it smells like dog food but i don't give a shit

SVT as things my group chat has said
  • S.Coups: I'm the oldest so you all better fucking respect my ass....WTF DID YOU SAY TO ME YOU LITTLE SHIT?
  • Jeonghan: well I mean it's none of my business...but you need to stop being a hoe
  • Joshua: one hand on your heart and one hand up-we are now going to praise the beauty that is me
  • Jun: I'm not saying I look hot-I look hot as fuck
  • Hoshi: dude my fart smells like cotton candy
  • Wonwoo: I'm here trying to read so if you unintelligent swines can stop spamming that would be great
  • Woozi: I'm glad I'm small I can easily kick you all in the shins to bow down before me
  • DK: I'm funny right? LIKE YOU guys don't just laugh in pity at my jokes?
  • Mingyu: I just ate food that I dropped on the floor-Five second rule?
  • Minghao: why haven't I left this group chat yet? LIKE I fucking hate all of you
  • Dino: fam I'm the youngest yet I don't act like a stupid shit like half of you

yuri-puppies  asked:

Oooh, prompts! I'd like “i got cursed and turned into an animal and taken to the shelter and ended up getting adopted by someone who is really hot OH NO” AU for the Leverage OT3, please! (or like, anything that involves someone getting turned into an adorable cuddly creature, that's the important part.)

Hardison figured his dog type would be the big chill kind, maybe, some kind of sheepdog who would go out on runs and have fun with Hardison and flop on his lap on the couch at night when Hardison wanted to play video games. Or maybe some kind of little terrier with plenty of energy who Hardison could chase around while waiting for his code to cycle.

Apparently Hardison’s dog type is “probably actually a wolf,” because he sees Fang’s cage and falls in love instantly.

“Oh, um,” says the girl who’s escorting him around the shelter, who introduced herself as Amy. “He’s a bit of a tough case.”

“I work from home,” says Hardison, staring at what must be the world’s grumpiest probably-a-wolf (maybe with some pit bull mixed in, on second glance). He looks miserable and he’s chewing on a rawhide. “And of course he’s a tough case, you named him Fang. Not even White Fang, just Fang. He deserves something a lot more noble than that. Caesar, maybe. Achilles. Spartan.” The dog’s tail thumps the ground once. “There, see? He likes it.”

“Maybe I can let you two get acquainted,” she says, a little dubious, but way more willing than before. “He doesn’t actually attack people, but he intimidates them, we think he was rescue at some point.”

Hardison crouches and sticks his hand through the bar until it’s a couple inches from the dog’s nose. After a few seconds of glaring, the dog lifts his head and deigns to nose Hardison’s hand. It’s definitely deigning. He has never met a dog who treated affection like it was doing the human a favor by accepting it. “There, see? He likes me.” He twists around to look at her when the dog actually licks his hand. “So what do we think? I’m liking Caesar. He’s definitely regal.”

“If you’re sure,” she says, but her face softens when Hardison stands up and the dog follows as far as he can in the enclosure when they walk down the hall.


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anonymous asked:

How about a Clexa drabble where one of them is sick (with just like a cold or something) and the other one gets to bring them soup and cough drops and other cute things?

it’s not that she’s her most beautiful when she’s sick like this but she is absolutely her most endearing. she’s tugged off most of her clothes - it’s too hot, clarke - and she didn’t even have a lot to start with so you’re pretty sure she’s just wearing underwear underneath the seven (?) blankets she’s covered herself with. you also think there might be a dog somewhere in the mess. 

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