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Quick scrappy fanart before bed for the most adorable BMC fanfic by @actualbird called “is this a forest? ‘cuz there sure is a lot of pine

If you haven’t read it, I definitely recommend it!! Their writing is fantastic and they deserve all the love and support <33

So, hey. 

Luna doing her Oracle stuff was what was holding back the Scourge, right? So her dying is what made the whole eternal night thing happen. 

We’re also told that making these pacts with the gods is wrecking her physically, with her telling Ravus she doesn’t know how long she can hold out. The “I know the price of the covenant” implies making one with Leviathan is going to finish her off. 

My question is: did Ardyn a) just make the eternal night look like his fault by b) half-assing his Sephiroth impression by murdering somebody who was dying anyway?

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Skinny Love

I love how Jack and Cas reunion was basically like DeanCas used to be like. The “Hello, Jack”, lingering touch on a shoulder, but also Jack being more honest than Dean (“I missed you so much”).

Just shows even more clearly how Cas and Dean can’t go back to the way things were. That’s why their reunion seemed off. It wasn’t the way it used to be, but it’s not quite what it should be either. It is not truthful. But they want to get there (”I do”).
The subtext hasn’t been subtext for quite a while, but it isn’t fully in text either. But it is getting there. Mmm, i love this show.

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charlotte katakuri?

charlotte “gams for days” katakuri is a 5m tall piece of babe who, much like the rest of his family, deserves better than the mother he was given. (hopefully once big mom is defeated the charlotte family can become (reluctant) allies of the straw hats thatd be great)

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Tbh I think he was just being kind. Jeremy’s a nice dude, and he KNOWS how much people ship keith and lance together, so he plays along. I think he’s kinda annoyed by it at this point (“Oh I’d know”)

I take everything with a grain of salt outside of the legit canon show, and I like Jeremy because yeah he’s nice about everything including klance and bi lance so thanks Jeremy wherever you are

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If you don't mind me asking how did you get into H&L?

SO! It all started thanks to Toei’s WORST CHRISTMAS SPECIAL OF 2016\

… Actually no, because I didn’t keep up with Ex-aid until around episode 38 or so. XD BUT! I got into it around the time Ex-aid was wrapping up and people were looking for a new show to watch with some of the actors in it! One of my friends on twitter had asked if there was anything else that Kiriya was in and High & Low was suggested. 

Soooo yeah, I heard about it because of this kid: 

I didn’t think too much about it because I was still waist deep in FFXV hell at the time but my boyfriend and I watched the first two episodes and I was digging the music and the pretty boys but MAN that pacing was throwing me off. SO I held off on watching more for a little bit longer. 

Around this time, @gorou-chan was doing a High & Low liveblog and so LOTS OF ROCKY ALL OVER MY DASH at the time. So I saw lots of bits and pieces of it :3 I also kept on finding out that more and more Toku actors were in it which kept me wanting to watch more because yay, people I recognize =D

AND THEN. I saw this trailer. 

And I as completely sold at that point. Smokey became the love of my life and the sunshine of my soul. I had left Ignis for the homeless parkour gang leader and life hasn’t been the same since. Ahahaha 

And that is how I became H&L trash. The end!

Also…my boss overruled me in this morning’s manager’s meeting. I didn’t see “the strange lady” on the agenda, as I’d sent him a request to put her on it to discuss whether or not we should permanently 86 her, present a permanent trespass notice, and if she shows up afterwards just have her arrested for trespassing.

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