it should come 2 no suprise

skullgush  asked:

What if before their wedding Victor jokingly asks Yuuri if he should grow his hair out. Of course Yuuri says yes and and is giddy up in Victor's face. Victor, suprised by Yuuri's reaction decides to do it, but he tells Yuuri he can't see his hair until their wedding day Then comes their wedding day. Yuuri is up at the alter and Victor appears at the beginning of the wedding Isle with his long hair finally exposed to Yuuri. Everyone and Yuuri are crying at how gearous Victor looks. (part 1)

(Part 2) Both Victor and Yuuri are at the alter. Yuuri’s eyes are lit up like fireworks and he tells Victor that he is so beautiful and is almost falling over from crying tears of happiness. Victor tells Yuuri he is beautiful too. They both start crying.


Seven Brothers (Big Brother JB) Pt5 -End

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: I think that 7 brothers part 5 should be the ending. Maybe she became like an actress (she has been in a few very popular movies and tv shows) and she has an interview about her selfharming past because she is participating in a campaign to help people who do that. And in the end she gets a surprise because she talks about got7 and how they helped her and they come to the interview in the end to also talk (they are the suprise).

You should do in the part 5 of 7 brothers like she is a famous person (youtuber or actor) and she is famous in korea and america

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

You didn’t know this is where you would find yourself. After a few years your life had changed a lot, you were no longer hiding away in the dorm like you used to be. You decided to do something big with your life and became a rather popular actress/YouTuber who was joining a campaign for Mental Health by talking about your own battles with it. Which is what brough you to now, sitting in an interview talking about your past to encourage people not to do it. But it wasn’t something to be ashamed of. You did things in your past that will always have an impact on your future. The interviewer looked amazed about how honest you were being about it. Smiling you guys are joked and talked without any problems. 

“Got7 helped you correct?” the interviewer asked “correct. My elder brother is actually JB and he’s always been there for me when it got worse. Then when I ended up meeting the other members and they had been very supportive and loving towards me. They supported me through all my troubles and pains. Encouraged me to be happy and find something that make me happy” you explained. “Is that why you’re acting?” she then asked you “yes, I thought it was really cool watching Jinyoung act so I thought I would give it a try as well and ended up getting really into acting” you laughed happily.

“I kinda hope they’re proud of me still, I haven’t really been able to talk to them or be around them as much as I used to be. I moved out and started living on my own which is a pretty big step” you continued as arms wrapped around you. You nearly fell out of your chair as you looked up. You smiled clutching your chest panting rapidly as you saw Yugyeom there. You glanced back over at interviewer who was smiling as the other boys piled into the room. 

You received hugs from all of them as they greeted the interviewer. Your brother took a seat beside you happily as you continued your interview with the group of dorky boys surrounding you and occasionally interrupting what you were saying. “She’s like more famous than us now. More known everywhere” BamBam spoke to the interviewer “we joke to Jaebum how he’s ‘Y/N’s big brother’ because it seems to be more true when we sat that” Youngjae then says as you guys let out a light laugh. 

“We’re very proud of her” Jaebum spoke as he wrapped his arms around you “we love her and will support her until the end” he continued tugging you closer hugging you as you smiled. “Thank you” you tell them all as they moved closer as you guys did a group hug.

Sorry its so short!!



  1. You Break Off The Relationship
  2. Fireworks
  3. Couple Moment
  4. Fans Talk To You Unexpectedly
  5. Camping
  6. He’s A Secret Admirer, But You Have A Boyfriend
  7. Tokophobia
  8. You Leave Him For Another Band Member
  9. You Leave Him For Another Band Member pt. 2
  10. Puppy Love
  11. Innocent Minded
  12. Vacation
  13. Fingers
  14. He Meets His Favorite Author
  15. He’s Sick
  16. He Comes Off Tour To See You In The Hospital
  17. You’re A WWE Diva
  18.  Play Fights
  19. First Time
  20. Mixed Babies
  21. Your Parents Catch You Doing Something Cute
  22. October
  23. You’re Four Years Older Than Him
  24. You’re A Famous Actress
  25. Nightmares
  26. Baby’s First Christmas
  27. New Years Tweets
  28. Family Moments


  1. Collaborate With Me (Michael)
  2. Sleeping Beauty (Michael)
  3. Big Moment (Calum)
  4. Caught (Calum)
  5. Good Ending To A Bad Day (Ashton)
  6. Unique (Luke)
  7. Shit Talk (Luke)
  8. Fighter (Luke)
  9. Last First Date (Calum)
  10. Ballerina (Ashton)
  11. Something Different (5SOS)
  12. Cramped (Calum)


  1. Getting Permission
  2. Engagement Ring
  3. Proposal Outfit
  4. The Proposal
  5. Telling Someone The News
  6. Announcing The Engagement (Social Media)
  7. Engagement Party
  8. He Tweets A Picture
  9. Dress Shopping
  10. Bridezilla/Groomzilla Moment
  11. You Tweet A Picture
  12. Bachelor Party
  13. Bachelorette Party Pictures
  14. Night Before
  15. Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue
  16. Morning Of
  17. Present/Letter He Gives You Before The Wedding
  18. Cold Feet
  19. The Wedding
  20. Before The Reception
  21. Speeches
  22. The Reception
  23. Another Boy Tweets A Picture
  24. Your Honeymoon Destination


  1. Couple Moments
  2. Road Trip
  3. High School Pranks
  4. Brother/Sister Moment
  5. What He Gets You For Valentine’s Day
  6. He Reacts To You Having A Boyfriend
  7. Winter Tweets
  8. Christmas Lights
  9. Kids At Christmas
  10. New Years Outfit
  11. Beach Day Outfit
  12. His Favorite Outfit On You
  13. Couple Picture
  14. Dancing
  15. Selfies
  16. Snapchat Video
  17. Video of You and Your Sister
  18. More Snapchat Videos


  1. The Amusement Park You Go To
  2. Your Favorite Ride
  3. Your Least Favorite Ride
  4. What You Wear To The Amusement Park


  1. The Ugliest Trait (Matthew)
  2. Make Up Sex (Cameron)  NOT SMUT
  3. Aaron Dating A Youtuber Blurb
  4. Drive (Matthew)
  5. Dare (Matthew)
  6. Leak (Johnson)
  7. Leak pt. 2 (Johnson)
  8. Pick Me Up (Shawn)
  9. The New Girlfriend (Hayes)
  10. Confession (Hayes/Johnson)
  11. Sick Baby (Hayes)
  12. Snow in California (Shawn)
  13. Just Kids (Nash)
  14. The Little Things (Nash)
  15. Grow Up (Sammy)
  16. Cheater (Nash)
  17. Happy Birthday, Andreina! (Matt)
  18. Stupid Boys (Hayes)
  19. Stupid Boys pt.2 (Hayes)
  20. Suprise! (Cameron)
  21. Party (Sammy)
  22. This Is Not The Time (Sammy)
  23. Disturbance (Nash)
  24. Seeing You Again (Hayes)
  25. Seeing You Again pt. 2 (Hayes)
  26. Shade (Gilinsky)
  27. Should Have Meant Nothing (Shawn)
  28. Want You Back (Gilinsky)
  29. Jealousy (Nate)
  30. Lil Mama (Johnson)
  31. Chill Out (Sammy)
  32. What’s To Come? (Matthew)
  33. You Shouldn’t Have Seen (Cameron)
  34. The Way You Are (Gilinsky)
  35. This Feeling (Sammy)
  36. Starstruck (Shawn)
  37. Out (Sammy)
  38. Hottest Couple (Matthew)
  39. Workout For Me (Omaha Squad)
  40. In The Past (Cameron/Johnson)
  41. Mami (Johnson)