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Your greek mythology fics are absolutely beautiful, I'm speechless. Your writing captures the like dark/horror-esque tone of old fairytales and then blends in something more modern? It's brilliant and incredible and I love it. If you have the time/inspiration, could you write another? Preferably with lesbians and/or Artemis but literally anything at all is totally cool I just want so many more of these

Artemis is born first. She’s a babe for only moments, springing into gangly-limbed childhood between one breath and the next.

Her mother is red faced and sobbing, prostrate on the ground and reaching for her. “He’s too big,” she sobs, “He won’t come out – I’ve failed! Hera has won and I have failed!”

There’s blood, too much blood, blood that she herself is still slick with. “No,” she says firmly, kneeling in between her mother’s legs, “We have not failed.”

It takes too long, too much blood and screaming, but hours later Leto sleeps, exhausted and pained but alive.

Her brother does not grow as she did, and she cleans him and swaddles him and hold him against her chest. There is too much intelligence for a freshly born-babe in his eyes. She pets the soft golden curls on top of his head.

She looks to Leto, bloody and torn and nearly forced to die with her son inside of her, and decides that her mother’s fate will never be her own.

The only man she’ll ever love is the one currently in her arms.


Apollo grows, faster than he should but slower than her until they match, until they are not-quite adults, beautiful adolescents in a godly package.

Her brother worries her; sometimes he reminds her too much of their father and she fears for him. She’s never afraid of him, her golden twin brother, but in that regard she thinks she may be alone. He’s too smart and not careful and feels as if every beautiful thing is his to possess.

The first time he forces himself on a mortal woman, she shoots a silver arrow through his shoulder. It bleeds, an arrow shot by her, more than it would if any other goddess had done it. “They are mine,” she declares, standing in front of the scared girl with her torn clothes, “You will not touch what is mine.”

Apollo says, “Very well, sister,” slick with blood, and she wants to go to him, to heal him and take care of him as she has their whole lives, but she stands her ground. In this she will not be moved.

He leaves, and when she turns to comfort the girl she’s already gone.


Her brother doesn’t touch any other unwilling women after that, although there are still plenty of willing women. And why shouldn’t there be? Apollo is gorgeous and strong, brave and just when he forgets to be selfish and petty.

There are men, however, whom are not always so willing. Nothing so harsh as that first time with that girl, nothing that dramatic – but enough that it pains her to see the callous way her brother treats them. Artemis stays silent on that. She is not the patron god of all of humanity, and she can’t hoard them all.

Her brother is a warrior and a poet and harnesses his chariot to the sun so that he may bring light to all the world. She loves him, but sometimes – sometimes she hates him. She is a huntress and a midwife, a bringer of life and a taker of it, and there is something terrible in her power. She thinks this is what Persephone must feel like, as the goddess of spring and queen of the underworld. It’s intoxicating. But it is a quiet sort of power, a harder one.

He is the sun and she is the moon, and there are times she fears that is all she is – a reflection of her younger brother’s brightness, cursed to be nothing more than a poor imitation.


She’s fully grown the first time it happens, older than many cities and twice as beautiful as her brother’s sunrises.

She’s sweat soaked and blood covered, but the mother and her sons sleep soundly and safely after the difficult birth. If she were to tell the other gods this they would not believe her, but being the goddess of childbirth is her hardest job by far.

“Come,” the sister of the mother says, a pretty young thing with large eyes and a wide mouth, “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Artemis could clean herself up just fine, but allows the young woman to lead her to her room, to remove her blood stained clothes and run a warm cloth over limbs that are sticky with dried sweat. The woman goes to her knees before Artemis, running the cloth over her legs, and then the woman touches a place no one has ever touched.

Artemis jerks with surprise, looking down, her mouth agape. “My lady goddess,” the woman murmurs, parting her wide mouth and licking her lips, “I would thank you for aiding my sister, if you be willing.”

There’s a low curling heat in the pit of her stomach and something fluttering high in her chest. It’s something she hasn’t experienced before. “I am to remain a virgin,” she says, blank, because many men have looked at her like this woman and she was revolted by all of them. She’s not revolted now.

“Virginity is a man’s invention and a man’s concern, my lady,” the woman says dismissively, beginning to move her hands in way that makes Artemis flush all over, “There are no men here.”

That’s the last bit of talking they do until morning.


Artemis has many more eager women coming to her, offering to worship her. She accepts, again and again, and there’s never anything more than temporary sparks of desire, yet she enjoys all the women who seek her out, is delighted by them and seeks to delight them in return.

She is bathing in a lake one evening, golden hair having grown longer than she usually keeps it and brushing past her shoulders. She’ll have to cut it soon. She ducks beneath the serene, smooth lake, and when she pops her head up there’s the sound of rustling and footsteps, then clothing being shed.  

There’s a man dipping his toes into the lake, and Artemis rises, ready to kill him for his insolence.

Then she meets his scared eyes, and she’s done nothing to provoke his fear, not yet. Then she has to look again, eyes raking over his naked body, and this person certainly looks like a man. Yet –

“Who are you?” she demands, hands on her hips.

“Sipriotes, miss,” the person says, and bends to pick up the discarded clothes. “Apologies, I did not expect anyone to be here. I’ll go.”

“Why?” Artemis asks, taking a guess, “There’s plenty of water for two women to share.”

She knows she’s guessed right when Sipriotes’s mouth parts in surprise, and then widens in a pleased grin. “Thank you, lady,” she says, dropping her dress back at the lake’s edge and stepping into the water.

“Your hair is a mess,” she observes, looking at the tangled bun on top of Sipriotes’s head, “Let me help you with that.”

“It’s okay, miss,” she says politely.

Somehow this woman hasn’t figured out she’s a goddess yet. Artemis is in no rush to tell her – she’s scared enough of her as it is. “I insist,” she says, swimming over and twisting Sipriotes around so her back is to Artemis. The woman’s muscles are tense, and Artemis runs light fingers over the pale, criss crossed lashing scares. Artemis is smart, so she doesn’t ask the obvious, stupid question and undoes the woman’s bun. Her tangled long black hair tumbles down to her hips. “What a mess,” she says quietly, not explaining whether she talking about her hair or her back.

Sipriotes relaxes, tilting her head forward as Artemis gently untangles her hair until it lies smooth.


Artemis tries, but she can’t get the woman from the lake out of her head. She lives alone at the edge of the village, doesn’t bathe with the other women because they don’t welcome her. They don’t shun her, but they don’t wash her hair or her back and it makes Artemis’s blood boil.

She expects better from those she has claimed as her own.

The sun’s just setting when her brother appears at her side, watching her watch Sipriotes gather water from the well. “He’s not your usual type, is he?” he asks, leaning against her and tangling his fingers in hers.

“Yes,” Artemis says, “she is.”


For the first time in her life Artemis feels uncertain, but kicks at the door anyway.

It opens. The wariness on Sipriotes’s face is replaced by confusion. “Hi,” Artemis says, “Do you like bear?”

The creature is slung over her shoulders. She’d just killed it, and it occurs to her too late that a normal woman wouldn’t be able to casually hold a bear across her back. “I like you,” Sipriotes says, stepping aside to let her in, “you can bring the bear if you like.”

She offers Artemis warm wine and insists she sit as she skins the bear, sticking chunks of it on a spit and salting the rest of it. This time she keeps up a steady stream of conversation, eyes warm and smile soft, and Artemis wishes she could blame the wine for the heat on her cheeks.

“I like your shoulders,” Artemis says, watching her finish up preparing the bear meat.

Sipriotes pauses and turns to Artemis, eyebrow raised. Her dress is stained red with the bear’s blood and her silky black hair is braided to the side. Artemis wants to run her fingers through it. “You do?”

She stands, moves slowly in case this isn’t what Sipriotes wants, and presses her hands to her back the same way she had in the lake. “Yes, they’re broad. Strong. Like mine.”

Sipriotes turns, and Artemis trails her hands from her shoulders to her face, pressing her thumb against Sipriotes’s bottom lip. “The bear will burn,” she says, eyes dark.

“I’ll bring you another one,” Artemis says, walking her backward until they reach the bed, until Sipriotes’s knees hit the edge of it and she falls back, until Artemis can climb on top of her and straddle her waist.

Sipriotes holds up a hand, and Artemis captures it in her own and turns it so she can leave a butterfly kiss on each knuckle. “I know who you are, Artemis,” she whispers, “Are you – are you sure? No man can touch you.”

Artemis leans down, pressing more kisses across Sipriotes’s collar bone, and says, “There are no men here.”

That’s the last bit of talking they do until morning.

gods and monsters series, part v

Finally I’m done with this one. I wanted to explore Toffee’s clothing (and with this Septarian culture) since I saw that post . So, yeah I kinda mixed Byzantine, Indian, Chinese and Ancient Egypt (and maybe some more) stylies together.

Babysitters - Destiel Imagine Request

Request:  I want to request for a fic .. destiel fanfic where sam de-ages and turns into a baby and dean and cas take care of him and oh my god while doing it for a while they finally confess their feelings for eachother

Characters: Destiel, Sam, Rowena (mentioned), Mary (mentioned).

Word count: 2,554

Warnings: Unedited.

A/N: It’s been a while since I wrote a Destiel fic, so I’m excited yet scared about this one, because I don’t know if I fully captured each character’s escence (mostly because I get caught on the fluff). Hope you enjoy it!

“Dean, he won’t stop crying!” Cas complained as he tried to calm Sam down.

“He was always a cry baby..” Dean mumbled, taking his brother from Castiel’s arms.

The thing they were hunting, whatever it was, turned Sam into a baby before escaping. Therefore, Dean and Cas had to take care of him while they found a way of turning him back to his real age.

“Think we should call Mom?” Dean suggested after Sam stopped crying, “I mean she said she missed baby Sam and…”

“Dean.” Castiel spoke in a warning voice, “This isn’t what your mother meant.”

“I know, I know… I was just…”

“Give her time.” The angel interrupted softly. He placed a hand on Dean’s shoulder, a gesture they were both familiar with for it was Cas’ way of showing empathy.

Dean nodded, getting lost in the angel’s blue eyes until an awful smell reached his nostrils.

“What is that?” Dean shrugged.

“I think Sam evacuated.” Castiel said, wearing his usual squint.

“I’m not going to change my brother’s diapers again!” Dean fumed.

“Again?” Castiel squinted even deeper, reading Dean’s mind.

When Sam was just a baby and Dean was just a kid, John would leave them at another hunter’s house or even at a crappy motel, which ended in Dean having to change Sam’s diapers for nobody would.

It was a sad memory, but when were Dean’s childhood memories happy?  He had been alone, with his baby brother as company, growing up faster than anyone should. Castiel acknowledge his pain, taking it as his own.

“We’ll do it together.” The angel stated. If Dean’s feelings were loneliness when remembering said moments, Cas would try and make him company.


“Okay… Let’s do this.” Dean mumbled as he started changing Sam’s diaper with expert hands.

If Dean were a doctor, Castiel would be his nurse. The angel made sure to hand Dean any kind of supply he needed while the hunter did his job. Yes, there were some disgusted smirks from each, but they were done in five minutes.

“There you go, buddy.” Smiled Dean as he fixed the diaper for Sam to be comfortable.

Sam stood quiet and even smiley for longer than Dean expected. However, he was still a baby and, in no time, he was crying once more.

“Let me.” Castiel begged, taking Sam in his arms.

Dean sat down at the table in the war room, researching for a cure or at least any spell to age Sam back up. He was focused on the screen until Castiel’s low voice reached his ears, drifting any other thought away.

Dean stood up and walked to the next room where Cas was rocking Sam softly as he sung something in an unknown language. Dean stared in awe.

Once Sam had fallen asleep, Cas looked up at Dean. The angel blushed, unable to control his human vessel as he would like to, making Dean giggle.

“What?” Castiel asked in a rather grumpy voice.

“Nothing.” Dean smiled cheekily, “I didn’t knew you enjoyed singing.”

“It’s a lullaby in Enochian,” Cas explained, “We sing that to new born angels and kids that go to Heaven.”

“Whatever it means, Sam seems to like it.” Dean said, walking closer to the angel until they were side to side.

Dean looked down at his brother. He barely remembered how tiny and innocent Sam was when he was that age. The angel, on the other hand, had his blue eyes focused on Dean’s features, a habit he had developed over time.

“Do you like it?” Cas asked, emphasizing the second word. Dean looked up to his angel, freezing for a second by the intensity of his gaze.

“Yeah.” The well-known sex tension rose again. Both men staring deeply into each other’s eyes, their breaths mixing with the other’s as the rest of the world disappeared for the moment.

Baby or not, Sam hated that tension. They were always too scared to give the next step, leaving the whole room into an aura of tension and stress. He wanted to push them – they were so close he could easily make them kiss IF he was a grown up; but he wasn’t, and his frustration got expressed by a loud cry that took both men’s attention away from each other.

“What’s wrong, Sammy?” Dean asked in his motherly voice.

“I think he is frustrated, except I don’t know why…” Castiel calmed the baby by pressing two fingers on his forehead. “Tell me, Sam, what’s wrong?”

The exchange was far from strange to Dean’s eyes. Castiel would hum in response while Sam just stared at him. Yes, there were gestures and even slight movements from Sam, but those were the usual “baby” ones.

After a few minutes into the talk, Castiel’s cheeks turned bright red as his blue eyes widened. Dean tried to ask him about the reason to his sudden behaviour, but the angel only replied with a “I have to go” and the sound of his wings flying away.

Dean sighed heavily; he hated when Cas disappeared without any explanation. Then, he looked back down at his brother who, in spite of being a baby, gave him a knowing look.

“Don’t look at me like that, Sammy.” Dean begged, only to get a baby bitch face from his brother. “You’re a bitch, you know that?” Baby Sam tilted his head, “We’ve talked about this, Sam.” Dean growled.


It had been around three hours since Castiel disappeared. Dean had managed just fine, in spite of getting into silly arguments with his literal baby brother. Yes, he had cried with him, he had tried singing rock songs as lullabies and even tried to blackmail him into behaving… Of course, nothing worked as good as Cas calming Sam down, either by using his angelic powers or singing that Enochian lullaby.

“Sam…” Dean grumbled as baby Sam gave him another look, “No… I… Fine I’ll call him.”

Dean left his brother in bed. He was so tiny in comparison to the humongous bed he would use before turning into a baby, that Dean stared in awe for a whole minute before going back to his real task: Calling Cas.

The hunter placed both hands in place as he looked up to the ceiling. “Castiel,” he spoke, “I pray to you because I’m tired as hell and I’m pretty sure he wants you because you’re a definitely better baby sitter than I am and…”

“Hello, Dean.” Castiel spoke as he appeared in front of the hunter.

“Good to see you,” Dean smiled for a second before returning to his serious gaze, “why did you bail out on me?”

“Sam uh… He said something that required me to take some time away.” Castiel explained.

“What kind of things?” Dean inquired.

How was Castiel, an angel of the Lord, supposed to explain to Dean that his baby brother could tell how much in love he was with the hunter? It was insane! And not because they weren’t allowed (which they weren’t unless they got a special permission), but because Cas knew how Dean felt about angels.

“Private things.” Cas mumbled.

“Well, Sammy wants you here and I don’t know why.” Dean grumbled, gesturing towards the baby lying in bed.

The angel approached him, analysing his features and, presumably, reading his mind.

“Sam says he wants to listen to music…” Castiel squinted towards Dean, “I don’t understand why he would need me to come if you can play music for him.”

Dean felt a burn inside of him. Not because of Sam, but because he had just realized that he was the one to want Cas around, and his unconscious had betrayed him by misinterpreting one of Sam’s bitch-faces.

The angel walked over to the bureau, from which he took Sam’s phone. He searched for the music app and started playing it at a mild volume. Sam smiled and then fell asleep, like nothing had happened.

“You’re tired.” Cas observed as he turned around to face Dean.

“Well, my second in command flew away.” Dean complained.

“I’m sorry.” Cas apologised. Dean shove it off with a hand gestured and then both men went down to the library.

They sat down, one next to the other, to rest a little until Sam cried again.

“Was it easier when you were kids?” Castiel asked, breaking the silence of the room.

“Well, no… It’s kind of like the same, except now Sam seems to be less heavy.” Dean joked.

“That’s because you’re grown now, and have developed strength enough for Sam to seem lighter.” Castiel explained, like Dean didn’t know that already.

“That explains a lot, thanks.” Dean replied, acting like it was the first time he heard that. He knew Cas still didn’t know when a person knew something or not, as well as other things, so Dean would make it easier by following the angel. After all, it made him happy.

“Did you have to change another diaper?” Castiel continued to ask.

“Yup… A bunch of them, actually.” Dean replied, “It’s not the same without my angelic assistant.”

Castiel blushed lightly, looking down to his fidgeting hands. Dean followed his every move with loving green eyes.

“I won’t bail on you anymore.” The angel promised.


“I asked Rowena to come.” Dean informed as Castiel appeared in Sam’s room. The hunter looked worried.

“You must be in a real hurry… What happened?” Castiel asked concerned. Yes, he could hear Sam crying but it was nothing he hadn’t done before.

“He’s got a fever and I don’t know how to treat a baby’s fever… If he were older, I would just push him into an ice cold bath and give him a pill but…” Dean’s green eyes were full of fear.

“It’s fine, I’m here now.” Castiel comforter as he reached towards Sam’s forehead, curing him immediately after his fingers touched him.


Castiel put Sam to sleep, asking Dean to go to his own room and get some sleep. “I’ll take care of him” the angel promised, but when it came to Sam, Dean couldn’t rest until he was sure his brother was fine.

Castiel eventually appeared in Dean’s room. The hunter was wide awake, walking around the place nervously.

“How is he?” Dean asked.

“I cured him completely, and now he is sleeping.” Castiel explained.

“But what if he gets hungry? He is the kind of dude that snacks at midnight and…” Castiel hushed him by pressing a finger over Dean’s lips, a gesture he had never used before.

“You worry too much.” The angel remarked, “He will be fine… My only concern for now is you.”

“Me?” Dean hissed, “I’m good! Sam’s should be your only concern now! HE IS A GOODDAMN BABY!” Castiel nodded patiently.

“I’m aware of your brother’s sate,” He spoke, “but you are no better.”

Dean huffed in frustration. Yes, he was feeling like crap but he was sure that it was only because Sam was still a baby and Rowena was late.

“You’re stressed Dean.” Cas observed.

“No shit, Sherlock.” Dean replied sassily.

“I’m Castiel, not Sherlock.” The angel squinted but shove the thought aside, “You’re always taking care of the others, and you never worry about taking care of yourself.”

“I don’t need to be taken care off.” Dean argued, but the angel had his mind set and forced the hunter to lie in bed.

“Just rest,” Cas begged, “I go this.”


“Why isn’t she here yet?” Stormed Dean as he entered the kitchen.

“Why are you up?” Replied Castiel.

Dean looked at his angel. He was hiding something behind him, and he looked guilty as ever.

“Why aren’t you with Sam?” Dean inquired angrily.

“Sam is safe; I just came down to…”

“You were supposed to be with him!” Dean interrupted angrily.

“He doesn’t need be to watch him all the time!” Castiel replied in the same tone.

“HE IS A FREAKING BABY!” Dean insisted.

“I understand your concern, but he is fine. Trust me.” Castiel begged patiently. His voice was so soothing, it made Dean forget all his worries. “I got you some pie.”


“Why is he crying?” Dean whined.

“I don’t know… He is just crying for nothing!” Castiel answered.

“You drama bitch!” Dean hissed at his baby brother who was crying like he was being tortured.

“Dean, don’t call him that.” Castiel begged. Dean sighed heavily and left Sam in bed, then stood up and found himself face to face with the angel.

“I don’t know what else to do, Cas.” Dean confessed in a trembling voice.

“We’ll find a way.” Cas promised.

Another strange gesture followed, for Dean held Cas’ hand in his tightly. It wasn’t like they hadn’t hold hands in the past, but this was different; it wasn’t a handshake, or a high five, less to say a grip to save the other’s ass from falling from a rooftop. It was different.

“Thanks.” Dean melted, allowing Cas to take full control of the situation.

Cas pulled Dean into a not so friendly embrace, his mind thinking of any kind of solution possible. He had tried using his powers, but Sam kept crying like it was the end of the world; Rowena hadn’t arrived and Dean was a mess… Castiel had to think fast.

“Some parents leave the baby to cry, because they know he will get tired and stop crying at some point.” Castiel spoke. Dean looked up at him with redden eyes.

“Let’s try that.”  Dean tried to smile in vain.

They weren’t going to leave Sam alone because he was literally rolling from one side of the other in bed, which could end up in him falling. However, they did ignored his crying – which was really hard for Dean and his soft heart.

“It’s fine, he’ll stop.” Castiel repeated over and over again as he pulled Dean’s face away from Sam. “Dean, look at me.” The angel begged.

“My head aches.” Dean confessed with a weak smile. He was finally adjusting to Sam’s crying.

“I can fix that.” Cas offered, but Dean shook his head.

“It’ll go away.” Dean stated, “So this is what real parent do, huh?”

“I believe so, yes.” Castiel replied, trying to smile back at his hunter.

“Does that make us good parents?” Dean inquired jokingly.

“I guess it does… I mean, only if you want to.” The angel replied shyly.

“I do want to…” Dean spoke softly.

Suddenly, their eyes were connected and the tension was back in the air; except this time it didn’t last much. Before they could process what was going on, their lips were over the other’s, both of their scruff finding a way to become one as their arms wrapped each other.

They broke the kiss, blushing like never before. Suddenly shy, suddenly happy – it felt like the right thing to do. Their minds were so focused on each other, they didn’t realized until later that Sam was no longer crying; instead he was staring at them with a big, toothless grin on his face.

“Son of a bitch.” Dean mumbled, unable to hide his growing smile.

“Guess we know now why he was crying.” Castiel shrugged.

“Yeah.” Dean looked at his angel, holding his hand tightly.

Yes, they would be great parents one day.

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Do you have any Headcanons when Jay was Robin dealing with his crush on Nightwing?

Haha, okay, recently I’ve been receiving quite a lot of headcanon requests. Haha, I just hope you guys like my ideas, they’re not for everyone (definitely), but yeah… 

1. Jason hated Dick.

2. He hated him, like those rivalry siblings grew up hating each other. He was never good with his temper, always too competitive, too angry, too needy for Bruce’s attention.

3. But the more you hate someone, the more attention you pay to that person. 

4. Dick was always about morals and finesse, compassion and tolerance. He was everything strange, wrong and alien to Gotham and Jason’s world. 

5. Jason hated Dick because he was everything this world couldn’t be, and definitely didn’t deserve. Jason hated Dick, and hated that he couldn’t really hate him. 

6. And Jason wasn’t blind, he wasn’t an adult either but living on the streets demanded a child to grow up faster than they should. He knew Dick was beautiful, right from the very first moment.

7. It got worse because Dick was Dick, and Jason was just growing. Dick always said things that got his heart and always knew how to make his breath stop. 

8. Dick liked touching, and Jason hated touching him because god, the guy gave him lightning and butterflies. Dick liked watching, and Jason felt like he couldn’t breathe under the force of those blue eyes. Dick liked talking, and Jason was scared if he didn’t move he might do things to those lips.

9. Dick thought he hated him, but Jason only hated him for giving him these feelings. 

10. He wanted Dick to know, but didn’t want to tell him. Wanted to have him, but saw Dick’s lovers come and go, and understood: “It’s fine. I wouldn’t choose me either.

Part Of The Family

Originally posted by darkernights13

Characters: Y/n, John, Dean, Sam

Pairing: John x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, absolute fluff. Just cute kiddie Dean and Sam having fun. Accepting into the family. Just pure fluff.

Word Count: 1118

Summary: Y/n and John take the boys to a carnival.

A/N: Ok, just random fluff that I wanted to write. Cos I love me some John and cute little adorable Dean and Sam being happy. Hope u like it!!

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The Family They Deserve Masterlist

“John Winchester! Would you hurry your butt up?”

“Just a second, princess”.

“Can we please go now?” Sam whined, pulling at y/n’s hands and trying to drag her to the car.

“We need to wait for your daddy, baby”, she answered, leaning down to scoop him into her arms, letting the boy play with her hair again.

“Dad! Hurry up”.

Y/n chuckled, seeing John hopping out of the cabin, trying to fit his foot into the shoe properly.

“I’m here”.

Y/n rolled her eyes, waiting for him to unlock the impala.

She got in, Sam beside her, Dean sat up front this time.

“So-you guys ready to have some fun?” she teased, leaning forward and ruffling Dean’s hair.

Sam began giggling in anticipation, Dean not able to keep the smile off his face.

“You got everything?” John asked, looking at y/n from the rear-view mirror.

She nodded, sitting back and looking out of the window, occasionally playing a few games of rock paper scissors with Sam, while John drove them to their destination.

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Prettier When You’re Broken [Darkiplier x Reader]

A/N: I told myself I wasn’t going to write anything like this, yet here we are. I had so much fun with this. Which, given the content, is a little odd, but my god I haven’t been this excited to write a fic in years. I was cackling gleefully and clapping my hands together throughout the whole thing.

I just. I loved writing this. I love the result. Hope you have fun with it too.

RATING: SFW, includes just a brief kiss. 

CONTENT WARNINGS: There is a lot of pretty messed up shit in this. Blood, injury/light gore, choking, suicide attempt/suicidal thoughts, brief mention of insects if that freaks anyone out, psychological horror elements.

You’ve never been more terrified of dinner and a date.

It’s not necessarily because of the man in front of you, although that is certainly a contributing factor. He looks… suave, for the time being. Controlled. He’s wearing that deliciously form-fitting suit, speaking smoothly, smiling. He knows he’s a damn charmer.

And that’s what terrifying. That Dark is even keeping up the façade – that means that he wants something.

Just running into him you could have handled. Since you’ve clearly made some very poor life decisions to even end up encountering Dark in the first place. But you know what he’s like. What he’s capable of. It’s stupid to imagine you ever had any chance to stand up against the full weight of that vengeful, seething power, but at least you would have stood against him at all.

At least you would have stood against him, instead of feeling yourself being charmed in spite of everything.

You stare at the table, keeping your head down as much as possible. Stabbing viciously at the delicate spread of meats on your plate.

He’s hard to ignore. He has that… presence about him. It’s alluring, but raises the hairs on the back of your neck at the same time. Despite that, you do your best to pretend he’s not there. Just get through the meal and get the hell out, that’s what you tell yourself.

You’re so concentrated on trying not to think about him that you don’t even noticed he’s stopped talking until it’s too late.

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I’m sorry if this has already been asked before but I / really / want a hedgehog but haven’t found any reliable care sheets for them that I trust. Thankfully, I follow your blog and your hermit crab care is astounding so I was wondering if you could maybe run down the basics of their care and what I should potentially feed it? :)

Hedgehogs were my first love, so I’m usually pretty happy to talk about them! :) I’ve been a moderator on these forums for a number of years & joined back in 2009, shortly after I got my first hedgehog - They’re not perfect, but I think there’s a fair amount of good information, especially for new owners.

The stickies (threads at the top of the forum section) have a lot of good basic information. Here are some of the really important ones to check out:

Health FAQ section

Beginner Nutrition Guide

Advanced Nutrition Guide

Safe Treat List

Insect Guide

Fresh Food Guide

Raw/Home Cooked Diets

Enclosure & Toys:
Heating Info

Enclosure Examples

Enrichment & Toys

Behavior Expectations



HedgehogsofAsgard’s FAQs 

Hedgehog care tag on my blog

Common Misconceptions

Some more basic care info that may not be listed in above links:

Enclosure: Should be a minimum of 8 square feet. Solid floor, and solid walls up 8-10″, at least - they like to try & climb & can injure themselves in falls. Keep heating in mind - if you’re in a cold climate or keep your house cold, a vivarium is a better choice. Best to keep cages as one level, but if you want to use multiple levels, make sure ramps & second levels are enclosed. Hedgehogs have poor depth perception & will often walk right off an edge.

Temperature: Should be 73-80F (23-27C). Best to keep temperature relatively steady - some do okay with fluctuation, but drops over more than a couple degrees can cause a hibernation attempt in sensitive hogs. They can also become more temperature sensitive as they get older. They handle hotter temperatures better than cooler, but every hog is different. Typically best to start around 75-78F & adjust from there as you get to know your hedgie.

Heating: Do NOT use heating mats - space heater, CHE set up, or radiating heat panel (RHP). The third have not been used for hedgehogs much yet, but I hope to get one for Bindi at some point. More info on heating set ups in the link above.

Lighting: Not enough light can also cause hibernation attempts. They should have 12-14 hours during the daytime - don’t depend on daylight, as it gets too short in the winter & storms can make it too dark. Best to have a light for the cage or put a lamp near the cage. Timers help with keeping light schedule regular & eliminating the concern of forgetting to turn it on/off. No light on at night - it can discourage many hedgehogs from normal behavior.

Nutrition/feeding: This is mentioned in the links above, but to stress the point -  hedgehog foods are crap. Cat foods are not ideal, but the best option we currently have. Check out the Beginner Guide for specifics on protein, fat, and ingredients. The Advanced Guide goes a bit more in depth with ingredients, choosing brands, etc.

It’s really preferable to have insects included in their diet - they need more fiber than cats (insect exoskeletons) & the majority of their natural diet is insects/invertebrates. The US hedgehog community doesn’t tend to stress insects enough, really. If a hedgehog won’t eat them, it won’t kill them not to have them. But every effort should be made to include insects in their diet daily. 

Do a lot of research if you want to try out a home-cooked or raw/natural diet. There’s not a lot of specific info known for hedgehogs, but @hedgehogsofasgard has a great post on hedgehog nutrition in her FAQ & we’re working on getting more of a community going for English-speaking hedgehog owners who want to feed raw/natural diets. It’s already fairly common in some other European countries, like Germany, Russia, and I believe some others.

Grooming: Hedgehogs poop on their wheel, so usually need foot baths, sometimes even nightly. Just a half inch or of water to get their feet clean is fine. Full baths shouldn’t be given more than every other week or so - it dries out their skin & most hedgehogs don’t like water & are very distressed by baths. If they get dirty more often, you can use a warm wet cloth to wipe them down. For full baths, use an oatmeal-based body wash (not shampoo) if you need to use a soap of some kind.

Nails should be checked frequently & will need to be trimmed weekly or every other week. It can be difficult, so go slowly & be patient. Work at getting your hedgie used to having feet played with during your nightly bonding time by lightly grabbing, rubbing, and pulling them out to look at them. You can use cuticle scissors, regular human nail trimmers, baby nail trimmers, or pet nail trimmers - whichever is comfiest & easiest for you. Back nails typically grow faster, but front nails typically grow curved & should be watched carefully for curling so they don’t start to injure the paw pad. 

*** Do NOT use nail trim inserts on the wheel! Hedgehogs run on the pad of their foot - these inserts will rub their foot raw & do nothing for their nails. Inserts of any kind should not be used on hedgehog wheels due to the risk of getting tangled on their feet/legs - just wash the wheel daily or as often as needed to clean poop off it.

Bedding: Another area the US differs a lot on. Fleece/fabric liners are popular over here. They’re reusable, easy to change out & clean, look cute, and they don’t have a lot of safety risks. The biggest risk with them is if you have long hair - it clings to the fabric & hedgehogs can get hair wrapped around their legs (or penis, for males) & cut off circulation. But they don’t allow for digging, which is a major natural behavior. People try to accommodate this by giving dig boxes with natural substrate, fleece strips, craft pompom balls, etc., which some hedgehogs will use.

Other options include aspen or kiln-dried pine (risk of mites & getting caught in penile sheaths), paper bedding (minor risk of mites, can be dusty & cause dry skin & sneezing), or a naturalistic/bio-active set up. There’s more info on that last one in Hedgehogsofasgard’s FAQ link and also a FB group.

Vet Care: Be prepared for vet bills. Hedgehogs are notorious for racking up big vet bills. If you’re in the US, look into vet insurance - Nationwide is the only one that currently offers an exotics plan. It’s only about $8/month for a hedgehog, well worth it! Have a vet fund ready, with at least $500 in it. Also check into CareCredit, a credit card specifically for vet/health costs. High interest rate on charges less than $200, but 6+ month payment plans with no interest for amounts $200 & over, so it’s helpful for surgeries or expensive diagnostic tests like biopsies, x-rays, etc.

Have a vet located before you get your hedgehog. Exotic vets are harder to find & often more expensive. Find out how experienced they are - whether they’re just willing to see hedgehogs, but haven’t seen many or any, see hedgehogs a few times a year, or if they’re pretty well experienced. Less experience isn’t necessarily bad, but make sure they’ll be willing to work with you to find the best treatments & care for your hedgehog.

Those are most of the main topics I can think of. If there’s any major ones I missed, let me know and I can expand on it! :)

Just another Shiro theory: Is Shiro really a clone or is he just being corrupted / controlled by his Galra arm?

While it’s fairly obvious that something is different with S3 Shiro (Kuron), I’m still not sure that assuming that he is a clone or not the Shiro from S1/S2  makes a whole lot of sense either. What was the point for all the angst and drama in The Journey if this isn’t the Shiro that we all have grown to love?

And while one can argue that The Journey was to make Kuron a sympathetic character, to show that even though he’s a clone he is also person with feelings and he believes that he is the real Shiro. However, if Kuron is indeed a clone then he is basically a new character. His narrative is different from that of the Shiro from S1/S2 (Real Shiro). If that is the case, then what happened to the Real Shiro’s narrative?

I think if he didn’t look so weird when he first stepped out on the Castle bridge in Tailing a Comet many of the audience would believe that long-haired Shiro was the real deal just looking a little bit worse for wear because of his captivity.

All throughout The Journey he acted consistently with his characterization - a never give up attitude, hazy memories and visions, a resilient fighter and survivor,  always doing the right and honorable thing, and a willingness to work with others. And the fact that the Black Lion was the one who was able to find him would corroborate that this is the Real Shiro.

Only in hindsight would we question all of these when we see that the Black Lion would not respond to him and then when he started giving conflicting and questionable instructions to the point that he was undermining Keith’s leadership.

But what if its the same Shiro all along except somehow his quintessence is slowly being corrupted?

We know that Haggar creates and engineers Galra technology through the manipulation of quintessence. We also know that prolonged exposure to quintessence has been shown to change a person as Honerva was changed (corrupted?) by her years of experimenting with it. In Crystal Venom, we saw that Galra tech (presumably infused with quintessence) can corrupt other systems. 

Shiro’s arm is basically Galra technology so this means it is infused with and powered by quintessence that Haggar has manipulated.

But quintessence isnt necessarily bad but more of a neutral force that can be used for either good or bad. Voltron was also made through Alfor’s years of quintessence experiments yet he was never corrupted by it the same way Honerva was.

That is because their intentions for the quintessence were different. Intent is the key here. Alfor wanted to use quintessence for peace and the betterment of the universe, Zarkon wanted to use it to make himself more powerful and Honerva started out wanting to gain knowledge from quintessence but escalated to wanting to use that knowledge to gain more power. In the end, it was their fear of death that ultimately corrupted them.

Fast forward to 10,000 years later and the Galra, through Haggar and the Druids, have almost perfected the harvesting and manipulation of quintessence. In Collection and Extraction, we see the the Druid transform raw quintessence into standardized Galra fuel, turning it from yellow to purple. This is the kind of quintessence that runs the whole Galra Empire. This Galra quintessence is what’s used to sustain Zarkon’s life force, to power all of their technology, to create robeasts, etc. It’s basically the space juice that has allowed them total universal domination.

Galra tech can only be accessed by Galrans the same way that only Alteans can operate their own tech. It may have something to do with keeping the purity of bloodlines or maybe more as a precaution that their own technologies and weapons be never used against them.

Shiro was given Galra technology that basically turned him to a weapon but then he uses this tech to fight the Galra Empire. Why is that? A theory from a while back has posited that Shiro’s arm was supposed to be subjugation tool for the Galra to be able to control him but he was able to break that hold. Maybe he escaped before the programming was finished or maybe his quintessence is stronger than whatever corrupted Galra quintessence powers his arm. Maybe it’s both.

As early as S1, the topic of Shiro becoming Galra has been a recurring theme. All of his confrontations with Sendak and Haggar play with his fear of being turned into Galra. It might have been the reason that he was so adamant about Keith becoming leader. Maybe the arm has been doing something to him from the start but because of unfinished programming or his strong intent to do good he is able to keep the corruption at bay.

Another thing to add is that Haggar’s robeast experiments entail being able to program a living being to do her bidding. She programmed the seemingly innocuous animal (which was later showed running around free in the Ulippa System) with the objective of destroying Voltron. Same thing happened to Prorok whose free will was zapped once he became a robeast. My guess is that since all of Haggar’s experiments include manipulation of quintessence then she is using the Galra quintessence as a way to change and control living creatures.

So if Haggar was turning Shiro into the Galra Empire’s greatest weapon then it would only be natural that she would program him to follow her commands. Haggar wouldnt want a sentient weapon who was defiant to her and the Galra. But in Shiro’s Escape, he was still being defiant with his captors. His defiance may be the reason that he became a symbol of hope to the enslaved beings who want to be free of the Galra. And if Ulaz hadn’t freed Shiro the Galra may have completely turned him into someone who was unequivocally loyal to the Galra only.

So what if the Shiro that returned in S3 is the same Shiro except this time has been fully programmed to align with the Galra?

One of the earliest observation of S3 Shiro is that his robot arm only lights up to wrist when he activates it

Whereas in previous seasons his whole forearm lights up purple all the way to the elbow when he activates his hand.

In The Rise of Voltron, when Shiro first tries to use his hand to fight he is immoblized by it almost as if he was in pain.

Then something happens to his hand and then he is able to destroy all those Galra soldiers. 

At that time he doesnt even know how was able to kick ass like that. The theory is that Shiro was able to break whatever safety lock his Galra arm had.

So in S3, the Galra could finally have successfully programmed Shiro’s arm to control him after he was captured. S3 Shiro could be both the same good ol’ Shiro and the Galra Shiro, a sort of Shiro-in-flux.

That is why the Black Lion went on autopilot to tell Keith where the dying Shiro is because it’s still the same guy. The quintessence that the Black Lion detected is the same quintessence that it chose to be its Paladin.

Because quintessence is basically like the spirit of a person and the soul cannot be duplicated. Even a clone will have a different quintessence. The Lion-Paladin bond is a synergy of each others quintessence because the Lions also have their own quintessence that is why they are sentient. So the bond between Lion and Paladin is very much like a spiritual bond.

The only reason it took so long for the Black Lion to detect Shiro is because it only goes out on a limb for him when he is near death. In Across the Universe, Black Lion only activated for Keith when Shiro was resigned to dying. Maybe Shiro’s resignation to death it what makes the Black Lion go on autopilot. I mean if Shiro has given up then that means things are seriously Not OK which is what signals the Black Lion to step in for its Paladin.

(Sidenote: Despite all the fandom jokes about Shiro wishing for death it is the farthest thing about him that it could possibly get. Shiro is resilient and a survivor. He will fight to the very end. But at the same time he also seems to not be afraid to die which why some think he is fatalistic. I think that what ultimately sets him apart from his predecessor Zarkon because wanting to live forever all boils down to fear of death and loss.)

So why did the Black Lion not respond when Shiro tried piloting it? 

Because of the corrupted Galra quintessence which is present in his arm and the successful programming of control over him. The Black Lion may already know what Shiro doesn’t. Shiro may think that he’s still the same person but his arm is now not aligned with his noble intentions. Shiro has a strong and noble spirit but Galra quintessence is insidious. It could use his trauma and his fears against him to make him do questionable things. Or he could just become some sort of possessed demon with yellow eyes. Either way, it’s not good for the team. And the Lions also look out for the team as much as its individual Paladins so Black Lion will reject its beloved Paladin to protect the other Lions and its Paladins.

But what about the long hair? What about the obvious use of the Japanese word for clone? What about the visions Shiro saw of being experimented on? What about Subject Y0XT39? What about the camera sounds of his eyes?

Maybe the quintessence experiment made his hair grow faster? It turned it white the first time around. Maybe the Galra are creating an army of Shiro clones? Maybe the Shiro clones they’re creating are really robots and not human?

I mean if they’re really cloning an actual flesh-and-blood human being, how would they go about it? Would they create embryos out of thin air? Would they grow babies out of pods? Would these pods speed up the growth of the babies? Is there a machine that can create human parts and assemble it to churn out full grown 25-year-old human beings? What are the logistics to be able to create a clone? Haggar’s magic quintessence experiments could probably explain all of it but still if Haggar can clone an organic being out of thin air then she can probably make hair grow faster than it should.

the-libertarian-transhumanist  asked:

Have you ever considered that when the government injects itself into the economy by mandating public student loans and healthcare, it not only kills off small businesses but also drives premiums and interest rates up due to a lack of competition?

Government mandates for coverage bought from private companies is exactly what drives up costs. The essential part of a capitalistic economy is that all transactions need to be voluntary in order for it to function optimally. 

I am fairly sure those are statements that you agree with. 

I bet our conclusions to that premise is wildly different, though. 

In order for a transaction to be voluntary, it must not be for something necessary to live. A transaction for an essential good is someone literally holding a ransom over one’s life. That is why I support a Universal Basic Income (UBI) and single payer healthcare.

A college education, on the other hand, is a public good and should be treated as such. Many more people benefit from someone attending college than just the person attending. 

I don’t think there is anyone that can argue against lower crime rates, increased governmental economic security without raising taxes and a faster growing economy. 

And that is why we should not have mandates but make college free for everyone.

- @theliberaltony


Oh Ed…bby, you of all people should know that Men grow faster than elves *shakes head slowly*

Back to the lotr crossover i’m afraid ^^’. 

This time i’m playing around with my headcanon nº2 in which Roy meets Ed as a child and loves to follow him around the place and offer him stuff, like flowers, pretty rocks and whatever children like to offer people xDD and Ed finds the whole thing terribly amusing embarrassing.

Well, a few years later, Ed stares dumbfounded at the now twenty something year old Roy and can’t quite grasp what the hell happened when he was gone.

Alphonse, being a lil’ shit awesome brother he is, never stops reminding Ed how hilarious he looked when he saw Roy. Fucking brat.

Poor Ed, hahahahah 

If the draws look different it’s because they were made in different days and my hands are weird like that *shrugs*

Hmm, enjoy~~ 

Nanami and Her Rapid Maturity

I had a thought, and it’s not super well formed, but I kind of feel the need to throw it into the void.

Originally posted by azumarrill

Nanami Kiryuu from Revolutionary Girl Utena begins the series as perhaps the most immature and absurd character and even has a tendency toward cruelty. This tendency appears to be more out of a sense of selfishness than sadism, but it’s there nonetheless.

But throughout the course of the series, her maturity excels, and aside from Utena and Anthy themselves, may possibly be one the the most disillusioned character at the end of the show. This is especially remarked upon by the fact that she isn’t introduced to the duels until closer to the end of the first arc, but the turning point in her arc comes even before Touga’s, a character who’s always giving the impression of maturity and adulthood and shown in relative positions of power and was perhaps the most deeply involved in the duels at the beginning of the series (aside from Akio and Anthy of course).

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anonymous asked:

My friend said your blog is amazing, I read what you posted. . . AND YOU ARE! [Fangirls] \(°♡°)/ Ummm. . . If it wouldn't be too much to ask. . . May I request a nsfw scenario of Toshinori with his s/o, she is a teacher too, getting at little fisky at the school. After classes are over and most of the staff has left. He wants to take her against the wall of one of the offices and it's their first time being sexually intimate while he is in his hero form ¿?

Omg!! You’re such a sweetheart, thank you so much!! <3 And of course it’s not too much, I love getting requests from you guys! I hope this one is okay too! Enjoy!

Word count: 1105.

NSFW Warning.

All Might:

The bell rang, signaling the end of another day of classes, an avalanche of teenagers ready to go home making a hell out of the hallways, which up until seconds before were silent and peaceful. The teachers were the last ones to leave the U.A. as of usual, waiting to answer questions from their students, or simply because not even pro heroes like them could handle the mess in the hallways without drowning.

“Knock, knock,” called [Name] with a soft smile on her face, peeking through the door into the teacher’s lounge. She was expecting the room to host but a bunch of teachers preparing to make their leave, but she only found one and, by far, her favorite. Her smile widened. “Hello Toshi.”

“Hello, love!” He called back throwing his usual smile over his shoulder as he sat on his desk, hovering over some papers. “I’ll be done in a second.”

“Okay,” she nodded, strolling towards where he was sitting, and sparing a glance at the work on the table; those were some exams from class 1-A; she smiled widely. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m grading some exams. A couple more and we’ll go home.”

“Hmmm, I see. Grading,” she repeated, the smile on her face stretching into a knowing smirk. “And, Toshi…”

“Yes?” He asked carefully, a drop of sweat rolling down his cheek slowly.

“Ever since when do you grade exams exactly?” He visibly flinched and she had to keep a snicker quiet inside her. “Because I have never seen you, and I’ve been working here for nearly as long as you have.”

He stilled the pen in his hand and jumped a little when he felt her hands on his stiff shoulders, breathing a small laugh and whispering into his ear, nearly with malice.

“Were you waiting for me?” Her tone was sweet as honey, and by that time she had given herself the permission to, quite literally, drag him away from his “responsibilities” by turning his wheeled chair around, his darkened eyes staring at her.

“I was waiting for you,” he gave up with a sigh, smile never faltering, as it never did.

“And how come you are in your hero form?” She had taken the liberty to sit on his lap, under his attentive gaze. His mouth hung open for a second, pondering on the words, but that curious stare of hers was making it difficult for him to find his words.

“I-I wanted to…” Her arms hooked around his broad neck, lips as close to his as possible.

“Yes?” She breathed, but didn’t have the chance to enjoy more teasing as she was suddenly lifted from his lap and pushed straight into the closest wall, her surprised yelp quieted down by his hungry lips, suddenly on top of her own awaiting ones.

“I wanted to take you here,” [Name] found herself genuinely shocked at his bold statement, but in no way she could tell she wasn’t enjoying his sudden burst of impish courage. She smiled, and brought herself in for another kiss as her hands ran down the shoulders of his striped yellow blazer.

“Then take me,” she moaned against his lips, legs tightening around his hips as she felt him press her further into the wall, such close proximity he could almost feel himself merging into her own body. He reached to unbutton her own shirt, as carefully as he could. Fortunately for him, she had decided to wear a front-close bra that morning, and so, her breast were soon exposed, and even faster in his calloused, large hands.

“We have to do this quickly,” he breathed, hands running down her sides, hips and thigs, seeking cover under her tight skirt, rubbing her through her underwear, drawing a breathy sigh from her lips.

“Then take me rough, Toshi.” She moaned, feeling his fingers peel her panties aside, coat themselves in her natural lube and enter her slowly, her pants growing deeper and louder. “F-Faster!”

“You should keep quiet, darling. There’re still people around,” he shushed, starting a fast pace with his fingers, stretching her quickly but thoroughly. She stretched her hand across his back in the meantime, but didn’t even reach his lower back, much less the back pocket of his pants.

“Dammit,” she breathed, slumping into his body as she felt her orgasm approaching quickly. “I-I can’t reach your wallet…”

“Patience,” chuckled the blond, his thick fingers curling inside of her, causing her back to arch. “I will get it so-”

Before he could finish his sentence, [Name] had come undone from the frantic use of his fingers, her body jerking against his larger one as she almost bit her tongue to keep herself silent. When she was done, Toshinori carefully put her back on her feet, making sure she would stand without problems, before undoing his pants and searching for a condom in his wallet.

[Name] stared as he got ready to enter her, her eyes never leaving his shadowed ones as he flung one of her limp legs around his hips, and aligned his shaft with her relaxed hole. Without much warning, but gentle carefulness, he filled her up slowly, kissing her lips to muffle her small pants growing louder.

“T-Toshi…” She moaned continuously against his lips before her head lowered to rest on his neck, the intoxicating scent of his aftershave adding a dizzy sensation to be awaken by the pleasure running in small sparks inside her body. “H-Harder… please…”

He complied with hesitance, hips stuttering as if pondering on her request with a mind of their own, before Toshinori decided to thrust himself as deep as her walls would allow him and as hard as he could without provoking moans of pain.

He felt himself approach his climax, but also the limit of his hero form, yet he wanted to resist until [Name] reached her own release; fortunately for his stamina, she was soon standing on trembling legs, moaning his name slowly as the orange atmosphere of the room abandoned her sight, her eyes closing in bliss.

Soon enough, he found himself reaching the edge as well, groaning lowly and letting his body fall limp against her, his last thrusts dying down as steam started to leave his body with a steady hiss. When [Name] looked into his bright blue dots, a beautiful color in contrast with the darkness that surrounded them, running her fingers down his unruly hair, caressing his hollow cheek and smiling tenderly.

“That’s what quite the event,” she sighed, gaining a hum as his agreeing gesture. “But… I think we should leave before the cleaning staff arrives.”

nifflerstorm  asked:

Hey so long story short I saw you mention undercut, searched that keyword in ur blog and fell in love. I want your hair. Do u think you could take a photo of the other side?

Tbh I can’t really remember if I tagged every post about my hair with the word undercut, so I don’t know which one you’re referring to xD
I’ve worn my hair in an undercut with the bangs swept all on the right side of my face for more than a year, and I once shaved two horizontal lines on the sides of my head as well
Like this (both sides, the shaved one and the one with the bangs covering the other-shaved- part)

Then summer came and I’ve been cutting them progressively shorter in what it’s the actual definition of really-short undercut xD

With gel–>

Unstyled (this reminds me I should shorten them because they grow faster than grass)

Sorry, not knowing which version you were referring to I posted all the versions, both sides (the last ones doesn’t actually need it because both sides are almost identical)
Sorry for babbling and thank you! :D
P.s. If you are considering this haircut, it’s really great, but you’ll have to shave the sides reaaaally often depending on how fast your hair grows (I shave my hair every two weeks at least, lol)