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hello! Would you please recommend me Senshi/Shitennou fics?

oh hi anon! And yesssss, of course i can! Sorry for the such late reply but i actually made some kind of masterpost with some notes???? Anyway, here it is, both complete and incomplete fics. 


  • Awakening by Yeah-Well-Hey (it’s not exactly S/S but more about the awakening of the Shittenou, although if you look closelly you can find the clues)
  • As we Were by VO1 (It was one of her first fics, but i actually enjoyed it a lot!)
  • The Dawn of Serenity by Jessica Pendragon (I’VE SUCH A MIX OF FEELINGS ABOUT THIS AR, although i should probably say that not all the S/S pairings happen)
  • Meanwhile on the Moon by Antigone2 (it has both S/S and U/M, it’s super cute)
  • Airmail by LovelyLytton (THIS IS A FUCKING MASTERPIECE, it’s all i’m gonna say)
  • Be mine by MintChocolate5 (Mina adopts 4 dogs, that’s all i’m saying!!!)
  • The Dreamer’s Kingdom by A. Cullen
  • The long Road Home by ElvisFV101 (Serie of oneshots)
  • Blossoming by floatingbubbles (this is short but actually super cute, so yeah)
  • The Queens by LaLaland328
  • Memory Trap by vinterthunder
  • The Holiday Season by Etoile mignon 
  • Angel Electric by His lordship Chaos (GET READY TO FUCKING START CRYING WITH THIS ONE, it made me cry even more than the manga, it’s so so so good and so so sad. It does have s/s but if you like jupiter and neph, well yeah i would stay away. This fic will forever hunt me)

In progress/Incomplete:

  • Ticket Stubs in Your Diary  by Sarsaparillia (THIS FUCKING MASTERPICE, it’s mainly related one shoots of them without powers, THIS ONE IS MY FAV IN THE ENTIRE LIST AND I PRAY FOR THE DAY SHE ACTUALLY WRITES MORE)
  • Arrow Through the Heart by he-be-forgot (Au and really good!)
  • Ordinary World by  BugeishaKyasarin (college AU with magic and updated regularly)
  • Midnight Club by  BugeishaKyasarin (normal life AU AND CAR RACES!! what else do you really need?)
  • The Quest by Warrior of Ice (college au with magic, eveything from her is amazing!!)
  • A Chronicle of days by Warrior of Ice (Mix of stories)
  • Witches of Luna by lalaland823 (the inner senshi are in a coven!!)
  • ShitennouxSenshi Shorts by dutchesscourtney (the name says it all, a big amount of chapters and of incredible quality, one of my favs authors!)
  • Cowboy, Take me Away  by dutchesscourtney
  • Hail to the Kings by Jessica Pendragon (collection of one-shoots, 8 chapters)
  • Silver Alliance by Lynnwood (I actuall adore this story a lot!)
  • Shorties by Apsara (some of this are SO SO good)
  • 2B or not 2B? by AuroraFireMadness (it’s actually quite nice, i do not agree with some characterization, but i still really enjoy reading it, and she is still updateing!!)
  • A Scout’s Wanderings by Bethany89 (everything about her is damn awesome!!!)
  • Hooligans by Charlie Chaplin 2 (she is one of my fav author’s!!! this fic hasn’t been update in a while, but is still worth reading)
  • Cupid’s Last by Chickay
  • Meus Amour et Mea Culpa by Chickay
  • On the Way to the Wedding  by Chickay (I recommended 3 fics of her, what else you need to know?)
  • Twisted by d.honey (collection of drabbles, not all are happy tho)
  • Reflections of Time by dreammelody (i’ts a secuel to The Awakening, it takes place during season 2 of the anime, i actually enjoy reading it!)
  • Loss, lust, love by Laidiiv (AU, updated regularly)

Note: This list isn’t really complete, i didn’t posted all the fics i’m following, only the one’s that i really like or being updated at the moment. There are different qualities in this list but all of them are worth a try

I do follow some more that are great but havent updated in a while and don’t really have much chapters; although if you really want them, let me know and i will share them!

PLL: Maya’s HUGE Relevancy to PLL! The Maya Connection: Mary Drake, Bucks County, the Dilaurentis Family & More

Since maya is going to become relevant again in some way in season 7… Im totally excited about maya’s relevancy coming back, because it would make so much sense! the things we still dont know about her! her death is also very relevant to PLL and should not be dismissed and I think the writers know that.

Now that we know theres a MARY DRAKE running around, jessicas twin, let’s look back on how Maya has alot of relevancy/connections to what we know now!:

credit to whoever made this pic***

Remember this note? the 3 names on the bottom right? MOM, BETHANY, MAYA?

Now that we know MARY DRAKE, could this be the “MOM” ? even back in this ep when ali was on trial, maya is relevant on this note, so it only makes sense that she will be relevant in season 7, and Im glad marlene said so. Now another thing on this note next to the 3 names: it says “MURDERERS OR MURDERS?” Could be referring to the the 3 names mom, bethany, maya. hmm mary drake how are you connected with these 2?

I think this is quite crucial to Mary Drake, she could VERY WELL have connections to both bethany and maya.

WHAT IF’S: heck maya could be a daughter of mary drake, and of course couldve had an affair with bethanys father, or maya IS INDEED BETHANY! which many theorist have theorized on, bethanys backstory could tie in with maya in many ways. Either way, maya is still relevant to the story.

We dont know much about mayas parents nor have we seen them. Some interesting and brief things about maya to refresh your minds on:

*she moved into the dilaurentis home in the pilot, i still think this is eerily significant. maya started off asking emily alot of questions about about alison and about emily and her friends. (that is a basic pll red flag!) now lets think about this again now that we know what we know. maya just happens to move into this house, what were the dilaurentis family doing then, what was mary doing, cece, did they know maya, was maya their excuse for them to move back into the house once the body was found etc.

Was maya planted by alison or someone to get close emily? right when maya moves in, bam alis body is found or so now we know bethanys body? almosts seems like a set up, then jason strolls in  etc.

*her mom plays the cello, we know maya was taking music classes, so a connection with that would be all the classical A related music were always hearing but could be a stretch…

* her parents met at a “no nukes” rally during college (Berkeley) i believe, and they got matching sharpy/tatoos for wedding rings. ( for some reason maya always struck me as someone who was adopted, is it just me? 0_o)

*this isnt much but ill add it in anyways who knows. in the pilot, maya claimed she had a bf 3000 miles a way, so that kinda tells me that may be somewhere in europe, now maya couldve/probably was lieing about that. if she wasn’t , makes you wonder if shes been to europe and where in europe.

*we all know she pretty much lied about being allergic to seafood and that it makes her break out in hives, since she ordered calamari. writers mistake? who knows

*we know the parallels between ali’s body being found in the pilot, to mayas body being found in emilys back yard. 

* even in an interview Bianca(MAYA) she said herself she didnt know at the time whether maya was in the body bag or someone else. so makes you wonder could someone else have been in that body bag, just like alison was not in that body bag in the pilot. emilys mom did say “they think its maya” so we all know its frustrating when we dont get to see whos in the damn body bag.

BUCKS COUNTY connections:

* remember back in season 3, when toby got a carpenter job in Bucks County which turned out to be a cover up job because he was working with A/team? we all know mona was taking orders from someone, maybe cece or mary at the time or both or uber A

*maya said her parents owned a house in Bucks County.

*Emily went there to look for toby and she saw Red Coat there. she asked the construction worker guy where toby was, and the guy knew emilys name and he cudnt explain how he knew her name. were they constructing parts of the dollhouse? toby knew about it? did toby give the order for them to start building parts of the dollhouse?

*The Dollhouse was located in Tyler State Park, which is in Bucks County.

just a few things to remember as we head into season 7! maybe something will click, maybe a clue we missed with maya that can tie her into the current events? maybe it could be a minor thing as to why mar said theres more to maya.

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