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Maggie! my #1 question of all time: how do you write things in a way that's so colorful and living and *real*? in the raven boys where blue notices a pair of boxers still folded into some jeans, I was so blown away. I know it's a tiny detail, but it was so significant to me. those tiny little details are what set TRC apart from any series i've ever read- it's the scene I remind myself of when I write, and it's something I can't figure out how to master. tips? comments? concerns? gimme ur secrets

Dear tvvinyard,

Why thank you.

As a reader, my favorite kinds of books are those that strike me as cunning and curious mirrors of the real world. I like nothing better than reading a line in a novel and thinking — yes! that is just exactly how that feels/ looks/ tastes! It’s like a currency. The more the author throws tiny truths like that out upon the page, the more willing I am to invest myself in everything else.

Because it’s something I like to do as a reader, it’s also something I try to do as a writer. There’s that old wisdom that you should write the books you would like to read, after all. 

It’s hard, though, because it requires both good observation of the world and a willingness to consider how the reader is feeling at all moments. Take the boxers in the jeans moment, for instance. I knew what I was trying to paint: that feeling of being an outsider among friends who know each other well, and also that feeling of being a teen girl among a stereotypical pack of boys. To do that, I had to think back on what kind of moments would make someone feel that way, then I had to scour through my observation of life to see if I could find a real-life example, and then I had to try to double check my instincts to make sure that whatever moment or behavior I’d observed was universal enough to have a good effect on the reader. 

Boxers tucked into jeans does a lot of lifting, I think. It’s the classic oh-god-underwear-has-touched-your-privates situation, for starters, and the tucked inside the jeans indicates a sort of familiarity among the inhabitants of the room: whoever removed those jeans had no problem stripping and leaving the stuff right there. 

tl;dr underwear does a lot of work.



Everything Has Changed (Part Three)

Summary: In which everything changes when you discover Bucky’s true feelings for you in a very unconventional manner.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,540

Part Two

Originally posted by numbmimz

“Y/N?” A knock at the door accompanies the voice that just spoke, bringing a smile to your face. It’s a welcome distraction from staring at the wall, which you’ve been doing for four hours straight. There’s not much to do when you’re not allowed out of your bed. “Are you awake?”

“Come in,” you call back, propping yourself up against a few pillows. It takes some effort and your body rebels against the movement, but you grit your teeth and swallow back your groans. All the aches and pain are worth it. They prove that you’re okay. That you, unlike Antoine, are still alive.

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Should've Taken a Bath First, Honestly...

Context: It is nighttime. My character (a rogue) had pushed a note under our gunslinger’s door to come to her room to talk to him about something. He finally shows up like a day and a half later in game, as he had been holed up in his workshop tinkering. He is nearly completely covered in soot and looks awful.

Me: What…what happened to you?!

Gunslinger: Don’t worry, I’m fine, just a misfire! (his player indicates he shows his intact hands to my rogue) Look, I have all my fingers!


(she indeed proceeded to give him a short Talk about safety, despite knowing it was probably going to go in one ear and out the other. Gunslingers sometimes, you guys…)

listen y'all, I know we like to write Bitty as a “mom”, (I’ve been guilty of that too and its okay, like it’s totally fine) but. Bitty is twenty two and he is a frat boy who has grown up around athletes, he's gross and lazy and I would like to present you with some examples. okay, hear me out:

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Aaah your last meta about The Hug got me thinking - we have all these great analyses of Keith's body language but let's talk about Shiro's too!! From Allura's POV, you can totally see that Shiro has curled his whole upper body around Keith, and his head is tilted down, like he's kissing Keith's temple or whispering in his ear and Keith just leans into that touch, and they maintain eye contact even after they pull apart. It's SO loving and intimate, I'll never get tired of it. _(:3 」∠)_

Oh yeah of course! You’re right there really should be more on Shiro. Alright, so–before the hug starts, Shiro and Keith were already standing apart from the rest of the group. And they both look pretty solemn too. Keith especially looks really upset, so I imagine they might’ve been talking about something heavy before that. But then they both clasp hands and come together, and you can see all the tension in Keith just melt away. 

Shiro doesn’t even think twice before transitioning easily from the handshake into the hug, and Keith seems to know exactly what’s coming. So this must be something they’re both very familiar with. After all, Keith tells the Arusian “I don’t usually hug strangers.” But Shiro’s not a stranger, so he and Keith have probably done this plenty of times before. 

And being that Shiro is more tactile and usually the one reaching out, I’m pretty sure he knew that Keith really needed this. So much happened in BOM, and I guess the writers didn’t have enough time to really do a whole big followup about it. But after everything that came crashing down, viewers would want to know where they stand. And the hug is a quick and easy way to establish that Keith absolutely still has Shiro’s unconditional love and support. Keith was definitely the one who needed that hug, and Shiro was right there to comfort him. 

In all honesty, it’s probably very cathartic for Shiro to hold Keith like this too. I mean, the last time we saw Shiro embracing him, Keith was badly injured. Shiro thought he was actually dying. And Shiro’s first instinct is to hold him, as if clinging to him tight enough will keep him grounded and safe. And given that it seems Shiro does the shoulder touch thing more than Keith, we can infer that physical reassurances are vital to him. He’s a bit more open with physical contact than Keith, and so he’s more prone to seeking out support and offering comfort in a tactile manner. 

And you’re right, the way they turn and nestle closer to one another is just really sweet. And it honestly does look like a kiss and I’ll probably never get over that. But anyway, going by how Keith’s arm trails further down Shiro’s back, it looks like he tugged him closer. You never see Shiro’s face during any of this, but it’s obvious from his body language–and Keith’s facial expressions–that this is a very loving and tender, heartfelt moment. Their casual intimacy with one another demonstrates just how close they really are. Especially considering Keith’s somewhat touch averse behavior. 

And you know, the thing about Shiro and Allura that’s very interesting is this distance that’s established between them. Shiro is always facing away from her and everyone else–his gaze is for Keith and Keith alone. No matter what angle you catch him at, his back is always to the camera. This reinforces this idea that the hug is very much a private, intimate affair. 

Now, when they pull away from each other, you can see Keith is smiling. But then Allura catches his eye and she turns away–unnerved by how tender and affectionate a galra can be, torn by her own turmoil of warring emotions, looking almost guilty that she was caught clearly staring. And you can see Keith looks so crestfallen at that, so hurt by her rejection when she breaks eye contact. And yet, Shiro never even notices Allura. Even after Keith is no longer focused on Shiro, what’s Shiro doing? That’s right–he’s looking at Keith. Even though the moment has passed, it’s clear who has Shiro’s undivided attention. 

And actually, this kinda reminds me of that time when Shiro looks at Keith really fondly in Across the Universe. But then the Green lion shows up, and of course that grabs Keith’s attention right away. But for Shiro it just…doesn’t. He’s still looking at Keith for a split-second before actually glancing up to see what’s got him so shocked. So yeah, it seems like Keith just has a lot of Shiro’s attention. 

So yeah, I think you can still infer enough from Shiro’s body language to know that the hug was just as important to him. 

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Do you have any stucky post CW reunion headcanons?

So like, reuniting after cryo?

Yeah, so Steve is there in Wakanda, T'Challa tells him that it’s time to wake Bucky up again and Steve heads straight there. So he’s there, and when Bucky is taken out of cryostasis, he’s kinda panicked? Like just at first, his mind doesn’t link up that he was there by choice this time, he just remembers that coming out of the ice usually meant pain and Hydra and hurt. And Steve notices and he’s there at Bucky’s side instantly, just trying to get him to focus on him, trying to get his brain to like, recognise the truth of this situation. And Bucky finally does and his face is basically an exact mirror of when Steve found him in Azzano and he just touches Steve’s face and says his name like a prayer and Steve just smiles at him soft as anything and is like “Hi Buck”. And then a Wakandan scientist interrupts and Bucky gets lead away to be checked over, make sure everything is working as it should be working.
Steve waits in the room T'Challa has had set up for him, and a short while later there’s a quiet knock on the door, and when Steve opens it, Bucky’s stood there in sweat pants and a hoodie, and he looks younger than Steve has seen him look since before he left for War. Steve figures that 70 years on, it’s about time for him to come home from that war. Bucky shuffles on his feet like he’s not entirely sure of himself and looks up at Steve - something he really doesn’t think he’s ever going to get used to, being smaller than Steve - and says “Hi”, though it comes out more as a broken whisper.
“Hi” Steve says back, not taking his eyes off Bucky in front of him. There’s a silence that hangs heavy over them, and Bucky aches with the weight of it. He reaches out towards Steve and then hesitates “Can I?” he says, and Steve breathes out a “Please” and then they’re both pulling each other in to a hug that’s decades over due.
“I’m sorry” Steve says.
“Shut up. Nothing to be sorry for. I’m sorry.” Bucky says back, breathing Steve in, remembering home.
“Wasn’t your fault. None of it Buck, wasn’t your fault. I missed you, god did I miss you.” Steve says, running a hand through Bucky’s hair.
“I missed you too. Even when I didn’t know you, I missed you.” Bucky says back, tears starting to escape.
And there they stay, holding each other, remembering how it feels to be loved entirely, to be wanted unconditionally, to be safe, to belong, to be home.

When The Levee Breaks (Part 1)

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

Summary: It’s heartbreaking and it’s painful, but Bucky Barnes has learned to cope with the fact that you don’t remember him the way he remembers you.  But whether you remember him or not, he’ll protect you the way you used to protect him.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 1,977

A/N: I AM SO SORRY. This part was…sadder than I thought it would be. I’m being dead serious when I say this: I do not plan on making this fluffy, at all. Maybe like a lil fluff, but I want all of us to be in pain mostly c:

Part 1  / 2 (COMING SOON)


A page is turned. A breath is held in vain.

Mission Report
November 22, 1963

The prepping of the asset and his bulwark for this particular assignment commenced after the awakening of the asset. Asset showed no signs of resistance. The bulwark required several rounds of sedation.

At precisely 12:31 PM, as The President of The United States paraded down Main Street in Dallas, Texas, the asset took the shot.

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was pronounced dead at 1:00 PM.

The Winter Soldier and his bulwark have completed their first mission as a pair.

STATUS: Successful.

There’s a new dent in the old leather of the journal. His mind is preoccupied and it takes a while before he realizes he’s being watched.

“Don’t you think it’s time to put that ol’ thing down, Barnes?”

Silence. He stares at the worn journal in his hand, he stares at the disgusting Cyrillic script and another shard of his heart threatens to fall apart.

“Does she know? That she helped me kill the great President?”

The man, they used to call him an asset, sits like a slab of stone at the edge of the bed. He reads the report aloud once more as the red haired woman that stands at the threshold of his door listens.

“They made her my bulwark.”

Natasha Romanoff chews on her lower lip as Bucky crumbles like dust, his shoulders heaving beneath the weight of the cruel world. The one he helped doom.

“If it helps you feel any better,” She starts carefully, “According to her files…she doesn’t remember a thing, Buck. Hydra made sure of that.”

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I was a zero (still am if we’re being completely honest) and despite that, you saw me and you forgave me when I didn’t deserve it…

If you haven’t read this fic, you should read this fic. (Especially if you want a really well written slow burn with a side of solid, good nerdy flavour.)

I recently got to meet the author of this fic through the Anthologies, and I wanted to do something nice for them today. It’s supposed to look like a movie poster or promotion or something idk And I wanted to use my favourite line from the fic!

Anyway, I hope your day is good, Seal~! Thanks for sharing your lovely writing.

If loving you is wrong (I don’t want to be right)

Summary:  They live in a society where the Ministry for Procreation decides who you get to marry. Once you get the letter with the contact details of your partner, you are supposed to marry within few months. Sexual relationships with any other partner are forbidden, even before you receive contact details. Everyone who disobeys that order will be punished brutally.
Oliver and Nyssa have come to terms with that. Although they are married, Nyssa can secretly be with Sara, and Oliver can do whatever he wants to do. When Oliver decides to make changes, he falls madly in love with Felicity. Therefore. his life takes a pleasant turn because although they cannot publicly be together, at least they can be in secret. Things soon get complicated, though, when Felicity receives a letter that shall change her life.

Rating: Explicit

Chapter 1 of 16: Wasn’t expecting that

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PSA for reylo shippers: don't be afraid of haters

I’m one of those editors who carefully checks all the replies and tags people put on my edits because it’s nice to have feedback but only a few people come directly to you to tell you what they think about your work, so I have to check on my own. And one of the things I often read in tags is along the line of “let’s see how many followers I lose after I reblog this” or “I hope I won’t get hate if I reblog reylo”.

I hate what some people did to this fandom. I hate people who think they can ruin the fandom for everyone else, no matter which fandom it is. But this is not the point of my post.

The point of my post is to try and reassure those who are scared of haters. I’ve had this blog since May and I’m certainly not subtle about my love for reylo, and my edits are 99% about reylo as well and some of those edits have more than a thousand notes so you can guess they went around tumblr a lot.

You would expect I got a lot of hate, a lot of disgusting things, but it’s not the case. In my askbox, there’s just a handful of “bad” asks. And yes, sometimes under my edits I find a couple haters writing stupid things, but that’s it.

I don’t know if it’s just my luck, but I want to tell everyone who ships reylo or wants to ship reylo: do it freely. The backlash you might get is never as bad as holding yourself back from enjoying something you like. You might get a couple idiots in your askbox, but that happens for literally everything you might enjoy on this website, really. There’s no safe space here haha. So please, don’t hold back. Enjoy things, reblog things, do things about the ship or the fandom you like. Haters should never be given that much power.

Also, haters mostly write their own shit on their own blogs and yes, sometimes they crosstag but mostly if you don’t look for it and you follow the right blogs who aren’t into this war, you don’t see much hate at all. And I think one of the reasons I never got much hate is because I never reply to them. If they see that they can make you waste time or even break, they will attack you more. But if they see there’s a wall between their bullshit and you, if they see you just don’t give them the attention, they will give up almost immediately. After all, only 1% of the haters will come all the way to your askbox, and it’s not worthy to forbidden yourself from enjoying something just because of a handful of pricks.

Don’t hold back, don’t be scared and enjoy yourself!

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Is bread bad for cats? Is Oreo some strange cat from outer space?

In all honesty, it’s not something a cat should eat regularly. Although plain white bread is not poison or anything and won’t hurt them as far as any toxicity goes, it does contain carbs which can cause weight gain! Just like a human, a cat can suffer from obesity if their intake consists of too many carbs. There is no danger if your cat winds up with his head in the bread bag every once in a while, but it’s not something they should be fed as a daily food source. Oreo does not eat it everyday, contrary to how it may look sometimes 😹. The only toxicity concern you should have is with whole grain breads or if the bread contains nuts, onions or other ingredients that may be toxic to cats. Although not toxic, whole grain breads may cause stomach upset from high amounts of fiber. Breads with ingredients like onion, garlic, nuts or chocolate are toxic for cats. Oreo generally goes for the plain white bread. He also likes bread with oatmeal or corn. 

Prideship verse talk

Atem and Seto attend some big premiere for a KC product launch. It’s got red carpet and everything. Atem looks stunning in some slinky black gown with jewels down his back and Seto is sharp in his tuxedo

One of the reporters from the crowd snapping photos calls to Atem: “what are you wearing??”

He means what designer of course, but Atem’s expression slowly creases into something like confusion and he answers very carefully, “…clothes?” as if that fact should be obvious, and he fails to understand the cause of Seto’s ensuing giggles.

Imagine Happy Surprising You....

Request: fluffy happy where he surprises the reader on Mother’s Day.

A/n: cute happy ❤️

Happy walked into his sons nursery, looking at his baby boy, he couldn’t believe he’s already eight months old. The baby was laying in his crib, fingers in his mouth as always. Happy picked him up and went to dress and change him.
“Okay bud, today is Mother’s Day. I know, we gotta get mom something nice” Happy says to y/s/n, who replies with giggles. Happy quietly walks down the hallway, peering into the bedroom to see a sleeping y/n. Happy grabbed y/s/n car seat and went to the car.
“So bud, your ma, what should we do?” Happy asks, looking back at his happy baby, who looks just like his ma. Happy pulled into a the parking lot of a jewelry store, grabbing y/s/n he went inside.
“Hi sir, do you need help with anything?” The employee asks Happy who grunted.
“Yeah, Im looking for something that goes with birth stones or some shit like that” Happy says to the employee who walks in over to a display case. Happy gazed over all of the jewelry, from rings to necklaces.
“Could I see that locket?” Happy asks, the lady nodded her head and pulled out the necklace. Happy opened it up, he could put y/s/n birth stone on one side and mine on the other.
“This, I’ll get this” Happy said, handing the necklace to the lady. While waiting for the necklace to be made, Happy fed y/s/n, thinking of what else to do. She’s put up with Happys shit for eight years now. She deserves the world, happy thought to himself.
Happy buckled y/s/n in his car seat and headed to the grocery store. Y/n favorite breakfast is pancakes, so Happy will make her pancakes. Grabbing what he needed, he spotted flowers and grabbed them too.

When Happy pulled into the driveway, y/n was waiting at the door. Confused look on her face. Happy pulled y/s/n out of the car.
“Morning babe” Happy greeted her with a kiss, handing her flowers, her favorites.
“Morning, where have you two been?” Y/n asks, a smile on her face while holding her flowers. Happy took her hand led them all to the kitchen. Y/n put y/s/n in the high chair.
“Okay, you have a jewelry box and pancake mix, what are you doing Hap?” Y/n questioned Happy who started getting everything ready to make pancakes.
“It’s mother day babe, and you deserve the world” Happy says to y/n leaning in for a kiss.
“Now go sit with y/s/n and let me make ya breakfast” happy says, ushering her away, causing her to giggle. Y/n started feeding y/s/n a little when Happy came over with pancakes.
“Before you eat, I got you this” happy reveals the locket to y/n, she gasps at its beauty.
“Oh my god Hap, it’s stunning” y/n says opening the locket up. She walked over to Happy and sat on his lap.
“I love you y/n and you deserve the best things in life. Tara is coming to watch y/s/n tonight so we can have dinner and see a movie.” Happy tells y/n who gives him a big kiss.

Happy tag: @sarcastic-lunatic @redwoodog @soafanficluvr1 @fortheloveofthesoa @one-charming-life @khyharah @samcrolivesforever @redwoodog @calumonoxide @thegoodthebadandtheempty @soaoriginal @jade770 @supernaturalanarchy

Coffee “Date”- Bucky Barnes x reader (Modern AU)

Summary: You’d prefer keeping your music in your headphones, but some smartass decides to yank one out and listen to your music with you.

A/N: I am a big fan of Modern AU Bucky, and this was so much fun to write! The genre of music the reader likes is actually one of my favorite genres, electronic music, but you can imagine a different genre if you don’t like it :)

Warnings: none

Picture it: you’re sitting in your favorite coffee shop, looking at all the passerby out the window. Your favorite music playing from your headphones as you bring up the steaming drink to your lips.

That’s how a trip to the coffee shop should be like, but unlike your imagination, reality always had something different to offer. As you were enjoying your coffee, you felt the seat next to you sink a bit, but you didn’t look over. You hoped that by not looking, whoever it was would leave.

Again, reality had something else planned, but it caused you to show a reaction this time: you felt a hard tug on your headphones, and all of a sudden, you were pulled from your bliss.

“Fuck! What’s your…deal?” Your were about to yell, but your throat dried a little bit when you saw the man, causing you to take a swig of your coffee to bring your voice back. As you waited for a reply, you took the time to memorize at his features.

He had dark brown hair that was pulled back into a man bun, and his jawline was lined with a 5 o’clock shadow. As much as you hated to admit it, you were drawn to his icy blue eyes like a moth to a flame. Come on, Y/N, stay strong!

He still wasn’t replying after a couple second of staring at you.

“Uh, hello!” You were starting to get annoyed at this point, snapping your fingers in front of the man, bringing him out of his daze. He muttered a sheepish “sorry”, and you swore you saw a bit of pink on his cheeks.

“It’s fine, I guess,” you waved away his apology. “Didn’t know that having headphones on was a crime, though,” you continued. Judging by the looks of his face, his sheepish demeanor seemed to be gone.

“Nah, it’s not. What is a crime is that such a beautiful girl like you isn’t spending her time with a beautiful guy like me. Name’s James Buchanan Barnes, but you can call me Bucky,” the man replied with a wink.

“I’d say the real crime here is you stealing what was rightfully mine, Mr. Barnes: a good time, alone.” you quipped. James might have looked devilishly handsome, but your mood was still a bit off; after all, he did yank off your headphones.

The witty banter went on for the next five minutes, and you’d be lying to yourself if you didn’t enjoy it.

Don’t let your guard down, Y/N. Play hard to get: You told this yourself throughout the entire conversation. Multiple times.

“Are you always this cocky, James?” You were trying to hide your blush.

“I don’t know what you mean”, James feigned innocence, but his signature mischievous tone returned in a few seconds. “Do I get to know the name of the beautiful girl next to me?”

You didn’t know what force took over you in the next few seconds. You normally weren’t one to do this, but…

“You’ll see.” You stood up and walked to the barista to order a coffee.

“You have a drink right here! Damn, how much coffee do you drink?” James’ playfully pouted, and you really wanted to laugh. However, the words “hard to get” kept ringing in your head.

“James Buchanan Barnes, there is no such thing as ‘too much coffee,’” you said, air quoting those last three words. “Besides, you wanted to know my name. What better way than this?”

And with that, you turned around and, fighting your conscience, allowed yourself to do what you hid from Bucky: smile and chuckle to yourself at his pouting face. Sure, he seemed a bit cocky, but from the sheepish manner he first spoke with, he really intrigued you.

You thought about his smile. God, his smile. You were sure you were one of the many girls who could melt at a smile like his. But what made you fall for him completely were his eyes. Sure, you knew you were drawn to them, but even though his words suggested “asshole”, his eyes showed a sincere interest in none other than you.

Bucky also let his cocksure attitude slip away as he watched you walk away. When he first saw you, you didn’t pay him any attention, thanks to your headphones, but he couldn’t keep his eyes of your smile as you looked at passerby out on the New York streets. His mind didn’t want to let go of the way your Y/H/C hair perfectly framed your face and how beautiful you looked with your glasses.

His eyes traveled to your headphones, and all thoughts about you were gone and replaced with a new thought. An idea was brewing in his head as soon as he saw the tangled mess of wires.

You came back to your table after asking the barista for your drink, and your smile faltered a bit after you saw Bucky playing with your headphones. What is he doing?

Deciding to play along with whatever Bucky had in his mind, you walked up to him and put your hand on his shoulder, feeling him jump a little bit.

“Wow, you really didn’t see that coming,” you snickered. “Are my headphones really that interesting?”

“No, it’s not that,” Bucky smiled, but he seemed to be a bit self-aware, a stark contrast from his earlier behavior. “I was thinking…maybe we could, uh…make this a date?”

“The only conversation we had was close to an argument, Bucky,” you were a bit confused at this sudden change in behavior. “And besides, you don’t know a lot about me, let alone my name.”

“That, miss, is about to change,” Bucky’s eyes suggested that he had an idea, and you braced yourself for the return of his brash behavior.

“How about we listen to your music?”

Uh, what? This was new.

“Um..are you sure?” you tried to reason with him. “I don’t think you’d be into it, not a lot of people are…I’ve only known one person that has the exact same taste as I d–”

“Listen, I feel really bad about yanking off your headphones, it was a dick move. But I want to make it up to you,” Bucky interrupted you, putting one earphone into your left ear and putting one in his right ear. You decided against pulling your phone away from him, curious to see his reaction to your music.

Suddenly, the music of Flume filled your ears, and you couldn’t help but smile; electronic music always made you happy, no matter how you were feeling before. You were smiling, lip syncing to your favorite song, paying no attention to the outside world. 

Bucky, however, paid no attention to the music. He was looking at you. The way you smiled to yourself when your favorite song came up, the way your lips moved to the words that he paid no attention to, he loved looking at all of that. He loved looking at you.

You turned to Bucky, and gave him a smile -a genuine one- when you saw him staring. He immediately blushed and smiled down to the table. It was nice to see him smile like this.


“Yes, doll?” Bucky looked up at you, eyes full of hope.

“This is really nice,” you started to get up, laughing when Bucky reached for your hand. “But the barista’s been staring at us with my coffee for the last five minutes.”

Calmly walking back to your table after getting your drink, you saw Bucky look dejected. A quick wave of guilt washed over you, and your steps quickened, stopping when you were in front of Bucky. Bucky was probably cursing himself when he realized that he missed to hear your name.

You, on the other hand, had another plan quickly form in your head.

“So, Bucky, this was fun,” you started to pick up your stuff before you felt a hand on your wrist.

“Not so fast, doll,” Bucky’s voice was almost teasing you. “You owe me a name’” he winked.

“Well, I like a bit of suspense, but…” you drew out the word “but”.

“I can give you the next best thing.” You reached for Bucky’s cup, laughing at his slightly shocked face. Taking out a pen from your bag, you wrote your number on it, signing it “cute girl from the coffee shop”. And then, you left without another word, looking back at Bucky one more time before you exited the shop.

Bucky couldn’t stop staring at the door, wondering how he got the number of a really cute girl. He knew that he would meet up with you later…he just needed your name. And now, he knew how to get it.

Conversation with: cute girl from coffee shop

Bucky: hey there, doll :)

Cute girl: hey there, Buck :)


Bucky: you called me “Buck”….

Cute girl: well, of course I did! Why would I call you that if I didn’t like you?

Bucky: wow…

Bucky: I guess you better call the police, because I just stole your heart ;)

Cute girl: don’t push it. Nice pick-up line, by the way. So original.

Bucky: Really?

Cute girl: dude…there’s a thing called “sarcasm” XD

Bucky: wow, I guess I’ll have to watch out.

Bucky: so will you tell me your name now?

Cute girl: hm…let me think…no :P

Bucky: nooooo

Cute girl: lol I’m just messing with you. The name’s Y/N.

Bucky: that’s a beautiful name…Y/N. Would you like to go on another date with me, Y/N?

Cute girl: well, James…

Cute girl: I would LOVE to!

Bucky changed “Cute girl from coffee shop” to “Y/N☕️”

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K I just read that post you just reblogged about ADHD, and I just wanted to say something; when I was really little, some family members came to my mom, concerned about how I was acting. One on my dads side (I dont remember who, I was really young) mentioned that my mom should look into the possibility of me having ADHD. She, however, didn't think it was possible, because there was no way she would have a 'screwed up' child. Even now, I have a lot of issues that are associated with(1/2)

           (2/2) ADHD, but my mother never looked into it. I never found out if I really do have ADHD, but it still really affects me. I feel like parents should look into these types of things when their kids are little, even if they think it might mess up their kid. It won’t. If anything, finding out if your child has something that affects their brain should happen sooner rather than later, as it can make dealing with such things so much easier.          

I’m sorry you have to go through this! Being not diagnosed can really make it sooo much harder for you! I totally agree! For me, it isn’t a simple thing that can be ignored.

My family isn’t the most caring as well when it comes to issues like that, and I got only diagnosed in my teen years when I already had undeniable troubles in school. And as a gifted kid, is was very hard for people to even believe I struggled ever, and when I actually began to have it hard in school, people didn’t believe I could be possibly one of the smart ones.

I had ONE teacher that actually made an effort about me and I thank her very much, but sadly I had to change schools several times because none of my teachers cared on the whole. They saw a lazy slacker and an antisocial rebel and didn’t want to invest in me. My mother denied a family therapy because since I got diagnosed it was ‘obviously’ me ‘who’s got the problems’. Imagine telling that your child, making it feel like it turnt out completely wrong.

I tried to tell myself I’m not feeling like it was an illness! But this growing seperation towards neurotypicals makes me feel like it is. Society isn’t accustomed to our needs and ways of processing and handling things!

Too little people understand what we are going through, and even if we try to explain, people tend to have their own meaning about ahdh already and think they know about us. Simply making it harder, making fun, not taking any of it seriously, saying we’re making excuses.

Sorry to make this about me so much, but I think you and some other people might relate!

ADHD is part of my life, every day, and I have to make this extra effort to not fall behind.

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7 with cullen x aedra?

Boy, did I struggle with this one. 

7. Stalk

Cullen x Aedra 

Would it really be defined as stalking if he did it too?

Sera pointed it out at breakfast one morning. “You’re stalking him now?” she asked, laughing. 

Aedra blushed and just continued eating, what could she say? Should she just say that she’s seen him do it too? Glance at her when he thought she wasn’t looking, alter his own schedule just to bump into her? Cassandra told her that he needed to be at the training grounds that one morning but why did he show up at the War Room where she was? 

This wasn’t a one sided thing, no. Just like Cullen, she altered her schedule and stole glances. There was even that one time she wore something more revealing to get his attention and they live on a mountain, for Creators’ sake!

No, this was definitely mutual and it was definitely something that the others had noticed. Varric and Dorian giving her knowing glances, Bull bragging about how he had a discussion about knots and ropes with Cullen, Maker, Cassandra had even shooed nobles from a room they were both in. That was an awkward conversation. 

Who would make the first move? Would he? She? 

“I’m glad that you – that so many made it out alive,” she stuttered and turned red. He did too. 

No, she would make the first move and he would blush and be adorable like always. He glanced away as a small smile twitched at the corner of his mouth, the blush still bright on his cheeks. 

Sera was wrong, this wasn’t stalking. 

Was it? 

A month or so pass and they share a kiss on the battlements, feelings that were kept for so long are finally shared. The glances somehow increase and accidental touches become intentional. 

No, it wasn’t stalking at all. 

My style of writing is changing quite a bit…. I actually like it a lot more now. 

Thank youuu!!!

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question: what do you think nino's pokemon team would be? i've been reading some pokemon au fanfics and looking at fanart and idk i see people mostly give him pokemon like the azurill evolution line or buizel or something that has bubble attacks, and i think that's mostly due to him being the bubbler when he was akumatized. personally i'm not sure it fits him, though, but what do you think?

I have a whole tag called #pokemon ml au - that you should totally check out. I keep dancing around his entire team but i’ve got alot of posts about it

I’ll link a few

Trainer Question,  Nino’s main two 

i also want nino to have a sandshrew because of reasons. Perhaps a shinx as well? 

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For Baberoe: 5 times Babe kissed someone on a dare and one time he liked it.

AN: damn this got real wild real quick (ft babe/spina, babe/julian, babe/grant/lieb, OF COURSE babe/roe, and catch me sneak my own rarepair in there (tab/shifty)

It’s not so much the idea that Babe should start a kissing marathon as it is the idea that he can’t.

“Not possible,” Bill declares, sounding so sure of himself that Babe wants to punch him on principal. He’s got his arms crossed and is shaking his head. Whenever Bill declares something “not possible”, it probably means nothing good, and whenever he looks that confident, he deserves to get hit.

“What the hell do you mean?” Babe demands, sitting up straight. Bill is unimpressed.

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Okay, lovely people. I realise this is probably preaching to the choir, but hey–maybe this will open someone’s eyes? 

Don’t make fic authors feel like they need to defend their story choices to you, or persuade you to keep reading. If you aren’t enjoying a story, simply… stop reading. Don’t leave a review explaining what you’re concerned about, with the idea that they’ll tell you if the story changes into something more like what you’re looking for. 

That’s just flat-out rude. Even if you use polite language, the intent behind your words is rude. 

My beta readers have the right to question every choice I make in a story. That’s why they’re there. By the time the story reaches you, it is a finished product. If you think things should have been done differently, it’s up to you to decide if what you see as shortcomings are enough to stop you from reading, or if you’re willing to continue. I’ve stopped reading fics. I understand my writing and choices are not to everyone’s taste, and would never be upset with someone for quitting. (Especially since I didn’t even know this person was reading until they left a review that basically challenged me to convince them to keep reading.)

Necessary disclaimer because Tumblr:

If you are concerned about possible triggers, obviously it is okay to ask an author about those. If there’s a way to ask privately that’s best, just because sometimes the answer can contain spoilers. But seriously, never hesitate to ask those questions.