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Okay, okay I can’t hold it in anymore. I’ve kept this little au idea in secret for quite some time now, with only some friends knowing of it in Skype chats. I’ve even wrote some small ficlets over it and shared them with some, and I’ve been so anxious to share it with anyone else haha. But now I’ve got some courage to do it.

And I’m only gonna…put the main idea out and some little stuff out for now since it’s really late where I am right now haha. But yeah, it’s an AU based solely on Mabel.

But onto the main idea of the au (that I still can’t think of a name for lol): but basically it involves Mabel and her parents and Dipper getting into an accident, with Mabel (at the age of 5) being the only survivor. And as a result, Stan ends up taking her in and being her guardian. And does EVERYTHING he can to provide for her and keep her safe and happy in GF. It’s a big Mabel and Stan bonding au, basically (though Ford does show up later too.)

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A concept: Sam helps Cas get ready for a date with an "aesthetically pleasing man" he met while on a case. Dean is dramatically fuming in the background like an anime character. Suddenly, Cas turns and anxiously asks "Dean, what if he attempts to kiss me? What should i do?" Dean looks ready to spit venom and restrains himself from saying "knee him in the crotch and don't let him fucking touch you." But he mumbles that he needs some air and Sam rolls his eyes because eight. Years.


But who is this aesthetically pleasing man he met on a case… 

Because I’ve read a few fics like this, where the “aesthetically pleasing man” was actually Dean, who was being baited into a situation that forced him to admit his feelings.

Like, at this point in the fic, Dean would storm out and head off to his local bar to drown his sorrows. But then Cas walks in and sits down next to Dean, because Dean’s the aesthetically pleasing man he met on a case (in hell pffft).

And Dean’s relieved he didn’t give that advice about kneeing the dude in the crotch if he tries to kiss Cas…



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How can you be an educated lawyer and believe and all thse ttheories that make no sense about larry i dont understand how can you even believe larry is real?? and that louis is faking having a baby ( this is honestly the part that idk how can anyone believe) cause i can believe larry was once real or its real somehow if i put some effort but louis faking having a baby its so ridiculous

Didn’t you hear? I’m not a lawyer, I’m a receptionist.

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some sentences

Ron woke to shady slivers of light forewarning dawn leaking through the curtains. He felt Carwood pressed up along his back, ensconcing him snugly with an arm draped over his stomach, and took care to stay still, lest he wake him. Carwood’s palm was flat on his stomach, thumb and forefinger just barely grazing the waistband of his pajamas.

If the Boston Police were to burst through the door right now, they’d have reason to cart him and Carwood off to prison for twenty years. He’d never had any problem bucking authority when it didn’t make sense, so there was something especially thrilling about knowing that they were actively breaking the law right under everyone’s noses. It reminded him of how he’d wake up in Arthur’s arms some mornings and listen to Arthur talk on the telephone. Whomever he was speaking with didn’t know he was tracing his fingers up and down Ron’s spine, or worse, sneaking kisses.

He’d developed a taste for sleeping in bed with someone else when his older sister would let him crawl in beside her after childhood nightmares. It’d only strengthened when Arthur had spoiled him with nights in a huge, well-kept four poster. The war had been a shock for that reason; his bunk was his and his alone, and half the time no one wanted to share his foxhole with him. But Carwood didn’t seem to mind it, not even when he wrapped them so tightly in blankets that Carwood woke up sweaty. “I’m cold,” Ron had said the first time, which both he and Carwood had known was ridiculous - even if he was cold, Bastogne would have made it tolerable - but Carwood hadn’t done anything but kiss him and urge him closer.