it should not cake or flake

Seventeen as Ice Creams

S.Coups: Neapolitan. He has a little something for everyone.

Jeonghan: French Vanilla. Something about it just feels fancy.

Joshua: Chocolate Chip. Soft with crunchy surprises.

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Today is my Name Day, so to celebrate it me and my family are going for the best ice cream in Warsaw :D They serve different flavours of gluten free lactose free and even sugar free ice cream and cakes. They are like homemade and you can even see how they are made. I will make some photos if you would like to see that ;)

I woke up very early today, so I thought that I should workout :) So I did: 

abs, thighs, whole body + yoga

Also for breakfast as always I ate cottage cheese and veggies with wholegrain roll and for second breakfast (post workout) I ate a egg whites omelette with veggies and millet flakes ;)

I hope you all will have an amazing day :*