it shows just how much both of them have grown

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who's gonna cry with me over the fact that both louis and harry's songs have a message of "wipe your tears, keep going, and don't give up" ? i'm not trying to make it about larry at all but the keep on holding on message warms my heart so much because it shows just how much they've grown up in the seven lovely years we've been allowed to have them

that was one of my thoughts too the songs are really quite similar and i don’t know how to feel about that

Friendship in Tokyo Ghoul

One of the Saddest things that I think came out of this chapter is the thoughts of friends this chapter. This is because Touka is experiencing the “loss” of a friend for just being who she is and Yoriko associating with her. This was something that Touka never wanted, and part of the reason she stayed away for so long. Touka wanted to protect Yoriko from ever being associated with her just in case she was ever discovered. Yet, by doing that it backfired when Yoriko decided to find her friend and unintentionally got herself in the middle of a violent jealousy.

This leads Touka into this place where she is overcome with the guilt of all of her desires for Yoriko were flushed down the drain. With the only thing she can do is deny their friendship in a last ditch effort to get her out of trouble. This in many ways parallels the relationship that Hide and Kaneki had.

Kaneki and Hide had been friends for a majority of their lives, they went through the toughest points of their lives together. So of course when Kaneki became a ghoul, he wanted to protect him from himself. The fight with Nishiki not only showed the danger of ghouls for Hide, but also how he himself is the most dangerous thing. So little by little Kaneki started to pull away, until he disappeared completely after the Aogiri Tree arc. It was because Kaneki pulled away that, Hide started to look for him joined the CCG and ultimately showed up in the sewers to let Kaneki eat him.

This parallel is in how all Touka and Kaneki wanted to do was protect their friend, but in their desire to protect them they only lead them to what they never wanted for them. Touka never wanted Yoriko to find out she was a ghoul, so she’s “arrested” for being being associated with Touka and never turning her into the CCG. Kaneki didn’t want Hide to get hurt or killed, so he ends up in the situation where for him to survive he had to eat a part of Hide. It shows that the more you try to protect someone, and in many ways losing the core of the frienship which is spending time with someone you care about someone you are supposed to be able to tell anything to. Touka and Kaneki ignored that for trying to protect their friend and it bit them in the ass because their worst fears came true.

This fact also leads to the most tender part of the chapter where Touka asks for Kaneki’s advice.

About how she should be dealing with her feelings, because she just closed a bridge with Yoriko to protect her again. She cant see Yoriko for the time being because it would void her saying she didn’t know her. So she asked Kaneki what he did in a similar situation. He just tells her sincerely 

He tells her that he never did anything, because if he did he would just be tempted to see him again, which he didn’t want to do. Which in many ways highlights the issue that they are having. That both Touka and Kaneki were being hypocritical in their actions to someone they care about.

Kaneki didn’t want to be alone so he left Hide alone, Touka didn’t want to be abandoned and she abandoned Yoriko. I feel like this shows how much fear can make you do things to someone that hurts them thus undermining anything you were trying to do for them. It shows that while they have grown they still have this major roadblock in front of them. I feel like one of the last pieces of development that Touka and Kaneki need, is to finally confront their fears with the humans they hurt themselves trying so hard to protect.

i decided to wait until episode 8 had aired before i made a decision on how i felt about the last few episodes. there were so many great moments (not just good, truly great) and i love the show for every second of those–BAMF magnus, jace banter, maia (alisha steals every scene she’s in), luke’s protective streak, eme’s acting, alec coming into his own, simon’s story weaving in all of the characters….

and yet, here i am. “here” being this nebulous spot between frustrated and understanding the limitations of a show that features seven main characters. all seven of whom of i’ve grown to love in their own unique ways and want to see pieces of each of their stories just as much as the others. 

i can’t deny that i started watching shadowhunters because of magnus and alec, though. and episodes 7 and 8 have given me some of the best moments between them. harry and matt own every scene they’re in together. period. full stop.

so how did i end up “here?”

their first time together and magnus revealing his eyes to alec are two major events that were missing from show!canon. i had hope that both would be treated well by writers who have, so far, exceeded my expectations when it comes to magnus and alec. and yet, as i finished last night’s episode i couldn’t help but be disappointed by the writing. 

it wasn’t the lack of a morning after scene at the beginning of episode 8 that finally tipped me over the edge–it was the situation in which alec saw magnus’ cat eyes.

with one two-minute scene we could have seen magnus and alec in a pre-sex or morning after setup where magnus decides to let down the glamour for alec, and alec alone. no on-screen “sex” needed. that would’ve been even more intimate and personal than any sex scene. i can’t help but wish that, in this case, harry and matt had been given the material to show us those two events through alec and magnus’ experiences. instead we got fade-to-black, a conversation with jace, and magnus revealing those eyes in front of a woman he detests….


i can’t sugercoat it. in a show that has treated malec with such care until now, these two “firsts” were a complete and utter misfire. those are opportunities for show!canon that we’ll never get back.

i’m not pissed. im just beyond disappointed.


here i am. 

and if you know anything from following me, it’s that i’m cynical and sarcastic, but i also have a lot of gratitude and hope.

those misfires don’t dampen my enthusiasm to see what comes next. harry and matt consistently deliver portrayals of magnus and alec that are on point, emotional, and include details that make every second matter. i’ll still be in front of my tv next monday at 8pm excited about what comes next.

and until then…

in the iconic words of ruelle, where do we go from here? well, there’s nothing in show!canon that says (yet) that was actually the first time alec saw magnus’ eyes. and there’s nearly nothing to go on for their first time together. so, as for me, i’m going to be writing. and i hope you are too.

‘cause this is what fandom is for.

we develop new worlds. branch off into alternate timelines. we fix shit

go forth and create.

me @ me : don’t think about it

me : do you think about the fact sana probably went through hell and back in middle school and how much she changed in such a short while like everybody knows sana is the biggest softie but she was hurt so much that being cold was her only protection and it explain so much of her previous actions throughout the four season and why it is so hard for to trust and connect with people even though they are already friends or how much of a positive influence jamilla must have been like the first time sana probably had a safe space other than her family and how much their fallout changed her again and how sana still tries after all that happened like she is so strong and how scared she must have been when she thought the girls wouldn’t forgive and she might lose them and how she tried opening up both to the girls and yousef that only shows that sana is willing to open up not only to her family who always been there for her and how big step that must have been for her, yeah and after 4 years sana can fully trust people again ,,,, like do you realize how much my girl has grown and i’m just very emotional

Being Rick's daughter and Carl's older sister would include:


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• Rick, when you and your brother have had a fight, making you both babysit Judith together so you have to talk and put an end to the dispute

• You having a really close relationship to your brother and telling each other everything

• Rick giving you some more responsibilities than your brother even though Carl would be pretty annoyed by that

• Carl, doesn’t matter how mature he gets, always staying the little brother you feel protective over

• You stealing his sheriff hat and telling him just to tease him that you being the first born gives you the right to have the sheriff stuff 

• Rick being the one who had taught you both how to fight and being proud and happy as he sees how good you both are doing that 

• Whenever you two plan to go on a run together, your Dad would tell you to look for each other and would always worry a little bit when he would see you walking out of the gates even though he knows that you can do it  

• Being together on a run would often end up in you both challenging each other on a playful way

• Or finding some funny stuff and goofing around with it until you realize that you forgot the time and your dad is probably already being a little antsy

• When you’d come home from these runs, doesn’t matter how successful it was, Rick would tell you how proud he is of you both

• You’d always be there for Carl, just as he would be there for you

• Rick being from time to time realizing how much you’ve grown up but being happy to realize what a great young woman you have become

• But it would also sometimes give him the fear, that you and also your brother could some day grow apart, even though you both would show him that this fear is unfounded

• You and your brother being the first ones to know about your dads relationship with michonne, even though you had expected them to start something a long time ago  

• You both sometimes driving your dad almost crazy with your minds of your own

• Whenever you would guard the safety tower and your brother would have some free time, he would pointedly walk by and annoy you knowing that you can’t go away 

• You both standing up for each other and not letting someone mock or anger the other one

• You trying to help your dad as good as you can and being a big crutch to him, also emotionally

• Carl and you being masters in pulling pranks on each other but also on others

• Which would sometimes, when the pranks dont end as great as you both planned to, end up in Rick telling you that you’re the older one, so you should be the more responsible one, even though he’d have to laugh about many of your pranks

• Even though you’re no little child anymore and the oldest and most mature one of Rick’s children you would always somehow stay his little girl

• Carl letting you change his bandage and seeing him that insecure would make you try to encourage him

• Also you shutting down everyone who just nearly tries to mock him because of that

• Rick just wanting everything to be safe for you, Carl and Judith and through that being happy that you have found a place like Alexandria

• You and your brother making a game out of counting how often your dad says “stuff” or “thangs”

• Rick being the protective kind of dad, so when he sees someone taking an interest in you, he would keep an eye on them and their actions

• Your family meaning the world to all of you and knowing, that nothing will ever change that


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honestly some of my favorite scenes in later seasons are ones where martin+frasier work together on something and really seem like friends. Like trying to get the gecko in that s9 episode, or going to get niles when they thought he went back to maris in the s6 finale, or talking about niles/daphne at the bar in the s7 finale. Tbh their relationship was probably one of my favorites in the whole series.

Yes! ❤️  They both, but Martin especially, change so much. In the first couple of seasons Frasier keeps having to kind of dig for signs of Martin’s affection, with them both working to bridge the gap. But by later seasons they aren’t just a father and son with a healthier relationship, but friends, like you said. 

I love the episode Bla-Z-Boy because even though it’s about Martin and Frasier having trouble co-habitating, and fighting over Martin’s chair again, it doesn’t feel like a retread of an earlier season ep and shows how much they’ve grown. Martin is pretty cheerful about living with Frasier, and Frasier only gets upset because he’s worried about not having another long-term relationship, not anything to do with Martin himself. And the resolution has 1) Martin willingly buying Frasier a chair he thinks Frasier will like more to try and end their fight, even though Frasier was more in the wrong, and 2) Frasier spending an obscene amount of money to recreate a chair he hated, just because Martin loved it. They both grew so much and it’s amazing. 

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I have such a warm place for Dinah and Mani because they have seriously grown up so much. Not saying Lauren and Ally didnt but they've always been pretty open to speak on stuff and not afraid to show emotion. Mani and Dinah I feel at the beginning had such a wall put up it was hard to just be free. Both of them were really insecure and didn't really trust themselves with the talent they have but now they are so open and so confident. I just love how much they grown into themselves.


- C


310: What Was Missing  -  702: Varmints

Oh, these two.

I wanted to make a sort of parallels gifset about What Was Missing and Varmints, and I also wanted to talk about it, so why not do both at the same time? It’s under the cut to save your dashboards.

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1- eevee admires riolu immediately, though they are still nervous about asking for their help when they first meet, but riolu also really hates bullies and almost goes into the cave alone before eevee even speaks up
2- having to explain how the world and items work to riolu took a lot of time since their policy is more “figure it out as we go along”
3- riolu doesn’t show it, but during the expedition they do notice how much eevee has grown and they’re secretly proud of them
4- once riolu figures out the aura powers they have, they try to talk more with eevee since they can sense eevee’s hesitation with everything, and they grow closer because of it
5- riolu sometimes likes to just pick up and carry around eevee, eevee doesn’t like it at first and just wants to hide in their own fluff but they slowly warm up to it (just please stop trying to carry them thru town)
bonus!6- both of them have their moments in the future and in the hidden land, eevee quickly coming up with the plan for celebi to help them get closer to the portal and speaking up without hesitation in the slightest, and riolu in the hidden land when dusknoir arrives and attacks them, riolu is quick to stand up and just START YELLING about everything and especially their anger towards dusknoir and “I’M TIRED OF YOU, YOU- YOU OLD MAN”

Hobbit Hair and Nail Polish

Hey, so when i found out that had Dan painted his nails and saw an anon say something about Phil helping Dan paint his nails i had to write this, I hope you enjoy :)

“Dan you look fine.”

“I don’t know, yesterday it looked ok but know it’s just out of control.”

“Dan listen to me,” Phil walked over to Dan and pulled him of the bed holding both his hands. “You look absolutely fine, you’ve got so many people supporting you and I’m almost certain if you leave your hair like this people will love it as much as I do, ok?”

“Ok, yeah.” Dan breathed. “I’ll do it, I’ll leave it curly.“ Phil grin and brought Dan into a hug. Dan was smiling as he tightened his hold in Phil.

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S season 10, somewhere in the middle of episode 9 (TOW the Birth Mother)… Most people seem to forget about this Mondler scene and only comment on Chandler’s speech about Monica towards the end of the episode. I don’t understand why, since I find those scenes equally powerful and meaningful.

Chandler’s speech about Monica is great. It shows how much he’s grown since they got together and that he would do anything to make the love of his life happy. Her happiness is extremely important to him and if he keeps making her happy he knows he will be happy as well. Monica didn’t change the person Chandler was; she just helped him overcome his fears and doubts and gradually she made him stronger by always supporting him and loving him. All those years they were together eventually resulted in them both wanting the same thing: a family, their own family, which would be complete once they had children.

The scene at the hotel they were staying when they went to meet Erica was the one that showed how much Monica has grown since the beginning of their relationship. Throughout the last 6 seasons we have seen her subtly letting Chandler take control of things that were always forbidden for anyone else. Of course her competitiveness and her obsession with cleaning never left her, but she learned to be more relaxed in many ways. She never made an important decision about their relationship; she either let Chandler decide when he was ready or they made the decisions together. She even reassured him that she didn’t expect him to worry about removing stuff or cleaning the apartment the wrong way when they moved in together. Chandler was her rock, just like she was his, but with Monica it wasn’t that easily noticed, because of her desire to always look strong. But she could never hide from Chandler and this scene shows how vulnerable she felt and how much she wanted to have a child. She had wanted it so much and for so many years that she could think straight at that moment. However, she listened to Chandler, let her guard down, told him he was right (which means that she admitted she was wrong) and let him hold her without trying further to change his mind and persuaded him that her way was the best. She pleaded with him to sign the papers and she was acting like she knew it was up to him; if he said no, they wouldn’t do it. This was also the scene that led to Chandler’s speech to Erica. Chandler knew having a child was very important to Monica and when he saw how devastated she was he couldn’t take it anymore and he had to do something to make things right.

In my opinion, both scenes represent their marriage: they depended on each other for all the important aspects of their lives, they loved each other so much that somewhere on the way they did things they could never imagine they would do and basically they were an inseparable team.

Ok listen I hate that I’m talking about the straight white guy in such a diverse women-centred show just as much as you probably hate seeing people talking about the straight white guy in such a diverse women-centred show but I’m having lots of thoughts about Michael Cordero Jr so whatever I’m just gonna ramble for a bit (well…..a lot)

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If these spoilers for this next coming chapter turn out to be the real deal, then it’s yet another age-old anti-IH argument being thrown out the window. We were made aware that Ichigo values Orihime’s strength and contributions to the team during the Fullbringer Arc and the earlier half of the Blood War arc, but not in so many words. A lot of detractors ignored this and continued to push that “Ichigo doesn’t care about Orihime, thinks she’s weak, it’s unhealthy, etc” as if it were absolutely irrefutable for years.

But now, in the final arc, when it’s the two of them paired off together for the final fight, when there’s established mutual attraction, when there’s established romance from one party, when they’ve been getting loads of shiptease in this arc, and it’s the time when shounen couples are typically canonised –we are finally getting a verbal confirmation from Ichigo that he needs Orihime’s help and her power if he expects to win this battle.

He places value on the strength of her powers, he realises that he needs her in his final battle, and he asks her to join him.

This is huge. Because not only is it finally kicking the “Ichigo doesn’t care [about her powers]” and “Orihime doesn’t have any powers of note” bullshit out the door, but it’s a complete turnaround from how he was at the beginning of the manga.

I’ve always been the first to readily admit that yes, Ichigo and Orihime had a lot of communication issues, situations where Orihime relied too much on him, and conversely where Ichigo impeded Orihime’s battle growth (even if unintentionally). A lot of detractors continue to harp on these issues as if they haven’t been resolved, or that the IH pairing is terribly “unhealthy” or ”problematic” for even having these problems in the first place (regardless if they’re resolved or not). But I think you’d have to be willfully ignorant to not notice that Ichigo and Orihime have steadily grown stronger on their own and have gained a better understanding of one another and their feelings. They both struggled with insecurities at the beginning of the manga, and they both struggled with their own weaknesses and the desire to protect people they cared about. This is called a conflict, which is an absolute staple of a plot device in almost any and all storytelling, and a conflict is always meant to end with a resolution.

In the case of Ichigo and Orihime understanding one another’s feelings, growing stronger, and learning to be confident in one’s own ability (and the ability of another) before diving in recklessly to protect someone was a steady development that spanned entire arcs. In the Hueco Mundo Arc especially, we saw how Orihime struggled with finding her resolve (more here), and how Ichigo struggled with placing his faith in the abilities of his friends. The entire Arc focused on themes of implicit trust between them and sharing the same feelings but pursuing different paths to achieve their end goal.

In the Fullbringer Arc, their roles ended up being slightly flipped– Orihime is the one with power and the drive to become stronger and help Ichigo by any means, while Ichigo is the one who’s powerless and desperate to become stronger (while throwing caution to the wayside). Orihime finally gets a chance to shine in this arc, and even throws Ichigo off guard with her resolve and strength. He finally is able to rely on her powers, marking the end of this particular conflict with wavering faith in her strength.

And now we have the Blood War Arc, where Orihime has already saved Ichigo’s skin countless times, and where Ichigo has relied on her strength (she’s there to catch him, she’s there to heal him, she’s there to push him out of the way– without even a word). With these spoilers, we will finally have a verbal confirmation of the faith and trust Ichigo places in Orihime and her strength; a verbal confirmation and a request for her help –because he thinks she has enough strength to help and make a difference in this battle, and because he values what she can contribute. 

This is a huge turnaround from how they started, with doubts and insecurities. I’m so proud of how much the both of them have grown (both individually and together), and Orihime has most certainly earned this. It really goes to show just how much they’ve learned to trust one another and care about one another, and how deep those feelings go. I’m so happy for Orihime who worked her ass off to be stronger, and for Ichigo who’s put his faith in her.

I think the part of the HIMYM finale that I’m the most upset by is how they ruined the promise of the relationship between Ted and The Mother, something we’ve been building to for nine years. It’s literally in the title. When we first see Ted in the pilot, he’s young and a hopeless romantic who believes in the idea of love but has no understanding of what true love is. He’s latches on to the instant attraction and chemistry with each new girl and throws himself into the relationship head first. Marshall literally sums it all up in the finale when he says “Why does he keep doing this? He meets them, he likes them way too much and goes way too big too soon and ends up blowing it. I can’t take this anymore. He’s fallen in love so many times.” It’s all about the speeches and big romantic gestures but it always falls flat because Ted falls in love with the idea of these women, not the women themselves. He doesn’t see them as individuals with hopes and dreams and desires and insecurities and flaws. He projects what he’s been searching for onto the women and then over time, the scales are lifted from his eyes. That’s when he starts to see the real woman underneath and he often runs screaming in the opposite direction. We saw it first with Robin, then Victoria, Stella, and Zoe. All these women were important to Ted and I’m sure he had genuine feelings for them, but his brain was always searching for the fairytale romance that he’d imagined for himself, full of the signs and destiny and little coincidences that he always thought would lead him to the one.

The Mother’s own story also goes along with this theme, especially throughout “How Your Mother Met Me.” She’s basically introduced as someone who already had her one great love story with Max and now isn’t even sure what the future holds for her. She breaks up with a great guy because while she knows she needs to move on, she also knows it’s not going to be with him. She goes to Barney and Robin’s wedding with an open heart, but also zero expectations. Ted walks into the wedding in much the same place. He’s ready to move forward with his life in Chicago and he passes on his first chance to meet The Mother even though, at first glance, she has so many of the qualities that Ted’s always said he wanted in a woman. Ted’s been trying too hard and caring too much all along and that’s his fatal flaw (also one of the things that makes him so endearing as a character, but that’s a separate post). So of course, he finds the right woman at last when he finally gets out of his own way by just being real instead of trying to force a romantic encounter. Through their first conversation, we find out just how much the fates had been conspiring all along to bring them together and how they found each other at precisely the moment when both of them are finally ready for real, grown up love and all the complications and messiness that come along with it.

And if the story had just ended there, it would have been a beautiful story. It would have showed incredible character development for Ted and paid off the natural, easy chemistry that Josh Radnor and Cristin Milioti have together. I even thought some of the little glimpses of their future together were nice and seemed to fit the theme of adult, imperfect love. I liked that they showed the Mother getting pregnant in the midst of planning the fairytale wedding (of Ted’s dreams, let’s be real) because it’s realistic and could happen to anyone but also because it fit the theme of Ted’s dreams vs. reality. He spent years trying to find a wife and then it took him seven years and two children before he got to officially tie the knot, in a casual Thursday wedding that was the very opposite of his grandiose plans at the start.

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I am beyond sick of this BS. Here is my rant for the night. Enjoy.

All of you DELENA SHIPPERS — first of all, back the fuck off of Kat Graham. She is an incredible actor, and her and Ian have some of the most beautiful chemistry I’ve ever seen in two actors. Not to mention, they have an amazing and such caring friendship in their real lives — aside from their acting careers.

As for S7 of TVD demanding to be cancelled by all of these people — all I have to say about that is GROW UP & SUPPORT. My first point is grow up and stop acting like a bunch of kids that didn’t get the candy they wanted. And be a supportive fan — not only supportive to Nina, but also to the entire cast and crew that have spent years giving you the show that you have loved so dearly, but now that you aren’t getting the ending that you wanted you’re wanting them to just give up and cancel their show cause you aren’t getting what you want? Nice fandom. If you are going to fuss and threaten people — then you obviously never gave a shit about the show or the people to begin with. It shows that you simply just wanted it to happen your way, or no way. Which is the most selfish thing I’ve ever seen.

I myself and very sad to be seeing Nina leaving — and the show will be so different without her. But frankly, there are so many other characters that I love and want to see how their story ends. They deserve that. And I honestly am so proud of Nina for making such a decision for herself. She is doing what will make her happy, and further her career the way she wants to. Short and simple, ITS HER CHOICE. so why make her suffer for a choice she made for herself? Please, just drop the issues and let her leave peacefully. She deserves that after all the amazing work she has done for this show.

And I also would love to see Stelena have a goodbye scene that means something. I don’t care who says or swears up and down that it’s DE’s goodbye that’s important, that’s bullshit. The show was built by Stelena’s love. I mean damn, I don’t care how much you love or ship DE — it’s stelena that was real and everyone knows it. I mean fuck — read the damn books. Seriously. It pisses me off beyond words how the writers of the show twist everything around from the original story, the REAL story — just so the fans can get DE. It’s fucking horse shit. Stelena deserves the goodbye scene that means something, way more than DE ever would.

And as for Bonnie and Damon — I love them. As a relationship, as a couple, even their friendship. They have both grown and been through so much the past few years. And they honestly deserve a chance. Because Bonnie was the one person who HATED damon for everything he ever did. But look at her now — no one ever trusts, cares, or even supports him more than her. And that’s the honest truth.

People keep saying that if Bamon happens than it won’t be real or right because Bonnie would just be his second choice to Elena. First of all — not only do you sound like a fucking brainless idiot by even saying something like that — but do you not recall the entire reason that damon even returned to mystic falls? Okay I’ll give you a sec. Think about ittttt. You got it? Yeah, that’s right. It was KATHERINE. she was the one he always wanted – she was the one he did everything for to find – she was the damn reason he wanted to be a vampire (even if stefan was the one that convinced him to go through transition) but if I recall right, the only reason he didn’t want to transition and become immoral was because he touchy Katherine was dead. He wanted to die, just like he thought she did. And then he gets Katherine back — and she doesn’t want him. So what does he do? Goes crazy, goes straight to elena would looks just like Katherine and tries to get with her — and when elena chooses stefan — damon snaps Jeremy’s neck. WOW. yeah, now think about who Damon’s second choice was will you? Enlighten me a little.

Geez people, look at the facts. And not to mention in the books — damon goes and kisses bonnie. Regardless of if he did it after elena chose stefan – it doesn’t matter. Bamon still means something, and I honestly believe that they always will. And she would not be a second choice, elena was the second choice. Which was filled with nothing but sex, killing sprees, more sex, no humanity, a sire bond, and oh yeah - more sex. And yet, yeah that’s epic. Please. Let me go barf right quick.

OHH, and as for steroline. My say is why is the hell would you go and ruin a fucking great friendship by them getting together? I mean really. I wish I could see Caroline have a good friendship with a guy and it stay exactly that — a friendship. I hate that they make Caroline look so slutty and needy. Seriously. Cause every single time she’s had a friendship with a guy — she falls for them. First with Matt, same scenario. Then with Tyler, same thing. Then now with Stefan. The only one that was any different was Klaus. She NEVER had to try to get his attention in any way like she did with the other guys. She even couldn’t stand him for a long period of time, but then she started to let him in and it became real — and the writers probably saw that so they went and made a damn spin off and klaus wasn’t a regular anymore. Hence, no more klaroline. (Even though, I LOVE the originals, no hate to them intended at all) but I am a huge Klaroline shipper, so I am pulling for them in the end. But back to my point. It was interesting and nice to see her not having to fight and work for a guys attention. He went after her because he wanted to, because he saw something special in her.

So, that’s just my take on a few things, thanks for taking the time to read my rant. Maybe you learned a few things. ✌️👌🙌

Ranting about NaLu

I wanna talk about Natsu, because, what even m8?

So everyone ever knows Natsu is a very dense person, especially when it comes to love, but really? Is he really not bothered by it at all? Is he reaaaaaaallly THAT dense? Now i’m a huge NaLu shipper, but imma try look at it differently.

In the manga, he’s perceived as a boy with a huge ego that’s strong yaddi yaddi yada, but also disregards romantic relationships. BUT I DON’T REALLY KNOW.

Now, I haven’t read much of the manga, but I know for a fact that Natsu is not clueless when It comes to love. Back in his childhood, Natsu and Lisanna used to be quite good friends. When Lisanna suggested something romantic or something, Natsu would blush and just go along with it.

While he grew up, he started maturing, and wasn’t all blushy and stuff. But that’s no reason to disregard his childhood thingy. It doesn’t matter how old he was, he found the fact that being with Lisanna was embarrassing and bluuuushed. I’m basically trying to say he’s not as dense as people say.

Natsu isn’t dense after all, huh? He knows the concept of a kiss… Right? I hope so *cries* DOES HE GET MORE DENSE AS HE GROWS UP? IDEK??///11!! Why was he okay with kissing her? wHY? Did he have that sort of feeling towards her?

He leaned in for a kiss. Does he know it yet? Does Natsu actually have feelings for Lucy? If that’s so, then I’m guessing it would take him a lot to make him realize that.

I hardly ever see Natsu blush anymore.

(Wait, I forgot this)

But still, it seems as though the anime makes Natsu a bit more… uh… Sure Natsu is blushing in that particular page, but look at this:

They take a bit more time making him blush and it’s so cute ^_^ I don’t know what it is, but the anime sorta makes Natsu less dense. But I’m not dissing the manga, there have been scenes where i’m really glad exist, but I really want them to show Natsu being less dense, because he is not.

So does he like Lucy? Probably not at this moment, but their relationship in both manga and anime have grown. Do you guys remember how careless he was towards Lucy in the other arcs? Only in the Tenrou tree arc onwards have I seen them two starting to see each other as strong friends. Maybe we need more romantic angst? I think so. That should improve him a bit more.

Then maybe we can see how much he cares for Lucy- I MEAN UHH… to show he’s not dense.

God, I don’t know what I’m saying anymore. Can Hiro Mashima just get them together? Please? Thanks.