it shouldn't even be necessary

I’m not going to try to understand American politics right now re: the electoral college, nor am I going to start an argument on that post, but here was a recent Canadian provincial election:

As you can see by this map, pretty much only the GTA voted red.  Is that fair to the rest of Ontario?  No, not at all.  When you have a system that mostly benefits city centres, that means all the promises and all the money GOES to the city centres, because that’s who the politicians have to target to get elected.  To say that only the largest cities deserve to have a voice is to say that people who don’t live in Toronto aren’t important.  The people in rural areas deserve to have a voice, and that’s what those kinds of political systems are for.  The people who live on farms have just as much rights to choose as people who live in skyscrapers, but people in small towns always get the short end of the stick.

In this election in question, voting red benefited the GTA and voting blue benefited the rest of Ontario.  So the GTA won and the rest of us lost.  Toronto should not get to decide what happens in Ontario.  It’s a very different life there than anywhere else.  To say it’s okay to have large cities decide for everyone what happens in their province or state is to say that people who don’t live there shouldn’t even bother voting, because there’s no point.