanced at him and it seemed like he knew what you were thinking and way okay with it. You were now in front of him and you got on your tippy toes and planted him a new year's kiss. The moment the two of you pulled away and huge smile was across his face.

“I hope we see each other more often.”


  • Title: Senses.
  • Pairing: Jake x MC, Sean x Michelle, Zahra x Craig, Aleister x Grace. Estela, Diego, Raj and Quinn appear as well, though not romantically involved.
  • Summary: My entry for this week’s ChoicesCreates, which I’m hosting, thanks to the lovely @hollyashton for giving me the opportunity.


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Feelings and memories are often heightened by what surrounds the person, the senses playing an almost vital role in the moment that will be engraved in the mind and the emotions that travel through the body and soul.

Vivid colours ranging from the moss grin of the plant leaves, the almost neon pink from the flower and the captivating transparent blue from the water captured by the eyes; the feel of the wet, cold sand that relieved the hotness felt on the soles of the feet; the smell that characterises the salty sea water and the smell that clings to the hair after a dip in it; the taste of the tropical endless drinks by the pool and the noise of the birds in the morning seemed like the perfect vessel to continue the buzz of energy felt when boarding the plane.

But appearances can be deceiving; and La Huerta had been nothing but an oasis, a tempting and alluring illusion for those who were now on the island. Mislead and betrayed, they hadn’t been the first ones to fall into the island, after all, the devil knows more for being old than for being the devil.

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