it should be now

there is a severe lack of cinnabun content so im here to supply the best girls

hey uh just real quick:

it doesn’t matter  (at least, not to me) that OP of the leaks was a sh//aladin or whatever. they were on a private tour of the animation studio, and should’ve known better than to do what they did, and now studio mir is in hot water for it.

so uh, instead of reducing this to anti vs. sh//aladin yet again, can we look at the bigger picture and realize this time the fandom actually got this studio in trouble? instead of turning it into yet another war over fandom morals or w/e


The Ultimate OTP!

This is the real first prize winner of the poll last week! Please forgive me, and I hope it was worth the wait!

Feel free to use if you’d like! I included the transparent so you can let them have a date wherever you want!

It’s 6am and I am drinking my coffee, being way too calm. Today is my first day at this new company and I should be feeling nervous, I should be scared…but this is more like the calm before the storm -_- hopefully it all goes well! 

May all of you have a beautiful day! :)

So… I’m looking to get a little practice with some drawing over the next couple weeks, so I’d like to open up to you guys and offer to do some requests. It’s just gonna be sketches, and maybe some color possibly. No nsfw or violent stuff, but i’ll try just about anything else

Do you guys have anything you’d like me to try drawing? You can send me reference photos if you need as well.

also, on the side note, I officially started to write my novel - again. i hope this will be the last version of it.

When I went to the LGBT+ night at the Banqueting House, I made friends with one of the burlesque dancers (actually, she calls it queerlesque which is amazing) and she is so!!! INSPIRATIONAL I LOVE HER she just posts a selfie and I feel ready to do….idk….something regal.


she was right

I loved Extremis even more because the TARDIS didn’t translate Italian even though it should have and I should have realised something was off because the TARDIS should have been able to translate EVERY language or near enough in the universe but for it not to translate Italian made it seem more real and that something was definitely up.

Oh Moffat, you clever man.