it shows hints of his sides and his arms

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Cedric looks like he's training his arms, chest and legs a lot but skips his belly. Do you think he'd look good with a sixpack? Or at least a hint of muscle showing? Would Pietro love his look, being a little bit more on his muscular side? Like even more muscular than in Cedric's youth.

i wouldnt even say he’s training, its more like…working out like once or twice a week because he’s gotten lazy ! but, i dunno really, it would look kinda odd if he had a sixpack imo. if he suddenly has a sixpack im sure pietro wouldnt mind :O !

but the closest he’d get to having a sixpack besides his younger self is him wearing one of those lame muscle shirts

Sharing Can’t Be Wrong... - Dean x Reader x Sam (One Shot)

A/N: So, you all wanted this to continue. I left it open as a teaser, and it went over really well. Now, the full thing is here. Who doesn’t want the Winchesters to share them? Hope you all enjoy! As always feedback appreciated!

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Warnings: Smut. No plot here what so ever. Just sex. Not much editing.

Word Count: Roughly 3500

“Dean?” You looked at him in confusion as he pulled back. Leaving you sitting on the large wooden table near the entrance of the bunker. Lips swollen. Confusion dancing in your darkened eyes.

“You know I love you, right?” His hand rubbed against your thigh, pushing up your skirt further. You’d dressed up a bit for date night.

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(short story from readers perspective)

SYNOPSIS - Negan accuses you of letting Daryl out of his cell, and punishes you brutally. Only to find out that it was never you who freed him after all.

WARNING - swearing, violence, brutality

Word count - 1,916

A/N This is just a short story I came up with and wrote down during work (oops) I hope you enjoy

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You were roughly pushed into a small room, and forced to sit in an old wooden chair in the centre of the grey concrete floor. A bright halo of light was switched on above your head, making you squint.
Once your eyes adjusted and were able to focus again you saw none other than Negan slam a small stool in front of you and sit on it in one swift motion.

His face held anything but a pleased expression, the muscles in his jaw tightened and the veins in his neck were very prominent. Whatever you had done to make him this mad you knew it wouldn’t end pretty.

Seconds ago you were outside pruning some roses and humming ‘Moon River’, when all of a sudden two men grabbed you and silently dragged you inside the sanctuary.

“Afternoon doll ! And how the fuck are we ?” he bellowed with a loud clap that created an echo. You didn’t reply as confusion completely hindered your ability to speak.

“Speak when you’re fucking spoken to” he growled.

“I’m okay” was all you could squeak out, in actual fact you weren’t okay at all, you were very much frightened. And he knew that.

“Okay? Well hold on to that while you fucking can doll because things are about to get real fucking ugly” he spat as he got closer to your face. That was the thing about Negan, he was very much the alpha. And used dominance to his advantage, one method being invading people’s personal space.

Your breathing began getting heavier, why were you being treated like a criminal in an interrogation room. What had you done ??

“As you know by now I don’t enjoy killing women, men ? I can waste them all the live long. But at the end of day Y/N my dear, this was your mistake” he said matter of factly.

“Wait, what the hell is this ??” you said as the feeling of panic grew stronger in the pit of your stomach. Negan stood up and removed his leather jacket, then picked up the stool and threw it out of the room causing a loud clatter.

“This, is fucking punishment” he finished as one of Negans men threw a hard punch connecting to the side of your head causing you to fly out of your chair and on to the cold floor. Blood instantly began pouring out your head once it had hit the ground, the impact immediately splitting the skin open on your skull. Before you could react you were yanked up by your hair and put back in the chair.

“WHY DID YOU LET HIM OUT ?!” shouted Negan in a deep gruff voice.

“Let who out ?!” You cried, your response earning another hard blow to your face. This time causing your nose to profusely bleed. Your vision began to blur as you began to cry, your face was wet from the cocktail of blood and tears that poured out of you.

Negan stood in front of you as two of his men beat you senseless, what a coward. Getting others to do his dirty work for him.

“ADMIT TO ME THAT YOU FUCKING LET DARYL OUT !” he shouted in your face. His breath creating a layer of condensation to add to the moisture on your face.

“I’m not admitting to something I didn’t do !” You yelled right back, causing his expression to fall into a neutral one.

“I am being very reasonable with you girl, trust me I’m being the good cop here. And honey you really don’t want to meet the bad cop, Lucille is very excited to fucking greet your sorry ass.”

You’re heart sank, Lucille was his baseball bat that he covered with barbed wire. The unfortunate soul who would fall victim to Lucilles wrath at the hands of Negan, would ultimately meet a violent and fatal end. You recall hearing talk about Negan smashing two peoples skulls in a few weeks back, his constant bragging of the ordeal showed you how little remorse he felt after.

“Negan I swear to you, I would never have any reason whatsoever to betray you. You gave me a home, and the closest thing to normal life again. Why would I ever risk all of that. I don’t even know who this Daryl guy is !” you poured out, every word you spoke was the gods honest truth.

“In any other fucking circumstance doll, I would fucking believe you. If it wasn’t for finding this fucking bad boy tucked away safely between your mattress and bed frame. Care to fucking explain this ?” he said as he showed you a small note saying ‘Thanks Y/N, I owe you one !’ You’d never seen that note in your entire life.

“Negan I’ve never seen that before, someone’s framing me !” You said in hysteria.

“DON’T FUCKING LIE TO ME ! YOU ALL KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE FUCKING LIERS !” he screamed as he shot up from his squatted position all the way to his full height.

“I’m not lying ! Why would I lie to the man who saved my life ?!” You cried further as fear practically radiated off of your body.

“Don’t fucking start with that bullshit again doll, the whole ‘guilt trip’ subdivision doesn’t work with me, this ain’t Hamlet. You’re a nice girl and all, and you’re sure as hell smoking hot. But like I always say…NO EXCEPTIONS !” You were then picked up by one of his men and thrown on to the floor, you felt your arm shatter beneath you at impact. You endured at least thirty to forty minutes of endless beatings by all three men. That was until Dwight came to the door requesting Negans attention.

“Can’t you fucking see I’m busy here Dwighty boy” said Negan breathlessly.

“It’s important sir” said Dwight, his voice held a hint of urgency as his eyes darted back and forth from Negan to you.

“This better be fucking good” he muttered as he wiped his bloody hands with a cloth as he left the room.

“Don’t finish without me !” He called back to his men

With your eyes barely open, you saw Negan by the doorway. Dwight was out of sight but you could see them converse, Negans eyebrows turned to a frown. You saw him talk, his face still holding a confused look. You then saw his eyes widen as Dwight showed him a piece of paper- possibly a picture of some sort, he looked at you and then back at Dwight. If you didn’t know any better, you’d say a wash of realisation and maybe a hint of dread went over him.

“Alright, thanks Dwight” said Negan as he finished his discussion and walked back in.

“Get her to the fucking infirmary, now” he instructed as he brushed his fingers through his hair and grabbed on to a clump. He sounded almost panicked.

Both men on each side picked you up gently, your arms rested around both their necks and they walked quickly past Negan, you felt the ache of your obviously broken arm but you had no energy to complain. Your legs numbly dragged along the floor like a worn rag doll, and your head slumped low. Within minutes they entered Dr. Carsons office and laid you down on the examination bed, you could barely see a thing with both of your eyes practically swollen shut. The lingering taste of copper layered thickly on your tongue and throat, from the blood pooling from your nose into your mouth. Your chest felt bruised and you couldn’t feel either of your arms, you dreaded hearing the damage Negan and his men had caused you. You knew it would be bad.

“What the hell happened ???” You heard Dr. Carson say in utter shock.

“Never mind what fucking happened ! Just fix her, direct orders from Negan” said one man.

“O-Okay umm. Excuse me ma’m, can you hear me okay ? Lift one finger if you’re able to hear my voice” he said calmly.

You used all of your might to lift up your index finger, eventually succeeding.

“Okay, patient is responsive” You heard him mutter to himself as he jotted something down.

“Now, I’m going to gently remove your shirt to asses your body for any internal damage” you then heard him begin to cut your shirt off of your body with scissors to avoid any further internal injury.

“Jesus Negan…” You heard him mumble to himself, it was clear to him from the get go that it was Negan who had done this. The sheer brutality of the beating was shown on every inch of your skin, you were covered from head to toe in bruises. Your eyes were black and blue, and your lip was split and swollen to an impressive size. Dr . Carson was horrified to say the least, he began his work of examination. He’d concluded that you had internal damage to your right lung, two of your ribs were cracked and one was completely shattered. The bone in your left arm was a clean break, “like a celery stick” described Dr. Carson. Your collarbone was fractured along with a few of your fingers, not to mention the countless cuts that covered your body.

Dr. Carson sighed, obviously still dumbfounded at how badly hurt you were. He was heartbroken at the state Negan had left you.

“You’re so lucky your still alive, sweetheart…”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Will she be okay ?” You heard a voice say as you woke up in a bed.

“She’s stable, I’m going to be honest though Negan it was touch-and-go. I’m surprised she’s still breathing” said Dr.Carson. Your ears perked up when you realised Negan was in the room, you made sure to still stay “asleep”. Why the hell was he here ? Why the hell had he sent you to Dr.Carson ? What kind of punishment is beating someone and then rushing them straight to medical care ? You were so confused, frightened, and emotional. You didn’t want to be anywhere near Negan if you had the choice, you don’t know who let this Daryl guy out. But you were very much offended and hurt that someone framed you, leaving you close to being 6ft under.

“How long will she be bed bound ?” Asked Negan.

“It’s hard to say, from a medical guess I’d say at least three months” he said in brutal honesty.

“Three fucking months ???” Said Negan completely shocked.

“I mean look at her Negan, you’ve left her in pretty bad shape. Three months at least, and that’s assuming she can even walk” replied Dr. Carson.

“God fucking fuck” muttered Negan as you heard him start pacing back and forth.

“I’ll be in the laboratory if you need me…” Said Dr.Carson quietly as you heard his footsteps start getting quieter, followed by the sound of who you can only assume as Negans footsteps getting closer to you. To your surprise you felt his hand gently hold yours, as far as he was aware you were still out cold. Little did he know.

“I’m sorry Y/O….I should have believed you” you heard him whisper. Nothing would ever possess you to even consider forgiving Negan for what he did to you, if you had the energy you’d have yanked your hand away from his as fast as you could. But one thing that did please you, is that there was a sound of genuine remorse in his voice. Something that you thought had never existed in Negan.

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can you do bts reacting to someone flirting with you in public? love your blog x

Seokjin: Would pull you closer to him, making sure he was subtle, eyeing the person who flirted with you. He would find a way to change the conversation to something about you. Using his words to signal and hint at your relationship. “My lovely ___, is just amazing. I’m so lucky, honestly.”

Yoongi: This man would be all over you almost instantly, and the glare he sent the poor soul who dared to flirt with you- y i k e s. His hands would find their way to your waist, his arms encasing you instantly, he would probably even drop a kiss onto the top of your head or the side of your neck just to show off. “___ let’s get out of here, no one should be saying things like that to you except me. Come on babe.” (a whole daddy folks just sayin)

Namjoon: He would make the person trip up over their own words, make them embarrassed. He would casually work his way into your conversation, and then begin questioning the person, making them more and more flustered all while he kept his cool. He would send glares that would give anyone chills. “If you can’t keep up with my questions then you have no right talking to ____”

Hoseok: He would be subtle, but would maintain eye contact with the person. He would stand behind you, leaning against you, touching your arm, anything to signal skinship, all while leveling a sharp glare at the other person. He would be quick to take you away from the situation. “Well it was(n’t) nice meeting you, but ____ and I have things to go do, together.”

Taehyung: Would sit there in shock that someone approached you and flirted with you. He would quickly grab your hand, and make a face of confusion, as he would then begin questioning the person on why they thought it was ok to flirt with someone who was obviously taken. SASS MASTER. “You must be blind, clearly ____ and I are together, get your eyes checked and try again.”

Jimin: He would have as much skinship with you as humanly possible. You would think this boy turned into jello with how much he was leaning on you, whether it was playing with your hair, playing with your hands and fingers, hugging you from behind, resting his head on top of yours, everything just to make physical contact with you. This would make the situation very awkward for the one flirting with you. Jimin would make a point to compliment you. “My little _____, your skin is so soft, your hair is so beautiful.”

Jungkook: Would instantly walk away with you. This man would be having none of the flirtatious comments that would be directed at you. He would instantly grab your hand, directing you to look at something else wherever you were, and as you walked away he would glare at the person for a quick moment, not allowing it to ruin your day/night. “Well, anyway, I didn’t just hear they- Wow look over here! ____ look at how beautiful it is!”

-Mod Peach

Jason Todd/ Red Hood X Reader- Reasons To Live

I totally cried when I wrote this….. Don’t judge me.  I accidentally posted this to my primary account and had to delete it and repost it.  WHOOPS!  Anyway, enjoy the Jason angst everyone!!

Part 1 (I Love You, Too)

Warning: Angst, blood, fighting

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The Snowball - Part 6

Look! I updated within a month! I’m going to try to be more regular so here’s the next part :)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

When Feyre got home that night she was surprised to see Tamlin’s car in the driveway. She looked quizzically at Lucien who returned her puzzled glance. Whatever was happening even Lucien didn’t know.

When Lucien held the door open for her, Feyre almost smacked into a man who had just been about to leave. Feyre hastily apologised while Tamlin's hand gripped her wrist, tugging her to his side quickly.

“Ah Feyre there you are. I was just telling Mr Hybern about you.” Tamlin beamed while snaking a protective arm around Feyre’s waist.

The man turned black, calculating eyes on Feyre, appraising her. In turn Feyre appraised him. He was middle aged, but his eyes showed a level of cunning far beyond his years. He wore a smart suit that hinted at wealth but also practicality. His dark hair was kept long unlike most business men Feyre had known to come to the café.

“She is quite something Tamlin, I am surprised you took so long to introduce us.” Hybern held out a hand to Feyre but something in Feyre knew she didn’t want to touch this man.

Tamlin lightly squeezed her hip to get her to move and she quickly shook Hybern’s hand at his insistence.

“Would you like to stay for dinner now that Feyre is here?” Tamlin asked him.

“While I would love to get to know the lovely Feyre a bit better, I think it is time for me to go. I have spent too much time here already.” And with one last look at Feyre, taking in her harsh glare and Tamlin’s protective grip on her, Hybern moved past Lucien without even a glance.

After the door closed Lucien rounded on Tamlin, “What the hell was that about? Why was he here?”

Tamlin rubbed the bridge of his nose and ushered Feyre into the dining room, ignoring Lucien completely. Once they were all seated Tamlin explained that Hybern had become so interested in the area he had moved to town to see plans through.

“What plans?” Feyre interrupted.

“Nothing that concerns you.” Tamlin replied curtly.

Lucien looked on disapprovingly but his stance was already one of defeat. Feyre knew Lucien had already given up on trying to convince Tamlin to tell her more.

“Do you not like Hybern?” Tamlin asked her.

“Do you?”

“It doesn’t matter if I like him or not.” Tamlin said in annoyance. “He is being very generous and allowing me to be part of a huge business proposition.”

“I don’t like this Tam.” Lucien said.

“I don’t want to hear it right now Lucien. I think it would be best if you left me and Feyre to dinner now.”

Hurt flashed across Lucien’s face. Dismissed like a dog instead of a friend. Feyre gave Lucien an apologetic smile before he stalked from the room, the slam of the front door rattled the silverware and glasses on the table.

“He’s just trying to help.” Feyre defended Lucien.

Tamlin growled. “So now you’re defending him?”

“Only when you are being an unreasonable ass.”


Feyre knew she had crossed a line now. She had never talked to Tamlin this way before. She looked down at the table in shame, unable to respond or even apologise.

“Who have you been hanging around, to make you talk to me like that?” Tamlin demanded.

“No one! It’s just you don’t tell me anything. You push Lucien away. There’s so much going on here that I don’t understand. I just want to help you.”

“You can’t help me. Not with this. Is it too much to ask that my girlfriend trust me? That she waits patiently for me to get home instead of running herself into the ground at a coffee shop. Or is it something more than that Feyre?”

His stare held something dangerous in it and suddenly Feyre felt afraid. He knew something, Feyre just didn’t know what, and if she wasn’t careful she would let on more than he knew.

“What are you talking about?”


Feyre’s heart plummeted and she couldn’t keep the fear off her face. Tamlin’s face shone with rage.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He demanded.

Feyre couldn’t bring herself to speak. One wrong word and she had no doubt Tamlin would be paying a visit to Rhys, or worse Mor at the shop.

“He didn’t threaten you did he?”

Now Feyre was confused. “What?”

“Lucien told me he came past with his thugs a few weeks ago. He also said he left you alone with Rhysand for a moment. He was dealt with but that doesn’t matter. I just want to know if you’re okay.”

Feyre sagged with relief. He didn’t know who really owned the coffee store.

“It was nothing. I accidentally hit him with a snowball and I apologised. Nothing more.”

“He wasn’t mad at you? He’s a dangerous man Feyre. He’s lucky I wasn’t there that day.”

“No! It’s fine Tamlin honestly. Rhys laughed it off.”

Feyre knew her mistake immediately.


Without warning, Tamlin flipped the table. Food and cutlery flew from the table. Feyre stumbled back but not before the falling table trapped one of her legs. It didn’t hurt much, but Feyre was terrified of what Tamlin would do next. She flinched when he crouched down next to her, regret etched all over his face.

“Feyre I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” He said while pulling the table off her.

Feyre rubbed her leg where she could already see a large bruise forming. Tamlin stroked her hair while murmuring to her about how sorry he was. Feyre started shaking at some point and Tamlin pulled her into his lap to calm her. When she had calmed down he whispered again how sorry he was while kissing her lips. Feyre felt numb and allowed him to hold her and kiss her, but she felt none of it.

The next day Feyre sat awkwardly next to Lucien on their drive to her work. Lucien said nothing about last night but he kept glancing down at her bruised leg despite her wearing long pants. Tamlin must have told him after they got back from the hospital. Feyre insisted it was just bruised but he still carried her to the car and took her to the emergency room just in case anything was broken. He had told the nurse the table fell on her accidentally.

As Feyre went to get out of the car Lucien looked like he wanted to say something before he shook his head as if to clear the thought entirely.

Feyre entered the dim coffee store. Mor had allowed Rhys and Feyre to go in early so he could start her reading lessons before her shifts. She noticed Rhys standing at the back of the store staring at the now empty back wall. All the decorations that had adorned it littered the floor space.

“Is this a decoration class or reading class?” Feyre joked.

Rhys spun immediately at the sound of her voice. “Oh trust me, you’ll like what I’ve done with the place Darling.”

As Feyre made her way towards him she noticed his eyes narrow as he saw her slight limp. Feyre made a better attempt to conceal it, nearly wincing as she tried to walk normally.

“What’s with the peg leg, pirate?” He asked with no hint of humour.

“I always knew I was clumsy, sometimes life just likes to remind me.” Feyre joked.

“Let me see.”


“Feyre I just want to make sure you can still work. Protecting my fine establishment and all that.”

Sighing, Feyre rolled up her pant leg to reveal the black and blue bruise across her calf. It had swollen up noticeably since last night. Rhys moved to touch it and Feyre recoiled. Rhys cleared his throat uncomfortably as if sensing he was about to cross a line.

That was when Feyre looked up and noticed the wall paint was different. It had always been a dark colour but now the texture of it was different. On the ground sat a huge bucket of chalk.

“Is this…”

“A giant chalkboard.” Said Rhys beaming.

Feyre reached out a hand to touch the rough texture of the wall. “How?”

“Just a certain type of paint. Would you like to try it out?”

Feyre grinned and went to pick up a piece of chalk.

“Not just yet.” Rhys said as Feyre pouted. “You can draw and cover this wall as much as you like. After our lessons. For now, this wall is going to be for you to practice your letters and spelling.”

Feyre agreed that it was a fair trade and so began her lessons with Rhys. By the time Mor arrived, Rhy’s dark clothes had smudges of chalk in various places almost as if someone had thrown chalk at him with some force, but Mor knew better than to comment. She began to set up the store while Feyre received instructions from Rhys, smiling to herself every time a small argument broke out or Feyre called her cousin a prick.


anaxiphilia: the act of falling in love with the wrong person.

Badboy!Yoongi AU based on this post ~
characters: Reader x Yoongi, appearances by all of Bangtan probably
A/N: My first attempt at a fan fiction, I usually just do one shots, please go easy on me ~

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Hey [y/n]! I’m not coming to class today, take good notes for me ~

I glared long and hard at the text message from my best friend, Rose. Normally, I didn’t mind sitting in class alone; it was refreshing to pay attention and take proper notes. It would be fine for any other class, but not this one. Why? Because it was a class where participation was a huge component.  As in, the professor specifically wanted you to converse with the person beside you.

I just wish Rose had texted me sooner so I could’ve skipped class as well.  As I angrily texted a reply back to her, I felt the seat next to me shuffle. I looked up and my breath caught in my throat as my eyes met his.

 Min Yoongi.

Yes, I knew his name. Everyone knew his name. He was the notorious asshole that everyone had warned me to stay away from the moment I had moved to this town. I had followed that advice almost religiously. However, sometimes in the crowded cafeteria, my eyes would be drawn to him. There was something about the way he held himself, his aura, that mesmerized me.

And now, here he stood less than 2 feet away from me, his signature leather jacket shrugged over his form, paired with a plain white t-shirt and legs clad in tight skinny jeans. His blonde hair lazily covered his forehead, but even under the chaos, I could see his dark eyes glowering at me. He raised an eyebrow at me, almost daring me to say something to him.

I swiftly turned my head and averted my gaze to the front of the class, secretly thanking the way my hair covered my reddening cheeks. As the class silenced for the professor, I could’ve sworn I heard him chuckle.

The professor began his lecture and I busied myself on my laptop, typing away furiously, trying to avoid his presence next to me all together. However, it seemed that was impossible. The exact opposite was happening. Every time he moved, or even sighed, my entire body would shift into awareness. It was as if I was waiting for him to pounce on me.

I glanced at the clock and saw there were only 15 minutes left till class was finished, and we hadn’t had a single discussion. A small smile appeared on my face; someone up there was on my side today.

As we reached the last slide of today’s lecture, I shut my laptop in a hurry to get away from him.

“Not so fast everyone,” the professor said, stepping away from the podium. “As you all know, you have a video assignment due in two weeks’ time. I’ve received lots of emails saying that it’s too much work to do alone, so I want you to look at the person beside you and say hello to your partner for it.”

Oh. God. No.

I glanced in the opposite direction of where Yoongi sat, hoping that there was another person I could be paired with, and of course, I had chosen the seat next to the wall.

“Over here, sweetheart,” Yoongi chuckled. I slowly turned in my seat towards him. He had his arm on the desk in front of him, his hand holding the side of his head, which was slightly tilted. His eyes were watching me with curiosity and amusement.

“Hi,” I muttered averting my gaze to the floor. I played with the hem of my shirt, I couldn’t bring myself to look up at him.

“I know I’m attractive, but how are we supposed to work together if you can’t even meet my eyes?” Yoongi said. Even though his words were filled with arrogance, his voice showed no hint of it. I tilted my head up slightly, now staring at his t-shirt, but Yoongi wasn’t having any of that. His hand reached out and softly gripped my chin, tilting my head up completely so I was staring directly at his face.

“That’s better,” he said, a devious smile emerging on his face, making my heart thump violently in my chest. I jerked my head out of his grip in shock.

“Um, about this project, I have a friend in this class that isn’t here today. I wanted to ask the professor if I could work with her, if that’s okay with you.” My gaze drifted away from his to the floor again as I spoke.

“There you go again! I want your exquisite eyes on me as you speak to me. If you can say that again while looking me in the eyes, you can go ahead and ask the professor,” he taunted. I lifted my gaze to meet his and gulped. My throat was suddenly very dry.

 “C-can you find yourself another partner, because I want to ask the professor if I can work with my friend?” I said, my voice quivering. Why did he make me feel this way? Was I just having an off-day? Where is my confidence? He looked at me as if he was assessing the way I addressed him. He ran his hand along his sharp jawline, his fingertips hiding the small smirk on his lips.

“That was a good start,” he said, as he reached over me towards my pen and scribbled something on the sticky note that was attached to my laptop.

“My number,” he said, answering my unasked question. “Text me what she says.” He looked at me and smirked, “Actually no, call me and tell me what she says, because I would do anything to hear your voice say my name.”

It felt like my heart had lurched up to my throat. He chuckled, and gripped my chin as I began to avert my gaze from him again.

“I’ll see you around sweetheart,” he said, swiftly getting up to leave the class. Just before he exited the door, he turned back and met my gaze, which had followed his figure. His lips curved into a small smirk and he winked at me, causing the blood to rush to my cheeks.

I quickly looked away, and began packing my things. I rushed to the front of the class. I would do anything to get out of this group project with him. The professor smiled as I approached her.

“Hi Professor. Seo Yeon was actually absent from class today, and she usually sits next to me. I was wondering if I could work with her instead of my current partner?”  I spoke clearly; all the nervousness I had felt with Yoongi had disappeared.

“If this is because you feel that she won’t get a partner, you don’t have to worry. She will get someone else that was absent from today’s lecture. However, I want both of you to be paired with someone different, as you two always do every group activity together. So this time, it’s a no,” the professor said, giving me a small smile.

“Okay, thank you professor,” I said nonchalantly. You were my favourite, but not anymore.

As I exited the class, my shoulders felt heavy. God, what had I done to deserve this? And why him out of all people?

“I’m guessing she said no?” I jumped at the sound of Yoongi’s voice. He was leaning against the wall beside the entrance of the lecture hall. I placed a hand to my heart as if the gesture would calm it down. Yoongi noticed and chuckled wholeheartedly.

“Oh, man, I really should come to this class more often.” Yoongi said, shrugging off the wall and walking towards me. As he took steps towards me, I took steps back until I felt the wall press against my back. Yoongi put one of his hands on the wall next to my face and tilted his head.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll take good care of you over the next two weeks.”

A/N: omg, pls tell me if you liked it and if i should continue?? ~

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The Heart Wants what the Heart Wants. Chapter 5

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Thranduil x Reader

Word Count: 1.940

A/N: I am finalyy done with another part!! Thank you all for loving these series and for supporting me eventho it has been a shitty long time since I updated. I sincerely hope you all enjoy this and that you will continue to love it :). 

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Dating Damian Wayne Headcanons

Dating Damian Wayne/Robin would include:

>Before you start dating he ‘doesn’t have any feelings for you at all’. None.
Maybe he does have feelings for you.

> Probably tried to avoid you for a while in hopes of ‘getting rid of the feelings’ turns out that only made him want to see you more and he just gave up in the end. Obviously didn’t miss you.
Maybe missed you a little more than he’d like to admit.

> Speaks to you in Arabic sometimes, mostly for nicknames or compliments since that way you don’t know what he is saying and neither do the majority of his family. Unless you speak/learn Arabic and say something back to him and he’s a little horrified because shit, you understood him this whole time!

> Probably calls you beloved after a while as a way of expressing how he feels.

> Still has difficultly expressing emotions and prefers to show them with his actions. Whether it be displays of affection, gifts or simple things to make you happy.

> “Why did you buy me this, I didn’t think our anniversary was until next month.”
“I know just open it.”
Damian made the mistake of leaving the price tag on this one time and it has never happened since, he always remembers to take it off from now on.
“How much?! No take it back, I cannot accept this - you don’t have to win me over with gifts I love you already. That is too much money to spend on me Dami.”
“Beloved, do you like the gift?”
“I love it but I can’t -”
“Then I’m not taking it back, besides Father has plenty of money.”

> Doesn’t mind PDA but it’s not for anything heated, that is saved for when you two are alone, light kisses and hand holding are perfectly fine - it shows everyone that you are his s/o.

> Quite protective of you, Damian doesn’t want you getting hurt under any circumstances. Will happily lay down his life for you if the need ever arose.

> Damian can get jealous but doesn’t usually show it because he has complete faith in you, though if someone is becoming a little touchy Damian is by your side in seconds with an arm around your waist, placing a loving kiss on your lips, cheek or neck.
“How are you doing beloved?”
The offending party normally takes the hint and leaves or finishes up their conversation. Damian is not afraid to use the ‘bat glare’ on them.

> After a couple of months, Damian likely tells you that’s he’s Robin out of the blue. It’d be a causal moment and he’d just calmly state it whilst you’re low-key freaking out and thinking he’s kidding.
“Oh by the way I’m Robin.”
“Damian, what the HECK?!”
“You heard me beloved.” And Damian is so chill and doesn’t quite grasp the weight of the conversation he’s just started.
“That’s so dangerous! You could die! Every night you could just die, with the villains and the guns and the fights and the ninja skills. How are you still alive?!”
“Because I’m the one with the ‘ninja skills’ as you call them.”
“Right, yeah. Just please be careful out there, I can’t lose you okay?”

> Shows you the Batcave soon after he’s given you his identity and you’re just awestruck because this is the Batcave you’re standing in and then you meet Batman. Bruce Wayne is Batman - also very casual about that fact.

> Once you know about the Batfam, Damian starts to train you. It builds your self defence skills and he gets to spend more time with you. It’s a win win in his opinion.

> Training can get intimate and I mean, it can be a turn on for Damian sometimes. If you actually manage to pin him when practicing a move he is putty in your hands omg. His s/o is a beautiful badass that’s now capable of using moves that can pin him, he is just congratulating you even if it wasn’t Assassin Class stuff because you are amazing.

> When Titus decides he likes you and happily sits on your lap Damian has decided you’re the one. Apparently Titus’ approval matters.

> Having to meet/endure the rest of the family and you both probably get teased by his older brothers sometimes whilst Barbara and Stephanie find almost every little thing adorable and tell the boys to leave you alone.

> Jason does most of the teasing and sometimes it gets annoying.
“Yeah well at least Damian has a partner to be with.” Has been muttered once or twice by yourself and Damian is just smirking proudly.

> Cassandra just rolls with it to be honest, Damian has a partner? Good for him. Anyone tries to hurt (y/n)? You better fucking run.

> Tim is 77% sure that Damian has paid you be his s/o.
“Wow, you’re acting skills are amazing. It’s been what 4 months now? How much is Damian paying you today?
“Nothing at all Tim - except affection.”
“Are you sure (y/n)? The demon spawn doesn’t just get a partner.”
“Drake, leave my beloved alone. I assure you that they’re here by their own choice.”
“Uh huh. Sure.”

> Dick thinks it’s great, Damian having an s/o and gives him dating advice even when Damian doesn’t want it.

> Bruce and Alfred are basically the stereotypical proud parents and Bruce is really glad Damian has found someone like you. Has no idea how Damian is going to react if he ever loses you and that thought actually worries his father because he sees how much he cares about you.

> And then there was Talia, she was dead set on getting a strong woman from the League of Assassins to marry Damian in order to produce the next heirs. Damian wasn’t having it, he is in love with you and does not require permission from anybody to date you (except maybe your parents but that’s not the point right now). She seemed satisfied, you’re capable of making her son happy, that was enough for now - though the Al Ghul bloodline is still open to discussion.

> Generally just a strong relationship and standing by his side through thick and thin, Damian being there for you whenever you need it, this means cuddles and kisses if you want them.

the-outsiders-slut  asked:

...Hc for guys doing them thirst videos.... 😉😉


Darry— makes these pained puppy looks, bites his lip, smiles, runs a hand thru his hair, then lets everyone watching see his toned back as he just carelessly strips himself of his shirt

Dally— this bitch humps the camera fym

— we kinda covered Curly and Soda —

Steve— lip biting, flexing, waving his shirt

Pony— thoughtful looks and hints of v-line???

Two-Bit— he’s like trying to dance w his hips holding his shirt up simultaneously showing them arm muscles

Johnny— straight grinding, holding his bottom lip down, swiping his hand along the side of his hair

Imagine being Daryl's girlfriend and Negan having an interest for you.

(So hope I got this request right and you all like it :3 Hope it makes sense. Yay for Daryl being a cute bf XD and Negan being a creep XD PS. I really tried my best to make it different from my others imagine :D Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credits to the original owner.) 

After the arrival of Rick’s group in Alexandria, you quickly found yourself drawn towards one of their members, Daryl.

He was a relatively quiet guy and had the habit of shyly avoiding your gaze whenever you’d look his way.

It always made you laugh and smile and you found him that much more intriguing and interesting and for once, you loved being the one chasing after someone.

So much, you would always voluntarily go on runs along with him and help him whenever he seemed to be needing it.

You’d try anything to get him talk to you more and slowly but surely he started to open up and show you a different side of him, a rather somewhat fun side.

He had you laughing with his comments and his ways of doing things.


Eventually, he actually ended up confessing his feelings for you before you and it took you by surprise.

You were both coming back from a run and as you were about to say your goodbyes and walk in your house, he grabbed your arm to signal you to stop.

Confused, about what was happening, you asked “Daryl?! Is there something wrong?”

You turned over to see what was wrong but only saw him smirk and a hint of amusement in his eyes.

He shook his head and loosened his grip over your arm. He backed away slightly, and like a little boy, he scratched the back of his head and shifted his gaze between you and the floor, smiling here and there.

He chuckled and said “No, there’s nothin’ wrong…It’s just…I don’t know about you…but I really like this thing going on between us…and If you don’t mind, I’d like for us to be more than just friends…”

You could tell he was nervous and a slight smile had crept up to your lips. Wanting to hear more of it, you crossed your arms and leaned in the door.

As he noticed, he had felt himself starting to sweat. He exhaled and continued “What i’m really saying Y/N, is that I really…really…love you…”

Hearing the words coming out of his mouth, you couldn’t resist quickly approaching him and cupping his face to kiss him deeply.

He kissed you back in response and you just had to back away and say “And just for the record…I liked you first…”

He smirked and kissed you back again and had lead you into your house, making love to you for the rest of the evening.

Since, he had moved in with you and the two of you spent most of the time in each other’s company.

Your feelings for one another grew stronger, day by day but your days together had to come to a sudden stop.


You were both simply on a run together and scavenging through an empty town.

When you both heard some cars approaching and saw them circling you.

Instinctively, you got closer to him and he grabbed a hold of your hand.

You wanted to find a way to escape them but as you looked around, you realized you couldn’t.

The man in the car in front of you then walked out and from the looks of him, you felt a strange gut feeling.

In a fit of confusion, Daryl put himself in from of you and yelled out to the man saying “Who the hell are you?! What do you want from us?!”

The man laughed and couldn’t stop himself from looking over at you.

Putting his baseball bat over his shoulder, he walked closer and said “Fine, I’ll present myself first…I’m Negan…and you…”

Looking over Daryl’s shoulder, Negan tried to make it obvious he was talking to you while getting a real better and closer look at you.

Daryl noticed what he was doing and glared at him, saying “None of your damn business!”

Negan chuckled and pretended to be astonished, shaking his head.

“Come on, man! Can’t you tell I wasn’t talking to you?! I was talking to your girl!”

He then leaned to the side, trying to talk to you and continued “Come on…Y/N,is it? Talk to me…”

Still holding your hand, Daryl made you backed away, trying to get you further from Negan. Hearing him referring you by your name, confused you and you peaked away slightly from your boyfriend to ask him about it.

“H-How do you know my name? I-I’ve never even met you before…”

He finally smiled genuinely and his eyes glowed in satisfaction. 

“You’re finally talking to me…This is awesome!”

His reaction somehow frightened you and sent shivers down your spine.You then got closer to Daryl and held onto him tightly.

Negan bit his lip seeing you acting all shy and smirked. 

“Oh, Y/N…You see, you and your lovely friends live in a place where it’s pretty fucking easy to look at what you’re doing and hear from all of you…So to put it so you’d both understand…I know you…but you don’t know about me…”

Your eyes widened in shock and as you glanced over at Daryl, you understood the mistake you had all made attacking an encampment a few weeks earlier. 

Negan snickered seeing your reactions and walked closer, towering over the both of you.

Looking at you, as if you were the only person around him, and in a playful yet alluring voice he said “Yeah…I know a whole lot about you,Y/N…So don’t pretend to be shy…I know exactly what you’re like and what you love…Don’t hide from me like this…Let me get a good fucking look at you..” 

Hearing the tone the man was using to address you and seeing the way his eyes just stared you up and down, like you’re simply a piece of meat, angered Daryl.

Letting go of your hand, he punched Negan with as much force as he could and said “Shut up! Shut the fuck up! You don’t know shit about us! Y/N’s mine!”

His punches made Negan throw his bat to the side and as he fell to the ground, he got up and was about to fight back but suddenly the others around had come in to get Daryl away from their leader and you felt yourself being held by some of them. 

Negan calmed himself and wiped the blood away from his mouth. 

You both struggled to get away from them but their grip tightened and you just couldn’t do much about it.

As you did so, Negan walked over to his baseball bat and picked it up. He looked over at Daryl with a warning look and said “You’re gonna fucking pay for what you made me do to Lucille…”

His tone was cold and harsh but as his gaze shifted to look over at you, a smirk slowly curled up to his lips.

He pointed at you with the baseball bat and continued in a much more livelier tone “As for you…there’s nothing to worry about…I can promise you…you’ll have much more fun in my company, than in his…”

You looked over at Daryl and shaking your head, tears slowly rolled down. 

Devious (Yoongi/Male Reader NSFW)

“Hi can you do smut scenario with Suga where Ibighit adds a new member to the group ,Suga’s boyfriend, and has the group redo ‘I Need U’ and 'Run’ mvs to include the new member. Then while shooting the stylists Noonas put the new member,who is a flirt, into a rather sexy outfit ( too tight and too short jeans and a big long sleeved shirt that reveals his shoulder(I’m having so much fun with this.)). Suga then takes his boyfriend in a empty dressing room and very rough 'playtime’ ensues.” 

Sorry this took so long! It’s just under 4k words because the prompt was so fun to play around with! 

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Charming was the word they used. They said you were charming. The kind of charming that “sparks delight in a fangirl’s eyes,” and the kind that draws cries of admiration from a sea of fans until they’re out of breath. They said you were heartwarming. They said Yoongi was lucky to have found you, not the other way around.

“We should have scouted him sooner,” they said.

“Yoongi, why did you hide him for so long?” they asked.

It’s funny how everyone is so easily deceived. Everyone but Yoongi, and that’s just the way you’d have it.

As Yoongi had put it, you can’t fool everyone. Especially not your boyfriend. Especially not Min Yoongi. This is why you’ve had so much fun these last couple weeks. Aside from rigorous training, scattered breaks, and little rest, you’ve enjoyed yourself. It’s been nice to get to see Yoongi every day in action and have him by your side at all times. It’s hard to believe the two of you were able to maintain a healthy relationship before you were scouted into the band.

Romance aside, though, it’s been just as difficult as it has been fun. Being too tired at night to manage even a kiss—assuming the two of you have found time to be alone in the first place—is a huge drawback to your relationship. Sure, Yoongi is amazing at what he does for the band, his solo career, as well as staying healthy through all of this, but his real talent only comes out during those limited times you have alone together. There is no Suga, no Agust D, and no audience to put on a show for. It’s where Yoongi can let himself go and draw out the lust you’ve been hiding for too long, putting it to use.

In the mirrored wall of the practice room, you catch Yoongi’s gaze. He’s not happy or angry, not tired or hyped up. He’s studying you. You’ve noticed this for the last hour. Throughout the chorus, verses, dance breaks and all, he’s been eyeing you, watching, waiting to see what you try to pull next. As long as you’re able to keep this cutesy facade as your public image, the fans will love you, so you make it a point not to disturb that image around the rest of the boys either. His body language gives no clear indicators of when he will try to get you alone, but you know it’s coming—whether it’s in the dressing room or during bathroom breaks, it doesn’t matter. You never know when this side of Yoongi will appear. It excites as well as worries you. In times like now, when even the luxury of eye contact is few and far between, either one of you could lose it. You’re walking on eggshells, on the edge of a cliff. A crumbling cliff. Like, the kind with spewing lava below.

(“You’re being dramatic, Y/N,” Yoongi scoffs.

“Am not! It’s how I feel.”

“How would you know what lava feels like?”

You don’t have an answer.)

And God you’re horny on that cliff.

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Laito x Reader x Ayato Scenario (or whatever it’s named)

Warning : A bit sad content but then turns out to be more on the fluffy side.

Oh and also I’m more used to writing about the vampires as being frightening and sadistic characters. It’s a bit hard to write about them being nice and friendly, so yeah I’m just trying not to go overboard and make them OOC which is why the writing is still intended to be a bit dark.

You were done. You had been through enough. It had been a few weeks since you moved into the Sakamakis’ household and you couldn’t stand it any longer. Everyday was the same, getting fed on, feeling weak, dealing with the brothers’ perversion and wicked games, and eventually collapsing to the floor. You were tired of it. It was impossible to run, they’d hurt you even more if they ever found out you had taken a step out of the mansion without their permission.  You had always been showing a happy face to them, sometimes some of their words and behaviors actually managed to make you laugh, and your retorts would make them laugh in return, but now you were tired of it.

It was enough and you couln’t hold it in any longer. In your room, you sat by the large window, the clear glass reflecting your puffy and bloodshot eyes. “How could anyone live like this” you thought to yourself. The tears were streaming down your face while you contained the painful sobs inside of your clenched throat, knowing that you’d probably get hurt again if you made too much noise. The tears were painful. It dried your skin and burned your eyes, every drop reminding you of how terrifying those vampires were. 

*knock knock*

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зима (Winter) - Part Two

Part One

Summary: AU!Bucky Barnes. The Winter Soldier is a member of the Vesna, a splinter rebel group in the country where your family rules. The main rebel forces take drastic measures, and the Vesna task the Winter Soldier with protecting you from the rebellion.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: References to death, trauma

Word Count: 1,092

Tags are at the bottom. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

“She is your queen!” a harsh voice snapped, pulling you back into consciousness.

Your eyes fluttered open slowly and you took in your surroundings: a room with dirt walls and floors, which you assumed meant you were in a cellar of some sort. It was small, and there were a few candles throughout the room, providing the only light.

You were laying on a cot, and the Soldier from earlier was standing near your feet. The man with the harsh voice must have been one of a small group of tired-looking men and women gathered on the other side of the room. The Soldier seemed to be watching them carefully.

“Queen? The monarchy is over,” another man scoffed, “They’re all dead.”

She isn’t dead,” a woman chimed in, gesturing toward you.

No one even looked over to notice you were awake.

She will be when they find her,” the second man replied.

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Lovesick- Calum Hood

Recieved this message about a week ago: “Hi! Can you please write a Calum imagine based on situation with Nia. Calum and y/n have dated not very long but they were very happy but,unfortunately,they broke up(choose your own reason). Calum finds relief with Nia. While they “dated” they were happy(maybe that’s was only because of the new feeling)but then Calum realises that he still loves y/n ……and what’s going to happen?!?!? “

Sorry it took so long, hope you like it!! Sorry it’s REALLY long

“You tell me that you love me, Then you go and leave me, Why you do this to me, baby? I’m lovesick. I just can’t eat, I just can’t sleep, Can’t do much of anything at all. ‘Cause I’m sick and in love with you, dear…. ” -NeverShoutNever

 "I can’t wait to see you Y/n…How long has it been?“ Calum asked, on the phone with his wonderful girlfriend, Y/n. It wasn’t often they got to speak to each other, and even less than they got to see each other when he was on tour. He loved what he did, wouldn’t change his life for anything else in the world. But, that didn’t mean he didn’t care about Y/n either.

“Too long Calum” Y/n replied. Sorrow evident in her voice, although she desperately tried to hide it. Knowing she was sad pained him, however they both had to last just one more day. One more day and she’d be in his arms for awhile longer, until the tour started up again.

“5 minutes” The stage manager called, signaling that once again Calum had to hang up.


“Yeah Calum, I heard. Don’t worry, I’ll see you tomorrow…”

“I love you”

“I love you too Calum” Click.

That was the worse sound on the planet, the click signaling the call has ended. To Calum, it always seemed like a stab in the chest. He breathed in deeply, and closed his eyes, trying to clear his thoughts. More specifically clear Y/n from his thoughts, after all he had a show to put on.

“Come on mate, let’s go” Michael said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah, I’m ready…Let’s do this!!” Calum said, smiling from the pre-show adrenaline rush. He then walked towards the sound of screaming.


“Calum. Calm down, she’ll be here soon” Luke laughed. Seeing his jittery friend in his current state always brought a smile to his face.

“Shut up. Like you’re not excited to see Arz” Calum threw back.


The plane couldn’t land soon enough. Luckily for Cake their girlfriends were on the same plane. [Haha sorry. I couldn’t write “Luke and Calum”. It just felt so wrong…]

As soon as Calum’s eyes landed on Y/n, all the nervousness and anticipation disappeared. He saw her dragging her suitcase, eyes constantly moving, looking everywhere in an attempt to find him. When she finally did, a huge smile formed on her face, and instantly a burning happiness spread in his chest.

“I missed you so much” Calum said, crushing her into a bear hug. Luke and Arzaylea were having a similar reunion, but Calum’s attention was solely focused on Y/n.

“I missed you too” Y/n said against her chest.

Unable to bear it any longer, he pulled back only to bring them closer again, his lips smashing into hers. Instantly she wrapped her hands around his neck, as he grabbed her hips. The heated moment ended shortly after however, Y/n self-consciously looking around, biting her lip and hoping no one saw what had just happened.

“What do you say we take this to the hotel??” He asked, raising an eyebrow and dragging her closer.

“Hmmm…that sounds nice” Y/n said with a devilish grin and a glint in her eyes.

He laughed as he pulled her out of the airport and towards the car.


Later that night, they all went out to their favorite club for some drinks. Calum was in the middle of the dancefloor, hands moving up and down Y/n’s body as she swayed her hips to the beat. Calum loved times like this, music blaring in his ears, people surrounding him, and ,most importantly, Y/n at his side. After a few songs, they went back to the bar. Ashton and Michael were playing some drinking game, and Calum couldn’t resist. You all were having an amazing time, and after so long on tour everyone needed that right now.

After awhile some girls came up to the group. One girl in particular sat herself right next to Calum, a huge smile on her face. Calum didn’t think much of it, knowing she was probably just a fan. His assumptions were confirmed when she opened her mouth.

“You’re Calum Hood right? The bassist in 5sos??” The pretty blonde smiled, wrapping her hair around her finger as she asked her question.

“Yes, that’ll be me. Would you like a picture love?” Calum asked, knowing if he got straight to the point, then perhaps she’d go away. He loved his fans, but sometimes they didn’t really know boundaries. Nevertheless he could never let a fan down, or show his distaste for their interruptions.

“I’d love one!” She said, already pulling out her phone. They took a few pictures, and he could see the other guys doing the same with the blonde’s friends. Some fans would leave after the pictures, these girls were not those fans.

After taking the pictures, the blonde stayed very close to Calum. He moved over on the bench, trying to get her to take the hint. However, she merely turned as to lean on him, making any excuse to touch him,  and several times she “accidently” brushed her chest against his arm.

With her constant lip biting and batting of her eyes, it was clear what this girl wanted, and Calum was not interested. Just as he was going to say something however, he felt arms wrap around his neck.

“Hey babe, I brought you another drink” Y/n said, putting another beer in front of him, and kissing him on the cheek.

“Thanks baby” Calum said, kissing her on the lips. He knew she was jealous, and saw what she was doing. But, he didn’t care. This was an easy way to show the blonde he was clearly not interested and missed Y/n not being by his side. Luckily for them both, the blonde finally took the hint. She pouted, then took off, her friends following close behind.

“Finally she’s gone…come here babe, I want you sitting next to me” Calum sighed in relief.

“Hmmmm” was all Y/n said, pouting her lips.

“What’s the matter?” Calum didn’t understand what was wrong, why would she be mad?

“Nothing, just seemed like you wanted blondie at your side more”

“What? No…she was just a fan. I don’t even know her name! You’re the only girl I want right her next to me Y/n, you know that” Calum said, pulling her next to him, then wrapping his arms around her, kissing her neck.

“Mmmm….fine…I’ll drop it…this time…” Y/n warned, however a smile was on her face.

“What do you say we call it a night?”

“Sounds good…”

“Feels good”

This earned him a laugh. They got up, telling the others bye, then walked out the doors. On their way to the car however, a very unexpected, and unpleasant surprise was waiting for them. Mere yards from the car, suddenly they were surrounded with bright lights and multiple questions seeming to come from everywhere.

“Damn paparazzi….” Calum muttered under his breath, trying to break through the mob, Y/n in tow, as they rushed to the car. Once they were finally  safe in the car, Calum let out his frustration. “Fuck them, monsters they are. Always taking pictures, invading our personal lives. Don’t they have any self respect?!! I mean….Y/n….you ok?”

Y/n was biting her lip, and was shaking. The paparazzi encounter effected her more than Calum thought. Tears were beginning to form in her eyes, and seeing her like this tugged at Calum’s heart. He immediately pulled her close, letting her cry on his shoulder, murmuring sweet nothings in her ear.


 When they finally reached the hotel, something was different. Y/n was acting….well strange was the best way Calum could put it. Calum just attributed it to what had just happened, but never in a million years did he expect what came next.

“Come here Y/n….let’s get to bed ya? I may of had just one drink to many” he laughed, trying to lighten the mood. However his attempts were futile, Y/n still had her arms across her chest, looking down. Calum couldn’t read her expression, her face held so many emotions it was hard for him to tell what she was thinking.

“Babe….come on….some sleep will make us feel better…” Calum tried again, pulling on her waist to bring her closer to him. He wrapped his arms around her, but once he started nuzzling her neck, suddenly her hands were on his chest.

“Stop” was all she said, tears forming in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

“Calum…..I can’t do this….”

“I’m sorry…I was just trying to make you feel better.”

“No Calum that’s not what I meant…I can’t do this…us….all the girls craving your attention, willing to do anything and everything for you just to smile at them, even flirt with you, and basically beg for you to fuck them right then and there right in front of me! Then all the paparazzi just ambushing us like that! I know you’re famous and I thought I knew what I was signing up for…but I can’t do it Calum….”

“Y/n? I don’t…..I don’t understand…”

“Calum I love you” she said, tears falling from her eyes she placed her hands on either side of his face. “I love you so much, but I can’t do this anymore….I’m so sorry”

“Y/n….no don’t say that…it’s just the alcohol talking….come to bed, in the morning things will be different…”

“Calum….I never drink as much as you…we both know that’s not the problem. I’m so sorry….I should…I should go….”

As she turned to leave Calum grabbed her arm.

“No….I can’t….no Y/n I can’t let you do this…”

“Calum don’t make this harder than it has to be….” she said crying.

“But I love you…”

“I love you too Calum…but sometimes love just isn’t enough” she wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him one last time. “I’m so sorry Calum…” she said as she grabbed her still packed suitcase and left him in the hotel room.

He wanted to go after her, but he knew she was serious, and could he blame her? This life wasn’t for everyone. Being rich and famous was not all what it’s cracked up to be….sure it has its perks, but the constant harassment, and people coming up to you demanding something, whether it’s a mere photograph or more. He couldn’t be mad at Y/n for not wanting that life, hell he didn’t want it sometimes, but she had a choice. He thought that maybe their happiness could overcome that, even if they’d only been together a few months. He was wrong though, as tonight’s events clearly showed.


 Calum spent the rest of his break either in his hotel room, or drinking with his friends. All the alcohol in the world however couldn’t completely rid him of his sorrows. No matter what he did, he couldn’t erase Y/n from his mind. He couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t eat, couldn’t do much of anything at all. He was just sick and in love with the girl who could never be his again.  When the tour picked up again, things were no better.

As the 5sos guys reunited with the Hey Violet crew, everyone was happy to see each other again,  however even seeing his good friends didn’t remove the dark cloud seeming to follow him where ever he went.

“Hey Calum…you alright?” Nia asked him. Although good friends with everyone, Calum was always closer to Nia than the rest. On the long tours, they always enjoyed each other’s company, and often spent a lot of time together. He loved being around her, and really admired her as a drummer. Her commitment to music allowed them to get along really well.

“I’m just perfect. Why would you think otherwise?” Calum said, voice full of sarcasm.


“Yeah I know…I’m sorry Nia….I just can’t help it….”

“I know. Luke told me what happened. Calum I’m so sorry” She said, pulling him in for a tight hug.

“Yeah…me too” He replied, holding her tight.

Over the next few weeks, he found himself spending more and more time with Nia, more so than usual anyway. She was really great to him. She helped him find ways to get Y/n off his mind, whether through a night out, sight seeing, jam session, whatever. Slowly, Y/n began to leave his mind, and he found himself smiling again, however every now and then he had what could only be referred to as a relapse.

It was on a particularly long night on the road, Calum couldn’t help but fill an overwhelming sense of loneliness. When they finally reached the hotel, he locked himself in his room, declining to go out with everyone else. Nia sensed something wrong right away, and decided to go after him and make sure he was alright. She knocked on his door, there was no answer.

“Calum? Calum it’s me Nia. Open the door?”

Thankfully he did as she asked.

“Nia?” Calum asked, voice hoarse. “What, um, what are you doing here? I thought you’d be with everyone else”

“Calum…have you been crying?”

“What no…I just…um…” Calum said, wiping his eyes.

“Calum, don’t lie to me” She said, walking in his room and closing the door behind her. “Y/n on your mind again? Oh Calum…”

“I just miss her so much…it’s so lonely without her here…I thought it couldn’t be worse being apart from her on tour, but no what’s worse is being far away from her, missing her so much, but knowing she’s not mine, and that she will never be again”

“Oh Calum…” Nia said, pulling him close. “I’m so sorry. Look things happen for a reason. And of course you miss her, you loved her…that’s not something you can just forget with a snap of your fingers. As for the loneliness… I’m here aren’t I? Tell you what, I’ll stay, for you. You up for a movie marathon? Know any good ones?” She asked as she went to go sit on the bed and grabbed the tv remote looking for something to watch.

“Sure…that actually sounds really nice. Thanks Nia” Calum laughed.

“Yup. You owe me though Hood” She winked.

Calum layed down on the bed, and after Nia found some rom-com she layed down on his chest. This was new to Calum, never had he and Nia been this close. But it felt nice to have her this close to him, he wrapped his arm around her shoulder, and leaned his head against hers. After awhile she fell asleep, shortly after he did too.

He woke the next morning more peaceful than he had in a long time. Without thinking he wrapped his arms tighter around the girl still on his chest. That’s when he remembered Nia stayed with him for the night, and that made him really happy. He brushed a hand on the side of her face, watching her peaceful sleeping form. He knew Nia was always really pretty, but she looked different somehow. Calum couldn’t quite place it. She stirred, waking up. She opened her eyes, looking up to see Calum staring at her.

“Well good morning” She laughed, smiling up at Calum.

“Morning” Calum said, smiling back.

“So, feel better?” Nia asked, sitting up and stretching her arms.

“Much better. Thanks Nia…”

“Good” She gave him a cheesy grin, then got up from the bed. “Everyone is expecting us for breakfast. We better get going. I just have to go to my room real quick to grab a new pair of clothes, how would that look” she laughed.

“Yeah ok, I’ll change and then I’ll meet you ya? We can go down to the restaurant together.”

“Yeah, I’d like that. See you in 15?”

“I’ll be there”

As they walked to the restaurant together, they received a few quizzical looks from their friends.

“Hey guys” Calum said, taking his seat.

“What we miss?” Nia asked, taking the seat next to him.

“The real question is what did we miss?” Rena asked, pointing towards them.

“Ya, what do we have here?” Michael asked, laughing.

“Whatever, it’s not like that” Nia scoffed, rolling her eyes.

“Well you guys did disappear last night… ” Ashton pointed out.

“And we didn’t hear from you guys all night” Luke added.

“Leave them alone! Quit teasing!” Miranda commanded.

“Yeah, they’ll tell us what they’ve been up to soon enough” Casey laughed.

“That would be great, except nothings going on…We were watching some movies last night that’s all, I swear” Calum said, hoping they’d let this drop.

Luckily they did, only a “Mmmm-hmmmm” was Rena was heard, then the conversation shifted.


 Over the next couple of days, Calum and Nia spent more time together than ever before. They hardly ever were apart, spending the day together and most nights having more sleepovers. It was during one of these nights, Nia laying right next to him, that they found themselves face to face, and without thinking he kissed her. Short and sweet turned sloppy and heated. Soon they were both half dressed, with him on top of her.

“I really like you Nia” Calum said briefly breaking their kiss. “Are you sure you wanna do this?”

“The only way I’d encourage this is if I really like you too”

“And do you?”

The only response he got was her bringing his lips back down to hers.


 The next couple of weeks was the happiest time Calum has spent in what felt like a long time. He really did like Nia, a lot. She was what he needed right now, she made him happy, and they were really happy together.  All thoughts of Y/n were gone, or so he thought.

Their last show was Y/n’s city. He gave her front row tickets and backstage passes long ago. And just minutes before the start of the show, he was unsure if she would come. Of course though, she did.  She was standing right there in the front row. She gave him a small smile as he passed her, taking his place on the stage. He avoided looking at her all night, tried to focus on the show. But from what he could tell, she had a good time, as did the rest of the crowd. And despite everything, he had fun too.

After the show, he found her waiting where she always used to, right by the door to their dressing room. The guys waved hello to Y/n, saying it was good seeing her again, then all went inside the dressing room, leaving them alone.

“Hey Cal…great show tonight. As usual…” Y/n said, giving him a soft smile.

“I didn’t think you’d come”

“I wasn't…but I had to. I’ve missed you Calum…I’ve missed you so much.” Y/n started crying. “I was wrong to leave you like that, I realized that too late though, I know that. These past weeks have been terrible without you, worse than you leaving on tour had ever been. Despite everything, I still love you Calum, so much. And I know we can make this work, we just-”

“Y/n I-”

It was then Calum realized someone was behind him. As he turned to look at her she ran away.

“Nia! Wait come back!” Calum yelled.

“Nia? Are you…you two are…huh…alright…I'm…I’m so sorry Calum…I never should have come. Go to her, you deserve to be happy” Y/n said, more tears falling from her eyes. She kissed him on the cheek, then was gone.

Calum wasn’t sure what to do, so he did what was right. He went after Nia. When he found her, she too had tears in her eyes.


“Look Calum I understand. You love her, and you can’t have that with me, we both know that. We were happy yes, but it wasn’t love. I care about you, A LOT, and it was fun, but it wasn’t meant to last…”

“You’re crying…”

“I can’t help it” She gave a humorless laugh. “I hate goodbyes, you know that. Even though this isn’t goodbye, but what was between us is over, at least relationship wise, you and I will still be great friends, and I just…well you know what I’m trying to say.”

“I do…Nia I really do care about you, but you’re right. There is no future between us, is there?”

“Gosh no, look you’re amazing, but we’re too much alike you and I. Great for friends, and we can have a great time, but any long term relationship? That won’t work.” She laughed for real this time, and she began to stop crying.

“No I guess not. Are you sure about this?”

“Yes more than anything. What are you still doing here? Go get her…Y/n is perfect for you, you guys have a future together”

“Will you-”

“I’ll be fine. Now go!” She said, smiling and giving him a shove.

He laughed, and gave her one last kiss and held her tightly.

“Thanks Nia…”

He then turned to go chase a girl for the second time that night, but this one he was determined to never let her leave his side again.


Author’s note: Not my best, the ending I’m not entirely happy with, but hey overall I think it’s good. IDK let me know!! Still accepting requests too fyi. Like, comment, send asks, request something, etc. You know the drill :) Hope you liked it! -Lydia

Jealous (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hi, guys!! Another Bucky fic here haha, anyways happy birthday anon!! I hope you have a great day ahead😊 I hope this is what you wanted, I’m sorry, I would have posted earlier but I had to go the hospital so yeah…Anywaysss, enjoy!!

Request: Helllooooo :) Aw I love your Imagines so much ! Would you do an imagine for my bday where you and Buck share an Apartment and one day when you come home from work at a diner you hear noise outside the door and get worried but inside you see the most cutest sight of the winter soldier struggling with a puppy Labrador who fell in love with bucks metal arm. Bucky wanted to surprise you with that, so you spend the whole day with the puppy and later cuddle with the puppy sleeping on Buck’s arm? <3

“Thank you, please come again soon!” You waved and smiled as the customer left the diner. Sighing, you let your smile drop, you had no idea why you decided to work on your birthday. Well, at least you decided to take half day off, so you had the rest of the day to spend with the special man that’s waiting for you at home.

Bucky had woken you up early in the morning for work, but he never really said anything else, he just rushed you out, which made you very suspicious, however you decided to put that thought aside and go to work.

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A/N: This is for @totallysupernaturaloneshots‘s (love you) writing challenge! I had prompt 37: “Why don’t you come over here and make me? Oh that’s right, you can’t.”

Pairing: God!Chuck x Reader

Warnings: Explicit language, unprotected smut (be safe), bondage, angst, fluff, mention of torture/interrogation

Word Count: 5669

Tagging: @sammyxorae @wayward-mirage @pepperwoodatnight @laffytaffyhumor @ashiewesker @tardisdementor @zymmas

Originally posted by in-just-one-burst-of-light

Coldness settled in the abandoned warehouse, its weight putting more uncomfortable pressure on you as you hung suspended from the ceiling by heavy iron chains, thick cuffs grasping your wrists. Only the tips of your boots skimmed the concrete flooring as you swayed on the spot, the cuffs pressing painful marks into your wrists. So, you found yourself in a bit of a compromising situation.

Amara had been released, and she was on a hunt for God. For some strange reason, she had sought you out and held you hostage while she drilled you with questions about his whereabouts. How would you know? You had never met God before.

Having gotten fed up with your lack of information, Amara left you there to die, murmuring something about “Dean Winchester” under her breath as she left. That only increased your worries because the Winchesters were old friends of yours. All you knew was the world was in trouble, and you were useless as long as you were stuck in those chains.

“Crazy bitch,” you muttered beneath your breath as you inspected the cuffs, attempting to find some way out of your horrific situation. The discomfort of your position eventually made you give up, head hanging in disappointment and defeat as you rested on the tips of your toes.

“I had a feeling she would come after you,” a familiar voice echoed off of the bare walls, striking you to your very core. You hadn’t heard that voice in years.

You lifted your eyes, jaw going slack in shock at the sight of Chuck Shurley, the prophet you had known back during the Apocalypse. You had thought he died, due to his sudden disappearance. “Chuck?” You breathed his name, surprise lingering on your lips. Even during the short time you had known him, history had been created between the two of you. You felt your heart rate elevate, and at the same time you saw Chuck smile a hint.

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anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if this has already been done or not... but could you do the host's reaction if someone was flirting with their S/O? (PS I love you're writing! This is one of my favorite blogs! ^~^)

Thank you so much! It makes me so happy that this blog could even possibly be anyone’s favorite. I hope you like it! (Again, I’m still trying to get back to where I was before so I hope its not as bad as I think it is, I’m sorry!) <3 <3

Tamaki: At first he let it go, thinking that he might just be over reacting as he knows he has a tendency to. Quickly though, the comments and light touches the person placed on your arm snow balled within him. Tamaki’s mood would transform swiftly from tolerance to agitation to pure possessiveness. Tamaki normally isn’t one to try and make a claim over you, but after listening to someone else try to make a move on you, it was too much. With a bright summer he put his arm over your shoulder, resting his chin happily on your shoulder. If that wasn’t enough of a clue for the person flirting with you, he would move to kiss you on the cheek, showing them that they had no chance with you. You were taken.

Kyoya: The second Kyoya heard someone flirting with you, he would try to end it. If the situation allowed he would approach you and the other person calmly, asking you kindly if you would be able to leave the conversation and go with him somewhere. Whether that is the snack table if you are at a casual party or asking you to meet a business partner if you are at a more formal event, it doesn’t matter. If that wouldn’t work he would ask the other person one simple and quick question while resting one hand on the small of your back. “So what were you and my significant other talking about again?”

Hikaru: The very instant Hikaru caught wind of someone flirting with you, he was at your side. His arm wrapped around your waist, fingers drifting playfully on your side. The glare he directed at the person who had just been flirting with you would be sharp enough to cut steel. There would be no doubting that he was not happy, and in all honesty Hikaru didn’t even try to pretend that he wasn’t consumed with jealousy. You were his, it was as simple as that. No one else had any right to try and take you away from him. You. Were. His.

Kaoru: He was conflicted. Kaoru was unsure whether he should make it clear that you were with him right away, or maybe if it would be better just to ignore the person flirting with you. This internal conflict makes him a little slow to the draw when it comes to stopping the other person from flirting with you. He didn’t like to see someone else act like that with you, but he didn’t want to be rude to you… The second the person’s flirting moved from words to touching, that was the moment when Kaoru had enough. Deftly, he pulls you into a back hug, effectively pulling you away from the person.”Can I get you something babe?” He would ask you, giving a pointed look to the person who had just been flirting with you.

Mori: He trusts you, he really does and that is why he doesn’t immediately react to someone else flirting with you. His lack of reaction doesn’t mean he doesn’t notice however. If the person’s way of flirting was throwing in a stray comment every now and then, Mori would be able to suppress the small seed of jealousy that would form in his chest. If the person was actively and unabashedly flirting with you, then he would be forced to show this person who you were with. With a kind smile directed at you, he would wrap his arm around your waist, pulling you close to his side. If that wasn’t enough of a hint for the other person he would carefully interject a story about one of your past dates, being very clear about the fact that his story was from a date that you two had gone on together as a couple.

Hani: One comment was allowed. You were so perfect, everyone had to want you, so he could humor them for that. One comment. Unfortunately for the person flirting with you, they didn’t stop there. As the second remark left their lips, Hani was at your side, fully wrapped around you. “You’re so sweet, you should be the one called ‘Honey’ not me! What do you think about that ____? Can I call my girlfriend ‘Honey’ from now on?” His voice was sweet as he begged you. The glare that he directed the person flirting with you was anything but, however.

Haruhi: There was no avoiding the issue with her. No pretending that she was going to let them continue to flirt with you, and no hints dropped to try to cue them in. She didn’t say anything right away to them, but as the minutes grew longer her face twisted into a grimace. “I’m sorry, but ____ is my significant other. I would appreciate it if you would stop flirting with them. It is making me sort of uncomfortable.” Her voice holding none of the malice that was in her eyes. It was only if the person continued to flirt with you after she asked them politely that she would have a problem.

Wonho: The Fanboy (Part Five)


Requested by anonymous:

a Wonho scenario where you are famous youtube singer he is fanboying over, and when you move to korea, he contacted you and started a few dates till you both being couple. You can make it fluff or smut.

Vibes: touchy + kissy Wonho
Word Count: 2677
A/N: One or two more parts left!

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

Originally posted by goongjunim

Wonho quickly grasped your hand in fear that he would lose you in the crowd. It came as a surprise for the both of you, but it was just another notion of sincerity and adoration you two shared.

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Coach Negan {Negan Smut}

Word count: 2.8k of lusty goodness.
Notes: This concept has been in my head for ages! Before the outbreak.10000% adultery. Some may not like this but Negan sure does. (He loves his wife, I know this, but he does cheat on her heavily before the walker storm in the comics. FACTS!) Gifs are not mine. 
**Rated MA for mature audiences only!!**
Negan fights with Lucille and decides going home is the last thing he wants to do after classes are over. However, it looks like he’s not the only one working after hours.

@itsneganswife had requested this well after I started writing, was happy to see a request of something I really wanted to finish! Also @negans-network

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