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So here's a thing:

Jeremy Dooley is on the record of saying that fans should not grab at him. He doesn’t like it or find it cute or funny. He has said that if you want a picture or a hug, that’s awesome, and if he has a moment, he will be happy to stop and accommodate you; just don’t grab him!

It’s a simple request, and one he shouldn’t really have to make, because grabbing at someone, pulling on their arm or shoulders is a really rude and aggressive action. Just because Jeremy is famous, this does not change that fact.

Imagine that a stranger grabbed your arm and pulled on it as you were walking past. What would you do? You’d probably freak the fuck out! I certainly would! Don’t touch somebody without their permission, and specifically don’t pull on them.

Do not pull on Jeremy Dooley or any of the other Achievement Hunters.

Since Tumblr seems to be the new magic lamp, can I make a wish?

Hello OL tumblr genie watching out there *waves*

How about we get some OL promo instead of asking fans for money, political tweets, gym pictures and trying to make non cast members relevant? 


A SHOW fan

having to read a post with my own two eyes where an anon asks “is madd legit” made me lose 40 years on my life


Now I’m not trying to sound ungrateful because I really do appreciate all the likes, but….. Reblogs are what spread my art and show me that you liked my art enough to put it on your blog. It means so much more to me.

The first piece (my Death the Kid pictures) may have gotten less notes, but there were lots of reblogs and I got to see people tagging it with nice comments and enjoying my art. The like-reblog ratio is very nice and I can tell that people actually liked the art.

The second piece (my recent Klance drawing) is getting so many likes, but…. barely anyone is reblogging it. I don’t know how people feel about it and what they like in the art. There are some comments that made me feel happy, but with so few reblogs… it’s hard to gauge how much they liked what I did.

Please remember that if you like an artwork, you should reblog it to show the artist you appreciate their work!

For once I’d like to watch a show about LGBT+ characters where the punchline wasn’t that they were LGBT+. Why not have a gay relationship where one of them is a non conformist and the other believes heavily in abiding by the law. How about an aromantic woman who’s a columnist at NYC’s most popular romance magazine, and instead of feeling like she’s missing something, she loves the irony of her job title. What about a show where a CEO falls in love with her secretary, but it’s against the rules and they have to hide their relationship, but uh-oh, Kevin, the strict accountant catches them in the closet and they have to bribe him not to tell. Or a show where a trans-man is upset bc his neighbor won’t stop playing the Beatles, and everybody knows that the Beatles are overrated, so he goes to complain, but finds a quirky, indie girl that he has nothing in common with, but finds himself drawn to her. What about an asexual boy that decides to take a year off and see the world, and being asexual only really comes up once in a while because being ace doesn’t mean you’re constantly turning down sown sex, it means that there’s no sexual attraction so sex doesn’t have to be a fucking plot point


“will it get us arrested?” is not a will it episode i foresee happening.

it’s always sunny in philadelphia is not “a great show” because it makes racism/sexism/transphobia/ableism etc etc funny. if you think that’s what it’s doing and that “they give zero fucks” about offending people, you are very very wrong.

it’s always sunny in philadelphia is a great show because it flips comedy on its head. instead of making us laugh at marginalized people, it makes racist/sexist/transphobic/ableist people the butt of the joke. EVERY. TIME. and those marginalized people who would have been made fun of in other “comedies” are actually really well-developed and established characters.

JR: I love all my show characters equally!! Lexa, Clarke…
*reads smudged writing on hand* Ramen, Baloney and… Thriller?