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How Zutara Enhances the Story and Zuko and Katara’s Characters

Zutara is by far the biggest wasted opportunity for a good ship I’ve ever seen in any fandom. I have a hard time even remembering it’s not canon. Even though a great many in the fandom still deny it, I have no doubt many of the show’s best writers did indeed intend for Zuko and Katara to become a couple. There is a ton of evidence in the show for this, too. I’ve written about why I don’t like the canon ships in detail. I believe Maiko was set up originally as a an anti-love interest to contrast Zuko’s eventual relationship with Katara (though that plan was scrapped). And I’ve written about what a failure Kataang was. Now I’m going to discuss why I think Zutara would have been a very positive thing for the story, the themes of the show and the characters themselves. The first reason is:

They Have an Equal Dynamic

Even as enemies, they both had a grudging respect for each other and contrasted each other nicely. Katara is a waterbending prodigy, yet a peasant, while Zuko is royalty and descended from a long line of elite firebenders, but he’s actually pretty average in talent. He only got where he is through hard work and determination. Katara has both determination and talent. They develop an interesting rivalry that culminates in their very epic battle during the full moon, and later, the rising sun, that compares their strengths and gives them a very exciting clash of opposing elements.

Later, we see just how deep their rivalry goes. Even as Zuko is outmatched and freezing to death, it is proving himself against Katara that immediately comes to his mind when the Gaang arrives. Clearly Zuko sees her as a very formidable opponent.

That respect didn’t just extend to their fighting, though. We see that even as enemies in war, Zuko and Katara had certain boundaries they didn’t cross, even as they fought. After Zuko defeats Katara, instead of using any more force than was necessary, he leaves her alone. He could have easily finished her off at that point, if he were a more ruthless person. Certainly Zhao or Azula would not have hesitated to do so. But Zuko chose not to do that, even though she would later come back to fight him, and defeat him.

If the Gaang had chosen to leave him in the snow, he would have died, like his uncle scolded him for later. The fact that he chose not to harm Katara, even though it cost him his opportunity to capture Aang later and nearly his life, shows what type of person Zuko is. He’s not ruthless, but someone who is is capable of empathy and compassion, even in war.

This respect goes both ways. Later, after Azula attacks Iroh, he is in bad shape and Zuko is distraught. Katara feels compassion for them, despite them being enemies and offers to heal Iroh. They both prove themselves to be honorable people, despite being on opposing sides of the war.

This dynamic continues when Zuko becomes an ally. Zuko helps Katara when she is in danger. But Katara is no damsel in distress, and she is more than capable of rescuing him, too.

They train together as equals and eventually work together to take down Azula. They complement each other well, and share a very equal dynamic.

They Understand Each Other

This equality extends to their more personal interactions as well. She was able to confront him, even while angry, and he had the respect to listen to her, even though her words hurt him. Unlike with Aang, Katara is able to sense that Zuko understands her pain about losing her mother, and he senses the same from her as well. Despite being enemies, they were able to empathize with each other and find comfort in each other.

He was able to then open up to her about very painful and personal details of his life that he never would have shared with anyone else. She senses the pain that his legacy and scar have brought him, and desires to help, offering her rare water to heal his scar. The scar was not a debilitating injury, but a symbol of an emotional wound. It would have offered no significant physical benefit to heal, only emotional. Yet, she is willing to offer her Spirit Water anyways. Her desire to truly help him is very genuine.

Katara knows what it is like to be without parents from a very young age. After she lost her mother during a Fire Nation raid, her dad had to leave to join the war effort. Although he loved her, she suffered from the loss of his presence and has abandonment issues.

With Zuko, it is similar. After the disappearance of his mother, he lost the only parent who really loved him. He was left with Ozai, who severely abused him and banished him, making Zuko desperate for love. Even when Zuko finally sees his father again, he is terrified of him.

Never having had a loving father of his own, Zuko understands what it is like for Katara to suffer from her dad’s absence after Hakoda is captured by the Fire Nation and sent to the Boiling Rock. He accompanies Sokka to rescue him.

He is able to partake in her happiness and shares their joy during their reunion. He is happy for them to experience the bond that he will never have with his own father.

Also, unlike Aang, Zuko chose to accompany Katara on her quest to confront her mother’s killer. She confides in him the story of her mother’s murder; something she never does with Aang. He takes a backseat approach and doesn’t lecture her like Aang does. Instead, he clearly empathizes with her pain and stands by her side while she weeps; he feels the pain in her heart in his as well. He can understand only too well how it feels to lose the loving bond of a mother who sacrificed her own well-being out of love for him. And like her, growing up far faster than he should have as a result.

Although Aang was right that she didn’t actually need to exact revenge, it seems it was Zuko’s approach to stand by her side no matter what her choice was, that helped Katara heal some of her pain. He clearly understood what she needed; support and the freedom to deal with her pain on her own terms without condemnation. Katara has seen Zuko at his very worst, rageful and obsessed with capturing the Avatar. And now Zuko gets a chance to see Katara’s darker side and accept her. He doesn’t idealize her, nor judge her. Rather he accepts her as a complex, flawed human being, like him, in a way Aang never has to.

Zuko can confide in Katara about the things troubling him as well, something he never once does with Mai. Katara shows a willingness to try to understand Zuko like no one else does. She respects his feelings, like he does with her.

They Give Each Other What They Need

This is where Kataang and Maiko absolutely fail in my opinion. Zuko cannot communicate with Mai at all or open up to her in the slightest, and Aang is far too dependent on Katara to satisfy her needs.

Katara puts everyone before herself, takes care of them, and tries to shelter Aang from the harsher realities of life. She feels deep pain that she tries to hide to spare others’ feelings and remain others’ support system. Pain from losing her mother, pain from feeling abandoned by her father, and later pain from feeling abandoned by Aang as well. Although Katara is very strong inside, she always puts her needs last and tries to overcompensate for the loss of her mother by being the group’s mom. What she needs is someone to put her needs first and prioritize her for a change.

Not only does Zuko nearly die for Katara after taking a lightning bolt, but even after he goes down, his only concern is for her safety. As he lay dying, he reaches out to her, not for himself, but because he desperately wants to make sure Azula doesn’t harm her, even though he is completely helpless.

With Zuko, it is similar. Zuko is so desperate for love that he is willing to go to extreme lengths, doing his father’s bidding to attain it. This nearly costs him his life on many, many occasions. His desperate need to be loved evidently exceeds even his will to live at many points in the story. What he needs is someone to care about him as a person in the way that most of his family never did.

After Zuko goes down, Katara’s only concern is to immediately heal him and make sure he doesn’t perish. This is despite the fact that Azula is not yet subdued and poses an immediate threat to her. Katara stands in direct contrast to Azula; trying to save his life, while his sister just tried to end it. Katara values Zuko more than his own family member ever did.

Enhances the Narrative Themes

“Two lovers, forbidden from one another. A war divides their people, and a mountain divides them apart. Built a path to be together.”

Honestly this song sounds like it is about Zuko and Katara far more than it is about Katara and Aang. Was this originally foreshadowing Zutara? It is a nice theme nonetheless.

Zuko and Katara start the series as enemies, not knowing anything about each other as individuals. But by the end of the story they become close friends. It is a very inspiring message about how senseless wars can prevent you from connecting with people who you could potentially love. By overcoming the boundaries of war, you can connect with the people who you should have never been forced to fight in the first place. 

It is a message of forgiveness and gratitude. It fits very well with the themes of reconciliation and redemption that are so prevalent in the series. Like with Jet, for instance.

Or Iroh. Far better than the message that Kataang sends, about how you’ll be rewarded with your desired girl, despite her feelings (or lack thereof). Or Maiko, which sends the message of…you don’t have to ever get to know the person you “love”? I guess?

Better Character Development/Resolution

As we see in the comics and The Legend of Korra, Katara plays second fiddle to Aang and doesn’t have much of a political role to play. Her role is usually a healer or a grandmother. Nor does she have much agency outside of her relationship to Aang. There were plans for Zuko and Katara’s relationship to be the catalyst for them repairing the relationship between the Southern Water Tribe and the Fire Nation. They would come to appreciate their opposite cultures better and come to mend the damage from the war. I feel this is a far more respectful legacy for Katara’s character than what she got by being Aang’s wife.

With Zuko, it is similar. We see how much his banishment and his life as a “normal” person have changed him. His time away from the palace and royal life helped him rediscover himself. Him developing his relationship with Katara would allow him to retain that bond with his “normal” life, instead of becoming isolated again. It would be similar to Sokka and Yue’s relationship. Even though Sokka was a peasant, he helped her become a better person, and experience life outside of the rigid royal lifestyle. Zuko would have someone who values him as a person, in spite of his position. And it would show how much the Fire Nation has changed to allow a Water Tribe commoner to be held in such high regard by the Fire Lord himself. It sends a very positive message.

Katara was to serve as Zuko’s confidante as he tried to balance his Fire Lord duties with his desire to find his mother. Much like Zuko had helped Sokka to reunite Hakoda and his children, Katara would be able to help Zuko reunite with his beloved mother. She knows what it feels like to suffer the pain of that loss, and she could be able to help him recover that bond. If that isn’t rewarding character development, I really don’t know what is. And last but not least…

They Have Chemistry

Yes, they actually have chemistry. 

When June makes her comment, I would say they both act more attracted to each other than they do to their canon significant others. They lack any cute moments like this with their canon love interests.

The only time she ever acted this embarrassed was when Toph teased her about her crush on Jet. Hmmm…

And same with Zuko. When does he ever act like this around Mai? Never. He got flustered and defensive with Jin, though. 

Well, I think that about covers it. This is why I think Zutara would have served the characters and the narrative far better than the canon ships did. Mike and Bryan can say all they like how it wouldn’t have worked, but I see nothing but tons of missed potential for very rewarding character development and storytelling, and a well-written romance that respects the characters far better than the canon ships ever did.

Babysitters - Destiel Imagine Request

Request:  I want to request for a fic .. destiel fanfic where sam de-ages and turns into a baby and dean and cas take care of him and oh my god while doing it for a while they finally confess their feelings for eachother

Characters: Destiel, Sam, Rowena (mentioned), Mary (mentioned).

Word count: 2,554

Warnings: Unedited.

A/N: It’s been a while since I wrote a Destiel fic, so I’m excited yet scared about this one, because I don’t know if I fully captured each character’s escence (mostly because I get caught on the fluff). Hope you enjoy it!

“Dean, he won’t stop crying!” Cas complained as he tried to calm Sam down.

“He was always a cry baby..” Dean mumbled, taking his brother from Castiel’s arms.

The thing they were hunting, whatever it was, turned Sam into a baby before escaping. Therefore, Dean and Cas had to take care of him while they found a way of turning him back to his real age.

“Think we should call Mom?” Dean suggested after Sam stopped crying, “I mean she said she missed baby Sam and…”

“Dean.” Castiel spoke in a warning voice, “This isn’t what your mother meant.”

“I know, I know… I was just…”

“Give her time.” The angel interrupted softly. He placed a hand on Dean’s shoulder, a gesture they were both familiar with for it was Cas’ way of showing empathy.

Dean nodded, getting lost in the angel’s blue eyes until an awful smell reached his nostrils.

“What is that?” Dean shrugged.

“I think Sam evacuated.” Castiel said, wearing his usual squint.

“I’m not going to change my brother’s diapers again!” Dean fumed.

“Again?” Castiel squinted even deeper, reading Dean’s mind.

When Sam was just a baby and Dean was just a kid, John would leave them at another hunter’s house or even at a crappy motel, which ended in Dean having to change Sam’s diapers for nobody would.

It was a sad memory, but when were Dean’s childhood memories happy?  He had been alone, with his baby brother as company, growing up faster than anyone should. Castiel acknowledge his pain, taking it as his own.

“We’ll do it together.” The angel stated. If Dean’s feelings were loneliness when remembering said moments, Cas would try and make him company.


“Okay… Let’s do this.” Dean mumbled as he started changing Sam’s diaper with expert hands.

If Dean were a doctor, Castiel would be his nurse. The angel made sure to hand Dean any kind of supply he needed while the hunter did his job. Yes, there were some disgusted smirks from each, but they were done in five minutes.

“There you go, buddy.” Smiled Dean as he fixed the diaper for Sam to be comfortable.

Sam stood quiet and even smiley for longer than Dean expected. However, he was still a baby and, in no time, he was crying once more.

“Let me.” Castiel begged, taking Sam in his arms.

Dean sat down at the table in the war room, researching for a cure or at least any spell to age Sam back up. He was focused on the screen until Castiel’s low voice reached his ears, drifting any other thought away.

Dean stood up and walked to the next room where Cas was rocking Sam softly as he sung something in an unknown language. Dean stared in awe.

Once Sam had fallen asleep, Cas looked up at Dean. The angel blushed, unable to control his human vessel as he would like to, making Dean giggle.

“What?” Castiel asked in a rather grumpy voice.

“Nothing.” Dean smiled cheekily, “I didn’t knew you enjoyed singing.”

“It’s a lullaby in Enochian,” Cas explained, “We sing that to new born angels and kids that go to Heaven.”

“Whatever it means, Sam seems to like it.” Dean said, walking closer to the angel until they were side to side.

Dean looked down at his brother. He barely remembered how tiny and innocent Sam was when he was that age. The angel, on the other hand, had his blue eyes focused on Dean’s features, a habit he had developed over time.

“Do you like it?” Cas asked, emphasizing the second word. Dean looked up to his angel, freezing for a second by the intensity of his gaze.

“Yeah.” The well-known sex tension rose again. Both men staring deeply into each other’s eyes, their breaths mixing with the other’s as the rest of the world disappeared for the moment.

Baby or not, Sam hated that tension. They were always too scared to give the next step, leaving the whole room into an aura of tension and stress. He wanted to push them – they were so close he could easily make them kiss IF he was a grown up; but he wasn’t, and his frustration got expressed by a loud cry that took both men’s attention away from each other.

“What’s wrong, Sammy?” Dean asked in his motherly voice.

“I think he is frustrated, except I don’t know why…” Castiel calmed the baby by pressing two fingers on his forehead. “Tell me, Sam, what’s wrong?”

The exchange was far from strange to Dean’s eyes. Castiel would hum in response while Sam just stared at him. Yes, there were gestures and even slight movements from Sam, but those were the usual “baby” ones.

After a few minutes into the talk, Castiel’s cheeks turned bright red as his blue eyes widened. Dean tried to ask him about the reason to his sudden behaviour, but the angel only replied with a “I have to go” and the sound of his wings flying away.

Dean sighed heavily; he hated when Cas disappeared without any explanation. Then, he looked back down at his brother who, in spite of being a baby, gave him a knowing look.

“Don’t look at me like that, Sammy.” Dean begged, only to get a baby bitch face from his brother. “You’re a bitch, you know that?” Baby Sam tilted his head, “We’ve talked about this, Sam.” Dean growled.


It had been around three hours since Castiel disappeared. Dean had managed just fine, in spite of getting into silly arguments with his literal baby brother. Yes, he had cried with him, he had tried singing rock songs as lullabies and even tried to blackmail him into behaving… Of course, nothing worked as good as Cas calming Sam down, either by using his angelic powers or singing that Enochian lullaby.

“Sam…” Dean grumbled as baby Sam gave him another look, “No… I… Fine I’ll call him.”

Dean left his brother in bed. He was so tiny in comparison to the humongous bed he would use before turning into a baby, that Dean stared in awe for a whole minute before going back to his real task: Calling Cas.

The hunter placed both hands in place as he looked up to the ceiling. “Castiel,” he spoke, “I pray to you because I’m tired as hell and I’m pretty sure he wants you because you’re a definitely better baby sitter than I am and…”

“Hello, Dean.” Castiel spoke as he appeared in front of the hunter.

“Good to see you,” Dean smiled for a second before returning to his serious gaze, “why did you bail out on me?”

“Sam uh… He said something that required me to take some time away.” Castiel explained.

“What kind of things?” Dean inquired.

How was Castiel, an angel of the Lord, supposed to explain to Dean that his baby brother could tell how much in love he was with the hunter? It was insane! And not because they weren’t allowed (which they weren’t unless they got a special permission), but because Cas knew how Dean felt about angels.

“Private things.” Cas mumbled.

“Well, Sammy wants you here and I don’t know why.” Dean grumbled, gesturing towards the baby lying in bed.

The angel approached him, analysing his features and, presumably, reading his mind.

“Sam says he wants to listen to music…” Castiel squinted towards Dean, “I don’t understand why he would need me to come if you can play music for him.”

Dean felt a burn inside of him. Not because of Sam, but because he had just realized that he was the one to want Cas around, and his unconscious had betrayed him by misinterpreting one of Sam’s bitch-faces.

The angel walked over to the bureau, from which he took Sam’s phone. He searched for the music app and started playing it at a mild volume. Sam smiled and then fell asleep, like nothing had happened.

“You’re tired.” Cas observed as he turned around to face Dean.

“Well, my second in command flew away.” Dean complained.

“I’m sorry.” Cas apologised. Dean shove it off with a hand gestured and then both men went down to the library.

They sat down, one next to the other, to rest a little until Sam cried again.

“Was it easier when you were kids?” Castiel asked, breaking the silence of the room.

“Well, no… It’s kind of like the same, except now Sam seems to be less heavy.” Dean joked.

“That’s because you’re grown now, and have developed strength enough for Sam to seem lighter.” Castiel explained, like Dean didn’t know that already.

“That explains a lot, thanks.” Dean replied, acting like it was the first time he heard that. He knew Cas still didn’t know when a person knew something or not, as well as other things, so Dean would make it easier by following the angel. After all, it made him happy.

“Did you have to change another diaper?” Castiel continued to ask.

“Yup… A bunch of them, actually.” Dean replied, “It’s not the same without my angelic assistant.”

Castiel blushed lightly, looking down to his fidgeting hands. Dean followed his every move with loving green eyes.

“I won’t bail on you anymore.” The angel promised.


“I asked Rowena to come.” Dean informed as Castiel appeared in Sam’s room. The hunter looked worried.

“You must be in a real hurry… What happened?” Castiel asked concerned. Yes, he could hear Sam crying but it was nothing he hadn’t done before.

“He’s got a fever and I don’t know how to treat a baby’s fever… If he were older, I would just push him into an ice cold bath and give him a pill but…” Dean’s green eyes were full of fear.

“It’s fine, I’m here now.” Castiel comforter as he reached towards Sam’s forehead, curing him immediately after his fingers touched him.


Castiel put Sam to sleep, asking Dean to go to his own room and get some sleep. “I’ll take care of him” the angel promised, but when it came to Sam, Dean couldn’t rest until he was sure his brother was fine.

Castiel eventually appeared in Dean’s room. The hunter was wide awake, walking around the place nervously.

“How is he?” Dean asked.

“I cured him completely, and now he is sleeping.” Castiel explained.

“But what if he gets hungry? He is the kind of dude that snacks at midnight and…” Castiel hushed him by pressing a finger over Dean’s lips, a gesture he had never used before.

“You worry too much.” The angel remarked, “He will be fine… My only concern for now is you.”

“Me?” Dean hissed, “I’m good! Sam’s should be your only concern now! HE IS A GOODDAMN BABY!” Castiel nodded patiently.

“I’m aware of your brother’s sate,” He spoke, “but you are no better.”

Dean huffed in frustration. Yes, he was feeling like crap but he was sure that it was only because Sam was still a baby and Rowena was late.

“You’re stressed Dean.” Cas observed.

“No shit, Sherlock.” Dean replied sassily.

“I’m Castiel, not Sherlock.” The angel squinted but shove the thought aside, “You’re always taking care of the others, and you never worry about taking care of yourself.”

“I don’t need to be taken care off.” Dean argued, but the angel had his mind set and forced the hunter to lie in bed.

“Just rest,” Cas begged, “I go this.”


“Why isn’t she here yet?” Stormed Dean as he entered the kitchen.

“Why are you up?” Replied Castiel.

Dean looked at his angel. He was hiding something behind him, and he looked guilty as ever.

“Why aren’t you with Sam?” Dean inquired angrily.

“Sam is safe; I just came down to…”

“You were supposed to be with him!” Dean interrupted angrily.

“He doesn’t need be to watch him all the time!” Castiel replied in the same tone.

“HE IS A FREAKING BABY!” Dean insisted.

“I understand your concern, but he is fine. Trust me.” Castiel begged patiently. His voice was so soothing, it made Dean forget all his worries. “I got you some pie.”


“Why is he crying?” Dean whined.

“I don’t know… He is just crying for nothing!” Castiel answered.

“You drama bitch!” Dean hissed at his baby brother who was crying like he was being tortured.

“Dean, don’t call him that.” Castiel begged. Dean sighed heavily and left Sam in bed, then stood up and found himself face to face with the angel.

“I don’t know what else to do, Cas.” Dean confessed in a trembling voice.

“We’ll find a way.” Cas promised.

Another strange gesture followed, for Dean held Cas’ hand in his tightly. It wasn’t like they hadn’t hold hands in the past, but this was different; it wasn’t a handshake, or a high five, less to say a grip to save the other’s ass from falling from a rooftop. It was different.

“Thanks.” Dean melted, allowing Cas to take full control of the situation.

Cas pulled Dean into a not so friendly embrace, his mind thinking of any kind of solution possible. He had tried using his powers, but Sam kept crying like it was the end of the world; Rowena hadn’t arrived and Dean was a mess… Castiel had to think fast.

“Some parents leave the baby to cry, because they know he will get tired and stop crying at some point.” Castiel spoke. Dean looked up at him with redden eyes.

“Let’s try that.”  Dean tried to smile in vain.

They weren’t going to leave Sam alone because he was literally rolling from one side of the other in bed, which could end up in him falling. However, they did ignored his crying – which was really hard for Dean and his soft heart.

“It’s fine, he’ll stop.” Castiel repeated over and over again as he pulled Dean’s face away from Sam. “Dean, look at me.” The angel begged.

“My head aches.” Dean confessed with a weak smile. He was finally adjusting to Sam’s crying.

“I can fix that.” Cas offered, but Dean shook his head.

“It’ll go away.” Dean stated, “So this is what real parent do, huh?”

“I believe so, yes.” Castiel replied, trying to smile back at his hunter.

“Does that make us good parents?” Dean inquired jokingly.

“I guess it does… I mean, only if you want to.” The angel replied shyly.

“I do want to…” Dean spoke softly.

Suddenly, their eyes were connected and the tension was back in the air; except this time it didn’t last much. Before they could process what was going on, their lips were over the other’s, both of their scruff finding a way to become one as their arms wrapped each other.

They broke the kiss, blushing like never before. Suddenly shy, suddenly happy – it felt like the right thing to do. Their minds were so focused on each other, they didn’t realized until later that Sam was no longer crying; instead he was staring at them with a big, toothless grin on his face.

“Son of a bitch.” Dean mumbled, unable to hide his growing smile.

“Guess we know now why he was crying.” Castiel shrugged.

“Yeah.” Dean looked at his angel, holding his hand tightly.

Yes, they would be great parents one day.

the-libertarian-transhumanist  asked:

Have you ever considered that when the government injects itself into the economy by mandating public student loans and healthcare, it not only kills off small businesses but also drives premiums and interest rates up due to a lack of competition?

Government mandates for coverage bought from private companies is exactly what drives up costs. The essential part of a capitalistic economy is that all transactions need to be voluntary in order for it to function optimally. 

I am fairly sure those are statements that you agree with. 

I bet our conclusions to that premise is wildly different, though. 

In order for a transaction to be voluntary, it must not be for something necessary to live. A transaction for an essential good is someone literally holding a ransom over one’s life. That is why I support a Universal Basic Income (UBI) and single payer healthcare.

A college education, on the other hand, is a public good and should be treated as such. Many more people benefit from someone attending college than just the person attending. 

I don’t think there is anyone that can argue against lower crime rates, increased governmental economic security without raising taxes and a faster growing economy. 

And that is why we should not have mandates but make college free for everyone.

- @theliberaltony

Part Of The Family

Originally posted by darkernights13

Characters: Y/n, John, Dean, Sam

Pairing: John x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, absolute fluff. Just cute kiddie Dean and Sam having fun. Accepting into the family. Just pure fluff.

Word Count: 1119

Summary: Y/n and John take the boys to a carnival.

A/N: Ok, just random fluff that I wanted to write. Cos I love me some John and cute little adorable Dean and Sam being happy. Hope u like it.

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The Family They Deserve Masterlist

“John Winchester, would you hurry your butt up?”

“Just a second, princess”.

“Can we please go now?” Sam whined, pulling at y/n’s hands and trying to drag her to the car.

“We need to wait for your daddy, baby”, she answered, leaning down to scoop him into her arms, letting the boy play with her hair again.

“Dad! Hurry up”.

Y/n chuckled, seeing John hopping out of the cabin, trying to fit his foot into the shoe properly.

“I’m here”.

Y/n rolled her eyes, waiting for him to unlock the impala.

She got in, Sam beside her, Dean sat up front this time.

“So, you guys ready to have some fun?” she teased, leaning forward and ruffling Dean’s hair.

Sam began giggling in anticipation, Dean not able to keep the smile off his face.

“You got everything?” John asked, looking at y/n from the rear-view mirror.

She nodded, sitting back and looking out of the window, occasionally playing a few games of rock paper scissors with Sam while John drove them to their destination.

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anonymous asked:

Maybe usuk w/number 4? thnks!

(A little note: Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! If you’re like me and single then you can take comfort from knowing that your OTP is together in ur dreams. This is the final request so with this I am finished. Thank you so very much to all who sent in requests and to those who read my ffs. I honestly never expected to receive so many requests but I’m very grateful all the same and I hope you have enjoyed at least some of these stories. And thank you as well for bearing with me through them. : ) 
On a side note: I will not be taking requests for a while, however, this Friday I will be posting chapter one to a multi-chaptered fanfiction I am writing.
Once again, thank you! 

4 - teacher/single parent au
Rating: SFW

“Mr. Jones,” Peter said, looking up at his teacher with wide eyes similar to his father. Not that Alfred ever thought about his father’s… Arthur’s eyes or how doe-like and green and beautiful and endearing they were. Never.

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Okay but there are so many similarities between Captain Swan and DeckerStar…

Killian Jones and Lucifer Morningstar:

  • Handsome, dark hair, smolder
  • Sexy accent
  • Always sharp and well-dressed
  • Lots of drinking
  • Sexual prowess
  • Complicated family history involving his dad screwing him over
  • Sassy wit
  • EGO
  • Really old but doesn’t look it
  • Interesting relationship with the gods
  • Master fighter
  • In love with a special blonde cop
  • Changing for the better
  • Had part of his body cut off

Emma Swan and Chloe Decker:

  • Badass blonde with a badge and a gun
  • Learning to be vulnerable instead of keeping to herself
  • Making friends who will always have her back; she’ll always have theirs, too
  • Had to grow up faster than she should have
  • Douche ex did a bad thing, let her take the fall for it which didn’t end well for her
  • Douche ex also happens to be the father of her child
  • Loves her child
  • Rolls her eyes and scoffs a lot, usually because of the precious idiot who loves her
  • Didn’t want to have feelings for said idiot, but well… he grows on you
  • In love (or falling in love) with a man who came from another realm
  • Is special (savior/miracle)
  • Is hard and prickly on the outside, but honestly a sweet lil pumpkin on the inside

Anon prompt I received (in a message with several others):  Cole watching the couple be cute when they don’t see him.
Liked this idea a lot, but went a different direction. More bittersweet (I hope). Obviously before Cullen and Nevena get together.

Not all that familiar with writing Cole so… hopefully it sounds like him.

“Soft, shining. A light in the dark. Would she accept me if she knew it all?” Cullen jumped at the voice. “No. No. Can’t think about that. Too much at stake. Too many people count on us. Can’t allow myself the distraction–”

“Cole!” He rounded on the boy who had appeared at his side without warning. Cullen stood on the battlements looking down into the lower courtyard. Below, Nevena was with grooms and attendants, a bustle of movement as horses were made ready to leave. “Do not go into my head.”

Sighing, he drew his fingers across his brow, wrestling the headache away. His thoughts were his own. Should have been his own. That the strange boy could ‘hear’ them was unnerving and he always felt uneasy with the spirit around.

“You always watch her leave.” Cole remarked, his voice its usual soft tone. “Why?”

Cullen glanced at him, wondering where this line of questioning would lead. “Because I want to make sure she and her group leave well prepared.” He stood to his full height. “If they forget anything I can arrange for one of the scouts to go after them and–”

“No.” Cole said. He pursed his lips in thought for a brief moment and then peered up from underneath the wide brim of his hat. “You want to go down and see her off in person. Not from afar.”

“I… I don’t…” Cullen felt his skin prickle, a blush warming his cheeks. He scratched the back of his neck and edged away from Cole. “It’s not…”

“Why don’t you?” Asked Cole. “She wouldn’t mind. She’d like it.”

The warmth in his cheeks burst into a blaze, burning his skin. “Cole, that–”

“First up, last down - when does he sleep? Wish he would talk to me. Wish he could confide in me. Trust me. Solid, steady, steadfast. A beacon in the night. Something to see. Something to feel. To come home to. Can–”

“That’s enough, Cole.” Cullen interjected, a sharpness to his tone. “If those are the Inquisitor’s thoughts they should remain private. I…” He took a deep, slow inhale; focusing on the sensation of his chest expanding and the way the air filled his lungs. “I do not wish to know.”

“Are you sure?” Inquired the boy, watery blue eyes fixed down on the Inquisitor atop her horse. A groom stood at her side adjusting the saddle and girth. “She thinks about you all the time.”

Biting down on the inside of his cheek, Cullen clenched his eyes closed in the hopes Cole would leave if he said nothing.

“Kind eyes, but sad when he thinks no one is looking. I want to make him happy. Make him glow. Like when he laughs. The brush of his skin on mine over the war table - warm, rough, pleasurable. Warrior’s hands but gentle when he guides me.” Cole spoke and Cullen listened.

His heart thudded within his chest growing faster and faster. He knew he should have left, should not have been listening to what the spirit told him - these thoughts were intimate and not for anyone but Nevena. But he found himself drawn and curious, wanting to know more.

“Hides the pain though it breaks through sometimes. Hands shaking, he holds his sword so no one can see it. No longer a Templar, but still chained to them.”

Cullen gulped to slake the dryness of his throat. Lyrium. Of course there would be thoughts of lyrium where he was concerned.

“Can’t heal. Can’t help. Even if he’d let me. What good am I? What good am I?”

“She does more good than she knows.” Blurted Cullen, unable to hold his tongue any longer. The inside of his cheek ached and was marked by his teeth where he had bitten so hard.

Cole stared at him in his odd way, silent again. 

Shifting in his armor, Cullen squared his shoulders to look down into the courtyard. Nevena was leading her group out towards the bridge. Her companions there and a small guard who would escort them down into the valley.

For a few seconds they both watched the group depart. A former Templar and a boy-spirit united in silence and the quiet dread, which swallowed Skyhold whenever the Inquisitor left.

“Looks at me like I’ll turn on him. Become possessed, a demon in my skin. If I became possessed, would he…? Would he…?” Cole continued to utter, breaking the uncomfortable pause between the two of them. Cullen clenched his gloved hands at his sides. “You should tell her what happened to you.” Said Cole conversationally. “About the things you see and the voices that scratch in the night.”

“That’s enough, Cole.” Cullen began to walk the battlements back towards his office.

Cole followed, his steps soft and silent in comparison to Cullen’s heavier gait. “She’d understand.”


“She wants you to open up to her. To trust her. She cares about–”

“Enough,”snarled Cullen wheeling on the pale boy. His brows furrowed over his eyes as he glared. “No more, Cole.” He took a breath to steady and settle himself. Cole wasn’t to blame. He didn’t understand what he was talking about, what he was prying into to. 

Pushing his thumb and forefinger into his eyes, Cullen sighed. “It’s complicated, Cole.” He tried to explain and dropped his hand to his side. “There are…”

Cole stared at him, blinking owlishly. He stood with his head tilted to one side like a bird, listening and trying to garner the meaning behind the words spoken to him.

Shaking his head, Cullen gripped the hilt of his sword for a moment. “It’s complicated.” He repeated, “leave it at that.”

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Things I want to see in future Legend of Zelda games

1. A female Link. Not just genderbent but a female playable character, as in the hero is female. Oh and this should go without saying but DO NOT SEXUALIZE HER! No skimpy outfits, no useless accessories. If it doesn’t help with exploration or aid in combat why would she have it? (I don’t know if they intend for Linkle to be this but last I heard she only believes she’s the reincarnated hero)

2. A gerudo Link. They could have to face prejudice and injustice based on the actions of Ganondorf and would have to work harder to prove themselves the hero they truly are. Plus they could have more unique items, I saw a piece of fan art where they had a sweet pair of gauntlets based on Twinrova.
(Bonus if 1 and 2 are both the same Link)

3. More varied items. For example instead of flippers have the Zora give Link a trident or something that lets them pass through the water with ease. Give us new items instead of the same old same old. You have an entire world to work with, use it!

4. Show us progress. As the game progresses Link should grow stronger,faster, and more sturdy. They could show this by having a hammer be an early item and do decent damage but as the game goes on Link grows stronger and he can raise it higher, swing it faster, and smash it harder. You could have to visit a blacksmith to reinforce weapons that get damaged with use as well.

5. The future. NOT sci-fi but just show us what happens next in the timelines. We want to see what happens next, how the story progresses

6. Just make it awesome

Shit I have heard in reference to the short hair I have been trying to grow out for 4 years. NO. I do not want short hair. My hair just does not grow.

“I could never have hair as short as yours.”

Originally posted by crimsonlippedbeast

“Did you cut your hair?”

Originally posted by funnynhilariousgif

*At the hairdressers* “Can I trim your hair?”

Originally posted by hunilikafa

“Are you trying to grow your hair out or do you prefer it short?”

Originally posted by allthesupernaturalgifs

“Oh wow, your hair looks short.”

Originally posted by rainbowninjawizard24

*when my hair is pulled back* “Oh my god, did you cut all your hair off?”

Originally posted by ava-ilablequintis

“Has your hair gotten longer?”

Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

“Why don’t you take biotin/prenatal/vitamins?”

Originally posted by fatgeekguy

“Why doesn’t your hair grow?”

Originally posted by sweater-weatherrx

“You should get a trim, it will grow faster.”

Originally posted by welcometomyworldofrot

“Maybe you should stop dyeing it.”

Originally posted by teamedsheeranftw

“Aw! But you look cute/good with short hair!”

Originally posted by artlogy

“Why don’t you get extensions?”

Originally posted by thankformakingmeafighter

“Just wear a wig!”

Originally posted by julianish

“I love my long hair!” or “Ugh! I can’t stand how long my hair is right now!”

Originally posted by deanholmeswiferiver

All this to say that the struggle is real. And please be courteous and don’t assume that I like my hair at it’s current length. I’m trying soooo hard to grow out my hair. It’s offhanded comments that just make my inner self want to slap you upside the head.

Nanami and Her Rapid Maturity

I had a thought, and it’s not super well formed, but I kind of feel the need to throw it into the void.

Originally posted by azumarrill

Nanami Kiryuu from Revolutionary Girl Utena begins the series as perhaps the most immature and absurd character and even has a tendency toward cruelty. This tendency appears to be more out of a sense of selfishness than sadism, but it’s there nonetheless.

But throughout the course of the series, her maturity excels, and aside from Utena and Anthy themselves, may possibly be one the the most disillusioned character at the end of the show. This is especially remarked upon by the fact that she isn’t introduced to the duels until closer to the end of the first arc, but the turning point in her arc comes even before Touga’s, a character who’s always giving the impression of maturity and adulthood and shown in relative positions of power and was perhaps the most deeply involved in the duels at the beginning of the series (aside from Akio and Anthy of course).

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Everyday Lives 29: Happy Birthday, Mira

Normally all my Everyday Lives fics are AU. But this one is in canon verse. It actually takes place right after the battle of Fairy Tail.

“Happy birthday Mirajane! You should let me take you out tonight to celebrate,” Wakaba shouted to the bar maid.

“Well thank you! But I don’t want to be a third wheel to you and your wife,” the birthday girl smiled as the guild erupted into laughs.

“Mira!” Cana slammed down a wad of cash, “Here’s your birthday gift! I’m paying off my tab!”

She giggled, “Every year you give me the same thing and it’s always one of my favorites.”

“Right!” Cana sat down at her usual spot, “So let’s start next years!”

“Of course,” Mira kept smiling as she poured her a glass of beer.

“Miss Mirajane!” Fairy Tail’s newest member skipped up to the bar, “Juvia has made you a special dessert for your birthday.”

“Oh!” Mira opened the container to find a lemon pie, “It looks delicious Juvia, thank you.”

The water wielder blushed, “Juvia is happy that Mira likes it.”

“I’m going to put it in the freezer to keep it away from grabby hands, "Mira winked, "Oh, and I saw Gray go up stairs a few minutes ago.”

Mira didn’t have to see to know that Juvia had run up to the second floor.

She placed the pie in the kitchen freezer, “Yo big sis!”

“Welcome home, Elfman! How was your mission?”

“Too easy for a man like me!” he puffed out his chest.

“That’s great to hear.”

“Right. And a man like me would never forget his sisters birthday!” he pulled a small box out of his pocket and handed it to her, “Happy birthday!”

“Aw, you didn’t have to get me anything,” she opened the box, “Oh, Elfman they’re beautiful.”

He got her a pair of pretty sapphire teardrop earrings.

“Yeah well, real men only get the best things for their sisters.”

She hugged her baby brother who towered over her, “I love them,” she heard sniffles right before he let her go, “need to go.. bathroom.. pee like a man!”

Mia shook her head at his attempts, then went back to the bar. Cana was gone but her spot was occupied.

“I trust you and you do that to me?”

She blinked, “What did I do?”

Gray laid his head on the bar, “You told her where I was..”

“Ohh,” she giggled, grabbed a rag and wiped the spot next to him, “and what’s wrong with that? She’s very cute and likes you a lot.”

“Well yeah she’s cute but- Hey!” he sputtered, “I didn’t mean cute as in.. well what I meant.. Mira!”

“I didn’t make you say that~,” she got a few glasses of beer and went to re-fill peoples drinks. A few ‘happy birthdays’ were sent her way.

“Happy birthday!” Natsu and Happy jumped up as she came to their table.

“We got you this!” Natsu handed her a nicely wrapped box.

“Aye! We hope you like it!” he floated down to the table, “It’s from Lucy too!”

“She might be a weirdo but she’s got good taste!”

“Thanks you guys,” she pulled out a cute summer dress, “wow!”

“I wanted to get the one that had lizards all over it,” Natsu mumbles into his scarf, “but Lucy said flowers would suit you better.”

“Natsu, the lizards were on a man’s shirt.”

“I love it! Thanks, I’ll have to go shopping with Lucy sometime, "she draped the dress over her arm, waved goodbye to the two and went back to the bar.

"Gra, your clothes,” Mira said on reflex to seeing Gray in his undies.

“Crap!” the ice wizard scurried around to get them back on.

“Here,” he placed a small box on the bar in front of Mira as he buttoned his short.

“You got me something too? How sweet,” she opened the gift and smiled, “Aw!”

Gray flushed, “It’s not a big deal or anything.”

It was a Fairy Tail mark, made of ice, enclosed in a case so it wouldn’t melt.

“It’s beautiful, Juvia is a lucky girl!” she closed the box and put it with her other gifts as Gray ranted about how she wasn’t his girlfriend.

Throughout the day she received many more presents;

Erza gave her a whole new outfit from Heart Kreuz.

Levy and Freed went in together and bought her a whole collection of cook books that had special nutrients for wizards.

Gajeel had done a lot of handy work around the guild.

Master gave her a free day at the luxurious spa in town - and tried to say he would accompany her.

Bisca and Alzack had brought back a lot of ingredients she had been wanting.

Evergreen took the evening shift at the bar so she could relax.

Other gifts had come in the mail from other guilds and fans all over Firoe. But Mira couldn’t help feeling sad that something was missing.

Getting home early was a treat, she put all the gifts on her small kitchen table and began to make a pot of tea, “Maybe I’ll take a nice long bubble bath.”

Ever since she joined the guild, she was one of the older kids. The only one her age was Erza, and at the time they were worse than Natsu and Gray.

And just like the others, she had to grow up faster than she should have. Because of that, one person was able to get closer to her than she thought they would.

Taking her cup of tea she laid back on the couch and propped her feet up.

For her birthday, he always got her something special yet simple. But the last few years, things had been rocky between them. And this year..

A box landed on her lap.

“Huh?” A magic delivery?

Setting down her tea , she gently opened the mystery box. A small card was on top.

Happy Birthday, Mirajane

A lightning bolt followed her name.


Inside was a blanket. It was from the same material the lined his coat, but much softer.

“Always so simple,” she snuggled into the blanket, “And yet it’s always perfect.

She fell asleep dreaming of demons and lightning dragons.

Miles away from Magnolia, Laxus stared up at the stars. Thinking about fairies and demons.

masterofmasters  asked:

I just got better than 99% of the population of the universe. I looted some random ship and I obtained scissors that can take you to different dimminsions. You should be worried because I can grow in strength faster than normal. I not gonna tell you anything else because that would be stupid so you dhould just surrendet now ohkay?

Okay, whatever the grop you’re smoking, go light up some more of it because this is hilarious.

BTS Teacher!Au- Jimin (part 4)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , Part 5

Ever since that afternoon date with Jimin, you had found yourself daydreaming about his touch more and more. You craved his kisses, you missed his hands on your body, but you had to restrain yourself, for he was a teacher, you were a student, and you were at school.

P.E. classes became so much more painful, when you had to watch Jimin running ahead of you, with his sweaty skin glistening in front of you, making his stupid tank top stick to his body from the dampness. You watched his muscles tense under his skin, and you felt the irresistible urge to run your fingers through his body, scratching it, clawing at it. You needed to feel him against you again, and he was making this need grow so much faster than it should…

You didn’t know this, but Jimin was having a hard time holding himself back too, one part of him wanted desperately to push you against a wall and fuck you senseless, when he saw the small, tight shorts on your legs, and the tight t-shirt, and another part of him wanted to punch all of the boys’ faces for looking at you the way they shouldn’t have been.

But he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t, because not only was he your teacher, and you were his student, but those children were underage, and no one knew about your secret relationship, so he had no claim over you in their eyes. He was growing frustrated, which made him run faster, which made you need to speed up to keep up with him, and your pants and huffs rang in his ears with every strode you took, bringing back memories that had him biting his lip and trying to control the flow of blood in his body.

After gym class, you were supposed to have lunch, but you stayed in the changing rooms a little too long, trying to regain control of your overwhelmed teenage hormones. Your heart was beating furiously in your chest, so harshly you were aware of your own pulse. You pressed your knees together, and breathed deeply, trying to control your breaths. You could feel heat rising from your core, and a blush creeping up your cheeks.

Suddenly, the door to the changing room opened, and Jimin’s head poked inside. He looked around, trying to figure out if there was anyone left in there beside you.

“There’s no one here but me.” You called to him, closing your eyes, the throbbing sensation between your legs increasing the moment you laid eyes on him. He smiled at you, and walked towards you, closing the door, and locking it behind him.

“You weren’t coming out, I started getting worried that you had slipped in the shower or something.” He told you, sitting down beside you and pressing his hand on your leg. You let out a deep sigh.

“Jimin… You shouldn’t… We are in school.” You muttered under your breath, unable to contain yourself. It was taking up all your strength not to pounce on him and kiss him. He looked at his hand surprised, unaware that he was teasing it, and also amused at the effect his touch had on you.

“But we are all alone… The door is locked… And there are no cameras in the bathroom…” Jimin whispered into your ear. You bit your lip with expectation, just by his voice you could imagine everything that he was going to do to you, and it made you so needy.

You straddled him on the bench, your eyes level with his, which were now dark and hungry.

“Okay Mr. Park… But I just finished gym class, so I think I’m going to need a quick shower…” You purred into his ear. He grinned at you, picking you up, and taking you to one of the showers. He undressed you faster than you  ever thought was possible, and undressed himself, tossing your clothes away in a messy bundle. He started the warm water, and pushed you under it, picking you up by your thighs, and pressing you against the wall of the shower.

He looked into your eyes, and you melted inside, feeling flustered, hot and bothered.

“Jimin… I want you now.” You begged, with your breathing jagged. You needed him, you wanted him, and you wanted it right then and there.

Without hesitation, he plunged into you, sliding his whole length inside you. He started moving quickly, in and out of you, as he gripped onto your legs tightly. You immediately felt waves of pleasure coursing through your body, you need was too much for foreplay or entertaining yourselves, and the fact that you were doing something like that, in school, already had you feeling things you shouldn’t have been feeling.

You heard Jimin grunt, as he thrusted his hips into you roughly, your bare back slamming against the wall repeatedly. You already felt white hot pleasure building up inside you, making you see stars, as your toes curled, and a muffled moan left your lips. The sudden tightness around him, as you came undone, brought him over the edge, so he slid out of you, and let his hot load land on you, before it could get washed away by the water. He let you down gently, before pressing his arm against the wall, supporting his body. You laughed.

“I think we both need a shower now.” You told him.

You walked out of the changing rooms first, checking that there was no one in the corridors, and quickly asked Jimin to go out too. You both smiled at each other cheekily, before parting ways. What you didn’t know, was that you sported a large hickey on your shoulder, that although your jacket covered, it was soon going to be seen by someone who you really didn’t want to get involved in this situation.

Actual Modern Day Zelda (Zelink) Headcanon

Like, not random college/high school fluffy love stuff - if the game were to be set in modern times (it would SO be M-rated).

The story would be very traditional in formula - Link and Zelda stop Ganondorf from taking over Hyrule/the world. But this is how I’d love to see it happen…

Setting: I imagine Hyrule would be a lot like the UK, and that Castle Town would essentially be London. Modern day technology has taken over, and magic has become a thing of the past, only practiced in medical procedures, and traditional ceremonies and worship, and used very little in daily life. 


We begin our story with the Princess.

Princess Zelda would be the nation’s sweetheart, up until some terrible accident occurs, and her parents and any siblings she has dies - let’s say she’s the lone survivor in a private jet crash at the age of 15. Impa takes her place as the Princess’s personal body guard (can you say ex MI6-like-organization agent? 00Impa HOLLAHHH).

Zelda’s grandfather is her last surviving relative, and is only a Prince by marriage, so the crown will fall to her (when she is of age). 

The nation grieves, as the sole heir and ruler is a 15 year old who has just lost her whole family, and the nation has lost its beloved king and queen. However, she powers through, no longer the girlish peppy teen that smiles for the cameras - she grows up far faster than she should, and tries her damndest to be strong for her nation. This fierce determination and gravitas wins the hearts of Hyrulean Citizens. 

5 Years Later

It was originally believed that the crash was a freak accident, but years later, after some investigations, it is found that it was in fact a terrorist attack enacted by a dictator - the greatly feared Ganondorf [insert exotic last name here]. This discovery is not revealed to the public. It’s clear his intent was to wipe out the entire royal family, but he failed. Now, he is about to wage war on Hyrule, and has already begun terrorizing parts of the kingdom.

Zelda’s grandfather finally sits her down andtells herthere is only one way she can put an end to Ganondorf’s terror


We now switch to our clueless Hero…

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