it should've ended like this!!!

Is no one going to talk about the scene at the end of Beauty and The Beast (2017) where everyone is turning into “antiques”? It starts with Lumiere crying over Plumettes motionless body & I’M SHOOK! GARDEROBE & CADENZA REACH FOR EACH OTHER FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER & THEN THEY SLOWLY FADE AWAY. & Then Mrs. Potts is looking for Chip & then she freezes & Chip almost crashes to the ground?!?!?! MY SOUL LEFT MY DAMN BODY!! And then Cogsworth says to Lumiere “It’s been an honor serving with you my friend?” WHAT THE HELL?!?! THAT WAS TRAUMATIZING!! DISNEY WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS WITH MY HEART; I FELT MY CHILDHOOD DIE!!

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I just wanted to let you know I love following your blog. Your art is absolutely gorgeous. You made me low key ship bakudeku which is impressive seeing as my OTP is kiribaku!! The way you draw Bakugou takes my breath away. He is so so good. I also really enjoy your kirikami pieces! Thank you so much for sharing your art with us. You truly are a wonderful person!

!! ; ; omgh really?? thank you so mUCH Aaahh it’s kindda really an honor to hear–! To bridge my love for boom boom and Bakudeku/Kirikami to another fellow boom boom fan (and a Kiribaku shipper nonetheless–!) makes feels like an accomplishment lmao hjnfjkdfjk  feels bad I havnt really drawn these two together so as a kinda apology/thank you…

here this just for you anon–! and any of my followers who are quiet kiribaku shippers lu


whenever i can’t draw i always default to these losers in a shoujo-manga au.

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Random question, is you Demon and Angel AU based off of something...? >_>

hmm, well i’ve always had a fixation on demons and angels since i was little, but i guess i have to say the devimega au from the oso-san fandom!! but if u mean plotwise, not rlly?? i daydream a lot while listening to music, so i usually just make plots from that..?? ur emoticon is worrying me did i do something–

Day Bi Day: A Documented Study of the Bisexual (Rafael Barba x Reader)

A/N: I’m not off hiatus, but I’ve been sitting on this idea since maybe late-April/early-May, and Pride Month seemed like the best time to actually do it. So forgive me if it’s kinda crap, I’m not entirely back into my groove just yet. Also: There’s a reason documentaries are a visual medium: It’s because writing out one like a story is hard. But it helps to imagine the narration being done by Tilda Swinton or David Attenborough. Shoutout to @xemopeachx for looking forward to this and being my hype(wo)man and @mrsrafaelbarba – both of them let me pass things by them segment by craptastic segment! (Also, tagging @ohbelieveyoume because if they have to suffer through this monstrosity, then so do you. That being said, Happy Pride Month!!

New York City: Home to over 8,550,405 people, it is a melting pot featuring persons from varying walks of life. This port city has long served as a nesting ground for new ideas, and stomping ground for old-time culture treasured by the society of the present day. But in such a vast hub of differing ideals and backgrounds, it easily becomes a hotbed for practices unchecked. For in a city so grand and driven by the ambition to progress, some ideas can slip through the cracks. Or, better yet, slip right beneath our noses.

It is here that we introduce Rafael Barba.

A man of Cuban descent, Rafael has worked his way to the position of ADA in the Sex Crimes Bureau of New York City’s 16th Precinct. A self-made man, Rafael is easily a representative of the American Dream come to fruition. There is, however, one lingering secret that he carries: Rafael identifies as bisexual. In addition, his romantic partner, (Y/N), also identifies as bisexual.

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Happy New Year

Decided to do Effie’s New Year’s Eve vs. Haymitch’s for Hayffismas Day 4! Accompanied by a a short drabble. Posting this now because I’m gonna be travelling tomorrow so who knows when I’ll have the time to post this. Still working on the drabble for Day 3 lol I’ll finish that on the plane and post it another day.

Light snow fell outside the window in District 12. With the only sound being the crackling from the fire, Haymitch nearly considered tonight as peaceful. That is, until the shrieking sound of the phone abruptly rang throughout the house and pierced his ears. Grumbling, Haymitch got up from the armchair in the living room, bringing the glass of whiskey he was nursing with him. He had finally reinstalled the damn thing, much to Effie’s insistence, but for what reason? Aside from the occasional reporter from the Capitol, no one ever called him. He grabbed the phone from the wall and put it to his ear.

“Who is this and what the fuck do you want?”

“Haymitch! Is that any way to talk to a lady? I thought you would’ve known better than that by now.”

Haymitch recognized the voice instantly and downed the rest of the whiskey in one gulp.

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7/30/17 - Jumpers 5 - Q’d in 28.39 seconds, 0 faults

Inktober 12/31 (partie 3/3)

Suite de ce dessin et fin de la request :) And the translation :

- What are you doing here ?

- Just a dumb bet with Arnaud… You ?

- Same, with Benoit…

- What about making them believe it’s really haunted ?

Also, bonus pic :) Merci à @theblackwook pour l’idée ^^

Wild winter, warm coffee
Ma’s gone, do you love me?
Blazing summer, cold coffee
Baby’s gone, do you love me? (x)

sniper drinking hot coffee and scout drinking iced coffee while hanging out in the camper van. perspective’s all weird and I don’t even know if a booth like this would fit in sniper’s dinky camper but I wanted one there so there it is.


dctv ladies appreciation week: day six
favorite scene 

2.12, fast lane - what? no good luck?


But, this Frankenstein scowl really adds to the whole– Jess! Okay…I’m going. Look man, I really was just dropping off some food. So, don’t get all West Side Story on me, okay?


aqua’s story - enchanted dominion

“But remember one thing–as long as there is light, there will be darkness.”