it shows up smaller on my blog

My little echeveria colorata, Three! My boyfriend named him; he’s great at naming things haha.

Three is only a baby, only less than 2 inches in diameter. Such an impulsive buy, but I need a smaller plant to balance my two large ones.

This cutie can grow up to 16 inches in diameter!

(Cal is also feature at the top right….he’s not ID’d yet. He’s a clipping and I haven’t had luck with his growth but he’s been showing signs of roots since I placed him with Three, who has richer soil)

jjeh--writes  asked:

Okay being kind of random here, so please please please feel free to disregard this 100% random message but every time your "itsybittle" icon shows up on my dash with your personal Kim possible Icon in the corner, it makes me think that Bittle actually looks a lot like a kind of smaller, slightly softer Ron Stoppable and it amuses me and I suddenly felt compelled to inform you of this (also just generally enjoy seeing your blog on my dash). Okay running away now.

Are you saying what I think you are saying? Because it sounds to me you are saying Kim Possible AU with Lardo as Kim and Bitty as Ron.

Let’s face it, Lardo is the only one who could go to highschool, manage the hockey club, save the world on a regular basis and be chill about the whole affair.

Bitty is her reluctant sidekick and best friend, who has a rabbit, Señor Bun, as a pet that keeps saving their asses in the most unusual ways.

George is Shego, because Lardo’s epicness can only be matched by George. Ransom and Holster share the role of Dr. Drakken. They are both useless at being evil and would have totally end up in jail ages ago if George wasn’t there.

Johnson is Wayne, only communicating through his computer and providing them with tech, info and weird commentary on the oddness of this au.

Shitty is another ‘villain’ who just wants to take over the world and give free healthcare and education to everybody, ensure pay equality regardless of race or gender, stop global warming and put an extra day to the end of the week so weekends are 3 days instead of 2.

(Lardo and Bitty are secretly wondering if maybe letting Shitty do a bit of brainwash to the congress is such a bad thing to do.)

Bitty is in love with the most popular guy in school/hockey captain, Jack Zimmermann (who thinks he and Lardo are absolutely crazy and no he does not care if they need to go stop a super volcano or help find a lost dog, Bitty can’t miss practice).

Also they have a game tonight and if Bitty isn’t there he’s going to make his way to the middle of the jungle and drag him back by his ear, just see if he doesn’t.

Jack and Bitty end up together. (Jack starts getting dragged into their crazy life and it’s not amused but actually it’s kind of fun, don’t tell them). Lardo and Shitty continue to pretend they are enemies, while totally dating DL.

(I really don’t know what just happened…)

i've remade

hey guys! i know i haven’t been around much; this blog is very old, and a lot of the followers on it are stagnant/inactive. i just didn’t have the motivation or time to go through them all, so i remade! i’ll be moving to @blackvwidow ! it’s still a mostly marvel + star wars blog, along with smaller fandoms that i’m in. this blog will still be up!! please feel free to follow me on my new blog if you followed me for marvel or star wars :^). ive made so many memories on this blog and it’s so sad to say goodbye, but hopefully we can make some new ones !! see u guys soon !!

Fandom Friday

A lot of us are knee deep in reblogging and boosting info regarding Despicable Tromp and his minions, and although that is good, it can push our fandom interests to the side. It can also be draining. So in order to give ourselves a break and have some time to recharge, I’m declaring that every Friday is now reserved for fandom events to celebrate ourselves and our interests. 

First up is tomorrow, Jan. 27 and it’s Art Day. 

- Reblog your favourite art, commissions, etc.

- Post your own work.

- Take a couple of hours to do some quick 15 min. drawing prompts.

- Offer bad redraws of icons.

- Boost the art of followers and mutuals.

- whatever else you can come up with.*

No skill? No problem! This is just meant to be downtime for us, not a gallery show. Fearlessly post what you want, whether it’s a 20 hour painting or a 3-panel stick figure comic. 

If you’re in my fandom (Dragon Age), whether you follow me or not, feel free to tag me for a reblog. For other blogs in other fandoms who have lots of followers, I encourage you to do the same and offer up your blogs as a platform for smaller bloggers to share their work.

Every week I’ll make a post with a different theme, but please, if you’ve got some ideas for future Fridays, drop me a line!

Tag: #FandomFriday

*no reposting art of course.

I never talk about my writing to people unless they bring it up, so my boss had no idea that I wrote at all, and the other day he was showing his friend his favorite quotes and he realized one was by me so he found my blog and read my stuff and for Christmas he bought me six of his favorite books hoping it’ll inspire me to put all of my smaller things together and start writing works of fiction. That is the sweetest thing in the whole world.

cinematic-starlight  asked:

Hello!! I wanted to ask if you knew the best way to make a really poofy ball gown type dress for a cosplay?? I know they sell wedding dresses like that, but those are quite expensive \(;´□`)/ oh! Also a tutorial on how to make a bow & arrow? Thanks!!

Hello there!

Bow and arrow tutorials, this way!

For a ballgown, there are two ways of doing it (and a third, if you do a hybrid), which would be either with petticoats or with a hoop skirt.

Hoop skirts you can buy online for between 20~30USD or so. I’ve gotten them off of eBay before. These are skirts with horizontal ribs of hoop steel sewn in. The hoop steel forms a ‘cage’ of multiple complete circles that get larger toward the bottom of the skirt, forcing the skirt out into a bell shape. Hoop skirts can get you very large skirts with minimal weight and added temperature (the airflow underneath helps keep you cool), but require at least one layer on top to prevent the hoops from showing through and can be difficult to maneuver in. These are good for very large skirts that are somewhat rigid.

Petticoats are made out of many layers of tightly gathered fabric. Often, the fabric is stiff for added poof (typically tulle or a stiff netting, sometimes organza), but chiffon “softie” petticoats are popular in both square dancing and lolita fashion, as they never lose their stiffness/poof, and sometimes cotton or linen petticoats are used in historical costuming. These are good if you want a very particular shape (since you can customize the shape by using different cuts of fabric) or if you want less poof or more movement. These can take a lot of time and skill to make, though. Often, horsehair braid or fishing line is sewn into the hem of a petticoat to give it more body, and sometimes a smaller hoop skirt is worn with larger petticoats over it (as opposed to a smaller petticoat worn with a hoop simply to prevent the bones from showing).

Which one you will use is up to both personal preference and what the costume looks like. For example, this could be either (or both), this would be a hoop, this would be petticoats, and this would likely be both. Keep in mind that with petticoats, in order to get more poof, you’ll need a /lot/ of fabric, so that’s where hoops and other understructures come in handy.

I hope that helps! :]


(By the way, you get the honor of being my last ask on this blog. It was great, everyone! :])

Baby River bun!

I was looking through old photos and found this one where River was just learning how to walk on tile.  Those ears!

Oh, before I forget–People were showing interest in the Fractal Bunnies drawing I posted last week and mentioned it would look cool as a poster.  I finally managed to set up a store where you can get a print if you want one–you choose the size (smaller is cheaper) and paper type.  Here’s the link:*

The Bunnies and Sunshine Store link is also just under my blog description if you feel the urge to buy bunny related things and stuff.  I should also note that Simon and River are shameless in trying to get you to support their oat and banana habit.  I tried to be the voice of reason…I really did!

Did Something Brave!

One of my current goals is to build a new core group of friends that live nearby. Ever since beginning transition and moving to my apartment I have been relatively alone. I still have a couple of friends that I am out to that support me, but they have families and live far enough away that I just don’t have anyone to “hang out” with, or catch a movie with, or just go to a bookstore or cafe with. Tonight I took a big step towards changing that.

I went to an all you can eat sushi dinner with a group of strangers! This was a ladies group that is organized online! I messaged the organizer a few days ago and told her I am transgender and transitioning and that I would love to be able to attend some of her outings if she thought the group might be accepting. She said it was no concern at all and “the more the merrier!” So despite many last minute obstacles, I forced myself to go!

They were all very nice to me and I did not get a single question about being transgender. In fact, once the group thinned out a little and we were about to wrap it up and go home, I asked the organizer if she had given a heads up to the group before I arrived. She said no and I just told them all that I really am not trying to keep the fact that I am transgender a secret and said it was very refreshing to not have anyone asking any transition questions right off the bat. I did tell them though that I am fairly open and happy to answer questions about it. We all seemed to relax a bit after that and talked a little more.

I mentioned obstacles. To give you a quick run down..

There were originally 24 women signed up to go… big group anxiety!

I got involved in a late conference call trying to fix a bug at work. I messaged the organizer letting her know I would still try to come (I had RSVP’ed). Bug Fixed..

I now had 25 minutes before I needed to leave to do my makeup (yeah right!) I had it finished (but not in 25 minutes) and did the classic thing of making one last adjustment and totally screwing up my lip line. Arrrghh! By the time I was ready to leave I was already going to be 35 minutes late.

I realized I probably should bring cash because I was not yet sure how they handled the bill as a group so I would have to stop at the bank too. Arrgggh! I put my boots on and left anyway. I went to the bank and got some cash.

I got on the toll road and realized I did not have my IPass (driving a rental while my actual car is being repaired) or any change with me! I had to let the light blare angrily at me as I drove through the toll booth(I can pay it online though). I got off to avoid more tolls and realized taking the long way would add even more time to my tardiness. I was now facing the prospect of for sure being the last one there with all eyes on me when I would walk in…… I drove on anyway. A little voice in my head said my trans tumblr followers are behind me ;-)

Long story short, I walked in 50 minutes late and caught the eye of the organizer of the group. She smiled warmly and waived me over (we only knew each other from our profile pics). It turns out the food had been slowly reaching the table so I did not miss out on dinner. There were only 10 girls (out of the original 24) that showed up but I heard them talk about how that is common during the work week. Some of the girls who had already gotten their orders offered some of their food to me :) I declined (can’t stomach spicy mayo even though I love it).

It was amazing, I got to know a couple of them a little bit and that is a start. I only wish I asked the smaller group at the end to take a photo with me (for my blog), but I felt it would have been awkward with it being my first time with the group. Hearing things like “well ladies, shall we go?!” while I am included in that group is so awesome ;-)

I am so glad I kept driving.


Year of Ari, day 27!

“Well ladies, shall we go?”

anonymous asked:

Imagine being so petty about a group of people that you have to make a blog showcasing when "their predictions are wrong"... What is the point of this besides to make fun of people? Have you never been wrong about something before? Lmao

Hello Anon. If you had bothered to read my description you would know that the purpose of this blog is to present and document failed predictions seen in tinhatting fandoms. In this case, I’ve set the focus on Larrie tinhats, so other tinhatting fandoms can compare the similarities. (Skeptics and Larries for example are remarkably alike.) Big Larries like to act like they’re these omniscient gods who have inside sources about the entertainment industry and the boys’ personal lives, but in reality the only thing they know more about is how to manipulate and lie to their followers better than you or I. And yes, like all humans I have been wrong before. (Although according to Larrie logic, I’m not even a real person in the first place…) 

But unlike Larries, I can actually admit when I am wrong. And that is the most important distinction. In case you haven’t noticed (which based off this message it appears you haven’t) Larries don’t admit when they’re wrong. They either ignore their incorrect prediction or just make up new ones to make up for the previously failed one. Excuse my language, but they’ve been pulling shit out their asses for years, despite little to no evidence to support any of their claims and despite how virtually all of their predictions have been proven to be incorrect. And yet somehow their followers don’t catch on. Larries’ conspiracy theories cannot be sustained without big Larries, and therefore one of the purposes of this blog is to explicitly show smaller Larries who listen to these people that they cannot be trusted. 

As I have said many times on this blog, this isn’t a harmless belief of people thinking two guys are dating each other. This is a group of people intentionally lying and manipulating their followers for their own gain. Not only are they harming the boys and associated family/friends, but they’re harming their followers by promising things that will never happen. And I’m not just talking about BG ending or Larry coming out, but also promising that these events happening will somehow rid the world of all homophobia and that the boys will thank them for all their hard work and for being ‘real fans.’ Which is just a flat out shitty, manipulative thing to do. Smaller Larries will eventually have to come to terms with reality and be devastated. Furthermore, they’re teaching people that it’s okay to pry into celebrities’ lives and use stereotypes to guess peoples’ sexualities. They’re teaching people that the world is so LGBT+ unfriendly that going as far as to commit a felony is needed to closet people. (Which is really bad when you consider how many Larries are LGBT+ themselves and they’re being told constantly how much the world hates them.) They’re teaching people that there’s only one right way to be a mother and raise a family and encouraging them to judge people who come from non-traditional families. They’re teaching their followers that critical thinking skills are twisting facts to fit your perspective rather than using using facts to change your perspective. (Can you imagine if academia worked like that. *Shudders*) 

So if I can do my part to explicitly expose their lies and allow smaller Larries to see another point of view, then this blog has served its purpose. And yes sometimes I get a kick when I see how ridiculous Larries’ theories are. But there are much more important reasons for running it.