it should be white

I dOoOoOoOoOoOo NOT unDERSTAND why eVerYONE waNTs a Marauders Era television series when we knOW that if JKR has any say in it (and she will) Wolfstar will not be canon.

and also they’ll probably ruin it completely in a trillion other ways

  • Me: shares how I feel or talks about my emotions
  • Me: oh god.... disgusting..I am the literal worst person in the world... why am I even talking... I should shut up... I'm so stupid why did I do that...,why do I even b r e a t h e

Phil checking Dan out.

Look, I love all of the artists in this fandom, you guys are great, but Korra is not white. And I’m seeing an increasing amount of fanart where Korra is the same shade as Asami or a shade darker than her, and that just isn’t right. So please, please!! Refer to this skin tone chart that Bryan Konietzko made for Korra when doing your art.

“Hey folks, get excited we’re making a Heathers tv show!”

“We’re also adding diversity to the cast!! The 3 main antagonists will now be portrayed as a black lesbian, a gender-queer non binary person, and a fat girl!”

“But dont worry the main girl is still a pretty, thin, white girl!”


Dear white people. Wow. Y'all really trying it. I get that being reduced to a race-based generalization is a new and devastating experience for some of you, but here’s the difference. My jokes don’t incarcerate your youth at alarming rates, or make it unsafe for you to walk around your own neighborhoods. But yours do. […] You don’t get to show up in a halloween costume version of us and claim irony or ignorance. Not anymore.

it makes me so uncomfortable when i see europeans acting all high and mighty about what’s happening in the usa right now as if we aren’t experiencing a terrifying far right revival as well??? as far as i know, every european country from ireland to france to germany and italy have nazi parties or organisations who are growing in numbers and popularity and it is incredibly irresponsible for us to act like that isn’t the case just so we can seem better than america. it needs to stop here and it needs to stop there and it needs to stop now