it showed a manly side to my baby

Dino High Cut Interview

Q: You show opposite sides of yourself to the fans from “baby” to “manly man”. What are you closer to in real life?

DN: No matter what, the baby side? Hehe. I want to say manly man, but it’s like this with my current age and recently, I get surprised when monitoring my broadcasts. I didn’t know myself but I realized I have that side of me.

Q: You seem like you have a talent for “maknae actions”?

DN: I’m the oldest at home and before entering Seventeen, I was the hyung wherever I went. Since it’s like that, it seems the fans also know now. “Even though Dino is the maknae in the team, he’s a hyung-like maknae”. Maknae actions, I think I’m trying to do it well. Hehe. For example, when I want to get food from the hyungs or when I need a favor, I purposely say it with aegyo. When we’re producing together, if the hyungs say they’re having a hard time, I buy drinks first and stealthily pass it to them.

Q: Which hyung is best to persuade?

DN: Seungkwan hyung! (laughs) When I’m with that hyung, I feel like we’re just (same-aged) friends.

Q: You said your father wanted to be a singer when he was younger. To that extent, it seems like he must thoroughly monitor for you.

DN: Lately, it’s less but in the beginning (laughs) he was really cold-hearted. Right after watching our debut stage, he pointed out all the strengths and weaknesses. He also monitors stuff like interviews and immediately contacts me. “Dino-yah, the expression you just had while saying those words, it was really good,” like this. (laughs) He’s really detailed, right? Not too long ago my father came to our concert. After seeing my solo stage, he said he saw me again. [T/N: I’m not really sure what this means] When I heard that, I was really happy.

Q: Even though you’re in the performance team, you also rap and your vocals are stable too. In a way, shall we call you a multiplayer amongst Seventeen memmbers?

DN: Wow, thank you for looking at me that way. (laughs) I’m currently making the effort to be like that. I naturally have a lot of things I want to do and I don’t want to limit myself to a dance or rap position. So I’m also practicing singing a lot. It’s what I want to challenge the most. My goal is to show fans what the outcome is in the year I exactly turn 20.

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The GazettE Live Report (ramble???)

The GazettE Live (Toronto) 04/27/2017

We were  saizen. As soon as we allowed in we RAN to the bars. No matter we were gonna be saizen for the GazettE. I was waiting 10 years for them!!!! VIP + SAIZEN. FUCK YEAH.

My honmei is Aoi so we were center left with me being closest to Aoi’s side! After waiting nearly two hours the show starts!!!

Ruki in real life is just….no pictures/videos can do him justice! He is so beautiful and thin!!! The way he moves his body was so erotic like??? It was memorizing.

Aoi, my baby Aoi. He was handsome and so manly!!!!! He was so close to me I wanted to just scream!!! I wasn’t dreaming!!!! He was standing before me. In the flesh!

Reita. I was warned by a friend that he’s gonna look different from photos and be prepared for how handsome he is. She was not lying. So manly and beautiful!!!! He kept sticking out his tongue!!!

We were going crazy!!! Furi, oritatami, headbanging, even the banned saku!!!

Ruki came up to our side and took my hand!!! Our fingers where entwined!!! My hand and his hand!!! I was touching his rings on the back of his hands that’s how tangled it was!!!!! People where like was that you??? I’m like YEAH it was ME!!! My friend was like having the hijab helped!!! YES IT DID.

The set list was AMAZING


Aoi kissed Uruha on the cheek during encore! Ruki Uruha fanservice!!!
Ruki spilled water on us before throwing the bottle!!! Aoi threw picks but also missed and it fell in front and security/camera man had to pick it up.  

I made eye contact with Aoi, Reita,and RUKI!!!!!

Reita kept sticking out his tongue, Aoi blew a kiss at us!!!

At the meet & greet.

Okay so talked Japanese to all!! They all responded back in Japanese but Kai was like ‘Thank You’ and I’m like ‘お疲れ様です。ありがとうございます’ he switches to Japanese!!

Like I’m gonna speak English???

Their hands were so warm and they were all so kind!!!! Uruha omg so manly and hot!!!!! Ruki looks scary on stage but so gentle TwT) Kai’s beautiful smile!!!!! Omg!! They are perfect ♡♡♡♡

Anyways it was amazing and really hope to see them again soon!!!

Carl Imagine for Anon!

 Thank you hun!!(: Of course! I’m going to write it in Carl’s POV

Carl’s POV

I sit down on my bunk to finally relax, with some good ol’ comic books. Today has been a tough day, my dad made me do a lot of work and all I want to do is lay and read. I place the dingy pillow behind me on the wall and sit against it. I open up my marvel comic and take a deep breath in relief.

My girlfriend y/n laughs outside my cell, I guess seeing her is just as good. I lay the comic book against my chest as I watch her walk by with another boy. I have no idea who he is, he must be new. All I know I he is making my girlfriend laugh and I don’t like it.

I reluctantly get up and look over the side of my cell, “Y/n?” I call out. She turns around he beautiful hair flipping as she does so.

She smiles as soon as she sees me, “Oh hey baby cakes! This is Travis; he is new to the prison!” I step out of my cell and look at the new arrival; he’s tall, muscular and has one hell of a hair do.

I nod to the new boy and lean against the wall, “So where are you two going?” I question while looking the other way.

Travis’s manly voice speaks up, “She was just showing me around. Ain’t that right sweet thing?” Did he just call her sweet thing? Holy shit, I think I’m going to throw up. I turn to face my girlfriend who is laughing like a little girl. I roll my eyes and walk back into my cell, enraged.

Later that evening.

I lay with my face to the wall as I picture my girlfriend in the arms of that filthy son of a bitch. How dare he talk to my girlfriend like that, how dare she accept it! What does he got that I haven’t?

I hear footsteps outside my cell and then y/n’s sweet voice. “Hey hun, how ya’ doing?” She says as she plops down on my bed. I keep quiet, but I can feel her eyes burn into me.

She taps my foot, “Carl. Come on Carl, is this about Travis?” I sit up and face her kind eyes.

“Yeah, a little bit. Sweet thing.” I say piercing my lips and crossing my arms over my chest. She scoots closer to me and puts an arm around me.

She lays her head down on my shoulder and sighs, “Carl, no one and I mean no one could ever replace you.” I know now that I’m, over reacting about this whole thing.

I lay her down next to me and whisper into her ear, “And no one could ever replace you.” 

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Exo reaction after the first night together with their GF (gf was a virgin)

Here you go ,yehet88exo!

Tao: As you can tell, im very romantic even if your a virgin <3

Chanyeol: do you wanna spent more nights together more often? *lacks his tongue*

Kai: i just want to make you ALL mine. and only mine…

Lay *tries to tease you*

Xiumin: baby  I know you want me… >.<

Sehun: wait, what…

Luhan: Now, it’s my turn to show my manly side..

Suho: *smile* in the future we’re going to be more romantic to each other. do you know what i mean?

Kris: *slaps the table* i’m going to  teach you properly tonight how things are done

Chen: let’s do in now.

Baekhyun: *starts thinking of the plans for to night* hummmm

D.O:  i’m a virgin too… let’s teach each other… >.<

anonymous asked:

In shows like We got married, whenever a couple feeds each other, they make it look like it's a big thing in a relationship, like something really cute. So based in that, how do you think the boys would feel/react to you trying to feed them something while you're having a meal together? (you're dating, of course! XD) .- H anon

Yongguk would freeze and kind of look at you. He’d accept the food, but he’d be really embarrassed. Yongguk’s not really one for cutesy skinship and actions. If you tried to feed him again, he would probably take the spoon or chopsticks and give it to you instead. 

Himchan would be all for this. He would open his mouth wide and accept the food that you are offering him and then give you some of his food in return. Your meal would become an adorable back and forth between the two of you feeding each other. Himchan would tell you how cute you were when you did that and he would want you to do it again in the future.

Daehyun would accept it right away, you might even end up feeding him like a baby because he would just eat all of it. Since Daehyun likes food so much, he would love for the person he loves to feed him during meals. It would be so cute, but once he realized how silly he looked he would get kind of embarrassed. 

On the other hand, Youngjae wouldn’t be all into this. He’d ask, “What are you doing? You should feed yourself, silly.” He wouldn’t be rude about it, but he wouldn’t exactly want to be fed. If you were persistent, he would accept the food and be extremely embarrassed about it. Youngjae would rather show his affection in other ways than feeding each other. 

Jongup would be a lot like Yongguk in that he would be shy about accepting the food, but would open his mouth anyways and eat it. He’d be worried about hurting your feelings or something, so he’d keep doing it. But he wouldn’t make a habit about it because he’s really shy about those kinds of things in a relationship.

Zelo would be in-between. He’d like you to feed him and he would be super cute about it, but he also doesn’t like being seen as the baby. He would want to feed you first to make it look like he’s the one taking care of you. Secretly, he’d like to be taken care of and fed but he wants you to see his manly side too. 


This is the first thing I think of when I think of feeding Zelo >3< so cuuuuute! And btw, We Got Married is one of my favorite shows, so I loved this request!

-Admin K