it should not be because his character makes me happy

On Dorian & Banter

I just love Dorian’s banter so, so much. There are so many beautiful little pieces of character writing in there.

Cassandra: You’re smiling a great deal these days, Dorian.
Dorian: I always smile. People like my smile, and they should! I have excellent teeth.
Cassandra: Do you always do it while staring dreamily into the distance?
Dorian: It depends how long until dinner.

God, you two. It always makes me happy to see my favourites getting on. And oh, Dorian. This is why I miss the old Origins options where you could just pull your companions aside and have your character give them a good snogging. Because believe me, my Inquisitor was tempted. Dorian’s deflecting with humour because of his depth of feeling, and how afraid he is of showing it.

I actually love Cassandra and Dorian’s slow-build friendship in general. Their banter is lovely. Her quiet understanding after the mess with his father, her eventual approval of him and the Inquisitor, the way he finally stops laying into her about the Seekers because he understands being ashamed of the people you thought you knew (”Knee-jerk defence of your former comrades? I quite understand,” he snarks at the beginning, but that comes to be sincere), and that they both understand the gilded cage of being nobility in their respective homelands… By later in the game, he grandstands less with her and obviously respects her, and I love it.

His sarcasm is rarely cruel - it only tends to come out that way when he’s baited - and when it is, he usually knows when to step off. For instance, he’ll ask the Inquisitor if he teases him too much, and I respected and loved him so much for this:

Dorian: So, I hit a nerve with the whole “murderer Grey Warden” business.
Blackwall: Are you speaking to me?
Dorian: Yes, you. “Blackwall,” or whatever your name is.
Blackwall: “Blackwall” will do.
Dorian: I’m saying I understand wanting to atone for one’s actions.
Blackwall: Is that so?
Dorian: Enough to know when I’ve stepped in it. So I apologize.

And later:

Blackwall: It was wrong of me to lump you in with peers you hardly resemble.
Dorian: Truce?
Blackwall: Gladly.

I love his surprising friendship with Sera and the way he genuinely seeks to understand her - he does that with everything, a true scholar in the best possible way, right from the beginning. (“How does that work, exactly?” he asks the Inquisitor, who has just closed a rift, when they meet.) He’s constantly asking questions and actually listening to the answers, following up on them. He’s curious and open-minded. It’s an utter joy to go round on quests and hear the constant mutters of  “Fascinating,” in that hushed tone only a true geek can manage, and his musings on the Veil, spirits and demons.

And most of all, he’s kind. He may sometimes cover it with snark, but loss of life seems to greatly upset him in any form. In Crestwood, when everyone else is focused on vengeance and wanting to throttle the mayor, it’s him and Sera who focus on how upsetting the whole thing is. If I recall, his take on it is: “What a sad mess.”

He’s far less haughty than he pretends. He cares, even if he wasn’t allowed to show it so much back in Tevinter and is trying to get out of some unhealthy conditioning. (It takes him a long time to call the Inquisitor a friend or pursue a romance with them, because he means it and he’s afraid of leaving himself vulnerable.) After all, his people “have no reserve - not in war, and not in love.”


You cannot get hysterically angry with the creator of a tragic, horror manga meant for a mature audience when your favorite cinnamon bun of a character ends up in a brutal situation. Sorry to break it to you, but this manga was never a bounce house full of kisses, rainbows, and friendship circles.

Like, you’re sitting behind a keyboard harassing the guy because you aren’t happy with his creation and giving him shit because the story is not going the way you want it to.

1. It’s his story, he can do what he wants.
2. No one cares about you. It’s true. You should have stopped reading a long time ago if it wasn’t for you. Can’t cope? Write a fan fiction and hush. OR STOP READING.

I get it, Tooru Mutsuki is one of my favorite characters, and his backstory and current situation makes me cringe. But it (and the story of a lot of Ishida’s characters) is relative to so many people, some of whom are happy simply because their pain is being acknowledged by so many sympathetic hearts. Now, I understand some people may be triggered by it, and maybe they don’t feel this way at all. But this is not a reason to have a bloody rampage. Drawing from reality is Ishida’s specialty. It’s one of the things that makes Tokyo Ghoul a fantastic work of art. Let him do his fucking thing and leave him alone. Grow up. You’re anti-abuse, but do you not realize what you are doing?