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A single mother has a backbone made of STEEL, and a heart of GOLD.

Okay but there are so many similarities between Captain Swan and DeckerStar…

Killian Jones and Lucifer Morningstar:

  • Handsome, dark hair, smolder
  • Sexy accent
  • Always sharp and well-dressed
  • Lots of drinking
  • Sexual prowess
  • Complicated family history involving his dad screwing him over
  • Sassy wit
  • EGO
  • Really old but doesn’t look it
  • Interesting relationship with the gods
  • Master fighter
  • In love with a special blonde cop
  • Changing for the better
  • Had part of his body cut off

Emma Swan and Chloe Decker:

  • Badass blonde with a badge and a gun
  • Learning to be vulnerable instead of keeping to herself
  • Making friends who will always have her back; she’ll always have theirs, too
  • Had to grow up faster than she should have
  • Douche ex did a bad thing, let her take the fall for it which didn’t end well for her
  • Douche ex also happens to be the father of her child
  • Loves her child
  • Rolls her eyes and scoffs a lot, usually because of the precious idiot who loves her
  • Didn’t want to have feelings for said idiot, but well… he grows on you
  • In love (or falling in love) with a man who came from another realm
  • Is special (savior/miracle)
  • Is hard and prickly on the outside, but honestly a sweet lil pumpkin on the inside
Shit I have heard in reference to the short hair I have been trying to grow out for 4 years. NO. I do not want short hair. My hair just does not grow.

“I could never have hair as short as yours.”

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“Did you cut your hair?”

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*At the hairdressers* “Can I trim your hair?”

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“Are you trying to grow your hair out or do you prefer it short?”

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“Oh wow, your hair looks short.”

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*when my hair is pulled back* “Oh my god, did you cut all your hair off?”

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“Has your hair gotten longer?”

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“Why don’t you take biotin/prenatal/vitamins?”

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“Why doesn’t your hair grow?”

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“You should get a trim, it will grow faster.”

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“Maybe you should stop dyeing it.”

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“Aw! But you look cute/good with short hair!”

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“Why don’t you get extensions?”

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“Just wear a wig!”

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“I love my long hair!” or “Ugh! I can’t stand how long my hair is right now!”

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All this to say that the struggle is real. And please be courteous and don’t assume that I like my hair at it’s current length. I’m trying soooo hard to grow out my hair. It’s offhanded comments that just make my inner self want to slap you upside the head.

BTS Teacher!Au- Jimin (part 4)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , Part 5

Ever since that afternoon date with Jimin, you had found yourself daydreaming about his touch more and more. You craved his kisses, you missed his hands on your body, but you had to restrain yourself, for he was a teacher, you were a student, and you were at school.

P.E. classes became so much more painful, when you had to watch Jimin running ahead of you, with his sweaty skin glistening in front of you, making his stupid tank top stick to his body from the dampness. You watched his muscles tense under his skin, and you felt the irresistible urge to run your fingers through his body, scratching it, clawing at it. You needed to feel him against you again, and he was making this need grow so much faster than it should…

You didn’t know this, but Jimin was having a hard time holding himself back too, one part of him wanted desperately to push you against a wall and fuck you senseless, when he saw the small, tight shorts on your legs, and the tight t-shirt, and another part of him wanted to punch all of the boys’ faces for looking at you the way they shouldn’t have been.

But he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t, because not only was he your teacher, and you were his student, but those children were underage, and no one knew about your secret relationship, so he had no claim over you in their eyes. He was growing frustrated, which made him run faster, which made you need to speed up to keep up with him, and your pants and huffs rang in his ears with every strode you took, bringing back memories that had him biting his lip and trying to control the flow of blood in his body.

After gym class, you were supposed to have lunch, but you stayed in the changing rooms a little too long, trying to regain control of your overwhelmed teenage hormones. Your heart was beating furiously in your chest, so harshly you were aware of your own pulse. You pressed your knees together, and breathed deeply, trying to control your breaths. You could feel heat rising from your core, and a blush creeping up your cheeks.

Suddenly, the door to the changing room opened, and Jimin’s head poked inside. He looked around, trying to figure out if there was anyone left in there beside you.

“There’s no one here but me.” You called to him, closing your eyes, the throbbing sensation between your legs increasing the moment you laid eyes on him. He smiled at you, and walked towards you, closing the door, and locking it behind him.

“You weren’t coming out, I started getting worried that you had slipped in the shower or something.” He told you, sitting down beside you and pressing his hand on your leg. You let out a deep sigh.

“Jimin… You shouldn’t… We are in school.” You muttered under your breath, unable to contain yourself. It was taking up all your strength not to pounce on him and kiss him. He looked at his hand surprised, unaware that he was teasing it, and also amused at the effect his touch had on you.

“But we are all alone… The door is locked… And there are no cameras in the bathroom…” Jimin whispered into your ear. You bit your lip with expectation, just by his voice you could imagine everything that he was going to do to you, and it made you so needy.

You straddled him on the bench, your eyes level with his, which were now dark and hungry.

“Okay Mr. Park… But I just finished gym class, so I think I’m going to need a quick shower…” You purred into his ear. He grinned at you, picking you up, and taking you to one of the showers. He undressed you faster than you  ever thought was possible, and undressed himself, tossing your clothes away in a messy bundle. He started the warm water, and pushed you under it, picking you up by your thighs, and pressing you against the wall of the shower.

He looked into your eyes, and you melted inside, feeling flustered, hot and bothered.

“Jimin… I want you now.” You begged, with your breathing jagged. You needed him, you wanted him, and you wanted it right then and there.

Without hesitation, he plunged into you, sliding his whole length inside you. He started moving quickly, in and out of you, as he gripped onto your legs tightly. You immediately felt waves of pleasure coursing through your body, you need was too much for foreplay or entertaining yourselves, and the fact that you were doing something like that, in school, already had you feeling things you shouldn’t have been feeling.

You heard Jimin grunt, as he thrusted his hips into you roughly, your bare back slamming against the wall repeatedly. You already felt white hot pleasure building up inside you, making you see stars, as your toes curled, and a muffled moan left your lips. The sudden tightness around him, as you came undone, brought him over the edge, so he slid out of you, and let his hot load land on you, before it could get washed away by the water. He let you down gently, before pressing his arm against the wall, supporting his body. You laughed.

“I think we both need a shower now.” You told him.

You walked out of the changing rooms first, checking that there was no one in the corridors, and quickly asked Jimin to go out too. You both smiled at each other cheekily, before parting ways. What you didn’t know, was that you sported a large hickey on your shoulder, that although your jacket covered, it was soon going to be seen by someone who you really didn’t want to get involved in this situation.

saw the post about why hoshido family isnt written to be as “broken” as nohrian family and let me just say this

the way both families feel broken are different from each other

the reason why ryouma and hinoka feel so intent on bringing you back from nohr is because they both, specifically ryouma, feel guilty for failing to prevent the nohrians from taking you. in fact he failed to do it twice, three times if you count macaras palace. he was there the day you were first kidnapped by garon but he couldnt do anything about it. what the hoshidans family feel is more like guilt over the fact they couldnt bring you back and sadness that they were unable to grow up with you.

and this ends up being the reason why ryouma and hinoka grows up faster than they should bc ryouma has more responsibilities as the crowned prince and hinoka training even harder bc of that guilt.

the nohrian siblings, on the otherhand, are broken because the one and only light of nohr is gone. kamui is good and pure. kamui doesn’t know what it’s like to be a tool in the concubine wars. kamui never had to put on a fake face and then murder their siblings behind the scenes. around kamui, the nohrian siblings could be a normal family. camilla can truly love her own sibling without having to pretend and kill them later all for the sake of her own mom bc she was a tool for concubine wars. and marx, as crowned prince, has a reason to believe that nohr can change for good. that’s why he’s so broken up about it when u decide to side with hoshido bc now that “light” is gone.

kamui is probably the reason why the nohrian siblings are able to stay together and united bc prior to that, they couldnt easily trust other half-siblings they had because they were merely pawns. even marx mentions how he and camilla couldnt talk to azura bc many of the consorts sided with marx’s mom instead of shenmei/arete. or even in her dying moments, it was garon’s name that elise’s mom called out.


Ginny: *gathers everyone together*

Ginny: No one got valedictorian this year,

but I think someone should say something, because I think we need it.

Ginny: And I know I’m not even a 7th year, but I don’t think age matters anymore,

because we all had to grow up a lot faster than we should have. 

Ginny: And there isn’t anything I can say to take that back,

Ginny: Or to heal our scars.

Ginny: But most valedictorian speeches are about how we’re going to go off into the world and make something of ourselves, and do some real good.

Ginny: But me, and you, and you,

Ginny: And you, and you,

Ginny: We already did that.

Ginny: No matter what we do now we can know that what we did mattered.

Ginny: And the people who died,

Ginny: They didn’t die in vain. They stood for something. We all did. 

Ginny: I’m talking because someone should tell all of us that we did good for the world,

Ginny: And now all that we need to worry about…is doing good for ourselves.

Ginny: So congrats class of 1998. 

Ginny: We made it.

“Im 19 and hope the writers come out with some sort of ‘age does matter’ when it comes to josh and maya. Even if people think they would be cute together, they have to understand maya is not legal, she’s barely a teenager, a relationship with josh right now or any time in the near future wouldn’t only be illegal, which should be the reason to stop right there any attempt to make that ship happen, but it would also make maya grow faster than she should. Relationships with older ppl often do that.”