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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for having a garden, and butterflies and birds in it, and the breeze on my skin, and the sunlight over my face. I know many people live in giant grey cement buildings or in some dry deserted places. They don’t realize what is the silk of the flower petals, or the wind singing through the branches of trees. I’m very lucky and I’m grateful for that.

I Love This Artwork 😭😍

  • Art by the amazing @hardcore_poetry on Instagram 🎨

I also have an important post coming up next so look out for it 👀

What do you want from your relationships?

Aries Venus – Excitement

Taurus Venus – Security

Gemini Venus – Entertainment

Cancer Venus – Intimacy

Leo Venus – Romance

Virgo Venus – Improvement

Libra Venus – Equality

Scorpio Venus – Trust

Sagittarius Venus – Growth

Capricorn Venus – Status

Aquarius Venus – Freedom

Pisces Venus – Fantasy


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LARRY STYLINSON PACKS. 🌷🍃🌼 H recent icons + L headers

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